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MF mo Hi 


Wbolesale anfc IRetait Jronmonaers, 

Have always a large and varied Stock of 

S^ ffiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 

Segister and Kinnaird Grates, 
with Tile Cheeks. 

Tile Hearths in great variety. 
Ash Pans and Fenders for ditto. 

House Furnishing' and General Ironmongery. 

Edge Tools of every description. Lamps, Lanterns, Oils, &c. 

Galvanized Corrugated Iron Sheets for Roofing. 



42 High St.— Telephone No. 123. 79 High Street-Telephone No. 4G. 



I Combining Assurance I 
wit/i Investment . H 


assurance Compare 


Manager— GEORGE M. LOW, F.F.A. 
Secretary— ARCHIBALD HEW AT, F.F.A., F.I. A. 



F. W. BEDFORD, British Linen Co. Bank. 



^" The Public Verdict is that they are unequalled for 
Simplicity, Durability, Superiority of Stitch, and Variety of Work. 

Have won over 



Price from 

£4 4s. 

10 per Oent. Dis- 
count for Cash : 



with option of 

Instructions Free 
to all. 





By Hand, 

Foot, or 

Steam Power. 


Family Use and 

all kinds of 



Price Lists gratis 
on application. 



is the most perfect Sewing Machine for domestic work, it embodies an improved 
application of the Vibrating Shuttle principle, and combines in an eminent degree 
the chief requirements for domestic use — Simplicity of Mechanism, Noiselessness, and 
Light Running, and is confidently recommended as the Best Household Sewing 
Machine ever manufactured. 

Sewing Machines of every make repaired promptly at moderate charges. 


89 hicks: steeet, 

Only Address in JE* JEJ Jfcfc'J,' JUL. 



*YTOAKE a special feature of the above named Goods, and 
J^ always hold a large stock; Newest Shades, Newest 
Shapes, and satisfactory wear being guaranteed in each case. 

Black and Navy Serges in every fashionable 
Twill, Hopsack, &c, 1/11 to 4/6 per yard. 

The Perth Serge, in all the Newest Shades of Brown, 
Tabac, Russet, Mid and Dark Navy, Cream, and Black — all 
warranted fast dye and shrunk, 46 inches wide, 3/6 per yard. 

The Perth Superfine Serge, New Cloth just 

brought out, specially adapted for tailor-made gowns, 54 inches 
wide, 5/6 per yard. 

Tweed and Mackintosh Mantles.— Large 

choice of Heptonette, Cashmere, Twills, and Cheviot Tweed 
Waterproofs — all guaranteed rainproof and perfectly porous. 

New Circular Shape, with Shoulder Capes, comfortable and 
easy fitting, in Black and Navy, 22/6 and 26/6. 

New Cheviot Tweed Waterproofs, in Stylish 

Patterns and Perfect Fitting Shapes (Capes detachable), 22/6 
to 45/- 

Mackintosh Tweed Mantles, Waterproofed 

with Best Rubber only, in the latest designs, 21/- to 52/6. 


Ladies' Durable Silk, Citizen Cloth, and Silk Umbrellas, all 
made specially to order • Handles carefully selected and 
mounted on Fox's best quality Paragon Frames, 6/6 to 39/6. 

The Citizen Cloth Umbrella, recommended for wear, 8/11. 

Black Umbrellas, 6/6, 8/11, 10/6, 12/6, and 14/6 each. 

AH Goods marked in plain figures, at lowest prices, and no 
discount allowed. Parcels Carriage Paid. 




Head Office for Scotland— 


Chairman— Colonel Sir DONALD MATHESON, K.C.B. 

David Bannerman, Esq., Glasgow, j Richard Kidston, Esq., Glasgow. 

Hugh Brown, Esq., Glasgow. ! Sir James Kino, of Campsie, Bart., 

D. S. Cargill, Esq., Glasgow and : LL.D. 

Ceylon. Sir Kenneth J. Matheson, of Loch- 
Henry Cowan, Esq., Hillhead. alsh, Bart. 

Andrew Dougall, Esq., Inverness. ! Alex. Ross, Esq., Provost of Inver- 

Alex. Fraser, Esq., Inverness. j ness. 

James Keyden, Esq., Glasgow. ' Alexander Scott, Esq., Dundee. 

Resident Secretary— CHARLES STEWART. 

Telegraphic Address -"LANCASHIRE, Glasgow." 

Edinburgh Office— 


Assistant Secretary— C. C. BALLINGALL. 
Telegraphic Address—" INSURANCE, Edinburgh." 

Inverness Office— 


Superintendent— ROBERT STRICKLAND. 

Telegraphic Address—" INSURANCE, Inverness " 






For Fire and Life Assurances at Home 
and Abroad. 

Accumulated Funds (1892), - £4,146,000. 

DUNDEE OFFICE,- - 110 Commercial Street. 

IBxtzrtotatt — 

W. O. DALGLEISH, Chairman. 




The following are some of the special advantages attaching to the 
possession of an Endowment Assurance Policy in the Northern Assurance 
Company : — 

1. The entire Profits in the Participating Life Branch belong to the 


2. The Bonuses declared have always been at the same rate as that upon 

" Whole of Life " Policies. 

3. Intermediate Bonuses are given. 

4. Payment of Claims is made immediately. 

5. Policies do not become void by non-payment of the Premium, pro- 

vided that not less than one-tenth of the total number of Premiums 
exigible has been paid, but remain in force for such proportion of 
the original sum assured as the number of Premiums paid bears to 
the whole number originally payable. 

6. Policies, under certain conditions, become, when they have been in 

force for three years, free from all restrictions as to foreign travel 
and residence. 

7. The rates of Premium are extremely moderate. 

8. The Policy-holders incur no liability of partnership whatever. 

Melville Jameson, Solicitor (Fire only). I ALEXANDER STEWART, Solicitor. 
Chas. Law & Son, Coal Merchants. | Leitham & Davidson, Merchants. 





Subscribed Capital, £1,000,000. Invested Funds, £1,801,000. 
Subsisting Assurances, - £5,890,000. 


The Right Hon. Lord Halsbury, late Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain. 

The Right Hon. the Earl of Home. 

The Right Hon. Lord Moncrieff, late Lord Justice-Clerk of Scotland. 

The Right Hon. Sir Henry Charles Lopes, Kt., Lord Justice of Appeal. 

The Right Hon. Sir Archibald Levin Smith, Kt., Lord Justice of Appeal. 

The Hon. Lord Adam, one of the Judges of the Court of Session. 

The Right Hon. Lobd Field, late one of the Judges of the Supreme Court. 

TTHE attention of intending Assurers is invited to the New Prospectus of 
W this Association, showing most Liberal and Advantageous Privileges 
to the Assured. 

Low Rates of Premium for Fixed Benefits. Guaranteed Surrender 

Endowment Assurances payable during Life. 

Double Benefit Endowment Assurances— a novel and advantageous 
scheme, the sum assured being payable a second time, if the life survive the 
given term. 

New Ascending Scale of Limited Premiums with ultimate Participa- 
tion in Profits. 

Family Trust Policies specially secured. 

Policies " World-wide " after First Year. 

Nine-Tenths of Profits given to the Assured. The Reversionary 
Bonus Additions already declared amount to £1,160,269. 

At the Ninth Quinquennial Division of Profits at 25th December, 1890, 
Bonus Additions were declared on Both "Whole Term and Endowment Assurances 
entitled to participate at the increased rate of Two Pounds per cent, per 
annum for each full Annual Premium paid during the Quinquennium. 

An Interim Bonus at the rate of £1 6s 8d per cent, will be paid on Claims 
arising before Christmas, 1895. 

The Net Claims by Death and Matured Endowments already paid by 
the Association exceed £3,150,000. Claims payable on proof of Death and Title. 

Annuities Granted on favourable terms. 

Loans are granted, in connection with Life Assurance, on Life Interests, 
Reversions, Personal, and other approved Securities. 


Edinburgh—120 Princes St.— WALTER A. SMITH, F.F.A., Manager and Secretary. 
London— 12 Waterloo Place— ARTHUR JACKSON, General Manager. 
Glasgow Branch— 10 Gordon Street— CHARLES H. BARCLAY, Secretary. 


Perth— Thomas Dempster, Solicitor. 
,, W. S. Davidson, Solicitor. 
, , J. M. Kirk, Solicitor. 
,, Skeete, Chalmers, & King, 

Pitlochry— Jas. Robertson, Union Bank 
Abereeldy— Chas. Munro, Union Bank. 
Crieff— Malcolm Finlayson, Solicitor. 
Coup ar-Angus— Alex. Macnaughton, 
Bank of Scotland. 



Established in 1831 for MUTUAL Life Assurance. 



There are no Shareholders to absorb any portion of the profits, but the 
whole of these are divided among the members. 

The Leading Features are Unquestionable Security — Liberal Con- 
ditions of Insurance — Early Participation in Profits. 

The Premiums are calculated by half-years of age. 

Existing" Assurances, including Bonus additions, - £10,716,305 
Income, - £427,943. Accumulated Funds, £3,431,669 

Complete and liberal Non-Forfeiture Regulations—The Society 
has adopted the principle of Non -Forfeiture to its fullest extent ; and their is now no 
possibility of a valuable policy being forfeited through an accidental omission to 
pay the premium. 

Claims are payable immediately after proof of death and title. 

Loans granted in connection with Life Assurance on Life Interests, JEteversions 
and other approved security. Reversions purchased. 


Under this Table the premiums are exceptionally low ; and a person aged 30 next 
birthday can under it insure £130(1 for the same premium which under ordinary 
Whole Life Table would insure £1000 only. See Special Prospectus. 

Head Offices— 26 St. Andrew Square, EDINBURGH. 

Secretary— /IDanagev— 


WILLIAM SIMPSON, District Secretary. 


Messrs. CONDIE & CO. , Solicitors, British Linen Bank House. 
F. N. MILLER, Victoria Buildings, Tay Street. 

Applications for Agencies Invited. 



Total Funds, ... £4,078,542. 





General Manager — Alexander Duncan. 


The following, among other special advantages, apply to ordinary Policies 
issued under this Scheme. Besides being payable immediately on proof of 
death and title, these are, at the end of three years from their date, 

Entitled to rank for Bonus Additions; 
Indisputable on the ground of Errors or Omissions ; 

World-Wide without Extra Charge ; and 

Kept in force wholly or partially even in eases of 

Non-Payment of Premium. 

At the last two Divisions of Profits, in 1884 and 1889, Ordinary Whole 
Life Policies under this Scheme received a BONUS ADDITION OF £2 
PER CENT, for EACH year they were entitled to share. 


Under this Scheme Profit Policies are issued at Non-Profits Rates, and 
share in the profits when the premiums received, accumulated at 4 per 
cent, compound interest, amount to the Sum Assured. Policies issued at 
these cheap Rates practically receive a large Bonus at the outset. At age 30, 
£1200 can be insured for the same Premium as would be charged for 
£1000 under the usual Profit Schemes of most Offices. 


Almost all descriptions of Property insured on the most favourable conditions. 


William MacLeish, Solicitor. 


R. & J. Robertson & DEMPSTER,Solicitors 
It. KEAY, Depute Town Clerk. 
Thomas Soutar, Commercial Bank. 

E. H. Miller, Solicitor. 

James BeattiE, Kiufauns. 

Alex. Cairns, 15 Queen Street, Craigie, 

Alex Forrester, 66 G-eorge Street. 

William Thorburn, Solicitor. 

Telephone No. 133. 







Of the Best Quality, and in the Freshest Condition. 

We respectfully request you to send for Price List (sent Post 
Free). Whether you buy from us or from our Competitors a 
perusal will well repay the time. 

We PAY CARRIAGE on General Orders of 
£2 and upwards to any Station within 30 miles 
of Dundee, and on Orders of £5 within a radius 
of 50 miles. 

If Customers prefer, they are allowed 6d. in the £ Discount, 
and pay their own Carriage. 

Packing Cases Free. Cash with Order. 




Scotch Shooting Lodges 
and Cotintry Mansions. 

Choice selection of High-class 

Old Wines, Cognac Brandies, Liqueurs, 

Cigars, and Old Scotch Whiskies, 
Malt Liquors and Aerated Waters, 



m | %ttAt\ °^\t%\i %ttt\wA%. 

Railway Carriage paid. No economy in bringing Wines 
from London or the South. 


are 6, 9, and 12 years old, remarkable for fine 
quality, softness, and delicate flavour. 













•epared for the Work from Ordnance and actu. 
By J. BARTHOLOMEW, Edinburgh. 

- r % daily prepared for the Work from Ordnance and actual Surveys 





20 St. John Street. 






IE S T ^» B IL I S ZE3I E 3D 1325. 


©obcrnor — 
his Grace the duke of buccleuch and queensberry, k.t. 
£8oavi> of |8 tractors— 
George Dalziel, Esq., W.S. I A. Graham Murray, Esq., Q.C., M.P., 

Sir William S. Walker, K.C.B. Advocate. 

Colin J. Mackenzie, Esq. of Portmore. Jamfs Hope, Esq., W.S. 
J. H. Davidson, Esq., Merchant. Sir James King, Bart., LL.D. 

W. J. Dundas, Esq., W.S. I A. E,. C. Pitman, Esq., W.S. 

William Monckeiff, Esq., C.A. 

Accumulated Funds, - £7,500,000 
Annual Revenue, - - £1,000,000 
Claims Paid, - £15,250,000 

Besides the careful management of the whole business by the Directors, 
the features which above others have contributed to the Company'svx>pu/ 
larity and success are the liberality with which Directors treat all PK 
Holders, and the readiness with which they adopt all real improvement 
which experience suggests in Life Assurance practice. 

Among the Advantages of the STANDARD Policy are — 

Moderate Premiums ; Free Whole-World Re sidency 

Revival on very favourable terms ; Surrender Valu> 

of Fixed Amount, or Paid-up Assurance in exchange , 

Undoubted Security ; and Payment of Claim on proof 

of deat h and titl e. 

The SURPLUS FUND is divided every Five years, and 


have already been added to Policies in Bonus Additions. 

Agencies in all the Principal Toivns in Scotland, England, and Ireland ; 
also in India and the Colonies. 



Municipal Ward Boundaries & their Council Representatives 9 

Streets, Lanes, Entries, &c. 11 

Public Offices, Buildings, &c. 14 

Municipal Lists 19 

County Council ---.-.... 23 

Judicial Lists 29 

Banking Lists '- - 31 

Public Conveyances 32 

Ecclesiastical Lists 34 

Educational and Literary Institutions .... 36 

Charitable and Benevolent Institutions 39 

Sporting Lists - - - 42 

Miscellaneous Lists 44 

Harbour and Shipping Lists 52 

Inland Revenue - - - 52 

Postal Directory 55 

General Directory 63 

Street Directory — Perth 218 

,, ,, Bridgend 286 

,, ,, Craigie 295 

,, ,, Cherrybank - - - - - - 301 

Trades and Professions Directory - - - -- - ■ - 302 

The Census of Perthshire 327 

County Directory 329 

Aberfeldy, 329. Callander, 359. Dunning, 390. Meigle, 405. 

Abernethy, 334. Comrie, 365. Errol, 392. Methven, 406. 

Alyth, 336. Cpr. -Angus, 367. Fortingall, 395. Muthill, 409. 

Auchterarder, 341. Crieff, 372. Kenmore, 397. Pitlochry, 411. 

Blair-Athole, 347. Doune, 379. Killin, 398. Scone, 417. 

Blairgowrie, 349. Dunblane, 381. Kincardine, 401. Stanley, 419. 
Brg. of Earn, 358. Dunkeld, 385. Kirkmichael, 404. Thornhill, 422. 

Principal Farmers in the County of Perth - - - 424 
Nobility and Principal Proprietors in the County of 

Perth, with their Factors 457 

Clergy and their Places of Worship in the County and 

Neighbourhood of Perth - 470 

Index to Advertisements 566 

pATERSON, SONS, & CO. would request particular attention to the 
fact that, from the large quantities of Instruments they buy, and their 
very exten ded connection in all parts of Scotland, they are enabled to sell at 
prices much below those usually charged for thoroughly sound Instruments. 
P., Sons, & Co. have always on hand a large Stock of the newest and 
best classes of 

(Sranfc ant> Cottage pianos, ©r^ans, 
Ibarmomums, Diolina, IDiolincellos, &c. 

and a very extensive Stock of all kinds of Music and Musical Requisites 

all at most moderate prices, at their new and extensive Saloons, at 


Aberfeldy and District 

Abernethy and District 

Academy, Perth - 

Alyth and District 

Ambulance Wagon 

Analyst. Public 

Anglers' Club, Perth 

Ardoch and District - ■ 409 

Artillery Vol. (1st Forfarshire) 45 

Association for Improving the 

Condition of the Poor - 41 

Auchterarder and District - 341 

Bailies ----- 19 

Bank Holidays - - - 32 

Banking Companies' Branches 31 

Baths, Public - - 51 

Bible Society, Perthshire - 36 

Billet Master - - - 20 
Black Watch Royal Highlanders 

(3rd Battalion) - - 45 

Blair- Athole and District .-- 347 

Blairgowrie and District - 349 

Bowling Clubs 43 

Boys' Brigade - - - 49 

Bridgend Institute - - 38 

Bridge of Earn and District - 358 

British Medical Association - 46 

Buildings, Public - - - 14 
Building Societies — 

Perth Economic - - 51 

Perth Working Men's - 51 

Burgh and Guild Court - 30 

Burgh Assessor - - - 20 

Burgh Licensing Court - - 30 

Burgh Rates - - 19 

Burial Grounds Committee - 20 

Burns' Club, Perth - - 49 

Cab Stances and Proprietors - 33 

Callander and District - - 359 

Canine Club - - - 47 

Carriers, Country - - - 34 

Carriers, Railway 33 

Cattle Diseases Act Committee 28 

Cemeteries, Perth - - 21 

Chamber of Commerce - - 22 
Cherrybank Horticultural Society 46 

Chess Club - - - - 44 




- 329 



- 334 

Circuit Courts 


- 37 

City Architect 


- 336 

City Chamberlain - 



City Clerk - 



City Mission 


- 43 

Cleansing Department - 


Clergy & their places of Worship — 

City - 34 

County ... - 470 

Collector of Inland Revenue - 52 

Collector of Taxes - - 52 

Committees of Town Council 19 

Comrie and District - - 365 

Conservative Association - 50 

Conservative Club - - 50 

Conveyances, Public - - 32 

Councillors - • - . . ig 

County and City Infirmary - 39 

County Council, Perth - - 23 

County Road Board - - 27 

Coupar-Angus and District - 367 

Cricket Club, Perthshire - 42 

Crieff and District - - 372 

Curling Clubs - - - 43 

Custom House - - - 52 

Cycling Clubs - - - 43 
Destitute Sick Society for Perth 

and Bridgend - - - 41 
Discharged Prisoners' Aid 

Society - - - - 42 
Doune and District - - 379 
Dunblane and District - - 381 
Duncan Bequest - - - 42 
Dunkeld and District - - 385 
Dunning and District - - 390 
Educational Institute of Scot- 
land — Perthshire Branch - 38 
Errol and District - - 392 
Farmers (Principal)in Perthshire 424 
Fechney Industrial School - 40 
Fiars Court Accountant - 29 
Fire Brigade - - - 21 
Fishing Clubs - - - 43 
Foresters' Friendly Society - 48 
Forth Navigation Commissioners 28 
Fortingall and District - - 395 





Gaelic Society of Perth - 


Markets at Perth - 


Gas Commissioners 


Masonic Lodges - 


General Prison for Scotland - 


Mechanics' Library 


Girls' School of Industry 


Meigle and District 


Golfing Clubs 


Members of Parliament 


Good Templar Lodges - 




Guild Court - - - - 


Methven and District - 


Guildry Incorporation of Perth 


Model Lodging- House - 


Hackney Carriage Proprietors 


Municipal Ward Boundaries - 


Harbour and Navigation 

5 2 

Murray's Royal Asylum 


High Constables, Society of - 


Murthly Asylum - 


Hotels, Principal - 


Muthill and District 


Incorporated Trades 


New Club ... - 


Indigent Old Men's Society - 


Newspapers, Perth 


Indigent Old Women, Society 

Orchestral Society, Perth 


for the Relief of 


Ornithological Association 


Infirmary, County and City - 


Parcel Post, Inland 


Inland Rates of Postages 


Parcel Post, Foreign & Colonial 62 

Inland Revenue 


Parliamentary Boundary 


Inspector of Poor - 


Parochial Board of Perth 


Inspector of Schools (H.M.) - 


Parochial Board of Kinnoull - 


Inspector of Weights & Measures 20 

Perth Academy 


Judges of Police Court - 


Perth Anglers' Club 


Justice of Peace Clerk - 

3 1 

Perth Chess Club - 


Justice of Peace Court - 


Perth City Band - 


Justice of the Peace 


Perth Girls' School of Industry 


Kenmore and District - 


Perth Gospel Temperance Society 49 

Killin and District 


Perth Liberal Club 


Kincardine and District 


Perth Liberal Committee 


King James the Sixth's Hospital 42 

Perth Musical Society - 


Kirkmichael and District 


Perth Orchestral Society 


Ladies' Clothing Society 


Perth School Board 


Ladies' House of Refuge for 

Perth Soup Kitchen 


Destitute Girls 


Perth Students' Union - 


Lands Valuation and Registra- 

Perth Swimming Baths 


tion of Voters' Acts - 


Perth Working Boys and Girls' 

Landward School Board 


Religious Society 


Lawn Tennis Clubs 


Perth Y. M. C. Association - 


Legacy Duties 


Perth Y. W. C. Association -. 


Liberal Association, East 

Perlhshire Bible Society 




Perthshire Christian Union - 


Liberal and Radical Association 50 

Perthshire Church Choir Union 


Liberal Club 


Perthshire Cricket Club 


Liberal Committee, Perth 


Perthshire Fishing Club 


Light Horse Volunteers 


Perthshire Lunacy Board 


Lighting Department 


Perthshire Society of Natural 

Literary & Antiquarian Society 


Science - 


Lunacy Board, Perthshire 


Pitlochry and District - 


Magistrates and Town Council 


Police Commissioners - 


Mails, Inland - - 58-60 

Police Court, Judges of - 




Police Establishment (Burgh) 
Police Establishment (County) 
Polling Places 
Poorhouse Committee - 
Population of Burgh 
Population of County 
Post Office, Perth ' - 
Post Office Money Orders 
Post Office Pillar Boxes 
Post Office Sub-Offices - 
Post Office Telegrams - 
Poultry and Pigeon Society 
Presbyteries (Established, Free, 

and U.P.), Meetings of - 
Primrose League - 
Procurators and Solicitors 
Property and Income Tax Com- 
Proprietors (Principal) in Perth- 
shire - 
Public Baths and Wash-house 
Public Offices, Buildings, &c. , 
Races and Perth Hunt - 
Railway Carriers - 
Railway Companies 
Railway Men's Christian Associ- 
ation .... 
RechaHtes' Friendly Society - 
Regimental District (42nd) 
Registration of Births, &c. 
Registration of Letters - 
Rifle Volunteer Band - 
Rifle Volunteers (1st Perthshire) 
Royal Horticultural Society of 

Salvation Army 
Sanitary Department 
Savings Bank of the County 

and City of Perth 
School Board 

School of Art & Science Classes 
Schools, Public Elementary - 
Scone and District 
Scone and Perth Omnibus 


Scottish Girls' Friendly Society 49 
Sharp's Educational Institution 37 
Shepherds' Friendly Society - 49 
Sheriff Clerks - - - 29 
Sheriff Courts - - - 29 
Sheriff Officers - - 31 
Sheriffs and Sheriff-Substitutes 29 
Shipping Lists 52 
Sick Poor Nursing Society - 40 
Society for the Relief of Incur- 
ables - - - - 39 
Society for the Relief of Indigent 

Old Women - - 41 
Society for Teaching the Blind 

to Read - - - - 41 

Society of High Constables - 46 
Society of Natural Science, 

Perthshire - - - 38 

Soup Kitchen - - - 42 
St. Andrew's Ambulance Society 46 

Stamp Duties (various) - - 53 
Stamps and Taxes, Assessor 

and Surveyor of - 52 
Stanley and District - - 419 
Streets, Lanes, Entries, &c. - 11 
Students' Union, Perth - 38 
Succession Duty 55 
Surveyor of Taxes - - 52 
Surveyor of Works - - 20 
Swimming Baths - - 51 
Swimming Clubs - - - 44 
Terms in Scotland - - 51 
Thornhill and District - - 422 
Tonic Sol-Pa Choral Society - 50 
Town Council Committees - 19 
Trades, Incorporated - - 22 
University Extension Society 38 
Valuation Assessor - - 23 
Valuation of the City - - 19 
Victoria Institute - - - 38 
Volunteer Associations - - 45 
Voting Qualification - - 11 
Ward Boundaries - - - 9 
Wash-house, Public - - 51 
Water Commissioners - - 21 
Women's Temperance Society 49 
Working Boys and Girls' Reli- 
gious Society - - - 36 
Y. M. C. Association - - 35 
Y. W r . C. Association - - 36 




EDINBURGH, 1886. GLASGOW, 1888. 




<SJflIbsmith, J^toeller, j^iibersmith, &c. t 

Has a new and choice stock of High -Class Goods, very suitable for Wedding 
and Complimentary Presents, at moderate prices. 



With Diamonds, Pearls, &c. A very select stock of Scottish Pearl 
Jewellery. Diamond Rings — special value. 


From the first London and Sheffield Houses. 

The Best Quality only. 


Leslie's Directory 






First Ward. — Consisting of the territory lying within a line commencing 
tit the River Tay, at the east end of the High Street, and proceeding along 
that street westward to the High Street Port, and from thence proceeding 
southward by South Methven Street and King Street to Victoria Street, 
from thence by a straight line eastward to the River Tay, and from thence 
northward by the River Tay to the first-mentioned point at the east end of 
the High Street. 

Polling Places — Nos. I and 2 City Hall. 

Council Representatives — Bailies Alexander and M'Nicoll, Thomas 
Chalmers, Duncan Gow, William M'Kendrick, Peter Taylor, and John 

Second Ward. — Consisting of the territory lying within a line com- 
mencing at the River Tay, at the south-east corner of the first ward, and 
proceeding in a straight line to the middle of Victoria Street, and westward 
along that street to King Street ; form thence northward to South Street 
Port ; from thence westward by County Place, York Place, and the Glasgow 
Road, to the old Toll-bar at the Fechney School, the boundary being 
continued in a straight line from that point westward to the parliamentary 
boundary ; from thence along the western and southern boundary of the 
parliamentary boundary to the south corner of the Friarton pier on the 
River Tay ; thence across the river, passing to the south of Friarton Island, 
to the point at which the same is met by the boundary of the respective 
parishes of Kinfauns and Kinnoull ; thence northward along the boundary 
of the parish of Kinfauns to the point at which that boundary touches the 
mainland on the east side of the Willowgate ; thence northward along the 
east side of the Willowgate to the Railway Bridge across the Tay ; from 
thence along the south side of the Railway Bridge westward to the main- 
land, and from thence along the river northward to the first-mentioned 
point in a stright line with the middle of Victoria Street. 

Polling Places — Nos. I and 2 Southern District School. 

Council Representatives — Bailie Forgan, James Cuthbert, Alexander 
Davidson, David Jackson, William Mailer, and Charles Wood. 



Third Ward. — Consisting of the territory lying within a line commencing 
at the River Tay at the east end of the High Street, and proceeding along 
that street westward to the High Street Port ; thence northward along 
Methven Street 10 Mill Street ; thence eastward along Mill Street to 
Curfew Row ; from thence along Curfew Row and North Port to the 
west or lower end of Charlotte Street ; from thence in a straight line to 
the Horse Watering Place on the west side of the River Tay a short way 
above Perth Bridge ; and from thence southward by the river to the place 
first above-mentioned as to this ward at the east end of the High Street ; 
and also of all the territory within the parliamentary boundary lying on the 
east side of the River Tay and Willowgate, including the Stanner's Island 
in the River Tay and that part of the Friarton Island to the north of the 
Railway Bridge. 

Polling Places — Nos. 1 and 2 Commissioners' Hall, foot of High Street. 

Council Representatives — Bailie Macgregor, Treasurer Dewar, John 
Duncan, Thomas Duncanson, William Ross, and James Smart. 

Fourth Ward. — Consisting of the territory lying within a line com- 
mencing at the aforesaid Horse Watering Place, running in a straight line 
10 North Port, and along Curfew Row to Mill Street ; from thence west- 
ward along Mill Street, and southward along Methven Street to South 
Street Port ; from thence proceeding westward along County Place, York 
Place, and the Glasgow Road, to the old Toll-bar at the Fechney School, 
the boundary being continued in a straight line from that point westward to 
the parliamentary boundary ; from thence proceeding in a north-easterly 
direction along the line of the parliamentary boundary till it reaches the 
point at the northern boundary of the Burgh on the right bank of the River 
Tay ; and from thence southward along said river to the aforesaid Horse 
Watering Place. 

Polling Places — Nos. 1 and 2 Front Classroom, Perth Academy. 

Council Representatives — Lord Provost Wilson, Robert Halley, George 
Kyd, John Moir, James M'Leish, and Alexander Wright. 

Declaring that the boundaries of the said wards shall be understood to 
run along the middle of the streets, roads, and river by which they are 
described to be bounded, except when the contrary is particularly mentioned. 

Parliamentary Boundary.— From the north-eastern corner of the 
North Inch on the right bank of the River Tay in a straight line to the 
bridge on the Mill Lade at the Boot of Balhousie ; thence in a straight line 
to the bridge on the Glasgow Road over the Scouring Burn ; thence in a 
straight line to the southern corner of the water reservoir at depot ; thence 
in a straight line to the southern corner of the Friarton Pier on the River 
Tay ; thence across the River Tay (passing to the south of the Friarton 
Island) to the point at which the same is met by the boundary of the 
respective parishes of Kinfauns and Kinnoull ; thence northward along the 
boundary of the parish of Kinfauns to the point at which the several 
boundaries of the properties of Kinfauns, Kinnoull, and Barnhill meet ; 
thence in a straight line to the north-eastern corner of Lord Kinnoull's 
Lodge at the gate of the approach to Kinnoull Hill ; thence in a straight 
line to the north-eastern corner of the enclosure of the Lunatic Asylum ; 
thence in a straight line to the point where the Annaty Burn crosses the 

0?" D ** 


Blairgowrie Road ; thence down the Annaty Burn to the point where it 
joins the Tay ; thence in a straight line to the point first described. 

Qualification for Voting for Municipal and School Board. — 
Male and female households s of full age. 

For Parliamentary. — Male householders only who have paid their 
poor rates. 



The numbers at end denote the Parliamentary and Municipal Wards in which each 
Street is situated. 

Abbot street, off I Glover street 2 
Albert close, from 48 George street 

to Skinnergate 3 

Albert place, 2 King street 2 

Alexandra street, from 26 Leonard 

street to Caledonian road 2 

Athole crescent, from Athole street 

to Blackfriars street 4 

Athole place, from Blackfriars street 

to North port 4 

Athole street, from Barrack street to 

Athole crescent 4 

Back wynd, off 26 Gowrie street 3 
Balhousie avenue, Dunkeld road 4 
Balhousie bank, off Balhouse st. 4 
Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 4 
Balhousie street, continuation of 

Melville street 4 

Balhouse terrace, Dunkeld road 4 
Barnett place, Commercial street 3 
Barnhill, Dundee road 3 

Barossa place, from 25 Melville st. 

to Rose terrace 4 

Barossa street, from 12 Athole st. 

to Barossa place 4 

Barrack street, from 76 Athole st. 

to Low street 4 

Barracks (Queen's), top of Athole 

street 4 

Baxter's vennel, from 54 St. John 

street to Watergate 1 

Bellavista, New Scone road 3 

Blackfriars street, from 9 Athole 

place to Carpenter street 4 

Blackfriars wynd, Carpenter street 

to North por 4 

Bowerswell road, Kinnoull, off Dun- 
dee road 3 
Braehead, Jeanfield 4 
Breadalbane terrace, off Edinburgh 

road 2 

Bridge Lane, from 66 George street 

to Mill street 3 

Bridge street, from Perth Bridge to 

Gladstone terrace 3 

Brompton terrace, Kinnoull, off 

Bowerswell road 3 

Brown street, off 12 Market street 4 
Brunswick terrace, Craigie 2 

Burnside, off Craigie place 2 

Burnbank terrace, off Strathmore 

street 3 

Burton place, from Nelson street to 

Victoria street 2 

Burt's close, from 129 High street 

to Mill street 3 

Caledonian buildings, off Earl's 

dykes 2 

Caledonian road, 352 High street to 

General Railway station 2, 4 

Canal Crescent, from South street 

port to Charteris street I 

Canal street, from South Tay street 

to Charteris street 1 

Carpenter street, from 33 Kinnoull 

street to Cherry lane 4 

Carr's croft, continuation of Priory 

place 2 

Castlegable, 16 North port 10 Mill 

street 3 

Charles street, 66 Canal street to 

Victoria street 1 


Charlotte place, off Charlotte st. 3 
Charlotte street, from A thole place 

to George street 3 

Charteris street, 29 King street to 

Reform place 1 

Cherrybank, on Glasgow road 2 
Cherry lane, from 2 Carpenter street 

to Union street 4 

Clayholes, continuation of Elibank 

street to High street 4 

Comely bank, New Scone road 3 
Commercial street, from east end of 

Perth Bridge to Rodney lodge 3 
Co-operative Buildings, from 18 to 

36 Scott street and Canal street I 
Cow vennel, from 52 South street 

to Canal street I 

County buildings, South street and 

Tay street 1 

County place, South street port to 

York place 2, 4 

Craigie (upper and lower) 2 

Craigie crescent, Craigie 2 

Craigie park, continuation of Craigie 

place 2 

Craigie park terrace, Edinburgh 

road, opposite General Prison 2 
Craigie place, continuation of Priory 

place 2 

Craigie haugh, off Craigie place 2 
Croft bank, off 32 Priory place 2 
Croft park, off 2 Priory place 2 

Cross street, 97 Leonard street to 

Pomarium street 2 

Curfew row, North port to Mill 

street 3, 4 

Cutlog vennel, from 189 High street 

to Mill street 3 

Dovecotland, west end of High 

street beyond railway bridge 4 
Dundee road to end of boundary 3 
Dunkeld road, continuation of Bar- 
rack street 4 
Dupplin terrace, off Bowerswell rd. 3 
Earl's dykes, off 32 York place 2 
East Bridge street, continuation of 

Bridge street, Bridgend 3 

Edin terrace, Edinburgh road 2 

Edinburgh road, continuation of 

Princes street 2 

Elibank place, Caledonian road 4 

Elibank street, from York place to 

Clayholes 4 

Evelyn terrace, Craigie 2 

Fairmount villas, Barnhill 3 

Feus road, from Dovecotland to 

Crieff road 4 

Flesh Market close, off 69 South st. 1 
Fleshers' vennel, from 49 South st. 

to Kirkside 1 

Foundry lane, from 23 North Meth- 

ven street to Kinnoull street 4 
Friar street, from 27 Queen street 

to Abbot street 2 

Friarton island and pier 2 

General Prison, Edinburgh road 2 
George Inn lane, from 47 George 

street to Tay street 3 

George street, from 11 High street 

to west end of Perth bridge 3 

Gladstone terrace, East Bridge street, 

Bridgend 3 

Glasgow road, continuation of York 

place 2, 4 

Glover street, off I Abbot street 2 
Gowrie street, from east end of Perth 

bridge to Bowerswell road 3 

Graham's place, from 29 to 31 King 

street 1 

Granville place, Market street 4 
Gray's close, 14 South street to 

Canal street 1 

Greyfriars lane, from 30 Princes 

street to Speygate I 

Guard vennel, from 105 High street 

to Mill street 3 

Hay street, off Balhousie street 4 
High street, from 18 Tay street to 

Clayholes 1, 3, 4 

Homers' lane, from 120 South street 

to Canal street I 

Horse cross, 28 to 32 Castlegable 3 
Hospital street, from South street 

port to Kinnoull causeway 2 

Isla road, continuation of Main st. 

on Old Scone road 3 

James street, from 28 Marshall place 

to Charteris street 1, 2 

James VI. place, 6 to 18 Hospital 

street 2 

Jeanfield, continuation of Longcause- 

way, Dovecotland 4 



Keir street, from Strathmore street 

to Old Scone road 3 

Kilmartin place, Friar st. , Craigie 2 
Kincarrathie crescent, off Isla road, 

Bridgend 3 

King street, from 3 King's place to 

South Mefhven street 1, 2 

King's place, continuation of Mar- 
shall place 2 
King James' place, continuation of 

Marshall place 2 

Kinnaiid bank, off Moncreiffe ter. 2 
Kinnoull causeway, from 1 Leonard 

place to Earl's dykes 2 

Kinnoull street, from 7 Athole street 

to Mill street 4 

Kinnoull terrace, Kinnoull 3 

Kirk close, from 80 High street to 

St. John's place 1 

Kirkgate, from 40 High street to 

St. John's place I 

Kirkside, continuation of Fleshers' 

vennel I 

Laurel bank, off Strathmore street 3 
Leonard place, I Kinnoull cause- 
way 2 
Leonard street, from 2 Pomarium 

st. to General Railway Station 2 
Lickley street, off 13 Market street 4 
Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's 

road 4 

Longcauseway, Dovecotland 4 

Loretto court, 219 South street 1 
Low street, from 32 Melville street 

to Barrack street 4 

Main street, from east end of Perth 

bridge to Strathmore street 3 

Mansfield place, Isla rd. , Bridgend 3 
Market street, from 26 Caledonian 

road to Newrow 4 

Marshall place, from 71 Princes st. 

to King's place 2 

Meal vennel, from 164 High street 

to South street 1 

Melville street, from 52 Athole st. 

to Balhousie street 4 

Mill close, 279 High street 4 

Mill street, from 50 Skinnergate to 

City Mills 3, 4 

Mill wynd, off 269 High street 4 
Milne street, off 24 Market street 4 

Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 2 

Moredun terrace, Craigie 2 

Muirhall bank, off Muirhall terrace 3 
Muirhall road, off Gannochy road 3 
Muirhall terrace, off Gannochy road, 

Kinnoull 3 

Muirton bank, Balhousie 4 

Murray street, from 1 North Meth- 

ven street to Kinnoull street 4 
Myrtle place, Dunkeld road • 4 
Needless road, from 97 Glover street 

to Glasgow road 2 

Nelson street, off 14 Marshall pi. 2 
Newrow, from 300 High street to 

Hospital street 2, 4 

New Scone road, continuation of 

Strathmore street 3 

North Methven street, continuation 

of South Methven street to Mel- 
ville street 4 
North port, continuation of Curfew 

row to Charlotte place 3, 4 

North William street, 19 Athole st. 

to Foundry lane 4 

Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 2 
Old Scone road, continuation of 

Isla road 3 

Oliphant's vennel, from 44 St. John 

street to Watergate 1 

Orrock place, Jeanfield 4 

Paradise place, off 20 King street 2 
Parliament close, 71 High street 3 
Paul street, off 305 High street 4 
Paul's close, off Newrow 4 

Pitcullen crescent, New Scone rd. 3 
Pitcullen terrace, from Gannochy rd. 

to Victoria road, Bridgend 3 

Pitheavlis, on Glasgow road, near 

Cherrybank 2 

Pomarium st. , off 22 Hospital st. 2 
Princes street, from 26 South street 

to Marshall place 1, 2 

Priory place, off 2 Abbot street 2 
Queen street, off 1 Priory place 2 
Railway station, Glasgow road 2 
Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld rd. 4 
Reform place, 76 to 106 Canal st. 1 
Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 4 

Ropemaker's close, from 49 Canal 

street to South street 1 

Rose crescent, off Glasgow road 4 



Rose lane, off 24 Longcauseway 4 
Roselea place, Jeanfield 4 

Rosemount place, off Pitcullen 

terrace 3 

Rose terrace, from 2 Athole street 

to Barossa place 4 

Rosslyn place, Glasgow road 4 

St. Andrew street, from 46 Leonard 

street to Caledonian road 2 

St. Ann's lane, from 33 South street 

to South St. John's place 1 

St. Catherine's road, continuation of 

Caledonian road 4 

St. Jane's place, Friar street 2 

St. John's place, off 23 St. John st. 1 
St. John street, from 32 High street 

to South street 1 

St. Leonard's bank, off King's pi. 2 
St. Paul's square, off 274 High st. 4 
Salisbury terrace, Cherrybank 2 
Scott street, from 168 South street 

to Marshall place I, 2 

Shields' place, Dunkeld road 4 

Shore, south from Tay street 2 

Skinnergate, from 37 High street to 

Mill street 3 

South Methven st., continuation of 

King st. to N. Methven st. 1, 3, 4 
South St. John's place, off 25 St. 

John street 1 

South street, from South Tay street 

to County place 1 

South William street, from 61 

Princes street to Scott street 2 
Spens crescent, from Jeanheld to 

Glasgow road 4 

Speygate, continuation of Water- 
gate to Greyfriars street 1 
Star buildings, 24 Canal street 1 
Stewart's place, Caledonian road 2 
Strathearn terrace, Glasgow road 2 

Stormont street, from 36 Athole st. 

to Barossa place 4 

Strathmore st. , continuation of Main 

st. to New Scone rd, Bridgend 3 
Tay street, from west end of Perth 

bridge to Shore 1, 2, 3 

Thimblerow, off 321 High street 4 
Thistle lane, off 74 Longcauseway 4 
Thistle Tavern close, from 55 Pligh 

street to Mill street 3 

Union lane, from 55 North Methven 

street to Kinnoull street 4 

Union street, from 17 Kinnoull st. 

to Carpenter street 4 

Union street lane, off 32 Commercial 

street, Bridgend 3 

Victoria buildings, from 36 to 44 

Tay street 1 

Victoria court, 53 Canal street 1 
Victoria place, from 73 to 77 Vic- 
toria street 1 
Victoria road, off Strathmore st. 3 
Victoria street, from 47 Princes st. 

to King street 1, 2 

Viewlands road, Glasgow road 4 
Water vennel, from 83 Watergate 

to Tay street I 

Watergate, from 20 High street to 

South street 1 

Weaverland close, 103 South st. 1 
Wellshill, adjacent to Dovecotland 4 
Wesley place, Scott street 1 

West Mill street, from Mill wynd to 

Paul street 4 

Whitefriars street, from Rose lane 

to Thistle lane 4 

Wilson street, from Abbot street to 

Queen street 2 

Wolseley place, Friar Street 2 

York place, continuation of County 

place to Glasgow road bridge 2, 4 


Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor — hon. secretary, John 

Thomas, sheriff- clerk 
Balhousie Lawn Tennis Club, Balhousie 

Bank of Scotland, 52 St. John street ; West End Branch, 35 S. Methven st. 
Baptist Chapel, .corner of Canal street and Tay street 


Barracks (42nd Regimental District), head of Athole street 

Barracks (Militia), James street 

Baths and Wash-house (Public), Mill street 

Baths (Perth Public), Dunkeld road 

Brady's Auction Halls, 74 High street and Victoria street 

Bridgend Institute, 10 Strathmore street 

British Linen Company's Bank, 77 George street ; West End Branch, 

42 Caledonian road 
Burgh Assessor's Office, 16 Tay street 
Burgh Surveyor's Office, 3 High street 
Burgh Sanitary Inspector's Office, 2 St. John's place 
Caledonian Road School — headmaster, D. S. Lowson, M.A. 
Cemetery, Wellshill 

Central District School, Meal vennel — headmaster, Alexander Robertson 
Chamber of Commerce and Trade Protection Society, 68 St. John street 
City Architect's Office, 72 George street 
City Chamberlain's Office, 1 High street 
City Clerk's Office, 3 High street 
City and County Conservative Club, 19 George street — secretary and 

treasurer, John Wighton 
City Hall, Kirkside 
City Police Office, 18 Tay street 
Clerk of the Peace Office (County), 75 George street 
Clydesdale Banking Company, 3 St. John street 
Collector of Poor Rates Office, 16 South street 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, 26 South street 
Congregational Chapel, 9 Mill street 
Convent (St. Joseph's), 8 and 10 Stormont street 
County and City Club, Athole crescent 

County and City Royal Infirmary and Dispensary, York place 
County Assessor's and Surveyor's Office, 40 Tay street 

County Clerk's Office, County buildings, South st. — Wm. MacLeish, clerk 
County Police Office, County buildings, South street 
County Rates Collector's Office, 75 George street 

County and Chief District Sanitary Inspector's Office, County buildings 
Court Rooms (City), Municipal buildings, High street 
Court Rooms (County), County buildings, Tay street 
Custom House, Victoria buildings, 40 Tay street 
Destitute Sick Society for Perth and Bridgend — secretary and treasurer, 

S. Cowan, "Advertiser" Office, 38 Tay street 
Drawing Academy, 3 Athole street — James H. Cranston 
" Dundee Advertiser," " People's Journal," and " People's Friend " Branch 

Office, 12 High street 
"Dundee Courier and Argus" and "Dundee Weekly News" Branch 

Office, 78 High street 
East United Presbyterian Church, ill South street 

"Economic" Building Society — hon. secretary, A. King, 42 Tay street 
Evangelical Union Church, 183 High street 
Excise Offiee, Victoria buildings, 40 Tay street 
Fechney Industrial School, Glasgow road 
Female Night Refuge, 13 Watergate — Mrs. Smith, matron 


Fire Engine Station, 14 Tay street 

First Forfarshire Artillery Volunteers (Perth Detachment), Orderly Room, 

21 Union street 
Free Middle Church, Tay street 
Free St. Leonard's Church, Marshall place 
Free St. Paul's Church, Newrow 
Free St. Stephen's Church, Paradise place 
Free West Church, Tay street 

Friarton Curling Club — secretary, James Watt Wilson, 15 St. John street 
Foresters' Hall, 175 High street 

Gas Commissioners' Office, 3 High street ; works, Scott street 
Gas Meters Inspector's Office, Speygate 

General Accident Assurance Corporation, Limited — chief office, 44 Tay st. 
General Prison for Scotland, Edinburgh road 
Glasite Church, 269 High street 

Golf Club (Artisan) — secretary, Peter Robertson, 207 High street 
Golfing Society (Royal Perth) and City and County Club, 1 Athole crescent 
Golfing Society (King James VI.), 8 Charlotte street 
Good Templars' Hall, 134 Canal crescent 
Greyfriars Cemetery, Speygate 
Guild Hall, 96 High street 
Harbour and Navigation Office, 1 High street 
Harbour Master's Office, Shore 

Hospital for Incurables for Perth and Perthshire, Hillside, Barnhill 
House of Refuge for Destitute Girls, Craigie 

House of the Redemptorist Fathers, St. Mary's College, Kinnoull 
Indigent Old Men's Society — secretary, David Young, 3 St. John's place 
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office (County), 75 George street 
King James VI. Hospital, Hospital street 
Kinnoull Recreation Club (Bowling, Curling, and Tennis Sections) — hon. 

secretary, James Robertson, Town and County Bank, N. Methven st. 
Kinnoull Established Church, Bridgend 
Kinnoull School — headmaster, James Thomson 
Knox's Territorial Free Church, 145 South street 
Ladies' Clothing Society — secretary, Mrs. Roy, Springbank 
Liberal and Radical Association — R. Hunter, solicitor, 28 High street 
Masons' Hall (Scoon and Perth), 12 High street 
Masons' Hall (Royal Arch), Parliament close 
Mechanics' Library, South St. John's place 
Mission Hall, 193 South street 
Mission Hall, 81 High street 
Model Lodging House, Skinnergate 
Murray's Royal Asylum, Kinnoull 

Museum (Literary and Antiquarian Society), 78 George street 
National Bank of Scotland, 5 Fligh street ; West End Branch, 36 South 

Methven street 
New Club, 8 Tay street 

Northern Central Mart, Perth — John Swan & Sons 
Northern District School, Dunkeld road — headmaster, John Robertson 
North United Presbyterian Church, 231 High street and Mill street 
Original Secession Church, 207 South street 


Parochial Board Office, 16 South street 

Perth Academy, Rose terrace 

Perth Amateur Cycling Club — Cinder Track, Edinburgh road — secretary, 

Alexander W. Mackintosh, 52 Longcauseway 
Perth Anglers' Club, Tay street 

Perth Auction Market, Caledonian road — Macdonald, Fraser, & Co. 
Perth Bowling Club, Balhousie 
Perth Chess Club, 96 High street 
Perth Curling Club, Balhousie 
Perth Girls' School of Industry, Wellshill 
Perth Lawn Tennis Club — secretary, Robert H. Robertson, jun., 22 High 

Perth Liberal Club, 30 George street — secretary and treasurer, Andrew 

Moncrieff, 270 High street 
Perth Musical Society — secretary, A. Cairns, 15 Queen street 
Perth Orchestral Society — hon. secretary, James Coates, Pitcullen 
Perth Public Library, 78 George street 
Perth Races and Hunt, 10 Blackfriars street 

Perth Select Choir — hon. secretary, William S. Leitch, Friar street 
Perth Soup Kitchen, 188 South street 
Perth Swimming Baths and Gymnasium, Dunkeld Road — secretary. T. 

Chalmers, solicitor, 42 Tay street 
Perth Working Boys and Girls' Religious Society Rooms, South Tay street 
Perth Working Men's Building Society, 153 South street 
," Perthshire Advertiser and Strathmore Journal" Office, Victoria buildings, 

38 Tay street 
" Perthshire Constitutional and Journal" Office, South St. John's place 
"Perthshire Courier, Farmers' Journal, and Scottish Central Advertiser," 

153 South street 
Perthshire Cricket Club— secretary, A. K. Bell, South St. John's place 
Perthshire Fishing Club — secretary, D. M. Stuart, 43 South Methven street 
Perthshire Natural History Museum, South Tay street 
Perthshire Society of Natural Science, South Tay street 
Police Commissioners' Office, 16 Tay street 
Police Court Room, Municipal buildings, 16 Tay street 
Police Offices — County — County buildings, South street; City — 18 Tay 

street ; and River— 18 North William street 
Poorhouse, Glasgow road 
Postal Telegraph Stores, Shore 
Post Office, 2 High street 

Procurator-Fiscal's Office, County Buildings, South street 
Public Slaughter-House, Shore 

Railway Stations — Glasgow road or Leonard street, and Princes street 
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages Office, I High street 
Royal Bank of Scotland, 80 George street ; branch, 19 County place 
Royal Horticultural Society of Perthshire — secretary, James Alexander 
Salvation Army Hall, 192 South street 

Savings Bank of the County and City of Perth, 26 Tay street 
School of Art and Science, Perth Academy 

School Board of Perth — Clerk's Office, Victoria buildings, 38 Tay street 
Scone and Perth Omnibus Company, Limited, 37 High street 


Scoon and Perth Masonic Lodge, 12 High street 

Scotch Girls' Friendly Society Lodge, 72 Tay street 

Session-Clerk's Office, 1 High street 

Sharp's Institution, South Methven street — headmaster, John Alexander, j 

M.A., F.c.s. 
Sheriff Clerk's Office, County buildings, Tay street 
Sheriff Court Room, County buildings, Tay street 
Shore Dues Office, 1 High street 
Small-pox Hospital, Shore 

Society for the Blind — teacher and agent, William Thomson, Wellshill 
Society for the Relief of Indigent Old Women — secretary, Mrs. Craigie 7 

2 Athole crescent 
Southern District School, South William street — headmaster, Robt. Shand 
Stamp Distributor and Tax Collector's Office, Victoria buildings, 40 Tay st. 
Stewart & Gow's Auction Hall, 49 South Methven street 
St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Caledonian road — headmaster — James H. 

St. Andrew's Established Church, Athole street 
St. Andrew's Masonic Lodge, George hotel 

St. John's Curling Club — secretary, A. Beveridge, builder, Newrow 
St. John's Episcopal Church, Princes street 

St. John's Established Churches (East, West, and Middle), St. John street 
St. John's Roman Catholic Church, Melville street 
St. John's Roman Catholic School, 140 High street 
St. Leonard's Established Church, King street 
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Kinnoull 
St. Ninian's Cathedral (Scottish Episcopal Church), Athole street 
St. Ninian's Episcopal School, North Methven street— headmaster, R. 

St. Paul's Established Church, South Methven street 
Telegraph Office, 4 High street ; Branch Telegraph Offices, 41 South 

Methven st., 362 High St., Bridgend, Craigie, and General Station 
Town and County Bank, Limited, South Methven street 
Trades' Convener Court, 30 George street 

Union Bank of Scotland, 24 George street ; Branch at Swan's Mart 
Victoria Auction Hall, Victoria street — Hay & Kyd 
Victoria Institute, Dovecotland 
Volunteer Drill Hall, South Tay street 
Water Commissioners — Treasurer's Office, 1 High street ; Manager's Office. 

Water Works 
Weights and Measures Office (County), County buildings, South street 
Weights and Measures Office (City), 207 High street 
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Wesley place, Scott stieet 
West Church Mission Hall, 106 South street 
West End Tennis Club — secretary, John Thomson, Westbank 
Western District School, Abbot street, Craigie — headmaster, Wm, Barclay- 
Wilson United Presbyterian Church, 202^ High street 
York Place United Presbyterian Church, York place 




POPULATION. — According to the Census returns, the population of 
Perth in 189 1 was 30,749. 

Valuation of the City for 1892-93, ^"139,51 1 14s yd. 

Unassessable properties, being churches, unlet premises, &c, ^9134 8s. 

Total rent of Railways in Burgh, ,£12,399. 


Tenant's Kates. per £ 

Poor Rate, 5d 

General Police, Roads, Im- 
provement, &c, Rate, is 6^d 
Domestic Water \ Houses, 7d 

Rate, J Shops, &c, 33d 
Conjoined Burgh Assessment, ijd 
School Rate, 3fd 

Proprietor' 's 
Poor Rate, ... 



Special Sewer Rate, 
Improvement Rate, 
Roads, &c, Rate, .. 



Foot Pavement Rate 

1 id 

Conjoined Burgh Assessment 
School Rate, 


Public Water Rate, 


is 4i 3s 3^d 

MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT. - For the Burgh — William 

Whitelaw, Huntingtower, Perth, N.B. London address, 28 Wilton 

Crescent. Agent — Donald M. Mackay, solicitor, Perth. 
For the County — (Eastern Division). — Sir John G. S. Kinloch, bart., 

Folda House, Meigle. London residence, Devonshire Club, St. James'. 

Agent — Hugh Campbell, 42 George street. 

For the County — (Western Division).— Sir Donald Currie, k.c.m.g., 

of Garth and Glenlyon, Aberfeldy. London residence, 4 Hyde Park place,. 

W. Agent — W. L. Young, solicitor, Auchterarder. 


Lord Provost — George Wilson. 

Bailies — David Macgregor, first ; Thomas Forgan, second ; James 
M'Nicoll, third; George Alexander, fourth. 

Dean of Guild — James Wotherspoon. 

Treasurer — John A. Dewar. 

Common Councillors — Thomas Chalmers, James Cuthbert, Alexander 
Davidson, John Duncan, Thomas Duncanson, Duncan Gow, Robert Halley, 
David Jackson, George Kyd, William Mailer, John Moir, William M'Ken- 
drick, James M'Leish, William Ross, James Smart, Peter Taylor, Charles 
Wood, Alexander Wright, John Young. 

COMMITTEES OF COUNCIL.— Lord Provost's Committee— The 
Lord Provost (Convener), Dean of Guild, Bailies Macgregor, Forgan, 
M'Nicoll, Alexander, Treasurer Dewar, Councillors Chalmers, Cuthbert,. 
Smart, and Wright. 

Work Committee — The Lord Provost, Bailies Macgregor (Convener) and 
Forgan, Councillors Cuthbert, Duncan, Duncanson, M'Leish, Smart,, 
Wood, and Young. 


Law Committee: — Bailies Macgregor and M'Nicoll, Treasurer Dewar, 
Councillors Chalmers (Convener), Jackson, Kyd, Moir, Ross, and Taylor. 

Finance Committee — The Lord Provost, Dean of Guild, Bailies Mac- 
gregor and Alexander, Treasurer Dewar (Convener), Councillors Chalmers, 
Cuthbert, Davidson, Gow, Halley, Kyd, M'Kendrick, and Wright. 

Burial Grounds Committee — The Dean of Guild (Convener), Bailie 
Forgan, Councillors Jackson, Moir, Smart, Taylor, and Wood. 

Inches Committee — Bailies Macgregor and Alexander, Councillors Kyd 
(Convener), Chalmers, Duncanson, Halley, M'Kendrick, Ross, and Taylor. 

Navigation Committee — The Lord Provost (Convener), Bailie M'Nicoll, 
Councillors Cuthbert, Davidson, Duncan, Gow, Mailer, M'Leish, Wood, 
and Wright. 

William MacLeish, City Clerk; James C. Dow, Deputy City Clerk— office, 
City Chambers. Robert Keay, City Chamberlain — office, I High street. 
Surveyor and Master of Works, Robert M'Killop, c E.— office, 3 High 
street. Andrew Heiton, City Architect — office, 72 George street. John 
Welsh, Burgh Prosecutor and Billet Master — office, 16 Tay street. Donald 
Mackintosh, Burgh Assessor— office, 16 Tay street. William Galbraith, 
Inspector of Weights and Measures — office, 207 High street. 

Public Analyst — Robert R. Tatlock, 156 Bath street, Glasgow. 

Town Officers — James Allan, 3 High street, and George Fell, Burghmuir. 

POLICE COMMISSIONERS.— The following are the Committees 
appointed by the Commissioners — 

Police, Lighting, and Fire Engine Committee — The Lord Provost (Con- 
vener), Dean of Guild, Bailies Macgregor, M'Nicoll, and Alexander, 
Treasurer Dewar, Councillors Cuthbert, Duncan, Duncanson, Jackson, 
Mailer, Ross, and Wright. 

Cleansing and Sanitary Committee — -Bailies Alexander (Convener), Mac- 
gregor, and M'Nicoll, Councillors Davidson, Gow, Halley, Kyd, Mailer, 
Moir, M'Leish, Smart, Taylor, and Young. 

Work and Paving Committee — Dean of Guild, Bailies Forgan and Alex- 
ander, Councillors Cuthbert, Davidson, Duncan, Gow (Convener), Mailer, 
M'Leish, Smart, Wood, Wright, and Young. 

Sub- Work and Paving Committee — Bailie Alexander, Councillors Cuth- 
bert, Gow (Convener), M'Leish, Smart, and Young. 

Finance Committee — The Lord Provost, Dean of Guild, Bailies Macgregor 
and Alexander, Treasurer Dewar (Convener), Councillors Chalmers, Cuth- 
bert, Davidson, Gow, Halley, Kyd, M'Kendrick, and Wright. 

Law Committee — Bailies Macgregor and M'Nicoll, Treasurer Dewar, 
Councillors Chalmers (Convener), Jackson, Kyd, Moir, Ross, and Taylor. 

Slaughter House Committee — Dean of Guild, Bailie Alexander, Coun- 
cillors Cuthbert (Convener), Duncanson, Gow, Halley, Mailer, M'Kendrick, 
and Ross. 

William MacLeish, Clerk. John A. Robertson, Treasurer — office, 16 Tay 
street. James Garrow, Superintendent of Police. Robert M'Killop, C.E., 
Surveyor and Master of Works — office, 3 Pligh street. 


GAS COMMISSIONERS.— Office, 3 High street ; Works, Scott street. 

Committee — Dean of Guild, Bailie M'Nicoll, Councillors Cuthbert, 
Davidson (Convener), Gow, Jackson, Mailer, M'Leish, Taylor, Wood, and 

William MacLeish, clerk; John M'Gillewie, treasurer; Thomas Whim- 
ster, Manager of Works. 

Applications for Gas or Meters to be sent to the Office, 3 J High street., 
and Notices of Escapes of Gas to the Office, at Works, Scott street. 

Inspector of Meters' Office, Speygate. 

WATER COMMISSIONERS.— John Peattie, engineer- office, Water 

Committee — The Lord Provost (Convener), Bailies Macgregor and 
Forgan, Treasurer Dewar, Councillors Davidson, Duncan, Duncanson, 
Gow, Kyd, Ross, Smart, Taylor, and Young. 

N.B. — Notices of bursts of water pipes are requested to be sent to the 
Manager's office, where they will be immediately attended to. 

BURIAL GROUNDS COMMITTEE.— The Lord Provost, Magistrates,, 
and Town Council are the Parochial Board for burial ground purposes. 

Works Committee — All the Members of the Board — Dean of Guild. 

interment must be given at the Superintendent's Office at either Burying 
Ground at latest by 12 o'clock noon of the lawful day preceding the funeral. 

In Greyfriars Ground no burial is permitted of the body of a person who 
at the time of death resided out of the old parish, excepting that of a 
widower or widow, son or daughter who have never been married. 

The Superintendent will be in attendance at Greyfriars every morning 
from 10 till 11, and at Wellshill from II till I o'clock. 

BURGH POLICE ESTABLISHMENT, Tay street— James Garrow, 
superintendent; 2 inspectors; 2 detectives; 4 sergeants; 31 constables. 
Total strength, 40. 

Sanitary Department. — Duncan dimming, sanitary inspector — office, 
South St. John's place. 

Ambulance Wagon. — Applications for use of Ambulance Wagon to be 
made to the Superintendent of Police. Telephone No. 83. 

Cleansing Department. —Glasgow road. D. Cumming, inspector. 
1 foreman, 8 carters, 29 scavengers — total 39. 

Judges of Police Court. — Lord Provost and Bailies of the City. 
William MacLeish, Clerk of Court. Burgh Prosecutor, John Welsh. 

Fire Brigade (Central Station), Police Buildings. — Captain, 2 lieu- 
tenants, and 12 firemen. Telephone No. 83. 

street. — Chief Constable— John Macpherson ; Deputy Chief Constable and 
Superintendent — John Grant ; Superintendent at Dunblane — A. Macdonald ; 
Inspectors — P. M'Farlane, Perth; John Adams, Blairgowrie; Lewis Collie, 
Crieff; Detective-Sergeants — Alexander M'Lean, J. Cruickshanks, Perth;: 
Tohn Cameron, Dunblane. 


GUILD COURT. — James Wotherspoon, Lord Dean of Guild ; Lord 
Provost Wilson ; Bailies Forgan, M'Nicoll, and Macgregor ; John Thomas, 
Clerk ; Andrew Moncrieff, jun.', Treasurer ; Alexander Ritchie, Land 
Steward ; James Shaw, Officer. 

Management — -James Wotherspoon, Lord Dean of Guild ; Robert Dow, 
ex-Bailie Fraser, James Moir, James Moncrieff, Thomas Moncrieff, ex-Dean 
of Guild Pirrie, William Robertson, William Spence. 

INCORPORATED TRADES.— Convener -John Murdoch; Clerk and 
Treasurer, John B. M'Cash, Solicitor, 28 High street. 




John Murdoch. 


Alex. Cairncross. 


James Stewart. 


Peter M'Gregor. 


Henry Johnstone. 


Stewart Johnston. 


John M'Cash. 


John Duncan. 

SOCIETY.— Offices, 68 St. John street. Hon. President— Lord Provost 
Wilson; Hon. Vice-Presidents— Andrew Coates, ex-Lord Provost Martin, 
and ex-Lord Provost Whittet ; Hon. Treasurer — Ex-Bailie Chalmers ; 
Secretary and Law Agent — John Stewart, solicitor, 68 St. John street ; 
Directors — Ex- Dean of Guild M'Kenzie (Chairman), Dean of Guild Wother- 
spoon ( Vice-Chairman), ex-Bailie Love, Robert Pullar, John M'Intosh, 
W. G. Stewart, J. Paton, F. C. Harper, A. Syme, A. Moyes, J. S. Cruick- 
shank, A. Dingwall, Jas. Honey, R. P. Blair, Duncan Leslie, Thomas 
Hunter, Duncan Carmichael, G. R. Douglas. 

PAROCHIAL BOARD.— Office, 16 South street. Committee of 
Management (meet first Tuesday of every month) — David Jackson, Chair- 
man ; William M'Intosh, Vice-Chairman ; Alexander Wright, Bailie David 
Macgregor, Fox Maule Boyd, James Martin, James Moncrieff, ex-Bailie 
Gcw, Peter Reid, James Pullar, Nickel Crombie, ex-Lord Dean of Guild 
Pirrie, Bailie George Alexander, George Howatt, Alexander Davidson, 
ex-Bailie Duncan, Thomas Duncanson, Alexander Thomson, William 
Thomson, and James Frame. 

Relief Committee meets every alternate Friday. N. Crombie, Con- 

Finance Committee meets first Monday of every month. Ex-Bailie 
Gow, Convener. 

Poorhouse Committee. — The above are also the Poorhouse Committee 
— ex-Bailie Duncan, Chairman ; ex-Dean of Guild Pirrie, Vice- Chairman. 
Meets first Tuesday of every month. 

Robert Stewart, Inspector ; George A. Crerar and Edward Houston, 
Assistant Inspectors; John Clark, Collector; A. H. Ballingal, W.S., Clerk; 
Robt. Morison, accountant, Auditor. Poorhouse, Glasgow road — George 
B. Laird, Governor ; Mrs. Stewart, Matron ; James Cook, gardener and 

ment — James Dewar, Rose Cottage, Chairman ; Wm. B. Gloag, Dr. John 
Stewart, John Steel, James Beattie, D. K. Steuart, R. Dow. 


Clerk, Robert H. Moncrieff, w.s., Blackfriars street; Inspector and 
Collector, Robert Robertson, Bridge street, Bridgend. 

ACTS (for Burgh only). — Assessor, Donald Mackintosh, 16 Tay street. 
This assessment is collected along with the Prison Rates under the direction 
of the Finance Committee of the Town Council. 

"for the District of Perth, comprising the whole of the Parliamentary 
Boundary of Perth, together with the landward part of the East Church 
Parish." — James Bridges, Registrar. Office, I High street ; house, 8 
Scott street, Perth. Office hours from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. ; open on Tues- 
day and Friday from 7 till 8 p.m. ; on Saturdays from 10 till 2 p.m. D. 
Strang, Assistant Registrar— house, 71 High street. 

Registrations must be effected as follows, viz. : — Births, within 21 days ; 
deaths before interment ; marriages within 3 days ; vaccinations within 6 
months, unless certificate of postponement be granted by a qualified medical 
practitioner. Parties registering births ought to produce proof of the 
marriage of the parents. 


Convener — The Vicount Stormont ; Vice-Convener— Andrew Hutcheson. 

I. — Perth District. 
The Viscount Stormont, Scone Palace, Perth — for Kinnoull. 
James Brown, brewer. Abernethy — for Abernethy. 
John Robertson, Old Blair, Blair Athole — for Auchtergaven. 
"Colonel Sandeman, Stanley — for Stanley. 

Peter Brown, farmer, Milton of Luncarty, Perth— for Redgorton. 
Colonel Smythe, Methven Castle, Perth — for Methven. 
J. D. Lumsden, Huntingtower, Perth— for Tibbermore. 
General Kirkland, West Fordel, Glenfary— for Aberargie. 
C. L. Wood of Freeland, Perth — for Bridge of Earn. 
John Blair Stevenson, Broombarns, Forgandenny — for Forteviot. 
W. S. Ferguson, Pickstonhill, Perth — for Scone. 
T. W. Greig, Glencarse House, Perth — for St. Madoes. 
W. O. Dalgleish, Errol Park, Errol— for Errol. 
Andrew Hutcheson, 10 Dudhope place, Dundee — for Inchture. 
Sir R. H. A. Ogilvy, bart., Millhill, Inchture — for Longforgan. 

II. — Blairgowrie or Eastern District. 
William Japp, banker, Alyth— for Alyth and Bendochy. 
James Ogilvy, brewer, Blairgowrie — for Blairgowrie (North). 
James Stewart, sen., merchant, Blairgowrie — for Blairgowrie (South). 
George Whitton, painter, Coupar-Angus — for Coupar-Angus. 
David Templeman, millspinner, Blairgowrie — for Rattray. 
T. G. Nairne of Dunsinane, Hill Gardens, Coupar-Angus — for St. Martins. 
Alexander Thomson, farmer, Springfield, Coupar-Angus — for Cargill. 


William Tasker, farmer, East Camno, Meigle — for Meigle. 
William Yeaman, banker, Alyth — for Alyth. 
John Panton, banker, Blairgowrie — for Glenericht. 
James Small of Dirnanean, Pitlochry— for Kirkmichael. 
James Speid, Stars, Forneth, Blairgowrie — for Caputh. 

III. — Highland District. 

The Duke of Athole, Blair Castle, Blair Athole— for Blair Athole. 

W. J. B. Stewart Menzies, Chesthill, Aberfeldy— for Fortingall. 

Sir Robert Menzies, bart., Farleyer House, Aberfeldy — for Rannoch. 

Alexander M'Naughton, merchant, Pitlochry — for Pitlochry. 

The Marquis of Breadalbane, Taymouth Castle, Aberfeldy — for Kenmore. 

James S. Robertson of Edradynate, Ballinluig — for Dull and Weem. 

Charles Munro, banker, Aberfeldy — for Aberfeldy. yj^- 

Charles Gibson, Craigdhu, Pitlochry— for Logierait. 

Major Blair Stewart of Balnakeilly, Pitlochry — for Moulin. 

W. T. J. S. Fotheringham, Murthly Castle, Murthly— for Little Dunkeld. 

Atholl MacGregor, Eastwood, Dunkeld — for Dunkeld. 

IV. — Central District. 

W. R. MacGregor, bank agent, Crieff — for Crieff (West). 
James Cochrane, grocer, Crieff— for Crieff (East). 

Captain the Hon. W. D. Murray, Scone Palace, Perth — for Logiealmond. 
Captain Black of Blackgowan, Methven — for Fowlis- Wester. 
James Gow, Southwood Cottage, Crieff — for Monzievaird & Crieff Landward. 
Peter Brough, Dundas House, Comrie — for Comrie. 
Henry Curr, Pitkellony, Muthill— for Muthill. 
John Lawson, bank agent, Blackford— for Blackford. 
Samuel Halley, manufacturer, Auchterarder — for Auchterarder. 
Benjamin Carruthers, farmer, Lawhill, Auchterarder— for Trinity Gask. 
Robert Gardiner, farmer, Henhill, Forteviot— for Dunning. 
John Clayton, Burnfoot, Glendevon, by Dollar— for Glendevon. 
V. — Western District. 

Colonel Robertson, Callander Lodge, Callander — for Callander. 

Alexander Wilson, Alford Villa, Dunblane— for Dunblane Burgh. 

James M'Diarmid, farmer, Morenish, Killiri — for Killin. 

David Ballingall, factor, Blairdrummond, Stirling — for Deanston. 

Colonel Stirling, Kippenross House, Dunblane — for Dunblane and Lecropt. 

James M'Lauchlan, Doune Lodge, Doune— for Kilmadock. 

Rev. George S. Mackay, F. C. Manse, Doune — for Doune. 

Col. Home-Drummond, Blairdrummond, Stirling — for Kincardine. 

Duncan M'Laren, Ledard, Aberfoyle — for Port of Menteith and Aberfoyle. 

T. B. Baillie Hamilton, Callander— for Callander and Balquidder. 

Wm. MacLeish, County Buildings, Perth, County Clerk and Treasurer, 
who is Clerk of Standing Joint Committee and other Council Committees 
except where otherwise noted. 

County Medical Officer and Chief Medical Officer for Districts— Dr. John 
T. Graham, 4 Athole crescent, Perth. 

County Sanitary Inspector and Chief Sanitary Inspector for Districts- 
George Mackay, County buildings, Perth. 


I. — Perth District. 

The County Councillors within the District as above (15) ; also the 
Representatives of the Parochial Boards as follows : — 
William L. Watson of Ayton, Abernethy — for Abernethy. 
William Keir, feuar and builder, Bankfoot — for Auchtergaven. 
Col. E. R. Stewart Richardson of Ballathie, Stanley — for Rinclaven. 
James Fenwick, land steward, Redgorton — for Redgorton. 
John Steel of Blackpark, Fairmount, Perth — for Moneydie. 
William Allan, farmer, Kinnon Park, Methven— for Methven. 
John Bullen Pople of Newhouse, Perth — for Tibbermore. 
James Moncrieff, Highfield House, New Scone — for Perth (Landward). 
John F. Smith, farmer, Eastfield, Bridge of Earn — for Dunbarney. 
Rev. James Ballingall, B.D., M?nse, Rhynd- for Rhynd. 
Alexander Mathewson, Farmhall, Forgandenny— for Forgandenny. 
John Dickson, W.S., 61 George Street, Perth— for Dron. 
David A. Smeaton of Letham, Gateside, Fife — for Arngask. 
Rev. Dr. Anderson, Manse, Forteviot — for Forteviot. 

D. K. Steuart, Munday House, Aberdalgie — for Aberdalgie. 

T. L. Kington Oliphant of Gask, Auchterarder— for Findo-Gask. 

James Robb, Perth Road, Scone— for Scone. 

T. T. Galloway, Cairnie, Glencarse, for St. Madoes. 

E. A. Stuart Gray of Kinfauns, Perth — for Kinfauns. 
Alexander Macduff of Bonhard, Perth — for Kinnoull. 
Robert Clark, Taybank, Errol— for Errol. 

Lord Kinnaird, Rossie Priory, Inchture— for Inchture. 

D. M. Watson of Bullionfield, Dundee — for Longforgan. 

Rev. Dr. Bannerman of Abernyte, King's Place, Perth- for Abe ray te. 

Thomas Hope, farmer, Nether Durdie, Errol — for Kilspindie. 

John Panton of Inchmartine, Blairgowrie— for Kinnaird. 

Lord Stormont, Chairman ; A. H. Ballingall, w.s., Perth, District Clerk, 
Collector, and Treasurer ; William Fenwick, Redgorton, District Surveyor. 

II. — Blairgowrie or Eastern District. 

The County Councillors within the District as above (12) ; also the 
Representatives of the Parochial Boards as follows : — 
Alex. Black, manufacturer, Rosedale, Cambridge Street, Alyth — for Alyth. 
James Pattullo of Ashmore and Persey, Blairgowrie - for Blairgowrie. 
Edward Collins Wood of Keithick, Coupar- Angus — for Coupar- Angus. 
W. Hodge, contractor, Rattray — for Rattray. 
James Peter Pirrie, Ex-Dean of Guild, Perth — for St. Martins. 
Angus Carr, farmer, Clockmaden, Balbeggie — for Collace. 
William MTntosh, farmer, Wellsies, Burrelton — for Cargill. 
Charles Crichton, Meigle — for Meigle. 
James Chalmers of Boglea, Blairgowrie— for Bendochy. 
Rev. Thomas Milne, Kinloch Manse, Blairgowrie — for Kinloch. 
Col. John H. H. Gammell of Lethendy, Meikieour — for Lethendy. 


George Constable of Balmyle, Blairgowrie —for Kirkmichael. 

James Robertson, farmer, Blackhaugh, Delvine, Dunkeld — for Caputh. 

fames Menzies, Drumhead, Blairgowrie — for Clunie. 

James Small, Chairman ; I. Henry-Anderson, s.s.c, Blairgowrie, District 
Collector, Clerk, and Treasurer ; Robert Grant, Blairgowrie, District 

III. — Highland District. 

The County Councillors within the District as above (n) ; also the 
Representatives of Parochial Boards as follows : — 
William MTnroy of Lude, Blair-Athole — for Blair-Athole. 
Peter M'Kerchar, merchant, Aberfeldy— for Dull. 
Alexander Galloway of Dirgarbh, Weem, Aberfeldy — for Weem. 
John Scott, Gallin, Glenlyon, Aberfeldy — for Fortingall. 
Rev. J. B. Mackenzie, Manse, Kenmore, Aberfeldy — for Kenmore. 
John Steuart of Ballechin, Ballinluig— for Logierait. 
James Grant Fergusson of Baledmund, Pitlochry— for Moulin. 
William Alexander Rae, Kingswood, Murthly— for Little Dunkeld. 
Tohn Robertson, Old Blair, Blair-Athole— for Dunkeld and Dowally. 

The Duke of Athole, Chairman ; Sir Robert Menzies, bart., Vice-Chair- 
man ; Hugh Mitchell, solicitor, Pitlochry, District Collector, Clerk, and 
Treasurer ; William Bell, Aberfeldy, District Surveyor. 

IV. — Central District. 

The County Councillors within the District as above (12) ; also the 
Representatives of Parochial Boards as follows : — 
John Campbell, Woodlands, Crieff— for Crieff. 
Rev. D. M. Forrester, U. P. Manse, Logiealmond — for Monzie. 
A. Maxtone Graham, yr. of Cultoquhey, Crieff— for Fowlis- Wester. 
J. R. Donaldson Henry of Woodend, Madderty, Crieff— for Madderty. 
Carolus Home Graham Stirling, yr. of Strowan, Crieff — for Monzievaird 

and Strowan. 
Col. John Stewart of Ardvorlich. Lochearnhead — for Comrie. 
Alexander Miller, grocer, Muthiil— for Muthill. 
J. E. Ross, factor, Abercairney, Crieff— for Blackford. 
Thomas M 'Queen of Geddochie, Auchterarder — for Auchterarder. 
James G. Scott, farmer, Denfield, Auchterarder— for Trinity Gask. 
M. H. Lawson, bank agent, Dunning — for Dunning. 
John Christie of Cowden, Dollar — for Muckhart. 
— for Glendevon. 

Henry Curr, Chairman ; Malcolm Finlayson, solicitor, Crieff, District 
Collector, Clerk, and Treasurer; James Ritchie, C.E., Perth, District 

V. — Western District. 

The County Councillors within the District as above (10) ; also the 
Representatives of Parochial Boards as follows : — 
James Drysdale, Drummond Place, Bridge of Allan — for Callander. 
James W T ebster Barty, solicitor, Dunblane — for Dunblane. 
R. A. Robertson, Bank of Scotland, Killin — for Killin. 
W 7 illiam Stirling Young, Keir Mains, Dunblane— for Lecropt. 


Robert Graham of Coldoch, Blairdrummond — for Kilmadock. 
Captain M'Kenzie Dundas, Ochtertyre, Stirling — for Kincardine. 
William Watson Murray, Catter House, Drymen — for Aberfoyle. 
George Crabbie of Blairhoyle, Port, Stirling — for Port of Menteith. 
Rev. David Cameron, b.d., Manse, Balquhidder — -for Balquhidder. 

Colonel Home Drummond, Chairman ; William Alexander, solicitor, 
Dunblane, District Collector, Clerk, and Treasurer ; J. B. Roberton, Dun- 
blane, District Surveyor. 

COUNTY ROAD BOARD.— The Viscout Stormont (Kinnoull) ; James 
Brown (Abernethy) ; Colonel Smythe (Methven) ; Colonel Stewart Sande- 
man (Stanley) ; W S. Ferguson (Scone) ; John Panton (Glenericht) ; W. 
J, B. Stewart Menzies, (Fortingall) ; W. O. Dalgleish (Errol) ; Andrew 
Hutcheson (Inchture) ; Sir R. H. A. Ogilvy (Longforgan) ; William Japp 
(Alyth) ; George Whitton (Coupar-Angus) ; Alexander Thomson (Cargill) ; 
James Small (Kirkmichael) ; James Speid (Caputh) ; The Duke of Athole 
( Blair- A thole) ; Alexander M'Naughton (Pitlochry); James S. Robertson 
(Dull and Weem) ; Major Blair Stewart (Moulin); William R. Macgregor 
(Crieff, West) ; James Gow (Monzievaird and Crieff) ; Henry Curr (Muthill) ; 
Samuel Hally (Auchterarder) ; Benjamin Carruthers (Trinity Gask) ; Robert 
Gardiner (Dunning); Captain the Hon. W. D. Murray (Logiealmond) ; 
David Ballingall (Deanston) ; James M'Lauchlan (Kilmadock); Colonel 
Home Drummond (Kincardine) ; J. B. B. Hamilton (Callander and 

Lord Stormont, Chairman. 

STANDING JOINT COMMITTEE.— Appointed by County Council. 
— W. S. Ferguson (Scone) ; Andrew Hutcheson (Inchture) ; James Stewart 
(Blairgowrie) ; John Robertson (Auchtergaven) ; W. R. Macgregor (Crieff, 
West) ; Samuel Hally (Auchterarder) ; Colonel Robertson (Callander). 

Appointed by Commissioners of Supply. -The Viscount Stormont, Lord 
Kinnaird, Sir Robert D. Moncreiffe, bart., Colonel Home Drummond, 
Colonel Smith, James Small, Alexander Macduff. 

The Sheriff of the County, ex-officio ; Lord Stormont, Chairman ; John 
Macpherson, Chief-Constable. 

DISTRICT LUNACY BOARD.— I.— Appointed by County Council- 
Alexander Macduff of Bonhard ; Charles A. Murray, James Ogilvy ( Blair- 
gowrie) ; T. G. Nairne (St. Martins) ; Sir Alexander M. Mackenzie, bart., 
The Duke of Athole, Atholl Macgregor (Dunkeld) ; Peter Anderson, 
Donald Stewart, William M 'Michael', Alexander Wilson. 

II. — Appointed by Town Council of Perth — George Wilson (Lord- 
Provost) ; J. P. Pirrie (Ex-Dean of Guild). 

Sir Alexander M. Mackenzie, Chairman ; Dr. George M. Robertson, 
Perth District Asylum, Murthly, Medical Superintendent ; W. MacLeish, 
County Buildings, Perth, Clerk and Treasurer. 


Cochrane (Crieff, East) ; James M'Lauchlan (Kilmadock) ; Benjamin 
Carruthers (Trinity Gask) ; Alexander Wilson (Dunblane) ; Colonel Stirling 
(Dunblane) ; Rev. G. S. Mackay (Doune) ; Colonel Home Drummond 
(Kincardine) ; Colonel Robertson (Callander). 

Colonel Stirling, Chairman ; J. W. Barty, Dunblane, Clerk. 



— I. — County Councillors — Peter Brown (Redgorton) ; Colonel Smythe 
(Methven) ; W. S. Ferguson (Scone); Andrew Hutcheson (Inchture) ; 
John B. Stevenson (Forteviot) ; Alexander Thomson (Cargill) ; William 
Tasker (Meigle) ; James Small (Kirkmichael) ; John Robertson (Auchter- 
gaven) ; Sir Robert Menzies, bart. (Rannoch) ; Henry Curr (Muthill) ; 
Robert Gardiner (Dunning); James M'Diarmid (Killin) ; Colonel Stirling 
(Dunblane) ; John Panton (Glenericht). 

II. — Rated occupiers and otherwise qualified. — William Henderson 
(Milton) ; Andrew Whitton of Couston (Newtyle) ; J. E. Ross, Abercairney 
(Crieff) ; A. Drummond Forbes, Millearne (Auchterarder) ; Robert Grant 
(Blairgowrie) ; Alexander Robertson, farmer and distiller (Ballechin) ; 
William Allan, Kinnon Park ; Patrick Hunter, Wattery butts (Errol) ; J. 
Robertson, Keir Allan (Braco). 

Colonel Stirling of Kippendavie, Chairman ; Colonel Smythe, Vice-Chair- 
man ; William MacLeish, County Buildings, Perth, Clerk ; Patrick Martin, 
38 Tay Street, Perth, Depute Clerk. 

Charles A. Murray ; Andrew Hutcheson (Inchture) ; Sir R. H. A. Ogilvy 
(Longforgan) ; David Templeman (Rattray) ; John Smith ; John Robertson 
(Auchtergaven) ; Sir Robert Menzies, bart. (Rannoch) ; The Marquis of 
Breadalbane (Kenmore) ; Charles Munro (Grandtully) ; Charles Gibson 
(Logierait) ; Charles B. Logan; Atholl Macgregor (Dunkeld); James 
Cochrane (Crieff) ; Captain Black (Fowlis- Wester) ; Benjamin Carruthers 
(Trinity Gask) ; Robert Gardiner (Dunning); Alexander H. Lee; J. B. 
Baillie Hamilton (Callander). 

Sir Robert Menzies, bart., Chairman ; William H. Balderston, 40 Tay 
street, Perth, Assessor. 

Colonel Home Drummond (Kincardine). 

FINANCE COMMITTEE. —The Viscount Stormont (Kinnoull) ; 
Colonel Smythe (Methven); James D. Lumsden (1 ibbermore) ; C. L. 
Wood (Bridge of Earn) ; W. O. Dalgleish (Errol); Andrew Hutcheson 
(Inchture) ; William Japp ( Alyth and Bendochy) ; William Tasker (Meigle) ; 
John Panton (Glenericht) ; James Small (Kirkmichael) ; The Duke of 
Athole (Blair- Athole) ; The Marquis of Breadalbane (Kenmore) ; Charles 
Gibson (Logierait) ; Henry Curr (Muthill); John Lawson (Blackford); 
Colonel Stirling (Dunblane); Colonel Home Drummond (Kincardine). 

Lord Stormont, Chairman. 

COMMITTEE ON BILLS. —The Viscount Stormont (Kinnoull); 
General Kirkland (Aberargie) ; W. O. Dalgleish (Errol) ; Andrew Hutch- 
eson (Inchture); James Ogilvy (Blairgowrie); William Yeaman (Alyth); 
James S. Robertson (Dull and Weem); Alexander M'Naughton (Pitlochry); 
Alexander Wilson (Dunblane). 

James S. Robertson, Chairman. 

ACTS.— Peter Brown ( Redgorton) ; Thomas W. Greig (St. Madoes) ; J. B. 
Stevenson (Forteviot); Captain Black (Fowlis- Wester). 



The Convener and Vice-Convener, ex-officio : Thomas W. Greig, Chair- 
man ; A. H. Ballingall, w.S, 75 George Street, Perth. Clerk of Peace, 

of Earn ; John Robertson, Auchtergaven ; The Viscount Stormont, Kinnoull ; 
Andrew Hutcheson, Inchture ; William Japp, Alyth and Bendochy ; James 
Small, Kirkmichael ; W. T. J. S. Steuart Fotheringham, Little Dunkeld ; 
Charles Gibson, Logierait ; Peter Brough, Comrie ; Henry Curr, Muthill ; 
Alexander Wilson, Dunblane. 

Lord Stormont, Chairman. 

Chairman, Perth District ; James Small, Chairman, Eastern District ; The 
Duke of Athole, Chairman, Highland District ; Henry Curr, Chairman, 
Central District ; Colonel Home Drummond, Chairman, Western District. 


Appointed by Chairmen 
of School Boards. 

For Perth District, 
,, Eastern District, 
;, Highland District, 
,, Central District, 
,, Western District, 
Alexander Walker, H.M. Inspector of Schools. 

Appointed by County Council. 

1 he Viscount Stormont, 

Tames Small, 

The Duke of Athole, 

Henry Curr, 

Col. Home- Drummond. 

Daniel M'Kenzie. 
Professor Ramsay. 
John Robertson. 
W. R. Macgregor. 
J. B. B. Hamilton. 


CIRCUIT COURTS OF JUSTICIARY. — Curcuit Courts for the trial 
of criminal cases in Perthshire and disposal of certain appeals from the 
Sheriff Court are held within the Court House, Perth, four times in the 

SHERIFF COURT (PERTH DISTRICT). -Court Rooms and Sheriff- 
Clerk's Office in the Court buildings. Ordinary, Debts Recovery, and Small 
Debt Courts held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1 1 o'clock forenoon. Courts 
are held during the vacation, of which the dates are fixed before close of 

Andrew Jameson, Sheriff ; John Grahame, Sheriff-Substitute ; John 
Thomas, Sheriff-Clerk ; W. S. Leitch and John Dickson, Depute Sheriff- 
Clerks ; James Moir, Auditor of Court ; Melville Jameson, Procurator- 
Fiscal ; William A. Boyes and Melville Jameson, jun., Depute Procurators- 

The Sheriff-Clerk's Office is open from 9.30 a.m. till 4 p.m. every lawful 
day, except Saturdays, when it is closed at I p.m. 

Alexander Smith, Bar Officer of Sheriff Court. 

Honorary Sheriffs-Substitute — Thos. Soutar, banker; Wm. MacLeish 
md John Miller Miller, solicitors. 




BURGH AND GUILD COURT (held in the Police Court Room).— 
The Lord Provost and the Bailies, Judges ; Wm. MacLeish, Town-Clerk, 
Clerk of Court ; John Welsh, Procurator-Fiscal. 

BURGH LICENSING COURT.— Meets second Tuesday of April and 
third Tuesday of October. 

JUSTICE OF PEACE COURT.— The Acting Justices of the Peace 
for the District, Judges; A. H. Ballingall, w.s., 75 George Street, Perth, 
Clerk and Assessor. 

The Court is held in the Court Room. 

CITY AND COUNTY (Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1857).— John 
Thomas, President; James C. Pinkerton, Vice-President ; William Young, 
Secretary ; Thomas Chalmers, Treasurer ; William Cochrane Young, 
Honorary Librarian; David M'Gillivray, Sub-Librarian. 

Members of Faculty. 

Barty, J. W. , Dunblane 
Boyd, Charles, Coupar-Angus 
Chalmers, Thomas, Perth 
Clement, T. D., Crieff 
Connon, Alexander A. , Crieff 
Davidson, William S., Perth 
Dow, James C, Perth 
Finlayson, Malcolm, Crieff 
Jackson, Edward, Perth 
Jameson, Melville, Perth 
Jameson, jun., Melville, Perth 
Japp, William, Alyth 
Kinmont, Thomas R., Errol 
Kippen, Robert M. , Perth, 
Kirk, J. M., Perth 
Martin, Partrick, Perth 
Miller, John M. , Perth 
Miller, J. B. , Blairgowrie 
Miller, R. Hugh, Perth 
Mitchell, Hugh, Pitlochry 
Macdonald. James C. , Perth 

1864 I M'Cash, J. B., Perth 1876 

1865 Mackenzie, G. A., Perth 1872 
1882 Mackay, D. M., Perth 1875 
1885 MacLeish, William, Perth 1857 
1887 MacRosty, James, Crieff i860 

1 89 1 Pinkerton, J. C. , Perth 1874 
1887 Reid, A. G., Auchterarder 1 8 153 
1887 Ritchie, John, Perth 1892 

1892 Robertson, James, Perth 1888 
1837 Robertson, Robt., Blairgowrie 1865 
1892 Robertson, Robert, Perth 1867 
1858 Robertson, John A., Perth 1882 
1843 Scott, Daniel, Perth 1892 
1891 Sellar, Tames T., Perth 1887 
1885 Stewart, John, Perth 1881 
1881 Stewart, John A., Perth 1892 
1853 Thomas, fohn, Perth 185 1 
1870 Thomas, j. Hill, Perth 1 89 1 
1890 Young, W. Cochrane, Perth 1873 
1890 Young, William, Perth 1877 
1889 Young, 'W. L., Auchterarder 1858 

AND COLONIAL AFFIDAVITS. —Melville Jameson, solicitor, Perth 
(English) ; also, any Notary Public in Scotland can act as a Commissioner 
to administer oaths for the English and Irish Court without special appoint- 

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE residing in or near Perth.— The Earl of 
Kinnoull, Dupplin Castle ; Earl of Mansfield, Scone Palace ; Viscount 
Stormont, Scone Palace ; Lord Hay of Kinfauns ; the Hon. William David 
Murray, Scone Palace ; Sir James T. S. Richardson of Pitfour ; Sir Robert 
D. Moncreiffe of Moncreiffe ; Albert Butter, banker, Perth ; James Calder 
of Ardargie ; John Chisholm of Northbank ; Andrew Coates, Pitcullen 
House, Perth ; Samuel Cowan, Perth ; John Dickson, Greenbank, Perth ; 


Major Charles H. Dundas ; W. S. Ferguson, Pickstonhill ; Rev. Archibald 
Fleming of Inchyra, Hamilton House, Perth ; John Grahame of Glenny, 
Murrayshall, Scone ; T. W. Greig of Glencarse ; Thomas Greig, yr. of 
Glencarse ; Colonel Drummond Hay of Seggieden , J. A. G. Drummond 
Hay, yr. of Seggieden ; David Henderson of Inveralmond ; Archibald 
Macdonald, Marshall place, Perth ; Alexander Macduff of Bonhard ; R. 
W. R. Mackenzie, Stormontfield ; William MacLeish, Somerset, Perth ; 
John M'Neill, Balhousie Bank, Perth ; James B. Marshall of Luncarty ; 
Andrew Martin, Mount Tabor, Perth ; John M. Matthew of Newmill ; 
John M. Miller, Mayfield, Perth ; William Nairne of Dunsinane ; Thomas 
G. Nairne, Dunsinane ; Robert Pullar, Tayside, Perth ; Colonel Richard- 
son of Ballathie; Colonel Sandeman, Stanley; Colonel Smythe of Methven ; 
Thomas Soutar, banker, Perth ; John Steel of Blackpark ; E. A. Stuart 
Gray of Kinfauns ; John Thomas, Barossa place, Perth ; C. L. Wood of 
Freeland ; and for the time being Sheriff and Sheriffs-Substitute, Lord 
Provost, Lord Dean of Guild, First and Second Bailies. 

Justices of Peace Clerk's Office, 75 George street ; A. H. Ballingall, W.S., 

The Statutory Quarter Sessions of Justices are — First Tuesday of March, 
first Tuesday of May, first Tuesday of August, last Tuesday of October, 
with adjournments when required. 

Justice of Peace Constable — James Hutton, 6 High street. 

MESSENGER AT ARMS— James Hutton, 6 High street. 

SHERIFF OFFICERS— James Hutton and Andrew Hutton, 6 High 


BANKING COMPANIES' BRANCHES. Hours of Public Business 
from 10 A.M. till 3 P.M., and on Saturday from 10 a.m. till 12 noon. 

Bank of Scotland, St. John Street. — James Paterson, Agent ; George 
Buist, Accountant ; Robert J. Bone, Alexander Scott, and James A. 
Robertson, Tellers; Finlay MacEwen and John W. Mitchell, Check Clerks; 
James Caddel, Messenger. West End Branch, 35 South Methven street. 
— Andrew Martin, Agent ; John Gardner, Teller. Draw on London 
Office, Lothbury, E.C., the Bank of England, Coutts & Co., and Smith, 
Payne, & Smiths. 

Union Bank of Scotland (Limited), 24 George Street, and at Messrs. 
Swan's Mart. — Albert Butter, Cashier ; Alexander Robertson, Accountant; 
William M'Cririe and Charles Bruce, Tellers ; John Hood, Porter. Head 
Offices — Ingram street, Glasgow, and George street, Edinburgh. London 
Office, 62 Cornhill, E.C. London Agents — Bank of England, Glyn & Co., 
and Coutts & Co. 

National Bank of Scotland (Limited), 5 High street. — William 
MacLeish and John Thomas, Agents ; Peter M'Gregor, Assistant Agent; 
John MacKenzie, Teller ; Hugh Miller, Clerk. West End Branch, 36 
South Methven street. — William Walker, Teller; John M'Lagan, Clerk. 
Draw on London Office, 37 Nicholson lane, E.C. 


Commercial Bank of Scotland (Limited), 26 South street. — Thomas 
Soutar, Agent; John Turnbull, Accountant; James T. Soutar, Teller; 
W. A. Walker, J. K. Dow, and James C. Finlay, Clerks. Draw on 
London Office, 62 Lombard street. 

British Linen Company's Bank, 77 George street. — A. H. Ballingall 
and F. W. Bedford, Agents; John M'Creath, Accountant and Teller; James 
Miller and James Cuthbert, Clerks. West End Branch, Caledonian road. 
— David Thomson, Accountant and Teller ; Peter Allan, Clerk. Draw on 
British Linen Company's Bank, 41 Lombard street, London. 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 80 George street. — Melville Jameson and 
W. D. Forbes, Agents ; John Young, Teller ; D. Leighton, Check Clerk ; 
Mungo Gow and C. G. Arnott, Clerks; James Young, Messenger. West 
End Branch, County place. — John Aitchison, Accountant ; Charles Mar- 
shall, Clerk. London— Draw on Coutts & Co., Bank of England, and 
London Office, and Bank of Ireland and branches. 

Clydesdale Bank (Limited), 3 St. John street. Robert Kinloch, w.s., 
Agent ; A. T. Scott, Accountant; John D. Keiller and Wm. Campbell, 
Clerks. Draw on Clydesdale Bank, London. 

Town and County Bank (Limited), South Methven street. — Robert 
Robertson and James Robertson, Agents ; Andrew M. Mechie, Accountant ; 
D. A. Cuthbert, C. R. Lindsay, and J. C. Brown, Clerks. London Joint- 
StOGk Bank (Limited), London Correspondent. 

Sayings Bank of the County and City of Perth (Established 
in 1838, and certified under the Act of 1863), 26 Tay street. Melville 
Jameson, Secretary ; William A. Barclay, Actuary and Cashier ; George C. 
Roy. Accountant ; John Petrie, Melville J. Barclay, and David Craig, 
Clerks. The Office of this Bank is open every lawful day except Saturday 
from 10 till 3 ; on Saturday from 10 till 12 noon, and for receiving money 
only from 6 till 8 evening. 

Holidays at the Banks. — New Year's Day, Good Friday, first Mon- 
days in May and August, and Christmas Day. On Local Holidays open 
from 9 till II a.m. 


CALEDONIAN RAILWAY CO.— Chairman of Directors, J. C. 
Bolton, M.P., Carbrook, Stirlingshire; General Manager, James Thompson, 
Glasgow ; Secretary, John Blackburn, Glasgow ; District Goods Manager, 
Andrew Robertson, Dundee ; District Passenger Superintendent, William 
Gillespie ; Resident Engineer, Thomas M. Barr ; Station Master General 
Station, Samuel Leighton ; Station Master Princes Street, James Edgar ; 
Goods Agent, William Loney. Head Offices-- 302 Buchanan street, 

NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY CO.— Chairman of Directors, Marquis 
of Tweeddale, Yester, Haddington ; General Manager, John Conacher ; 
General Goods Manager, D. M'Dougal ; General Superintendent, James 


M'Laren ; Station Agent, Perth, William Arnott. Head Office, 4 Princes 
street, Edinburgh. 

HIGHLAND RAILWAY CO. (Incorporated 10th July, 1854).— 
Chairman of Directors, yEneas W. Macintosh ; Secretary and General 
Manager, Andrew Dougall ; Locomotive Superintendent, David Jones ; 
General Goods Manager, George Thomson ; Superintendent of Line, Wm. 
Garrow ; Goods Superintendent for Perth, William Loney. Head Office,, 

of Breadalbane ; Directors of Caledonian Co. , J. C. Bunten; J. Badenoch 
Nicolson. John Sharp, and Walter J. Houldsworth ; Directors of North 
British Co., Marquis of Tweeddale and Joseph Grimond ; Directors of 
Highland Co., The Duke of Athole and Marquis of Breadalbane ; Secretary, 
Robert Morison, accountant ; Treasurer, Francis M orison ; Engineer, W; 
A. Paterson ; Station Master, Samuel Leighton. 

EAST COAST RAILWAYS.— Andrew J. Stevenson, Agent. Office, 
General Station. 

WEST COAST RAILWAYS.— A. C. Kinloch, Superintendent; H. 
Westcott, District Agent. Office, General Station. 

CRIEFF AND COMRIE RAILWAY.— Chairman of Directors, Col. 
D. R. Williamson of Lawers ; Engineer, John Young, M. Inst., C.E. ; 
Solicitors, R. & J. Robertson and Dempster, Perth ; Secretary, D. N. 
Shaw, 98 Bath street, Glasgow. 

CALLANDER AND OBAN RAILWAY. -Chairman of Directors, 
J. C. Bolton, Esq., M. P. ; Secretary, John Anderson, 58 Bath St., Glasgow. 

KILLIN RAILWAY.— Directors, The Marquis of Breadalbane, John 
Cameron, W. J. Fraser, George Willison ; Secretary, R. A. Robertson, 

RAILWAY CARRIERS.— Wordie & Co., Mill street, receive and 
deliver goods for Caledonian and Highland Railway Companies, and Jas. 
Brown for North British Railway Co. 

SUTTON & CO., General Carriers to all parts of the World. Des- 
patches to and from London daily. Agent, James R. Murdoch, 78 St. 
John street. 

GLOBE PARCEL EXPRESS.— Parcels collected and forwarded to 
all parts of the world. Agent, James Barlas, 263 High street. 

PERTH AND GLASGOW CARRIERS (A. & W. Moffat).— Agent,, 
James M'Farlane, 272 High street. 


R. & J. Marshall, Royal George 
Stables, George street, and 20 
Princes street. 

John Masterson, 27 Mill street and 
163 High street. 

Robert Yacamini, 72 South street. 

James MacQueen & Co., 39 Princes 

William Robertson, 14 N. William 

street and Bridgend. 
Colin Brown, 8 North William st. 

and Bridgend. 

Cab Stances— General Station ; Royal Bank, George street ; Gowrie 
street, Bridgend. 




Where From, 


Where Lodged. 



William Bett . . 

City Hall Square .... 


j Aberuthven 

James Fowlas .. 

County Place 


Auchterarder . . 

John Winton . . 

County Place Inn 



John M'Farlane.! M'Leish, plum., Mill S. 

Tuesday, Friday 


James Baxter . . Near top of South St . . 
William Dick . . 1 Kinnoull Arms 


'Bridge of Earn.. 



James Will .... Kirkside 

Tuesday, Friday 

Tuesday, Fridaj 

! Do 

Alexander Young 

3 St. Tohn's place 



Cow Vennel 

; Dunning 

Henry Lawson.. 


| Do 

William Dougall 

M'Kenzie, gr., South S. 




David Duff 


George Bruce . . 

Foot of Mill Street .... 


John Craig 

City Hall Square .... 



Wm. Dick 

Kinnoull Arms 



Alexander Clark 

Masterson's, Mill Street 



Robert Crockart 

Kinnoull Arms 



Alexander Clark 

Masterson's, Mill Street 




Robert Ellis 

John Kennedy . . 
J. Christie 



Masterson's, Mill Street 


SCONE AND PERTH OMNIBUS CO., Limited.— Chairman, William 
Munro, Cedar Cottage, New Scone ; Secretary, James Boyd, 'Bus Office, 
Scone ; Perth Office, James Robb, ^J High Street. 

(For Addresses of Clergymen see Professions Directory). 

Baptist Chapel Tay street, Rev. J. A. Grant Robinson, m.a. 

Congregational, .... Mill street, Vacant. 

Church of Christ,.. Mill street, Mr. John M'Cartney. 

Episcopalians — 

St. Andrew's, Caledonian road, \ Rey< R> Armst HaIL 

St. John's, Princes street, 

St. Ninian's, Athole street, 

Established Churches— 

East, St. John's place,... 

Middle, Do. 

West, Do. 

St. Andrew's Athole street, 

St. Leonard's, . . . King street, 

St. Paul's, St. Paul's square,... 

Kinnoull, Bridgend, 

Evangelical Union, High street,.. 

L. Rorison, M.A. 
T. S. Farquha; 



Rev. W. G. H. Carmichael, b.a. 
William Main. 
R. Milne, m.a., d.d. 
D. G. Manuel, b.d. 
J. S. M'Naughton. 
"Arch. Fleming, b.a. 
John Anderson, d.d. 
Robert Finlay. 


Eree Churches — 

Middle, Tay street, Rev. D. W. Kennedy. 

St. Leonard's ...Marshall place, ,, D. D. Bannerman, M.A., D.D. 

St. Paul's Newrow, ,, John Symon. 

St. Stephen's, ...Paradise place, ,, William Ewing, m.a. 

Knox's, South street, ,, John Rainnie, M.A. 

West, Tay street, ,, P. A. Gordon Clark. 

Glasite, High street, Various. 

Original Seceders, South street, Rev. Robert Morton. 

( Bishop, James A. Smith. 
Roman Catholic, Melville street,.. -\ Rev. John Turner. 

( ,, Eugene M'Carthy. 

St. Mary's, Kinnoull, Very Rev. Michael Somers, c.s.s.R. 

United Presbyterian Churches — 

East, South street, Rev. Thomas B. Crawford. 

North, High st. & Mill st.,. ,, Robert Lyon. 

Wilson, High street, ,, John Addie, m.a. 

York Place, York place, ,, Arch. Sutherland, M.A. 

Bridgend (Building). 

Wesleyan Methodist, Scott street, . ,, W. Reynolds. 

The Perth Established Presbytery meets in the General Session-house on 
the last Wednesday of each month at 12 o'clock noon. Clerk — Rev. John 
Eerguson, Aberdalgie. Officer, James Fraser, 6 County place. 

The Perth Free Presbytery meets in the Free Church Presbytery Hall, 
Tay street, on the last Tuesday of each month, at 11.30 a.m. Clerk — Rev. 
John Rainnie, M.A., Perth. Officer — John Fraser, 34 Watergate. 

The Perth United Presbyterian Presbytery meets in the Hall of the 
North U. P. Church on the second Tuesday of each month. Clerk — Rev. 
John C. Inglis, Crieff. Officer — Lawrence Hepburn, 231 High street. 

Session Clerk — Robert Keay, 1 High street. Office hours — 10 a.m. 
till 3 p.m. ; Saturdays, 10 a.m. till 12 noon and 7 till 8 evening. 

SALVATION ARMY (Perth Branch).— Meetings held in Hall, 192 
South street, every week night at 8 o'clock, and on Sabbaths at 7 and 11 
a.m., 2.30 and 6 p.m. 

CITY MISSION (Instituted i860). -Robert Pullar, President; John 
Thomas and Archibald M 'Donald, Vice-Presidents; R. M'Nab, John 
M'Neill, Peter Palmer, John M. Miller, George A. Mackenzie, Robert 
Ewing, James Ritchie, David Jackson, Charles Logan, William A. Barclay, 
John Macgregor, Charles Law, Rev. Patrick Greig, Directors. Dr. Stirling, 
Secretary ; R. & J. Robertson, Treasurers. James Small, 1 Charteris 
street, and A. Turner, 360 High street, Missionaries. 

constituted 1886). — John Milne, President ; William Todd and John Malt- 
man, Vice-Presidents ; John M 'Lagan, Treasurer ; John Aitchison, Pitcullen 
crescent, Secretary. Fellowship Meeting held in the Young Men's Hall, 
Hospital Buildings, Hospital street, every Friday evening at 8 o'clock, also 
on Sabbath mornings for prayer and Bible study. 


Mrs. Bannerman, President ; Miss M. Forbes and Miss J. Brown, Vice- 
Presidents; Miss Wright, Treasurer ; Misses A. M'Farlane and M. Stewart, 
King street, Joint-Secretaries ; and Committee of twelve. Meetings held 
in the Mission Hall, 81 High street, on Sabbaths at 10 a.m. and Tuesdays 
at 8 p.m. 

—Instituted March, 1885). — Hon. Presidents, Lord Kinnaird, R. Pullar, 
T. M. Barr, and W. Gillespie ; President, W. Boag ; Vice-President, W. 
Smith ; Secretary, Peter Anderson, pointsman, Barnhill ; Treasurer, J. 
Guthrie ; and Committee of ten. Meetings are held in the Good Templar 
Hall, Canal crescent, every Sabbath evening at 6.30. Prayer Meeting in 
Dreadnought Hall every Thursday at 8 p.m. 

PERTHSHIRE BIBLE SOCIETY.— John Grahame, Sheriff-Substitute, 
President; ex-Dean of Guild Pirrie, Robert B. Smith, George A. Mackenzie, 
Robert Matheson, Thomas Allan, John Moncrieff, Peter Campbell, John 
M'Neill, Peter Palmer, John M 'Donald, ex-Lord Provost Whittet, David 
Galloway, John Thomas, Robert Ewing, David Jackson, James Ritchie, 
John M'Gregor, and Baillie Macgregor, Directors ; Rev. W. D. Knowles, 
B.A., Rev. D. D. Bannerman, D.D., and Rev. D. G. Manuel, B.D., Secre- 
taries ; William A. Barclay, Savings Bank, Treasurer. 

for the conducting of Sabbath forenoon Meetings and other Religious 
Services for the Young (Instituted March, 1872). 

Lord Kinnaird, Patron ; Robert Pullar, Hon. President ; C. S. Parker, 
Andrew Coates, Dr. Stirling, Peter Campbell, Wm. Whitelaw, M. P. , 
Honorary Vice-Presidents; John M'Neill, Hon. Secretary; Robert Ewing, 
President ; Robert H. Smith, Vice-President ; William A. Barclay, 
Treasurer; James M'Ewen, 56 St. John street, Secretary. Rooms — Tay 

Meetings conducted in the Society's Hall, Tay street ; Thimblerow 
Chapel ; and Bridgend Hall. 

Penny Savings Banks conducted by this Society — Bridgend, High street, 
Pomarium street, and South Tay street, open on Mondays from 7 to 8 p.m.; 
Thimblerow on Saturdays from 7 to 8 p.m. 

PERTHSHIRE CHRISTIAN UNION (Instituted 1885).— Secretary 
— J. A. Gardiner, Auchterarder. Women's Branch — Secretary — Miss V. 
Hislop, Auchterarder. 


PERTH SCHOOL BOARD.— Daniel M'Kenzie, Chairman; John 
Moncrieff, John Stewart, David Galloway, Rev. Arch. Fleming, Thomas 
Love, Andrew Martin, John M 'Arthur, Thomas Chalmers. Patrick 
Martin, solicitor, 38 Tay street, Clerk ; W. Cochrane Young, solicitor, 9 
St. John street, Treasurer ; James Mackie, Officer. 

British Linen Bank House, Perth, Chairman ; W. Macdonald of Woodlands; 


Alexander Beveridge, builder, Cherry bank, Perth ; T. Robertson, farmer, 
Tarsappie, Perth ; Rev. T. S. Newlands, Craigend. J. M. Gloag, British 
Linen Bank House, Clerk and Treasurer. 

PERTH ACADEMY.— Rector— R. M'Crae Chambers, B.A., m.a. ; 
Masters — Classics — The Rector, and James A. Grant, M.A., Assistant; 
English— Walter Gillies, M.A., and James A. Grant, M.A., Assistant ; Pre- 
paratory Classes — Miss Eliza Raffan, L.L.A., and Miss Annie Forbes, l.l.a., 
Assistant; Modern Languages — Daniel Sinclair, and Miss Annie C. 
Fleming, Assistant ; Mathematics, Arithmetic, and Science — Andrew 
Thomson,,, m.a., f.r.s.e., and Alexander Holm, M.A., Assis- 
tant ; Writing — James G. Greig, and Henry Taylor, Assistant ; Drawing — 
F. M. Black, and William \V T alker, Assistant; Workshou — William Ellison : 
Singing — E. Nicol ; Gymnasium — John Davidson ; Janitor and Drill In- 
structor — John Macarthur. 


Central District, Meal Yennel — A. Robertson and Miss Sime. 

Southern District, South William street Robert Shand, and Miss Mar- 
garet Stewart. 

Northern District, Dunkeld Road — John Robertson, Miss Annie Stewart, 
and Assistants. 

Western District School, Craigie — William Barclay and Miss Sprott. 

Kinnoull — James Thomson and Miss Gunn. 

Cherrybank- John Henderson and Miss W T alker. 

Caledonian Road Public School — D. S. Lowson, M.A.j Miss Moir and 

(The foregoing are under the management of the School Board). 

Sharif's Institution, South Methven street — Headmaster, John Alex- 
ander, M.A. Senior School— The Headmaster, George Normand, 
M.A., and Miss Mackenzie, l.l.a. Junior School — Walter Jardine, 
m.a. , Miss Dixon, and Miss L. Robertson. Infant School — Miss 
Forbes, Miss Marshall, l.l.a., and Miss Barker. Sewing School — 
Miss Henderson and Assistants. Tehnical School : Mathematics and 
Science — The Headmaster and John Machrony, M.A. Drawing and 
Workshop — David S. Grubb and W. Wallace. Modern Languages — 
Alexander Cran, m.a. Latin — The Headmaster and Assistants. Drill, 
Fencing, and Calisthenics — Quarter-Master Sergeant Mackenzie. 
Music — D. H. Christie. Janitor— John M'Gregor. 

Perth School of Art and Science Classes— Perth Academy. — 
Daniel M'Kenzie, Chairman ; Patrick Martin, Secretary; W. Cochrane 
Young, Treasurer ; Francis M. Black, Art I eacher; Andrew Thomson,,, m.a., f.r.s.e., and James A. Grant, m.a., Science 

St. Andrew's Episcopal School— James H. Farmer, Miss Kidd, Miss Eliza 
Lambert, and Assistants. 

Drawing Academy, 3 Athole street — James H. Cranston. 

St. Ninian's Episcopal School, Athole street — R. Macdonald, MissDorward, 
and Assistants. 

Catholic School, High street — Ladies of St. Joseph's Convent. 


of Perthshire and part of Fifeshire)— Alexander Walker, Early Bank, 
Craigie, Perth ; District 7 (part of Perthshire and Stirlingshire) — W. W. 
Waddell, I Royal Gardens, Stirling. 

f.r.s.e., President ; James Clacher and Alexander King, Joint-Secretaries ; 
James Morison, Treasurer. 

PERTH STUDENT.v UNION.— James Macdonald, Hon. President: 
Miss Pitcaithly, Elcho Cottage, and J. W. Malloch, Joint-Secretaries ; 
James Morison, Treasurer ; James Barlas, Librarian. 

Branch). — John Wallace, Little Dunkeld, President ; Henry Robertson, 
Gask, Secretary ; Alexander J. Stewart, Moneydie, Treasurer. 

the Earl of Mansfield, K.T., President ; J. Maxtone Graham of Cultoquhey, 
E. A. Stuart-Gray of Gray and Kinfauns, A. Macduff of Bonhard, and T. 
W. Greig of Glencarse, Vice-Presidents ; George A. Mackenzie, and A. R. 
Urquhart, M.D., Hon. Secretaries; J. T. Sellar, w.s. , Hon. Treasurer: 
\Y. C. MTntosh, M.D., ll.d., f.r.s., Superintendent of Natural History; 
and Committee of Management. 

Dr. F. Buchanan White, F.L.s., F.E.s. ; Colonel Drummond Hay, c.M.z.S. ; 
Robert Pullar, f.r.s. f. ; and Andrew Coates. Council — Henry Coates, 
f.r.s.e., President; James Morison, Dr. A. Thomson, f.r.s.e., f.c.S., 
R. Brown, R.N., and W. Barclay, Vice-Presidents; S. T. Ellison, Secre- 
tary ; Colonel Drummond Hay, Curator ; John Stewart, 19 Princes street, 
Treasurer; James Coates. Librarian; Dr. F. Buchanan White, F.L.s., 
Editor ; Councillors — W. Ellison, D. M. Barker, Col. Campbell, and ex- 
Dean of Guild M 'Arthur. 

MECHANICS' LIBRARY (Instituted 24th November, 1823).— James 
M'Nicoll, President; David Martin, Vice-President; Charles Tulloch, 
Secretary and Treasurer; John Gullen, Librarian; John M'Kinlay and 
Arthur M'Quhae, Assistant Librarians. Library Room, South St. John's 
Place, open on Tuesdays and Fridays from I till 3 p.m., and on Monday, 
Wednesday, and Saturday, from 7.30 till 9.30 p.m. Entry-Money is; 
Subscription, 1 3d per week, or is 6d per quarter in advance. 

BRIDGEND INSTITUTE (founded 1878, enlarged 1888— invested in 
Trustees).— Andrew Coates, President ; Henry Coates, Pitcullen House, 
Hon. Secretary ; William Hunter, 1 Burnbank terrace, Treasurer. Read- 
ing Room open every day from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m. ; Library open Mondays 
and Thursdays from 8 till 9 p.m., and on Wednesdays from 2 till 3 p.m. ; 
Recreation Room open every evening from 5 till 10 p.m. Subscription for 
Library, Reading Room, and Recreation Room, 2/6 ; for Library only, 1/6. 

VICTORIA INSTITUTE, Dovecotland. — Hon. President — R. 
Pullar, Tayside ; President — J. Watson, Cornhill ; Vice-President — John 
Langlands ; Secretary — Alex. Wright, 3 Roselea place ; Treasurer — J. P. 
Rattray ; Librarian — George Galletly ; Hall Keeper — Robert Galletly, 32 
Whitefriars street. Library open on Monday from 8 till 9 p.m. Reading 
Room open every day from 6 till 10 p.m. 



COUNTY AND CITY INFIRMARY.— The Right Honourable Vis- 
count Stormont, Chairman ; the Honourable George Wilson, Lord Provost 
of Perth, Deputy-Chairman. 

Directors — Ex-Offiiciis — For the County — His Grace the Duke of Athole,, 
K.T., Lord-Lieutenant; Sir Donald Currie, k.c.m.g., m.p. ; Sir J. G.' S. 
Kinloch of Kinloch, Bart., m.p. ; The Right Honourable Viscount Stor- 
mont, Convener; Andrew Jameson, Sheriff; John Grahame, Sheriff- 
Substitute. For the City — William Whitelaw, M.p. ; The Honourable 
George Wilson, Lord Provost ; David Macgregor, First Bailie ; James 
Wotherspoon, Dean of Guild; John Murdoch, Convener of Trades; John 
Thomas, President of the Society of Solicitors. 

Ordinary Directors — For the County — Colonel Smythe, yr. of Methven ; 
Charles A. Murray, Taymount ; T. L. Kington Oliphant of Gask ; Alex- 
ander Macduff of Bonhard ; Sir Robert D. Moncreiffe of Moncreiffe, bart., 
John Bridie, Blairgowrie. For the City — William Ross, Comely Bank ; 
John Thomas, Sheriff-Clerk; John M 'Arthur, 120 High street; Robert 
Dandie, 4 Fairmount villas ; John Moncrieff, Balhousie terrace ; Robert 
Brown, C.E., R.N. , Laurel Bank ; Robert Ewing, St. John street. 

The Directors meet on the second Wednesday of every month at One 
o'clock p.m. 

Committees — On the House — John Thomas, Barossa place, Convener ;■ 
John M 'Arthur, William Ross, Alexander Macduff, Robert Dandie, Robert 
Ewing, John Moncrieff. On Finance — Colonel Smythe, Convener ; Dean 
of Guild Wotherspoon, Charles A. Murray, T. L. Kington Oliphant, James 
F. Pullar, Robert Brown, Bailie M'Gregor. 

The Chairman and Deputy- Chairman are Members of Committee. 

Patrick Martin, solicitor, Tay street, Secretary ; Robert Robertson and 
James Robertson, solictors, Town and County Bank Buildings, Methven, 
street, Joint-Treasurers ; R. Morison, accountant, Honorary Auditor ; R. 
Christie, surgeon, JJ Victoria street, Hon. Consulting Surgeon ; D. H. 
Stirling, m.d., 4 Athole place, Hon. Consulting Physician and Surgeon; 
J. T. Graham, m.d., m.r.c.s. (Eng. ), 4 Athole crescent; Leigh Hunt, 
M.B., cm., 1 Graham's place, King street, Visiting Medical Officers; Dr. 
Robert Stirling, 4 Athole place, Assistant Visiting Medical Officer ; Wm. 
Robertson, m.d., District and Dispensary Surgeon ; Chas. Stuart, M.B.C.M., 
House Surgeon; Miss Mary Logan, Matron ; Donald M'Farlane, Janitor.. 

AND PERTHSHIRE.— Hillside Home, Kinnoull. Sir Alexander Muir 
Mackenzie, bart. of Delvine, Chairman. Committee of Management — 
C. L. Wood of Freeland ; T. W. Greig of Glencarse ; A. Macduff of Bon- 
hard ; Rev. W. Tait, St. Madoes ; R. Pullar, Tayside ; A. Coates, Pit- 
cullen House; D. H. Stirling, m.d., Athole place; Rev. R. Milne, d.d.,, 
Viewlands; Rev. D. Douglas Bannerman, D.D. ; Rev. A. Sutherland; Rev. 
H. Armstrong Hall, Tayhill. Lady Visitors — Mrs. Roy, Springbank; Mrs. 
Pullar, Tayside; Mrs. Bannerman, King's place; Miss Mercer, Balcraig ;: 
Miss Dickson, Greenbank. D. H. Stirling, M.D., Hon. Medical Officer; 
Miss Gregorson, Matron; R. H. Moncrieff & Co., w.s., Hon. Secretaries 
and Treasurers. 


4 Stormont street — The Lord Provost, President, ex-officio. Committee — 
Rev. A. Fleming, Rev. R. Lyon, Dr. Trotter, Dr! Ferguson, Dr. Graham, 
Dr. Buist, James Ritchie, C.E., John M'Donald, R. B. Smith, S. Cowan, 
also Dr. Campbell and P. W. Campbell. Ladies' Committee — Mrs. Turn- 
bull, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Dr. Miller, Mrs. R. B. Smith, Mrs. Cowan, Mrs. 
MacLeish, Miss Newlands, Miss M'Naughton, Mrs. Burns Macdonald, 
Mrs. Farquhar. Miss Bowley, Lady Superintendent; Miss Johnstone, 
Nurse; Dr. Hunt, Secretary. 

Stormont, Chairman. 

Directors — Ex-Offtcio— His Grace the Duke of Athole, Lord Lieutenant 
of the County; Sheriff Andrew Jameson ; Sheriff-Substitute John Crahame, 
Lord Provost Wilson, Dean of Guild Wotherspoon, Bailie Macgregor ; 
A, Bell, Convener of Trades ; John Thomas, Preses Society of Solicitors ; 
Rev. A. Fleming, minister of St. Paul's Church, Perth. 

Life Directors — H. Macduff Duncan of Damside, David Mackinlay of 
Cordon, Viscount Stormont, and Andrew Coates of Pitcullen. 

Annual Directors — Alexander Macduff of Bonhard ; James F. Pullar of 
Rosebank ; James D. Lumsden of Huntingtower ; Captain J. S. Black of 
Balgowan ; Robert Pullar of Tayside ; J. T. Sellar, W.S., Perth; Colonel 
Smytheof Methven ; Colonel Campbell, General Prison ; Colonel Richard- 
son of Ballathie ; John Steel of Blackpark ; George Gray of Bowerswell ; 
John M. Miller, Solicitor, Perth. 

Committee of Management — Viscount Stormont, A. Macduff, Lord 
Provost Wilson, J . Steele, J. M. Miller, Robert Pullar, J. T. Sellar, Col. 

A. R. Urquhart, M.D., Physician ; Dr. Frank Hay, Assistant Physician ; 
Mackenzie & Dickson, Joint-Secretaries and Treasurers; Rev. W. D. 
Knowles, B.A., Chaplain; J. & R. Morison, Auditors; Miss Mountford, 
Matron ; Miss Ball, Matron at Kincarrathie. 

MURTHLY ASLYUM. — Medical Superintendent— Dr. George M. 
Robertson. Assistant Medical Officer— Dr. N. M'Farlane. Chaplain — 
Rev. Theodore Marshall, Caputh. Clerk and Tieasurer — William 
MacLeish, Solicitor, Perth. William Wood, Steward; James Grant, Head 
Attendant of males ; Mrs. Brewster, Matron. 

FECHNF:Y INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL.— President— Viscount Stor- 
mont. Vice-President —Lord Provost Wilson. Directors— Rev. J. R. 
Macduff, D.D. (trustees for Mrs. Fechney) ; Viscount Stormont; Lord 
Provost Wilson; Dean of Guild Wotherspoon; Sheriff Murray; John 
Grahame, Sheriff-Substitute ; and Rev. W. G. H. Carmichael (Trustees 
cx-officiis). Ordinary Directors — John Thomas, Andrew Coates, Flector 
C. R. Macduff Duncan of Damside, Robert Pullar, John Watson, lames 
M'Ewen, Peter Campbell, John M'Neill, Robert Ewing, Alex. Macduff of 
Bonhard, Geo. A. Mackenzie, and T. W. Greig of Glencarse. Honorary 
Secretary — Melville Jameson. Treasurer — Albert Butter, Union Bank of 
Scotland. Medical Officer — Dr. Christie. J. Hutchison, Superintendent ; 
Mrs. Gellately, Matron; Robert Forrest, Teacher; William M'Jannet, 
Assistant Teacher ; G. W. Large, Bandmaster ; Quarter- Master Sergt. 
Mackenzie, Drill Instructor. 


esses — Her Grace the Duchess-Dowager of Athole, Her Grace the Duchess 
of Athole, the Right Hon. the Countess of Dudley, the Right Hon. the 
Countess of Breadalbane, the Lady Harriet Forbes, the Right Hon. the 
Dowager Lady Kinnaird, Lady Muir Mackenzie. Honorary President — 
the Lady Louisa Moncreiffe. President — the Right Hon. the Viscountess 
Stormont. Vice-President — Mrs. Smythe of Methven. Hon. Secretary — 
Mrs. George Miller. Hon. Treasurer — George A. Miller, w.s., 10 Black- 
friars street. Medical Officers — Drs. Christie and Graham. Miss Houston, 
Matron ; Miss Yates, Teacher ; Miss Rae, Industrial Teacher. 

Craigik (Instituted Dec. 1843). — Patronesses— The Right Hon. Lady 
Kinnaird of Kinnaird. President — Mrs. Thomson, Whim, Peeblesshire. 
Yice-Presidentt -Mrs. Turnbull, Athole crescent; Mrs. R. Pullar, Tayside; 
Mrs. Greig of Glencarse ; Mrs. E. A. Stuart-Gray of Kinfauns ; Mrs. C. L. 
Wood of Freeland ; Mrs. Lumsden, Pitcairnfield. Auditors — Jas. Ritchie 
and G. A. Mackenzie. Treasurer — H. Coates, Pitcullen House. Secre- 
taries — Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Bannerman, and James Coates. Physician — 
— Dr. Kennedy. Miss Kelman, Matron ; Miss Tait, Teacher ; Miss 
Ritchie, Industrial Teacher. 

— Samuel Cowan, Secretary and Treasurer. Visitors — 1st District, W. B. 
Gloag, Athole street ; 2nd, Jchn Dow, N. Methven street ; 3rd, T. 
Moncrieff, Leonard street; 4th, P. Robb, Caledonian road; 5th, William 
Ross, 215 High street; 6th, William Hill, High street; 7th, William 
Munro, North Port ; 8th, John Black, 173 High street ; 9th, David Far- 
quharson, 15 High street; 10th, Peter Smith, 203 South street; nth, James 
Mechie, 6 Gowrie street, Bridgend. 

POOR. — Committee of Management — The Lord Provost, President; John 
Grahame, Sheriff-Substitute, and Robt. Pullar of Tayside, Vice-Presidents; 
John M'Neill, Peter Campbell, Robert Ewing, James Chalmers, George 
Miller, w.s., James M'Ewen, James Peebles, the Inspector of Poor, the 
City Missionaries, and the School Board Officer. John Thomas, Sheriff- 
Clerk, Hon. Secretary; Peter M'Gregor, National Bank, Treasurer; Andrew 
Coates, Pitcullen House, Convener. 

INDIGENT OLD MEN'S SOCIETY.— Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird, 
Patron; Robt. Pullar, President; ex- Provost M 'Donald and ex-Bailie 
M'Neill, Vice-Presidents; David Young, 3 St. John's place, Secretary; P. 
Palmer, 18 York place, Treasurer. Store — Hospital Buildings. 

The Right Honourable the Countess of Kinnoull, Patroness ; Mrs. Craigie, 
Athole crescent, Secretary and Treasurer. 

and City of Perth). — The Marquis of Breadalbane, President; Alex' 
Macduff of Bonhard, Vice-President ; Rev. W. D. Knowles, B.A., Secretary; 
Geo. A. Miller, w.s., Hon. Treasurer; William Thomson, Teacher and 
Agent, Wellshill. 


LADIES' CLOTHING SOCIETY. — The Viscountess Stormont, 
Patroness ; Mrs. Roy, Springbank, and Mrs. MacLeish, Somerset, Joint 
Hon. Secretaries and Treasurers. 

Elders of the East, West, Middle, and St. Paul's Established Churches, 
Administrators and Trustees. Thomas Thomson, Hospital Master. A. H. 
Ballingall, w.s., Law Agent and Clerk. Quarterly Meetings second Tues- 
day in November, February, May, and August. 

DUNCAN BEQUEST. — Robert Pullar, Andrew Coates, John M. 
Miller; J. & J. Miller, w.s., io Blackfriars street, Agents. 

Law Agent and Clerk ; Thomas Thomson, Treasurer. 

MODEL LODGING HOUSE, Skinnergate.— Committee — Lord 
Provost Wilson, ex-Dean of Guild Pirrie, ex-Dean of Guild M'Kenzie, ex- 
Lord Provost Whittet, ex-Lord Provost Martin, James Chalmers, Sheriff 
Grahame, Andrew Coates, Dr. D. H. Stirling, Geo. A. Mackenzie, ex- 
Dean of Guild M 'Arthur, Robert Pullar, Peter Campbell, Robert Keay, 
William Ross, ex-Bailie Bridges, Robert Brown, C.E., r.n., John 
M'Gregor, and P. Palmer. Clerk and Treasurer — Patrick Martin. D. 
Christie, Superintendent ; Mrs. Christie, Matron. 

PERTH SOUP KITCHEN, 188 South Street. — Secretary and 
Treasurer — John A. Robertson, solicitor, 1 6 Tay street. Committee of 
Management — Peter Palmer, Robert Dandie, Andrew Coates, Robert 
Ewing, William Ross, Robert Pullar, John Christie, ex-Bailie Jackson, 
James M'Ewen, James A. Peebles, W. B. Gloag, R. Mitchell, George A. 
Miller, and James F. Pullar. 

Perth). — The Right Honourable Viscount Stormont and Lord Provost 
Wilson, Presidents ; Rev. A. J. B. Baxter, Secretary and Treasurer ; and j 
sixteen of a Committee. 


RACES AND PERTH HUNT.— Colonel Home Drummond of Blair- 
drummond, Preses ; A. E. Butter of Faskally, Esq., and E. A. Stewart 
Richardson, yr. of Pitfour, Stewards ; Robert H. Moncrieff. W.S., Secretary 
and Treasurer ; Miles I'Anson, Clerk of the Course. 

PERTHSHIRE CRICKET CLUB.— Hon. Captain— John Thomas ; 
Captain — Samuel Chapman ; Hon. Secretary — A. K. Bell, St. John's place, 
Perth ; Hon. Treasurer — Lauchlan Grant. 

CITY CLUB, Athole Crescent. — James F. Pullar, Captain ; Arthur 
D. Forbes, James M. Kirk, Sir A. Muir Mackenzie, Dr. F. B. White, 
Major Dundas, Rev. A. J. B. Baxter, T. W. Greig, William MacLeish, 
Major Wm. Middleton, and Andrew Heiton, Councillors; Melville Jameson, 
jun. , Hon. Secretary and Treasurer. 


Dunsmore, Captain ; Alexander Robertson, Secretary ; R. Halley, R. Keay, 
Alexander Jameson, L. Grant, R. M'Crae Chambers, Alex. Miller, James 
Donaldson, Committee. 

ARTISAN GOLF CLUB. — Captain — Alex. Reid; Secretary and 
Treasurer — Peter Robertson, 207 High street; Members of Committee — 
W. Martin, J. Whittet, E. Robson, J. Allan, and J. Gibson. 

James F. Pullar ; President — David Halley ; Treasurer — J. Smith; Secre- 
tary—Frank Stewart, Mitchell's Buildings, St. Catherine's Road. 

PERTH BOWLING CLUB.— President— Wm. Garvie; Vice-President 
— Andrew King ; Secretary — D. S. Lowson, Caledonian Road Public 
School ; Treasurer — Peter Macgregor ; Members of Council — W. Taylor, 
Hugh Campbell, Andrew M'Kendrick, Joseph Smith, and William Fyfe. 

WEST END BOWLING CLUB. — President— William Crawford of 
Beechwood ; Vice-President — Andrew Aird ; Secretary — John Ritchie, 
solicitor; Treasurer — W. H. Gregor; Council— Messrs. Dow, Henderson, 
Sanderson, Bell, Paton, and Robertson. 

PERTH ANGLERS' CLUB.— The Right Hon. Viscount Stormont, 
Patron ; D. Dandie, President ; P. D. Malloch, 209 High street, Secretary 
and Treasurer. 

PERTHSHIRE FISHING CLUB (Instituted 1880).— The Most Noble 
the Marquis of Breadalbane, Patron ; R. S. Malloch, President ; James 
Beattie, Vice-President ; J. S. Malloch, 209 High street, Secretary ; A. 
Miller, 201 High street, Treasurer ; J. Allan, Club Officer. 

PERTH CURLING CLUB (344)- (Instituted Feb. 6, 1841; admitted 
into Royal Club July, 1841). — Right Hon. Lord Kinnoull, Patron; Robert 
Keay, President ; C. S. Robertson, Vice-President ; T. Chalmers and W. 
B. Thomson, Representative Members ; Rev. Dr. Anderson, Chaplain ; 
J. Hill Thomas, Treasurer ; J. B. Murdoch, j6 St. John street, Secretary. 

ST. JOHN'S CURLING CLUB.— (Instituted Feb. 11,1841; admitted 
into Royal Club July, 1841). — Sir Robert Drummond Moncreiffe, bait., 
Patron ; James Hay, President ; David Kinnear, Vice-President ; Robert 
Johnston and Thomas Love, Representative Members ; A. Beveridge, New- 
row, Secretary ; Duncan Gow, Treasurer. Council — Thos. Love, James 
Hutchison, David Kinnear, Robert Johnston, John Patterson, P. MTntyre, 
D. L. Gregor. 

FRIARTON CURLING CLUB (151)— (Instituted 187 1 ; admitted 
into Royal Club 1872).— Sir Robert D. Moncreiffe, bart., Patron; Lady 
Moncreiffe, Patroness ; George Kyd, President ; Alexander Johnston, Vice- 
President ; Jas. Macqueen, Jas. Hay, jun., Representative Members; 
Rev. J. S. Macnaughton, Chaplain ; Jas. Reid, Treasurer ; James Watt 
Wilson, Secretary, 15 St. John street. 

PERTH AMATEUR CYCLING CLUB (Instituted July, 1879).— 
Hon. Presidents— Colonel D. M. Smythe of Methven ; James F. Pullar, 
Rosebank ; Sir Donald Currie, M. P. ; Charles S. Parker ; Sir John G. S. 
Kinloch, bart., M.P. ; Robert Pullar; John A. Dewar ; The Very Rev. 


Dean Rorison : A. Coates ; William Whitelaw, M.P. ; John Moir ; W. O. 
Dalgleish. Hon. Vice-Presidents — J. D. M 'Arthur and A. D. Clyne. 
Captain — Dan. Reid ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — Alex. W. Mackin- 
tosh, Wellshill Cottage, Perth. Rendezvous — New Recreation Grounds 
and Cinder Track, Edinburgh Road. Headquarters— Salutation Hotel, 

WOODLANDS CYCLING CLUB, Cherrybank, Perth (Instituted 
1891). — President, John Henderson, Schoolhouse, Cherrybank ; Captain — 
William Millar ; Vice-Captain— G. Sharp ; Secretary — R. P. M' Lagan, 
East Mid Lamberton, Perth; Treasurer — P. M'Gregor ; Committee — D. 
M'Gregor, J. K. Campbell, and W. Young. 

(Instituted July, 1884).— Captain— Dan. Reid: Secretary and Treasurer — 
Alex. W. Mackintosh, Wellshill Cottage, Perth. 

PERTH CHESS CLUB. — Rooms— Scone and Perth Masonic Hall, 
High street ; Tuesday evenings at eight. Hon. President — James F. 
Pullar ; President — Rev. Andrew Benvie ; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — 
James R. Henderson, 26 Princes street. 

LAWN TENNIS CLUB (Balhousie). —James F. Pullar, President; 
A. Jamieson, Vice-President ; Stephen Richardson, 17 Athole street. 
Secretary ; John Pinkerton, Treasurer. 

KINNOULL RECREATION CLUB (Tennis, Bowling, and Curling 
Sections). — James F. Pullar, President; James Chalmers, Vice-President; 
Tames Robertson, Town and County Bank, Hon. Secretary ; Henry Coates, 
Hon. Treasurer. 

Pullar ; Secretary — James Stewart. 


den — P. Campbell ; Secretary — James Connan, 132 High street. 

President — R. D. Wright ; Secretary — William Allan, 1 Paul street. 

Pullar ; Vice-Chairman — Andrew Coates ; Secretary and Treasurer — 
Thomas Chalmers, 42 Tay street ; Instructor — John Davidson. 



County Place Hotel, ... ... County place, ... John Patterson. 

Exhange Hotel, ... ... ... George street, ... Mrs. George Donald 

Market Hotel, ... ... ... Caledonian road, Wafter Baker. 

Queen's Hotel, ... ... ... Leonard street, ... Robert Grindlay. 

Royal British Hotel, ... ... Leonard street, ... H. W. Pople. 

Royal George Hotel, ... ... George street, ... R. Menzies. 

Salutation Hotel,... ... ... South street, ... William Cargill. 

Station Hotel, ... ... ... General Station, A. Tuke. 


Temperance Hotel, ... ... St. John street, ... C. Macmaster. 

Temperance Hotel, ... ... Leonard street, ... A. Martin. 

Temperance Hotel and Restaurant, Leonard street, ... Mrs. Laidlaw. 

Victoria Hotel, ... ... ... Princes street, ... Tohn Walker. 

Waverley Temperance Hotel, ... 29 York place, ... W. Gordon. 

42.ND REGIMENTAL DISTRICT.— Colonel C. T. Wallace, Officer 
Commanding ; W. R. Thornhill, Hon. M. Paymaster ; J. R. Hay, Quarter 
master. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Battalion Royal Highlanders. 

3RD BATTALION BLACK WATCH (Royal Highlanders).— Uniform, 
scarlet; facings, blue. Raised 1796. Honorary Colonel — The Duke of 
Edinburgh. Colonel and Commandant — Viscount Stormont. Majors and 
Hon. Lieutenants — Colonels G. G. Sandeman and D. M. Smythe. Cap- 
tains — Major Alex. B. Stewart, Tames S. Robertson, Hon. W. C. W. Rollo, 
W. A. Scott, R. W. P. Clarke Campbell Preston, J. L. Macandrew, 
J. Macrae, A. H. O. Dennistoun. Lieutenants — C. H. Graham Stirling, 
Hon. A. D. Murray, J. C. Elliot, J. H. Outhwaite, A. G. Kidston, E. A. 
Stewart Richardson, Hon. W. H. Drummond, G. F. A. Yarmouth, E. H. 
C. Bald; 2nd Lieutenants —Lord G. Stewart Murray, J. G. E. Wood, 
W. Keith Murray. Adjutant — Capt. P. J. C. Livingstone, 2nd Battalion. 
Quartermaster — J. R. Hay. 

tst F. A. VOLUNTEERS (13th Battery).— Uniform, blue ; facings, 
scarlet. Commandant — Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Stewart Sandeman. 
Captain F. S. Sandeman. Armoury and Office — 21 Union street. Drill 
Hall — Queen's Barracks. 

LIGHT HORSE VOLUNTEERS.— Fife and Perth (13th).— Head- 
quarters, Cupar. Colonel — Hon. Colonel J. Anstruther Thomson. Major 
— G. C. Cheape. Captains — Hon. Major J. Gilmour, R. C. Ferguson, 
Hon. Major J. A. Middleton, Retired Colonel D. B. Burn. Lieutenants — 
G. Prentice, T. H. Erskine, H. T. Anstruther ; 2nd Lieutenants — W. 
Marshall, J. Thorn, A. Steel. W. C. Corbett, and J. C. Wardrop. Quarter- 
master — T. Swan. Adjutant— W. W. Waring (Capt. nth Hussars). 
Surgeon — A. Drysdale, M.B. Acting Chaplain — R. J. Nasmyth. Uniform, 
scarlet ; facings, blue. 

ist PERTHSHIRE RIFLE VOLUNTEERS (4th Volunteer Battalion 
Royal Highlanders). — Headquarters, Perth. Uniform, scarlet ; facings, 
blue. Hon. Colonels — D. R. Williamson and P. Stirling; Lieut-Col. — 
Sir R. D. Moncreiffe, bart. ; Hon. Lieut. -Col. and Major — J. H alley : 
Major Gibson and Hon. Majors Mailler and Reid ; Captains — Edmund 
Pullar, D. M'Ewen, F. J. Pullar, D. C. Campbell; Lieutenants— Duncan 
Kippen, R. M'Naughton, A. T. Reid, J. Watt, Thomas Macpherson, 
R. Whyte, T. W. Thomson, J. S. Miller, Charles E. Colville ; Adjutant 
— C. G. Moulton Barrett, Captain ; Quarter-Master — T. Sanderson ; Sur- 
geon — Lieut. -Col. J. MacFee ; Acting Surgeons — J. M. Thorn, W. Hal- 
dane, m.d., and R. Stirling, M.D.; Hon. Chaplain — Rev. W. Blair; Acting 
Chaplains— Rev. W. G. H. Carmichael, Rev. W. Muil, Rev. P. W. Young, 
Rev. A. Henderson, and Rev. G. S. Mackay. 

Cadet Corps, Glenalmond College, attached. — Uniform, grey ; 
facings, black. 


First Perthshire Rifle Volunteer Band (4th Volunteer Battalion 
Royal Highlanders). — J. M. Miller, Battalion Bandmaster. Practise on 
Tuesdays and Fridays in the Volunteer Hall. 

SOCIETY OF HIGH CONSTABLES.— Ex-Lord Provost Whittet, 
Moderator ; Thomas Love, ex-Moderator ; Robert Keay, Treasurer ; 
D. S. Lowson, Secretary; Alexander M'lntyre, Custodier. Captains of 
Divisions— 1st, D. Farquharson ; 2nd, Robert Keay ; 3rd, Duncan Leslie ; 
4th, William W. Kay ; 5th, Charles Robertson ; 6th, R. Hay Robertson. 

GENERAL PRISON FOR SCOTLAND.— Lieutenant-Colonel John 
Campbell, Governor ; William Clarke, Deputy Governor ; Rev. A. J. B. 
Baxter, m.a., Chaplain; Dean Rorison, Visiting Episcopal Clergyman; 
Rev. John Turner, Visiting R. C. Priest ; Professor Sir Douglas Maclagan, 
M.D., Edinburgh, Visiting Physician; John M'Naughtan, M.D., Resident 
Surgeon ; Peter R. Kinnoch, Steward ; Robert Wittet, 1st class Clerk ; 
John Wighton, 2nd class Clerk ; William Duffus, Clerk of Works ; Frances 
Stirling, Matron. 

BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (Perthshire Branch).— Presi- 
dent — Dr. Alex. Thorn, Crieff ; Vice-President — Dr. Macnaughton, Perth ; 
Treasurer — Dr. A. J. A. Campbell, Perth; Secretary — Dr. Urquhart, 
Murray's Asylum. Meetings of the Branch are held twice yearly in the 
County and City respectively. 

President — The Marquis of Breadalbane ; Chairman — ex-Lord Provost 
Whittet ; Vice-Chairman — John Welsh ; Secretary and Treasurer — John 
A. Robertson, 16 Tay street ; and Committee of 23 Members. 

NEWSPAPERS.— Perthshire Courier, Farmers' Journal, and 
Scottish Central Advertiser. — Published on Tuesday afternoons. 
Office — 153 South street. Established 1809. 

Perthshire Journal and Constitutional. — Published every Mon- 
day and Wednesday afternoon. Office — South St. John's place. Estab- 
lished 1823. 

Perthshire Advertiser and Strathmore Journal. — Published 
every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Office — Victoria Buildings, Tay 
street. Established 1829. 

stituted 1806).— Patron — The Queen. President — Sir James Richardson, 
hart., Pitfour. Vice-Presidents — C. L. Wood, Freeland, and Col. Camp- 
bell. Practical Vice-President — William Sharp, Freeland Gardens. Sec- 
retary and Treasurer — James Alexander, 26 George street, Perth. 

— President — A. Beveridge ; Treasurer — A. MacLaren ; Secretary — John 
Lawrance, Oakbank, Cherrybank. Show in Schoolroom in August. 

Hon. President ; John A. Robertson, Solicitor, President ; W r illiam Robert- 
son, Vice-President; John Spence, Treasurer; John G. Nairne, 1 1 High 
street, Perth, Secretary. 


tuted 1881). — President — Thomas Latto ; Vice-President, John Baxter; 
Secretary — W. Mitchell, 34 Longcauseway ; Treasurer — Arch. Meiklim. 

PERTHSHIRE CANINE CLUB.— President— J. D. Lumsden ; Com- 
mittee — Thomas Jackson, D. M. Stuart, Peter Taylor, and William Christie. 

PERTH MASONIC LODGES.— Lodge Scoon and Perth (No. 3). 
— R. W. R. Mackenzie, R.w.M. ; Joseph Smail, P.M.; A. Auld, D.M. ; J. 
M'Callum, s.M. ; Jas. I. Gowans, S.W. ; Alex. MTntyre, j.w. ; D. Craw- 
ford Smith, Secretary; J. M'Diarmid, Treasurer; Dan. Taylor, s.D. ; A. 
H. Crawford, J.D. ; Rev. James M. Strachan, Kilspindie, Chaplain ; James 
Wilson, b.b. ; John Rannie, s.B. ; J. G. Cruickshank, D.C. ; Jas. Robertson, 
Steward; W. Glover, D.M. ; Hugh Liebou, I.G. ; W. M'Gillivray, Tyler. 
Monthly Meetings first Wednesday of each month. 

Lodge St. Andrew's (No. 74).— Thomas Chalmers, r.w.m. ; Col. 
Macdonald, p.m.; John Robertson, D.M. ; Robert Kinloch. s.M.; A. 
IJeiton Granger, S.W. ; Major Charles Dundas, J.w. : J. G. Miller, Black - 
friars street, Secretary ; James T. Soutar, Treasurer ; A. T. Patterson, S.D. ; 
John Turnbull, J.D. ; Rev. W. M. S. Hamilton, St. Martins, Chaplain ; R. 
"Menzies, Steward; Alexander Smith, Tyler. Meetings - Royal George 
Hotel, first Tuesday of each month, at 8 p.m. 

Lodge Royal Arch (No. 122).— William Whitelaw, M.P., r.w.m.; 
Quartermaster Sergt. Mackenzie, P.M.; Thomas Inglis Miller, D.M. ; W. 
W. Fyfe, s.M. ; John Cruickshank, s.w. ; John M 'Murray, J.W. ; P. 
Macfarlane, 5 Scott street, Secretary ; Robert Welsh, Comely Bank, Trea- 
surer, James Halley, s.D.; W. R. Smith, J.D. ; Rev. D. G. Manuel, 
Chaplain; Hector Whyte, b.b. ; Charles Rodgie, Steward; Col. -Sergt. 
Berry, Inner Guard ; Alexander Herd, Tyler. 

Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire East. — The Most Noble 
the Marquis of Breadalbane, P.G. Master; Lieut. -Colonel Campbell, 
P.G. Master Depute ; A. G. Reid, Auchterarder, Substitute P.G. Master; 
Thos. Chalmers, Senior P.G. Warden ; Major Dundas, Junior P.G. Warden ; 
A. J. Stephenson, P.G. Secretary; Thos. J. Miller, P.G. Treasurer; Rev. 
A. J. B. Baxter, P.G. Chaplain ; David Doig, Alyth, Senior P.G. Deacon; 
R. W. R. Mackenzie, Junior P.G. Deacon; A. H. Granger, P.G. Architect ; 
A. H. Crawford, P.G. Jeweller; W. M. Cadenhead, P.G. Bible-Bearer; 
John M'Kenzie, P. G. Director of Ceremonies ; John Young, P.G. Bard; 
A. D. Clyne, P.G. Sword-Bearer ; W. W. Fyfe, P.G. Standard-Bearer ; 
F. S. Graves, P.G. Director of Music; A. Tuke and R. Menzies, P.G. 
Stewards; F. Cruickshank, P.G. Inner Guard; W. M'Gillivray, P.G. 

The Provincial Grand Lodge consists of the above Office-bearers and the 
Masters, Past Masters, and Wardens of the several Lodges in the Province. 
Its quarterly communications are held within the Scoon and Perth Hall on 
the last Friday of January, April, July, and October. A. J. Stephenson, 3 
Evelyn terrace, Craigie, Secretary. 

St. Johnstoun Royal Arch Chapter (No. 134). — A. J. Stephenson, 
Z. ; Lieut.-Colonel Campbell, P.P.Z. ; Dr. J. Holmes Morrison, H. ; 
Wm. Whitelaw, M.P.. J.; R. F. Macaulay, Scribe E. ; A. W. Mackintosh, 


Scribe N. ; Thos. Duncanson, Treasurer ; Robert Stewart, 1st Sojourner ; 
T. D. Falconer, 2nd Sojourner ; Heiton Granger, 3rd Sojourner ; Robert 
Lees, Director of Music ; John Rae, Janitor. The Chapter meets in the 
Masonic Hall, Parliament Close, on the third Tuesday of each month. 

Royal Ark Mariners. — Colonel J. Campbell, N. ; Dr. Morrison, J. j 
T. Todd, S. ; J. M'Kenzie, Secretary; J. Stephen, Treasurer; A. Wj 
Mackintosh, Conductor; W. M'Gillivray, Inner Guard; J. Rae, Outer 
Guard. Meet on the third Tuesday of each month. 

St. Johnstoun Red Cross Knights. — Col. Campbell, C. ; T. 
Todd, Senior General ; Dr. Morrison, Junior General ; R. Stewart, Capt. 
of the Guard; J. M'Kenzie, Secretary; J. Stephen, Treasurer; W. 
M'Gillivray, Conductor; W. Low, Inner Guard; J. Rae, Outer Guard. 
Assemble on the third Tuesday of each month. 

Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Perthshire. — Pro- 
vincial Grand Superintendent, The Marquis of Breadalbane, Z. ; Colonel 
J. Campbell, P.G. Superintendent Depute; A. J. Stephenson, P.G.H. ; 
G. Pollock, P.G.J. ; A. W. Mackintosh, P.G. Scribe E. ; Samuel Leighton, 
P.G. Scribe N. ; Thomas Duncanson, P.G. Standard-Bearer; A. Heiton 
Granger, P.G. 1st Sojourner; Major Dundas, P.G. 2nd Sojourner; J. G. 
Miller, P.G. 3rd Sojourner; Robert Lees, P.G. Treasurer; John Young, 
P.G. Superintendent of Works ; J. Rae, P.G. Janitor. Meet either at Crieff, 
Blairgowrie, Pitlochry, or Perth quarterly. 

PERTH DISTRICT (Registered pursuant to Friendly Society Acts, 
1875- 1876). — Thomas I. Miler, 30 No. Methven Street, District Secretary. 

Fair Maid of Perth, 6241.— Alternate Mondays— Foresters' Hall, 
175 High street. James Stenhouse, 13 Charteris street, Secretary. 

Juvenile Court, Hope of Perth.— James Stenhouse, Pres. ; John 
Alison, 6 Carpenter street, Secretary. 

Hal o' the Wynd, 6914. — Alternate Tuesdays— Foresters' Hall, 175 
High street. Alex. Thompson, 6 Barrack street, Secretary. 

Friendy Society (Established 1835). — Perthshire District, No. 48. 
District Chief Ruler— John Hepburn ; District Secretary— John Clark, 
Myrtle Cottage, Jeanfield, Perth. 

Knights of St. Johnstone Tent, No. 166, meets in the Hospital 
Buildings, Hospital street, on alternate Tuesday evenings, at 8 o'clock. 
Males and Females admitted. Chiel Ruler — John Hepburn ; Secretary, 
John Wilson, 4 Paul street ; Tent Surgeon, Dr. \V. Robertson, 43 King 

Morning Star Tent, No. 2267, meets in the E.U. Church Hall, High 
street (enter from Cutlog vennel) on alternate Friday evenings. Open 
meetings from 8 till 9 o'clock. Chief Ruler— John Clark ; Secretary, 
Thomas Telford, Jeanfield, Perth ; Tent Surgeon — Dr. Win. Robertson, 
43 King street. 

Mayflower Juvenile Tent, No. 245, meets in Hospital Buildings 
every alternate Tuesday evening at 6.45. Superintendent — John Hepburn, 


Unity Friendly Society — Fair City Lodge, No. 2012. — John Stewart, 
6 Union Lane, Financial Secretary ; Lodge meets on alternate Tuesdays, 
in King James Sixth Hospital, Hospital street. Juvenile Branch — G. 
Alexander, 236 High street, Secretary. 

GAELIC SOCIETY OF PERTH.— Chief— Bailie Macgregor ; Chief- 
tains — John A. Stewart, Hugh Mackay, and Donald Farquharson ; Secre- 
tary — John Mackenzie, 40 So. Methven street ; Treasurer — Robert Stewart ; 
Librarian — William Anderson. 

PERTH BURNS' CLUB (Instituted 1870).— Club Rooms, Salutation 
Hotel, South street, President — William Whitelaw, M.P. ; Vice-President 
— William Young, Solicitor ; Treasurer — Robert Soutar ; Secretary — 
James Harper, Solicitor, 68 St. John street. 

Peter Campbell ; President — John Moncrieff; Vice-Presidents — A. Crichton, 
James Duff, and George Brown ; Treasurer — William Ross, 4 Rose terrace ; 
Secretary — Andrew Turner, 360 High street ; Registrar — James Sime, 227 
High street. 

M'Nab; Vice-Presidents — Mrs. Moncrieff, Mrs. Lyell, Mrs. Barclay, and 
Mrs. Sutherland ; Treasurer — Miss Readdie, Joppa, Glasgow road ; Secre- 
taries— Miss Jamieson, 31 Barossa place, and Miss Shepherd, 24 Kinnoull 
street; Divisional Secretary — Miss Mitchell, 24 Queen street; Committee 
— Mrs Wotherspoon, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Trotter, Mrs. Ewing, Mrs. 
Robinson, Mrs. Dawson, Misses Morton, Ross, Livingstone, and M 'Donald. 

Templars' Hall, Canal crescent. District Deputy and District Superinten- 
dent of Juveniles — Alex. Wright, 153 South street ; District Secretary — 
James Connan, 132 High street. 

Lodge. Meets. Lodge Deputy. 

Ark of Safety, Monday, 8p.m Alex. Scott, 2 Victoria street. 

*Dreadnought, Monday, ,, ...Andrew M'Ewan, 14 Priory place. 

Star of Kinnoull, Wednesday,,, ...David Irvine, 1 York place. 

Star of Tay, Friday, ,, ...D. Morison, 355 High street. 

St. John's, Thursday, ,, ... J. Keayjunr., 47 Kinnoull causeway 

+Hope ofDovecotland, Thursday, ,, ...A. Wright, 3 Roseleapl., Jeanfield 

Fair City, Saturday, 7.30 ...John F. Crerar, 78 Pomarium st. 

* Meets in Hospital Buildings ; t Meets in Victoria Institute, Dovecotland. 

& 11. — Mrs. Tait, St. Madoes, President; Mrs. George A. Miller. Knowe- 
head, Treasurer ; Mrs. Coates and Mrs. G. Miller, Joint-Secretaries : 
Miss Marion J. Gray, Matron. Lodge, South Tay street. 

BOYS' BRIGADE (Perth Companies).— 1st Perth (Free St. Stephen's) 
— Captain, R. Stewart. 2nd Perth (Working Boys' and Girls' Hall) — 
Captain, D. M'Ewen. 3rd Perth (Bridgend) — Captain, H. Coates; Lieu- 
tenants, J. H. Thomas, J. Masterton, Jas. Robertson, Jas. Coates, and 
Jas. Winter. 6th Perth (St. Andrew's)— Captain, James Ramsay. 


THE NEW CLUB, Tay Street.— Trustees— Ex-Lord Provost Martin ; 
Andrew Coates, C. S. Parker of Fairlie, R. Pullar, and Robert Brown. 
c.e.r.n., Perth; Secretary and Treasurer — S. Grant, solicitor, 9 Higl 
street, Perth ; Housekeeper — Mrs. Munro. 

PERTH LIBERAL CLUB, 30 George Street.— Robert Pullar. 
Tayside, President ; Andrew Coates, Pitcullen, and John Moncrieff, Elm- 
bank, Vice-Presidents ; Andrew Moncrieff, accountant, 270 High street. 
Secretary and Treasurer. 

PERTH LIBERAL COMMITTEE. — Hon. Chairman — Ex-Lord 
Provost M'Donald ; Vice-Chairmen— Andrew Coates of Pitcullen and ex- 
Bailie John M'Neill ; Secretary — John A. Robertson, solicitor, Tay street 
Officer — Charles Robbie, 149 High street. 

John Moncrieff; Vice-Presidents, James Mitchell, William Munro, D. 
Hallyburton, and James Chalmers ; Hon. Secretaries, R. Hunter, solicitor, 
and J. MTntosh, 9 George street ; Treasurer, J. MTntosh. 

The Marquis of Breadalbane ; Vice-Presidents — The Marquis of Lansdowne, 
Lord Kinnaird, Rt. Hon. H. Campbell Bannerman, M.P. ; Chairman— 
D. M. Watson of Bullionfield ; Vice-Chairman — Robert Pullar of Tayside ; 
Convener of Executive Committee — Andrew Coates of Pitcullen ; Treasurer 
— James Mitchell ; Secretary — Hugh Campbell, solicitor, 42 George street, 

CIATION (Committee Rooms, 19 George street).— Hon. President- 
William Whitelaw, M.P., Huntingtower, Perth; Chairman— Charles 
Wood, Brunswick terrace, Craigie ; Secretary and Treasurer — J. Wighton ; 
Assistant Secretary — J. M'Ewan. 

Right Hon. Viscount Stormont ; Secretary and Treasurer — J. Wighton ; 
Assistant Secretary — Robert M'Quhae. 

PRIMROSE LEAGUE— Fair City Habitation.— Ruling Councillor 
— S. Chapman ; Dame President — Mrs. William Whitelaw, Huntingtower, 
Perth; Hon. Secretary and Tieasurer— Edward Jackson, solicitor, 37 So. 
Methven street. 

Marquis of Breadalbane ; Conductor— F. S. Graves, l.r.a.m. ; Organist — 
James A. Soutar, Coupar- Angus ; Secretary — Rev. H. Smith, Assistant, 
East Parish Church. 

PERTH MUSICAL SOCIETY.— President— Robt. Pullar; Patronesses 
— Lady Richardson. Lady Stormont, and Mrs. Smythe of Methven ; Com- 
mittee — Messrs. Burns, Miller, Crichton, Brady, Craik, and Frazer ; 
Treasurer — William M'Cririe ; Librarian— A. King; Secretary — A. Cairns, 
15 Queen street; Conductor — F. S. Graves. 

Macgregor ; Treasurer— John Robertson ; Conductor — D. H. Christie, 
a. I.. CM. 


Perth Tonic Sol-Fa Select Choir. — Conductor — D. H. Christie,, 


Royal Academy of Music. — Local Representative, James W. Bryson, 
j. Rose terrace. 

The London College of Music. — Local Representative, D. EL 
Christie, 4 Barossa place. 

The College of Violinists (Limited), London. — Local Representa- 
ive, D. H. Christie, 4 Barossa place. 

PERTH CITY BAND.— Trustees ( ex-officio )—Lot& Provost of the 
3ity, Dean of Guild, First Bailie ; Treasurer — F. Norie Miller ; Secretary 

William Martin, 18 South Methven street. 

PERTH ORCHESTRAL SOCIETY.— President— J. F. Pullar ; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer — James Coates, Pitcullen House ; Conductor — J. W_ 

PUBLIC BATHS AND WASH-HOUSE, Mill Street.— President 
—George Wilson, Lord Provost of Perth ; Vice-Presidents — David Young; 
ind Robert Soutar ; Secretary and Treasurer — Patrick Martin, solicitor,. 
38 Tay street. 

PERTH SWIMMING BATHS, Dunkeld Road.— Robert Pullar,. 
Chairman ; Andrew Coates, Vice-Chairman ; John M. Miller, solicitor, ex- 
officio for Mr. Duncan's Trustees ; P. W. Campbell, Thomas Hunter, John 
M'Pherson, John Jardine, G. R. Douglas, Robert Halley. John Munro. 
Finlay Cree, and William Ellison, Directors ; Superintendent — John 
Davidson ; Secretary — Thomas Chalmers, solicitor. 

Office, 153 South street. — President — William Hunter; Vice-President — 
James Kennedy ; Treasurer — William Taylor ; Secretary — A. Wright, 153 
South street ; Bankers — Royal Bank of Scotland ; Law Agent — John A. 
Robertson, solicitor, Tay street. 

Provost Wilson ; Secretary— Alex. King, 42 Tay street ; Bankers — Bank of 
Scotland ; Solicitor — Thomas Chalmers, Perth ; Surveyor — George P. K. 
Young, Tay street. 

ASSOCIATION.— President, Hugh Macpherson ; Vice-President, John 
Smith ; Secretary, G. M. Garvie, 2 Balhousie Buildings, Dunkeld Road ; 
Treasurer — Thomas Hay. 


Candlemas Feb. 2! Lammas Aug. I 

Whitsunday May 15 | Martinmas Nov. 11 

The Removal Terms in Scotland are May 28th and Nov. 28th. 

First of Luke First Friday of March. 

Palmsune'en First Friday of April. 

Midsummer First Friday of July. 

St. John's Day First Friday of September. 

Little Dunning Third Friday of October. 

Hiring Friday after Martinmas (o.s. ). 




CUSTOM HOUSE, Tay Street.— Henry Christie, Principal Office | 
of Customs, Superintendent of Mercantile Marine, Registrar of Shipping 
Royal Navy Reserve, &c, &c. Hours from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m., and o 
Saturday from 9 till 1 p.m. 

HARBOUR AND NAVIGATION, 3 High Street.— Wra. Mac 
Leish, Clerk. Hours (Saturday excepted) from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. Harbow 
Master, David Taylor, Shore. 


Ships' Names. 


Helen Taylor 

Elizabeth and Margaret 


Mary and Annie 

Elcho Castle s.s 

Kinfauns Castle s. s 


























H. Melville. 

Robert Tayloi 
C. M'Lean. 
A. Harden. 
H. Robertson 
W. MacLeish 

Vice-Consul for the German Empire at Perth and Newburgh- 
John Lowe, Charles street. 


— 40 Tay street. James Wright, Collector of Inland Revenue ; Georgt 
Thompson, Supervisor ; Wfn. Innes, Clerical Supervisor ; David Sit 
wright, Clerical Officer ; William L. Beaton, Alexander W. Campbe 
Rowland W. Hill, C. E. Bennett, and Alexander Craig, Officers. Hours— j 
from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. ; and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. till 12 noon. 

A. Burns Macdonald, Distributor of Stamps and Collector of Taxes ; 
William Soutar and William Kerr, Clerks. 

William H. Balderston, Surveyor and Assessor ; John Robertson, Assis- 
tant ; Robert Stewart and Robert Grant, Clerks. Horace Skeete, Tay 
street, Clerk to Income Tax Commissioners. 

PROPERTY AND INCOME TAX.— General Commissioners— The 
Sheriff and his Substitutes ex-officios are Commissioners in all the Districts. 

Perth District. — The Lord Provost of Perth ; The Earl of Mansfield, 
K.T. ; J. M. Graham of Cultoquhey ; Alex. Macduff of Bonhard ; Colonel \ 
Smythe of Methven ; C. L. Wood of Freeland ; John Steel of Fairmount. 
To supply vacancies — The Dean of Guild of Perth; ex-Provost Martin ; 
•ex-Provost Macdonald. Horace Skeete, solicitor, Perth, Clerk ; Thomas 
Chalmers, solicitor, Perth, Assistant Clerk; W. II. Balderston, Tay street, J 
Perth, Surveyor and Assessor. 


Blairgowrie District. — George Constable of Balmyle ; General 
mes Clerk Rattray of Craighall ; J. C. Rattray, M.D., of Coralbank; James 
nail of Dirnanean ; Sir Jas. H. Ramsay of Bamff. To supply vacancies 
Robt. Geekie, yr. of Rosemount ; Wm. Japp, banker, Alyth ; Win. 
eaman, Alyth ; James Chalmers, Hillbank. Isaac Henry Anderson, 
airgowrie, Clerk ; W. H. Balderston, Perth, Surveyor and Assessor. 

Carse District. — Colonel Drummond Hay of Seggieden ; Thos. W. 
freig of Glencarse ; Sir J. T. S. Richardson, bart., Pitfour ; J. B. Broun 
'orison of Murie. To supply vacancies — Lord Kinnaird ; Rev. Arch, 
ieming of Inchyra. Horace Skeete, solicitor, Perth, Clerk ; Thomas 
lalmers, solicitor, Perth, Assistant Clerk ; W. H. Balderston, Perth, 
irveyor and Assessor. 

Coupar- Angus District. — Sir J. G. S. Kinloch of Kinloch; E. Collins 
ood of Keithick. Charles Boyd, solicitor, Coupar-Angus, Clerk ; W. H. 
ilderston, Perth, Surveyor and Assessor. 

■^Crieff District.— J. M. Graham of Cultoquhey ; Thos. J. G. Stirling 
Strowan ; D. R. Williamson of Lawers ; C. H. Dundas of Dalchonzie ; 

^lonel Home Drummond of Blairdrummond ; Sir P. K. Murray, bart., of 
)D ehtertyre ; William C. Colquhoun of Clathick ; R. T. N. Spiers of 
' bldees ; Henry Curr, Pitkellony ; Anthony G. Murray of Dollerie ; A. G. 

axtone Graham, yr. of Cultoquhey ; Captain Black of Balgowan ; D. 

eith Murray, Westerton, Ochtertyre. Malcolm Finlayson, solicitor, Crieff, 

lerk ; W. II. Balderston, Perth, Surveyor and Assessor. 

Dunblane District. — John B. Hamilton of Leny ; Robert Graham of 
oldoch ; Pat. Stirling of Kippendavie. To supply vacancies — lion. Capt. 
rummond of Cromlix ; J. B. B. Hamilton of Cambusmore ; Colonel 
rummond Moray ; James Stirling of Garden ; D. G. Robertson of East 
lains. J. W. Barty, solicitor, Dunblane, Clerk ; W. II. Balderston, 
erth, Surveyer and Assessor. 

Weem District. — Sir Robert Menzies, bart. ; Fletcher N. Menzies, 
almacneil ; A. D. Stewart of Inverhadden ; J. S. Robertson of Edrady- 
ate ; The Marquis of Breadalbane ; Neil Menzies, yr. of Menzies ; John 
teuart of Balechin. To supply vacancies— R. Wentworth of Dall ; Alex, 
alloway of Dirgarve. Chas. Munro, Clerk ; W. H. Balderston, Surveyor 
fnd Assessor. 

Dunkeld District. — The Hon. Baron Bailie of Dunkeld ; The Duke 
f Athole, K.T. ; John Robertson, Old Blair; James Small of Dirnanean. 
To supply vacancies — Sir A. M. M'Kenzie of Del vine ; J. G. Ferguson of 
laledmund ; Hugh Mitchell, solicitor, Pitlochry; Robert M'Gilliwie, bank 
gent, Dunkeld. Horace Skeete, solicitor, Perth, Clerk ; Thomas Chal- 
jiers, solicitor, Perth, Assistant Clerk ; W. II. Balderston, Perth, Surveyor 
nd Assessor. 

agreement, or any Memorandum of Agreement, ... ... ... 6d- 

xemptions — Where the matter is not of the value of £$ ; Agreement for 
the hire of any labourer, artificier, manufacturer, or menial servant ; 
relating to the sale of any goods, wares, or merchandise ; between the 



master and mariners of any ship for wages on any voyage from port to 
port in the United Kingdom. 

Instrument of Apprenticeship, whether with or without premium or 
consideration, 2s. 6d. 

Bill of Exchange of any kind whatsoever (except a bank note) and Pro- 
missory Note of any kind whatsoever (except a bank note) — drawn,- or 
expressed to be payable, or actually paid, or endorsed, or in any way 
negotiated in the United Kingdom, where the amount or value of the 
money for which the bill or note is drawn or made 

Does not exceed £$, id 

Exceed £$, not exceed £\o, ... 2d 

„ 10, „ 25, ... 3d 

„ 25, ,, 50, ... 6d 

Exceed ^50, not exceed ^"75, ... 9d 
75, ,, 100, ... is 

,, 100, for every ,£100 and 
for any fractional part of ^100, is 

Conveyance or Transfer on Sale of any property (except Bank of 
England stock), where the amount or value of the consideration for the 

sale does not exceed £$, 
Exceed £5, not ex. ^10, 












is Exceed^ 1 25, not ex. ^150, 15s 

. is 6d : ,, 150, ,, 175, 17s 6d 

• 2s ,, 175, ,, 200, £\ 
. 2s 6d ,, 200, ,, 225, ,£i2s6d 

• 5s „ 225, ,, 250, ^1 5s 

• 7s6d ,, 250, ,, 275, ^1 7s6d 

• i°s ,, 275, ,, 300, £l IOS 
12s 6d ,, 300, ,, for every ^"50 


and any fractional part of ^50, of such amount or value 

Lease or Tack — ( 1 ) For any definite term less than a year : — 

(a) Of any dwelling-house or tenement, or part thereof, at a rent not 

exceeding the rate of £ 10 per annum, ... ... ... id. 

(b) Of any furnished dwelling-house or apartments where the rent for 

such terms exceeds ^25, ... ... ... ... 2s 6d. 

(c) Of any lands or heritable subjects except or otherwise than as 

aforesaid, the same duty as a lease for a year at the rent reserved 
for the definite term. 
(2) For any other definite term or for any indefinite term, of any lands 
or heritable subjects, where the consideration or any part thereof 
consists of any money, stock, or security, in respect for such con- 
sideration, the same duty as a conveyance on a sale for the same 
Where the consideration or any part thereof is yearly or otherwise, 
Terms not Above 35 

Rent not exceeding £$, 
Above £$, and not above ,£10 

» 10, 

„ i5> 

„ 20, 

„ 25, 

„ 50, 

„ 75, 

exceeding 35 years 
or indefinite. 

but not above 
100 years. 

100 years. 

•- £0 

6 .. 

£0 3 



£10, O 





O 12 O 

15, O 


6 .. 



O l8 O 





25, O 


6 .. 




50, O 



1 10 





6 .. 

2 5 


4 10 









Where the same shall exceed 
;£ioo, then for every £50, and 

for any fractional part of ^50, 050... 1100... 300 
(3) Of any other kind whatsoever not herein before described, ... 10s. 

Duties on Legacies, &c. 

To children or other descendents, or lineal anscestors o 

the deceased, 
Brother or sister, or descendants, . . 
Uncle or aunt, or descendants, 
Granduncle or aunt, or descendants, 
All other relations or strangers, 

£1 per cent. 

The husband or wife of the deceased not chargeable with duty. 

AVhere Deceased 

died before 

1st July, 1888. 

Per cent. 

AVhere Deceased 
died after 

30th June, 1838. 
Per cent. 

I OS. 

£4 IOS 

Succession Duty — 

Lineal issue or Lineal Ancestor of the Prede- \ 

cessor, ... J 

Brothers and Sisters of the Predecessor and \ 

their Descendants, J 

Brothers and Sisters of the Father or Mother \ 

of the Predecessor and their Descendants, / 
Brothers and Sisters of a Grandfather or \ 

Grandmother of the Predecessor and J- 

their Descendants, ... ... ...J 

Persons of more remote consanguinity or ] 

Strangers in Blood, ... ... ... j 

Xote. — The higher rates are not payable upon the interest of a Successor in 
[Leaseholds passing to him by Will, or devolution by law, or in property included 
!in an Account according to the value whereof Duty is payable under the Customs 
and Inland Revenue Act, 1881 (44 Vict., c. 12). 

Receipt given for or upon payment of money — £2 or upwards, ... id. 

Voting Paper. — Any instrument for the purpose of voting by any person 
entitled to vote at any meeting, ... ... ... ... ... id. 









Postmaster-General for the United Kingdom- 
Arnold Morley. 

-The Right Hon. 


Surveyor-General for Scotland, ... 
Surveyors— Northern District, 

Midland ,, 

Southern ,, 


A. M. Cunynghame. 
C. A. Maitland, Aberdeen, 
W. R. Mitford, Edinburgh. 
E. P. VV. Redford, Ayr. 
James Gibb. 


POST OFFICE, PERTH- Post Office Buildings, 2 High street. 

Headmaster — William Taylor. 

On Week Days the Office is open for Postal and Telegraph business 

from 7 a.m. till g p.m. ; and for Money Order, Savings Bank, Life 

Assurance, and Annuity business, from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. Savings Bank 

Deposits received till 9 p.m. 

On Sunday the office is open for Postal Business from 9 till 10 a.m. ; 
and for Telegraph business from 9 till 10 a.m. and from 4 till 5 p.m. 


Bridgend (Robert Robertson); Caledonian Place (Peter Robb) :. 
Craigie (John Kynoch Taylor) ; South Methven Street (J. S. Nicol). 

Open for Postal and Telegraph business from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m., and for 
Money Order and Savings Bank business from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. (Saturdays, 
8 p.m.). Savings Bank Deposits received till 8 p.m. 

Inland Letters. — The rates of postage, when prepaid, are as follows, 
viz. : — 

For a letter not above 1 oz id. 

above 1 oz. but not above 2 oz i^d. 

,, 2 oz. ,, 4 oz 2d. 

,, 4 oz. ,, 6 oz 2^d. 

,, 6 oz. ,, 8 oz 3d. 

,, 8 oz. ,, 10 oz 3^d. 

,, 10 oz. ,, 12 oz 4d. 

and so on, rising {d for every additional 2 oz. 
Unpaid letters charged double rates, and insufficiently prepaid letters 
charged double the deficiency. No letter may be above 18 inches in 
length, 9 inches in width, or 6 inches in depth. 

Inland Newspapers. — For each newspaper, irrespective of weight, ^d. 
Packets containing two or more are charged Book Post Rate. 

Inland Book and Circular Post. — The prepaid postage is one 
halfpenny for every 2 oz. or part of that weight. If posted unpaid the 
charge is double that amount ; and if posted partially paid, double the 
deficiency. No book-packet may be above 5 lbs. in weight, 18 inches in 
length, 9 in width, or 6 in depth. The packet must be open at the ends, 
and not closed against inspection. 

Inland Parcel Post. — The rate of postage (which must be prepaid) 
is for 1 lb., 3d ; 2 lbs., 4^d ; and i^d for every additional lb. up to 11 lbs. 
inclusive. Dimensions are restricted to 3 feet 6 inches in length, and 6 feet 
in length and girth combined. Parcels must be handed over the counter, 
and never dropped into the letter box. 

Inland Post Cards. — Thin, 10 for 5^d ; thick, 10 for 6d. Reply 
Post Cards, double rate. 

Newspaper Wrappers. — Halfpenny, 5 for 3d, 7 for 4d ; Penny, 8 
for Sid. 


Registration and Compensation. — The Postmaster General will 
give compensation for the loss and damage of Inland Registered Postal 
Packets of all kinds upon prepayment of the following scale of fees: — For 
2d— ^5 ; 3 d ~£ l ° 5 4d— £15 5 5d— ^20 ; 6d— £25 ; fd - ^30 ; 86— £35 ; 
9 d— ^40; iod— ^45; nd-^50. 

Post Office Express Delivery, —(i) Local Express throughout. — 
Under this service messages, letters, parcels, &c. , are conveyed the entire 
distance by special messenger. (2) Express Delivery of Mail Letters. — 
Under this service letters and parcels are forwarded by mail in the regular 
course of post to any express delivery office in the kingdom, and on arrival 
there are sent out for delivery by special messenger. Fees. — In addition to 
the full ordinary postage the fees are : —For a distance from the terminal 
office not exceeding one mile, 2d ; for every additional mile or part of a 
mile, 3d. 

Inland Money Orders.— For sums under £1—26; for sums of £1 
and under £2 — 3d ; £2 and under £/\ — 4d ; £4. and under £7 — 5d ; £7 
and not above ^10 — 6d. 

Foreign and Colonial Money Orders. — Sums not exceeding £2 — 
6d; £5—i/-; £7— 'i/6; £10—2/-. 

Inland Postal Orders.— For 1/- or i/6--£d ; 2/-, 2/6, 3/-, 3/6, 4/-, 
4/6, 5/-, 7/6, 10/-, 10/6— id; 15/-, 20/— i£d. 

Inland Telegrams. — The charge for twelve words or less is 6d, and 
for every additional word Jd, the names and addresses of sender and 
receiver being counted. 


Town Sub-Offices. 

South Methven street — 6.0, 9.0, 11.30 a.m., 2.30, 4.30, 6.30, 8.0, 9.30 p.m. 
Caledonian place— 6.0, 9.0, 11.20 a.m., 2.30, 4.30, 6.30, 8.0, 9.30 p.m. 
Bridgend — 5.30, 9.0, 11.30 a.m., 2.15, 4.30, 6.30, 8.0, 9.30 p.m. 
Craigie— 6.0, 10 a.m., 1.45, 4.30, 6.30, 8.0, 9.30 p.m. 

( The above are Money Order and Savings Bank Offices. ) 

Pillar and Wall Letter Boxes. 

Athole place — 5.30, 9.0. 11.30 a.m. ; 2.15, 4.30, 6.30, 9.30 p.m. 

Balhousie— 5.30, 9.0, 11.30 a.m., 2.15, 4.30, 6.30, 9.30 p.m. 

Brompton terrace (Kinnoull) — 9.30 a.m., 5.20, 8.20 p.m. 

General Prison — 9.15 a.m., 2.0, 5.15, 8.30 p.m. 

General Station — 5.30, 9.0, 11.30 a.m., 2.15, 4.30, 6.30, 9.15, p.m. 

Sunday, 1.10 p.m. 
High Craigie — 9.30 a.m., 1. 40, 5.40, 8.30 p.m. 
High street — 5.30, 9.0, 11.30 a.m., 2.15, 4.30, 6.30, 9.30 p.m. 
King street — 5.30, 9.0, 11.30 a.m., 2.15, 4.30, 6.30, 9.30 p.m. 
Marshall place— 5.30, 9.0, 11.30 a.m., 2.15, 4.30, 6.30, 9.30 p.m. 
Pitheavlis — 9.30 a.m., 3.30, 5.30, 8.30 p.m. 

Princes street — 5.30, 9.0, 11.30 a.m., 2.15, 4.30, 6.30, 9.30 p.m. 
Victoria road (Scone road) — 5.30, 10 a.m., 2.0, 6.0, 8.45 p.m. 




Letters can be registered for any Despatch during the hours the office is open, 
up to within 30 minutes of the closing of the Letter-Box. 

Lines of Route. ciosL ^Felf 

Sub-Offices and Rural Districts, Auchterarder, Crieff, ^ a.m. a.m. 

Stirling, Part of Fife, Edinburgh, London, Glasgow J- 5.0 

(Mondays only), &c. ... ... ... ... ... ) 

Rural Districts, 6.15 

Town Delivery — Aberdeen line, Highland line, Bridge \ fi 

of Earn, Abernethy, Kinross, Part of Fife, Dundee, &c. J "^ 

Scone, Aberdalgie, Almondbank, Methven, Harrietfield, \ o , Q g AO 

Redgorton, Stirling, &c, J '3 " 4 

Town Delivery, 8.30 8.55 

Forteviot, Glasgow, &c, 9.45 9.50 

Glencarse, Forfar, Brechin, Montrose, Aberdeen, Dundee, \ 

Murthly, Birnam, Dunkeld, Aberfeldy, Pitlochry, J- 11.0 11.10 

Blair- Athole, Inverness, &c, J 

Stirling, Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh, Glasgow, &c, ... ... n.45 H-55 


Town Delivery, 12 noon 12.10 

Auchterarder and Crieff, ... ... ... ... ... 1. 15 1.25 

Stanley, Coupar- Angus, and Blairgowrie, ... ... ... 3.10 3.30 

London Night Mail — Dundee, Fife, Crieff, Stirling, 1 

Edinburgh, Glasgow, England, Ireland, and places - 3.10 3.30 

Abroad, I 

Scone, Dunning, Auchterarder, &c. , ... ... ... 4.30 4.35 

Town Delivery, 4.30 4.45 

London Night Mail, Crieff, Stirling, Edinburgh, Glas- T 

gow, England, Ireland, and places Abroad, ... ... J •*■ 5-5 

Dundee, ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 6.10 6.20 

Glasgow, &c, 6.40 6.55 

London Day Mail — Dundee, Crieff, Stirling, Edinburgh, 1 

Glasgow, England, Ireland, and places Abroad, ... J '" '*•" 

Town Delivery, 7.30 7.55 

Aberdeen line, Highland line, Enrol, Inchture, Dundee, "I 

Fife, Stirling, Glasgow, West of England, &c, ...J "^ 


Dundee, Arbroath, Forfar, Brechin, iMontrose, Aberdeen, 

Crieff, Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow, England, Ireland, V 3. 10 
and places Abroad, 




Fife — London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and South — Aberdeen, ) y- 

Dundee — Inverness, Elgin, Forres, and Pitlochry, ... J "" a-rn - 

London, Glasgow, and South — Coupar-Angus, &c. — Inver- \ 
ness, Scone, ... ... J 

Dunkeld and Aberfeldy — Fife — London, Glasgow, Stirling, [ 

Crieff— Aberdeen— Dundee— Methven, Almondbank, ... J I2 - S P" m ' 

Rural Posts — London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and South — 1 

Dundee, Errol, and Inchture — Aberdeen, Inverness, and ^ 4. 50 ,, 
the North — Harrietfield, ) 

Inverness — Dundee, &c. — London, Glasgow, Stirling, Dun-S 

blane, and South — Edinburgh & Fife — Scone, Balbeggie, | ^ 
Methven, Redgorton, and local letters posted up till j ' " 
7.30 p.m., J 


for Posting. 

Edinburgh — Dunkeld, Birnam, Aberfeldy, Pitlochry, ... 8.40 a.m. 

Edinburgh, Glasgow — Dundee — Aberdeen, Inverness, & North, 9.50 ,, 

Auchterarder, Glasgow, Edinburgh, ... ... 11.55 ,, 

Dundee — Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Crieff, and \ 3.30 p.m. 

the South generally — Fife,... ... ... ... ... J 5.25 ,, 

Aberdeen — Glasgow, ... ... ... ... ... ... 6.20 ,, 

Stirling, Edinburgh, Carlisle, Manchester, Liverpool, Bir- \ , 

mingham, London, and South generally, ... ... j '->■> " 

Dundee — Blairgowrie, Forfar, Montrose, Aberdeen — Dun-^ 
keld, Blairathole, Pitlochrie, Kingussie, Inverness, and I 

North generally — Auchterarder, Crieff, Stirling, Edin- f "*° " 
burgh, Carlisle, Liverpool, London — St. Andrews, Fife, J 




9.0 £ 


12.15, 4.50, and 8.0 p.m. 






1 Austria, 




Australia (S. & W), per word 


i Belgium, 

3 1 


Cape Colony & Natal, 



j| Cyprus, 







3 3 


India, - 






Manitoba & Columbia, 


1 6 

ii Germany, 



New Brunswick, - 



i Gibraltar, 




|! Holland, 



New South Wales, 


I'i! Italy, - 



New Zealand, 



1 Malta, - 

3 3 


North-West Territory, 



1 Norway, 

' 3 


Nova Scotia, 


1 '- 

I Portugal, - 

3 3 


Ontario & Quebec, 



1 Russia, 

3 » 


Prince Edward Island, 



il Spain, - 


4 d. 



9 ; 3 

• 1 Sweden, 


4 d. 

United States, 

,, r/3toi ■: 





3 3 





Mails Outward. 

Hour of 


Hour of 


6.30 am 9.50 am 

11.0 am 4.0 pm 

10.30 pm G.30 am 

3.10 pm 
5.0 pm 
7.10 pm 
10.80 pm 
3.10 pm 
7.10 pm 

6.39 am 
11.0 am 
3.10 pm 
6.10 pm 
7.10 pm 

10.30 pm 

5.0 am 
11.45 am 
3.10 pm 

5.0 pm 
7.10 pm 

*5.0 am 
9.45 am 

11.45 am 
3.10 pm 
7.10 pm 

10.30 pm 
*5.0 am 
9.45 am 
3.10 pm 
7.10 pm 

10.30 pm 

6.30 am 

11.0 am 

10.30 pm 

5.0 pm 

7.10 pm 

10.30 pm 

5.0 am 
3.10 pm 

5.0 pm 
7.10 pm 

3.10 pm 

7.10 pm 

10.30 pm 

3.10 pm 

6.40 pm 

7.0 am 

6.15 pm 

8.0 am 

7.0 pm 

(next day) 

9.15 am 

12.30 pm 

5.45 pm 

8.0 pm 

1 6.45 am 

11.40 am 
2.30 pm 
6.15 pm 

\ 7.0 am 

11.0 am 
1 2. 30 pm 

7.30 pm 

I 7.0 am 

1.30 pm 

4.30 pm 

8.0 pm 

1 6 45 am 

12.5 pm 
7.30 pm 
7 30 am 

| 7.0 am 

6.15 pm 

9.30 pm 

1 8. 30 am 

10.30 am 

J- 7.0 am 
4.45 pm 



DUBLIN - - - 


^DUNDEE - - 




i inverness - 
[ liverpool 


[LONDON - - 







Mails Inward. 

Hour of 


Lett'r Box 


at Town 

Hour of 

Hour of 

5.0 pm 

10.0 pm 

6.15 am 

12.30 pm 

8.5 pm 

6.0 am 

9.30 am 

4.10 pm 

!■ 6.45 am 

12.15 pm 
4.50 pm 

11.10 am 
9.20 pm 
10.30 pm 

12 5 am 
7.10 am 
4.10 pm 

6.45 am 
9.0 am 
4.50 pm 

6.15 am 
6.10 pm 

12-5 am 
7.10 am 

6.45 am 
9.0 am 

8.15 pm 
9.40 pm 
4.0 am 
9.0 am 
2.50 pm 
5.30 pm 

10.25 pm 
12.5 am 
5.50 am 

10.30 am 
4.10 pm 
7.25 pm 

i 6.45 am 

12.15 pm 
4.50 pm 
8.0 pm 

8.0 pm 

4.0 am 

1.0 pm 

3.30 pm 

11.0 pm 
6.0 am 

4.10 pm 
7.0 pm 

| 6.45 am 

4.50 pm 
8.0 pm 

8.45 pm 
4.30 am 
9.15 am 
1.30 pm 
4.45 pm 

12.5 am 
7.10 am 
11.40 am 
4.10 pm 
7.25 pm 

C.45 am 

9.0 am 

12.15 pm 

4.50 pm 
8.0 pm 

7.40 pm 

3.0 am 

9.20 am 

2 40 pm 

12.5 am 
7.10 am 
4.10 pm 
7.25 pm 

6.45 am 
9.0 am 

4.50 pm 
8.0 pm 

7.10 pm 
10 pm 
9.40 am 
2.30 pm 

6.0 am 
t8.5 am 
4.10 pm 
7.25 pm 

t6.45 am 
9.0 am 
4.50 pm 
8.0 pm 

3 30 pm 
11.0 pm 

12.5 am 
7.10 am 

6.45 am 
9.0 am 

9.15 am 

6.0 pm 

9.0 pm 

10.45 pm 

4.15 am 

8.45 pm 
7.10 am 
11.40 am 
4.10 pm 
7.25 pm 

6.45 am 

9.0 am 

12.15 pm 

4.50 pm 
8.0 pm 

3.15 pm 
11 pm 

12.5 am 
7.10 am 

6.45 am 
9.0 am 

3.15 pm 
1.30 am 
5.30 am 

12 5 am 
7.10 am 
4.25 pm 

6.45 am 

9.0 am 

4.50 pm 

* Mondays only. 1 12.15 p.m. on Mondays. 



>> >> 

> > 
W W 


. c 

: -a 

1 «5 & 

: « ST 


b b b 2 

• oj <D <D • <y 
: > > > : H 

www <: 


° - 

b J ro ^ ST ^ j «s 

i : ||ici3 ': ■:££: : 5g^|l ^ J 

M t/: ►> 3 i« , oi ?3 S^ : a; 3 u . h e «i . £ c 

H H ^H^HW^^ H ^ H £ £^H £ £ £ 

>* fc E £ £>Z?^£?z: E ¥ £>?i: >? ^"5 ■£ >^ >> <u ■£ 

53 <u ^3J5j5jajaj aj<1J S r " | u <I, 5j5jSS5j5jPS 
W W <<WWWW<<roQW<WW^^WWcoS 


£ 3 

3 O 

c ; 



I S.S 


ool, ... 
t Packet, 
ed States, 
pe and Nat 








Continent of) 
China, . . 

San Franci 
ddressed " 

he Pacific, 

2 &, o -y o 

-~ oj i- C K 





M a™ 

_T m ai 

co W • « o 


*- o .« 

Brazil, w'a 

, , via 

Canada, by 

it vi 

Cape of Go 

- n 



a, 272 





New Z 

West I 





from Perth. 

Rates of Postage. 

Africa (West Coast) 

1st & 16th of mon. 

3 lbs. 2/4, 7 lbs. 2/9. 

Argentine Republic 

Every Thursday 

3 lbs. 4/7, 7 lbs. 5/1. 

Ascension and St. Helena 


8d per lb. 

Australia— South & Western, ) 

Victoria, New South Wales, - 

Every Tuesday 

2 lbs. 1/6, each succeeding lb. 9d. 

and Tasmania . . ) 

Austria-Hungary, via Hamburg 


3 lbs. 1/5$, 7 lbs. 1/11$. 

,, via Belgium 

Twice daily 

3 lbs. 1/9, 7 lbs. 2/2. 


Twice daily 

3 lbs. 1/3, 7 lbs. 1/8, 11 lbs. 2/2$. 

Canadia — Ontario, Quebec — 'i 
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia 1 
Prince Edward Is., Manitoba j" 
and N. W. Territory J 

Every Wednesday 

lOd per lb. 

Cape of Good Hope—C&pe Town 

Every Wednesday 

9d. per lb. 

Cape Colony & Bechuanaland 

Every Wednesday 

1/- per lb. 

Cape Coast Castle 

Every Thursday 

9d per lb. 


Every Monday 

1 lb. 9d, each succeeding lb. 6d. 


Every Monday 

3 lbs. 4/-, 7 lbs. 4/6. 

China (Hong-Kong) 


1 lb. lOd, each succeeding lb. 6d.i 

Congo Free State 

11th of month 

3 lbs. 3/-, 7 lbs. 3/6, 11 lbs. 4/-. 

Constantinople and Smyrna . . 


3 lbs. 1/6, 7 lbs. 2/6, 11 lbs. 3/6. 


Twice daily 

3 lbs. 1/9, 7 lbs. 2/2. 


Every Monday 

1 lb. 1/-, each succeeding lb. 5d. 

Denmark, via Hamburg 

Mon.,Tues., Thur. 

3 lbs. 1/5, 7 lbs. 2/- 

,, via Belgium 

Twice daily 

3 lbs. 1/9, 7 lbs. 2/2. 

Egypt, via the Thames 

Every Monday 

2 lbs. 1/3, each succeeding lb. 5d. 

France (except Corsica) 

Twice daily 

3 lbs. 1/4, 7 lbs. 1/9. 

Germany, via Hamburg 

Mon., Tues.,Thur. 

3 lbs. 1/ ,7 lbs. 1/7. 

,, via Belgium 

Twice daily 

3 lbs. 1/4, 7 lbs. 1/9. 


Every Monday 

1 lb. 8d, each succeeding lb. 4d. 


Twice daily 

3 lbs. 1/-, 7 lbs. 1/8, 11 lbs. 2/3. 

India, Aden, and Burmah 

Every Monday 

1 lb. 1/-, each succeeding lb. 8d. 

Italy, via France 

Twice daily 

7 lbs. 2/1. 

,, via Belaium, Germany, &c. 

Twice Daily 

3 lbs. 2 4$, 7 lbs. 2/9$. 

Java— Batavia 

Every Tr.esday 

3 lbs. 2/-, 7 lbs. 3/3, 11 lbs. 4/6. 

,, Other places 

Every Tuesday 

3 lbs. 2/5, 7 lbs. 3/8, 11 lbs. 5/1. 



3 lbs. 3/2, 7 lbs. 3/7. 

Malta via the Thames 

Every Monday 

1 lb. 8d, each succeeding lb. 4d. 


About 9th of mon. 

8d per lb. 

Natal— Durban 


9d per lb. 

,, Other places .. 


1/- per lb. 



1 lb. 9d, each succeeding lb. 6d. 

New Zealand 


2 lbs. 1/6, each succeeding lb. 9d. 


Mon. and Thur. 

3 lbs. l(Ud, 7 lbs. 1/5 J, 11 lbs. 2/1. 


Fortnightly . . 

7 lbs. 2/1. 

Sierra Leone 

Every Friday . . 

9d. per lb. 


Twice daily 

6$ lbs. 2/1. 

Straits Settlements 


1 lb. 9d, each succeeding lb. 6d. 

Sweden . .... 

Tues., Wed., Sat. 

3 lbs. 1/2$, 7 lbs. 2/3$. 

Switzerland, via France 


3 lbs. 1/6, 7 lbs. 2/-. 

West Indies — Jamaica 


9d per lb. 

Dominica and St. Vincent . . 


7d per lb. 



3 lbs. 2/6, 7 lbs. 4/5, 11 lbs. 6/-. 

British Guano 


1 lb. lOd, each succeeding lb. 8d. 

Barbados, Trinidad 


8d per lb. 

St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix 

Fortnightly .. 

3 lbs. 1/9, 7 lbs. 3/-. 11 lbs. 4/3. 



1 lb. 1/-, each succeeding lb. 8d. 

* Hong-Kong (including Amoy, Canton, Foochow, Hankow, Haihow, Macao 
Ningo, Shanghai Swatow), snd other places in China at Owner's risk. 



Abbey, Andrew, calico glazer, 38 James street 

Abbot, Alexander, brassfinisher, 28 Whitefriars street 

Abbot, Mrs William, 65 Pomarium street 

Abbot, Thomas, painter, 23 Pomarium street 

Aberdeen Loan Co., Limited, pawnbrokers, 33 to 37 Mill street, and 

14 Cutlog vennel. See Advt. 
Abernethy, William, dyer's finisher, 12 Melville street 
Adam, George, signalman, 58 Longcauseway 
Adam, John, railway guard, 20 County place 
Adam, Annie, dairykeeper, 108 South street 
Adams. Alexander, gardener, 5 Pomarium street 
Adams, Betsy, 12 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 
Adams, David, labourer, 207 High street 
Adams, David, traveller, 21 Balhousie street 
Adams, Isabella, washer, 232 High street 
Adams, James, labourer, 1 1 Kinnoull causeway 
Adams, John, compositor, 253 High street 
Adams, John, engine-driver, 21 Priory place, Craigie 
Adams, Mrs, 26 Newrow 
Adams, Thomas, labourer, George Inn lane 
Adams, Thomas, signalman, Barnhill Lodge, Barnhill 
Adams, William, railway porter, 63 Leonard street 
Adams, William, yardsman, 199 South street 
Adams, William, railway policeman, 16 St. lane's place, Craigie 
Addie, John (Rev.), M.A., 8 Comely bank, Bridgend 
Adie, William, confectioner and pastry baker, 2 Melville street and 

56 Athole street ; h. 4 Melville street 
Agnew, Owen, labourer, 63 South street 
Aimer, William, photographer, 87 High street 
Airth, George, railway guard, 1 1 Abbot street, Craigie 
Airth, John, pointsman, 2 St. Jane's place, Craigie 
Aitchison, John, bank accountant, 3 Pitcullen crescent 
Aitken, James, labourer, 190 High street 
Aitken, James, insurance agent, 163 South street 
Aitken, John, pensioner, 9 Watergate 
Aitken, John, railway servant, 8 Market street 
Aitken, John, lorryman, 56 Longcauseway 
Aitken, Joseph W., horsedealer, 17 Earl's dykes 
Aitken, Mary, 56 Mill street 

Alexander, Alexander, slater, 37 Pomarium street 
Alexander, Alexander, tinsmith, 85 South street 
Alexander, Charles, glass merchant and glazier, 100 High street ; h. 1 

Kincarrathie crescent 
Alexander, Charles, egg merchant, 19 Hospital street 
Alexander, David, clerk, Comely Hank House, Bridgend 
Alexander, George, draper and clothier, 236 High street ; h. 14 Scott street 
Alexander, George, machinist, 3 St. Paul's square 
Alexander, George dyer, 37 Canal street 


Alexander, James, commercial traveller, 10 Muirhall terrace, Bridgend 

Alexander, John, M.A., science teacher, Avon Villa, Abbot street, Craigie 

Alexander, John, tailor's cutter, 22 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Alexander, Mrs, washer, 82 South street 

Alexander, Mrs John, 224 High street 

Alexander, Mary Ann, 31 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Alexander, Mrs Thomas, Muirton bank, Balhousie 

Alexander, William, hammerman, 204 South street 

Alexander, William, labourer, 154 South street 

Alexander, William H., coachwheeler, 88 Reform place 

Alison, Alexander, engine driver, 24 St. Jane's place, Craigie 

Alison, Alexander, gardener, old toll house, Glasgow road 

Allan Andrew, dyer's finisher, 6 Mill close 

Allan, C, E., & M., milliners and dressmakers, 11 South Methven street : 

h. 20 King street 
Allan, David T., aerated water manufacturer, 12 Homers' lane; h. 13 
Allan, David, machinist, 6 Mill close 
Allan, David, telegraph clerk, 20 King street 
Allan, David, mason, 34 Caledonian road 
Allan, David, carter, 1 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Allan, Isabella, 216 South street 
Allan, James, town's officer, 3 High street 

Allan, James, tobacconist, 26 High street ; //. 23 Gowrie street, Bridgend 
Allan, James, labourer, 8 Scott street 
Allan, James, plasterer, 79 South street 
Allan, James, loftsman, Jeanfield cottage, Jeanfield 
Allan, James, silk finisher, 3 Wesleyan buildings, I Scott street 
Allan, James H., confectioner, 54 George street ; h. New Scone 
Allan, Jessie, 5 East Bridge street, Bridgend 
Allan, John, joiner, 4 Newrow 
Allan, John, dyer's cleaner, 1 1 Earl's dykes 
Allan, John, railway porter, 37 Cross street 
Allan, John, blacksmith, 12 County place 
Allan, John, hawker, 146 High street 
Allan, Marjory, 53 Main street 
Allan, Margaret, 18 Barrack street 
Allan, Mary, dye worker, 5 Back wynd, Bridgend 
Allan, Mrs Alexander, 28 High street 
Allan, Mrs James, grocer. 194 South street ; //. 183 
Allan, Mrs Margaret, 52 Tay street 
Allan, Mrs Robert, 20 Thimblerow 
Allan, Mrs William, 123 High street 
Allan, Robert, hosier, 33 High street ; h. Myra Cottage, 27 Pitcullen 

terrace, Bridgend. See Advt. 
Allan, Robert, plasterer, 88 Reform place 
Allan, Thomas, insurance agent, 44 St. John street 
Allan, Thomas, boilermaker, Friarton 
Allan, William, labourer, 290 High street 
Allan, William, vanman, 21 Fleshers' vennel 
Allan, William, dyer, 1 Paul street 
Allison, David, mason, 52 Victoria street 


Allison, John, cabinetmaker, 6 Carpenter street 

Alloa Coal Co., N. B. Mineral Depot, Glasgow Road ; office, 16 George 

street ; Andrew Hunter, agent. See Advt. 
Amos, Adam, signalman, 8 Caledonian road 
An cell, Johnstone, fireman, 199 South street 
Ancient Order of Foresters' Hall, 175 High street 
Anderson, Alexander, compositor, 43 Pomarium street 
Anderson, Alexander, joiner, Milestone Cottage, Barnhill 
Anderson, Alexander, joiner, 37 Leonard street 
Anderson, Andrew, lithographic printer, 24 Canal street 
Anderson, Andrew, coach wheeler, 105 South street 
Anderson, Archibald, St. Alban's, Kinnoull 
Anderson, Archibald, dyer's labourer, 140 High street 
Anderson, Catherine, 6 County place 

Anderson, Chas., cycle agent, 219 High st. ; h. 17 Gladstone ter., Bridgend 
Anderson, David, 8 Barossa place 
Anderson, D. C, tailor and clothier, 21 County place ; h. 42 N. Methven 

Anderson, David, tailor, 2 Roselea place, Jeanfield 
Anderson, E., C, & J., teachers, 37 Main street, Bridgend 
Anderson, Elizabeth, 48 Newrow 
Anderson, George, labourer, 378 High street 
Anderson, Isabella, dyeworker, 5 Gowrie street, Bridgend 
AndePSOn, James, glass and china merchant, 54 St. John street ; h. 

43 York place. See Advt. 
Anderson, James, clerk, 61 -trathmore street, Bridgend 
Anderson, James, waiter, 198 South street 
Anderson, James, clerk, 18 Canal street 
Anderson, James, warder, General Prison 
Anderson, James, joiner, 31 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Anderson, James, butcher, 234 High street ; h. St. Catherine's place 
Anderson, John (Rev.), D.D., Kinnoull Manse, Kinnoull 
Anderson, John, blacksmith, 21 Market street 
Anderson, John, contractor, Barnhill 

Anderson, John, yardsman, 15 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Anderson, John, retired farmer, Cherrybank 
Anderson, John, coal salesman, 95 Pomarium street 
Anderson, Lizzie, 21 Market street 
Anderson, Margaret, 21 King street 
Anderson, Matthew S., china merchant, 29 St. John street ; h. 4 Moredun 

terrace, Craigie 
Anderson, Mrs, 282 High street 
Anderson, Mrs Ann, laundress, 12 Victoria street 
Anderson, Mrs Archibald, 129 High street 
Anderson, Mrs Charlotte M., Moncreiffe bank, Craigie 

Anderson, Mrs Daniel, grocer, 19 Athole street ; h. 18 North William street 
Anderson, Mrs Donald, refreshment rooms, 57 Leonard street 
Anderson, Mrs Flora, 78 Victoria street 
Anderson, Mrs George, 12 Pomarium street 
Anderson, Mrs George, 306 High street 
Anderson, Mrs George, laundress, 20 Barrack street 


Anderson, Mrs James, 45 North Methven street 

Anderson, Mrs James, 43 York place 

Anderson, Mrs James, 33 Pomarium street 

Anderson, Mrs James, 139 >outh street 

Anderson, Mrs James. 126 High street 

Anderson, Mrs John, tailoress, 89 South street 

Anderson, Mrs John, confectioner, 15 Paul street 

Anderson, Mrs John A., St. Alban's, Kinnoull 

Anderson, Mrs Laurence, 11 Stormont street 

Anderson, Mrs Margaret, grocer, 1 Milne street; h. 21 Market street 

Anderson, Mrs Robert. 142 South street 

Anderson, Mrs Thomas, 32 Barossa street 

Anderson, Mrs William, 33 Pomarium street 

Anderson, Peter, signalman, Bellwood Lodge, Barnhill 

Anderson, Peter, planemaker, 20 Union lane 

Anderson, Peter, medical missionary, [4 King street 

Anderson, Robert, railway foreman, West High street 

Anderson, Robert, contractor, 1 Speygate 

Anderson, Robert W., market gardener, Orchardbank, Barnhill 

Anderson, Thomas, railway servant, 15 Thimblerow 

Anderson, William, 258 High street 

Anderson, William, policeman, 22 Market street 

Anderson, William, shunter, 19 Kinnoull causeway 

Anderson, William, sculptor, Caledonian road ; h. 41 Priory place, Craigie 

Anderson, William, dyer's finisher, 45 Balhousie street 

Anderson, William W., glazier. 246 High street 

Anderson, William, coach-trimmer, 19 Stormont street 

Anderson, William, dyer, 28 Scott street 

Andersons, wholesale fruiterers and potato merchants, 130 Canal crescent 

and 27 County place ; h. 122 Canal crescent. See Advt. 
Andrews, Robert, dairykeeper, 6 North port ; h. 4 
Angus, Andrew, machine fitter, 102 High street 
Angus, David, pointsman, 50 Glover street 
Angus, George, painter, 22 Thimblerow 
Angus, James, blacksmith, 20 thimblerow 
Angus, James, cattleman, 337 High street 
Angus, John, cowfeeder, 10 Abbot street, Craigie 
Angus, John, engineer, 24 Main street, Bridgend 
Angus, Robert, 53 Main street, Bridgend 
Angus, Thomas, shoemaker, 205 South street 
Angus, Thomas, shoemaker, 55 High street 
Angus, Thomas, labourer, 4 James street 
Angus, Thomas, fireman, 15 Glover street 
Angus, Thomas, gas stoker, 19 Scott street 
Angus, William, sawyer, 45 Canal street 
Angus, William, labourer, 45 Canal street 
Angus, William, tailor, 163 High street 
Angus, William, labourer, 310 High street 
Annal, John, 2 Strathearn terrace, Glasgow road 
Annan, Mary, 1 King James place, Marshall place 
Anton, David, gardener, 42 Commercial street, Bridgend 


Archer, Andrew B., 3 Balhousie Bank, Hay street 

Archbold, George, Cathedral Church officer, 10 Shields' place, Dunkeld rd. 

Archibald, David, labourer, 1 Thimblerow 

Archibald, William, coachsmith, Ni Kinnoull causeway 

Archibald, William, 10 Athole street 

Armour, Mrs George, cowfeeder, 1 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Armstrong, Christina, 10 Thimblerow 

Armstrong, David, waiter, 8 Castlegable 

Armstrong, John, 2 Nelson street 

Armstrong, Margaret, 28 Athole street 

Armstrong, Peter, labourer, 126 High street 

Armstrong, William, labourer, 14 South street 

Arnott, David, labourer, 46 Barossa street 

Arnott, Mrs David, 253 High street 

Arnott, Peter, warder, General Prison 

Arnott, William, goods superintendent N.B. Railway, St. Leonard's Hall 

Arthur, Henry, labourer, 55 High street 

Arthur, Henry, dyer, 13 Barossa street 

Arthur, William, signalman, 43 Cross street 

Artillery Volunteers' Hall, 21 Union street 

Ash, Isaac, shoemaker, 355 High street 

Ash, Mrs Peter, feather dresser, 55 High street 

Ash, Peter, carriage builder, Victoria Carriage Works ; h. 55 High street 

Ashton, Agnes, 55 Pomarium street 

Ashton, Dina, 24 Market street 

Auld, Alexander, joiner, 28 Caledonian road 

Ault, Charles, labourer, 41 Skinnergate 

Ayre, George M., chemist (of Dandie & Company), 75 High street ; h. 71 

Azzali, Luigi, ice cream manufacturer, 55 South street and 14 Hospital street 

Baillie, J. R., cashier, Pitcullen terrace 
Baillie, Peter, salesman, 34 Thimblerow 
Bain, Alexander, labourer, 159 South street 
Bain, Andrew, labourer, Cherrybank 
Bain, John, railway guard, 19 Leonard street 
Bain, Mrs Alexander, 13 Queen street, Craigie 
Baird, David, waiter, 19 St. John street 
Baird, Henry, carriage inspector, 9 South William street 
Baird, Jane & Jessie, dress, jacket, and mantle makers, 113 High street 
I Baird, John, jeweller, 47 George street 
Baird, John, dyer's finisher, 45 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Baird, Mrs. George, dressmaker, 16 Hammerman's buildings, Kinnoull 

Baird, William Oliphant, dyer, 5 Low street 
Baker, Joseph R. , brushmaker, 1 1 Skinnergate 
Baker, Walter, Market Hotel, Caledonian road 
Baker, William, labourer, 214 High street 
Baker, William, labourer, 80 Watergate 
Balderston, William H., surveyor of taxes and county assessor, 40 Tay 

street ; h. Balhousie terrace 
Balfour, Andrew, joiner, 26 Whitefriars street 


Balfour, David, shunter, Braehead, Jeanfield 

Balfour, David, joiner, Braehead, jeanfield 

Balfour, David, cooper, 22 Meal vennel 

Balfour, William, joiner, 24 Whitefriars street 

Ballantine, Agnes, 55 Balhousie street 

Ballantine & Christie, milliners and dressmakers, 67 George .street ; h. 55 

Balhousie street 
Ballantine, Christina, 9 Watergate 
Ballantine, James, saddler, 50 George street ; h. 28 Commercial street, 

Bridgend. See Advt. 
Ballantine, James, joiner, 47 Canal street ; h. 65 
Ballantine, James, grocer and provision merchant, Red Star, 13 South 

Methven street ; h. 61 Mill street 
Ballantine, Mary, 51 Commercial street 
Ballantine, Mrs Alexander, 16 Union lane 
Ballantine, Peter, coal dealer, 350 High street ; h. 325 
Ballantine, Thomas, house factor, I Hospital street ; h. 1 Myrtle place, 

Dunkeld road. See Advt. 
Ballantine, William, coach wheeler, 9 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Ballingall, Andrew Hunter, w.s., British Linen Bank ; h. Tay Fletts, Old 

Scone road 
Balmain, Alexander, labourer, y] Castlegable 
Balmain, David, weaver, 8 Skinnergate 

Balmain, James, Maxwellton, Brompton terrace, Bowerswell rd., Kinnoull 
Balmain, John, Gowriebank, Barnhill 
Balmain, Margaret, 15 Main street 
Band, Mrs Mungo, 70 Pomarium street 
Bank of Scotland Office, 5c St. John street —James Paterson, agent ; 

Branch Office, 35 North Methven street — Andrew Martin, agent 
Banks, Alexander, painter, 12 Scott street ; h. I Clayholes 
Banks, David, inkmaker, 2 Clayholes 

Banks, Elizabeth, newsagent, 18 Gowrie st. ; h. 49 Commercial St., Bridgend 
Banks, George, plumber, 1 1 Clayholes 

Banks, James, locomotive inspector, 4 Craigie crescent, Craigie 
Banks, James, & Sons, rope, twine, and net manufacturers, 141 High 

street ; h. Albert Cottage, St. Catherine's place 
Banks, Mrs George, 12 Clayholes 

Banks, Mrs James, Albert Cottage St. Catherine's place 
Bannerman, D. D. (Rev.), d.d., St. Leonard's F.C. Manse, 1 King's place 
Bannerman, John, carter, 5 Victoria court, Canal street 
Bannerman, John, commercial traveller, 27 York place 
Bannerman, Mrs Robert, Leonard place 

Uannister, Thomas, bootmaker, 9 Athole place ; h. 9 Barossa place 
Baptie, George, sheep dealer, 4 Market street 
Baptist Church, 2 Canal street 
Barbour, Mrs James, 8 Castlegable 
Barbour, Thomas, joiner, 24 Canal street 
Barclay, Alexander, pattern maker, 26 Melville street 
Barclay, David, painter, 13 Keir street 
Barclay, Elizabeth, 8 Priory place 
Barclay, Ellen D., dressmaker, 2 Barossa street 


Barclay, James, manager Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 10 Keir st. 

Barclay, James, carter, 38 Carr's croft, Craigie 

Barclay, John, painter, 2 Bridge lane 

Barclay, John, gas stoker, Low road, Cherrybank 

Barclay, John, labourer, 2 Brown street 

Barclay, Mary, 49 Stormont street 

Barclay, Mrs George, 8 Kinnoull street 

Barclay, Mrs Mungo, 44 Newrow 

Barclay, William, schoolmaster, Craigielea Villa, Friar street, Craigie 

Harclay, William G. , engineer, Breadalbane terrace 

Barclay, William A., actuary and cashier, Savings Bank, 24 Tay street 

Barker, Andrew, dyer, 2 Rosemount place, Bridgend 

Barker, Catherine, Grace, and Margaret, 14 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 

Barker, David M., architect, 9 South Methven street; h. 14 Pitcullen 

terrace, Bridgend 
Barker, George, mechanical engineer, Tay Iron Works, 21 Newrow; 

h. Cowrie Bank, Burghmuir. See Advt. 
Barlas, James, bookseller, 263 High street 
Barlass, Alexander, coppersmith, 7 Whitefriars street 

Barlass, J. & D., ironmongers, copper and tinsmiths, 46 and 48 High street 
Barlass, James (of J. & D. Barlass), 25 Scott street 
Barlass, Mrs William, 27 Scott street 
Barm Company, 15 Cutlog vennel 
Barnet, William, 9 South William street 

Barnett, George, smith and wireworker, 232 High st. ; h. 9 St. Ann's lane 
Barns, Mrs Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 256 High street ; h. 23 

Barossa place 
Barr, Thomas M., civil engineer, General Station ; h. Willowbank, Barnhill 
Barracks, Militia, 26 James street 
Barracks, Queen's, Barrack street 
Barret, Mrs Walter, grocer, 59 Meal vennel 
Barry, Alexander G., salesman, 253 High street 
Barty, James, dyer's finisher, 15 Castlegable 
Barty, John, labourer, 69 South street 
Batchelor, Andrew, cloth inspector, 38 Glover street 
Batchelor, Robert, loftsman, 1 Cutlog vennel 

Bathgate, James, & Co., preserve manufacturers, St. Andrew street 
Bauchop, Emily, 3 Lickley street 
Bauchop, William, platelayer, 38 Newrow 

Bauchop, William, coal merchant, Perth North Station; h. 26 Whitefriars st. 
Baumer, George, watchmaker, 1 1 Cow vennel 
Baxter, Alexander, tailor, 105 South street 
Baxter, Andrew James Burt (Rev.), 8 St. Leonard's bank 
Baxter, Ann, 85 South street 
Baxter, David, weaver, I Paul street 
Baxter, James, warper, 53 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Baxter, James, fireman, 51 Newrow 
Baxter, Jane, 73 Pomarium street 
Baxter, John, dyer, 55 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Baxter, Misses, dressmakers, 23 North Methven street 
Baxter, Mrs Ellen, laundress, 10 Kinnoull street 


Baxter, Mrs James, 53 Kinnoull causeway 
Baxter, Mrs James, 56 Pomarium street 
Baxter, Mrs James, 18 Strathmore street 
Baxter, Mrs John, Jeanfield 
Baxter, Peter, compositor, 45 Scott street 
Baxter, Thomas, joiner, 23 North Methven street 
Baxter, William, seaman, 97 South street 
Bayne, A. & L., milliners, 10 Charlotte street ; h. 6 

Bayne, Andrew, clearing-house clerk, 38 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Bayne, George, jeweller, 113 High street 

Bayne, James W., cemetery superintendent, Wellshill Cottage, Jeanfield 
Bayne, John, blacksmith, 18 Caledonian road 

Bayne, Mrs James, grocer, 3 Leonard street ; h. 6 Charlotte street 
Bayne, William, engine driver, 1 Abbot street, Craigie 
Beaton, Alexander, labourer, 190 High street 
Beaton, William Leslie, 8 Muirhall terrace, Bridgend 
Beatson, Mrs James, 21 Union street 

Beattie, James, bird dealer, 117 South street ; h. 95 Pomarium street 
Beattie, James, joiner, 95 Pomarium street 
Beattie, Janet, 10 Pitcullen crescent, Bridgend 
Beattie, John, carter, 30 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Beattie, John, tobacco manufacturer, 158 High st. ; h. 12 King's place (W.) 
Beattie, Mrs James, 47 Balhousie street 
Bedford, Fred. W. , banker, 8 Pitcullen crescent, Bridgend 
Begg, James, shepherd, 1 Lickley street 
Belfrage, Catherine, 18 Charlotte street 

Bell, Alexander, & Sons, slaters and slate merchants, 31 Canal street 
Bell, Andrew, plumber, 73 Main street 
Bell, Andrew, plasterer, 14 Rosslyn place, Glasgow road 
Bell, Andrew, scavenger, 224 High street 
Bell, Ann, 82 South street 
Bell, Ann, 12 Pomarium street 
Bell, Ann, 31 Shield's place, Dunkeld road 

Bell, Arthur, wine merchant, 7 South St. John's place ; h. Craigenvar, New- 
Bell, George, slater and slate merchant, 31 Canal street 
Bell, Henry, labourer, 190 High street 
Bell, James, feather dyer, 43 Stormont street 
Bell, James, carpenter, 64 South street 
Bell, James, finisher, 290 High street 
Bell, James R. , house painter, 5 South street 
Bell, Jane, 18 North William street 

Bell, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 29 County place. See Advt. 
Bell, John, painter, 24 West Mill street 
Bell, Joseph, slater, 23 North Methven street 

Bell & Keay, manufacturers, 87 Leonard street ; h. 47 Kinnoull causeway 
Bell, Mrs John, 24 West Mill street 
Bell, Mrs William, 17 Watergate 

Bell, Rannie, & Co. , wine merchants, 35 St. John street 
Bell, Robert, dyer, 8 St. Ann's lane 
Bell, Robert, dyer, 30 Thimblerow 


Bell, Robert, commercial traveller, 4 Brunswick terrace, Craigie 

Bell, Robert, joiner, 37 Commercial street 

Bell, Thomas, glassblower, 16 Newrow 

Bell, William, porter, 79 Kinnoull causeway 

Bell, William D., dyer, 37 George street 

Belmain, Robert, draper, 38 Tay street 

Belmont, Mary Ann, 2 Victoria court, Canal street 

Bennet, Alexander, plant inspector, 18 Caledonian road 

Bennet, John, cattleman, 6 Pomarium street 

Bennet, Mrs Adam, cowfeeder, Friarton 

Bennet, Mrs Thomas J , 53 Balhousie street 

Bennet, Thomas J., inland revenue officer, 53 Balhousie street 

Benvie, Alexander, 26 Queen street, Craigie 

Bertie, Joseph, clerk, 11 Canal street 

Berwick, Minnie, 61 Meal vennel 

Berwick, Mrs William, 146 High street 

Beveridge, Alexander, builder and valuator, Newrow ; h. Bonnie- 
view, Cherrybank. See Advt. 

Beveridge, David, monumental sculptor, 2 and 4 York place ; h. 60 
Scott street. See Advt. 

Beveridge, Margaret, dressmaker, 2 Nelson street 

lieveridge, Mrs Alexander, 4 Cross street 

Beveridge, Mrs James, mangier, 43 Leonard street 

Beveridge, Robert, coal salesman, Cherrybank 

Biggart Brothers, painters and glaziers, 66 Princes street 

Biggart, David, janitor, 23 Commercial street 

Billetmaster's Office, 18 Tay street; John Welsh, billetmaster 

Binnie, George, 46 Glover street 

Bird, Catherine, dressmaker, 7 Balhousie street 

Birnie, John, fireman, 38 Newrow 

Birrell, A. & J., drapers, 118 High street 

Birrell, Andrew, draper (of A. & J.), 7 Balhousie street 

Birrell, David, engine-driver, 62 Longcauseway 

Birrell, Helen, 51 South Methven street 

Birrell, Mrs William, 8 Keir street, Bridgend 

Birrell, William, labourer, 175 South street 

Bisset, Andrew, coachtrimmer, 9 South William street 

Bisset, Betsy, 9 Charteris street 

Bisset, David, vanman, in South street 

Bisset, David, engine-driver, 6 County place 

Bisset, James, loco, foreman, 3 Breadalbane terrace 

Bisset, James, fruiterer, 61 North Methven street 

Bisset, John, plumber, 18 Strathmore street 

Bisset, John, dyer, 296 High street 

Bisset, John, dyer, 281 High street 

Bisset, Mrs Elizabeth, laundress, Barnhill 

Bisset, Mrs James, 46 Carr's croft 

Bisset, Mrs Jane, lodgings, 86 High street 

Bisset, Mrs John, sack sewer, 13 Barossa place 

Bisset, Mrs William, 325 High street 
Bisset, Peter, dyer, 4 Barrack street 


Bisset, Peter, labourer, 21 Castlegable 

Bisset, Robert, printer, 39 Watergate 

Bisset, Thomas, dyer's finisher, 4 Gowrie street, Bridgend 

Bisset, William, saddler, 34 Newrow 

Bisset, William, dyer's finisher, 325 High street 

Bisset, William, brush and basket maker, 65 High street and 19 Guard 

vennel ; h. 191 High street. See Advt. 
Black, Archibald, 232 High street 
Black, F. M., science and art teacher (Academy), Strathview, New Scone 

Blaek, George, agricultural implement and manure agent, 16 Victoria 

street ; h. 8. See Advt. 
Black, Jessie, 4 South street 
Black, John, printer, 4 Evelyn terrace, Craigie 
Black, John, umbrella manufacturer and milliner, 173 High street ; h. 74 

St. John street 
Black, John, post-office clerk, Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 
Black, Margaret, tailoress, yj Leonard street 
Black, Mrs George, 4 Evelyn terrace, Craigie 
Black, Mrs John, 72 Athole street 

Black, Mrs Samuel, meal merchant, 4 Mill street ; h. 8 
Black, William, coachman, 79 South street 
Blackadder, John, porter, 54 Glover street 
Blacklaw, Elizabeth, dyeworker, 35 Stormont street 
Blackstock, David, telegraph lineman, 25 Cross street 
Blades, Henry, engine driver, 41 Pomarium street 
Blaikie, Mrs John, 85 Victoria street 
Blair, Ann, dressmaker, 266 High street 
Blair, Ann, 25 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 
Blair, Christina, dyeworker, 4 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 
Blair, David, cutter, 12 Barrack street 
Blair, David, dyer, 10 North William street 
Elair, Hugh, dyer, 12 St. Catherine's road 
Blair, James, dyer, 13 Paul street 
Blair, Jane, dyer's finisher, 142 South street 
Blair, [ohn, railway conductor, Tayview bank, Glasgow road 
Blair, John, dyer, 12 St. Catherine's road 
Blair, Miss, 6 Main street 
Blair, Mrs, 13 Leonard street 

Blair, Mrs Douglas, Beechwood, 9 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 
Blair, Mrs John, 7 Leonard street 
Blair, Mrs Thomas, 21 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Blair, Peter, shoemaker, 55 High street 

Blair, Rose Panton, chemist and druggist, 44 South Methven street ; h. 40 
Blair, Thomas, dyer, 89 South street 
Blair, William, dyer, 20 County place 
Blair, William, compositor, 281 High street 
Blellock, Robert, coachbuilder, 4 Cow vennel 
Blyth, Alexander, sawyer, 18 Watergate 

Blyth, Andrew, & Sons, butchers, 234 South street ; h. 37 York place 
Blyth, George, Miller, 87 Leonard street 


Blyth, James, carter, 79 Kinnoull causeway 

Blyth, Thomas, 49 Scott street 

Blyth, William, butcher, 234 South street ; //. 5 Craigie crescent, Craigie 

Boag, Elizabeth, semstress, Elmbank, Barnhill 

Boag, William, mason, 4 Thistle lane 

Bolt, John, carpet weaver, 7 Kirkgate 

Bonar, Edward, dyer, 36 Whitefriars street 

Bonar, James, labourer, 145 High street 

Bonar, Mrs John, 219 High street 

Bonded Warehouses, Speygate and Canal street 

Bone, Mrs Richard, 54 South William street 

Bone, Robert, bank teller, 17 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 

Bonella, Cecilia, 87 Leonard street 

Bonner, Ann, nursery worker, 36 West Mill street 

Bonner, Robert, dyer, 20 Gowrie street, Bridgend 

Boothman, Mrs Isabella, 57 George street 

BoOthman, Samuel C, tobacconist and cigar importer, 55 George St. ; 

h. 57. See Advt. 
Borthwick, Elizabeth, 15 Earl's dykes 

Borthwick, John, railway guard, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 
Borthwick, Mrs John, 9 Castlegable 
Borthwick, W T alter, bellhanger, 22 Market stieet 
Bothwell, Maggie, 26 Newrow 

Bouick, James B., reporter, 48 North Methven street 
Bourke, Thomas, photographer, 17 King street; h. Alexandra street 
Bower, Jessie, 4 Pitcullen crescent 
Bower, Marjory, 43 Mill street 
Bowie, James, fireman, 49^ Leonard street 
Bowie, John, 39 North Methven street 

Bowie, John Lyall, solicitor (of Ritchie & Bowie), 8 King's place 
Bowie, John G. , engine-driver, 358 High street 
Bowie, Robert, railway guard, 30 Caledonian road 
Boyd, Charles, surfaceman, 47 Newrow 
Boyd, David, plasterer, 82 Reform place, Canal street 
Boyd, David, railway guard, 52 Glover street 
Boyd, Fox Maul (of Stalker & Boyd, painters), 26 Marshall place 
Boyd, James Gow, marble cutter, 12 Melville street 
Boyd, John, railway porter, 52 Glover street 
Boyd, John, labourer, 18 Meal vennel 
Boyd, Mrs Thomas, 32 Caledonian road 

Boyes, William A., depute procurator- fiscal, I Pitcullen crescent, Bridgend 
Boyle, David, clerk, 4 Newrow 
Boyle, Jessie, 246 High street 
Boyle, Peter, vanman, 4 Paul's close 
Boyle, Peter, weaver, 16 Clayholes 

Boyle, Thomas, machine agent, 17 Leonard street ; h. 19. See Advt. 
Boyles, Joseph, plasterer, 8 Thimblerow 
Boysick, Donald, hostler, 15 Market street 
Bradley, John, carpenter, 1 Leonard place, Kinnoull causeway 
Brady, Jane, dyeworker, 10 Union street lane 
Brady, John C. (of Brady & Sons, auctioneers), Balhousie avenue 



Brady & Sons, auctioneers and valuators, 74 High st. and 64 Victoria st. 

Brady, Terence (of Brady & Sons, auctioneers), 23 Melville street 

Brae, David, dyer, 146 High street 

Brae, Mrs John, dressmaker, 18 Main street, Bridgend 

Braid, Mrs Thomas, 97 South street 

Bramham, Charles, tenter, 20 West Mill street 

Bramham, James, 5 Scott street 

Bramwell, Mrs James P., 17 Barossa place 

Brand, Henry, carter, 15 Cross street 

Brand, J., dressmaker, 6 Croft bank, Craigie 

Brand, Robert, & Son, builders, 58 South William street ; h. Upland, 

Brand, Thomas, railway porter, Jeanfield 
Brannon, Henry, labourer, 18 Thimblerow 
Bremner, David, vanman, Friarton 
Bremner, Robert, engine-driver, Cherrybank 
Bremner, Sutherland, drover, 12 Paul's close 

Bridgend Institute and Reading Room, 10 Strathmore st., Bridgend 
Bridges, James, registrar, 1 High street ; h. 8 Scott street 
Bridges, John, labourer, 47 Meal vennel 
Bridges, Mrs W. , County buildings, 54 Tay street 
British Linen Company's Bank, 77 George street ; West End Branch, 

42 Caledonian road — A. H. Ballingall and Fred. W. Bedford, agents 
Brittain, Mrs George, Bellvue, Edinburgh road 
Brooks, Charles, lorryman, 9 South William street 
Brooks, William, postman, 9 Scott street 
Brooks, William, labourer, 45 Pomarium street 
Brough, Andrew, 12 North Methven street 
Brough, Christina, 3 Barossa street 
Brough, David, gardener, 12 Keir street 
Brough, James, contractor, 19 Leonard street 
Brough, James, painter, 6 Meal vennel 
Brough, Janet, seamstress, 16 Foundry lane 
Brough, John A., dyer, 9 South William street 
Brough, John, bellhanger, 10 St. John's place 
Brough, Mrs James, 43 Canal street 
Brough, Mrs Janet, 146 High street 
Brough, Mrs William, 9 York place 
Brough, Robert, labourer, 22 Union lane 
Brough, Robert, gardener, Kincarrathie Lodge, Bridgend 
Brow, James, spirit merchant, 105 High street ; h. 5 Scott street 
Brow, Mrs William, 19 Leonard street 
Brown, Alexander, 28 Athole street 

Brown, Alexander, engine-driver, 8 Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 
Brown, Alexander, carriage inspector, 18^ Leonard street 
Brown, Alfred, seedsman, Bellwood Cottage, Barnhill 
BrOWll, Andrew, hosiery manufacturer, 3 George street ; //. 37 South 

Methven street. See Advt. 
Brown, Andrew W. , clothier and outfitter, 30 St. John street ; h. 6 Main 

street, Bridgend 
Brown, Andrew, shoemaker, 32 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 




Ann, 47 Meal vennel 

Arthur C. , optician and jeweller, 27 High street; h. 18 Kirkgate 
Catherine, factory worker, 129 South street 
Colin, cab proprietor, 8 North William street ; h. 9 Union lane 
David, tailor, 337 High street 
David, surfaceman, 245 High street 
David, railway guard, Cherrybank 
David, plumber, 35 Pitcullen terrace 
& Duncan, builders, 12 and 14 Kinnoull street 
George, Free West Church missionary, 57 Scott street 
George, agent, 72 George street 
Hugh, pensioner, 50 Meal vennel 
James, carting agent, N.B. Depot, Glasgow road 
James, cabinetmaker, 29 Mill street 
James, gatekeeper, 73 Canal street 

James, joiner, Town and County Bank Buildings, 29 S. Methven st. 
James, mason, Viewfield Cottage, Upper Craigie 
James, carter, 42 Longcauseway 

James, fruit merchant, 16 St. John's street; h. yi Strathmore street 
James, baker, 70 Pomarium street 
Jane, 337 High street 
Jane, 21 St. John's place 

John, hotelkeeper, Cross Keys Hotel, 3 Commercial st., Bridgend 
John, plasterer, 19 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 
John, warder, General Prison 
John, vanman, 10 Cow vennel 
John, blacksmith, 21 St. John's place 
John, factory worker, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
John, dyer's finisher, 29 Kirkgate 
John, engine-driver, 6 Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 
John, joiner, 355 High street 
Laurence, tailor, 17 Watergate 
Mrs Ann, 49 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Mrs David, Athole Bank Lodge 
Mrs David, 170 High street 
Mrs Henry, Upper Craigie 
Mrs James, 8 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Mrs James, 36 Queen street, Craigie 
Mrs John, 14 Paul street 
Mrs Robert, lodgings, 24 Canal street 
Mrs Robert, 21 King street 
Mrs Robert, 116 High street 
Peter, grocer, 23 Glover street 
Peter, iron turner, 16 Paul street 
Peter, gardener, 67 Strathmore street 
Peter, dyer's labourer, 6 Foundry lane 
Robert, insurance agent, t,J George street 
Robert, gardener, Cherrybank 

Robert, agent, City of Glasgow Friendly Society, 7 N. Methven st. 
Robert, general warehouseman, 12 Pitcullen crescent, Bridgend 
Robert, fleet engineer, R.N., Laurelbank, Barnhill 


Brown, Thomas, yardsman, 6 North William street 

Brown Thomas, labourer, 89 South street 

Brown, Thomas, gardener, Loretto court, 219 South street 

Brown, Thomas, clerk, Belhelvie terrace, Glasgow road 

Brown, William, dyer's labourer, 139 Canal crescent 

Brown, William, clerk, 116 High street 

BPOWll, William, fruit merchant and nurseryman, 69 High street ; 

h. Hatton farm, Kinnoull. See Advt. 
Brown, William, church officer, 28 James street 
Brown, William, vanman, 5 Scott street 
Bruce, A. & D., plumbers and gasfitters, 158 South street 
Bruce, Alexander, labourer, 116 High street 
Bruce, Andrew, plumber (of A. & D. Bruce), 2 Readdie's buildings, Dun- 

keld road 
Bruce, David, plumber (of A. & D. Bruce), 13 Priory place 
Bruce, David, commercial traveller, 5 George street 
Bruce, Elizabeth, 7 St. Leonard's bank 

Bruce, George, tailor and clothier, 58 St. John street ; h. 19 York place 
Bruce, James, factory manager, 2 Victoria road, Bridgend 
Bruce, John, stationer, 46 George street ; h. Comely Bank House, Bridgend 
Bruce, John, plumber, 23 Stormont street 
Bruce, John, sawmiller, Shore 
Bruce, Margaret, 8 St. Catherine's road 
Bruce, Mary, 61 Meal vennel 
Bruce, Mrs, 1 1 Meal vennel 

Bruce, Mrs Alexander, dressmaker, 9 Glover street 
Bruce, Mrs Alexander, 87 High street 
Bruce, Mrs Alexander, dressmaker, 6 Abbot street 
Bruce, Mrs David, 16 High street 
Bruce, Mrs David, 102 High street 
Bruce, Mrs George, 58 South Methven street 
Bruce, Mrs John, 19 York place 
Bruce, Mrs John, fruiterer, 53 Princes street ; h. 55 
Bruce, Mrs Robert, 18 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Bruce, Robert, tailor, 351 High street 
Bruce, Robert, plumber, 9 Stormont street 
Bruce, Robert, labourer, 18 Carpenter street 

Bruce, Thomas, green keeper, 14 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Bruce, William, porter, 353 High street 
Bryan, John, labourer, 3 Cutlog vennel 
Bryce, George, iron turner, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Bryce, John, coachtrimmer, 96 High street 
Bryce, Mrs Charles, IC2 High street 

Bryden, Mrs William, King James VI. Hospital, Hospital street 
Brydson, William, draper and clothier, 115, 117, and 119 High street; 

h. 19 Marshall place 
Bryson, Charles H., watchmaker, 68 High street 
Bryson, James W., teacher of music, 4 Rose terrace 
Bryson, "William, teacher of dancing and music, 12 Barossa street 
Bryson, William, dyer's finisher, 58 Glover street 
Buchan, David, tailor's cutter, 224 High street 


Buchan, David, labourer, 129 High street 

Buchan, David, restaurateur, 204 High street ; h. 199 

Buchan, James, slater, slate and cement merchant, 35 King street 

Buchan, James, silk printer, 11 Low street 

Buchan, John, slater, 101 High street 

Buchan, Margaret, factory worker, 49 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Buchan, Mrs John, shoemaker, 63 Newrow ; h. JJ Leonard street 

Buchan, Mungo, policeman, 45 Scott street 

Buchan, Robert, slater, 291 High street 

Buchanan, David, plumber, 36 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Buchanan, James H. , piano tuner and music seller, 22 Leonard street ; h. 18^ 

Buchanan, Mary Ann, 14 Balhousie street 

Buchanan, Mrs James, 7 Stormont street 

Buchanan, Mrs James H., 18J Leonard street 

Buchanan, Mrs John, grocer, 87 South street ; h. 85 

Buik, David R., commercial traveller, 360 High street 

Buik, Mrs Edward, dressmaker, 34 St. John street 

Buist, Andrew, M.u., f.r.c.s.e., 5 Athole crescent 

Buist, Ann, 7 King's place 

Buist, Elizabeth, net worker, 63 Leonard street 

Buist, George, bank accountant, 67 Scott street 

Buist, James, police sergeant, Annat Lodge Cottage, Bridgend 

Buist, John, watchman, 1 Paul street 

Buist, William, maltman, Craigie place, Craigie 

Bullions, Andrew, scavenger, 240 South street 

Burgess, Margaret, 23 Castlegable 

Burgh Assessor's Office, 16 Tay street ; Donald Mackintosh, assessor 

Burgh Council Chambers, 3 High street 

Burgh Court Room, 16 Tay street 

Burgoyne, James, labourer, 200 South street 

Burke, Thomas, carpenter, 126 High street 

Burkhill, George, 1 Queen street 

Burnet, Robert, baker, 125 South street 

Burnett, Charles, Craigmount, Barnhill 

Burnett, Thomas, railway clerk, 28 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 

Burnett, Thomas, dyer, 15 South Methven street 

Burnfield, Betsy, 89 South street 

Burnfield, David, watchmaker and jeweller, 53 South Methven street ; 
h. 45. See Advt. 

Burnfield, David, coal salesman, 7 Speygate 

Burns, Andrew, warehouseman, 8 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 

Burns, David, tobacconist, 125 High street ; h. 123 

Burns, George, shipowner, 5 Priory place, Craigie 

Bums, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 7 Athole place and 33 Kinnoull 
street ; workshops, 3 Union street ; h. 1 Union street 

Burns, John, dyer's labourer, 27 Barossa street 

Burns, John, gasfitter, 43 Stormont street 

Burns, Miss, 5 Pitcullen crescent 

Burns, Mrs William, 15 Kirkgate 

Burns, Patrick, sergeant, 40 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Burns, Robert, street porter, 170 High street 


Burns- Macdonald, A., distributor of stamps and collector of taxes, Inland 
Revenue Office, 40 Tay street ; h. Earnoch, Bridgend 

Burns, William, labourer, 136 South street 

Burrell, Henry, labourer, 16 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Burry, Ann, 6 Canal street 

Burt's Close, 129 High street 

Burton, Alice and Sarah J., Blackfriars House, Athole place 

Buttar, John, bottler, 21 Market street 

Butter, Albert, cashier, Union Bank of Scotland, 24 George street; h. Boat- 
land, Bridgend 

Butter, Grace Ann, 3 Graham's place, King street 

Butter, James, engine driver, 232 High street 

Butter, John, clerk, 22 St. John street 

Butter, Mrs Thomas, 15 Priory place 

Butter, Robert, 20 Priory place 

Butter, Thomas, clerk, 8 Marshall place 

Buxton, Mary S. , 13 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Byars, James, labourer, 16 Paul street 

Byars, William, tailor and clothier, 88 High st.; k. 28 Queen st., Craigie 

Caddie, James, bank messenger, Bank of Scotland, 52 St. John street 
Caddie, Thomas, sanitary assistant, 71 Watergate 
Cadzow, John, dairyman, 19 Skinnergate ; h. Woodhead farm 
CaiPIieFOSS, A. & G., watchmakers and jewellers, 6 St. John street. 

See Advt. 
Cairncross, Alexander, jeweller (of A. & G. Cairncross), 28 High street 
Cairncross, George T., jeweller (of A. & G. Cairncross), 2 Pitcullen ores., 

Cairns, Donald, cloth finisher, 246 High street 
Cairns, James, weaver, I Clayholes 
Cairns, fames, postal clerk, 19 North Methven street 
Cairns, Margaret, outworker, 231 High street 

Cairns, William, commercial traveller, Orchard Bank, Glasgow road 
Calder, Gregor, railway porter, Kilmartin place, Friar street, Craigie 
Calderwood, Annie, Greenock merino wool store, 226 High street ; //. 18 

Pitcullen crescent 
Calderwood, J., milliner, 147 High street; h. 59 
CalderWOOd, James, boot and shoe maker, 63 High street ; h. 59. 

See Advt. 
Calderwood, James, jun., shoemaker, 18 Pitcullen crescent 
Calderwood, John, dyer's labourer, 296 High street 
Calderwood, Matthew, shoemaker, 55 High street 
Calderwood, Thomas, engine-fitter, Kilmartin place, Friar street, Craigie 

Caledonian Assurance Co. See Advt. for list of Agents 
Caledonian and Highland Railway Companies' Goods Offices, 

Perth North 
Callaghan, James W., sawmaker and repairer, 162 South street; h. Laurel 

Villa, 4 Priory place, Craigie 
Callender, Milton R., surgeon, 2 Charlotte place 
Callum, fames, fireman, 24 Market street 
Callum, John, gardener, 79 Main street. Bridgend 


Cameron, Alexander, upholsterer (of J., A., & D. Cameron), 33 Commercial 

street, Bridgend 
Cameron, Alexander, coachmaker, 190 High street 
Cameron, Alexander, dyer's finisher, 3 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Cameron, Alexander, seaman, 79 South street 
Cameron, Angus, wood merchant (of Cameron Brothers), 9 Kincarrathie 

Cameron, Andrew, carter, 14 Paul's close 
Cameron, Ann, domestic servant, 7 Leonard street 
Cameron, Ann, 5 Cowrie street, Bridgend 

Cameron Brothers, timber merchants, Perth Saw Mills, Shore. See Advt. 
Cameron, Catherine S., 40 South Methven street 
Cameron, Charles, upholsterer, 129 South street 
Cameron, David, cabinetmaker (of J., A., & D. Cameron), 31 Commercial 

street, Bridgend 
Cameron, David, builder, 46 Victoria street ; h. 48 
Cameron, Donald, cutter, 8 Kinnoull street 
Cameron, Donald G., draper's assistant, 3 Scott street 
Cameron, Elizabeth R., Strathview Villas, New Scone road, Bridgend 
Cameron, George, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 
Cameron, George, flesher, 7 Main street, Bridgend ; //. 19 Commercial st. 
Cameron, George, brakesman, 17 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Cameron, Henry, shunter, 113 High street 
Cameron, Henry, mason, 21 Speygate 
Cameron, Isabella, 30 South William street 
Cameron, J., A., & D., cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 2, 16, and 24 

Gowrie street, Bridgend. See Advt. 
Cameron, James, blacksmith, 216 South street 
Cameron, James, coal agent, 58 Watergate ; h. 7 Guard verm el 
Cameron, James H. (Rev.), Sunnybank, Glasgow road 
Cameron, lames, quarryman, 17 Guard vennel 
Cameron, James, carter, 1 1 Speygate 
Cameron, James, joiner, 17 East Bridge street 
Cameron, James, joiner, Kerr's land, Barnhill 
Cameron, James, market gardener, East Cottage, Barnhill 
Cameron, James B., dyer, 65 Pomarium street 
Cameron, Janet, 24 Main street, Bridgend 

Cameron, Jessie, tobacconist, 84 High street ; h. 4 South street 
Cameron, John, mason, 170 High street 

Cameron, John, dyer, 27 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
Cameron, John, railway guard, 31 Glover street 
Cameron, John, shoemaker, 76 Pomarium street 
Cameron, John, telegraph inspector, 81 Glover street 
Cameron, John, plumber, 34 Caledonian road 
Cameron, lohn, dyer's labourer, 10 Paul street 
Cameron, John, clerk, 15 Market street 
Cameron, Joseph, baker, 13 Gladstone terrace 
Cameron, Joseph, sawmilller, 82 South street 
Cameron, Joseph, dyer, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 
Cameron, Mary, 212 South street 
Cameron, Mrs, 27 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 


Cameron, Mrs Alexander, 258 South street 

Cameron, Mrs Daniel, 4 Paul street 

Cameron, Mrs J. A., 85 Canal street 

Cameron, Mrs Jessie, dressmaker, 238 High street 

Cameron, Mrs John, 336 High street 

Cameron, Mrs Joseph, 246 High street 

Cameron, Mrs Robert, 12 Glover street 

Cameron, Murdoch, railway guard, 79 Glover street 

Cameron, William, labourer, 136 South street 

Cameron, William, cabinetmaker, 68 High street 

Cameron, William, lapper, 337 High street 

Campbell, A. Wilson, inland revenue, 4 Muirhall terrace, Bridgend 

Campbell, Alexander, & Son, coal merchants ; depot, Elibank street, 

Glasgow road ; /;. 1 1 Rosslyn place and Mansion Bank House, Methven. 

See Advt. 
Campbell, Alexander, tailor, 357 High street 
Campbell, Ann, 7 Whitefriars street 
Campbell, Anthony, baker, 190 High street 
Campbell, Anthony, shoemaker, 72 Watergate 
Campbell, Archibald, labourer, 16 North port 

Campbell, Archibald (of Campbells, M'Lagan, & Co.), 5 Athole place 
Campbell, Archibald J. A., m.b., l.r.c.s. (Ed.), 24 Barossa place 
Campbell, Betsy, 1 1 Cow vennel 
Campbell, Catherine, millworker, 4 Paul street 
Campbell, Catherine, 238 High street 
Campbell, Christina, 204 South street 

Campbell & CO., Limited, dyers and cleaners, Friarton. See Advt. 
Campbell, Daniel, dyer, 6 St. Catherine's road 
Campbell, David, grocer, 7 J Watergate ; h. 78 
Campbell, David, boat builder, Shore 
Campbell, David, grocer, 357 High street 
Campbell, David, labourer, 16 Paul street 
Campbell, David, labourer, 119 South street 
Campbell, David, shoemaker, 14 Watergate 
Campbell, Donald, labourer, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
Campbell, Donald, plasterer, 16 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Campbell, Duncan, 17 Priory place 
Campbell, Duncan, striker, 14 Cross street 
Campbell, George, traveller, 3 North Methven street 
Campbell, Helen, lodgings, 10 St. Ann's lane 

Campbell, Henry, shoemaker, 96 Reform place, Canal street ; h. 90 
Campbell, Hugh, solicitor (of Mitchell & Campbell), 42 George st. ; h. 

14 Rose terrace 
Campbell, Hugh, stonebreaker, 50 Meal vennel 
Campbell, Hugh, constable, County buildings, South street 
Campbell, James, merchant (of Campbells, M'Lagan, & Co.), 5 Athole pi. 
Campbell, Jane, dressmaker, 1 1 Canal street 
Campbell, Jessie, laundress, 59 Newrow 
Campbell, J. C, athlete outfitter, 18 High street 
Campbell, John, optician and philosophical instrument maker, 41 George 

street ; h. 42 


Campbell, John, merchant (of Campbells, M' Lagan, & Co.), 4 Muirhall 

Bank, Bridgend 
Campbell, John, coal merchant (of A. Campbell & Son), 1 1 Rosslyn place 
Campbell, John, joiner, Needless road, Glover street 
Campbell, John, labourer, 8 Castlegable 

Campbell, John (lieutenant-colonel), governor of General Prison 
Campbell, John, tailor, 139 Canal crescent 
Campbell, John, confectioner, 97 Glover street 
Campbell, John, lorryman, 4 Milne street 
Campbell, John, law agent, Wilson street, Craigie 
Campbell, John, 21 St. John's place 
Campbell, John, aerated water manufacturer, 23 South Methven street 

and Mill wynd ; h. 19 Barossa place. See Advt. 
Campbell, John, tailor, 199 South street 

Campbell, John, draper (of Young & Campbell) ; 51 Balhousie street 
Campbell, John, warder, General Prison 
Campbell, John, labourer, 146 High street 
Campbell, John, Craigie Park Villa, Edinburgh road 
Campbell, Joseph, labourer, 13 Barossa street 

Campbell, Joseph B., painter and paperhanger, 97 High street ; //. 96 
Campbell, Margaret, 25 Guard vennel 
Campbell, Mrs Alexander, 6j Kinnoull causeway 
Campbell, Mrs Archibald, 31 George street 
Campbell, Mrs James, 10 Market street 
Campbell, Mrs James, grocer and spirit merchant, I Main street, Bridgend ; 

h. Pitcullen bank, Scone road 
Campbell, Mrs James, 56 Mill street 
Campbell, Mrs James, 75 Leonard street 
Campbell, Mrs Janet, 23 South Methven street 
Campbell, Mrs John, 315 High street 
Campbell, P. & P., dyers and cleaners, 23 County place; works, The Perth 

Dye Works, Dunkeld road 
Campbell, Peter (of P. & P. Campbell, dyers), Lignwood, New Scone 
Campbell, Peter W. (of P. & P. Campbell, dyers,) Muirt on bank, Balhousie 
Campbell, Peter, bellhanger, 68 George street ; h. 31. See Advt. 
Campbell, Rebecca, dairykeeper, 36 Skinnergate 
Campbell, Robert, mason, ^ Skinnergate 
Campbell, Robert, tailor, 14 Union street lane 

Campbell, Robert John, inland revenue officer, St. Catherine's villa, Friar st. 
Campbell, Robert, gardener, 18 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Campbell, William, grocer and wine merchant, 28 North Methven street ; 

h. 29 Barossa place 
Campbell, William, surveyor of buildings and lands, 32 North Methven st. ; 

h. 29 Barossa place 
Campbell, William, mechanic, 26 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Campbell, William, engine-driver, 14 Caledonian road 
Campbells, M' Lagan, & Co., wholesale grocers, tea dealers, and dealers in 

seeds, &c, 107 and 109 High street 
Campsie, Ann, dressmaker, 19 Speygate 
Campsie, James, joiner, 19 Speygate 
Canavan, Mary, outworker, 40 Meal vennel 


Canoboy, Mrs John, n Meal vennel 

Cant, Grace, 37 South Methven street 

Carcarry, Robert, labourer, 3 Whitefriars street 

Cardinal, Luigi, ice cream vendor, 3 Meal vennel 

Cargill, William, Salutation Hotel, 24 South street 

Carmichael, Alice, 246 High street 

Carmiehael, Duncan, bootmaker, 6 County place and 5 Hospital st. ; 

h. 3 Albert place. See Advt. 
Carmichael, James, porter, Laing's buildings, Alexandra street 
Carmichael, Margaret G., Muirhall bank, Bridgend 
Carmichael, Mrs Alexander, 9 Speygate 
Carmichael, Mrs George, washer, 20 Market street 
Carmichael, Robert, plant inspector, 42 Queen street, Craigie 
Carmichael, W. G. H. (Rev.), Bon-Accord, Glasgow road 
Carmichael, William, fireman, 5 Cross street 
Carnegie, Andrew, labourer, 67 South street 
Carnegie, Mrs F. P., 1 Nelson street 
Carnegie, William, labourer, 27 Castlegable 
Carnegie, William, dyer, 17 East Bridge street 
Carnie, Catherine, 86 Pomarium street 
Carnie, Mary, 82 South street 
Carr, Angus, dyer's framer, 57 Glover street 
Carr, Jemima, milliner, 218 High street ; h. 216 
Carr, Mrs Gorman, 214 High street 
Carr, Mrs William, 232 High street 
Carr, William, dyer's finisher, 137 High street 

Carrick, Alexander, insurance agent, Sunnyside Villa, 28 Balhousie street 
Carrick, M., C. , & J., milliners and hosiers, 127 High street ; h. Sunnyside 

Villa, 28 Balhousie street 
Carron, Mrs John, 22 Prioxy place, Craigie 
Carruthers, D. A., m.b.c.m., 13 Rose terrace 

Carruthers, James, insurance agent, 24 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Carruthers, William, veterinary surgeon and inspector for the county (Perth 

district), 16 Hospital street 
Carscadden, Andrew, railway porter, 58 Glover street 
Carson, Mrs William, 24 Market street 
Carstairs, David, joiner, 73 Canal street 
Carstairs, Robert, policeman, 37 Commercial street 
Cassidy, James, general dealer, 95 South street 
Cassidy, Mrs John, 47 Watergate 
Cassiday, Peter, labourer. 82 South street 
Cathedral School,* St. Ninian's, 56 North Methven street 
Catholic School, St. John's R. C, 142 High street 
Cation, Thomas, joiner, 27 Glover street 
Cattanach, William, saddler and sporran maker, 24 Caledonian, road ; h. 

12 County place 
Caw, David, lathsplitter, 4 Kinnoull causeway 
Caw, Eleanor, seamstress, 2 North William street 
Caw, James, shipwright, 25 South street 
Caw, James, painter, 24 Market street 
Caw, Matthew, railway porter, 36 North Methven street 


Caw, Mrs Matthew, 39 Princes street 

Caw, Robert, labourer, 159 South street 

Caw, William, dyer, 14 Caledonian road 

Caw, William, labourer, 32 Melville street 

Central District School, 29 Meal vennel 

Chalmers, A. G., architect, 9 High street ; h. Magdalen Bank, Craigie 

Chalmers, Andrew, engine-driver, 34 Queen street, Craigie 

Chalmers, Ann, lodgings, 17 Hospital street 

Chalmers, David, labourer, 240 South street 

Chalmers, David, waggon wright, 10 South street 

Chalmers, Edward, carpet weaver, 30 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Chalmers, Elizabeth, 1 Lickley street 

Chalmers, Harriet, 9 St. Catherine's road 

Chalmers, Isabella, milliner, 156 High street 

Chalmers, James, ham curer and seed merchant, 58 Victoria street ; h. 4 
Laurel Bank, Bridgend 

Chalmers, James, 1 1 Charlotte street 

Chalmers, Margaret, lodgings, Stewart's place, Caledonian road 

Chalmers, Margaret, dressmaker, Friarton 

Chalmers, Margaret, dyeworker, 224 High street 

Chalmers, Mrs Helen, 47 Stormont street 

Chalmers, Mrs J., grocer and wine merchant, 2 Leonard place ; h. Magdalen 
bank, Craigie 

Chalmers, Mrs John, Friarton 

Chalmers, Mrs John, 4 Cross street 

Chalmers, Mrs John, Magdalen bank, Craigie 

Chalmers, Mrs William, 39 King street 

Chalmers, Mrs William, 39 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Chalmers, Peter, joiner, 22 Newrow 

Chalmers, Peter T. , mason, 10 Cross street 

Chalmers, Peter, lamplighter, 5 South street 

Chalmers, Thomas, solicitor (of Skeete, Chalmers, & King), 41 Balhousie St. 

Chalmers, William E., engine-driver, 34 Queen street 

Chalmers, William, timekeeper, 24 Market street 

Chalmers, Williamson, cleaner, 8 Homers' lane 

Chaloner, T. D. , Inland Revenue officer, 22 Marshall place 

Chambers, Robert M'Crea, rector, Perth Academy; //. Balhousie terrace 

Chaplin, Catherine, 14 York place 

Chaplin, Mrs John, dairykeeper, 17 Kinnoull causeway; h. 25 

Chapman, Samuel, 3 King James place, Marshall place 

Chapman, William, soldier, 22 James street 

Charnley, Mrs William D. , Carrick House, Barnhill 

Cherry, Thomas, dyer's labourer, 4 George street 

Cherrybank Co-operative Society, Cherrybank ; David Stewart- 

Cherrybank Post Office ; David Stewart, postmaster 

Cherrybank School, Cherrybank 

Chisholm, David, shoemaker, 7 Keir street, Bridgend 

Chisholm, Donald, hallkeeper, 62 Tay street 

Chisholm, James, sawmiller, 9 St. Ann's lane 

Chisholm, John A., North Bank, Craigie 


Chisholm, William, printer's reader, 34 Scott street 

Chisholm, William, blacksmith, 6 Spens crescent 

Christie, Alexander, dyer, 79 Watergate 

Christie, Alma, tobacco spinner, Kerr's land, Barnhill 

Christie, David H., teacher of music, 4 Barossa place 

Christie, David, gardener, 19 Glover street 

Christie, Duncan, superintendent Perth Model Lodging House, Skinnergate 

Christie, George, labourer, Shore 

Christie, George, blacksmith, 232 South street 

Christie, George, sculptor, Caledonian rd.; h. Stewart's pi., Caledonian rd. 

Christie, Henry, coachbuilder, Market Street Coach Works ; h. 5 Market 

street. See Advt. 
Christie, Henry, H. M. Customs, 40 Tay street ; h. 54 Victoria street 
Christie, Humphrey, porter, 9 Earl's dykes 
Christie, James, policeman, 33 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Christie, James L., commercial traveller, Rose crescent, Glasgow road 
Christie, James, painter, I Lickley street 
Christie, James, porter, 55 High street 

Christie, James, cabinetmaker, 23 South Methven street ; //. 8 
Christie, James, candlemaker, 5 Scott street 

Christie, James, flour and grain dealer, 165 South street ; h. 5 Scott street 
Christie, James, joiner, 18 West Mill street 
Christie, Joan, dyeworker, 69 Leonard street 

Christie, John, bookseller and stationer, 32 St. John street ; h. New Scone 
Christie, John, shoemaker, 19 East Bridge st., Bridgend; h. 31 Commercial st. 
Christie, John, mason, 60 Longcauseway 
Christie, Joseph S., commercial traveller, 45 York place 
Christie, Mary, 15 Scott street 
Christie, Mrs John, 25 Hospital street 
Christie, Mrs Robert, 45 Scott street 
Christie, Robert, fireman, 84 Reform place 
Christie, Robert, surgeon, JJ Victoria street 
Christie, William, town's crier, 26 Princes street 
Christie, William, assistant burgh surveyor, South Tay street 
Christie, William, fisherman, 76 Pomarium street 
Christison, James A., draper, 135 High street ; h. 132 
Christison, Mrs John, dressmaker, 132 High street 
Chrystal, GeOPge, engineer, St. John's Foundry, Foundry lane ; 

h. Bridgend house. See Advt. 
Chrystal, Peter, engineer, Bridgend house, Bridgend 

City Chamberlain's Office, i High street ; Robert Keay, chamberlain 
City Chambers, 3 High street ; William MacLeish, city-clerk 
City and County Conservative Club, 19 George street 
City Hall. Kirkside ; Alexander Smith, 3 Watergate, hall-keeper 
City Flour and Meal Mills, Mill street 
City Mission Rooms, 81 High street and 193 South street 
Clacher, James, teacher, 30 York place 
Clark, Agnes, sick-nurse, 4 South street 

Clark, Alexander, pastry baker and confectioner, 51 Princes St.; h. 13 Scott st 
Clark, Alexander, jun., labourer, 4 Thimblerow 
Clark, Alexander, sen., painter, 1 Paul street 



Clark, Catherine, 13 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

Clark, Catherine, dressmaker, 8 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

Clark, Catherine, 6 Canal street 

Clark, Charles, lorryman, 4 Paul street 

Clark, Daniel S., salesman, T5 Market street 

Clark, David, warehouseman, 85 Leonard street 

Clark, David, baker, 152 High street ; h. 156 

Clark, David, district traffic agent, Well wood villa, Friar street, Craigie 

Clark, David, gardener, 85 Main street, Bridgend 

Clark, Eliza, mangier, 31 Watergate 

Clark, George, clerk, 3 Kinnoull causeway 

Clark, George, chintz glazer, 351 High street 

Clark, Hugh, bottleblower, 183 South street 

Clark, James, shoemaker, 266 High street 

Clark, James, painter, 39 Castlegable 

Clark, James, dyer, 10 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's place 

Clark, James, Barnhill 

Clark, Jane, factory worker, 112 South street 

Clark, John, sculptor, 22 Market street 

Clark, John, labourer, 19 Stormont street 

Clark, John, gaswork stoker, 9 Scott street 

Clark, John, collector of poor rates, 16 South street ; h. Myrtle Cotttage, 4 

Orrock place, Jeanfield 
Clark, John, warehouseman, 331 High street 

Clark, Lizzie, dairy keeper, 1 South Methven street ; h. Inveralmond 
Clark, Maggie, 133 Canal crescent 

Clark, Misses, baby linen shop, 188 High st. ; h. 9 North Methven st. 
Clark, Mrs Alexander, Burton Place, Nelson street 
Clark, Mrs George, 4 Cow Vennel 
Clark, Mrs James, 69 North Methven street 
Clark, Mrs Robert, 9 North Methven street 
Clark, Mrs Thomas, 9 Moredun terrace, Craigie 
Clark, Mrs William, 1 1 Thimblerow 

Clark, P. A. Gordon (Rev.), Free West Church Manse, Kinnoull 
Clark, Peter, labourer, 125 South street 
Clark, R. M., insurance superintendent, 47 High street; h. Gowrie cottage 

Clark, Robert, cabinetmaker (of Clarks), 9 North Methven street 
Clark, Robert, parcel post messenger, Gowrie Cottage, Barnhill 
Clark, Robert, carter, 3 Thimblerow 
Clark, Thomas, labourer, 5 South street 
Clark, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 30 Caledonian road 
Clark, William, yardsman, 8 Market street 
Clark, William, lapper, 31 Hospital street 
Clark, William, cabinetmaker (of Clarks), 182 High street 
Clark, William, engine-driver, 21 Market street 
Clark, William, engine-driver, 2 Cross street 

Clarks, cabinetmakers and undertakers, 190 and 192 High street ; h. 182 
Clarke, William, deputy-governor, General Prison 
Clayton, George, dyer's cleaner, 35 Watergate 
Clayton, George, 15 Commercial street 


Clement, Charlotte, factory worker, Balhousie terrace, Dunkeld road 

Clement, James, wireworker, io Paul street 

Clement, Margaret, 17 High street 

Clement, Thomas, engine-driver, 3 Croft bank, Craigie 

Clement, William, dyer, 343 High street 

Clink, Daniel, labourer, 5 Meal vennel 

Clow, Alexander, glassblower, 27 Thimblerow 

Clow, Peter, 11 Cow vennel 

Clunie, Catherine, Salisbury Villa, 9 Comely bank 

Clunie, John, joiner, 6 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Clunie, Mrs John, St. Leonard's Bridge, Craigie 

Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 3 St. John street ; agent, Robert Kinloch, w.s. 

Clyne, Alexander D., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 28 South street 

and 1 Princes street ; h. j6 Victoria street 
Clyne, Mrs James, 32 James street 
Coates, Andrew, Pitcullen House, Bridgend 
Coates, Brothers, & Co., carpet and twine manufacturers, Balhousie Works, 

Dunkeld road 
Coates, Henry (of Coates Brothers), Pitcullen House, Bridgend 
Coates, James (of Coates Brothers), Pitcullen House, Bridgend 
Cobb, John, baker, 13 Barossa street 

Cobban, Robert, railway porter, 4 Longcauseway, Dovecotland 
Cochrane, Andrew, meal merchant, 14 Gowrie street ; h. 75 Main street 
Cochrane, James, vandriver, 33 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Cochrane, John, waiter, 71 Watergate 
Cochrane, John, hawker, 126 High street 
Cochrane, Mrs Charles, fishmonger, 154 High street ; h. 132 
Cochrane, Mrs David, 13 Cutlog vennel 
Cochrane, Mrs John, 10 Paul street 
Cochrane, Thomas, clerk, 11 James street 
Cochrane, William, blacksmith. 16 North port 
Cochrane, William, ironturner, 9 James street 
Collector of Poor Rates Office, 16 South street 
Collins, Edward, labourer, 10 Carpenter street 
Collins, Mrs Isabella, milliner, 245 High street 
Collins, Thomas, hawker, 61 Meal vennel 
Collison, Finlay, dyer, 9 South street 
Colman, John, labourer, 146 High street 
Coltart, James, coachman, 5 North port 
Coltart, Ninian H., timekeeper, 53 Scott street 
Combe, George, labourer, M'Vean's buildings, Cherrybank 
Combe, Mrs Thomas, 13 Stormont street 
Combe, William, engine-fitter, 12 Barrack street 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ld., 26 South street ; T. Soutar, agent 
Commissary Clerk's Office, County buildings ; John Thomas, clerk 
Commissioners' Yard, South Tay street 
Comrie, Alexander, labourer, 8 Mill street 
Comrie, David, yarn dyer, 14 Clayholes 
Comrie, John, road surfaceman, Cherrybank 
Comrie, Mrs Isabella, 4 Market street 
Conacher, Agnes, factory worker, 7 Fleshers' vennel 


Conacher, James, railway servant, 29 Kinnoull causeway 

Conacher, Mrs Charles, 5 Strathearn terrace, Glasgow road 

Conacher, Mrs Charles, 18 Priory place, Craigie 

Condie & Co., solicitors, 75 George street 

Congregational Chapel, 9 Mill street 

Conlin, James, pensioner, 199 South street 

Conlin, Mrs John, lady's nurse, 219 High street 

Connan, James, pensioner, 132 High street 

Connelly, Simon, labourer, 224 High street 

Conning, James, carter, 170 High street 

Conochie, George, commercial traveller, MoncreirTe terrace, Craigie 

Constable, Agnes R., 46 Longcauseway 

Convent (St. Joseph's), 8 Stormont street 

Conway, Anthony, confectioner, 94 South street 

Conway, Philip, laundryman, 109 South street ; h. 103. See Advl. 

Cook, Alexander, 'bus driver, 80 Watergate 

Cook, Archibald, railway guard, 53 Glover street 

Cook, James, gardener, Perth Poorhouse 

Cook, James, dyer, 5 Milne street 

Cook, James, gardener, 357 High street 

Cook, fohn, labourer, 53^ South street 

Cook, Mrs William, lodgings, 10 St. Ann's lane 

Cook, Stewart, librarian, 8 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Cooper, Alfred, dyer, 61 Pomarium street 

Cooper, Henry, dyer, 13 Melville street 

Cooper,. Mrs James, dairykeeper, 91 Glover street, Craigie 

Co-operative Society (Limited). — Central stores, Co-operative buildings, 

Scott street; Branches— 41 North Methven street ; 30 County place ; 

3 South street ; 313 High street ; 11 Main street, Bridgend ; 75 Canal 

street ; Friar street, Craigie ; and Perth road, Scone ; Reading Rooms, 

34 Scott street ; David Glass, manager 
Corby, Michael, scavenger, 8 Cow vennel 
Cormack, John J., tailor's cutter, 12 North Methven street 
Cornfute, Robert, blacksmith, 56 Mill street 
Cossgrove, John, labourer, 55 Meal vennel 
Costadasi, Giovanni, ice cream vendor, 81 Watergate 
Costello, Patrick, labourer, 40 Meal vennel 
Coull, David H., clerk, 6 Moredun terrace, Craigie 
Coulter, James, dyer's finisher, Wellbank cottage, Craigie 
Coulter, Mrs James, midwife and ladies' nurse, j6 Athole street 
County and City Club, i Athole crescent 
County and City of Perth Infirmary, 8 York place 
County Assessor's Office, 40 Tay street ; Wm. H. Balderston, assessor 
County Buildings, Tay street 

County Collector's Office, 75 George street ; A. H. Ballingall, collector 
County Consiabularly Office, County Buildings ; John Macpherson, 

chief constable 
County Hall, County buildings, Tay street 
Coupar, Mary, grocer, 27 King street 
Coupar, Mrs Robert, 9 North Methven street 
Court, William, carter. 25 Stormont street 


Cousin, Ann, 228 South street 

Couttie, J., & Sons, biscuit manufacturers, Lickley street 

Coutts, Mrs John, 86 Pomarium street 

Coutts, Mrs Thomas, 9 Orrock place, Jeanfield 

Coutts, Mrs William, 86 Pomarium street 

Coutts, Thomas, labourer, 66 Pomarium street 

Coutts, William, railway porter, 5 Milne street 

Coventry, Mrs John, 2 Bridge lane 

Coventry, Robert, sawmiller, Shore 

Cowan & Co., Limited, printers and publishers, 38 Tay street 

Cowan, Hosack, shoemaker, 10 Carpenter street 

Cowan, Samuel, printer and publisher (of Cowan & Co., Limited) ; h. 7 

Athole crescent 
Cowans, Mary, 21 Kinnoull street 
Cowans, Mrs W. , 3 North M ethven street 
Cowans, Peter, groom, Pitheavlis cottage, Glasgow road 

Cowdenbeath Coal Company (Limited), N. B. Mineral Depot, 

Glasgow road ; George Melville, agent. See Advt. 
Cowes, Henry, vanman, 14 Back wynd 
Cowie, Mrs Alexander, 98 Pomarium street 

Cowieson, William, market gardener, Strawberry bank, Barnhill 
Cowper, John, 23 Castlegable 
Cowper, John, mechanic, 32 Athole street 
Cowperthwaite, Mrs John, lodgings, 86 Victoria street 
Cox, Ann, hawker, 82 South street 
Coyne, Martin, labourer, 34 Meal vennel 
Coyne, Martin, labourer, 116 High street 
Coyne, Mary, 1 1 Meal vennel 
Coyne, Philip, dyer's labourer, 199 South street 
Craig, David, carter, 47 Scott street 
Craig, David, cabman, 6 North W r illiam street 
Craig, Eliza, dressmaker, 254 High street 
Craig, John W., gunsmith, 22 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Craig, William, dyer's cleaner, 89 South street 
Craigie, Arthur S., slater, 246 High street 
Craigie, Barclay, brassmoulder, 32 Pomarium street 
Craigie, George, lamplighter, 2 Carpenter street 
Craigie, James, tinsmith, 53^ South street 
Craigie, Jane, dressmaker, 163 High street 
Craigie, Mrs David, 129 High street 
Craigie, Mrs David, 2 Athole crescent 

Craigie, Mrs John, cook, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 
Craigie, William, brassfmisher, 41 Kinnoull causeway 
Craigie House of Refuge for Girls, Craigie ; Helen Kelman, matron 
Craigon, John, carter, Shore 
Craigon, Mrs Peter, South Tay street 
Craigon, William, farm grieve, 2 Bridge lane 
Craik, David, surfaceman, 53 Leonard street 
Craik, John, manager, 75 Victoria street 
Craik, Mrs Euphemia, 14 Cross street 
Cramb, David, mason, 74 Longcauseway 


Cramb, James, vanman, 10 St. Paul's square 

Cramb, Mary, dye worker, 12 James street 

Cramb, Mrs Robert, washer, 36 Newrow 

Cran, Alexander, professor of languages, 22 King street 

Cranston, John, commercial traveller, Bona Vista, Glasgow road 

Cranstoun, James ti., landscape painter, 3 Athole street 

Crawford, A. H., jeweller, watchmaker, and engraver, 33 George street; 

h. Clunie Lodge, Isla street. See Advt. 
Crawford, Brodie, railway porter, 38 Leonard street 
Crawford, James, bricklayer, 206 South street 
Crawford, Mrs David, fruiterer, 22 Hospital street 
Crawford, Mrs John, butcher, 104 High street; h. Victoria Villa, Hay 

street, Balhousie 
Crawford, Misses, teachers, Clunie Villa, Isla street, Bridgend 
Crawford, Mrs Robert, washer, 74 Watergate 
Crawford, Thomas (Rev.), B.D., Montreal House, Isla street 
Crawford, William, labourer, 1 1 Cow vennel 
Crawford, William, labourer, Jeanfield 
Crawford, William, Beachwood, Glasgow road 
Cree, Elizabeth, caretaker, Glasite Chapel, 269 High street 
Cree, Finlay, mason, 13 Union lane 
Cree, John, coal merchant, 18 Canal street 
Cree, Mary, washer, 12 Commercial street 
Cree, Peter, engine-fitter, 61 George street 
Cree, William, dyer, 85 Pomarium street 
Crerar, Ann, laundress, 9 St. Catherine's road 
Crerar, James, traveller, 25 Barossa street 
Crerar, James, dyer's finisher, 20 County place 

Crerar, John, clothier and draper, 172 High street ; h. 10 Leonard street 
Crerar, Mrs Duncan, laundress, 54 Leonard street 
Crerar, Mrs Robert, j8 Pomarium street 
Crerar, Thomas, dairy keeper, 48 South street ; h. 48^ 
Crerar, William, blacksmith, 276 High street 
Criehton, A., Berlin wool repository, 37 St. John street ; h. 5^ Princes 

street. See Advt. 
Criehton, Alexander, 35 Balhousie street 
Criehton, Alexander, mason, 5 Milne street 
Criehton, Daniel, dyer, 19 Market street 

Criehton, David, joiner (of Watson & Criehton), 4 Market street 
Criehton, David, 29 Stormont street 
Criehton, David, ropemaker, 170 High street 
Criehton, James, draper, 42 South Methven street ; h. Moncreiffe terrace, 

Criehton, John U., & Son, dentist, 7 Charlotte street 
Criehton, M. & J., 7 Charlotte street 
Criehton, Mrs David, 25 Pomarium street 
Criehton, Mrs Eliza, Strathview terrace, New Scone road 
Criehton, Mrs John, 5J Princes street 
Criehton, Mrs William, 51 Priory place 
Criehton, Peter, joiner, 11 Charlotte street 
Criehton, Thomas, mason, 45 Scott street 



Croari, Salvator, 5 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Crockart, David, & Co., gunsmiths, 44 George st. ; h. 6 Main St., Bridgend 

Croll, Alexander, labourer, 183 South street 

Croll, Andrew, painter, 88 South street 

Croll, Helen, millworker, 59 Newrow 

Croll, James, painter, 18 West Mill street 

Crombie, Frances & Louisa, 6 Rosemount place, Bridgend 

Crombie, Margaret, confectioner, 47 Leonard street 

CPOmbie, Niekel, cabinetmaker, 2.o\ Barrack street : h. 22. See Advt. 

Crone, James, tailor, 6 County place 

Crook, Mrs Richard If., 8 Market street 

Cross, Alexander, dyer's finisher, 67 Leonard street. 

Cross, John, painter, 1 Leonard place 

Cross, Thomas, dyer's finisher, 5 Guard vennel 

Cross, Thomas, labourer, 8 Castlegable 

Cross, Thomas, dyer, 58 South Methven street 

Crow, Alexander, carpet weaver, 67 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Crow, Janet, I Leonard place 

Crow, John, finisher, 224 High street 

Crow, Louis, laundryman, 28 Newrow 

Crow, Margaret, 37 George street 

Crow, Mrs John, grocer, 23 Kinnoull street 

Crow, Mrs Louis, 30 Newrow 

Crow, Peter, carpet weaver, 12 West Mill street 

Crow, William, dyer, I Leonard place 

Crow, William, porter, 17 Isla street, Bridgend 

Crow, William, coachsmith, 4 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Crowe, William, cattle and sheep dealer, Viewhill, Upper Craigie 

Croy, Alexander, barman, 14 Pomarium street 

Croy, David, tailor, 31 Kinnoull causeway 

Croy, Henry, labourer, 44 Carr's croft, Craigie 

Cruickshank, Alexander, brakesman, 6 Abbot street 

Cruickshank, George, plumber, 8 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Cruickshank, James J., clothier, St. John's house, Kirkside ; h. 27 James st. 

Cruickshank, James S. , tailor and clothier, 64 and 66 St. John street ; 

h. 12 Marshall place 
Cruickshank, John, detective sergeant, County buildings ; h. 48 North 

Methven street 
Cruickshank, John, night watchman, 6 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Cruickshank, Richard, commission agent, 20 Speygate 
Cruickshanks, John, iron turner, 16 North port 
Cruickshanks, Mrs Robert, 122 Canal crescent 
Cumming, Alexander, porter, 82 South street 
Cumming, Alexander, 25 Leonard street 
Cumming, Andrew, engine fitter, 28 Whitefriars street 
Cumming, Duncan, inspector of cleansing, 2 St. John's place ; h. 43 

Priory place 
Cumming, James, dyer's finisher, 12 Union street lane, Bridgend 
Cumming, Samuel, labourer, 199 South street 
Cunningham, D. J., clerk, 3 Stormont street 
Cunningham, Elizabeth, 7 Charteris street 


Cunningham, J. & J., oilcake and manure merchants, 19 James street 

Cunningham, James, salmon fisher, 14 Cross street 

Cunningham, James, clerk, 34 Watergate 

Cunningham, John, pavior, 170 High street 

Cunningham, John G., grain and manure merchant, 109 Canal street 

Cunningham, Mrs James, Balmoral Inn, 23 Castlegable 

Cunningham, Peter, surfaceman, 23 Cross street 

Cunningham, William, tailor, 19 Mill street 

Cura, Girolomi, confectioner, 21 Kirkgate 

Cura, Marie, ice cream vendor, 80 South street and 5 Meal vennel ; h. 82 

South street 
Cura, Robert, ice cream vendor, 7 Meal vennel 
Curr, John, slater, 12 Pomarium street 
Currie, J. & T., wine and spirit merchants, 165 and 167 High street ; h. 41 

York place 
Currie, John, yardsman, 41 Canal street 
Cusack, Michael, labourer, 69 South street 
Cusack, Mrs John, 199 South street 
Cusack, Mrs Patrick, 161 High street 
Cussiter, Mrs Robert, 161 High street 

Custom House, Victoria buildings, 40 Tay st. ; Henry Christie, collector 
Cuthbert, David, dyer's finisher, 80 High street 
Cuthbert, David, dyer's finisher, 6 Canal street 
Cuthbert, Henry, fruiterer, 10 Bridge lane ; h. 9 
Cuthbert, Henry, bootmaker, 14 Bridge lane 
Cuthbert, James, grocer, wine merchant, and aerated water manufacturer, 

120 South street ; h. 25 Marshall place 
Cuthbert, James, fireman, 82 Pomarium street 
Cuthbert, John, labourer, 16 Back wynd 
Cuthbert, Mrs David, 13 Athole street 
Cuthbert, Mrs John, 102 High street 

Cuthbert, Samuel H., clerk, 2 Breadalbane terrace, Edinburgh road 
Cuthbert, William, grocer's assistant, 21 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Dalgairns, Peter, foreman, 360 High street 
Dalgetty, Robert, flaxdresser, 8 Pomarium street 
Dalgleish, Thomas, fireman, 1 Earl's dykes 

Dalgleish, William, railway porter, Stewart's place, Alexandra street 
Dalling, James, night foreman, Friarton 
Dalrymple, Margaret, Wellshill 
Dalton, Thomas, grocer, 84 South street 
Dandle & Co., chemists, druggists, and aerated water manufacturers, 

75 High street ; h. 71. See Advt, 
Dandie, Georgina & Mary Ann, Glencairn Villa, Kinnoull 
Dandie, Robert, L.R.c.s. (Edin. ), 4 Fairmount villas, Barnhill 
Dargie, James, bottler, 98 Reform place 
Darling, A., & Co., hatters and hosiers. 35 George street ; h. 5 Comely 

bank. See Advt. 
Davidson, Alexander, plumber, 7 Newrow ; h. 8 Rosslyn place, Glasgow rd. 
Davidson, Alexander, plumber, Craigie place 
Davidson, Alexander, brewer, 120 Canal street 
Davidson, Allan, carter and contractor, 61 Kinnoull causeway 


Davidson, Ann, confectioner, 7 Castlegable 

Davidson, Charles, butcher, 170 South st. and 2 Scott st. ; h. 9 Newrow 

Davidson, Charles, french polisher, 246 High street 

Davidson, David, 17 Market street 

Davidson, David, labourer, 23 Barossa street 

Davidson, Ebenezer, labourer, 55 High street 

Davidson, Henry, fitter, 15 Bridge lane 

Davidson, Isabella, dyeworker, 224 High street 

Davidson, James, carter, 59 Kinnoull causeway 

Davidson, John, superintendent swimming baths, 4 Readdie's buildings 

Dunkeld road 
Davidson, John, labourer, 55 High street 
Davidson, John, drover, 61 Meal vennel 
Davidson, John, clerk, 357 High street 
Davidson, John, pensioner, 4 Newrow 
Davidson, John, engineman, 5 Scott street 
Davidson, Mrs, 27 Priory place 
Davidson, Mrs Alexander, 3 Lickley street 
Davidson, Mrs James, 129 High street 
Davidson, Mrs John, 13 Scott street 
Davidson, Peter, engine-driver, 81 Leonard street 
Davidson, W. S., solicitor, 22 St. John street ; h. Kinfauns 
Davidson, Walter (of Leitham & Davidson), 10 St. Ann's lane 
Davidson, William, 49 Glover street 
Davidson, William, tailor, 58 Watergate 
Davidson, William, carter, 28 Caledonian road 
Davidson, William, cabman, 23 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Davidson, William, spirit merchant, Britannia Inn, 14 Mill street 
Davidson, William, calanderer, 38 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Davie, Alexander, dyer, 31 Leonard street 
Davie, James, brakesman, 2 Brown street 
Davie, John, clerk, 11 Glover street 
Davie, John, warehouseman, 7 Low street 
Davie, Thomas, joiner, 9 South William street 
Davie, William, weaver, 49 Leonard street 
Davis, James, carpet weaver, 296 High street 
Davison, John, C.E., Allanton Villa, Friar street, Craigie 
Dawson, David, farmer, Westview, Barnhill 
Dawson, John, fitter, 47 Canal street 

Dawson, Joseph, commercial traveller. Waverley Villa, Viewlands road 
Dawson, Mary, tobacconist, 48 Leonard street 
Dawson, Mrs Robert, 95 High street 
Dawson, Thomas, clerk, 10 Moredun terrace, Craigie 
Dawson, William, labourer, 6 Priory place 
Dawson, William, horsedealer, Tay View, Barnhill 
Dean, James A., coal agent, Balhelvie terrace, Glasgow road 
Deas, J ohn, baker, 3 Kinnaird bank, Craigie 
Deas, John, platelayer, 23 South Methven street 
Deas, John B. (of Garvie & Deas), 2 St. Leonard's bank 
Deas, Mrs David, 15 Speygate 
Deas, Mrs James B. , 2 St. Leonard's bank 


Deas, William, joiner, 50 Athole street 

Deas, William B. (of Garvie & Deas), 6 Strathearn terrace, Glasgow road 

Deighton, Betsy, dressmaker, 228 South street 

Dempster, James, coachman, 61 Strathmore street 

Dempster, Alexander, dairyman, Perth Creamery, 16 Mill street ; 

h. 7 Spens crescent. See Advt. 
Dempster, Thomas, solicitor (of R. & J. Robertson & Dempster), Town 

and County Bank buildings, 29 South Methven street ; h. Randalls, 

Rosemount place, Bridgend 
Denham, Alexander, clerk, 54 High street 
Denham, John, I Brunswick terrace, Craigie 
De Pellete, Mrs Isabella, 380 High street 
Derrick, Margaret, outworker, 40 Meal vennel 
Derrick, Michael, labourer, 16 Meal vennel 
Deuchars, Isabella, 3 Cherry lane 

Deuchars, James, baker, 6 South street ; h. 1 1 Speygate 
Deuchars, Mrs William, shirt maker, 22 Caledonian road 
Deuchars, Robert, railway porter, 4 Cross street 
Deuchars, William, mechanic, 85 Canal street 
Devaney, Francis, labourer, 40 Meal vennel 
Devaney, Patrick, labourer, 170 High street 
Devaney, Patrick, labourer, 41 Meal vennel 
Dewar, Alexander, goods porter, 238 High street 
Dewar, Alexander, butcher, 71 Watergate 
Dewar, Ann, 2 Abbot street 
Dewar, Annie, 19 Leonard street 
Dewar, Charles, warper, 27 Pomarium street 
Dewar, David, gas inspector, Comely Bank House, Bridgend 
Dewar, Donald, slater, 129 High street 

Dewar & Honey, drapers, tailors, aud clothiers, 1 St. John street 
Dewar, James, Rose Cottage, Bridgend 

Dewar, James, pianoforte tuner, Allanton Villa, Friar street, Craigie 
Dewar, John, draper (of Dewar & Honey), 34 High street 
Dewar, John, blacksmith, 23 Guard vennel 
Dewar, John, porter, 66 Pomarium street 

Dewar, John A. (of John Dewar & Sons), Melrose house, Kinnoull 
Dewar, John, & Sons, distillers, Glasgow rd. & 1 1 1 High st. See Advt. 
Dewar, Mary, 129 South street 

Dewar, Mrs Alexander, Granville place, Market street 
Dewar, Mrs Ann, lodgings, 68 High street 
Dewar, Mrs James, 4 St. Catherine's road 
Dewar, Mrs John, 5 St. Leonard's bank 
Dewar, Mrs John, 315 High street 
Dewar, Mrs Thomas, 15 Charteris street 
Dewar, Ramsay, labourer, Shore 
Dewar, William, slater, 276 High street 

Dewhirst, Harry, carpet weaver, 31 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Dick, C. S., confectioner, 45 George street ; h. 18^ Leonard street 
Dick, Cornelius, coachman, 18 \ Leonard street 
Dick, David, fishdealer, 14 Meal vennel ; h. 61 
Dick, Hugh, commercial traveller, Tayview bank, Craigie 


Dick, James, engine fitter, 13 Abbot street, Craigie 

Dick, James, engine-driver, 1 Lickley street 

Dick, Peter, cabinetmaker, 20 Market street 

Dick, R. & J., boot manufacturers, 66 High street 

Dick, William, commercial traveller, Brunswick cottages, Friar St., Craigie 

Dickie, Mrs, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 

Dickie, William, mason, 24 Market street 

Dickson, David, fishing rod maker, 232 High street 

Dickson, John, labourer, 61 Meal vennel 

Dickson, John, fireman, 41 Glover street 

Dickson, John, solicitor (of Mackenzie and Dickson), Greenbank, Bridgend 

Dickson, Lizzie, 34 Newrow 

Dickson, Matthew, printer, 297 High street 

Dickson & Turnbull, nurserymen and seedsmen, 26 George st. ; nurseries, 

Bellwood, Kinnoull 
Dingwall, Alexander, family grocer and wine merchant, 36 St. John 

street ; h. Glendoick villa, Kinnoull. See Advt. 
Dingwall, Alexander, railway servant, 40 Longcauseway 
Dingwall, James, railway guard, 5 James street 
Dingwall, Robert, mason, 15 Queen street, Craigie 
Dingwall, Robert, carter, 5 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Dobbie, Richard, slater and chimney sweeper, 1 1 Bridge lane. See Advt. 
Dobbie, William, hoistman, 24 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Dobbie, William, vanman, 23 South Methven street 
Docherty, Charles, chimney sweeper, 15 Fleshers' vennel 
Docherty, James, tobacco spinner, 239 High street 
Docherty, Mrs Edward, Laing's buildings, Alexandra street 
Doctor, John, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 
Dodds, Robert, labourer, 116 High street 
Doe, John F., agricultural implement maker, 20 Caledonian road ; h. 

Errol. See Advt. 
Doggart, James Macdonald, missionary, 7 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 
Doig, Alexander, traveller, 5 Castlegable 
Doig, Elizabeth, 15 Balhousie street 
Doig, James, clerk, Stewart's place, Alexandra street 
Doig, John, dyer, 16 Priory place, Craigie 
Doig, Joseph, plumber, 36 West Mill street 
Doig, Mrs Peter, 58 Longcauseway 
Doig, Robert, shunter, 9 Low street 
Doig, Stewart S. , plumber, 17 Market street 
Doig, William, engine fitter, 43 Cross street 
Doig, William M., draper, 16 Balhousie street 
Dolan, William, soldier, 22 James street 
Don, David, cow feeder, 11 Barossa street 
Don, James, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 
Don, John, carter, 315 High street 
Don, Mrs Robert, 5 Union street lane, Bridgend 
Don, Peter, carriage fitter, 45 Scott street 
Don, William, butcher, 298 High street ; h. New Scone 
Donahue, Mrs John, 1 1 Paul's close 
Donald, Catherine, confectioner, 85 High street 


Donald & Co., sheep dip agents, 14 Victoria street- 
Donald, David, dyer's finisher, 37 Canal street 
Donald, David, chemist (of Reid & Donald), 47 George street 
Donald, Elizabeth, Bankhead, Kinnoull 

Donald, Farquhar, policeman, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Donald, James, pointsman, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Donald, James S., watchmaker, 9 High street 

Donald, Mrs George, hotelkeeper, Exchange Hotel, 30 George street 
Donald, William D., insurance agent, 31 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Donald, William, policeman, 15 Kirkgate 
Donaldson, Amelia, 12c Canal crescent 

Donaldson, David, fireman. 25 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Donaldson, David, cabinetmaker, 29 Mill street 
Donaldson, David, blacksmith, 199 South street 

Donaldson, David, slater, 14 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
Donaldson, David, clerk, Braehead Cottage, Jeanfield 
Donaldson, Gilbert, hatter and hosier, 241-3 High St.; h. 4 Rockford ter. 
Donaldson, Gilbert, joiner, 4 Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 
Donaldson, James, cashier, 27 Balhousie street 
Donaldson, James, pensioner, 224 High street 
Donaldson, John, plumber, 29 Mill street 
Donaldson, John, irondresser, 211 South street 
Donaldson, Mrs David, hawker, 148 South street 
Donaldson, Mrs Robert, 126 High street 
Donaldson, Mrs Thomas, Strathview terrace 
Donaldson, Thomas, plasterer, 34 Newrow 
Donaldson, Thomas, railway guard, Jt, Canal street 
Donaldson, William, porter, 27 Watergate 
Donaldson, William, railway guard, Inchview, Craigie 
Donaldson, William, grocer, 2 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Donnagan, Agnes, laundress, 23 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Donnelly, Alexander, labourer, 23 Castlegable 

Donnelly, Patrick, river pilot and boat proprietor, 46 Commercial street 
Donnelly, William, dyer, 16 North Port 
Doonan, Mary and Susan, lodgings, 37 King street 
Doonan, Susan, broker, 53 Meal vennel ; h. %] King street 
Dorris, Bernard, mason, 12 Meal vennel 
Dorris, Patrick, labourer, 17 Meal vennel 
Dorward, John, brassfinisher, 9 Watergate 
Dorward, Peter, railway porter, 45 Kinnoull causeway 
Dott, John, woodturner, 97 South street 
Dougall, James, carter, 10 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Dougall, James, joiner, 8 Longcauseway 
Dougall, John, labourer, 43 Stormont street 
Dougall, Margaret, 306 High street 
Douglas, Alexander, painter, 40 Main street, Bridgend 
Douglas, Daniel, teacher, 24 Priory place, Craigie 
Douglas, David, glazier, 8 Castlegable 

Douglas, George R., painter (of Douglas & Son), 21 Marshall place 
Douglas, GeOPge R., & Son., glaziers, painters, and decorators, 52 
Princes street. See Advt. 


Douglas, James, clothier, 14 Caledonian road 

Douglas, James, engine-driver, 22 Caledonian road 

Douglas, John, gardener, 3 Strath more street, Bridgend 

Douglas, John, builder and contractor, St. Catherine's road ; //. 73 Kinnoull 

Douglas, Mary, grocer, 3 Market street ; h. 22 Caledonian road 
Douglas, Mrs George, 28 Caledonian road 
Douglas, Mrs James, 7 Barossa place 

Douglas, Mrs Margaret, grocer, 21 Commercial street, Bridgend ; h. 23 
Douglas, Mrs Robert, 18 Caledonian road 
Douglas, Mrs William, 15 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Douglas, Mrs William, 13 Scott street 
Douglas, Mrs William, 14 Rose terrace 
Douglas, Robert, baker, 48 George street 
Douglas, Thomas, clerk, 12 North Methven street 
Doull, Gilbert L. , commercial traveller, Tay view bank, Craigie 
Dow, Alexander, greengrocer, 13 Market street ; h. 15 
Dow, David, dyer's finisher, 66 Pomarium street 

Dow, David S., painter and decorator (of R. Dow & Son), 5 Charlotte pi. 
Dow, Helen, 22 James street 

Dow, James, joiner (of Dow & Macfarlane), Granville place, Market street 
Dow, James C., solicitor, 3 High street ; h. 11 Rose terrace 
Dow, Janet, 297 High street 
Dow, John, labourer, 297 High street 
Dow, John, tailor, 38 West Mill street 
Dow, John, clerk, Jeanfield 

Dow, John, joiner and undertaker (of W. & J. Dow), 21 King street 
Dow, John, railway weigher, 40 Glover street 
Dow, John S. , clerk, 19 North Methven street 
Dow, Joseph, fishmonger, 42 South street ; h. 43 Canal street 
Dow & M'Farlane, joiners, Granville place, Market street 
Dow, Maggie, milliner, 60 George street ; h. 3 North Methven street 
Dow, Margaret, dressmaker, 4 Stormont street 
Dow, Mrs Robert, 41 Main street, Bridgend 
Dow T , Peter, joiner, Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 
Dow. Peter, joiner, 6^ Priory place, Craigie 
Dow, Peter P. , grocer, 7 Belhelvie terrace, Glasgow road 
Dow, Robert, dyer's labourer, 12 Paul street 
Dow, Robert, railway porter, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
Dow, Robert, Springbrae, Kinnoull 

Dow, Robert, & Son, painters and decorators, 59 George street 
Dow, Thomas, Lome Villa, Dunkeld road 
Dow, William, brassfinisher, 46 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Dow, William, joiner (of W. & J. Dow), Craigowan, Muirhall ter. , Bridgend 
Dow, William, policeman, 23 Castlegable 
Dow, William, joiner, 67 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Dow, William, watchmaker and jeweller, 14 George st. ; h. Muirhall ter. 
DOW, W. & J., joiners and undertakers, 232 High street. See Advt. 
Dower, Robert, builder, 5 Belhelvie terrace, Glasgow road 
Dowie, John, carter, 27 Kinnoull causeway 
Dowie, Mrs Peter, 12 High street 


Downie, Andrew, timekeeper, 10 Foundry lane 

Downie, David, labourer, 258 High street 

Downie, Isabella, 5 Moredun terrace, Craigie 

Downie, John, railway conductor, 35 Glover street 

Downie, Peter, labourer, 82 South street 

Drew, William, porter, 148 South street 

Drummond, Benjamin, ploughman, Ilatton Farm, Kinnoull 

Drummond, David M., joiner, 12 Gowrie street; h. 3 Main street, Bridgend 

Drummond, Jane, 204 South street 

Drummond, Mrs James, nurse, 52 Pomarium street 

Drummond, William, labourer, 27 Castlegable 

Drummond, William, engine driver, 21 Cow vennel 

Drummond, William, tailor, 15 Pomarium street 

Drury, John, shoemaker, Craigie place, Craigie 

Dryden, John, carter, 15 Market street 

l'rye, Mrs Charles, 126 High street 

Dryer, Henry, tailor, 112 South street 

Drysdale, Andrew, dye worker, 62 Longcauseway 

Drysdale, Annie, knitting machinist, 13 Castlegable 

Drysdale, Charles, slater, 79 South street 

Drysdale, Janet, 20 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 

Drysdale, Robert, labourer, 38 Newrow 

Drysdale, Thomas, clerk of works, 14 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

Duff, Alexander, joiner, 22 Melville street 

Duff, Alexander, surfaceman, Feus Lodge 

Duff, Alexander, carter, 34 Whitefriars street 

Duff, Andrew, saddler, 142 South street 

Duff, Andrew, mason, Upper Craigie 

Duff, David, Albert Inn, 48 George street 

Duff, David, blacksmith, I Thistle lane 

Duff, Isabella, provision dealer, 224 South st. ; h. 35 Queen St., Craigie 

Duff, James, labourer, 86 Pomarium street 

Duff. James, fruiterer and confectioner, 5 Athole st. ; //. 23 Carpenter st. 

Duff, James, machinist, 83 Pomarium street 

Duff, James, draper, Inchbank, Bridgend 

Duff, James, blacksmith, 2 Brown street 

Duff, James, gardener, 28 Horse cross 

Duff, John, glassblower, 22 Caledonian road 

Duff, John, 7 Queen street 

Duff, John, labourer, 30 Horse cross 

Duff, John, engine-driver, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 

Duff, John, mason, 58 Watergate 

Duff, John, storekeeper, 8 St. Ann's lane 

Duff, Joseph, glassblower, 15 Market street • 

Duff, Maggie, 1 Rose lane 

Duff, Maggie, 79 South street 

Duff, Mrs Alexander, 190 High street 

Duff, Mrs David, 39 Castlegable 

Duff, Mrs Laura, nurse, George Inn lane 

Duff, Mrs Peter M., 81 Kinnoull causeway 

Duff, Mrs Robert, 49 York place 


Duff, Mrs Walter, spirit dealer, 53 South st. ; h. 13 Pitcullen ter., Bridgend 

Duff, Robert, scavenger, 13 Barossa street 

Duff, Robert, carter, 6 St. Paul's square 

Duff, Robert, baker, 101 South street 

Duff, Thomas, sen., market gardener, Pitheavlis Castle 

Duff, William, vanman, 13 Union lane 

Duff, William, golf club maker, 5 Scott street 

Duff, William, pastry baker, 63 Glover street 

Duff, William, commission agent, Quarrymill, Old Scone road 

Duff, William M., watchmaker and jeweller, 60 and 62 South Methven 

Street ; h. 35 Queen street, Craigie 
Duff, William, 13 Union lane 
DufHn, William, 62 Longcauseway 
Duffy, Mrs Hugh, 126 High street 

Duguid, Alexander, coachman, Barnhill Cottage, Barnhill 
Duguid, John, cabman, 9 Watergate 
Duguid, Michael, railway porter, 2 Brown street 
Duigan, Peter, ticket collector, 37 Princes street 
Duigans, Mrs James, greengrocer, 1 East Bridge street, Bridgend 
Dunbar, David, mason, 40 Whitefriars street 
Dunbar, Francis, horse dealer, 55 Princes street 
Dunbar, George, horse dealer, 33 Princes street ; ^.69 
Dunbar, Georgina, lodgings, 20 County place 
Dunbar, James, 23 Priory place 
Dunbar, John, horse dealer, 6 Victoria street 
Dunbar, William, salesman, 34 Newrow 

Duncan, Alexander, porter, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 
Duncan, Alexander L. , shepherd, 24 Market street 
Duncan, Alexander, bootmaker, 67 South Methven street ; h. 43 Bal- 

housie street. See Advt. 
Duncan, Andrew, blacksmith, 51 Glover street 
Duncan, Andrew, blacksmith, 65 Glover street 
Duncan, Andrew, dyer, 58 South street 
Duncan, David, engine-driver, 41 Glover street 
Duncan, David, labourer, 55 High street 
Duncan, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 37 Scott street 
Duncan, Jane, Albert Villa, Dunkeld road 

Duncan, James (of Brown & Duncan, builders), Rock Cottage, Craigie 
Duncan, James, plumber, 21 King street 
Duncan, James, carpenter, 48 Carr's croft, Craigie 
Duncan, James, ironturner, High Craigie 
Duncan, James, cleaner, 19 Market street 
Duncan, James, carter, 170 High street 
Duncan, Janet, dressmaker^* 5 Croft bank, Craigie 
Duncan, John, dyer, 35 Scott street 
Duncan, John, dyer, 7 Leonard street 

Duncan, John, draper, 157 and 159 High street ; h. 77 Strathmore street 
Duncan, John, shopman, 309 High street 
Duncan, Magdeline, 5 East Bridge street, Bridgend 
Duncan, Mary, 246 High street 
Duncan, Mrs Adam, 177 South street 


Duncan, Mrs Alexander, 1 1 James street 

Duncan, Mrs Margaret, 159 South street 

Duncan, Mrs Oliphant, 10 Athole street 

Duncan, Peter, ropespinner, 4 Paul street 

Duncan, Robert, blacksmith, George Inn lane 

Duncan, Robert, joiner, High Craigie 

Duncan, Robert, draper, 34 South William street 

Duncan, Robert, lapper, 8 North port 

Duncan, Robert M., clerk, 353 High street 

Duncan, Thomas, baker, 32 Pomarium street 

Duncan, Thomas M., fancy goods merchant, 6 George street; h. Upper 

Springland, Isla road 
Duncan, Thomas, coal merchant, Leonard Bank Mineral Depot ; //. 4 

Scott street 
Duncan, Walter, plumber, 98 South street 
Duncan, William, housekeeper, Inland Revenue, 40 Tay street 
Duncan, William, dyer, 297 High street 
Duncan, William, fireman, 65 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Duncan, William, packer, 19 Market street 
Duncan, William, dyer, 4 Newrow 
Duncan, William, ploughman, Gannochy Fold 
Duncanson, James, tailor and clothier, 113 High street ; h. 87 
Duncanson, Thomas, baker, 13 George street and 14 County place ; //. II 

George street 

Dundee Advertiser, Evening Telegraph, and People's Journal 

Branch Office, 12 High street. See Advt. 
Dundee Courier and Argus and Weekly News Office, 78 High street 
Dunn, Andrew, market gardener, Tayview, Barnhill 
Dunn, Andrew, coachbuilder, 3 Abbot street, Craigie 
Dunn, David, picture-frame maker, 55 High street 

Dunn, James, grocer, 92 Pomarium st. ; h. 4 Belhelvie terrace, Glasgow road 
Dunn, John, bookbinder, 6 Craigie crescent, Craigie 
Dunn, John A., The Globe boot and shoe warehouse, 64 High street 
Dunn, Mrs Archibald, 3 Kinnoull causeway 
Dunn, Mrs David, 21 Kinnoull street 
Dunn, Mrs Margaret, 4 Gowrie street, Bridgend 
Dunn, William, cloth finisher, 16 Barrack street 
Dunsmore, Mrs John, 27 Castlegable 

Dunsmore, Robert, draper (of Dunsmore & Son), 6 Comely bank, Bridgend 
Dunsmore & Son, drapers, 56 and 58 High street 
Dutch, Alexander, boatbuilder and hirer, Shore 
Duthie, James, gardener, Smithfield, Barnhill 
Dyer, M. & J., umbrella makers, 56 George street 

Eadie, Catherine, 15 Kirkgate 

Eadie, David, painter, 57 Mill street 

Eadie, William, porter, 86 High street 

Earley, Frank, insurance superintendent, I Leonard place 

Easdon, James, spirit merchant, 26 South Methven street 

Easson, Alexander, railway guard, 41 Glover street 

Easson, David, joiner, 73 Canal street 


Easson, David, assistant gas manager, 155 South street 

Easson, Elizabeth and Catherine, Kinnoull Cottage, Dundee road 

Easson, James, china merchant, 187 South street ; h. 208 

Easson, John, baker, 163 South street 

Easson, Mrs John, 113 High street 

Easson, Nellie, milliner and dressmaker, 37 North Methven street ; h. 

Langley Cottage. Scone 
East Parish Church Mission Hall, 321 High street 
East U.P. Church, iii South street 
Easter, David, warder, General Prison 
Easton, Andrew, gardener, Kerr's land, Barnhill 
Easton, Mrs John, 26 Newrow 
Edgar, James, stationmaster (Princes street Station), 6 Kinnaird bank, 


Edinburgh Life Assurance Co. See Advt. for List of Agents. 

Edward, Andrew, street porter, 57 South street 

Edward, David, assurance agent, 1 Cutlog vennel 

Edward, James, gas inspector, 54 Victoria street 

Edward, John O. , clerk, 2 Glover street 

Edward, Mrs John, 102 High street 

Edwards, David, dyer's finisher, 281 High street 

Edwards, James, superintendent Public Baths and Wash House", Mill street 

Edwards, Mrs John, ladies' nurse, 83 Watergate 

Edwards, Peter, lorryman, 122 Canal crescent 

Egan, James, labourer, 79 South street 

Egan, Thomas, 232 High street 

Eggo, James, fireman, 9 Bridge lane 

Eggo, "William F., fish and game dealer, 12 Hospital st. ; h. 4 Glover st. 

Elder, Alexander, labourer, 74 Pomarium street 

Elder, Alexander, labourer, 19 Whitefriars street 

Elder, Alexander, shepherd, 8 Whitefriars street 

Elder, Alexander, weaver, 6 Paul's close 

Elder, James, shoemaker, 30 Newrow 

Elder, John M'Gregor, french cleaner, 97 South street 

Elder, John S., surfaceman, 5 Milne street 

Elder, Margaret, 302 High street 

Elder, Mrs Alexander, 64 South street 

Elder, Mrs Alexander, 73 Pomarium street 

Elgin and Wellwood Coal Co., N. B. Mineral Depot, Glasgow road 

Elliot, David, joiner, 48 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Elliot, George, carter, 24 Thimblerow 

Elliot, Mrs George, 2 Fleshers' vennel 

Elliot, William, commercial traveller, 6 Evelyn terrace, Craigie 

Ellis, John, clerk, 26 Pitcullen terrace 

Ellison, S. T. & E., umbrella makers, 56 South Methven street; h. 2 

Balhousie street. See Advt. 
Ellison, William, 2 Balhousie street 
Emslie, Mrs John, 81 Main street, Bridgend 
Emslie, Samuel, commercial traveller, Craigielea Villa, Craigie 

English and Scottish Law Life Assurance Association. See 

Advt. for List of Agents. 


Episcopal School (St. Andrew's), Caledonian road 

Esplin, George, warder, General Prison 

Evangelical Union Church, 183 High street 

Evans, Charles, porter, 232 South street 

Evans, James, dyer, 89 Main street, Bridgend 

Everitt, Joseph, labourer, 185 South street 

Ewan, James, butcher, 10 Gowrie street, Bridgend 

Ewan, Jessie Ann, ironer, 266 High street 

Ewan, "Robert, blacksmith, Jeanfield 

Ewan, William, butcher, 113 South street; h. 97 

Ewart, James, blacksmith, 58 South street 

Ewart, John, mason, 13 Barossa street 

Ewart, John, salesman, High Craigie 

Ewart, Matthew, mason, 36 Leonard street 

Ewen, George, bootmaker, 85 Glover street 

Ewing, James, warehouseman, 62 Longcauseway 

Ewing, Margaret, confectioner, 38 Longcauseway 

Ewing, Mrs Peter, 28 Pomarium street 

Ewing, Robert, carter, 57 Mill street 

Ewing, Robert, & Co., drapers, silk mercers, and clothiers, 24 St. John St. 

Ewing, Robert, draper (of Robert Ewing & Co.), Burnbrae, Craigie 

Ewing, William (Rev.), m.a., 35 York place 

Excise Office, 40 Tay street 

Fachie, Peter, mason, 273 High street 

Fair, John, carter, 368 High street 

Fair, Mrs John, 43 Leonard street 

Fair Maid of Perth's House, North Port 

Fairbrother, Jeannie, 38 Newrow 

Fairley, James, tenter, 5 Market street 

Fairley, Mrs Alexander, 4 Barossa street 

Fairley, Patrick G., vocalist, 5 South street 

Fairley, Robert, tenter, 77 Pomarium street 

Fairweather, Charles, lorryman, 129 Canal street 

Fairweather, George, accountant, 1 Burnbank terrace, Bridgend 

Fairweather, James Y. , accountant, Pitheavlis bank 

Falcon, William, dyer's finisher, 57 Priory place, Craigie 

Farmer, Donald, printer, Pitcullen terrace 

Farmer, Mary Ann, tailoress, 222 South street 

Farquhar, Adam, pointsman, 94 Pomarium street 

Farquhar, Ann, dress and mantle maker, 8 Abbot street, Craigie 

Farquhar, George, Post Office clerk, Balhousie terrace, Dunkeld road 

Farquhar, George T. S. (Rev.), 20 Balhousie street 

Farquhar, James, chemist and druggist, 76 St. John st. ; h. 30 James street 

Farquharson, Alexander, foreman, 6 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's pi. 

FarquharSOIl, David, tea merchant, 15 High street. See Advt. 

Farquharson, David, builder, 5 North port 

Farquharson, Donald, watchmaker and jeweller, 82 High st. ; h. 35 Mill st. 

Farquharson, Donald, walking-stick maker, 232 High street 

Farquharson, Margaret, 13 Paul street 

Farquharson, Miss, 108 Canal crescent 


Farquharson, Mrs Robert, 80 Pomarium street 

FarquhaPSOIl, William, nurseryman and florist, The Cathedral and 

Comely Bank Nurseries ; h. Comely Bank cottage. See Advt. 
Farrell, John, reporter, 34 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Fawcett, Robert, paper-ruler, 139 Canal crescent 

Featherstone, John, railway servant, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 
Fechney Industrial School, Glasgow road 
Feeny, Michael, labourer, 1 16 High street 
Feeny, Richard, 163 South street 
Fell, George, town officer, Burghmuir 

Fenton, Alexander, butcher, 15 Kirkside ; //. 21 St. John's place 
Fenton, Alexander, dyer's labourer, 85 Pomarium street 
Fenton, Annie, 39 Princes street 
Fenton, David, fireman, Craigie place, Craigie 
Fenton, James, cleaner, 5 Murray street 
Fenton, Robert, confectioner, 36 West Mill street 
Fenton, William, butcher, 12 Cow vennel 
Fenwick, A., & Son, bakers and confectioners, 27 St. John street ; //. Floral 

cottage, Bridgend 
Fenwick, Adam S., carter, 3 Gladstone terrace 
Fenwick, Charles, barman, 70 South Methven street 
Fenwick, David, dairyman, 10 Scott street ; h. 8 
Fenwick, David, timekeeper, ^t, County place 

Fenwick, Fred H., baker (of A. Fenwick & Son), 25 Pitcullen terrace 
Fenwick, James, printer, 246 High street 
Fenwick, James, labourer, 4 Thistle lane 
Fenwick, John, plasterer, 7 Whitefriars street 
Fenwick, John, railway porter, 55 Leonard street 
Fenwick, John, mason, 12 St. Catherine's road 
Fenwick, Mary Ann, draper, 341 High street; h. 315 
Fenwick, Mrs Andrew, 89 South street 
Fenwick, Mrs William, 37 Castlegable 
Fenwick, Mrs William, ironer, 232 High street 
Fenwick, Peter, grocer, 317 High street ; h. 315 
Fenwick, Peter, porter, 344 High street 

Fenwick, William, shoemaker, 13 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Ferens, Robert, clerk, Laurel bank, Bridgend 
Ferguson, Andrew, carter, 18 Longcauseway 
Ferguson, Catherine, 22 Whitefriars street 
Ferguson, Catherine, 239 High street 
Ferguson, Charles, storekeeper, 246 High street 
Ferguson, Christina, dressmaker, 81 High street 
Ferguson, David, tea dealer, 16 Paul street 
Ferguson, Gilbert, steward, 8 East Bridge street 
Ferguson, James, M.B. and cm., 5 Charlotte street 
Ferguson, James, letter carrier, 67 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Ferguson, James, plumber, 29 Kirkgate 
Ferguson, James, confectioner, 213 South street 
Ferguson, James F., clerk, 2 Bridge lane 
Ferguson, John, clerk, 49 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Ferguson, John, manager, 56 Main street, Bridgend 


Ferguson, Margaret, dairy, 65 Leonard street ; h. 63 

Ferguson, Mrs A. M., 21 Pitcullen terrace 

Ferguson, Mrs Donald, grocer and spirit merchant, 91 and 93 South street ; 

h. Hamilton bank, Craigie 
Ferguson, Mrs Duncan, 3 Melville street 
Ferguson, Peter, vanman, 4 North port 
Ferguson, Peter, confectioner, 71 South street 
Ferguson, Robert, compositor, 69 Glover street 
Ferguson, Robert C. , manager, 20 Muirhall terrace, Bridgend 
Ferguson, William, joiner, Friarton 
Ferguson, William S., farina manufacturer, Friarton; office, 13 Kirkgate ; 

h. Pickstonhill, New Scone 
Fernie, Alexander, coachwheeler, 6 Cow vennel 

Fernie, David, railway servant, Craigie park terrace, Edinburgh road 
Ferrier, David, coal agent, I Edin terrace, Edinburgh road 
Ferrier, Mrs George, Main street, Cherrybank 
Ferrier, William, & Sons, gardeners and fruiterers, 322 High street ; h. 

Hawthorn Cottage, Barnhill 
Findlay, James, calico glazier, 25 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Findlay, Mrs Charles, lodgings, 30 Melville street 
Finlay, Fergus, shoemaker, 116 High street 
Finlay, James, church officer, 51 Scott street 
Finlay, Robert (Rev)., 13 Pitcullen crescent, New Scone road 
Finlayson, George, blacksmith, 24 Mill street ; h. 7 North William street 
Finlayson, James, cleaner, 17 Pomarium street 
Finlayson, John, dyer, 19 North port 
Finlayson, John, fiesher, 56 South street 
Finlayson, Mrs Alexander, 113 High street 
Fire Brigade Station, 14 Tay street 

Firth, John, carpet weaver, 9 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 
Firth, Walter, factory manager, 12 Muirhall terrace, Bridgend 
Fisher, James, labourer, 1 Leonard place 
Fisher, James, grocer, 186 High street; h. 163 
Fisher, James, ironmonger, 2 Victoria street 
Fisher, John, 3 Melville street 
Fisher, "Margaret, 23 St. Catherine's road 
Fisher, Margaret, nurse, 9 St. Catherine's road 
Fisher, Mrs Jane, 6 Marshall place 
Fisher, William, undertaker, 2 Cow vennel 
Fisher, William, signalman, 62 Glover street 
Fisken, Alexander, tailor, 6 Cow vennel 
Fisken, Mrs Thomas, 1 Kirkgate 
Fisken, Stewart, labourer, 16 Paul street 
Fittis, Robert Scott, author, 87 High street 
Flanigan, James, lathsplitter, 4 Carpenter street 
Fleming, Archibald (Rev.), B.A., Hamilton House, Glasgow road 
Fleming & Barry, timber merchants, 68 Princes street. See Advt. 
Fleming, David, surgeon, 3 Charlotte street 
Fleming, George, labourer, 89 South street 
Fleming, John, joiner, 37 Canal street 
Fleming, Misses, 1 Fairmount villa, Barnhill 


Fleming, Mrs William, 231 High street 

Fleming, William, pointsman, High Craigie 

Fletcher, Alexander, train inspector, 63 Priory place, Craigie 

Fletcher, Mrs Oswald, 94 Paradise place 

Flett, Alexander, fishmonger, 1 County place ; h. 46 St. John street 

Flight, James, fireman, 19 Kinnoull causeway 

Flood, Edward, labourer, 1 1 Meal vennel 

Flynn, Archibald, waiter, 43 Leonard street 

Flynn, John, labourer, 82 South street 

Flynn, John, labourer, 40 Meal vennel 

Flynn, Margaret, laundress, 35 Mill street 

Flynn, Martin, labourer, 24 Newrow 

Flynn, Mary, factory worker, 12 Meal vennel 

Flynn, Michael, labourer, 62 Pomarium street 

Flynn, Mrs Mary, 50 Meal vennel 

Flynn, Patrick, labourer, 10 Carpenter street 

Flynn, Patrick, labourer, 11 Fleshers' vennel 

Flynn, Patrick, hawker, 43 Leonard street 

Flynn, Susan, dairykeeper, 9 Meal vennel ; h 12 

Folan, Colin, labourer, 308 High street 

Folan, John, carter, 3 Cow vennel 

Folan, John, labourer, 34 Newrow 

Folan, Mrs Patrick, 154 South street 

Foote, David, 65 Scott street 

Foote, David, porter, 31 Commercial street 

Foote, Mrs Thomas, 13 Leonard street 

Forbes, Alexander, coach painter, 27 Canal street 

Forbes, Alexander, tailor, 146 High street 

Forbes, Catherine, 25 Leonard street 

Forbes, Edward, dyer, 62 Pomarium street 

Forbes, Elizabeth, Craigie park terrace, Edinburgh road 

Forbes, Grace, 151 High street 

FOPbeS, Isabella, dairykeeper, 1 Kirkside ; h. 160 South st. See Advt. 

Forbes, James, brakesman, 81 Kinnoull causeway 

Forbes, James, coachsmith, 4 Milne street 

Forbes, James, dyer, 25 Leonard street 

Forbes, James, joiner, 5 Lickley street 

Forbes, James, flesher, 15 N. Methven st. ; h. 4 Graham's place, King st. 

Forbes, James, carter, 34 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Forbes, Jane, staymaker and ladies' outfitter, 33 St. John street; h. 38 

Tay street 
Forbes, Jane & Margaret, St. John's Inn, 6 St. John's place 
Forbes, John, clerk, 18 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 
Forbes, John, railway weigher, 23 Kinnoull causeway 
Forbes, John, distiller, Isla Distillery ; h. Croft House, Bridgend 
Forbes, Mrs Duncan, 12 Balhousie street 
Forbes, Mrs James, 13 Cutlog vennel 
Forbes, Mrs James, stationer and tobacconist, 230 South street ; h. 120 

High street 
Forbes, Mrs Mary Ann, Ivybank, Kinnoull 
Forbes, Murdoch, pipemaker, 151 High street 


Forbes, Robert, brewer, 160 South street 

Forbes, Robert C, auctioneer, Craigie Park House, Craigie 

Forbes, William, Gowrie Inn, Watergate 

Forbes, William D., joint-agent, Royal Bank, 2 Charlotte street; h. Tay 

Park, Old Scone road 
Ford, Allan, tailor, 28 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Ford, David, glazier, 20 County place 
Ford, George K. , clerk, 128 Canal crescent 

Ford, J. & M., dressmakers and milliners, 29 Main street, Bridgend ; h. 31 
Ford, James, labourer, 4 South street 
Ford, John, dyer's labourer, 21 Cow vennel 
Ford, John, joiner, Bruce place, Castlegable 
Ford, Joseph, mason, 10 Tay street 
Ford, Michael, labourer, 142 South street 
Ford, Mrs John, 49 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Ford, Mrs John, 6 Meal vennel 
Ford, Robert, labourer, Friarton 
Ford, Thomas, gamedealer, 9 St. Paul's square 
Ford, William S., bookbinder, 33 Pomarium street 
Ford, William, fireman, 39 Castlegable 
Foresters' PIall, i 75 High street 
Forfar, George, slater, 20 Market street 
FOPgan, Thomas, joiner, contractor, and valuator, 31 Scott street ; h. 34 

Priory place. See Advt. 
Forrest, Thomas, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 26 Caledonian road ; 

h. 25 York place 
Forrester, Alexander, house agent and valuator, 66 George street. See 

Forshaw, Emma, embroiderer, 252 High street ; h. 37 South Methven st. 
Forsyth, Alexander, book-keeper, 2 Meal vennel 
Forsyth, David, dyer, 5 Keir street, Bridgend 
Forsyth, James, 9 South street 
Forsyth, Mrs Alexander, 2 Whitefriars street 
Forsyth, Mrs Thomas, 129 High street 
Forsyth, William, painter, 5 East Bridge street 
Fotheringham, Alexander, platelayer, 22 Barrack street 
Fowler, Mrs David, 1 1 North port 
Foy, Thomas, dyer, 27 Castlegable 
Foy, Thomas, fireman, 39 Castlegable 

Frame, James, coal agent, Glasgow rd. Depot ; h. Hamilton bank, Craigie 
Frame, John, grocer, 13 Queen street, Craigie 
Fraser, Alexander, labourer, 53^ South street 
Fraser, Alexander, joiner, 18 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Fraser, Alexander, bottler, 13 Pomarium street 

Fraser, Alexander, builder (of Fraser & Morton), Wolseley place, Friar st. 
Fraser, Alexander, labourer, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
Fraser, Ann, yarn store, 40 Mill street ; h. 17 Cutlog vennel 
Fraser, David, railway guard, 9 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
Fraser, James, planemaker, y^ Canal street 

Fraser, James, tobacconist aud newsagent, 242 South st. ; h. 349 High st. 
Fraser, James, vanman, 7 Clayholes 


Fraser, James, engine-driver, 6 County place 

Eraser, James, vanman, 8 Market street 

Fraser, James, engine-driver, Burton place, Nelson street 

Fraser, Jane, mantle maker, 10 Kinnoull causeway 

Fraser, John, railway guard, 41 Glover street 

Fraser, John, vanman, 28 Carpenter street 

Fraser, John, grocer and wine merchant, 40 High street and 2 Kirkgate; 

h. 20 Kirkgate 
Fraser, John, painter, 37 Cross street 

FraseP, John, plumber and gasfitter, 52 Watergate ; h. 34. See Advt. 
Fraser, John, leather merchant, 36 Skinnergate ; h. 3S Main st. , Bridgend 
Fraser, John, gardener, 53 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Fraser, John M. (of Macdonald, Fraser, & Co.), auctioneer, Rosemount 

house, Bridgend 
Fraser, Margaret, dairykeeper, 25 King street 
Fraser & Morton, builders, 38 South William street ; office, St. Leonard's 

bridge, Craigie 
Fraser, Mrs Alexander, 364 High street 
Fraser, Mrs Daniel, 57 Mill street 
Fraser, Mrs Donald, 362 High street 
Fraser, Mrs Henry, 25 Barossa street 
Fraser, Mrs James, 19 Kinnoull causeway 
Fraser, Mrs James, Rose crescent, Glasgow Road 
Fraser, Mrs John, 54 Watergate 
Fraser, Peter, surfaceman, 34 Newrow 
Fraser, Robert, coachbuilder, 71 Princes street 
Fraser, William, painter, 13 Clayholes 
Fraser, William, labourer, 2 Oliphant's vennel 
Fraser, William, labourer, 163 South street 
Fraser, William, brakesman, 25 High street 
Fraser, William, sen., blacksmith, 224 High street 
Fraser, William, jun., shuttle-mounting maker, 224 High street 
Frazer & Sons, tailors and clothiers, 49 and 51 High street : //. 1 Marshall pi. 
Free Middle Church, North Tay street 
Free St. Leonard's Church, Marshall place 
Free St. Paul's Church, 18 Newrow 
Free St. Paul's Church Session-House, 287 High street 
Free St. Stephen's Church, Paradise place, Victoria street 
Free West Church, Tay street 
Freel, Alexander, porter, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
Freel, Alexander, labourer, 14 Foundry lane 
Frew, Forest, 2 King James place, Marshall place 
Frew, Mrs Dr., 8 King street 

Frew, William & Sons, plumbers and brassfounders, 6 Mill street 
Fullar, John, dyer, 100 Reform place, Canal street 
Fulton, John, clerk, 12 Priory place, Craigie 
Fulton, Mrs William, 145 High street 

Fulton, William M., ironmonger's assistant, 3 Moredun terrace, Craigie 
Fyfe, Alexander, 1 Nelson street 
Fyfe, Archibald, cabinetmaker, 20 Pomarium street 
Fyfe, James, dyer's finisher, 246 High street 


Fyfe, John, sen., slater, 219 High street 

Fy fe, John, jun., dyer, 39 Castlegable 

Fyfe, Margaret, 14 Athole street 

Fyfe, William, tailor, 163 South street 

Fyfe, William, carter, 57 Mill street 

Fyfe, William West wood, Perth Loan Co., 80 High st. ; h. 18 King st. 

Gabriel, Robert, dyer, 10 Paul street 

Gaedeke, Albert, gardener, Rose bank, Kinnoull 

Garfney, John, carpet weaver, 181 High street 

Galbraith, David, inspector of weights and measures, 207 High street ; 

h. Friarton 
Galbraith, Malcolm, warehouseman, 20 County place 
Galbraith, Mrs Alexander, 9 Speygate 

Gall, Alexander (of Miller & Gall, printers), 3 Victoria road, Bridgend 
Gall, David, porter, 113 High street 
Gall, James, joiner, 8 Glover street 

Gall, Jane, milliner and dressmaker, 6 Hospital street ; h. 8 Glover street 
Gall, Peter, jun., postal clerk, 27 Stormont street 
Gall, Peter, sen., late telegraph clerk, 25 Stormont street 
Galletly, Ann, 74 St. John street 
Galletly, Charles, ex-warder, 6 Canal street 
Galletly, James, glazier, 31 Pomarium street 
Galletly, John, compositor, 82 Reform place 
Galletly, John, carter, 6 Mill close 
Galletly, Margaret, 99 South street 
Galletly, Mary, seamstress, 4 Carpenter street 
Galletly, Mrs David, ladies' nurse, 85 Pomarium street 
Gallie, Mrs James T., 9 Nelson street 
Gallocher, Alexander, labourer, 61 Meal vennel 
Gallocher, Bridget, outworker, 61 Meal vennel 
Gallocher, Mrs John, 239 High street 
Galloway, D. & J., grain and manure merchants, 9 St. John street and 

60 Princes street. See Advt. 
Galloway, David, grain merchant (of D. & J. Galloway), Vinebank, Kinnoull 
Galloway, George, brassfounder, 8 Mill wynd 
Galloway, George, tailor, 156 High street 
Galloway, James, tailor, 300J High street 
Galloway, James, carter, 16 Whitefriars street 
Galloway, James, woodcutter, 9 Clayholes 
Galloway, John, railway porter, 42 Scott street 
Galloway, John G., brassfinisher, 71 High street 
Galloway, Margaret, 58 South street 
Galloway, Mary, 79 South street 
Galloway, Mrs, Florence Villa, Rose crescent 
Galloway, Peter, m.r.c.v.s., 48 George street 
Galloway, Robert, brassfinisher, 18 Pomarium street 
Galloway, Robert, dyer's finisher, 37 Stormont street 
Galloway, Thomas, engineman, 303 High street 
lalloway, William, saddler, 38 High street 
rannan, James, dyer's labourer, 308 High street 


Gannon, John, potato merchant, 20 Meal vennel ; h. 22 

Gannon, Timothy, lamplighter, 10 Tay street 

Garden, David, parcels clerk, 1 Croft bank, Craigie 

Gardiner, Agnes, 39 Castlegable 

Gardiner, Alexander, millwright, 16 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Gardiner, Alexander, cabman, 14 South street 

Gardiner, Andrew, joiner, 31 Stormont street 

Gardiner, Charles, dyer's labourer, 30 Longcauseway 

Gardiner, Charles, surfaceman, 146 High street 

Gardiner, George, dyer, 4 Newrow 

Gardiner, James, porter, 4 Victoria court, Canal street 

Gardiner, James, labourer, 1 1 North port 

Gardiner, James, & Son, wood and coal merchants, 4 George street 

Gardiner, Mrs John, 276 High street 

Gardiner, Mrs Thomas, 15 St. Catherine's road 

Gardner, James A., clerk, Orchardbank, Barnhill 

Garland, John, joiner, 315 High street 

Garland, Mrs, 9 King's place 

Garland, Robert, 24 West Mill street 

Garloch, Peter, labourer, 113 High street 

Garrow, James, superintendent of city police, 54 Longcauseway 

Garven, John, confectioner, 115 South street 

Garvie, Agnes, 246 High street 

Garvie, Alexander, tobacconist and stationer, 35 South street ; h. 68 St. 

John street 
Garvie, David, carter, 239 High street 
Garvie, David, plasterer, 34 Newrow 
Garvie & Deas, manufacturers, 63 South Methven street and 44 Newrow 

Garvie, Gregory M., grocer, 2 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 

Garvie, Isabella, 83 Main street, Bridgend 

Garvie, James, engine-fitter, 324 High street 

Garvie, James, labourer, 148 South street 

Garvie, John, skinner, 34 Newrow 

Garvie, John, fitter, 5 Murray street 

Garvie, John, painter, 89 South street 

Garvie, Mary Ann, postmistress, Carrick House, Barnhill 

Garvie, Mrs James, 206 South street 

Garvie, Robert, butcher, 16 South Methven street ; h. 9 Athole street 

Garvie & Syme, ironmongers, 42 and 79 High street. See Advt. 

Garvie, William, telegraph lineman, 19 Cross street 

Garvie, William, manufacturer (of Garvie & Deas), 3 King's place 

Garvie, William, ironmonger (of Garvie & Syme), Castle View, Hay street 

Garvie, William, dyer, 47 Stormont street 

Gas Commissioners' Office, 3^ High street 

Gas Meter Inspector's Office, Speygate ; John Saunders, inspector 

Gas Works, Scott street ; Thomas Whimster, manager 

Gavin, Margaret, outworker, 40 Meal vennel 

Gavin, Mary, outworker, 47 Meal vennel 

Gavin, Mrs G., factory worker, 146 High street 

Gavin, Mrs Michael, 126 High street 

Geddes, Alexander (captain), Mount Tabor, Kinnoull 


Geddes, David, gardener, Bellwood, Barnhill 

Geddes, Maggie, 9 North Methven street 

Geddes, Mrs Alexander, 22 Market street 

Geddie, John, joiner. 90 Paradise place 

Geekie, David, inspector of works, 22 Athole street 

Geekie, James, retired warder, 50 Athole street 

Geekie, Jane, weaver, 50 Main street, Bridgend 

Geekie, Mrs Catherine, 305 High street 

Geekie, Mrs Donald, laundress, 48 Main street, Bridgend 

Gellatly, George, blacksmith, 89 South street 

Gellatly, George, baker, 9 Strathmore street 

Gellatly, Helen, 25 South street 

Gellatly, J., 83 Glover street 

Gellatly, John, fireman, 362 High street 

Gellatly, Mrs Alexander, 17 High street 

Gellatly, Mrs David, 58 South street 

Gellatly, Mrs George W., grocer, 83 South street ; h. 89 

Gellatly, Mrs John, Jeanfield 

Gellatly, Mrs William, 20 County place 

Gellatly, Robert, dyer's finisher, 34 Whitefriars street 

Gellatly, Thomas B. , factory manager. 3 Nelson street 

General Accident Assurance Corporation, Limited, Victoria 

buildings, 44 Tay street ; F. Norie Miller, secretary. See Advt. 
General Prison for Scotland, Edinburgh road 
Gerard, John, gardener, 14 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 
German Vice Consul's Officr, Charles street ; John Lowe, consul 
Gethin, Mrs Michael, 3 Victoria court, Canal street 
Gibb, George, presser, 14 Strathmore Street, Bridgend 
Gibbons, John, coal dealer, 79 South street 
Gibson, Catherine, dyer's finisher, 58 South Methven street 
Gibson, Charles, joiner, 2 Milne street 
Gibson, James, baker, I Paul street 
Gibson, James, labourer, Friar ton 
Gibson, Jessie, 4 South street 

Gibson, John, inspector, Bonnieview, Cherry bank 
Gibson. John, baker, Jt, Main street, Rridgend 
Gibson, John, engine-fitter, 6 Victoria street 
Gibson, William, blacksmith, 2>1 Cross street 
Giddings, Miss, matron, Murray's Royal Asylum, Bridgend 
Gilchrist. James, gardener, 5 Back wynd, Bridgend 
Gillespie, John, grocer, 146 South street ; h. 148 
Gillespie, Miss, Florence Villa, Rose crescent 

Gillespie, William, superintendent Caledonian Rail., I St. Leonard's bank 
Gillespie, William, engine-fitter, 28 Glover street 
Gillie, Charles, skin curer, 6 Cow vennel 
Gillie, Mrs Colin, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 
Gillies, Walter, M.A., English master (Academy), Sydenham Villa, Glasgow' 

Gillon, John, bellhanger. George Inn lane 
Girls' School of Industry, Wellshill 
Glasite Chapel, 269 High street 


Glass, Alexander, druggist, 39 S. Methven St.; h. Bon Accord, Glasgow rd. 

Glass, Andrew, insurance agent, 3 Scott street 

Glass, David, manager, Co-operative Society, 28 Scott street 

Glass, George, dyer's preparer, 17 Cutlog vennel 

Glass, James, printer, 352 High street 

Glass, Mrs Andrew, 352 High street 

Glass, Robert, weaver, 18 Clayholes 

Glass, Williamina, yj Glover street 

Glen, James, plumber, 25 Hospital street 

Glen, Mrs James, refreshments, 3 Castlegable 

Glen, Mrs William, dairykeeper, 4^ Mill street 

Glennie, Mrs Agnes, 13 Keir street 

Gloag, Robert, mason, Granville place, Market street 

Gloag, William B., grocer and wine merchant, 24 Athole street ; h. Jock's 

Lodge, Kinnoull 
Globe and Foreign Parcel Express, 263 High street 
Glover, William, & Son, boot and shoe makers, 46 South Methven st. ; h. 51 
Glovers' Hall, 36 George street 
Glynn, Michael, labourer, 128 South street 
Goble, George, coachbuilder, 6 Canal street 
Gold, Charles, railway porter, 39 Canal street 
Gollan, Elizabeth, tailoress, 37 Leonard street 
Gollans, James, baker, 34 Scott street 
Good Templars' Hall, j 34 Canal crescent 
Goodall, George, baker, 228 South street 
Goodall, James, clerk, 2C County place 
Goodfellow, David, guard, 18 Abbot street, Craigie 
Goodman, Mrs Isabella, 102 High street 
Goodwin, James, dyer, 19 Greyfriars street 

Gordon, Alexander, railway conductor, 6 Belhelvie terrace, Glasgow road 
Gordon, C. H., Croft Park, Craigie 
Gordon, James S., tailors' cutter, 68 Athole street 
Gordon, Mrs George, Barnhill House, Barnhill 

Gordon, Mrs Gilbert, lodgings, 20 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
Gordon, Mrs William, 31 Leonard street 
Gordon, William, Waverley (Temperance) Hotel, 31 York place. See 

Gordon, William, grocer, 18 Barrack street 
Gorham, Mrs William, laundress, 39 Stormont street 
Gorin, Frederick C. , bandmaster, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 
Gormley, Neil, bootmaker, 17 Fast Bridge street, Bridgend 
Gorrie, Alexander, post office clerk, 19 Queen street, Craigie 
Gorrie, David, fireman, Friarton 

Gorrie, David, sen. (of D. Gorrie & Son), 94 Paradise place 
Gorrie, David, jun. (of D. Gorrie & Son), 6 North Methven street 
Gorrie, David, & Son, coppersmiths and engineers, 25 South Methven 

street. See Advt. 
Gorrie, James, tenter, 39 Kinnoull causeway 
Gorrie, James, surfaceman, 89 Leonard street 

Gorrie, John, letter stamper, 22 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Gorrie, John, labourer, 28 Skinnergate 


Gorrie, John, hay, straw, coal, and potato merchant, 63 Princes street ; 

h. 12 Pitcullen terrace. See Advt. 
Gorrie, John, jun., fruiterer and poulterer, 54 Princes street 
Gorrie, Margaret, seamstress, 15 Stormont street 
Gorrie, Mrs Peter, 18 Glover street 
Gorrie, Mrs Thomas, 4 Scott street 
Gorrie, Mrs William, Gowrie Cottage, Barnhill 

Gorrie, Mrs William, embroidery warehouse, 153 High st. See Advt. 
Gorrie, Peter, labourer, 199 South street 
Gorrie, Robert, cabinetmaker, 151 High street 
Gorrie, Thomas, clerk, 153 High street 
Gorrie, Thomas, moulder, 2 Paul street 

Gorrie, Thomas, dyer, 7 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
Gourdie, James, lorryman, 41 Skinnergate 
Gourdie, William, shepherd, 53^ South street 
Gourlay, James R., dyer's finisher, 9 Charteris street 
Gourlay, Margaret, laundress, 27 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Gourlay, Mrs David, 22 Union lane 

Gourlay, William B., commercial traveller, 16 York place 
Gow, Daniel, 18 Canal street 

Gow, Donald, pensioner, 21 Main street, Bridgend 
Gow, Duncan, house proprietor, 9 Rose terrace 
Gow, Forbes, soldier, 18 Watergate 
Gow, James, dyer, 286 High street 
Gow, James, 25 Priory place, Craigie 
Gow, John, labourer, 20 Hospital street 
Gow, Margaret, 12 Meal vennel 
Gow, Mrs Andrew, grocer, 102 South street 
Gow, Mrs John, 7 Pomarium street 
Gow, Mrs John, 9 Keir street, Bridgend 
Gow, Mungo, policeman, 21 Market street 
Gow, Robert, grocer, 91 Main street, Bridgend 
Gow, Robert, inspector of works, Rowan Villa, Glasgow road 
Gow, Robert, labourer, 58 South street 
Gow, Stewart, carpet weaver, 17 Cutlog vennel 

Gow, William (of Stewart & Gow, auctioneers), 40 South Methen street 
Gowans, David, weaver, 315 High street 
Gowans, Forester S. , slater, 40 Barossa street 
Gowans, J. & D., grocers and wine merchants, 19 High street ; h. 6 St. 

Leonard's bank 
Gowans, James, 6 St. Leonard's bank 
Gowans, James, mason, 21 Union street 
Gowans, Mrs Margaret, 23 Castlegable 
Grace, Mrs John, 5 Market street 

Graham, Alexander, grocer, 31 South street; h. 47 Priory place, Craigie 
Graham, Charles, shepherd, 4 Thimblerow 
Graham, Donald, engine-driver, 14 Longcauseway 
Graham, George, gas stoker, Craigie place, Craigie 
Graham, Helen and Isabella, The Pines, Balhousie avenue 
Graham, Isabella, 22 James street 
Graham, James, 7 Melville street 


Graham, John, plasterer, 79 South street 

Graham, John T., m.d., cm., m.r.c.s., county sanitary inspector, 4 Athole 

Graham, Mary Jane, 16 Union street lane 
Graham, Mrs Alexander, 47 Priory place, Craigie 
Graham, Mrs Daniel, 17 Hospital street 
Graham, Mrs Joseph, 30 Newrow 

Graham, Mrs Mary Jane, pawnbroker, 181 South street 
Graham, Mrs Peter, 73 "Watergate 

Graham, Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, 121 South street ; h. 119 
Graham, Thomas, joiner, 8 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 
Graham, William, warper, 308 High street 

Grainger, Andrew, draper, 189 High St.; h. Brunswick cottages, Friar st. 
Grandison, George, clerk, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 
Grandison, William B. , designer, 33 Balhousie street 
Grant, Agnes, lodgings, 2 Barossa place 
Grant, Alexander, scavenger, 6 Back wynd, Bridgend 
Grant, Alexander, calenderer, 37 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Grant, Alexander S. , clerk, 71 High street 
Grant, Charles, cabinetmaker, 55 and 57 North Methven street ; h. 19 

Melville street. See Advt. 
Grant, Daniel D., joiner, 5 Milne street 
Grant, Donald, 21 Cow vennel 
Grant, James, gatekeeper, 3 Cow vennel 
Grant, John, policeman, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
Grant, John, 7 Whitefriars street 
Grant, John, shepherd, 85 Canal street 
Grant, John, depute chief constable of Perthshire, County buildings ; h. 24 

Canal street 
Grant, Lauchlan, solicitor, 9 High street ; h. 30 Melville street 
Grant, Miss, 49 King street 
Grant, Mrs, 12 Abbot street, Craigie 
Grant, Mrs William, 32 Caledonian road 
Grant, Peter, basket maker, 61 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Grant, Peter W. (kev. ), Inveraven bank, Bridgend 
Grant, William A., clerk, 8 Craigie crescent, Craigie 
Grant, William, gardener, 88 South street 
Grassie, William, brakesman, 24 Market street 
Graves, Frank S., organist (for Kinnoull Church), 5 Rose terrace 
Gray, Alexander, fish dealer, 275 High street 
Gray, Andrew, fish dealer, 123 South street 
Gray, Annie, dairykeeper, 29 Hospital street 
Gray, David, plasterer, 27 Watergate 
Gray, Edward, joiner, High street 
Gray, Henry, forester, 10 Paul street 
Gray, James, Stewart's place, Caledonian road 
Gray, James, retired farmer, Quarrymill Cottage 
Gray, James, clerk, 5 Castlegable 
Gray, James, weaver, 75 Leonard street 
Gray, James, fireman, 71 Glover street 
Gray, James C, railway signalman, 21 Market street 


Gray, Jessie, 47 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Gray, John, joiner, 79 South street 

Gray, John, dyer, 50 Longcauseway 

Gray, John, & Co., shoemakers, 155 High street 

Gray, Mrs George, dairykeeper, 21 Athole st. ; h. 18 North William st. 

Gray, Mrs George, Bowerswell, Kinnoull 

Gray, Mrs James, 48 George street 

Gray, Mrs Robert, 85 Pomarium street 

Gray, Mrs William, 18 Carpenter street 

Gray, Peter, labourer, 61 Leonard street 

Gray, Peter, weaver, 297 High street 

Gray, Robert, dyer, 224 High street 

Gray, William R., slater, 7 Meal vennel 

Green, Alexander, general draper, 57 and 59 South Methven street ; h. 16 

James VI. place, Hospital street 
Green, John, 59 North Methven street 
Greenhill, Campbell M., sculptor, 357 High street 
Greenhill, David ; railway servant, 126 High street 
Greenhill, Jane, 308 High street 
Greenhill, Laurence, mason, 4 Newrow 
Greenhill, Mrs Peter, 31 George street 
Gregor, John, labourer, 20 Newrow 
Gregor, Mrs Archibald, 155 South street 
Gregor, Mrs D. L., Craigroyston, Glasgow road 
Gregor, Mrs John, dairy, 7 Hospital street ; h. 20 Newrow 
Gregor, William H. (J. Pullar & Sons), 51 York place 
Greig & Co., drapers and clothiers, 24 and 26 W T atergate ; h. 28 
Greig, David, porter, Granville place, Market street 
Greig, Helen, 6 Marshall place 
Greig, Hunter H., wine merchant, 6 Watergate; h. 2 Mansfield place, 

Isla street, Bridgend 
Greig, James G. , Springbrae, Brompton terrace, Kinnoull 
Greig, James, brassfinisher, 36 West Mill street 
Greig, Lindsay, draper. 18^ Leonard street 
Greig, Mrs James, 18 Kirkgate 
Greig, Mrs Thomas, 28 Watergate 
Greig, Patrick (Rev.), 1 Balhousie bank 
Grierson, Jessie and Margaret, 6 King's place 
Grieve, David, carter, Granville place. Market street 
Grieve, George, jeweller, watchmaker, and hardware merchant, 128 High 

street ; h. Moncreiffe terrace. Craigie 
Grieve, John, Glencoe Bar, 244 High street ; h. 52 Tay street 
Grieve, Mrs David, 170 High street 
Grieve, Thomas, Sunnybrae, Cherrybank 
Grimmond, Alexander, porter, 156 High street 
Grimmond, Mrs John, 207 High street 
Grindlay, Andrew, engine-driver, 65 Canal street 
Grindlay, Robert, Queen's Hotel, Leonard street 
Gross, Philip, picture frame maker, 41 Meal vennel 
Grubb, David S. , drawing master (Sharp's Institution), 55 Priory place 
Grubb, Mrs, 32 Pomarium street 


Gruber, Charles, pork butcher and sausage maker, 91 High street ; 

h. 87. See Advt. 
Guild, Alexander, dyer's labourer, 25 Stormont street 
Guild, David, storekeeper, 3 Glover street 
Guild Hall, 96 High street 
Guild, James, labourer, 5 Milne street 
Guild, Mrs William, confectioner, 73 Leonard street 
Guild, William, engine-driver, 38 Queen street, Craigie 
Gullen, John, compositor, 20 South street 
Gully, Mrs Joseph, 21 St. Catherine's road 
Gunn, James, fireman, 77 Leonard street 
Gunn, Mrs Hugh, 290 High street 
Gunn, Mrs Jean, 145 High street 
Gunn, Robert, planemaker, 4 North port 
Guthrie, Daniel, tailor, 2 South street 
Guthrie, David, fireman, 71 Scott street 
Guthrie, Isabella, 5 Gowrie street, Bridgend 
Guthrie, John, shepherd, 6 Pomarium street 
Guthrie, John, railway guard, 34 Scott street 
Guthrie, John, pensioner, 51 Stormont street 
Guthrie, John B., waiter, 8 North port 
Guthrie, Mrs Alexander, 28 Watergate 
Guthrie, Peter, labourer, 159 South street 
Guthrie, Thomas, dyer, 258 High street 
Guthrie, William, carter, 83 Pomarium street 
Guthrie, William, blacksmith, 24 Commercial street; h. 2 Union street lane 

Haggart, Alexander, carter, 35 W 7 atergate 

Haggart, John, platelayer, 16 Cross street 

Haggart, John, joiner, 4 Newrow 

Haggart, Mrs Peter, 104 South street 

Haggart, Peter, platelayer, 23 South Methven street 

Haggarty, Mrs Isabella, 136 South street 

Haggarty, Mrs John, 222 South street 

Hahn, Frank W. , 46 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Haig, Thomas, dyer, 282 High street 

Haig", William, dairykeeper, Craigiehaugh, Burnside, Craigie. See Advt. 

Halkerston, Jessie, dyeworker, 12 Paul street 

Halkerston, John, joiner, 54 South William street 

Hall, Elizabeth, fishdealer, 28 Skinnergate 

Hall, George, gamedealer, 16 Bridge lane ; h. 30 George street 

Hall, George, fisherman, 34 Newrow 

Hall, James, railway servant, 13 Whitefriars street 

Hall, James, labourer, 82 South street 

Hall, John, signalman, 57 Kinnoull causeway 

Hall, John, engine driver, Rockcliff Cottage, Craigie 

Hall, John, labourer, 36 West Mill street 

Hall, John, coachman, Roseneath Lodge, Bridgend 

Hall, Joseph, labourer, 49 Leonard street 

Hall, Joseph, butcher, St. Leonard's bridge ; h. Clematis Villa, Friar st. 

Hall, Mrs Andrew, 1 1 Pomarium street 


Hall, Mrs Jane, 68 High street 

Hall, Mrs John, 303 High street 

Hall, Robert, glassblower, 34 Newrow 

Hall, Thomas, glassblower, 18 North port 

Hall, William, gatekeeper, 13 Union lane 

Halley, Archibald, dyer, 10 Orrock place, Jeanfield 

Halley, David, moulder, 95 High street 

Halley, David, dyer's finisher, 12 County place 

Halley, Elizabeth, 368 High street 

Halley, George, railway porter, South Tay street 

Halley, George, planemaker, 9 St. Ann's lane 

Halley, James, cutter, 2 Bridge lane 

Halley, James, plasterer, 18 Scott street 

Halley, fames, dyer's finisher, 4 Newrow 

Halley, James, David, & Robert, nurserymen and florists, Craigie Nurseries, 

Earlybank, Craitjie 
Halley, John, mason, 44 South street 
Halley, John, retired warder, 57 Kinnoull causeway 
Halley, Joseph, sailmaker, 3 Water vennel 
Halley, Mary & Elizabeth, dressmakers, 2 Barossa place 
Halley, Mrs Catherine, 25 High street 
Halley, Mrs David, lodgings, 16 Athole street 
Halley, Mrs David, 37 Cross street 
Halley, Mrs David, 69 Leonard street 
Halley, Mrs James, 7 Pomarium street 
Halley, Mrs Jane, 69 Pomarium street 

Halley, Mrs William, bootmaker, 6 Leonard street ; h. 7 Croft bank, Craigie 
Halley, R. & D., millers and grain merchants, Balhousie Mills ; office 

and stores, Bath buildings, Methven street. See Advt. 
Halley, Robert (of R. & D. Halley), Victoria Villa, Hay street 
Halley, Robert, foreman winder, 15 Melville street 

Halley, Thomas, clerk and auctioneer, St. Catherine's Villa, Friar street 
Halley, William, cabinetmaker, 362 High street 
1 1 alley, William, mason, 124 Canal crescent 
Halley, William, mason, 226 South street 
Hallyburton, David, cooper, 28 Barossa street 
Hallyburton, David, blacksmith, 8 Caledonian road 
Hallyburton, John, blacksmith, 57 Kinnoull causeway 
Hallyburton, William, cooper, 46 Meal vennel ; h. 44 
Hamilton, Mrs George, 2 Abbot street, Craigie 
Hamilton, Mrs John, 73^ Leonard street 
Hamilton, Robert H., laundryman, the Perth Steam Laundry, Dunkeld 

road; h. 17 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road. See Advt. 
Hamilton, Thomas, coachman, 5 Isla street, Bridgend 
Hamilton, William, conductor, Wilson street 
Hampton, Mrs John, Mitchell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
Hannah, Beattie, 163 South street 

Harbourmaster's Office, Shore ; David Taylor, harbourmaster 
Hardie, J. K. M., hairdresser and manufacturing perfumer, 39 George street; 

h. Wilson street, Craigie 
Hardie, John, weaver, 13 Union lane 


Hardie, Richard, pavior, 18 Watergate 

Hardie, Thomas, draper and hosier, 233 High street ; h. Wellwood villa, 

Friar street, Craigie 
Hargrave, Janet, 303 High street 
Hargrave, William, stableman, 116 High street 

Harley, Thomas, chemist and druggist, 21 High st. ; h. 9 Balhousie street 
Harley, Mrs, restaurateur, 3 County place ; h. 31 King street 
Harley, William, cattleman, Mart, Caledonian road 
Harley, William, fruiterer (of W. Harley & Sons), Vinebank, Kinnoull 
Harley, William, & Sons, fruiterers and florists, 1 George street 
Harper, Daniel, fireman, 23 South Methven street 
Harper, James, solicitor, Rose crescent 

Harper, Mrs Mary, dressmaker, 13 East Bridge street, Bridgend 
Harper, Mrs William, 42 North Methven street 
Harrier, James, dairyman, 15 County place ; h. Colen farm 
Harris, Alexander, railway porter, 19 Abbot street, Craigie 
Harris, Charles, blacksmith, 10 Pomarium street 
Harris, James, mason, 6 Paul street 
Harris, James, coachman, 190 High street 
Harris, James, tailor, 47 Watergate 
Harris, Janet, 19 St. Catherine's road 
Harris, John, coach painter, 35 Watergate 
Harris, John, labourer, 75 Leonard street 
Harris, John, mason, Maggie's park, Mill street 
Harris, Mrs Alexander, 7 Low street 
Harris, Mrs Ann, fancy goods, 68 South Methven st. ; h. 3 Belhelvie terrace, 

Glasgow road 
Harris, Mrs James, 12 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Harris, Mrs James, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Harris, Mrs John, 1 Abbot street, Craigie 
Harris, Mrs Thomas, 246 High street 
Harris, Robert, engine-driver, 4 Thimblerow 
Harris, William, mechanic, 36 West Mill street 

Harris, William, dyer's finisher, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 
Harris, William, mason, 337 High street 
Harris, William, dyer's finisher, 53^ South street 
Harris, William, mechanic, Craigie place, Craigie 
Harris, William, blacksmith, 56 Mill street 
Harris, William, gardener, 18 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Harris, William F., brassfinisher, 19 Mill street 
Harrison, Mrs John, seamstress, 224 High street' 
Harrower, James, joiner, 73 Canal street 
Harrower, James, dyer, 45 Scott street 
Hart, Allan, dyer's cleaner, Northbank, Barnhill 
Hart, James, market gardener, Woodlands, Barnhill 
Hart, Mrs James, 21 Market street 
Harvey, Sarah, 5 Queen street, Craigie 
Hattle, John, engine-driver, 22 Market street 
Haxton, Alexander, dyer's finisher, 17 Kinnoull street 
Haxton, Andrew, dyer's finisher, 246 High street 
Haxton, Mrs Robert, 36 West Mill street 



Haxton, William, artist, Bona Vista, Glasgow road 

Hay, Alexander, slater, 18 Caledonian road 

Hay, Alexander, labourer, 219 High street 

Hay, Charles, clerk, 21 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Hay, Grace, 9 Cross street 

Hay, James, engine-fitter, 20 County place 

Hay, James, & Son, builders, cabinetmakers, joiners, and undertakers, 

5 York place and 61 Newrow ; works, 315 High street ; h. 11 York 

place. See Advt. 
Hay, James, jun. (of James Hay & Son), 6 Rose crescent 
Hay, James, presser, 273 High street 
Hay, James B., planemaker, 35 Mill street 

Hay, James Robertson, quarter-master, 6 Muirhall terrace, Bridgend 
Hay, Janet, 71 Victoria place 
Hay, John, church officer, 14 Paul's close 
Hay & Kyd, auctioneers and land surveyors, Victoria Auction Hall, 

Victoria street 
Hay, Mrs Alexander, 29 Balhousie street 
Hay, Mrs Alexander, mangier, 214 South street 
Hay, Mrs James, 36 Barossa street 
Hay, Mrs Margaret, 13 Leonard stteet 
Hay, Mrs Robert, Gowanbank, Isla road, Bridgend 
Hay, Mrs Thomas, 20 West Mill street 

Hay, R. A. & J. , booksellers and stationers, 23 George street 
Hay, Robert A. (of R. A. & J. Hay), The Retreat, Balhousie avenue 
Hay, Robert, & Sons, drapers, 27 George street; h. Gowanbank, Bridgend 
Hay, Sarah, dyeworker, 5 James street 
Hay, Thomas, boilermaker, 9 Cross street 
Hay, Thomas, dyer, 282 High street 
Hay, William, railway guard, 3 York place 
Hay, William, dyer's finisher, 21 Kinnoull street 
Hay, William, fireman, 49 Leonard street 
Hay, William, waggon wright, 6 Meal vennel 
Kazil, James, dyer, 27 Watergate 

Hedderwick, Alexander, butcher, 61 South Methven st.; h. 16 Foundry lane 
Heggie, Charles, joiner, 2 Bridge lane 
Heggie, George, roadman, 8 Union street 
Heggie, James, porter, 1 Charteris street 
Heggie, Mrs William, I James street 
Heggie, Thomas, labourer, Cherrybank 
Heggie, William, railway policeman, 384 High" street 
Heiton & Granger, architects, 72 George street ; h. Darnick, Kinnoull 
Hempel, Mrs Charles, teacher of music, 22 Kinnoull street 
Hempstead, Robert, clerk, 175 High street 
Henderson, Alexander, clerk, 6 Abbot street 
Henderson, Alexander, photographer, Jt, Watergate 
Henderson, ^Eneas, M.B., cm., 12 York place 
Henderson, Alice, 74 South street 

Henderson, Andrew, gate porter, 8^ Main street, Bridgend 
Henderson, Ann, lodgings, 68 High street 
Henderson, Barbara Jane, dyeworker, 33 Commercial street, Bridgend 


Henderson, Christina, upholstress, 18 Scott street 

Henderson, David, grocer and wine merchant, 65 George St.; h. Lawgrove 

Henderson, David C. , joiner, 300 High street 

Henderson, Donald, dyer, 35 Mill street 

Henderson, Francis, warehouseman, Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 

Henderson, Francis C, railway clerk, 16 Abbot street, Craigie 

Henderson, J. & M., confectioners, 205 High St.; h. 77 Kinnoull causeway 

Henderson, James, labourer, 41 Newrow 

Henderson, James, joiner, 6 Canal street 

Henderson, James, porter, 6 Meal vennel 

Henderson, James, railway porter, 17 Market street 

Henderson, James, finisher, 67 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Henderson, James, music salesman, Cherrybank 

Henderson, James, fireman, 23 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Henderson, James, head parcel porter, 47 Glover street 

Henderson, John, carver and gilder, 156 High street 

Henderson, John, sen., photographer, 10 Hospital street; h. 1 Albert place 

Henderson, John, jun., photographer, 8 Hospital street 

Henderson, John, tobacco manufacturer, 208 High street ; works, 214 ; 

h. 51 King street 
Henderson, John, jun., tobacconist, Laburnum villa, Glasgow road 
Henderson, John, brewer, 125 Canal crescent 
Henderson, John, letter-carrier, 26 Princes street 
Henderson, John, teacher, Cherrybank Schoolhouse, Cherrybank 
Henderson, John, porter, 10 Market street 
Henderson, Joseph, carpet weaver, 132 High street 
Henderson, Mary Ann, 6 Canal street 
Henderson, Mrs /Eneas, 353 High street 
Henderson, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, Balhousie terrace 
Henderson, Mrs David, 56 George street 
Henderson, Mrs David, 77 Kinnoull causeway 
Henderson, Mrs James, dyeworker, 31 Stormont street 
Henderson, Mrs Thomas, 1 1 Keir street, Bridgend 
Henderson, Mrs William, 22 Thimblerow 
Henderson, Mrs William, fruiterer, <)\ North Methven street 
Henderson, Peter, clerk, I Abbot street, Craigie 
Henderson, Robert, gamedealer, fruit and potato merchant, 268 High 

street ; h. Hillyland farm. See Advt. 
Henderson, Robert, tailor, 137 High street 
Henderson, Robert, parcel porter, 216 South street 
Henderson, Robert, blacksmith, 7 Thimblerow 

Henderson & Shaw, timber merchants, Victoria street. See Advt. 
Henderson, Thomas, glassblower, 219 South street 
Henderson, Thomas (of Henderson & Shaw), 22 Victoria street 
Henderson, Thomas, painter, 47 Canal street 
Henderson, William, railway guard, 360 High street 
Henderson, William, blacksmith, 34 Scott street 
Henderson, William, goods porter, 34 Leonard street 
Henderson, William, hosier, 209 High street ; h. Wellshill road 
Henderson, William, tenter, 48 Longcauseway 
Henderson, William, fireman, 39 Main street 


Henderson, William, bootmaker, 9 North Methven street 

Hendrie, James, joiner, 38 Princes street 

Hendrie, William, 41 Canal street 

Hendry, Isabella, 258 High street 

Hendry, James, weaver, 35 Newrow 

Hendry, James, dyer, 10 Newrow 

Hendry, John, engineer, 8 Caledonian road 

Hendry, Peter, railway porter, 37 Glover street 

Hendry, Thomasina, dressmaker, 6 Canal street 

Henichen, Thomas, coal merchant, 4.5 Mill street ; h. 27 Castlegable 

Hennachan, James, labourer, 12 Thimblerow 

Hennachan, Patrick, mason's labourer, 116 High street 

Hennachan, Thomas, labourer, 5 Meal vennel 

Hepburn, John, sen., retired manager, Friarton 

Hepburn, John, manager, Chemical works, Friarton 

Hepburn, John, painter, 101 High street 

Hepburn, Laurence, North U.P. Church officer, 231 High street 

Hepburn, Mary, 15 Rose terrace 

Hepburn, Mrs John, weaver, 7 Leonard street 

Hepworth, Joseph, & Son (limited), clothiers, 32 George street 

Heraughty, John, broker, 21 and 28 Meal vennel 

Heraughty, Thomas, dyer, 219 High street 

Herd, Andrew, fisherman, 170 High street 

Herd, Andrew, blacksmith, Granville place, Market street 

Herd, Laurence, market gardener, Barnhill 

Herd, Magnus, bottler, i8£ Leonard street 

Herd, Mrs Andrew, 1 1 Cow vennel 

Herd, Thomas, boilermaker, 12 South street 

Herdman, James, chintz starcher, 198 High street 

Herman, Frederick, labourer, 189 South street 

Heron, Charles, baker, 23 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Heron, Charles, weaver, 25 Thimblerow 

Heron, Charles, baker, 30 Melville street 

Heron, David, tailor and clothier, 53 George st. ; h. Abbey rd., New Scone 

Heron, Mrs Joseph, 92 High street 

Hewat, James, restaurateur, 10 Watergate ; h. 8 

Hewat, Peter, coachman, 6 Athole street 

Higgins, John, labourer, 253 High street 

Higgins, Michael, labourer, 47 Meal vennel 

Higgins, Mrs Henry, cowfeeder, 74 South street 

Higgins, Paul, fitter, 29 Kirkgate 

High, Alexander, goods guard, 94 Reform place 

High, David, lorryman, 19 Whitefriars street 

Hill, Alexander S., Post Office clerk, 10 Kinnaird bank, Craigie 

Hill, Andrew, butcher, 47 North Methven street ; h. Viewhill, Craigie 

Hill, James, salesman, Maggie's Park, Mill street 

Hill, James, carter, 1 Lickley street 

Hill, James, Baker's buildings, Mill street 

Hill, Margaret, T3 North Methven street 

Hill, Mrs Andrew, Pitheavlis, Glasgow road 

Hill, Rowland W. , Inland Revenue, 4 Balhousie street 


Hill, William, fish merchant, 220 and 222 High street ; h. 55 York place 

Hill, William, late of Inland Revenue, Paradise place 

Hillside Home for Incurables, Barnhill 

Hinshelwood, Alexander, salmon fisher, 50 North Methven street 

Hinshelwood, James, dairyman, 50 North Methven street ; k. Hill Farm 

of Pitheavlis 
Hird, Charles, fireman, 58 Watergate 
Hislop, Charlotte, 44 Newrow 
Hobbin, James, labourer, 4 Fleshers' vennel 
Hobbin, Matthew, dyer, 6 Mill close 
Hobbin. Peter, 163 High street 
Hobbin, Thomas, scavenger, 189 South street 
Hobson, David, painter, 21 Kinnoull street 
Hobson, David, tailor, 89 South street 
Hobson, James, painter, Balhousie terrace, Dunkeld road 
Hobson, Mrs James, 18 George street 
Hobson, William, dyer's finisher, 5 Fleshers' vennel 
Hodge, Andrew G., dyer's finisher, 28 Priory place, Craigie 
Hodge, Margaret, dressmaker, 211 High street 
Hodge, William, mason, Viewfield cottage, Cherry bank 
Hodge, William Laird, letter-stamper, 38 Athole street 
Hogarth, Andrew, fancy goods merchant, 255 High street 
Hogg, James, dyer's labourer, 100 Reform place 
Hogg, Jane, dyer's finisher, 18 Watergate 
Hogg, Mrs Peter, 70 South street 
Hogg, William, moulder, 35 Watergate 
Holland, John, labourer, 13 Thimblerow 
Holland, Mary, outworker, 55 Meal vennel 
Holland, R. , feather-dresser, 5 Melville street 

Honey, James, wholesale grocer, 122 High st. ; h. The Beild, Kinnoull 
Honey, William, draper (of Dewar & Honey), 34 High street 
Ploneyman, David, mason, 34 Carr's croft 
Hood, Andrew, signal titter, 2>2>7 High street 
Hood, Andrew, warder, General Prison 
Hood, Grace Ann, stocking finisher, 28 Pomarium street 
Hood, John, 17 Pomarium street 
Hood, John, bank messenger, 21 Skinnergate 
Hood, Margaret, 49 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Hood, Mrs David, 31 Leonard street 
Hood, Mrs William, 16 Glover street 
Hood, Robert, fireman, 22 Melville street 
Hood, Robert A. S., mason, 25 Leonard street 
Hood, Samuel, warehouseman, 19 Market street 
Hood, William, glassblower, 2 Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 
Hoolachan, Felix, surfaceman, 12 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Hoolachan, John, grocer, 13 Meal vennel; h. 11 
Hoolachan, Peter, labourer, 47 Meal vennel 
Hope, Bella, confectioner, 3 County place ; h. Spens crescent 
Hope, Robert, music teacher, 1 Hospital street ; h. Spens crescent 
Hope, Thomas, shepherd, 362 High street 
Hope, William, joiner, 15 Market street 


Hopkirk, James, baker, 248 High street ; /z. 51 Leonard street 

Hopkirk, William, baker, 51 Leonard street 

Home, Mrs George, lodgings, 238 High street 

Horsfal, Lambert, engine-cleaner, 266 High street 

Horsman, Arthur, clog maker, 119 South street 

Hossick, Mrs William, 17 High street 

House of Refuge for Destitute Girls, Craigie ; Helen Kelman, matron 

Houston, John, railway porter, 18 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Houston, John, market gardener, Cozie Den, Barnhill 

Howard, Mary, 18 Barrack street 

Howat, G. dz W., grocers and wine merchants, 36 High street. See Adi't. 

Howat, George, grocer (of G. & W. Howat), Melville street 

Howat, W. , grocer (of G. & W. Howat), Rosslyn place 

Howe, Alexander, forester, Kinnoull Hill Lodge 

Howe, James, bottler, Baker's buildings, Mill street 

Howitt, John, gardener, Springbank Lodge, Bridgend 

Hughes, Alexander, hammerman, 62 Longcauseway 

Hughes, Alfred, sailor, Bruce place, Castlegable 

Hughes, Rose, 6 Canal street 

Humble, Mrs Henry, 32 Balhousie street 

Hume, John, blacksmith, 3 Fleshers' vennel ; h. 2.1 Victoria st. See Advt. 

Hunt, Leigh, m.b. and cm., i Graham's place, King street 

Hunt, Mrs Alexander, 73 Canal street 

Hunt, Mrs James, clothier and hatter, 38 George st. ; h. 18 Muirhall terrace 

Hunt, Mrs Thomas, 8 Kinnoull street 

Hunter, Andrew, coal agent, Alloa Coal Co., 22 Caledonian road 

Hunter, David, warper, 8 Balhousie street 

Hunter, David, labourer, 23 South Methven street 

Hunter, George, labourer, 72 Pomarium street 

Hunter, Helen, ladies' nurse, 246 High street 

Hunter, Isabella, seamstress, 7 Low street 

Hunter, John, tailor, 17 Watergate 

Hunter, Mrs William G. J. , 3 Craigie crescent, Craigie 

Hunter, Robert, solicitor, Salisbury terrace, Cherrybank 

Hunter, Thomas, Perthshire Constitutional, 10 Rosslyn place, Glasgow rd. 

Hunter, William, stationer, 22 County place 

Hunter, William, clerk, 7 Pitcullen crescent, Bridgend 

Husband, Alexander, carter, 20 Market street 

Husband, David, joiner, 20 Market street 

Husband, fohn, 21 Market street 

Husband, Peter, calanderer, 9 Gladstone terrace 

Hutcheon, Alexander R., iron-turner, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 

Hutchison, Alexander, sand and gravel merchant, 198 High street 

Hutchison, Arthur, signalman, Steading, Barnhill 

Hutchison, Christina, 4 Longcauseway 

Hutchison, Christopher, cowfeeder, 56 Castlegable 

Hutchison, David, labourer, 8 Castlegable 

Hutchison, James, painter, 6 East Bridge street 

Hutchison, James, cleaner, 20 Hospital street 

Hutchison, James, plasterer, 18 Glover street 

Hutchison, James, superintendent Fechney Industrial School, Glasgow rd. 



Hutchison, James, tailor, 246 High street 

Hutchison, John, farm servant, 132 High street 

Hutchison, John, market gardener, Hillend, Barnhill 

Hutchison, John, inkmaker, 4 Croft bank, Craigie 

Hutchison, Mrs William, 52 Barossa street 

Hutchison, Mrs William, 22 Thimblerow 

Hutchison, R., & Co., grain merchants, Charles street granaries 

Hutchison, Thomas, baker, 116 High street 

Hutchison, Walter, clerk, 39 Princes street 

Huichison, William, bottler, 6 Canal street 

Hutchison, William, labourer, 190 High street 

Hutton, Andrew, sheriff officer and messenger-at-arms, 6 High street 

Hutton, Ann, tailoress, 5 Scott street 

Hutton, David, bottler, 66 Pomarium street 

Hutton, George, joiner, 20 South street 

Hutton, James, sheriff officer and messenger-at-arms, 6 High street 

Hutton, John, engine-driver, 21 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 

Hutton, John, joiner, Kincarrathie Lodge, Old Scone road 

Hutton, Joseph, joiner, 70 South Methven street 

Hutton, Mrs Catherine, 61 Scott street 

Hutton, Mrs James, 8 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

Hynd, David, cleaner, 49 Leonard street 

Hynd, David, sawmiller, 149 High street 

Hynd, James, gardener, 53 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Hynd, Samuel, engine-driver, 46 Leonard street 

Imrie, Henry, pointsman, 9 Castlegable 

Imrie, Jane, dressmaker, 231 High street 

Imrie, Jessie, 35 Watergate 

Imrie, John A. , Gaskhill, Kinnoull 

Imrie, Mary, 291 High street 

Imrie, Mrs Robert, 16 Cow vennel 

Imrie, Robina C, dairykeeper, 12 Kirkgate 

Imrie, Thomas, 50 Glover street 

India, China, and Ceylon Tea Co., 24 South Methven street 

Inglis, David, pensioner, 34 Caledonian road 

Inglis, James, detective, 13 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Inglis, John, plumber, 56 Victoria street 

Inglis, Mrs Harriet, 34 Caledonian road 

Ingram, Thomas, gardener, 16 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 

Inland Revenue Office (Excise), 40 Tay street ; James Wright 

Inland Revenue Office (Stamps and Taxes), 40 Tay street ; A. Burns- 

Macdonald, distributor and collector 
Innes, Alexander, platelayer, 18 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Innes, David, railway porter, Jeanfield 
Innes, David, grocer's assistant, 15 Keir street, Bridgend 
Innes, Mrs George, 12 Paul's close 

Innes, William, cashier, Inland Rev. Department, Brompton ter., Kinnoull 
Inspector of Weights and Measures Offices, County Buildings, 

South street and 207 High street 
Inspector of Works Office, 3J High street 


Ireland, Charles, photographer (of J., E., & C. Ireland), 13 Rosslyn place 

Ireland, Henry B., 14 Pitcullen crescent 

Ireland, J., E., & C, photographers, 14 South Methven street 

Ireland, John, Sunnybrae, Cherrybank 

Ireland, John, shoemaker, 30 Caledonian road 

Irons, James, slater, 300 High street 

Irons, Janet S. , 30 Priory place, Craigie 

Irons, Mrs, nurse, 61 George street 

Irons, Mrs William, 102 High street 

Irvine, Alexander, dyer's finisher, 26 Barossa street 

Irvine, David, tinsmith and ironmonger, 1 York place ; h. 55 Newrow 

Irvine, David, pointsman, Craigie Bank house, Craigie 

Irvine, Duncan, warder, General Prison 

Irvine, James, tinsmith and gasfitter, 124 South street 

Irvine, James, joiner, 3 Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 

Irvine, James, tailor, 25 High street 

Irvine, Jane, 28 Horse cross, Castlegable 

Irvine, Malcolm, fireman, 26 Newrow 

Irvine, Mary, weaver, 23 St. Catherine's road 

Irvine, Mrs James, 21 Scott street 

Irvine, Mrs Joseph, 73 Main street, Bridgend 

Irvine, Pedro, builder, 1 Salisbury terrace, Cherrybank 

Irvine, Robert, skinner, 6 Murray street 

Irving, John, signalman, 57 Princes street 

Isaac, James, draper, 55 S. Methven street ; h. Laburnum villa, Glasgow rd. 

Isaac, Mrs William, 1 3 Cutlog vennel 

Isaac, William, telegraph clerk, 22 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Isdale, David, dyer, 8 Foundry lane 

Jack, Alexander, porter, 15 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Jack, George D., postal clerk, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 

Jack, James, engine-driver, 39 Princes street 

Jack, James, joiner, Laing's buildings, Alexandra street 

I Jack, John, spirit dealer, 33 North Methven street ; h. 16 Foundry lane 
Jack, John, solicitor, 56 George street ; h. 7 Balhousie street 
Jack, John, foreman (Wordie & Co. ), 10 Gladstone terrace 
Jack, Mrs Alexa, Baptist Church buildings, Canal street 
Jack, Mrs James, 10 Rose terrace 

Jack, W. G., staff-surgeon, R.N., 5 Kincarrathie crescent 
Jack, William, dairykeeper, 8 Cutlog vennel 
Jacks, Richard, shepherd, 3 Lickley street 
Jackson, Andrew, railway surfaceman, 91 Pomarium street 
Jackson, Andrew, labourer, 83 Main street, Bridgend 
Jackson, Ann, 2 St. Ann's lane 

Jackson, Charles, market gardener, Upper Springland, Isla street 
\ Jackson, David, seedsman, 5 Kinnoull causeway 
Jackson, Edward, solicitor, 37 South Methven street ; h. Tullylumb 
Jackson, George, dyer, 21 St. John's place 
Jackson, George, janitor, 22 Barrack street 
Jackson, Isabella, 205 South street 
Jackson, James, clerk, Burton place, Nelson street 



Jackson, James H., stationer, bookbinder, and printer, 20 High street and 
The Mills, Horse Cross; h. 17 Rose terrace 

Jackson, John, skinner, 137 High street 

Jackson, John, 3 St. Paul's square 

Tackson, Maggie, 31 Pitcullen terrace 

Jackson, Magnus, photographer, 62 Princes street ; h. 2 Victoria street 

Jackson, Mrs, 10 Foundry lane 

Jackson, Mrs Charles, 13 Cutlog vennel 

Jackson, Peter, carter, 15 Strathmore street 

Jackson, Thomas, butcher (of T. Roy & Co.), Tullylumb 

Jackson, Thomas D., livestock salesman, 26 York place; h. Union Mount, 
Glasgow road V3r; ° 

Jagger, Thomas, loco, superintendent, H.R., 3 Orrock place, Jeanfield 

James, Philip, East Coast Railway inspector, Brunswick Cottages, Friar st. 

Jameson, Henry, solicitor, County buildings ; h. Claremount Villa, Kinnoull 

Jameson & Mackay, solicitors, County buildings, South street 

Jameson, Melville, solicitor and procurator-fiscal, County buildings ; h. Fern- 
hill, Kinnoull 

Jamieson, James, tailor's cutter, 12 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Jamieson, John, salesman, 15 Market street 

Jamieson, John, & CO., clothiers, 8 and 64 George street; factory, 
7 Athole street. See Advt. 

Jamieson, Mary, n Meal vennel 

Japp, Mrs Thomas, 42 Skinnergate 

Jardine, John, cloth lapper, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 

Jarvie, John, warehouseman, Hay street 

Jarvie, Mrs William, 5 Scott street 

Jenkins, William, dyer, 9 St. Catherine's place 

Jennings, Bridget, factory worker, 23 Meal vennel 

Jennings, Joseph, hallkeeper, 139 South street 

Jennings, Mary, 139 South street 

Jennings, Mary, 82 South street 

Johnman, A. D., draper, 180 High st. ; h. 3 Strathearn ter., Glasgow rd. 

Johnman, Jessie, tailoress, 24 Carpenter street 

Johnman, William, draper, 300 High st. ; h. 3 Strathearn ter., Glasgow rd. 

Johnsons, chartered patent agents, 38 Tay street. See Advt. 

Johnston, Alexander, v.s., 75 Watergate; h. 2.2. St. John street 

Johnston, Crichton, reliefman, 17 Abbot street, Craigie 

Johnston, David, saddler, 11 Gladstone terrace 

Johnston, David, railway porter, 14 Barrack street 

Johnston, David, joiner, 36 Balhousie street 

Johnston, Francis, cattleman, 3 Paul street 

Johnston, George, plateman, 7 Kirkgate 

Johnston, Helen, 137 Canal crescent 

Johnston, Henry, labourer, 39 Princes street 

Johnston, Henry, joiner, 14 Scott street 

Johnston, James, confectioner, 260 High street ; h. Granville place 

Johnston, James, bootmaker, 210 South street ; h. Granville pi., Market st. 

Johnston, James, live-stock agent, 9 Marshall place 

Johnston, James, engine-driver, 45 Scott street 

Johnston, Janet, 232 High street 


Johnston, Mary, 129 High street 

Johnston, Matthew, grocer, 16 Leonard street 

Johnston, Mrs J., 19 Stormont street 

Johnston, Mrs James, 81 Pomarium street 

Johnston, Peter, joiner and contractor, 19 Cow vennel ; h. 26 Princes st. 

Johnston, Robert, miller, 96 High street 

Johnston, Thomas, tailor, 9 South William street 

Johnston, Thomas, brassmoulder, 195 High street 

Johnston, William, carpenter, 4 Market street 

Johnston, William, builder and jobbing mason, 40 and 51 Scott street ; 

h. 50 Longcauseway. See Advt. 
Johnston, William G., cabinet turner, 8 St. Catherine's road 
Johnstone & Morris, cartwrights and joiners, St. Catherine's place 
Jolly, John, mason, 23 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Jones, Amelia, factory worker, 6 Mill close 
Joyce, Martin, labourer, 40 Meal vennel 
Just, Christian, Gowrie Cottage, Bowerswell road 
Justice, Mai-garet, millworker, 13 Paul street 
Justice, Thomas, tanner, 8 Homers' lane 
Justice, Thomas, cooper, 11 St. Ann's lane; h. 13 

Kane, John, labourer, 212 South street 

Kane, Mary, 12 Meal vennel 

Kavanagh, Patrick, general dealer, 35, 38, and 40 Skinnergate 

Kay, Andrew, engineer, 20 Gowrie street, Bridgend 

Kay, James, dyer, 43 Stormont street 

Kay, Mrs James, 17 Stormont street 

Kay, William, carpet weaver, 1 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

Kay, William W., wine and spirit merchant, 3 St. John's place; h. 3 Kin- 

carrathie crescent, Bridgend. See Advt. 
Kaye, Catherine, dairykeeper, 26 Pomarium street 
Kaye, George, joiner, 57 Kinnoull causeway 
Kaye, Mrs James, 3 Athole street 
Kaye, Peter, beamer, 32 Caledonian road 
Kean & Co. , tobacco-pipe manufacturers, Alexandra street 
Kean, George, tobacco-pipe manufacturer (of Kean & Co. ), 8 Evelyn ter. 
Kean, John, tobacco-pipe maker, 50 Athole street 
Kean, William, tobacco-pipe maker, 222 South street 
Keay, Andrew, painter, 10 Athole street 
Keay, Charles, dyer, 75 Glover street 
Keay, Charles, farm grieve, 30 Longcauseway 
Keay & Co. , bootmakers, 22 South Methven street 
Keay, David, solicitor, 16 Keir street, Bridgend 
Keay, Helen, dairykeeper, 135 South street 

Keay, James, woollen manufacturer, 85 Leonard st. ; h. 47 Kinnoull causeway 
Keay, James, bootmaker (of Keay & Co.), 287 High street 
Keay, John, dyer, 8 Cross street 
Keay, John, parcel porter, 31 Cross street 
Keay, Mrs, dressmaker, 135 Canal crescent 
Keay, Mrs Robert, 46 Athole street 
Keay, Mrs William, grocer, 26 Longcauseway 


Keay, Robert, city chamberlain, I High street ; h. Ashleigh, Isla road 

Keay, William, painter, 35 Cross street 
Keay, William, mechanic, 7 and 9 Murray street 
Keay, William, painter, 232 High street 
Keegan, Elizabeth, 13 Paul street 
Keegan, Michael, china merchant, 171 and 173 South st. ; h. 21 Melville 

street. See Advt. 
Keill, Peter, The Beild, Kinnoull 
Keiller, George, bleacher, 42 Whitefriars street 

Keiller, John Thomson, coachbuilder, Caledonian road ; h. 10 York place 
Keiller, Peter, joiner, 14 Scott street 
Keillor, James, dyer's labourer, 18 Union lane 
Keillor, John, joiner, 7 Pomarium street 
Keillor, William, night watchman, 19 Market street 
Keir, Alexander, warehouseman, I Victoria court, Canal street 
Keir, David, manager, Comely Bank house, New Scone road 
Keir, James, clerk, 89 South street 
Keir, John, porter, 4 Milne street 
Keir, Walter, restaurateur, 32 York place 
Keith, William, railway servant, 309 High street 
Keith, William, engine-driver, 70 South Methven street 
Kellock, Andrew, labourer, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 
Kellock, George, barman, 38 Princes street 
Kellock, George, carter, 31 Cross street 
Kellock, William, signalman, 9 Abbot street, Craigie 
Kelly, Catherine, 38 Glover street, Craigie 
Kelly, Francis, fish dealer, 39 Skinnergate ; h. 41 
Kelly, Martin, labourer, 246 High street 
Kelly, Mrs John, dressmaker, 4 Paul street 
Kelman, Helen, matron, Craigie House of Refuge 
Kelt, Andrew P., surgeon-dentist, 28 St. John street 
Keltie, Alexander, dyer, 1 1 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Keltie, William, tenter, 302 High street 
Kemp, David, grocer, I Kirkgate 
Kemp, James, draper's assistant, 29 Kirkgate 
Kemp, [ames, surfaceman, 15 Bridge lane 
Kemp, Jane, dressmaker, 20 Hospital street 
Kemp, Laurence, labourer, 170 High street 
Kemp, Mary, lodgings, 30 Barrack street 
Kemp, Peter, coal merchant, 1 1 Pomarium street 
Kendal, Walter, beamer, 31 Thimblerow 
Kenna, James, 92 Paradise place 
Kennaway, Charles G. , confectioner, 49 South street and 29 High street ; 

h. 32 King street 
Kennedy, Alexander, fruiterer, 9 County place ; h. 11 
Kennedy, Alexander, labourer, 15 St. Catherine's road 
Kennedy, Alexander, moulder, 11 County place 
Kennedy, Daniel, insurance agent, 3 Lickley street 
Kennedy, David Waits (Rev.), 3 Athole crescent 
Kennedy, Duncan, dyer, 30 Longcauseway 


Kennedy, Duncan Sinclair, M. B. , CM., consulting rooms, 228 High street ; 

h. 13 York place 
Kennedy, Helen, machinist, 245 High street 
Kennedy, James, insurance agent, 3 Lickley street 
Kennedy, James, glazier, 56 Pomarium street 
Kennedy, James, hawker, 129 South street 
Kennedy, James, joiner, 32 Caledonian road 
Kennedy, James, tailor, 284 High street ; h 331 
Kennedy, Jessie, charwoman, 211 South street 
Kennedy, John, mason, 6 James street 
Kennedy, [ohn, engineer, 19 Greyfriars street 
Kennedy, M. & M., milliners, 73 High street ; h. 
Kennedy, Mary, french polisher, 199 South street 
Kennedy, Mrs Alexander, 55 Scott street 

Kennedy, Mrs Alexander (Reprs. of), grocer, 16 Kirkgate ; h. 
Kennedy, Mrs Robert, lodgings, 2 St. Andrew street 
Kennedy, Mrs Robert, broker, 58 Meal vennel ; h. 56 
Kennedy, Neil, shoemaker, 27 Castlegable 
Kennedy, Peter, moulder, Main street, Cherrybank 
Kennedy, Samuel, shepherd, 1 1 South William street 
Kennedy, Thomas, accountant, 182 High street 
Kennedy, William, cloth finisher, 4 Kinnaird bank, Craigie 
Kennedy, William A. , bottler, 39 Princes street 
Kennedy, William, hammerman, 160 South street 
Kent, Mrs John, 8 Croft bank, Craigie 
Kerr, Ann, 34 Thimblerow 
Kerr, Henry A., lapper, 351 High street 
Kerr, James, confectioner, 133 High street ; h. 126 
Kerr, John, clerk, 50 Leonard street 
Kerr, John, coachman, 58 Watergate 
Kerr, Mrs John, Dundee road, Barnhill 
Kerr, Mrs Robert, 12 Priory place, Craigie 
Kerr, William, engine-driver, 15 St. Jane's place, Craigie 
Kerr, William, lorryman, 17 Market street 
Kerrigan, Ann, 40 Meal vennel 
Kerrigan, John, labourer, 82 South street 
Kerrigan, Michael, mason, 34 Meal vennel 
Kerrigan, Patrick, labourer, 40 Meal vennel 
Kethel, Margaret, ironer, 207 High street 
Kethel, Mrs Robert, nurse, 314 High street 
Kettle, Robert, storekeeper, 8 Scott street 
Kettles, Alexander, joiner, 46 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Kettles, Allan, carter, 18 Barrack street 
Kettles, George, sen., contractor, 18 Barrack street 
Kettles, George, jun., carter, 18 Barrack street 
Kettles, Mrs Andrew, 27 Main street, Bridgend 
Kettles, Mrs James, 57 Mill street 
Kettles, Mrs Robert, 3 Priory place, Craigie 
Kettles, William, lorryman, 41 Skinnergate 
Kettles, William, painter, 13 East Bridge street 
Kidd, Alexander, warder, General Prison 


Kidd, C. & J., dressmakers, 3 North Methven street 

Kidd, Daniel, clerk, 137 High street 

Kidd, George, landscape gardener, M'Vean's buildings, Cherrybank 

Kidd, John E., traveller, 18 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Kidd, William, shoemaker, 57 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Kiddie, George, coachman, 13 Main street 

Kiell, Mrs Annie, 1 Ivy bank, Kinnoull 

Kilcoyne, Mrs Patrick, lodgings, 73 South street 

Kilgour, James, letter carrier, Stewart's place, Caledonian road 

Kilgour, Michael, 44 Meal vennel 

Kilgour, Mrs William, 50 Athole street 

Kilgour, Robert, cowfeeder, 17 Barossa street 

Kilgour, William, ploughman, Friarton 

Killin, Mrs Daniel, sick nurse, 151 High street 

Kilpartick, Archibald, traveller, 5 Kinnoull causeway 

Kilpatrick, John, auctioneer and broker, 33, 37, and 38 Meal vennel : h. 3 

Melville street 
Kilpatrick, Mrs John, remnant shop, 12 Leonard street; h. 3 Melville street 
Kincarrathie House, Branch of James Murray's Royal Aslyum 
King, Alexander, coachman, 3 Rose lane 

King, Alexander, solicitor (of Skeete, Chalmers, & King), 31 Balhousie st. 
King, Andrew, commission agent, 17 Princes street; h. 57 King street 
King, Catherine, 151 High street 

King, James, grocer and confectioner, 124 High street 
King, James, goods guard, 19 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
King, James, labourer, 25 Guard vennel 
King James VI. Golf Club, 8 Charlotte street 
King, John, skinner, 129 South street 
King, John, clerk, 12 Mill street 
King, Mrs Alexander, 105 South street 
King, Mrs David, 41 Canal street 
King, Mrs Michael, 12 Paul's close 
King, Peter, dyer's finisher, 199 South street 
King, William, grocer (of Tames King), 31 Balhousie street 
Kininmond, James, dyer, 18 Barrack street 

Kinloch, A. C. , traffic agent, L.N.W. R. , General Station ; //. 14 Rose ter. 
Kinloch, Ann, 41 Main street, Bridgend 
Kinloch, James, dyer's finisher, 10 Foundry lane 

Kinloch, Robert, W.S., agent The Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 3 St. John street 
Kinmond, Robert, vanman, 3 Milne street 

Kinmond, William, seed, hay, and straw merchant, 191 South street 
Kinmonth, Alexander, warehouseman, 8 Thimblerow 
Kinmonth, James, labourer, 3 South William street 
Kinmonth, John, labourer, 25 Thimblerow 
Kinnear, David, builder and contractor (of Kinnear, Moodie, & Co. ) ; 

h. West Craig, Abbot Street, Craigie 
Kinnes, Andrew, dyer, 28 Thimblerow 
Kinneson, Jane, outworker, 211 South street 
Kinnoch, James, labourer, 80 Watergate 
Kinnoch, Peter R., steward, General Prison; h. Elibank Villa, Glasgow 




Kinnoch, Peter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer (of Mackintosh & Co,), 22 

St. John street 
Kinnoch, Thomas, moulder, Elibank Villa, Glasgow road 
Kinnoch, William, labourer, 8 Castlegable 

Kinnoull Parish Church, Kinnoull ; Rev. J. Anderson, d.d., minister 
Kinnoull Public School, Kinnoull ; James Thomson, headmaster 
Kippen, Alexander, painter, 9 Keir street 
Kippen, Bessie, Lydia, and Margaret, 10 Marshall place 
Kippen, Robert M., solicitor, 38 Tay street; h. 10 Marshall place 
Kirk, Alexander, labourer, 224 High street 
Kirk, James, coal salesman, 32 Pomarium street 
Kirk, James M., solicitor and notary public, 22 St. John street ; /?. 16 

Athole street 
Kirk, Mary, 47 Meal vennel 

Kirk, Mrs Alexander, ladies' nurse, 59 \ Leonard street 
Kirk, Peter, skinner and hide merchant, 4 Clayholes ; h. 2 
Kirk, Thomas, porter, 69 South street 
Kirk, William, skinner, 382 High street 
Kirk, William, labourer, 14 Paul's close 
Kirkby, Henry, pointsman, 28 Whitefriars street 
Kirkcaldy, Mrs David, 3 St. Paul's square 
Kirkpatrick, Mrs John, 238 High street 
Kirkwood, Christina, 2 Muirhall terrace, Bridgend 
Kirkwood, James, commercial traveller, Moredun terrace, Craigie 
Kirkwood, John, moulder, 163 High street 
Kittles, William A., clerk, 79 Watergate 
Knapp, Edmund, telegraph labourer, 62 Pomarium street 
Knight, Alexander, broker, 1, 32, 42, and 44 Meal vennel ; h. 7 Balhousie st. 
Knight, Alexander, I Spens crescent 
Knight, Archibald, labourer, 55 High street 
Knight, Mrs John, 12 West Mill street 
Knight, Peter, labourer, 42 Castlegable 
Knight, Richard, labourer, 142 South street 
Knowles, W. D. (Rev.), B.A. , 3 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 
Knox, Alexander, baker, 5 Stormont street 
Knox Free Territorial Church, 145 South street 
Knox, John, dairyman, 17 Main street, Bridgend 
Knox, Mary, housekeeper, 50 Meal vennel 

Knox, William S., stationer, 150 High street ; h. 59 Scott street 
Kyd, George, live-stock salesman (of Hay & Kyd), 1 Barossa place 

j Lafferty, Peter, postman, 170 High street 

t Laidlaw, Mrs Richard, lodgings, 23 North Methven street 

Laidlaw, MPS William, Temperance Hotel, 18 Leonard st. See Advt. 

Laidlaw, William, dyer, 17 Watergate 

Laing, Andrew, tailor and clothier, 53 Mill street ; h. Barossa place. 
See Advt. 

Laing, Andrew, grocer- and wine merchant, 72 St. John street ; h. Croft 
villa, Craigie 

Laing, Andrew B., builder, 24 Leonard street 

Laing, Andrew M., dyer, 3 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 


Laing, Francis, labourer, 190 High street 

Laing, George, fish and poultry dealer, 23 Main street ; h. 318 High street 

Laing, George, miller, 318 High street 

Laing, Isabella R., lodgings, 71 South Methven street 

Laing, James, butcher, 45 Canal street 

Laing, "Mrs Christina, 14 Watergate 

Laing, Mrs James, 12 Paul's close 

Laing, Mrs James, 232 High street 

Laing, Mrs Peter, 6 Victoria street 

Laing, Mrs Robert, 33 Castlegable 

Laing, Mrs William, nurse, 95 Pomarium street 

Laing, William, railway porter, 95 Pomarium street 

Laing, William, labourer, 211 High street 

Laird, George B. , governor Perth Poorhouse ; h. Rosslyn place, Glasgow 

Laird, John, tailor, 34 Scott street 
Laird, Martin, potter, 89 South street 
Laird, Mrs Annie, 5 Scott street 
Lally, Martin, gardener, 79 South street 
Lamb, Duncan, seedsman, 46 Commercial street 
Lamb, George, tailor, 355 High street 

Lamb, George, agent, Singer Manufacturing Co., 14 Muirhall terrace 
Lamb, John, sawmiller, 232 High street 
Lamb, Mrs David, 4 Murray street 

Lamb, Robert, bootmaker, 8 Meal vennel ; h. 161 High street 
Lambert, Charles, cashier (Macdonald, Fraser, & Co.), Greybank, Pickle- 

tullum, Glasgow road 
Lambert, J. W. , dressmaker, Stewart's place, Caledonian road 
Lamond, Alexander, labourer, 224 High street 
Lamond, Alexander, baker, 24 Market street 
Lamond, David, coachman, 7 Keir street, Bridgend 
Lamond, Elizabeth, 11 Skinnergate 
Lamond, George, carter, 4 Cross street 
Lamond, George, labourer, 89 South street 
Lamond, James, french cleaner, 136 Canal street 
Lamond, John, joiner, 156 High street 
Lamond, Mrs Ann, washer, 72 George street 
Lamond, Mrs David, 4 St. Ann's lane 
Lamond, Mrs James, restaurateur, 18 Plospital street 
Lamont, Mrs Duncan, 258 High street 

Lamont, Mrs John, grocer, 3 Pomarium street ; h. 20 Hospital street 
Lang, Marion, hairdresser, 52 George street ; h. 1 Victoria road, Bridgend 
Lang, Robert, hairdresser, 14 High street ; h. 7 Scott street 
Langdale Chemical Manure Co., Limited, Shore 
Langlands, John A., joiner and contractor, Thistle lane ; h. 72 Long- 1 

Langlands, Mrs James, 3 Thistle lane 
Lankham, Sarah, 6 Oliphant's vennel 
Large, George W., bandmaster, 6 Balhousie street 

Latto, Thomas, N.B. carting agent, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 
Lauder, Duncan A., 71 Pomarium street 


Lauder, Euphemia, 1 1 Speygate 

Laughland, John, cattleman, 159 South street 

Laurence, James, railway servant, 8 South street 

Laurie, Archibald, weaver, 23 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 

Laurie, James, nursery manager, Belwood Cottage, Barnhill 

Laven, John, labourer, 69 South street 

Law, Charles, plasterer, coal, whiting, and cement merchant, 70-72 

Princes street ; h. Balbraith, Kinnoull. See Advt. 
Law, Mrs James, St. Skea, Kinnoull 
Law, Mrs William, 21 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Law, Robert, night watchman, 21 Market street 
Law, Thomas, gardener, Inchbank Cottage, Bridgend 
Law, William M., clerk, 27 Queen street, Craigie 
Lawrence, John, gardener, Oakbank Lodge, Cherrybank 
Lawrence, Mrs William, 31 Cross street 
Lawrence, Robert, Albion Hotel, 60 High street 
Lawrie, William, boilermaker, 22 Market street 
Lawson, Alexander, railway servant, 2 Clayholes 
Lawson, Alexander M., joiner, 6 Barossa street 
Lawson, David, labourer, 71 Watergate 
Lawson, Jane, 18 Watergate 
Lawson, John, engine driver, 44 James street 
Lawson, John, fitter, 8 North port 

Lawson, John, grocer, 65 Priory place ; h. 6 Abbot street, Craigie 
Lawson, Mrs Hugh, 137 High street 
Lawson, Mrs Thomas, 27 Kinnoull causeway 
Lawson, Mrs William, 12 Barossa street 
Lawson, Peter, manager, 42 North Methven street 
Lawson, Robert, coachsmith, 10 High street 
Leahy, Frederick, gardener, 16 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 
Leaver, George, labourer, 22 Melville street 
Lees, Henry R., 8 Keir street, Bridgend 
Lees, Mrs William, 18 Charlotte street 

Lees, Robert, gun manufacturer, 63 George street ; h. 10 St. Ann's lane 
Leheny, John, clerk, 15 Kinnoull causeway 
Leighton, Samuel, stationmaster, Croft Park, Craigie 
Leitch, David, miller, 12 North Methven street 
Leitch, Miss, 38 Princes street 
Leitch, Mrs Alexander, 54 Watergate 
Leitch, Mrs James K., 7 Moredun terrace, Craigie 
Leitch, William S., sheriff clerk depute, 16 Muirhall terrace, Bridgend 
Leitham & Davidson, irondealers and general merchants. 200 High 

street. See Advt. 
Leitham, E. A., confectioner, 62 George street ; h. 2 Victoria street 
Leitham, Mrs William, 2 Victoria street 

Leitham, Peter, irondealer, &c. (of Leitham & Davidson), 2 Victoria street 
Leitham, Robert, fireman, 8 Skinnergate 
Leitham, Robert, labourer, 170 Pligh street 
Lennie, William, dyer's finisher, 149 High street 
Lennox, John, labourer, 74 South street 
Lennox, John, mason, 198 South street 


Lennox, John, joiner, 35 Watergate 

Lennox, Lilias, 198 South street 

Lennox, Mrs Elizabeth, Craigie Mill, Craigie 

Lennox, Peter, gardener, 17 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

Le Quest, Alfred, french cleaner, 47 Meal vennel 

Leslie, David A., M.D., brigade surgeon, Queen's Barracks, 11 Melville st. 

Leslie, Duncan, stationer, printer, and lithographer, 20 St. John street ; 

works, 32 to 38 Canal street ; h. 11 Marshall place. See Aclvt. 
Leslie, Hugh, stationer, 25 Queen street, Craigie 
Leslie, John, gardener. The Lodge, Pitcullen House, Bridgend 
Leslie, Jonathan, bootmaker, 7 Cowrie street, Bridgend ; h. 5 
Leslie, Mrs John, 2 Victoria street 
Leslie, Mrs Robert, 51 South Methven street 
Leslie, Mrs Thomas, 2>7 Balhousie villas 
Leslie, Mrs William, 73 Canal street 

Leuchars, Alexander, engineer, Islabank Cottage, Glover street 
Leutfoot, James, fishmonger and gamedealer, 8 Athole st. ; h. New Scone 
Lewis, Anthony, coachman, 5 Victoria court, Canal street 
Lewis, Campbell, warder, General Prison 
Levvthwaithe, Peter, dyer, 56 George street 
Liberal Club, 30 George street 

Liebow, Hugh, hairdresser, 30 South street ; h. 3 Princes street 
Lindie, John, quarryman, 4 Union street lane, Bridgend 
Lindsay, Alexander, preserve manufacturer, St. Catherine's road ; h. 

Laburnum Villa, Glasgow road 
Lindsay, Alexander, engine-driver, 50 Leonard street 
Lindsay, Alexander, labourer, 216 High street 
Lindsay, Archibald, 68 High street 
Lindsay, Charles J., clerk, Jt, Canal street 
Lindsay, David, dyer's finisher, 26 Barossa street 
Lindsay, George, conductor, 4 James street 
Lindsay, George, postman, 80 High street 
Lindsay, James, gardener, 25 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Lindsay, James, 33 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 
Lindsay, John, shoemaker, 18 Thimblerow 

Lindsay, John, signalman, 33 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Lindsay, John, railway inspector, 29 Glover street 
Lindsay, Margaret A., 41 South street 
Lindsay, Mrs Agnes, 18 Scott street 
Lindsay, Mrs David, 51 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Lindsay, Stewart, night watchman, 44 Newrow 
Lipton, Thomas I., provision and tea merchant, 112 High street 
Literary and Antiquarian Museum, 76 George street 
Litster, John, tailor, 216 South street 

Little, George T. , telegraph clerk, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 
Little, William, gardener, 10 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 
Littlejohn, David, baker, 308 High street 

Littlejohn, George, tenter, James VI. Hospital buildings, Hospital street 
Littlejohn, John, ship captain, 23 Queen street, Craigie 
Littlejohn, Mrs James, 286 High street 
Livingstone, Alexander, labourer, 120 Canal crescent 


Livingstone, James, carter, 16 Paul's close 

Livingstone, John, labourer, 87 High street 

Livingstone, John, cab driver, 198 High street 

Livingstone, John C, drover, 69 South street 

Livingstone, Joseph, street porter, 55 High street 

Livingstone, Margaret, 21 King street 

Livingstone, Mrs John, lodgings, Alexandra street 

Livingstone, Mrs John E., 18 Barossa place 

Livingstone, Mrs Peter, 6 Union street 

Livingstone, William, weigher, 18 Kirkgate 

Lobban, Mrs Alexander, 5 Scott street 

LOGhgelly Iron & Coal CO., Limited, N.B. Mineral Depot, Glasgow 

road ; office, 22 County place. See Advt. 
Lockhart, Andrew G. , joiner, 9 Market street 
Lockhart, James, wood turner, 17 Kinnoull street 
Logan, Charles, Fire and Life Insurance agent, 10 King street 
Logan, Henry, left luggage room clerk, 15 Market street 
Logan, Robert, railway pointsman, 81 Kinnoull causeway 
Logie, Annie. 45 North Methven street 
Logie, Catherine, 224 High street 
Logie, Mrs, sub-matron, General Prison 

Logie, Mrs John, maltman, Wesleyan buildings, I Scott street 
Logie, Mrs William, Elmbank, Barnhill 
London and Nkwcastle Tea. Company, 134 High street 
Loney, Mrs Charles, 364 High street 
Loney, Mrs James, 95 Pomarium street 

Loney, William, goods superintendent, Caledonian railway; h. 53 King st. 
Longmuir, Mrs Gavin, 22 Athole street 
Lorimer, David, mason, 22 Longcauseway 
Lorimer, John, taxidermist, I Paul's close 
Lornie, Alexander, dyer, Bruce place, Castlegable 
Lornie, James, glassblower, 125 South street 
Lornie, William, dyer, 15 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Louden, Arthur, brewer, 61 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Louden, Mrs James, 45 Priory place, Craigie 
Love, Charles, warehouseman, 14 Scott street 
Love, Dennis, surfaceman, 27 Castlegable 
Love, Mrs James, 113 High street 
Love, Thomas, & Son, auctioneers and cabinetmakers, St. John's place ;, 

See Advt. 
Love, Thomas, auctioneer (of Thomas Love & Son), 94 Paradise place 
Low, Charles, labourer, 136 South street 
Low, David W., clerk, 7 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Low, James, passenger guard, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 
Low, James, shopman, 19 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Low, John, 5 Baossa place 
Low, Mrs Andrew, 25 Guard vennel 
Low, Mrs Andrew, 4 Milne street 
Low, Mrs George, 282 High street 
Low, Mrs John, Granville place, Market street 
Low & Peebles, drapers and clothiers, 18 St. John street 


Low, Peter, night watchman, 88 South street 

Low, Peter, carter, 82 South street 

Low, Robert, coachman, Kincarrathie, New Scone road 

Low, William, & Co., wholesale grocers, 16 and 18 County place ; manager, 

Uavid Watt, 2 Myrtle place, Dunkeld road 
Lowdon, Mrs James, 19 Market street 
"Lowe, James, fishdealer, 10 Castlegable ; h. 8 
Lowe, Janet, weaver, 101 High street 

Lowe, John, blacksmith, 3 Brown street ; h. Granville place, Market street 
Lowe, John, manure and feeding stuff merchant, 12 Charles street; h. 5 

Marshall place 
Lowe, Matthew, pensioner, 5 Back wynd, Bridgend 
Lowe, Mrs James, 87 Leonard street 
Lowe, Mrs Robert, 5 Marshall place 
Lowe, Peter, clerk, 30 George street 

Lowe, William, dyer's manager, Bon Accord Villa, 59 Balhousie street 
Lowe, William, 83 Leonard street 

Lowson, D. S., m.a., teacher, The Pines, Balhousie avenue 
Luby, Elizabeth, tailoress, 14 Melville street 
Luke, George, cabinetmaker, 10 Clay holes 
Luke, Mary, lodgings, 47 High street 
Luke, Mrs James, 8 Clayholes 
Lumsden, Alexander, porter, 83 Pomarium street 
Lumsden, Alexander Harper, superintendent of Tay fisheries, 18 North 

William street 
Lumsden, David, porter, 5 Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 
Lumsden, David, railway servant, 22 Melville street 
Lumsden, Mrs Robert, 3 St. Catherine's road 
Lumsden, Thomas, railway porter, 59 Leonard street 
Lunn, Thomas, bootmaker, 7 Kirkgate 
Lunn, Thomas, carter, 204 South street 
Lyden, John, labourer, 232 High street 
Lyden, Rodger, labourer, 41 Meal vennel 
Lyell, Mrs Dr. John, 16 Rose terrace 

Lynch, Mrs Matthew, grocer and spirit dealer, 54 Meal vennel ; h. 56 
Lynch, Mrs Peter, 17 Meal vennel 
Lyon, Mrs William, tobacconist and stationer, 15 Leonard street; h. 4 

Homers' lane 
Lyon, Robert (Rev.), 8 Rose terrace 

Machan, Mrs William, 26 Princes street 

Machray, John, teacher, 9 Kinnaird bank, Craigie 

Mackie, David, railway servant, 86 High street 

Mackie, James, School Board officer, 7 Low street 

Mackie, Mrs, 126 High street 

Mackie, Mrs David, 13 Union lane 

Mahon, Richard J. H., assistant surveyor G.P.O., II Kincarrathie crescent 

Mahoney, James, engine-driver, Granville place, Market street 

Mailer, Alexander, smith, 13 Thimblerow 

Mailer, Charles, restaurateur, 27 Hospital street; h. 25 

Mailer, James, mason, 85 South street 


Mailer, John, cabinetmaker, 49 Meal vennel ; h. 297 High street 

Mailer, Robert, 10 James street 

Mailer, Robert, dyer's finisher, 31 Stormont street 

Mailer, Robert, dyer, 26 Thimblerow 

Mailer, William, fish and game dealer, 32 South Methven street ; h. 45 

Maillie, Bridget, outworker, 86 Pomarium street 

Maillie, John, labourer, 74 South street 

Maillie, Mrs, 11 Fleshers' vennel 

Maillie, Mrs Peter, 40 Meal vennel 

Maillie, Mrs Sarah, 40 Meal vennel 

Maillie, Thomas, labourer, 74 South street 

Main, Mrs Robert, tailoress, 4 Union street 

Main, William (Rev.), M.A., 12 Queen street 

Mainland, Lydia, dressmaker, 9 Charlotte street ; h. Muirhall terrace 

Mains, John, gardener, 105 South street 

Maitland, George, gardener, Northbank, Craigie 

Major, Mrs, 15 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 

Malcolm, Charles, carpenter, 10 Foundry lane 

Malcolm, David, labourer, 27 Castlegable 

Malcolm, David, carter, 47 Kinnoull causeway 

Malcolm, David, tobacconist and newagent, 118 South street ; h. 116 

Malcolm, Isabella, 2 Athole street 

Malcolm, Isabella, meal merchant, 61 South street ; h. 63 

Malcolm, John, customs collector, 21 Thimblerow 

Malcolm, John Butter, 10 St. Leonard's bank 

Malcolm, Mrs Alexander, grocer, 64 Athole street 

Malcolm, Peter, carter, 3 Thimblerow 

Malcolm, William, ironmonger's porter, 39 Castlegable 

Malloch, David, & Son, plane manufacturers, 50 South street ; h. Croft 

park, Craigie 
Malloch, Duncan, boathirer, 60 South street 
Malloch, George, labourer, 1 1 Cow vennel 
Malloch, Georgina, 27 Castlegable 
Malloch, James, cabinetmaker, 19 Union street 
Malloch, James, labourer, 116 High street 
Malloch, John, hairdresser, 143 Canal street 
Malloch, Mary, 31 Leonard street 
Malloch, Mrs David, Croft park, Craigie 

Malloch, Mrs Joseph, Stormont cottage, Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Malloch, Peter D., fishing-tackle maker and naturalist, 213 High street; 

works, 219 South street ; h. 2 Albert place 
Malloch, Robert, porter, 69 South street 

Malloch, Robert S., wine merchant (of J. & T. Currie), 41 York place 
Malloch, William, Croft park, Craigie 
Malone, John, labourer, 55 High street 

Malone, Peter, shoemaker, 8 and 10 North Methven street ; h. 6 
Maloney, Mrs William, 239 High street 
Maltman, James, joiner, 357 High street 
Mands, Mrs William, 10 Whitefriars street 
Mann, Isaac, bootmaker, 1 Barossa street 
Mann, Michael, dairyman, 40 Pomarium street 


Manson, David, upholsterer, 4 Roselea place, Jeanfield 

Manuel, David G. (Rev.), M.A., B.D., Balhousie terrace 

Marmion, Bridget, 12 Meal vennel 

Marmion, James, labourer, 12 Meal vennel 

Marnock, William, bird dealer, 179 South street 

Marr, Alexander, railway porter, South Tay street 

Marr, Alexander, dyer, 324 High street 

Marr, Mrs George, lodgings, 12 North Methven street 

Marshall, Andrew, brassfinisher, 72 Watergate 

Marshall, Daniel, railway porter. 2 North port 

Marshall, David, labourer, 9 Whitefriars street 

Marshall, David, law agent, Craigmount, Barnhill 

Marshall, George, engine-fitter, 2 Charteris street 

Marshall, George, letter carrier, 207 High street 

Marshall, Helen, 23 Guard vennel 

Marshall, Helen, 10 King street 

Marshall, James, joiner, 177 South street 

Marshall, James, Greenhill, Brompton terrace, Kinnoull 

Marshall, James, weaver, 55 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Marshall, James, dyer, 23 South Methven street 

Marshall, James, carter, 38 Skinnergate 

Marshall, James H., tailor and clothier, 29 Princes street ; h. 40 Queen st. 

Marshall, Janet, 228 South street 

Marshall, John, porter, Barnhill 

Marshall, John, mason, 355 High street 

Marshall, John, weaver, 17 Kinnoull street 

Marshall, John, dyer's cleaner, 17 Kinnoull street 

Marshall, John, job and postmaster (of R. & J. Marshall), 22 Princes 

street ; h. 20 
Marshall, John, labourer, 12 Barossa street 
Marshall, Mary, factory worker, 204 South street 
Marshall, Mrs Ann, 105 South street 

Marshall, Mrs Daniel (North port steelyard keeper), 2 North port 
Marshall, Mrs Helen, 30 Athole street 
Marshall, Mrs Peter, 30 Barrack street 
Marshall, Mrs Sarah, 18 North William street 
Marshall, Peter, baker, 63 Scott street 
Marshall, Peter G., clerk, 5 Gowrie street, Bridgend 
Marshall, Peter, shop porter, Bruce place, Castlegable 
Marshall, R. & J., postmasters, 57 and 58 George street and 20 Princes 

street ; funeral establishment, 52 South street ; h. Denmark Farm, 

Redgorton. See Advt. 
Marshall, Robert James, jobmaster, 1 1 Canal street 
Marshall, Susan, 28 Skinnergate 

Marshall, Thomas, draper's assistant, 385 High street 
Martin, Alexander, temperance hotel, 26 Leonard street 
Martin, Andrew, labourer, 116 High street 
Martin, Andrew, agent, Bank of Scotland West End Branch, 35 South 

Methven street ; h. Mount Tabor, Kinnoull 
Martin, David, labourer, 55 High street 
Martin, David, labourer, 146 High street 


Martin, David, clerk, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 

Martin, David, weaver, I Thimblerow 

Martin, David (of Muir & Martin, brewers), 15 York place 

Martin, David A., tenter, 55 Pomarium street 

Martin, Donald, 7 Barossa street 

Martin, Elizabeth, 9 Charteris street 

Martin, George, blacksmith, 66 Athole street 

Martin, George, labourer, 8 St. Ann's lane 

Martin, George, commercial traveller, Bona Yista, Glasgow road 

Martin, Helen, 2 Graham's place. King street 

Martin, James, lime merchant, 9 Kirkgate 

Martin, James, 27 Main street, Bridgend 

Martin, James, 2C Athole street 

Martin, James, draper, 15 Charteris street 

Martin, James, cabinetmaker, 59 Newrow 

Martin, James, pastry baker, 17 Watergate 

Martin, Janet, mill worker, 16 Paul street 

Martin, Jessie, 65 Pomarium street 

Martin, John, hairdresser, 13 Union lane 

Martin, Maggie, 44 Meal vennel 

Martin, Mrs George, 20 Market street 

Martin, Mrs James, Gannochy Fold, Bridgend 

Martin, Mrs John, 37 Priory place, Craigie 

Martin, Mrs John, 50 Main street 

Martin, Mrs William, 16 King street 

Martin, Patrick, solicitor, 38 Tay street ; h. 41 King street 

Martin, Peter, joiner, 59 Newrow 

Martin, Robert, & Son, solicitors, 38 Tay street 

Martin, Stewart, dyer, 51 Pomarium street 

Martin, Thomas, dyer's labourer, 312 High street 

Martin, William, commercial traveller, 18 South Methven street 

Martin, William, tobacco spinner, 29 Priory place, Craigie 

Martin, William, tailor, 33 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Martin, William, carrier, 17 Glover street 

Mason, Andrew, brakesman, 34 Glover street 

Mason, George, vanman, 34 Scott street 

Mason, George, labourer, 71 Leonard street 

Mason, James, tailor, 89 South street 

Mason, James, warder, General Prison 

Mason, Matthew, seaman, 16 Union lane 

Mason, Peter, saddler (of W. & P. Mason), Belhelvie terrace, Glasgow rd. 

Mason, W. & P., saddlers and harness makers, 221 South street 

Mason, William, saddler (of W. & 1\ Mason), Belhelvie terrace, Glasgow 

Massey, Mrs Agnes, dressmaker, 1 1 East Bridge street, Bridgend 
MasterSOn, John, riding, job, and postmaster, 28 Mill street and 163 

High street. See Advt. 
Masterton, Mrs Isabella, 13 Cutlog vennel 
Mather, Mrs, 2 Fairmount villas, Barnhill 
Mather, William J., draper, 52 Leonard street 
Matheson, D. S., butcher, 12 St. John street; h. Mount Tabor, Kinnoull 


Matheson, David, clerk, 36 Athole street 

Matheson, Jane, 12 High street 

Matheson, John M., clerk, Edina Villa, Friar street, Craigie 

Matheson, Robert, accountant, 17 Balhousie villas 

Mathew, John, gardener, 18 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Mathew, Maggie, Craigie Mill, Craigie 

Mathew, Patrick, commercial traveller, 2 Salisbury terrace, Cherrybank 

Mathews, Betsy, 17 Cross street 

Mathewson, John, engine-driver, 38 Victoria street 

Mathewson, Mrs Robert, 83 Watergate 

Mathieson, Hugh, brassmoulder, 9 Market street 

Mathieson, John M., commercial traveller, 71 Princes street 

Matthews, Benjamin, baker, 170 High street 

Matthews, James, postal-clerk, 6 St. Catherine's road 

Matthewson, Mrs John, 93 Pomarium street 

Matthie, Mrs Anthony, lodgings, 113 High street 

Matthie, William, boilermaker, 17 Priory place, Craigie 

Maule, David, engine-driver, 11 St. Jane's place, Friar street 

Maule, John, coal salesman, j6 Pomarium street 

Maxton, John, joiner, High Craigie 

Maxton, Robert, porter, 33 Kinnoull causeway 

Maxwell, John, night watchman, 1 Whitefriars street 

Maxwell, Mrs David, factory worker, 238 High street 

May, James, blacksmith, 7 Barossa street 

May, William, feather dyer, 8 Paul's close 

M earns, Charles, clerk, 77 Glover street 

Mechanics' Library Rooms, 3 South St. John's place 

Mechie, Andrew M., bank accountant, Strathview terrace 

Mechie, Charles, traveller, Wilson street, Craigie 

Mechie, James, bootmaker, 6 Gowrie street ; h. 23 Pitcullen terrace 

Meikle, George, spirit-dealer, 24 Princes street and 20 Canal street ; //. 23 

Marshall place 
Meiklejohn, Mrs John, 29 Kirkgate 
Meiklem, Archibald, dyer's finisher, 10 High street 
Meiklem, John, silk velvet finisher, 13 Paul street 
Meldrum, David, Parliament Inn, 71 High street 
Meldrum, George, iron-turner, 92 High street 
Meldrum, John, mechanic, 57 Kinnoull causeway 
Meldrum, John, drapery agent, 19 North Methven street 
Meldrum, Mrs Thomas, Burghmuir road, Cherrybank 
Meldrum, Robert H., teacher, 5 George street 
Mellis, James, sewing machine agent, 85 Canal street 
Mellis, James Y., agent, 48 George street 
Melloy, James, labourer, 40 Meal vennel 
Melloy, John, contractor, 41 Meal vennel 
Melloy, Mrs John, grocer, 43 Meal vennel ; h. 41 
Melville, Andrew, barman, 123 High street 
Melville, Catherine, 4 South street 
Melville, David, tailor, 4J Mill street 
Melville, David, labourer, 47 Pomarium street 
Melville, Elizabeth, washer, 116 High street 



Melville, Maggie, 12 North Methven street 

Melville, Mrs George, 86 Pomarium street 

Melville, William, brassfouncler, 88 Pomarium street 

Melville, William, labourer, 159 South street 

Menzies, Alexander, clerk, 4 Spens crescent 

Menzies, Ann, 14 South street 

Menzies, Archibald, Low road, Cherrybank 

Menzies, Betsy, seamstress, 238 High street 

Menzies, Dorothea, 97 South street 

Menzies, Duncan, weaver, 6 Blackfriars street 

Menzies, Duncan, porter, 54 Watergate 

Menzies, George, agent, 10 Canal street 

Menzies, J. Stewart (Major), 7$ Victoria place, Victoria street 

Menzies, James, timekeeper, Laing's buildings, Alexandra street 

Menzies, James D., dyer, 15 Greyfriars street 

Menzies, James, janitor, 21 Union street 

Menzies, James, dyer, 12 St. Catherine's road 

Menzies, James, dyer's finisher, 71 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Menzies, James F., sewing machine and cycle agent, 1 1 St. John street ; 

h. Croft bank, Craigie 
Menzies, James G., dyer's finisher, 4 Milne street 
Menzies, Jessie, straw-hat maker, 253 High street 
Menzies, Jessie, dressmaker, 13 Leonard street 
Menzies, John, railway porter, 17 Greyfriars street 
Menzies, John, labourer, 82 South street 
Menzies, John, labourer, 6j South street 
Menzies, John, blacksmith, Cherrybank 
Menzies, John, labourer, 50 Meal vennel 
Menzies, John, tailor, 34 Scott .street 
Menzies, John, bootmaker, n6')High street 
Menzies, Margaret, 48 South Methven street 

Menzies, Margaret, spirit dealer, 10 St. John's place ; h. 42 Tay street 
Menzies, Mrs Alexander, 113 High street 
Menzies, Mrs Ann, 105 South street 
Menzies, Mrs Daniel, lodgings, 43 Leonard street 
Menzies, Mrs Duncan, 8 Kinnoull street 
Menzies, Mrs George, 6 Pomarium street 
Menzies, Mrs James, lodgings, 71 High street 
Menzies, Mrs John, Strathmore hotel, 51 Main street, Bridgend 
Menzies, Mrs Peter, 24 Whitefriars street 
Menzies, Mrs Robert, 1 Craigie crescent, Craigie 
Menzies, Mrs Robert, 13 St. Ann's lane 

Menzies, Mrs Sarah, commercial lodgings, 45 South Methven street 
Menzies, Peter, labourer, 4 Horner's lane 

Menzies, R. , dairykeeper, 5 North Methven street ; h. 8 Kinnoull street 
Menzies, Robert, Royal George Hotel, 51 George street 
Menzies, Robert, railway servant, 24 Whitefriars street 
Menzies, William, fireman, 1 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 
Menzies, William, labourer, 14 South street 
Meston, Samuel, shepherd, 21 St. John's place 
Methven, Walter, carter, 1 1 Market street 


Michie, Andrew, mechanic, 29 Pomarium street 

Middleton, James, pointsman, Braehead, Jeanfield 

Middleton, Joseph, railway servant, Friarton gate 

Middleton, Robert, glazier, 315 High street 

Midgley, Frederick, organist and teacher of music, 25 James street 

Miles, John T., silk-waterer, Laurelbank, Bridgend 

Militia Barracks (3rd Battalion Royal Highlanders), 26 James street 

Mill, James, baker, 94 Reform place 

Mill, James, engineman, 120 Canal crescent 

Mill, Jane, 29 Queen street, Craigie 

Mill, Mrs George, 18 Barrack street 

Mill, Thomas, vanman, 88 South street 

Millam, James, vanman, Baker's buildings, 61 Mill street 

Miller, Alexander, plumber and ironmonger, 26 Gowrie street ; //. 28. 
See Advt. 

Miller, Alexander B., railway porter, 85 Pomariam street 

Miller, Alexander, hatter and hosier, 201 High street ; h. 39 North 
Methven street 

Miller, Andrew, tailor, 2 James street 

Miller, Ann, 24 Skinnergate 

Miller, Betsy, 41 Main street, Bridgend 

Miller, Catherine, dressmaker, 13 Princes street 

Miller, Catherine, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 

Miller, Catherine, Vinehill, Brompton terrace, Kinnoull 

Miller, Charles, mason, 74 Victoria street 

Miller, David, painter, 16 James street 

Miller, David, innkeeper, Cherrybank 

Miller, Francis Norrie, insurance manager, 4 Comely bank, Bridgend 

Miller, Frank, tailor, 36 Pomarium street 

Miller & Gall, printers, Canal street 

Miller, George, printer (of Miller & Gall), Elwick bank, Muirhall terrace 

Miller, George, labourer, 7 Earl's dykes 

Miller, George A., w.s., Knowehead, Kinnoull 

Miller, Gilbert, baker, 25 Barossa street 

Miller, Isaac, planemaker, 98 South street 

Miller, J. & J., w.s., 10 Blackfriars street 

Miller, James, commercial traveller, Salisbury terrace, Cherrybank 

Miller, James, railway clerk, 6 Abbot street, Craigie 

Miller, James, dyer, 20 County place 

Miller, James, blacksmith, Cherrybank 

Miller, James, joiner, 4 North port 

Miller, James M., music and musical instrument dealer and battalion band- 
master, 4th Batt. Royal Highlanders, 67 Canal street 

Miller, Jane, winder, 240 South street 

Miller, Jane, milliner and feather cleaner, 66 South Methven street 

Miller, Janet, 3 Cutlog vennel 

Miller, Jessie, 86 High street 

Miller, John, mason, 74 Victoria street 

Miller, John, hatter and hosier, 61 High street; h. 4 Myrtle place, 
Dunkeld road 

Miller, John, dyer, 49 Stormont street 


Miller, John, railway guard, 43 Leonard street 

Miller, John, hairdresser, 3 South Methven street 

Miller, John M., solicitor (of J. & T. Miller), Mayfield, Bridgend 

Miller, John R., organ builder, St. Andrew street; h. Wilson street, 

Craigie. See Advt. 
Miller, Mary, milliner, 143 High street ; h. 4 Myrtle place, Dunkeld road 
Miller, Mrs Andrew, 1 1 Athole street 
Miller, Mrs Andrew, Java Villa, Friar street, Craigie 
Miller, Mrs Christina, 18 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 
Miller, Mrs David, staymaker, 7 Paul street 
Miller, Mrs David, shopkeeper, 34 Skinnergate 
Miller, Mrs Elizabeth, seamstress, 13 Stormont street 
Miller, Mrs Frederick, 6 Canal street 
Miller, Mrs James, 30 King street 

Miller, Mrs James, spirit dealer, 18 South Methven street 
Miller, Mrs John, Balhousie avenue 
Miller, Mrs John, 50 Victoria street 
Miller, Mrs Peter, dairy, 168 High street ; //. 170 
Miller, Mrs Thomas, 13 Cross street 
Miller, Mrs Thomas, 15 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Miller, Mrs Thomas 4 Myrtle place, Dunkeld road 
Miller, Mrs Thomas, Inchbank, Bridgend 
Miller, Mrs William, 12 Barossa street 
Miller, Mrs William, 55 Main street, Bridgend 
Miller, Peter, engine-driver, 170 High street 
Miller, Robert, paper ruler, 73 Main street, Bridgend 
Miller, Robert, butcher, 21 Leonard street ; h 19 
Miller, Robert, labourer, 372 High street 

Miller, Robert, tailor, 2 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
Miller, Robert 1L, M.A., ll.b., solicitor, 69 George street; h. Inchbank, 

Miller, Susan, 10 Paul street 
Miller, Thomas, 68 Longcauseway 

Miller, Thomas, cropper, 2 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Miller, Thomas, weaver, 206 South street 
Miller, Thomas I., cashier, 30 North Methven street 
Miller, William, retired tobacconist, 9 Rose terrace 
Miller, William, joiner, 315 High street 

Miller, William, plasterer, dairyman, and cowfeeder, 5 Union street 
Milln, David N., colliery and commission agent, 22 County place; //. 4 

Priory place 
Milln, Mrs Charles, Laurel Villa, 4 Priory place, Craigie 
Milne, Andrew, railway porter, 4 Milne street 
Milne, Andrew, labourer, 315 High street 
Milne, Andrew, mason, 9 Watergate 
Milne, Ann, factory worker, 63 Leonard street 
Milne, George, patternmaker, 160 South street 
Milne, James, fireman, 120 Canal crescent 
Milne, James, postboy, George Inn lane 
Milne, James, railway porter, 3 Kinnoull causeway 
Milne, James M., clerk, Kilmartin place, Friar street, Craigie 


Milne, John, master mariner, 26 Princes street 

Milne, John, printer, 21 Market street 

Milne, Joseph, surfaceman, Steading, Barnhill 

Milne, Margaret, 13 Paul street 

Milne, Mary, 58 Longcauseway 

Milne, Mrs Alexander, 12 West Mill street 

Milne, Mrs John, 315 High street 

Milne, Mrs William, 34 Balhousie street 

Milne, Norah, 18 Barrack street 

Milne, Peter, grocer, 59 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Milne, Robert (Kev.), D.D., Viewlands, Glasgow road 

Milne, William, hostler, 10 St. John's place 

Milne, William, railway porter, 73 Canal street 

Milroy, Janet, dressmaker, 1 Leonard place 

Milroy, Michael, labourer, 98 South street 

Milton, David, planemaker, 29 Kirkgate 

Mitchell, Alexander, porter, t>7 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Mitchell, Alexander S., coachman, Boatland, Isla street 

Mitchell, Andrew, plumber, 36 North Methven street 

Mitchell, Andrew, police sergeant, 10 St. John's place 

Mitchell & Campbell, solicitors, 42 George street 

Mitchell, David, blacksmith, 69 South street 

Mitchell, David, parcel porter, 32 Glover street 

Mitchell, Ebenezer, draper (of Morton & Mitchells), Crossmount, 6 Keir st. 

Mitchell, H. B., 13 Rosemount place, Bridgend 

Mitchell, Hector, & Son, ropemakers, 202 High street ; rope works, St. 

Catherine's road 
Mitchell, Hugh, draper, 19 St John street 
Mitchell, Isabella, dressmaker, 1 Hospital street 

Mitchell, James, draper (of Morton cv: Mitchells), Exeter bank, Scone 
Mitchell, James, labourer, Cherrybank 
Mitchell, James, 31 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Mitchell, James, shoemaker, 4 Back wynd, Bridgend 
Mitchell, James, engine-driver, 34 Scott street 
Mitchell, James, porter, 22 Glover street 
Mitchell, James, dyer, 355 High street 
Mitchell, John, labourer, 8 Mill street 
Mitchell, John, dyer's labourer, 47 High street 
Mitchell, John, gardener, 12 Paul's close 
Mitchell, John, fireman, 6 St. Catherine's road 
Mitchell, John, butcher, St. Leonard's bridge ; h. 26 Newrow 
Mitchell, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 10 St. Ann's lane 
Mitchell, Mrs Andrew, 23 Pomarium street 
Mitchell, Mrs Charles, 87 Watergate 
Mitchell, Mrs John, 34 Newrow 
Mitchell, Mrs Robert, 2 Rose crescent 
Mitchell, Mrs William, 26 Newrow 
Mitchell, Peter, gardener, Wellwood cottage, Barnhill 
Mitchell, Robert, baker and confectioner, 2 Main street, Bridgend ; h. 62 
Mitchell, Robert, mason, 11 Canal street 
Mitchell, Robert, compositor, 38 Athole street 


Mitchell, Robert, lapper, 22 Caledonian road 

Mitchell, Robert, stocking weaver, 34 Newrow 

Mitchell, Thomas, coachsmith, George Inn lane 

Mitchell, Thomas, baker, 63 South street 

Mitchell, William, dyer, 34 Newrow 

Mitchell, William, dyer, 34 Longcauseway 

Mitchell, William, dyer, 20 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 

Mitchell, William, labourer, 22 Whitefriars street 

Mitchell, William, labourer, Balhousie terrace, Dunkeld road 

Mitchelson, William, lapper, 4 Pomarium street 

Mitchelson, William, printer, 3 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

Mitchelson. William, coal merchant, 13 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's 

Model Lodging House, 24 Skinnergate ; Duncan Christie, superin- 

Moffat, A. & W., Glasgow carriers, 272 High street 

Moffat, Adam, shepherd, 14 Caledonian road 

Moffat, James, railway agent, Craigview, Abbot street, Craigie 

Moffat, William, ticket inspector, 56 South William street 

Moir, Alexander, mason, 131 Canal crescent 

Moir, David, dyer, Balhousie terrace, Dunkeld road 

Moir, George, builder, 34 Scott street 

Moir, James, accountant, 16 High street ; h. Balhousie terrace, Hay street 

Moir, James, retired teacher, 28 Athole street 

Moir, James, builder, 342 High street ; h. 349 

Moir, James, greenkeeper, 58 South Methven street 

Moir, James, mason, Main street 

Moir, John, builder, 7 Balhousie street 

Moir, John, spirit merchant, 225 South street ; h. 7 Balhousie street 

Moir, John, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 

Moir, Mary, 38 Athole street 

Moir, Mrs Andrew, JJ Leonard street 

Moir, Mrs James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, I Leonard street ; h. 8 
Hospital street 

Moir, Mrs William, provision merchant, 25 Main street, Bridgend 

Moir, Robert, fireman, 69 Leonard street 

Molphy, James, waiter, 5 Caledonian buildings, Earl's Dykes 

Moncrieff, Alexander, glassblower, 139 Canal crescent 

Moncrieff, Alexander, harness mounter, 15 St. Catherine's road 

Moncrieff, Andrew M., ex-warder, Jeanfield 

Moncrieff, Andrew, accountant and Guildry treasurer, 270 High street'; 
h. Jeanfield 

Moncrieff, David, glassblower, 8 Market street 

MoncriefT, David, mason, 85 Canal street 

Moncrieff, James S., glassblower, 141 Canal crescent 

Moncrieff, James, inkinaker, 10 Glover street 

Moncrieff, James, glassblower, 26 Barrack street 

Moncrieff, Jane, 6 King's place, Marshall place 

Moncrieff, Janet, 19 Mill street 

Moncrieff, John, glass and ink manufacturer, North British Glass Works, 
St. Catherine's road ; h. 4 Balhousie bank, Hay street. See Advt. 


Moncrieff, John, joiner, 5 Scott street 

Moncrieff, John C., manager, N.B. Glass and Ink Works, 7 Orrock place 

Moncrieff, Margaret, confectioner, 41 Mill street 

Moncrieff, R. H., & Co., w.s. , 8 Blackfriars street 

Moncrieff, Robert Hope, w.s. (of R. H. Moncrieff & Co.), Potterhill 

House, Bridgend 
Moncrieff. Thomas, grocer, 8 Leonard street ; h. Sunnybank, Craigie 
Moncur, John W., c.E. , Wellwood Villa, Friar street, Craigie 
Moncur, Mrs David, scripture reader, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 
Monteath, Mrs John, 4 Marshall place 
Monteith, Peter, blacksmith, J2 Whitefriars street 
Montgomery, James, baker,. 291 High street 
Moon, E. G. ; c.E., 18 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 
Mooney, James, labourer, 56 Pomarium street 

Moore, John M., tailor and clothier, 247 High street ; h. 33 Castlegable 
Moore, Margaret, dairy, 31 Castlegable 

Moore, Mrs Amelia, refreshments, 236 South street and 4 Meal vennel 
Moore, Thomas, labourer, 50 Meal vennel 
Moran, Ann, outworker, 11 Thimblerow 
Moran, Patrick, labourer, 146 High street 
Moran, Patrick, labourer, 9 Thimblerow 
More, Mrs Robert, 306 High street 

Morgan, Alexander Gibson, merchant, Summerbank, Isla road 
Morgan, Andrew, lorryman, 27 1 himblerow 

Morgan, John, grocer and wine merchant, 5 Main street, Bridgend 
Morison, Alexander, flour miller, 40 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Morison, Alexander, clerk, Avon Villa, Abbot street, Craigie 
Morison, David, porter, 122 Canal crescent 
Morison, David, gas stoker, Shore 
Morison, David, joiner and contractor, St. Catherine's Cottage, 355 High 

Morison, Elizabeth, Springfield, Brompton terrace, Kinnoull 
Morison, Finlay, engineman, 357 High street 

Morison, J. & R. , accountants, 4 Blackfriars street; h. Hasland, Kinnoull 
Morison, James, labourer, 67 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Morison, James, cabinetmaker, 10 Athole street 
Morison, Jane, dressmaker, 40 North Methven street 
Morison, Mrs George, 47 High street 
Morison, Mrs James, 6 Charlotte street 

Morison, Robert, accountant, 4 Blackfriars street ; h. Hasland, Kinnoull 
Morison, Sarah, nurse, 26 Princes street 
Morison, William, builder, 11 Gowrie street; //. 14 Gladstone terrace, 

Morris, Andrew, fireman, Knowe Cottage, High Craigie 
Morris, Elizabeth, 28 Scott street 
Morris, Jessie, 57 Mill street 

Morris, Peter, railway brakesman, Braehead, Jeanfield 
Morris, Peter, engine-fitter, Breadalbane terrace, Edinburgh road 
Morrison, Andrew, dresser, 1 1 Cross street 

Morrison, James Holmes, m.d. , F. R.c.s. , L. R.c. F.F., 17 Marshall place 
Morrison, James, joiner, 4 Milne street 


Morrison, James, stocking weaver, 79 South street 

Morrison, Mary, 56 Longcauseway 

Morrison, Mrs Daniel, 63 South street 

Morrison, William, warper, 7 Leonard street 

Morton, Alexander, maltster, 40 Castlegable 

Morton, David, carter, 73 Main street, Bridgend 

Morton, Gavin, builder (of Fraser & Morton), Clematis Villa, Friar street, 

Morton, James, dyer, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Morton, James, fireman, 39 Canal street 
Morton, James, glassblower, 7 Paul street 

Morton & Mitchells, drapers, clothiers, &c, 23 St. John st. See Advt. 
Morton, Mrs William, lodgings, 34 Athole street 
Morton, Robert (Rev.), 23 James street 
Morton, William, pipe layer, 296 High street 
Morton, William, dyer's finisher, 26 Barossa street 
Mossman, John W., clerk, Ivybank, Victoria street 
Motion, Thomas, labourer, 45 Scott street 

Moyes, Andrew, clothier, 83 High street ; h. Rosebank Villa, Dunkeld rd. 
Moyes, James, engine-driver, Braehead, Jeanfield 
Moyes, James, engine-driver, 41 Skinnergate 
Moyes, John C, clothier, 15 Balhousie street 
Moyes, Thomas, boot and shoe salesman, 5 Scott street 
Moyes, Thomas, pointsman, 41 Skinnergate 
Muckersie, Andrew, cooper, 14 Horners' lane 
Muckersie, Jane, cooper, 5 Princes street ; h. 5^ 
Muckersie, John, labourer, 55 Meal vennel 
Muego, George, hairdresser, 71 South Methven street; h. Java Villa, Friar 

street, Craigie 
Muir, Andrew, brewer (of Muir & Martin), 28 King street 
Muir, James, butcher, 107 South street ; //. 4 Market street 
Muir, James, clerk, 49 Priory place 
Muir, Jane, 61 Meal vennel 

Muir & Martin, brewers and maltsters, 119 and 121 Canal street 
Muir, Mrs James, 80 Pomarium street 
MuiP, Son, & Patton, coal agents, Glasgow road depot. Agent, D. 

Ferrier, Edin terrace, Edinburgh road. See Advt. 
Muir, William, Braehead, Jeanfield 
Muirhead, David, dyer's labourer, 98 South street 

Muirhead, George, & Sons, painters, 18 Athole street and 6 Kinnoull street 
Muirhead, George, painter (of George Muirhead & Sons), 5 North port 
jMuirhead, Mrs George, 5 North port 

Muirhead, Thomas, painter (of George Muirhead & Sons), 8 Kinnoull street 
Muirhead, William, painter (of George Muirhead & Sons), 5 North port 
iMulholland, William, confectioner, 261 High street 
Mullen, Mark, labourer, 55 Meal vennel 
Mullen, Thomas J., hairdresser, 152 South street 
Mullhearn, Peter, labourer, 159 South street 
Mullhearn, Peter, mason, 80 High street 
Mulligan, Mrs James, 50 Meal vennel 
VTullion, Thomas, baker, 7 Pomarium street 


Mulqueenie, Patrick, labourer, 145 High street 

Munro, Angus, railway guard, 4 Abbot street, Craigie 

Munro, Ann, 30 Newrow 

Munro, Christian, 27 Kinnoull causeway 

Munro, Daniel, plumber, 5 Scott street 

Munro, David, brassfinisher, 195 High street 

Munro, David, bottleblower, 32 Longcauseway 

Munro, David, dyer, 46 Commercial street 

Munro, Duncan, shepherd, 3 Clayholes 

Munro, George, carter, 27 Cross street 

Munro, Helen, refreshment rooms, 6 and 8 Market street 

Munro, Hugh, traffic inspector, 7 Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 

Munro, James, provision merchant, 131 South street; h. 69 Kinnoull 

Munro, James, miller, 160 South street 
Munro, Jessie, 4 Thistle lane 
Munro, Joan, 216 High street 

Munro, John, jeweller, 14 Charlotte street ; h. 12. See Advt. 
Munro, John, dyer, Westview cottage, Dunkeld road 
Munro, John, joiner, 63 South street ; h. 4 
Munro, Mrs, stewardess, New Club, 8 Tay street 
Munro, Mrs A. P. C, Viewbank, Craigie 
Munro, Mrs Emily, lodgings, 15 South Methven street 
Munro, Mrs Hugh, 6 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Munro, Mrs James, seamstress, 5 Barossa street 
Munro, Mrs James, 72 George street 
Munro, Mrs James, confectioner, 14 Market street 
Munro, Mrs James, 4 St. Catherine's road 
Munro, Mrs Janet, lodgings, 48 South Methven street 
Munro, Mrs William, 62 Longcauseway 
Munro, Murdoch, railway clerk, in South street 
Munro, Robert, plasterer, 3 Lickley street 
Munro, Robert, dyer's labourer, 34 Longcauseway 
Munro, Robert, coachman, Viewfield, Oakbank 
Munro, Thomas, merchant, Mount Tabor, Kinnoull 
Munro, William, railway brakesman, 15 Market street 
Munro, William, dyer, 55 High street 

Munro, William, grocer, 13 North port ; h. Cedar cottage, New Scone 
Munro, William, joiner, 2 Bridge lane 
Munro, William, currier, 306 High street 
Munsie, William (Rev.), Ivybank, Craigie 
Murdoch, B. & M., bootmakers, 5 Skinnergate ; //. 3 
Murdoch, George, tailor, 11 Skinnergate 

Murdoch, Henry W., tailor's cutter, Craigie Park Lodge, Craigie 
Murdoch, James R., bookseller, 78 St. John street; //. 1 Evelyn terrace, 

Murdoch, John, tanner, 30 George street 
Murdoch, William, labourer, 21 Kinnoull street 
Murie, Alexander, labourer, 26 West Mill street 
Murie, Alexander, railway porter, 7 Clayholes 
Murie, Andrew, plumber, 5 Market street 


Murie, David, hammerman, 70 Longcauseway 

Murie, David, blacksmith, 46 Longcauseway 

Murie, George, blacksmith, Main street, Cherrybank 

Murie, James, plumber, 1 10 South street 

Murie, James, dyer's finisher, 33 Main street, Bridgend 

Murie, John, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 

Murie, John, plumber, 46 St. John street 

Murie, Mrs John, 33 Newrow 

Murison, Margaret, scientific dressmaker, 61 George street 

Murphy, Andrew, labourer, 69 South street 

Murphy, David, broker, 15 Meal vennel ; h. 23 

Murphy, Edward, dyer, 5 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Murphy, Mary, 129 High street 

Murphy, Mrs A. J., pawnbroker, 47 South street 

Murphy, Mrs David, broker, 25 Meal vennel ; ^.23 

Murphy, Mrs James, lodgings, 60 High street 

Murphy, Thomas, cattleman, 55 High street 

Murray, Alexander, dyer, 79 Leonard street 

Murray, Arthur, reliefman, 7 St. Catherine's road 

Murray, Christina, 61 High street 

Murray, David B., carver and gilder, 14 and 22 South street ; h 41 St. John 

Murray, David, railway porter, 126 High street 
Murray, Edward, labourer, 82 South street 
Murray, Euphemia, 54 Main street, Bridgend 
Murray, George, butcher, 18 Cow vennel 
Murray, Henry, plumber, 20 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Murray, Isabella, 51 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Murray, J. & P., plumbers, St. John's place ; h. New Scone 
Murray, James, baker, 141 High street 
Murray, James, church officer, Bruce place, Castlegable 
Murray, James, blacksmith, 5 Market street 

Murray, James, plumber (of J. & P. Murray), Cross street, Scone 
Murray, James, joiner, Paradise place, 92 Victoria street 
Murray, John, hairdresser, 333 High street ; h. 14 Longcauseway 
Murray, John, dyer, 10 Market street 
Murray, John, market gardener, Craigbank, Barnhill 
Murray, John, clerk, I Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Murray, John, labourer, 116 High street 
Murray, John, tailor, 10 Cross street 
Murray, John, coachman, 17 Pomarium street 
Murray, John, mason, 30 Carr's croft 
Murray, John, clerk, Craigie Cottage, High Craigie 
Murray, Joseph, joiner, 290 High street 
Murray, Kate, 28 Skinnergate 
Murray, Mrs Alexander, 64 Longcauseway 
Murray, Mrs Alexander, 69 North Methven street 
Murray, Mrs John, Star buildings, 24 Canal street 
Murray, Mrs Robert, ladies' nurse, 126 High street 
Murray, Peter, plumber (of J. & P. Murray), Abbey road, Scone 
Murray, Robert, dyer, 355 High street 


Murray, Robert, railway servant, 126 High street 

Murray, Robert, 20 Carpenter street 

Murray, Robert, dyer, 125 South street 

Murray, Robert S., porter, 51 Newrow 

Murray, William, barman, 57 Mill street 

Murray, William, slater, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 

Murray, William, shoemaker, 50 Meal vennel 

Murray's (James) Royal Aslyum, Bridgend 

Museum and Antiquarian Society, 78 George street 

Mussie, Lorenzi, ice cream vendor, 12 Bridge lane 

Mustard, Mrs David, 57 Mill street 

Myles, Alexander, glove dyer, 69 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Myles, David, joiner, 22 Market street 

Myles, John, baker, 42 Carr's croft 

Myles, Robert, engine-driver, 9 St. Ann's lane 

Mylie, David, gatekeeper, 30 Pitcullen terrace 

M'Adam, Hugh, manager, Turnbull & Co's Chemical works, Shore 
M'Ainsh, Alexander, joiner and cartwright, 3 Brown street : //. 3 Lickley 

M'Ainsh, Catherine, dressmaker, 246 High street 
M'Ainsh, David, carter, y]d High street 
M 'Alpine, William, railway guard, 83 Glover street 
M 'Anally, Bernard, shoemaker, 27 Castlegable 
M 'Andrew, Duncan, blacksmith, 161 South street 
M 'Andrew, James, gardener, 19 Stormont street 
M'Andrew, Mrs Duncan, dairykeeper, 161 South street 
M'Andrew, Mrs James, dressmaker, 132 High street 
M'Andrew, William, labourer, 34 West Mill street 
M'Ara, Annie, dressmaker, 22 St. John street 
M'Ara, Christina, 7 Paul street 
M'Ara, Mrs William, seamstress, 35 Mill street 
M'Arthur, Alexander S., veterinary surgeon, 21 Canal street ; //. 23 Princes 

M'Arthur, Helen, 123 Canal crescent 
M'Arthur, John, vanman, 332 High street 

M'Arthur, John, janitor and drill instructor, Perth Academy, 7 Rose terrace 
M'Arthur, John, guard, 83 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Arthur, John, tailor, 17 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
M'Arthur. John, turner and bobbinmaker, 120 High street 
M'Arthur, John D., spirit dealer, 307 High street ; h. 56 George street 
M'Arthur, Mrs James, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Mill street ; h. 10 
M'Arthur, Mrs Peter, lodgings, 6 Canal street 
M'Arthur, Mrs W. F., St. Leonard's Hotel, 30 Leonard street 
M'Arthur, Peter, spirit dealer, 18 Bridge lane ; h. Bridge House, Bridge 

of Earn 
M'Arthur, Richardson, bobbinmaker, 120 High street 
M'Arthur, William, railway inspector, 10 Priory place, Craigie 
M'Aulay, George, carter, 39 Princes street 
M'Au'ay, James, engineer, 30 Queen street, Craigie 
M'Aulay, Margaret, midwife and ladies' nurse, 39 Princes street 


M'Aulay, Mrs John, 177 South street 

M'Aulay, Mrs Robert, 15 St. Catherine's road 

M'Aulay, Robert F., jeweller and watchmaker, 20 South Methven st. z. 

h. 30 Queen street, Craigie. See Advt. 
M'Bain, Mrs James, mangier, 4 Bridge lane 
M'Bain, Robert, pavior, 8 Bridge lane 
M'Brayne, Duncan, .plasterer, 57 Main street, Bridgend 
M 'Bride, John, warder, General Prison 
M'Cabe, Bernard, labourer, 139 South street 
M'Cabe, Matthew, compositor, 72 Watergate 
M'Call, Alexander, labourer, 50 Meal vennel 
M'Call, James, porter, 118 Canal street 
M'Call, John, baker, 82 South street 

M'Callum, Colin, baker, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 
M 'Galium, Dougal, stableman, 8 Homers' lane 
M 'Callum, Duncan, draper, 34 Caledonian road 
M'Callum, Jessie, 17 Kinnoull street 
M'Callum, John, labourer, 13 St. Catherine's road 
M'Callum, John, fireman, 8 Foundry lane 
M'Callum, John W. T., grocer and wine merchant, 12 and 14 Main street ; 

h. 11 King's place 
M'Callum, Thomas, dyer's finisher, 116 High street 
M'Cann, James, labourer, 340 Meal vennel 
M'Carthy, Eugene (Rev.), 16 Melville street 
M'Cartney, John, evangelist, 45 Mill street 
M'Cash, David, dyer, 372 High street 
M'Cash, J. B., solicitor, 28 High street; h. 7 Strathearn terrace, Glasgow 

M'Cash, James, grain merchant (of J. M'Cash & Son), 3 Queen St., Craigie 
M'Cash, John, Springbank House, Glasgow road 

M'Cash, John, & Son, grain merchants, 28 High street and Dovecotland 
M'Cash, Robert, seaman, 8 St. Ann's lane 
M'Cash, William F. (of J. M'Cash & Son), 28 York place 
M'Caul, William, manager, Northern Central Mart, Needless road 
M'Clelland, George, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 
M'Clure, Robert, carter, 4 Whitefriars street 
M'Coll, Finlay, joiner, 15 North port ; h. 17 

M'Combie, John, railway guard, 6 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
M'Condach, Joseph, porter, 32 West Mill street 

M'Condach, Robert, railway inspector, 3 Victoria court, Canal street 
M'Condachie, Mrs Thomas, 3 Newrow 
M'Condachie, Stewart, platelayer, 71 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Connell, Mrs Melvin, 79 South street 

M'Conochie, Edward, glazier, 209 South street ; k. 45 Scott street 
M'Conochie, George, brassfinisher, 30 Pomarium street 
M'Conochie, Isabella and Jane, 58 South Methven street 
M'Conochie, James, joiner, 38 Whitefriars street 
M'Conochie, John, restaurateur, 25 Mill street 
M'Conochie, John, labourer, 71 Watergate 
M'Conochie, Mrs Stewart, seamstress, 29 Castlegable 
M'Conochie, Stewart, brassfounder, 7 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 


M'Cormack, C. , & Sons, ropemakers, 17 Kirkgate ; works, Edinburgh rd. 

M'Cormack, Duncan G. , dyer, Granville place. Market street 

M'Cormack, John, commercial traveller, 38 Balhousie street 

M'Cormack, John, ropemaker (of C. M'Cormack & Son), 15 Kirkgate 

M'Cormack, John, labourer, 5 St. Paul's square 

M'Cormack, Mrs Cornelius, 312 High street 

M'Cormack, Patrick, sergeant-major, 74 Athole street 

M'Cormack, Peter, joiner, 295 High street 

M'Corquodale, Peter, parcel porter, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 

M 'Cowan, Alexander, draper, 251 High street ; Inchview Villa, Balhousie 

M 'Cowan, Duncan, Carter, 59 Mill street 

M'CoWan, MPS Colin, milliner, hosier, and servants' register, 1 South St. 
John's place ; h. 8 St. Ann's lane. See Advt. 

M'Cowan, Peter, Red Lion Inn, 123 High street 

M'Cowan, Peter, tailor, 11 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

M'Cowan, Robert, clerk, Burghmuir road, Cherrybank 

M'Cowan, William, seed merchant, Baker's buildings, 61 Mill street 

M'Craw, John, storekeeper, 47 Canal street 

M'Craw, Mrs Samuel, 14 Watergate 

M'Cririe, William, bank teller, 4 Rosemount place, Bridgend 

M'Crostie, John, dyer, 35 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

M'Crostie, Mrs Agnes, 17 Market street 

M'Crostie, Mrs John, 3 Cherry lane 

M'Crow, James, booking clerk, 19 Queen street, Craigie 

M'Cullie, Alexander, carter, 273 High street 

M'Culloch, Andrew, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 

M'Culloch, Mrs David, 18 Caledonian road 

M'Culloch, Robert, engineman, 8 South street 

M'Curroch, Mrs James, 3 York place 

M'Diarmid, Angus, brassfinisher, 85 Canal street 

M'Diarmid, Ann, outworker, 40 Meal vennel 

M'Diarmid, Donald, wirefencer, 4 Cross street 

M'Diarmid, John, gardener, 12 St. Catherine's road 

M'Diarmid, John, grocer and wine merchant, 4 County place and 3 Hos- 
pital street ; h. 20 York place 

M'Diarmid, Mrs Alexander, 46 Longcauseway 

M'Diarmid, Mrs James, 8 Bridge lane 

M'Donald, Alexander, signalman, 45 Scott street 

M 'Donald, Alexander, gardener, Tayside, Bridgend 

M'Donald, Alexander, dyer, 36 West Mill street 

M'Donald, Alexander, hammerman, Wellshill 

M'Donald, Allan, spirit dealer, 7 South street ; h. 20 

M'Donald, Ann, 13 Paul street 

M'Donald, Archibald, 18 Marshall place 

M'Donald, C. & J., wine merchants, 74 George street and 25 Castlegable 

M'Donald, Catherine, 53 Newrow 

M'Donald, Catherine, 8 Cutlog vennel 

M'Donald, Catherine, 48 North Methven street 

M'Donald, Charles, tailor, 192 South street 

M'Donald, Charles, labourer, 21 St. John's place 

M'Donald, Charlotte, 15 Commercial street, Bridgend 


M' Donald, Christina, 5 Fleshers' vennel 

M'Donaicl, Colin, coal and wood merchant, 67 South street; h. 28 St. 

John street 
M 'Donald, Daniel, I Victoria road, Bridgend 
M 'Donald, David, upholsterer, 6 Abbot street, Craigie 
M'Donald, David C, grain merchant, 52 South Methven street; h. 23 

York place 
M'Donald, David, dyer, 3 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
M'Donald, David, railway servant, 300 High street 
M'Donald, David, dyer, 5 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 
M'Donald, Donald, warder, General Prison 
M'Donald, Donald, clothier, 18 Scott street 
M'Donald. Donald, Pickletullum farm, Glasgow road 
M'Donald, Edward, porter, 219 High street 
M'Donald, Edward, joiner, 5 Cross street 

M'Donald, Elizabeth, confectioner, 237 High street ; h. 40 James street 
M'Donald, Elizabeth, 2 Rose lane 
M'Donald, Elizabeth, 20 South street 
M'Donald, Flora, 282 High street 
M'Donald, Flora, 41 Main street, Bridgend 
Macdonald, Fraser, & Co., auctioneers and land surveyors, Perth Auction 

Market, Caledonian road 
M'Donald, George, coachsmith, 24 Carpenter street 
M'Donald, George, policeman, 7 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 
M'Donald, George, Carrick House, Barnhill 
M'Donald, Grace, 20 North port 
M'Donald, Isabella, 170 High street 
M'Donald, Isabella, 151 High street 
M'Donald, James, wine merchant, 3 Athole place 
M'Donald, James, grain merchant and miller, 52 and 54 South Methven 

street, and City Mills, Mill street ; h. Woodlands 
M'Donald, James, cabinetmaker, 186 South street; h. 51 South Methven 

M'Donald, James, Craigraven, Kincarrathie crescent 
M'Donald, James C, solicitor, 37 South Methven street 
M'Donald, James, P. C. A. officer, Bakers' buildings, 61 Mill street 
M'Donald, James, fireman, 170 High street 
M'Donald, James, joiner, Low street ; h. 26 Melville street 
M'Donald, James, boot and shoe maker, 2 Bridge street; h. 16 Main street 
M'Donald, James, dairyman, 280 High street ; h. 1 Lickley street 
M'Donald, James H., glass and china merchant, 26 Meal vennel; h. 87 

High street 
M'Donald, Jessie, fish-dealer, I St. Paul's square ; h. 246 High street 
M'Donald, John, scavenger, 224 High street 
M'Donald, John, ropemaker, 21 St. John's place 
M'Donald, John, carter, 14 Back wynd, Bridgend 
M'Donald, John, goods porter, 19 Whitefriars street 

M'Donald, John, meal and sack merchant, 39 South street; h. 20 Speygate 
M'Donald, John, colporteur, 6 Canal street 
M'Donald, John, baker, 105 South street 
M'Donald, John, chintz glazer, 7^ Canal street 


M 'Donald, John, bottleblower, 10 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

M'Donald, John, wine merchant (of C. & J. M'Donald), 3 Athole place 

M' Donald, John S., plumber, 19 Market street 

M'Donald, Joseph, traveller, 4 Mill close 

M'Donald, Margaret, lodgings, 61 Meal vennel 

M'Donald, Margaret and Catherine, 29 Pitcullen terrace 

M'Donald, Mary Ann, refreshments, 262 High street ; h. 12 North Methven 

M'Donald, Martin, labourer, 50 Meal vennel 
M'Donald, Mrs, Woodside House, Balhousie terrace, Hay street 
M'Donald, Mrs Agnes, Castleview, Glasgow road 
M'Donald, Mrs David, confectioner, 5 Leonard street 
M'Donald, Mrs Duncan, 16 Paul street 
M'Donald, Mrs Duncan, 9 High street 
M'Donald, Mrs Elizabeth, 246 High street 
M'Donald, Mrs George, 1 Stormont street 
M'Donald, Mrs J., 81 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Donald, Mrs James, charwoman, 15 Charteris street 
M'Donald, Mrs James, 8 Thimblerow 
M'Donald, Mrs John, 33 Castlegable 
M'Donald, Mrs John, 170 High street 
M'Donald, Mrs John, 12 Pomarium street 
M'Donald, Mrs Laurence, 28 West Mill street 
M'Donald, Mrs Walter, confectioner, 99 and 237 High street; h. 40 James 

M'Donald, Mrs William, seamstress, 20 South street 
M'Donald, Murdoch, mason, 90 Paradise place, Victoria street 
M'Donald, Murdoch, 37 Queen street, Craigie 
M'Donald, Peter, cabinetmaker, 89 South street 
M'Donald, Peter, labourer, 3 Cutlog vennel 
M'Donald, Robert, mason, 253 High street 

M'Donald, Robert, schoolmaster (St. Ninian's Episcopal), 6 Priory place 
M'Donald, Robert, labourer, 146 High street 
M'Donald, Robert, mason, 2 Rose lane 
M'Donald, Ronald, tailor, 146 High street 

M'Donald, William, coachman, Hamilton House, Glasgow road 
M'Donald, William, shoemaker, 6 Foundry lane 
M'Donald, William, labourer, 59 Pomarium street 
M'Donald, William, plasterer, 44 Barossa street 
M'Donald, William, blacksmith, 98 Pomarium street 
M'Donald, William, storekeeper, 5 Orrock place, Jeanfield 
M'Dougall, Dougald, cabman, 41 Canal street 
M'Dougall, Duncan, platelayer, 3 Union street lane, Bridgend 
M'Dougall, Duncan, dyer's finisher, 37 Cross street 

M'Dougall, Henry, vanman, 16 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
M'Dougall, James, brassfinisher, 6 Whitefriars street 
M'Dougall, Jane, 19 Balhousie street 
M'Dougall, John, lathsplitter, 120 Pligh street 
M'Dougall, John, tenter, 112 Canal crescent 
M'Dougall, Mrs Barbara, laundress, 10 North street 
M'Dougall, Mrs James, chimney sweeper, 288 High street 


M'Dougall, Mrs John, 57 Mill street 

M'Dougall, Mrs J'eter, 239 High street 

M'Dougall, P. & W., slaters and chimney sweepers, 282 High street. 

See Advt. 
M'Dougall, William, chimney sweeper and slater, 282 High street 
M'Duff, James, farmer, Sydenham Villa, Glasgow road 
M'Duff, Mrs John, 9 Castlegable 
M'Duff, Peter, surfaceman, Steading, Barnhill 
M'Duff, Thomas, dyer, 65 Pomarium street 
M'Duff, William, tenter, 12 St. Catherine's road 
M'Elroy, Mrs Patrick, 113 High street 
M'Ewan, Alexander, coachman, 64 South street 
M'Ewan, Andrew, clerk of works, 14 Priory place, Craigie 
M'Ewan, David, railway servant, 8 Commercial street, Bridgend 
M'Ewan, David, ex-detective, 88 South street 
M'Ewan, David, gasfitter, 82 South street 

M'Ewan, Duncan, brakesman, 5 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
M'Ewan, Edward, labourer, 282 High street 
M'Ewan, James, clerk, 85 Canal street 

M'Ewan, James, foreman, Balhousie terrace, Glasgow road 
M'Ewan, John, turner, 19 Leonard street 
M'Ewan, Mrs Alexander, 19 Speygate 
M'Ewan, Mrs Barbara, laundress, 253 High street 
M'Ewan, Mrs James, 15 Commercial street, Bridgend 
M'Ewan, Mrs James, 51 Commercial street, Bridgend 
M'Ewan, Mrs James, grocer, 13 Gowrie street, Bridgend ; h. 17 
M'Ewan, Mrs Mary, 224 High street 
M'Ewan, Mrs Peter, 18 Queen street, Craigie 
M'Ewan, Mrs Thomas, 126 High street 
M'Ewan, Thomas, grocer, 44 Longcauseway ; h. 34 
M'Ewan, William E. , gas inspector, in South street 
M'Ewen, Alexander, 4 St. Leonard's bank 
M'Ewen, David, coachbuilder, 4 James street 
M'Ewen, James, 8 King's place 

M'Ewen, James, draper (of James M'Ewen & Co.), 20 Marshall place 
M'Ewen, James, &, CO., drapers and silk mercers, 56 St. John street. 

See Advt. 
M'Ewen, Mrs John, 101 High street 
M'Ewen, Thomas, labourer, 9 Bridge lane 
M'Farlane, Alexander, clerk, 34 Caledonian road 
M'Farlane, Alexander, barman, 2.1 West Mill street 
M'Farlane, Alexander, carter, Caledonian road ; h. 4 Newrow 
M'Farlane, Alexander, mechanic, 4 Newrow 
M'Farlane, Andrew, carter, 88 Reform place, Canal street 
M'Farlane, Angus, yardsman, 337 High street 
M'Farlane, Archibald, bootmaker, 56 Longcauseway 
M'Farlane, Charles, dyer's finisher, 24 Canal street 
M'Farlane, Christian, 28 St. John street 

M'Farlane & Co., engineers and ironfounders, Perth Foundry, Paul street 
M'Farlane, D., traveller, 5 Rosslyn place, Glasgow road 
M'Farlane, David, dresser, 309 High street 


M'Farlane, David, dyer, 5 Milne street 

M'Farlane, David, blacksmith, 6 Whitefriars street 

M'Farlane, David, brakesman, 351 High street 

M'Farlane, Donald, Infirmary porter, 8 York place 

M'Farlane, Elizabeth, Edina Villa, Friar street, Craigie 

M'Farlane, Grace, 19 Stormont street 

M'Farlane, Helen, 92 Reform place, Canal street 

M'Farlane, Isabella, 6 Blackfriars street 

M'Farlane, James, tobacconist and cycle agent, 272 High street ; h. 259 

M'Farlane, James, labourer, 343 High street 

M'Farlane, James, labourer, S6 Pomarium street 

M'Farlane, James, labourer, 258 High street 

M'Farlane, Jane, 3 Cutlog vennel 

M'Farlane, John, carter, 3 Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 

M'Farlane, John, fireman, 370 High street 

M'Farlane, John, joiner (of Stewart & M'Farlane), I Rose crescent 

M'Farlane, John, plumber, Craigiebank House 

M'Farlane, John, fitter, 8 Mill street 

M'Farlane, John, 13 Cutlog vennel 

M'Farlane, John, mason, 13 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

M'Farlane, John, gardener, 17 James street 

M'Farlane, John, lapper, 10 Melville street 

M'Farlane, Margaret, 2 King's place 

M'Farlane, Margaret, tobacconist, St. Leonard's bridge; h. 2 Abbot street 

M'Farlane, Mary D., dressmaker, 14 South street 

M'Farlane, Mrs Alexander, 358 High street 

M'Farlane, Mrs D., 4 South Methven street 

M'Farlane, Mrs Daniel, 1 Leonard place 

M'Farlane, Mrs Donald, 2 Edin terrace, Edinburgh road 

M'Farlane, Mrs, 18 Thimblerow 

M'Farlane, Mrs James, 3 St. Paul's square 

M'Farlane, Mrs John, dairykeeper, Edinburgh road 

M'Farlane, Mrs Peter, 17 Hospital street 

M'Farlane, Mrs William, lodgings, 2 Glover street 

M'Farlane, Mrs William, 6 Victoria street 

M'Farlane, Peter, joiner (of Dow & M'Farlane), Granville place, Market 

M'Farlane, Peter, labourer, 16 Cross street 

M'Farlane, Peter, police inspector, Boyd's buildings, 5 Scott street 
M'Farlane, Robert, dyer's finisher, 10 Foundry lane 
M'Farlane, Robert, slater, 68 High street 
M'Farlane, Sebastian, Stewart place, Caledonian road 
M'Farlane, Thomas, fitter, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 
M'Farlane, Thomas, mechanic, 4 South Methven street 
M'Farlane, William, painter, 97 South street 
M'Farlane, William, cabinetmaker, 246 High street 
M'Farlane, William, railway porter, 42 Whitefriars street 
M'Feat, Stewart, railway porter, 23 Commercial street, Bridgend 
M'Gaw, Mrs Mary Ann, 21 St. John's place 
M 'Gibbon, Christina, 81 High street 
M'Gibbon, John, letter carrier, 126 High street 


M'Gill, Margaret, charwoman, 9 Commercial street, Bridgend 

M'Gillivray, David, librarian, 27 Princes street 

M'Gillivray, Francis, tailor, 167 South street 

M'Gillivray, Mrs David, grocer, 28 Princes street ; h. 27 

M'Gillivray, William, hallkeeper, 175 High street 

M'Gillivray, William, gardener, Craigie Park Cottage, Craigie 

M'Gillivray, William, billposter, 13 Cutlog vennel 

M'Gilliwie, Thomas, 70 Victoria street 

M'Glashan, Alexander, 21 Gowrie street 

M'Glashan, Catherine, dressmaker, 25 Kinnoull causeway 

M'Glashan, James, Braeside Villa, 22 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 

M'Glashan, Jane, factory worker, 303 High street 

M'Glashan, John, marine superintendent, 13 Queen street, Craigie 

M'Glashan, Mrs Alexander, 18 Carpenter street 

M'Glashan, Mrs Jane, greengrocer, 10 Kirkside 

M'Glashan, Mrs John, 18 Canal street 

M'Glashan, Mrs Peter, 191 High street 

M'Glashan, Mrs Thomas, 12 George street 

M'Glashan, Peter, coal salesman, 199 South street 

M'Glashan, William, railway guard, 40 Longcauseway 

M 'Glynn, George, dyer's finisher, Stewart's place, Caledonian road 

M'Gonnell, Daniel, finisher, 1 Lickley street 

M'Gough, John, labourer, 40 Meal vennel 

M'Gowan, Mrs Michael, 62 Pomarium street 

M'Graw, George, tailor's cutter, 3 Rosslyn place 

M'Gregor, Alexander, bookbinder, 21 Bridge lane; h. 6 Readdie's 

buildings, Dunkeld road. See Advt. 
M'Gregor, Alexander, hammerman, 29 Pomarium street 
M'Gregor, Alexander, heckler, 60 Mill street 
M'Gregor, Alexander, carter, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Gregor, Alexander, dyer's finisher, 34 Scott street 
M'Gregor, Christina, factory worker, Tayview, Barnhill 
M'Gregor, Daniel jof J. & D. M'Gregor), Pitcullen Bank, Bridgend 
M'GregW, David, jeweller, silversmith, and engraver, 40 George street ; 

h. 3 Laurel Bank, Bridgend. See Advt. 
M'Gregor, David, fishing-tackle-maker, 37 South street ; h. New Scone 
M'Gregor, David, dyer, 10 Whitefriars street 
M'Gregor, Donald, railway porter, 9 Bridge lane 
M'Gregor, Donald, gardener, Bowerswell Lodge, Kinnoull 
M'Gregor, Duncan, blacksmith, 12 Carpenter street ; h. 14. See Advt. 
M'Gregor, Duncan, butcher, 71 George street ; h. 47 
M'Gregor, Duncan, baker, 170 High street 
M'Gregor, Elizabeth, grocer, 323 High street 
M'Gregor, Elizabeth, scripture reader, 3 North Methven street 
M'Gregor, George, tailor, 68 Pomarium street 
M'Gregor, George, carter, 1 Mill close 
M'Gregor, George, carter, Low road, Cherrybank 
M'Gregor, George, gamekeeper, Craigie Wood Cottage 
M'Gregor, Gregor, commercial traveller, 11 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld 

M'Gregor, J. &. D., farmers, Gannochy 


M'Gregor, James, joiner, 21 Guard vennel 

M'Gregor, James, draper, 33 Kinnoull causeway 

M'Gregor, James, labourer, 8 Caledonian road 

M'Gregor, James, blacksmith, 33 Kinnoull causeway 

M'Gregor, James, dyer, 42 Glover street 

M'Gregor, James, warehouse porter, 19 Mill street 

M'Gregor, James, labourer, 4 Cross street 

M'Gregor, John, labourer, 12 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 

M'Gregor, John, bootmaker, 258 High street 

M'Gregor, John, railway porter, 6 Pomarium street 

M'Gregor, John, bookbinder (of John M'Gregor & Co.), 68 Athole street 

M'Gregor, John, butcher, 38 Newrow 

M'Gregor, John, dyer, 4 Thimblerow 

M'Gregor, John, dyer, 47 Kinnoull causeway 

M'Gregor, John, late postmaster, Magdalen Bank, Craigie 

M'Gregor, John, brassfinisher, 331 High street 

M'Gregor, John, janitor (Sharp's Institution). 245 High street 

M'Gregor, John, & Co., bookbinders and paper rulers, 129 High street 

and 20 Mill street. See Advt. 
M'Gregor, Lauchlan, baker, 19 Scott street 

M'Gregor, Malcolm, hay and straw merchant, Perth North ; h. Cherrybank 
M'Gregor, Margaret, confectioner, 217 High street ; h. 41 Cross street 
M'Gregor, Mrs, 135 Canal crescent 
M'Gregor, Mrs Duncan, I Clayholes 
M'Gregor, Mrs Gregor, 38 Athole street 
M'Gregor, Mrs James, 26 Melville street 
M'Gregor, Mrs James, 32 Whitefriars street 
M'Gregor, Mrs John, 48 South Methven street 
M'Gregor, Mrs Robert, 372 High street 
M'Gregor, Mrs Thomas, 89 Main street, Bridgend 
M'Gregor, Patrick, railway servant, 13 Glover street 
M'Gregor, Peter, assistant-agent, National Bank of Scotland, Limited, 5 J 

High street 
M'Gregor, Peter, engine-driver, 17 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
M'Gregor, Richard, coachman, 8 Carpenter street 
M'Gregor, Robert, van-driver, 336 High street 
M'Gregor, Robertson, labourer, 20 Market street 
M'Gregor, Thomas, bookbinder, 13 Balhousie street 
M'Gregor, Thomas, bookbinder, 10 Tay street 
M'Gregor, Thomas M., printer, 353 High street 
M'Gregor, Vere, 44 Newrow 

M'Gregor, Walter, ex-warder, 4 Victoria court, Canal street 
M'Gregor, William, dyer, 32 Leonard street 
M'Gregor, William, clerk, 2 Charteris street 
M'Gregor, William, ironfitter, 26 Carpenter street 
M'Gregor, William, 19 Barossa street 
M'Gregor, William, ticket collector, 44 Glover street 
M'Guire, Bridget, 129 South street 
M'Guire, John, packer, 71 Watergate 
M'Guire, John, labourer, 129 South street 
M'Guire, Mrs Peter, 146 High street 


MTlwham, William, dyer, 54 Longcauseway 

MTnalay, William, labourer, 6t Meal vennel 

M'Inroy, Donald, gardener, 5 Paul's close 

MTnroy, James, 13 Cutlog vennel 

M'Inroy, John, dyer, 89 South street 

MTnroy, Miss, confectioner, 17 County place 

MTnroy, Mrs David, 70 South Methven street 

MTnroy, William, dyer, 102 High street 

MTntosh, Alexander, pastry baker, 5 Cowrie street, Bridgend 

M'Intosh, Alexander, yardsman, Braehead, Jeanfield 

MTntosh, Alexander, labourer, 8 Paul's close 

MTntosh, Alexander W. , stationer, 52 Longcauseway 

M'lntOSh, Andrew W., jeweller and fancy warehouseman, 21 St. John 

street ; h. Rosaire, Bridgend. See Advt. 
MTntosh, Ann, II East Bridge street, Bridgend 
Mackintosh, Ann E. , Kewstock, Craigie 
MTntosh, Archibald, labourer, 18 Barrack street 
MTntosh, Catherine, 13 Cutlog vennel 
MTntosh, Charles, cabinetmaker, 23 South Methven street 
MTntosh, David, clerk, 16 Main street, Bridgend 
Mackintosh, Donald, burgh assessor, 16 Tay street ; h. 4 Edin terrace, 

Edinburgh road 
MTntosh, Donald, clerk, 38 Athole street 
MTntosh, Donald F. engine-driver, 42 Whitefriars street 
MTntosh, Georg-e, 75 Leonard street 
MTntosh, Helen, 14 Abbot street, Craigie 
MTntosh, Hugh, gardener, 140 High street 

M'lntOSh, J., & Co., upholsterers, &c, 70 George street. See AdvL 
MTntosh, James, reliefman, 22 St. jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
MTntosh, Janet, 13 Stormont street 

MTntosh, John, insurance agent, 9 George street ; h. 21 Barossa place 
MTntosh, John, guard, Braehead, Jeanfield 
M'Intosh, John, painter, 71 High street 
MTntosh, John, dairykeeper, 4 Victoria street ; h 22 
MTntosh, John, cabinetmaker (of MTntosh & Co.), 19 Gowrie street 
MTntosh, John, dyer's finisher, 8 Barossa place 
MTntosh, John, pointsman, 4 Longcauseway 
MTntosh, Maggie, 146 High street 
MTntosh, Mrs, 63 Pomarium street 
MTntosh, Mrs Archibald, 15 Kirkgate 
MTntosh, Mrs James, 60 Scott street 
MTntosh, Mrs John, Elderslea Villa, Dunkeld road 
MTntosh, Mrs John, 7 Paul street 
MTntosh, Mrs John, 167 South street 
MTntosh, Mrs Peter, 30 Newrow 
MTntosh, ^eter, blacksmith, 353 High street 
MTntosh, Peter, labourer, 13 St. Catherine's road 
MTntosh, Thomas, labourer, 136 South street 

MTntosh, Thomas, overseer, Perth Auction Mart, Caledonian road 
MTntosh, Thomas, dyer, 13 Paul street 
MTntosh, Thomas, blacksmith, 4 Longcauseway 


MTntosh, Thomas, telegraph superintendent, 2 Burnbank terrace, Bridgend 

M'Intosh, William, railway guard, 85 Canal street 

M'Intosh, William, confectioner, 7 Skinnergate 

MTntosh, William, 113 High street 

MTntyre, Alexander, cabman, 5 Castlegable 

MTntyre, Alexander, draper and hosier, 53 High street ; h. 28 

MTntyre, Betsy, 2 Whitefriars street 

M'Intyre, Donald, painter, 73 George street ; h. 69 

MTntyre, Duncan, joiner, 8 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

MTntyre, Francis, carpenter, 36 George street 

MTntyre, George, saddler, 71 Kinnoull causeway 

MTntyre, James, painter, 14 South street 

MTntyre, James, dyer's cleaner, 211 South street 

MTntyre, John, church officer, 98 South street 

MTntyre, John, weigher, 25 Glover street 

MTntyre, John, coachman, 48 Commercial street, Bridgend 

M Tntyre, John, Red Lion Tavern, 30 High street 

MTntyre, Joseph, dyer's labourer, 50 Pomarium street 

M'Intyre, Laehlan, general smith, '129 High street; h. 151. See Advt. 

MTntyre, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 5 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

MTntyre, Mrs John, 18 Pomarium street 

MTntyre, Mrs Thomas, 4 South street 

MTntyre, Peter C, baker (of MTntyre & Stewart), 276 High street 

MTntyre, Robert, engine-fitter, 6 Canal street 

M'Intyre & Stewart, bakers, 32 High street. See Advt. 

MTntyre, Thomas, salmon fisher, 146 High street 

M'Kay, Andrew, bootmaker, 144 High street ; h. 14 Bridge lane 

M'Kay, Andrew T., clothier (of Jamieson & Co.), 16 Barossa place 

M'Kay, David, engineer, 43 Scott street 

Mackay, Donald M. (of Jamieson & Mackay, solicitors), 53 York place 

Mackay, George, county sanitary inspector. County buildings; k. Cherrybank 

Mackay, George, dyer, 19 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 

M'Kay, Hugh, painter and decorator, 10 Main St., Bridgend. See Advt. 

M'Kay, Hugh, derated water manufacturer, Granville place, Market street ; 

h. 5 Spens crescent. See Advt. 
M'Kay, James, painter, 49 Pomarium street 
M'Kay, Jemima, 7 Pomarium street 
M'Kay, John, railway inspector, 3 Priory place, Craigie 
M'Kay, John, clerk, 16 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Kay, John, clerk, Montague Villa, Rose crescent 
M'Kay, John, dyer, 126 High street 
M'Kay, John, shoemaker, 32 West Mill street 
M'Kay, John, dyer's finisher, 12 Commercial street, Bridgend 
M'Kay, John, & Son, plasterers, 22 Mill street; h. 58 Athole street. 

See Advt. 
M'Kay, Mackie, gardener, 49 Commercial street, Bridgend 
M'Kay, Mary A., dressmaker, 9 Main street, Bridgend 
M'Kay, Matthew, decorator, 1 Lickley street 
M'Kay, Mrs George, 239 High street 
M'Kay, Mrs James, High Craigie 
M'Kay, Mrs Rebecca, mangier, 246 High street 


M'Kay, Mrs Robert, 21 Union street 

M'Kay, Mrs Robert, 34 Meal vennel 

M'Kay, Richard, joiner, 79 South street 

M'Kay, Robert, architect, 58 Mhole street 

M'Kay, Robert, sawyer, 79 Pomarium street 

M'Kay, William, sawyer, 66 Pomarium street 

M'Kay, William (of M'Kay & Son), 58 Athole street 

M 'Keith, James, dyer, 9 Stormont street 

M 'Keith, James, millwright, 19 Speygate 

M 'Keith, John, painter, 45 Kinnoull causeway 

M'Keith, William, millwright. 82 South street 

M 'Keith, William, labourer, 155 South street 

M'Kendrick, Andrew, joiner, 47 Meal vennel : h. 11 Balhousie street. 

See Advt. 
M'Kendrick, John, joiner, 68 Pomarium street 
M'Kendrick, John, tailor, 62 Pomarium street 
M'Kendrick, Mrs Alexander, 4 Burnbank terrace, Bridgend 
M'Kendrick, William, butcher, 43 St. John street ; h. 16 Marshall place 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, railway porter, 175 High street 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, warehouseman, 40 Victoria street 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, clerk, 1 1 East Bridge street 
M'Kenzie, Andrew, engine-driver, George Inn lane 
M'Kenzie, Andrew, cropper, 42 Athole street 
M'Kenzie & Co. (limited), cycle manufacturers, 219 South street — 

Charles Thomson, manager. See Advt. 
M'Kenzie, Daniel, grocer and wine merchant, 157 South street; bread 

department, 56 Princes street ; h. 1 1 King's place. See Advt. 
M'Kenzie, David, gardener, Balhousie Castle 
M'Kenzie & Dickson, solicitors, 61 George street 
M'Kenzie, Evan, colour- sergeant, Black Watch, 24 James street 
M'Kenzie, George, dairy, 12 Market street ; h. 30 Caledonian road 
M'Kenzie, George A., solicitor (of M'Kenzie & Dickson), Rio, Bridgend 
M'Kenzie, James, labourer, 13 Speygate 
M'Kenzie, James, gardener, 8 Keir street, Bridgend 
M'Kenzie, Jessie, 27 Castlegable 
M'Kenzie, John, draper, 34 George street ; h. 42 

M'Kenzie, John, quartermaster-sergeant, Royal Highlanders, 3! Albert pi. 
M'Kenzie, John James, book-keeper, 71 High street 
K'Kenzie, Miss, 30 North Methven street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs, 3 Victoria court, Canal street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs Alexander, rish dealer, 174 High street ; h. 175 
M'Kenzie, Mrs Daniel, Balhousie Mills 
M'Kenzie, Mrs David, 28 Commercial street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs David, 1 Athole place 

M'Kenzie, Mrs Mark, spirit merchant, 36 Princes street ; h. 38 
M'Kenzie, Peter, tailor, 18 Caledonian road 
M'Kenzie, Robert, blacksmith, 26 Whitefriars street 
M'Kenzie, Robert, shoemaker, 13 Charteris street 
M'Kenzie, Thomas, labourer, 112 South street 
M'Kenzie, Thomas, taxman, 1 Bridge street, Bridgend 
M'Kenzie, William, labourer, Braehead, Jeanfield 


M'Kenzie, William, labourer, I J Scott street 

M'Kenzie, William, railway clerk, 88 Reform place, Canal street 

M'Kernan, Bernard, insurance agent, 2 Fleshers' vennel 

M'Kernie, Thomas, porter, 192 South street 

M'Kerracher, John, slater, 290 High street 

M'Killop, John, labourer, 85 South street 

M'Killop, Mrs John, market gardener, Elmbank, Barnhill 

M'Killop, Robert, burgh surveyor, 3 High street ; h. Woodend Cottage, 

M'Kinlay, Christina, 63 Priory place, Craigie 
M'Kinlay, Francis, coachsmith, 64 South street 
M'Kinlay, Hugh, dyer's finisher, 23 Castlegable 

M'Kinlay, John, fishing-tackle maker, 8h County place ; h. 246 High st. 
M'Kinlay, Margaret, 88 South street 
M'Kinlay, Mary, 37 George street 
M'Kinlay, Mrs James, 17c High street 
M'Kinlay, Peter, 59 Priory place, Craigie 
M'Kinnon, Mrs Ann, 12 Barrack street 
M' Lagan, Andrew, bootmaker, 72 George street 
M' Lagan, Charles, labourer, 3 Haul's close 
M'Lagan, Charles, baker, 5 Milne street 
M 'Lagan, Jane, 105 South street 
M'Lagan, John, lapper, 276 High street 
M'Lagan, John, asylum attendant, 10 Canal street 
M'Lagan, John, tenter, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Lagan, Mrs Peter, St. Catherine's road 
M'Lagan, Peter, gun and fishing tackle maker, 50 South Methven street ; 

h. 17 Mill street. See Advt. 
M'Lagan, Thomas, baker, 320 High street; h. 351 
M'Lagan, Thomas, baker, 246 High street 
M'Lagan, William (of Campbells, M'Lagan, & Co.), Sunnybower, Bromp- 

ton terrace 
M'Laggan, Alexander, dairyman, 16 Barossa street 
M'Laggan, Charles, marine engineer, 4 Barossa place 
M'Laggan, David, plumber, 14 Caledonian road 
M'Laggan & Garvie, bootmakers, 285 High street 
M'Laggan, Isabella, 10 Paul street 
M'Laggan, Mrs David, Burton place, Nelson street 
M'Laggan, Mrs Hugh, High Craigie 
M'Laggan, Mrs John, lodgings, 56 South William street 
M'Laggan, Mrs Robert, 5 King's place 
M'Laggan, Mrs William, 105 South street 
M'Laggan, Robert, platelayer, 49 Canal street 

M'Laggan, Robert, joiner (of Strang & M'Laggan), 12 St. Paul's square 
M'Laggan, William, bootmaker (of M'Laggan & Garvie), 3 Lindsay's 

buildings, St. Catherine's road 
M'Laren, Alexander, engine-fitter, 12 St. Jane's place, Friar St., Craigie 
M'Laren, Alexander, railway clerk, Rowan Villa, Glasgow road 
M'Laren, Andrew, superintendent of slaughter-house, Shore 
M'Laren, Andrew Buist, plumber, 24 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
M'Laren, C, 34 Caledonian road 


M'Laren, Daniel, flesher, II South street 

M'Laren, Daniel S. , dyer's finisher, I Water vennel 

M'Laren, Daniel, labourer, 6 Newrow 

M'Laren, David, brassfinisher, Granville place, Market street 

M'Laren, Dugald, cabman, 55 High street 

M'Laren, Duncan, coachman, Garry Cottage Lodge, Barnhill 

M'Laren, Duncan, gardener, 43 Canal street 

M'Laren, Herbert B. , carter, 16 Cow vennel 

M'Laren, James, police sergeant, 11 North port 

M'Laren, James, blacksmith, 85 Canal street 

M'Laren, James, solicitor, 61 George street 

M'Laren, James, engine-driver, 18 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 

M'Laren, James, blacksmith, 129 High street 

M'Laren, James, lorryman, 163 High street 

M'Laren, James, cab driver, yj Stormont street 

M'Laren, James, joiner, 56 Longcauseway 

M'Laren, James, seaman, 71 High street 

M'Laren, Jessie, mill worker, I Paul street 

M'Laren, John, labourer, 332 High street 

M'Laren, John, engine-driver, 59 Glover street 

M'Laren, John, clerk, 30 Caledonian road 

M'Laren, Laurence, police sergeant, 15 Market street 

M'Laren, Margaret, 13 Leonard street 

M'Laren, Mary, 17 Greyfriars street 

M'Laren, Mrs, 17 Keir street, Bridgend 

M'Laren, Mrs John, grocer, 31 Mill street 

M'Laren, Mrs William, 8 Skinnergate 

M'Laren, Peter, goods guard, 37 Canal street 

M'Laren, Peter, fireman, 3 Cutlog vennel 

M'Laren, Peter, dyer, Jeanfield 

M'Laren, Peter, butcher, 3 South William street 

M'Laren, Thomas, parcel postman, 3 Victoria Court, Canal street 

M'Laren, William, architect, Millden, Balhousie 

M'Laren, William, joiner, 36 North Methven street 

M'Lauchlan, Ann, 13 North Methven street 

M'Lauchlan, Bridget, outworker, 56 Meal vennel 

M'Lauchlan & Co., rag merchants, 129 High street 

M'Lauchlan, Daniel, slater and chimney sweeper, 58 Watergate. 

See Advt. 
M'Lauchlan, Duncan, coachman, 18 Market street 
M'Lauchlan, Francis, labourer, 148 South street 
M'Lauchlan, George, examiner, 30 Whitefriars street 
M'Lauchlan, Hugh, painter, 40 Meal vennel 
M'Lauchlan, James, sergeant, 22 James street 
M'Lauchlan, James, dyer, 44 Barossa street 
M'Lauchlan, John, 29 Kirkgate 
M'Lauchlan, John, labourer, 3 Cutlog vennel 
M'Lauchlan, John, sawmiller, 175 South street 
M'Lauchlan, N. , telephone inspector, 60 High street 
M'Lauchlan, Peter, mechanic 29 Mill street 
M'Lauchlan, Mrs Archibald, 15 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 


M'Lauchlan, Mrs George, china merchant, 33 Meal vennel ; h. 35 

M'Lea, Mrs Thomas, Low road, Cherrybank 

M'Lean, Alexander, detective sergeant of County Police, 24 Canal street 

M'Lean, Andrew, joiner, 15 Barossa street 

M'Lean, Ann, St. John's restaurant, 3 St. John's place 

M'Lean, Catherine, 14 Bridge lane 

M'Lean, Daniel, glassblower, 190 High street 

M'Lean, Daniel, joiner, 129 High street 

M'Lean, Donald, clothier, 54 South street ; h. 3 Princes street 

M'Lean, Duncan, dress and mantle maker, 43 George street ; h. 19 Mill 

M'Lean, James, carter, 5 Milne street 
M'Lean, Jessie, 14 Bridge lane 

M'Lean, John, dyer's finisher, 10 St. Catherine's road 
M'Lean, John, cellarman, 28 Caledonian road 
M'Lean, John, coachman, 10 Canal street 
M'Lean, John, glassblower, 64 Pomarium street 
M'Lean, John, glassblower, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Lean, Matthew, glassblower, 12 Pomarium street 
M'Lean, Murdoch, railway clerk, 5 Victoria Court, Canal street 
M'Lean, Murdoch, engine-driver, I Victoria Court, Canal street 
M'Lean, Mrs Duncan, Florence Villa, Rose crescent 
M'Lean, Mrs John, mangier, 55 High street 
M'Lean, Peter, fruiterer and confectioner, 69 South Methven street ; h. 7 

Rose crescent 
M'Lean, Peter, baker, 5 East Bridge street, Bridgend 
M'Lean, Samuel, pipemaker, 239 High street 
M'Leish, Alexander, plumber, 5 Lickley street 
M'Leish, Andrew, surfaceman, 337 High street 
M'Leish, Donald, porter, 195 High street 
M'Leish, Grace, 22 Barossa place 
M'Leish, James, carter, 34 Newrow 
M'Leish, James, plumber, brassfounder, and hydraulic engineer, 15 Mill 

street ; //. Allanbank, Cherrybank. See Advt. 
M'Leish, John, cutter, 42 Scott street 
M'Leish, Misses, 68 High street 
M'Leish, Mrs Daniel, dressmaker, 129 High street 
M'Leish, Mrs George, 302 High street 
M'Leish, Mrs James, 24 Canal street 
M'Leish, Mrs James, 19 Stormont street 
M'Leish, Robert, engine-driver, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
M'Leish, Robert, platelayer, 334 High street 
M'Leish, Robert, yardsman, 11 Paul street 
MacLeish, William (of Thomas & MacLeish), city clerk, and joint agent for 

National Bank ; h. Somerset, Kinnoull 
M'Lellan, Duncan, 3 Spens crescent 
M'Lellan, Mrs Robert, 170 High street 
M'Lennan, John, plasterer, 9 Paul street 
M'Lennan, Mrs William, 49 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
M'Leod, Alexander, tailor, 12 St. Catherine's road 
M'Leod, Archibald, turner, 79 South street 


M'Leod, Catherine, 24 Carpenter street 

M'Leod, Daniel, 32 Leonard street 

M'Leod, Daniel, baker, 6 St. Paul's square 

M'Leod, James, shoemaker, 17 Skinnergate 

M'Leod, James, brassfinisher, 16 North port 

M'Leod, Jane, 39 Watergate 

M'Leod, Jessie, 16 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 

M'Leod, John M., teacher of dancing, 7 North William street 

M'Leod, John (of Dickson & Turnbull), 3 Fairmount Villas, Barnhill 

M'Leod, Margaret, dressmaker, 22 St. John street 

M'Leod, Mrs Catherine, lodgings, 36 George street 

M'Leod, Mrs J., 100 Pomarium street 

M'Leod, Mrs John, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 

M'Leod, Mrs John, 30 Barossa street 

M'Leod, Mrs Peter, 9 Low street 

M'Leod, Mrs William, 360 High street 

M'Leod, Peter, brassfinisher, George Inn lane 

M'Leod, Robert, clerk, 4 Priory place 

M'Luskie, Edward, packer, 258 High street 

M'Luskie, Mrs Edward, 258 High street 

M'Mahon, Agnes, lodgings, 57 South street 

M'Mahon, Bernard, dealer, 23 Meal vennel 

M'Mahon, Mary, outworker, 154 South street 

M'Mahon, Michael, contractor, 50 Meal vennel 

M'Mahon, Mrs Catherine, 12 Meal vennel 

M'Mahon, Philip, labourer, 40 Meal vennel 

M'Mahon, Sarah, baby linen warehouse, 52 Meal vennel ; h. 23 

M'Mannes, Andrew, labourer, 291 High street 

M'Martin, Alexander, saddler, 11 Canal street 

M 'Martin, John, labourer, I Rose lane 

M 'Master, Catherine, provision merchant, 8^ High street ; //. 10 

M 'Master, Charles, Temperance Hotel, 31 St. John street 

M'Menamy, Andrew, labourer, 170 High street 

M'Millan, David, policeman, 21 Stormont street 

M'Millan, James, dyer, 125 South street 

M'Millan, John, labourer, 61 Meal vennel 

M'Millan, John, labourer, 315 High street 

M'Millan, Laura, 206 South street 

M'Millan, Mrs John, 56 Pomarium street 

M'Millan, Robert, mason, 12 High street 

M'Millan, William, engine-driver, 33 Kinnoull causeway 

M'Millan, William, mason, 13 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

M 'Murray, John, mechanic, 68 Athole street 

M'Nab, Duncan, solicitor, 42 James street 

M'Nab, Mrs Duncan, 42 James street 

M'Nab, Mrs William, 46 James street 

M'Nab, Robert, 2 Balhousie bank 

M'Nab, William, cattle dealer, Shore 

M'Nab, William, coppersmith, 12 Newrow 

M'Nair, John, engineman, 211 High street 

M'Nair, Mrs James, seamstress, 14 Watergate 


M'Nair, Thomas, labourer, no South street 

M'Namara, John, glassblower, 8 Homers' lane 

M'Namara, Michael, dyer, 56 Pomarium street 

M'Naughton, Caroline, Eliza S., Euphemia, and Margaret K., 3 Barossa 

M'Naughton, Euphemia, 10 Carpenter street 
M'Naughton, Henry, carter, 2 Union street 
M'Naughton, J. S. (Rev.), 16 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 
M'Naughton, James, commercial traveller, 4 Rosslyn place, Glasgow road 
M'Naughton, John, M.D. (H.M. General Prison), Southview, Edinburgh 

M'Naughton, John, carter, 17 Pomarium street 
M'Naughton, Mrs, 9 Strathmore street 
M'Naughton, Mrs Jessie, Croft Cottage, Keir street 
M'Naughton, Mrs John, 2 Fleshers' vennel 
M'Naughton, Mrs John, 7 Marshall place 
M'Naughton, Peter, cleaner, 290 High street 
M'Naughton, Peter, cattle salesman (John Swan & Son), 2 Abbot street, 

M'Naughton, William, farmer, Avon Villa, Abbot street, Craigie 
M'Naughton, William, carpet weaver, Cherry bank 
M'Nee, Mrs Alexander, 1 Scott street 
M'Neil, Alexander, dyer, 5 South street 
M'Neil, Elizabeth, 6 St. Paul's square 
M'Neil, James, carter, 4 Market street 

M'Neil, John, plumber (of William Frew & Son), Balhousie House 
M'Neil, Joseph, dyer, 73 Pomarium street 
M'Neil, Michael, labourer, 55 Meal vennel 
M'Neil, Mrs James, 232 Pligh street 
M'Neil, Mrs John, 199 South street 
M'Neil, Peter, grocer, 278 High street and 188 South street ; h. 276 High 

M'Neil, Thomas, tailor, j6 Pomarium street 
M'Nicoll, Daniel, shepherd, 2 Brown street 

M'Nicoll, James, boot and shoemaker, 8 and 10 St. John street ; h. 68 
M'Nicoll, James, cleaner, 15 Bridge lane 
M'Niven, Daniel, cabman, 68 South street 
M'Niven, Jessie, mangier, 238 High street 
M'Niven, Mrs Peter, 50 Leonard street 
M'Niven, Peter, dyer's labourer, 13 Barossa street 
M 'Ornish, Mrs Peter, 10 Canal street 

MaCOWail, Andrew, draper, 7 County place ; h. 45 King st. See Advt. 
M'Owan, Mrs Duncan, laundress, 129 High street 
M'Owan, Peter, upholsterer, 3 Cross street 

M'Phail, Alexander, guard, 12 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
M'Pheat, John, carter, 36 West Mill street 
M'Pherson, Alexander, plasterer, 132 High street 
M'Pherson, Alexander, cattle drover, 6 Thimblerow 
M'Pherson, Andrew, fireman, 20 Union lane 
M'Pherson, Ann, 14 South street 
M'Pherson, Catherine, 22 Whitefriars street 


M'Pherson, Charles, silk dyer, 36 West Mill street 

M'Pherson, Daniel, joiner, 3 Cutlog vennel 

M'Pherson, David M., Stormont Arms Hotel, 43 South street 

M'Pherson, David, carter, 4 Milne street 

M'Pherson, George, dyer's labourer, 80 Pomarium street 

M'Pherson, Helen, 163 South street 

M'Pherson, Helen, 11 Meal vennel 

M'Pherson, Hugh, dyer, 12 North Methven street 

M'Pherson, Isabella, 112 South street 

M'Pherson, James, pointsman, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 

M'Pherson, James, cleaner, 92 High street 

M'Pherson, John, labourer, 293 High street 

M'Pherson, John, blacksmith, 47 Kinnoull causeway 

M'Pherson, John, tailor, 89 South street 

M'Pherson, John, railway servant, 293 High street 

M'Pherson, John, engine-fitter, 9 Balhousie street 

M'Pherson, John, painter, 58 Castlegable 

M'Pherson, John, chief constable for Perthshire, Craigdhu, Pitcullen terrace 

M'Pherson, John, gardener, 11 Barossa street 

M'Pherson, Joseph, cellarman, 300 High street 

M'Pherson, Laurence, sawyer, 232 High street 

M'Pherson, Mrs Catherine, 146 High street 

M'Pherson, Mrs James, 8 Kinnoull street 

M'Pherson, Mrs John, 66 Longcauseway 

M'Pherson, Mrs John, refreshments, 289 Pligh street; h. 293 

M'Pherson, Robert, coach painter, 25 High street 

M'Pherson, Robert, coach painter, 270 High street 

M'Pherson, Thomas, solicitor, 5 Priory place 

M'Pherson, William, sawmiller, Main street, Cherrybank 

M'Pherson, William, boilermaker, 4 Cross street 

M'Pherson, William, labourer, 38 Pomarium street 

M'Quade, Hugh, broker, 28 Skinnergate ; h. 32 

M 'Queen, Alexander, porter, Perth Poorhouse 

M'Queen, James, job and postmaster and funeral undertaker, 30 and 37 

Princes street ; h. 21 York place. See Advt. 
M'Queen, Mrs David, 79 South street 
M'Queen, Peter, broker, 2 Mill street; h. Corsiehill 
M'Queen, Rosanna and Janet, 4 Queen street, Craigie 
M'Queen, Thomas, pointsman, 4 James street 
M'Quhae, James, 16 Main street, Bridgend 
M'Quhae, Margaret, dressmaker, 44 Main street, Bridgend 
M'Quhae, Mrs John, 3 South St. John's place 
M'Quhae, Mrs Thomas, 3 Bridge lane 
M'Qllibban, William, joiner and contractor, 67 Main street, Bridgend ; 

h. 65. See Advt. 
M'Rae, David, pointsman, 85 Glover street 
M'Rae, Donald, dyer, 219 High street 
M'Rae, John, dyer's finisher, 238 High street 
M'Rae, Kenneth, detective, 8 Caledonian road 
M'Rae, Mrs Duncan, 21 St. John's place 
M'Rae, Mrs J., 216 High street 


M'Ritchie, Mrs James, 80 Pomarium street 

M 'Ritchie, Thomas, salesman, 23 Kinnoull causeway 

M'Rorie, Alexander, plasterer, 4 Cow vennel 

M'Rorie, James, lamplighter, 85 Canal street 

M'Sherrey, Edward, salmon-fisher, 73 Pomarium street 

M'Vean, Helen, 23 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 

M'Vean, John, gamedealer, 72 South Methven street ; h. 232 South street 

M'Vean, Mrs James, mangier, 13 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

M'Vean, Robert, porter, 45 Newrow 

M 'Vicar, James, painter (of W. & J. M'Vicar), 53 Scott street 

M 'Vicar, Mrs Alexander, lodgings, 223 South street 

M'Vicar, Mrs William, Ellenslie, Muirhall terrace 

M'Vicar, William, & Son, painters and paperhangers, 177 High street 

M'Voy, Robert, 9 Commercial street, Bridgend 

M'Whannel, Mrs George, 306 High street 

M'Whannel, Peter, glazer, 61 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

M 'William, Isabella, 27 Thimblerow 

M 'William, Mrs A., 21 Queen street, Craigie 

Nairn, Alexander, joiner, 21 Market street 

Nairn, George, joiner, Alexandra street 

Nairn, James, house-painter, 1 1 High street ; h. Westview, Dunkeld road 

Nairn, John, warehouseman, 9 Market street 

Nairn, Mrs, Montague Villa, Rose crescent 

Nairn, Robert, brassfinisher, 69 Leonard street 

Nairn, Thomas, blacksmith, I Clayholes 

Nairn, William, fireman, 5 Scott street 

Nairne, Mrs Helen, Hawthorn bank, Dunkeld road 

Napier, Jane, 57 George street 

Nason, Mrs, Bella Vista, Bridgend 

National Bank of Scotland (Limited), 5 High street and 36 South 

Methven street ; Thomas & MacLeish, joint-agents. See Advt, 
National Security Savings Bank, Tay street ; W. A. Barclay, 

actuary and cashier 
National Telephone Co., 60 High street 
Neave, Mrs Thomas, Balhousie avenue 

Nef, Tacob, french cleaner, 19 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Neil, Frederick G., 3 Comely bank, Bridgend 
Neil, James Craig, commercial traveller, 68 St. John street 
Neil, Thomas, platelayer, George Inn lane 
Neilson, Alexander, coachsmith, 77 Pomarium street 
Neilson, James, horsebreaker, 29 Canal street 
Neilson, John, labourer, 16 Paul street 
Neilson, Joseph, labourer, 74 South street 
Neish, William, gardener, 28 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Nelson, David, dyer, 17 Kinnoull street 
Nelson, George, clerk, 10 James street 
Nelson, Mary, 25 High street 
Nelson, Peter, baker, 21 Main street, Bridgend 
Nelson, Robert, finisher, 4 Newrow 
Nelson, Thomas, dyer, 29 Mill street 


Ness, James, tailor and clothier, 9 South street 

Ness, Mrs David, 42 Longcauseway 

Ness, Richard, platelayer, 50 Longcauseway 

New Club House, 8 Tay street 

Newlands, George, fireman, 4 Cross street 

Newlands, Mrs John, Tayside Villa, Bridgend 

Newrie, George, blacksmith, Cherry bank 

Nicholls, R. , 5 Melville street 

Nicholson, George, Albert Villa, Dunkeld road 

Nicholson, James, fireman, High Craigie 

Nicholson, fames, engine-driver, 38 Queen street, Craigie 

Nicholson, Mrs Frederick, 224 High street 

Nicholson, R. G., cycle dealer and manufacturer, 7 South Methven street; 

h. 12 George street. See Advt. 
Nicol, Edward, organist and teacher of music, Bowerswell Cottage, Kinnoull 
Nicol, James, waggon-inspector, 26 Melville street 
Nicol, Mrs William, Barnhill 

Nicol, Thomas, labourer, 1 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 
Nicol, Thomas B. , teacher of music, Bowerswell Cottage, Bridgend 
Nicoli, Agnes, dyeworker, 28 West Mill street 
Nicoll, Ann, dressmaker, 78 Reform place 
Nicoli, David, cattledealer, 3 Brunswick terrace, Craigie 
Nicoll, David, bootmaker, 66 South street ; h. j8 
Nicoll, Helen, children's dressmaker, Granville place, Market street 
Nicoll, J. & J., booksellers and stationers, 41 South Methven street 
Nicoll, J. Y., bookseller and stationer, 12^ High street ; h. 15 Barossa place 
Nicoll, James, dyer, 15 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Nicoll, James, labourer, 8 Kirkgate 
Nicoll, James, railway servant, 32 Pomarium street 
Nicoll, James, bootmaker, I Athole street 
Nicoll, John, shoemaker, 35 Castlegable 
Nicoll, John C, spirit dealer, Shore 
Nicoll, Joseph, 15 Balhousie street 
Nicoll, Joseph S., bookseller (J. & J. Nicoll), Laburnum Villa, Glasgow 

Nicoll, Margaret, 135 Canal crescent 
Nicoll, Mary H., dressmaker, 9 St. John street 
Nicoll, Mrs Charles, 32 Pomarium street 
Nicoll, Mrs David, 38 Newrow 
Nicoll, Robert, labourer, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
Nicoll, Thomas, porter, 3 Back wynd 
Nicoll, William, dyer, 214 High street 
Nicoll, William, spirit merchant, City Hall Tavern, South St. John's place; 

h. 96 High street 
Nightingale, John, basketmaker, 61 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Nimmo, Robert, brewer (of John Wright & Co.), 31 Balhousie street 
Niven, James, tailor's cutter, 4 Stormont street 
Nixon, James, dyer, 20 County place 
Noble, James, baker, 55 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Nolan, Anthony, labourer, 69 South street 
Nolan, Joseph, labourer, 1 1 1 South street 


Normand, George, m.a. , teacher, 5 Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 

North British and Mercantile Insurance Company. See Adver- 
tisement for List of Agents. 

North British Railway Co.'s Goods, Mineral, and Live Stock 
Offices, Glasgow road 

North U.P. Church, 231 High street and Mill street 

Northern Assurance Company (Fire and Life). See Advertise- 
ment for List of Agents. 

Northern District School, Dunkeld road 

Norwell, David, shoemaker, 39 High street ; h. Sunnybower, Brompton 

Norwell, Helen, machinist, 254 High street 

Norwell, Henry, shoemaker, 4 Cow vennel 

Norwell, James, shoemaker, George Inn lane 

Norwell, John, dyer, 50 Main street, Bridgend 

Ockain, Peter, mechanic, Dyeworks Lodge, Dunkeld road 

O'Day, James, labourer, 55 High street 

O'Donnell, Martin, labourer, 154 South street 

Officer, Alexander, railway guard, Mitchell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

Ogg, George, gamekeeper, Quarrymill 

Ogilvie, Charles, sheetmaker, Friarton 

Ogilvie, Elizabeth, 154 South street 

Ogilvie, Francis James, commercial traveller, Star buildings, 24 Canal 

Ogilvie, John, draper, 9 High street 
Ogilvie, Mrs Agnes, 27 James street 
Ogilvie, Mrs Joseph, 21 Cross street 
Oliphant, David, cabman, 28 Horse cross 
Oliphant, David, 5 Milne street 
Oliphant, John, joiner, 239 High street 
Oliphant, Leonard, gardener, 4 Mill wynd 
Oliphant, Robert, engine-fitter, 70 Pomarium street 
Oliver, M rs W. G. , grocer and provision merchant, 1 5 Watergate 
Oliver, Robert, engine-driver, 12 County place 
Omond, Miss, 3 Rose terrace 
O'Neil, Mrs John, lodgings, 103 South street 
O'Neil, Mrs Peter, lodgings, 15 Guard vennel 
O'Neill, James, coach painter, Granville place, Market street 
Ormond, Alexander, dyer's finisher, 21 Market street 
Ormond, Robert, guard, 24 Market street 
O'Rourke, Mrs James, 75 Leonard street 
Oswald, John, carter, 135 Canal ciescent 
Oswald, Mrs Christina, 10 St. Ann's lane 
Ower, James, quarryman, 199 South street 
Ower, John, mechanic, Barnhill 
Ower, Mary, 13 Keir street, Bridgend 
Ower, Mrs Jessie, 44 Main street, Bridgend 
Ower, Mrs Robert, 151 High street 
Ower, Thomas L. , joiner, 1 Leonard street 
Owler, Peter, & Co., leather merchants, 176-178 High street 


Page, Thomas, dyer's labourer, 170 High street 

Pairman, Adam, dyer, 13 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 

Palmer, Charles, 6 Queen street, Craigie 

Palmer, Mary, 47 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Palmer, Mrs Gregory, 181 High street 

Palmer, Peter, merchant, 18 York place 

Panton, James, pointsman, Friarton 

Panton, John, maltster, Craigie Mill, Craigie 

Panton, Peter, carter, 15 Market street 

Parker, John, Viewfield, Cherrybank 

Parochial Board Office, 16 South street ; Robert Stewart, inspector 

Parry, William, slate mason, 43 Cross street 

Paterson, Agnes, 96 High street 

Paterson, Ann and Elizabeth, spirit dealers, 145 Canal crescent ; h. 49 

Balhousie street 
Paterson, David, tobacco spinner, 198 High street 
Paterson, David, gardener, 38 Barossa street 
Paterson, George, engine-driver, 2 Glover street 
Paterson, Helen, 25 South William street 
Paterson, James, watchmaker, 7 James street 
Paterson, James, agent, Bank of Scotland, 48 St. John street 
Paterson, James, clerk, Balhousie avenue 
Paterson, James, compositor, 21 Market street 
Paterson, Mrs Elizabeth, Croft House, Craigie 
Paterson, Mrs Peter, 19 Pomarium street 
Paterson, Mrs Thomas, Isla Bank Cottage, Needless road 
Paterson, Peter, labourer, Pitheavlis Cottage, Glasgow road 
Paterson, Peter, cabinetmaker, Cherrybank 
Paterson, Sons, & CO., music and pianoforte dealers, 8 to 14 Princes 

street. See Advt. 
Paterson, Thomas, watchmaker, 31 High street ; //. Perth road, New Scone 
Paterson, William, lathsplitter, 30 Barossa street 
Paterson, William A., C.E., Croft House, Craigie 
Patillo, Charles, labourer, 282 High street 
Patillo, Mrs James, 46 Leonard street 
Patillo, Peter, chief warder, General Prison 
Paton, Amelia, 22 Queen street, Craigie 

Paton, David, cabinetmaker, 33 Commercial street. Bridgend 
Paton, David, miller, 46 Castlegable 
Paton, Edward L., M.A., m.b., cm., 15 Athole street 
Paton, Isabella, 232 High street 

Paton, James, commercial traveller, 5 Evelyn terrace, Craigie 
Paton, John, grocer and wine merchant, 240 High street ; h. Millden, 

Paton, John, bricklayer, Main street, Cherrybank 
Paton, Mrs James, lodgings, 231 High street 
Paton, Mrs James, butcher, 43 Princes street ; h. 69 
Paton, Mrs James, 364 High street 
Paton, Mrs John, 30 Caledonian road 
Paton, Neil, watchmaker and jeweller, 7 St. John street ; k. 43 Glover 



Paton, Robert, working jeweller, Craigie place, Craigie 

Paton, Robert, tailor' i cutter, Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 

Paton, Thomas, slater. I Thimblerow 

Paton, William, restaurateur, I North Methven street ; h. 43 Glover street 

Paton, William, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 

Paton, William, weaver, 43 Glover street 

Paton, William, clerk, 8 Hospital street 

Patrick, Mrs James, 3 Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 

Patterson, Alexander, barman, Alexandra street 

Patterson, Allan D. , dyer, 6 County place 

Patterson, David, labourer, 48 Newrow 

Patterson, George, joiner, Breadalbane terrace, Edinburgh road 

Patterson, Helen, 12 County place 

Patterson, James, telegraph lineman, 2 Victoria court, Canal street 

Patterson, John, County place Hotel, 26 County place 

Patterson, Mary, 79 South street 

Patterson, William, tobacconist, 20 George street ; h. 18 

Patterson, William, bootmaker, 17 North Methven street 

Patullo, Mrs James, 46 Leonard street 

Paul, Catherine A. , 33 Scott street 

Paul, Hugh, painter, 20 Leonard street ; h. 19 Market street 

Paul, James, storekeeper, 35 Mill street 

Paul, William, night watchman, 6 Burnbank terrace, Bridgend 

Paxton, George, engine-driver, 14 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 

Paxton, Mrs John, mangier, 9 Leonard street 

Payne, Alfred, labourer, 22 Whitefriars street 

Payne, George, sergeant-major, artillery volunteer instructor, 19 Union 

Pearce, John, storekeeper, 5 East Bridge street 
Pearson, Alexander, weaver, 6 Thistle lane 
Pearson & Co., builders, Alexandra street 
Pearson, David, shoemaker, 33 Leonard street 
Pearson, David, dyer, 7 South William street 
Pearson, David, builder (of Pearson & Co. ), 20 County place 
Pearson, George, machine maker, 23 Carpenter street 
Pearson, James, compositor, 15 St. Ann's lane 
Pearson, James, dyer, 129 High street 
Pearson, John, weaver, Jeanfield 
Pearson, Mrs James, George Inn lane 
Pearson, Thomas, mason, 44 South street 
Pearson, William, dyer, 6 Carpenter street 
Peat, Andrew, labourer, 232 High street 
Peat, David, 19 Isla road 
Peat, Mrs Robert, Needless, Glasgow road 

Peattie, John, engineer, superintendent of Waterworks ; h. 57 King street 
Peck, James, railway porter, 14 Foundry lane 
Peddie, Alexander, shepherd, Mart, Glasgow road 
Peddie, Charles, clerk, 9 Market street 
Peddie, David, ironmonger (of W. & D. Peddie), Rose Cottage, Dunkeld 

Peddie, Elizabeth, 31 Queen street, Craigie 


Peddie, George, plumber, 15 Main street, Bridgend 

Peddie, Isabella, Stewart's place, Alexandra street 

Peddie, James, joiner, 20 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Peddie, James, m.r.c.v.s., 7 Barossa street ; h. 28 Athole street 

Peddie, Jane, millworker, 336 High street 

Peddie, John, mason, 309 High street 

Peddie, John, joiner, 45 Stormont street 

Peddie, Mary, 23 North Methven street 

Peddie, Mrs, 56 Pomarium street 

Peddie, Mrs Charles, 13 Union lane 

Peddie, Mrs David, Carrick House, Barnhill 

Peddie, Mrs David, 282 High street 

Peddie, Robert, retired teacher, 7 Comely bank 

Peddie, Thomas, tailor, 19 Union street 

Peddie, W. & D. , iron merchants, 27 South Methven street 

Peddie, William, baker, 132 High street 

Peddie, William, gas inspector, 16 Athole street 

Peddie, William, joiner, 5 Scott street 

Peebles,- Andrew, engine-driver, 17 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's rd. 

Peebles, Helen, 55 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Peebles, Helen, nurse, 122 Canal crescent 

Peebles, James A., draper (of Low & Peebles), 18 St. John street; 

h. Ardarroch, Kincarrathie crescent 
Peebles, Jane, 28 Skinnergate 
Peebles, John, plasterer, Kinnoull causeway ; h. 24 York place. 

See Advt. 
Peebles, John, engine-driver, 20 Glover street 
Peebles, Peter, coal merchant, Elibank street ; h. 81 High street 
Peggie, James, baker, 190 High street 
Peggie, John, woodturner, 9 Castlegable 
Penman, James, soldier, George Inn lane 

Penney, Andrew, commission agent, 1 1 Moredun terrace, Craigie 
Penney, Peter, dyer's cleaner, 3 Earl's dykes 
Pennycook, Alexander, gardener, Hatton Farm, Kinnoull 
Pennycook, William, labourer, 87 Main street, Bridgend 
Percy, William M. , & Co., boot and shoemaker, 179 High street 
Perkins, Mrs Annie, mangier, 23 South Methven street 
Perth Academy, Rose terrace 
Perth Amateur Rowing and Sailing Club, Boathouse, Shore; 

Secretary, John Jack, solicitor 
Perth Baking Co. (Ltd.), 44 North Methven street 
I Perth Barm Co., 15 Cutlog vennel 
Perth Coffee House, 19 South Methven street 
Perth Co-operative Coal Society (Limited), 283 High street 
Perth First Wheaen Bread Society, 49 North Methven street ; John 

Williamson, manager 
Perth Foundry, Paul street 

Perth Libraries, 78 George street and 3 South St. John's place 
Perth Loan Co. , 80 High street ; William Fyfe, manager 
Perth Poor-House, Glasgow road ; George B. Laird, governor 
Perth Public Swimming Baths, Dunkeld road 


Perth Sick Poor Nursing Society, 6 Stormont street 

Perth Working Boys' and Girls' Religious Society, 62 Tay street; 

Donald Chisholm, hallkeeper 
Perthshire Advertiser and Strathmore Journal, 38 Tay street 
Perthshire Boot Co., 46 South street 
Perthshire Courier, 155 South street ; office, 153 
Perthshire Journal and Constitutional, South St. John's place 
Perthshire Rubber Company, waterproof manufacturers, 65 South 

Methven st. ; D. Campbell, Balhousie terrace, Hay street. See Advt. 
Perthshire Society of Natural Science, Museum and Lecture 

Rooms, 66 Tay street ; John Young, janitor 
Peterkin, Grace, dressmaker, 80 High street 
Peters, Andrew, coachsmith, 63 Pomarium street 
Peters, Elizabeth, weaver, 49 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Petrie, David, mason, 40 Carr's Croft 

Petrie, E. M., dressmaker, Roslin House, 68 South Tay street; //. above 
Petrie, George, signalman, 32 Caledonian road 
Petrie, James, carter, 4 Whitefriars street 
Petrie, John, railway porter, 5 Market street 
Petrie, John, railway agent, Roslin House, 68 South Tay street 
Petrie, Mrs, 34 Newrow 

Petrie, Mrs Hector A. , Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 
Petrie, Mrs Samuel, 28 Caledonian road 
Petrie, Peter, dyer, 214 High street 
Petrie, Robert, parcel porter, Craigie Mill, Craigie 
Pettigrew, Mrs, Ashton, Kinnoull 
Phillips, Anne, Gowrie House, 52 Tay street 
Phillips, George, postboy, 80 High street 
Phillips, James, coachman, 25 High street 

Phillips, James, superintendent permanent way, 22 South William street 
Phillips, John, guard, 68 Glover street 

Phillips, Mrs William, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 
Phillips, Thomas, blacksmith, 116 South street 
Phillips, William, fireman, 62 Pomarium street 
Pickett, James, street porter, 62 Pomarium street 

Pinkerton, James C. , solicitor (of Pinkerton & Sneddon), St. Mirn's, Kinnoull 
Pinkerton, Robert, law clerk, 14 Queen street, Craigie 
Pinkerton & Sneddon, solicitors, 25 George street 
Pippett, Benjamin T., waiter, 70 South street 
Pirnie, Barbara, 22 Barrack street 
Pirnie, George, harness mounter, 18 Barrack street 
Pirnie, James, dresser, 7 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Pirnie, John, baker, 10 Market street 
Pirrie, David, coachmaker, 43 Pomarium street 

Pirrie, J. Edward, organist and teacher of music, 59 North Methven street 
Pirrie, James P., coachbuilder, 59 North Methven street 
Pirrie, James R. , coachbuilder, 39 Princes street 
Pitblado, John, fireman, Friarton Cottage, Friarton 
Pitcaithly, James, slater, 14 Bridge lane 
Pitcaithly, Matthew, mason, 19 Union street 
Pitcaithly, Mrs Andrew, 79 Pomarium street 


Pitendreich, William, market gardener, Greenknowe, Barnhill 

Pitkeathly, John, weaver, 23 St. Catherine's road 

Pitkeathly, John, clerk, 41 South street 

Pitkeathly, Mrs John, 67 Glover street 

Pitkeathly, Peter, joiner, 5 Scott street 

Pitkeathly, Robert, labourer, 12 Pomarium street 

Pitkeathly, William, dyer, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Plain, Andrew, boilermaker, Craigie place, Craigie 

Plain, Mrs John, Craigie place, Craigie 

Playfair, Mrs Charles G., 4 Kincarrathie crescent, Bridgend 

Pleignier, Lionel, secretary Conservative and Liberal Unionist Association, 
36 George street 

Police Assessment Office, i High street ; Robert Keay, City Chamber- 
lain, collector 

Police Office, 18 North Tay street ; James Garrow, superintendent 

Pont, James, soldier, 43 Stormont street 

Poor-Rates Office, 16 South street, John Clark, collector 

Porter, Andrew, dyer, 49 Stormont street 

Porter, Andrew, plasterer, 232 High street 

Porter, James Y. , painter, 4 Milne street 

Porter, John, labourer, 190 High street 

Porter, Mrs Charles, 68 High street 

Porter, Mrs Margaret, 61 George street 

Porter, William, shepherd, 190 High street 

Post Office, 2 High street ; branches, 41 South Methven street, 354 High 
street, St. Leonard's bridge, Craigie, Bridgend, and Barnhill 

Pottie, Annie, Inchbank, Main street, Bridgend 

Powrie, David, fishing tacksman, 3 Rose crescent, Glasgow road 

Powrie, James, mason, 8 Caledonian road 

Powrie, James, printer, 155 South street 

Powrie, John, organ builder, Alexandra street 

Powrie, Mrs Andrew, Princes street Cottage, 33 Princes street 

Powrie, William, night watchman, 6 Longcauseway 

Powrie, William, french polisher, 80 High street 

Pratt, David, vanman, 49 Leonard street 

Pratt, George A., joiner, 34 Queen street, Craigie 

Prentice, Duncan, baker, 65 li lover street 

Prentice, James, fireman, 50 Longcauseway 

Prentice, James, butcher, 36J Athole street ; h. 340 High street 

Prentice, John, saddler, 17 Horners' lane 

Prentice, William, coachsmith, 340 High street 

Prentice, William, butcher, 339 High street ; h. 356 

Preston, James, servants' register office, 59 High street 

Pringle, James, carter, 57 Kinnoull causeway 

Pringle, James, gardener, 11 Canal street 

Pringle, Mrs Robert, 5^ Princes street 

Prison Assessment Office, i High street ; Robert Keay, City Cham- 
berlain, collector 

Pritchard, David, fireman, Pitheavlis, Glasgow road 

Pritchard, John, teacher, 51 Glover street 

Pritchard, John, warehouseman, Cherrybank 


Pritchard, Mrs David, Cherrybank 

Procurator-Fiscal's Office, County buildings, foot of South street ; 

Melville Jameson, fiscal 
Prophet, Mrs George, Kilmartin place, Friar street, Craigie 
Proudfoot, Alexander, miller, 17 Kinnoull street 
Proudfoot, David, engine-driver, 26 Glover street 
Proudfoot, David, warper, Cherrybank 

Proudfoot, David Y., postal clerk, Allanton Villa, Friar street, Craigie 
Proudfoot, Dundee, gilder, Burton place, Nelson street 
Proudfoot, George, cooking depot, 51 ^outh street; h. 21 Fleshers' vennel 
Proudfoot, James, manufacturer (of Coates, Bros., & Co.), 24 Melville st. 
Proudfoot, James, shepherd, 85 Canal street 
Proudfoot, Lindsay, gardener, 42 Skinnergate 
Proudfoot, Mrs James, 24 Melville street 
Proudfoot, Robert, 39 Queen street, Craigie 
Proudfoot, William, artist, 6 Charlotte street 
Proven, Mrs James, straw-hat maker, 10 Foundry lane 
Pryde, William, ploughman, 14 South street 
Public Baths and Wash-House, Mill street 

Public Slaughter-House, Shore; Andrew M'Laren, superintendent 
Pullar, Albert E. (of J. Pullar & Sons), The Durn, Bridgend 
Pullar, Ann, factory worker, 22 Whitefriars street 
Pullar, Charles, Cloag Dairy, 13 Bridge lane and 19 Watergate 
Pullar & Falconer, joiners and contractors, 54 Victoria street 
Pullar, James, dyer, 22 Market street 
Pullar, James, 12 Melville street 

Pullar, James F. (of J. Pullar & Sons), Rosebank, Kinnoull 
Pullar, J., & Sons, dyers to the Queen, Kinnoull street 
Pullar, Mrs James, 6 Mill close 
Pullar, Mrs James, 24 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 
Pullar, Mrs Thomas, dressmaker, 60 Scott street 
Pullar, Mrs Thomas, The Orchard, Pitheavlis, Glasgow road 
Pullar, Robert (of J. Pullar & Sons), Tayside, Bridgend 
Pullar, Rufus D. (of J. Pullar & Sons), Ochil, Kinnoull 
Pullar, Thomas, weaver, 5 Kinnoull causeway 
Punier, Mrs John, 87 Pomarium street 

Purdie, Walter S., commission agent, Thistle Bank, Glasgow road 
Purvis, Andrew, brakesman, 32 South William street 
Purvis, David, janitor, 239 High street 
Pye, Henry, compositor, 146 High street 
Pye, Mrs Peter, seamstress, 70 South street 

Queen, Ann, outworker, 47 Meal vennel 

Queen, John, broker, 36 Meal vennel ; //. 34 

Queen, Maggie, 22 Meal vennel 

Queen, Mary, 199 South street 

Queen, Owen, labourer, 73 South street 

Queen's Barracks, Barrack street 

Quirk, George, drover, 159 South street 

Rae, Andrew, joiner, 2 Strathmore st. ; h. 17 Pitcullen crescent, Bridgend 


Rae, George, warder, General Prison 

Rae, James M., dyer, 25 Leonard street 

Rae, Janet, 308 High street 

Rae, John, clerk, 6 St. Catherine's road 

Rae, John, joiner, 8 North port 

Rae, John M., compositor, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Rae, Mrs Alexander, grocer, 43 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Rae, Mrs Janet, 39 Castlegable 

Rae, Mrs Thomas, 282 High street 

Rae, Thomas, carriage-maker, 5 Scott street 

Raffan, John, casemaker, Maggie's park, Mill street 

Rainnie, John (Rev.), Balhousie Cottage, Balhousie 

Rait, John, engine-driver, 33 Priory place, Craigie 

Ramsay, Alexander, china merchant, 132 and 134 South street ; h. 25 
Melville street 

Ramsay, Alexander, signalman, Steading, Barnhill 

Ramsay, Grace, laundress, 73 Main street ; h. 5 Keir street, Bridgend 

Ramsay, James, joiner, 24 Market street 

Ramsay, James, merchant, Balhousie Castle, Balhousie 

Ramsay, Jessie, 199 South street 

Ramsay, John, dyer, 13 Union street 

Ramsay, John, coachman, 18 Keir street, Bridgend 

Ramsay, John, engine-driver, 3 Clayholes 

Ramsay, Mrs Alexander, 21 Barossa place 

Ramsay, Mrs James, 29 Watergate 

Ramsay, Mrs Robert G., Rio, Kinnoull 

Ramsay, Mrs William, 96 High street 

Ramsay, Thomas, quarryman, 5 Keir street, Bridgend 

Ramsay, Thomas, fireman, 337 High street 

Ramsay, William, lineman, 5 Market street 

Ramsay, William G., slater, West Mill street ; h. Elderslie Villa, Dunkeld 

Rankin, Alexander, traveller, 4 Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 

Rankin, Joseph, painter, 17 Pomarium street 

Rannie, John, mechanic, 23 Watergate 

Rattray, David, agent, Mitchell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

Rattray, Edward, labourer, 232 High street 

Rattray, James P., clerk, 18 Whitefriars street 

Rattray, John, blacksmith, 6 Mill wynd 

Rattray, John, glove dyer, 4 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
1 Rattray, John W., dyer's finisher, 11 North port 

Rattray, Joseph, dyer's finisher, 36 George street 

Rattray, Mrs James, 9 Earl's dykes 

Rattray, Mrs Thomas, 19 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Rattray, William, pavior, 282 High street 

Readdie, Ebenezer, 3 St. Leonard's bank 

Readdie, Jane, 41 Castlegable 

Readdie, Mr, retired fanner, 7 Rosslyn place, Glasgow road 
! Readdie, Mrs Catherine, Joppa, Glasgow road 

Redpath, George, policeman, 63 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Reed, Helen, 20 Muirhall terrace, Bridgend 


Reekie, David, mason, 19 Speygate 

Reekie, James, gas worker, Craigie place, Craigie 

Reekie, John, labourer, Shore 

Reekie, foseph, dyer, 45 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Reekie, Mrs Alexander, 23 St. Catherine's road 

Reekie, Mrs David, 10 North Tay street 

Reeves, Thomas, shop porter, 282 High street 

Registrar's Office for Births, Deaths, and Marriages, i High 

street ; James Bridges, registrar 
Reid, Alexander, joiner, Commercial street, Bridgend 
Reid, Alexander, mason, 19 Mill street 
Reid, Alexander, french cleaner, 23 South Methven street 
Reid, Alexander, clerk, 11 North port 
Reid, Alexander, 77 Pomarium street 
Reid, Alfred, dyer's finisher, 5 Castlegable 
Reid, Andrew, porter, 14 Caledonian road 
Reid, Andrew, 28 Marshall place 
Reid, Ann, 240 South street 
Reid, Archibald, labourer, 199 South street 
Reid, Daniel, spirit dealer, 171 High street; h. 8 Rose crescent, Glasgow 

Reid, David, labourer, 238 High street 
Reid, David, mason, Cherrybank 
RGid & Donald, chemists and aerated water manufacturers, 29 George 

street ; h. 47. See Advt. 
Reid, George, dyer's finisher, 6 St. Catherine's road 
Reid, George, labourer, 39 Castlegable 
Reid, Grace, 13 Cutlog vennel 
Reid, Helen, 59 Leonard street 
Reid, Henry, hairdresser, 7 Bridge lane ; h. 15 
Reid, Isabella, stationer, 127 South street; h. 4 
Reid, James, spirit dealer, 1 1 Kirkgate 
Reid, James, dyer, 6 St. Catherine's road 
Reid, James, gardener, Summer bank, Bridgend 
Reid, James, railway guard, 20 Market street 
Reid, James, beamer, 2 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 
Reid, Jane, dyeworker, 83 Pomarium street 
Reid, John, postman, 2 Brown street 
Reid, John W. (of Robert Reid & Son), timber merchants, 2 Rosslyn place, 

Glasgow road J 

Reid, Joseph, dyer, 6 Abbot street, Craigie 
Reid, Mrs, 338^ High street 
Reid, Mrs Alexander, 80 Pomarium street 
Reid, Mrs Alexander, 35 Newrow 
Reid, Mrs Alexander, 19 Isla street, Bridgend 
Reid, Mrs George, 6 Pomarium street 
Reid, Mrs James, 7 Kirkgate 
Reid, Mrs James, 43 Kinnoull causeway 
Reid, Mrs Jane, 11 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 
Reid, Mrs John, 29 Pomarium street 
Reid, Mrs Neil, 15 Marshall place 


Reid, Mungo, railway servant, 2 Thistle lane 

Reid, Peter, carriage builder (The Perthshire Carriage Works), 40-50 

Princes street ; h. 48. See Advt. 
Reid, Peter, slater, slate and cement merchant, Milne street 
Reid, Peter, shoemaker, 13 Barossa street 
Reid, Robert, joiner, 19 Keir street. Bridgend 
Reid, Robert, mason, 6 Mill wynd 

Reid, Robert, & Sons, timber and coal merchants, Feus road 
Reid & Robertson, stationers and tobacconists, 127 South street 
Reid, Thomas, house-factor, 270 High street ; h. Burnside, Craigie 
Reid, William, letter-carrier, 21 Kinnoull street 
Reid, William, dyer's finisher, 31 Stormont street 
Reid, William, dyer, 58 Longcauseway 
Reid, W 7 illiam, baker, 37 Stormont street 
Reilly, Edward, labourer, 82 South street 
Reilly, John, labourer, 13 East Bridge street 
Reilly, John, labourer, 13 Fleshers' vennel 
Reilly, Michael, labourer, 5 Meal vennel 
Reilly, Michael, labourer, 41 Meal vennel 
Reilly, Mrs Jane, 9 Fleshers' vennel 
Reilly, Mrs John, lodgings, 129 South street 
Reilly, Philip, labourer, 156 South street 
Rennet, Charles, labourer, 129 South street 
Rennie, Alexander, steward of Liberal Club, 48 George street 
Rennie, George, dyer's finisher, 54 Watergate 
Renny, W. N. , photographer, 30 George street 
Reoch, Mrs John, washer, 8 Kirkgate 
Reoch, Robert, labourer, 73 Main street, Bridgend 
Reoch, William, labourer, 19 St. Catherine's road 
Restal A. E., book-keeper, 31 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 
Reynolds, William (Rev.), 2 Brunswick terrace, Craigie 
Riach, Helen, 3 Mansfield place, Bridgend 
Richardson, Alexander, seaman, 6 Canal street 
Richardson, James, quarryman, 199 South street 
Richardson, James, labourer, 31 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Richardson, James, vanman, 51 Newrow 
Richardson, Jane, 83 Pomarium street 

Richardson, Jeannie, 11 Pitcullen crescent, New Scone road 
Richardson, Magdalene, 5 Lickley place 
Richardson, Stephen, music teacher and organist, St. Ninian's Cathedral ; 

h. 17 Athole street 
Richardson, Thomas S., tobacconist, 23 South street; h. 12 
Richardson, William, joiner, 217 South street 
Richardson, William B. , 328 High street 
Richardson, William, engine-driver, 9 South William street 
Ricketts, Mrs Richard, 35 Leonard street 
Riddoch, Robert, painter, 219 High street 
Rider, William Henry, cloth finisher, Wellshill terrace 
Rintoul, Catherine, 42 Whitefriars street 
Rintoul, Jessie, dairykeeper, Bruce place, Castlegable 
Rintoul, Laurence, Bruce place, Castlegable 


Ritchie & Bowie, solicitors, 5 George street 

Ritchie, James, civil engineer and land surveyor, 18 Charlotte street ; k. 6 

Athole place 
Ritchie, James, labourer, 47 Meal vennel 
Ritchie, James, labourer, 239 High street 
Ritchie, John, dyer's labourer, 8 Paul's close 
Ritchie, John, commercial traveller, Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 
Ritchie, John, ll.b. (of Ritchie & Bowie), Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 
Ritchie, Mrs Thomas, 343 High street 
Ritchie, Robert, railway guard, 47 Kinnoull causeway 
Ritchie, William, joiner, 64 South street 
Ritchie, William, carpenter, 3 South William street 
River Police and Fishing Office, 18 North William street ; Alexander 

Harper Lumsden, superintendent 
Robb, James, tobacconist, y] High street ; //. 6 Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 
Robb, John, commercial traveller, Muirhall bank, Bridgend 
Robb, Mrs, 30 Caledonian road 
Robb, Mrs George, 57 South street 
Robb, Mrs James, 39 Cross street 
Robb, Mrs Peter, West End Register for Servants, 354 High street ; h. 1 

Spens crescent 
Robb, Peter, grocer (sub post office), 354 High street ; h. 1 Spens crescent 
Robbie, Alexander, glassblower, 142 South street 
Robbie, Charles, shoemaker, 149 High street 
Robbin, Mrs C, missionary, 20 Gowrie street, Bridgend 
Roberton, Mrs James B., Isla Cottage, Bridgend 
Roberts, Mrs James, 21 Pomarium street 

Robertson, Alexander, coachman, 71 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Robertson, Alexander, carpenter, 54 Pomarium street 
Robertson, Alexander, fireman, 25 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Robertson, Alexander, labourer, 18 Thimblerow 
Robertson, Alexander, painter, 312 High street 
Robertson, Alexander, platelayer, Shore 
Robertson, Alexander, engine-driver, Upper Craigie 
Robertson, Alexander, 61 Pomarium street 

Robertson, Alexander, accountant, Union Bank of Scotland, 22 George st. 
Robertson, Alexander, boilermaker, 50 Pomarium street 
Robertson, Alexander, foundry manager, 20 Newrow 
Robertson, Alexander, teacher, Central District School ; //. 25 Balhousie 

Robertson, Alexander, clerk, 38 James street 
Robertson, Alexander, tenter, 123 High street 
Robertson, Alexander G., tinsmith, 133 Canal crescent 
Robertson, Alexander K. , iron turner, 4 Newrow 
Robertson, Allan, coachman, 146 High street 
Robertson, Andrew, fireman, 113 High street 
Robertson, Andrew, mason, 6 St. Paul's square 
Robertson, Andrew, guard, 32 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Robertson, Andrew, compositor, 35 Watergate 
Robertson, Ann, dyeworker, 31 Stormont street 
Robertson, Ann, 212 South street 


Robertson, Annie, 31 Stormont street 

Robertson, Bella, ironer, 37 Leonard street 

Robertson, Catherine, dressmaker, 19 Mill street 

Robertson, Catherine, 48 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Robertson, Charles, commission merchant, St. Ann's lane 

Robertson, Charles, 5 Rose crescent 

Robertson, Charles, warehouseman, 246 High street 

Robertson, Charles, coachman, 46 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Robertson, Charles, porter, 15 Cowrie street, Bridgend 

Robertson, Charles S., architect, 68 St. John street ; h. 18 Balhousie street 

Robertson, Daniel, baker, 25 High street 

Robertson, Daniel, watchmaker, 6| Victoria street 

Robertson, David, labourer, 9 Bridge lane 

Robertson, David, bookseller and news-agent, 94 High street ; h. 2 Black- 
friars street 

Robertson, David, waggon inspector, 33 Kinnoull causeway 

Robertson, David, french cleaner, 89 South street 

Robertson, David, cabinetmaker, 82 South street 

Robertson, David, market gardener, Broompark, Muirhall road, Bridgend 

Robertson, David, carter, Braehead, Jeanfield 

Robertson & Dempster, R. & J. , solicitors, Town and County Bank build- 
ings, 29 South Methven street 

Robertson, Donald, cleaner, 3 Melville street 

Robertson, Duncan, labourer, 10 Carpenter street 

Robertson, Duncan, labourer, 61 Meal vennel 

Robertson, Edgar, mason, 1 1 Low street 

Robertson, Edward, slater, 31 George street 

Robertson, Elizabeth, nurse, 190 High street 

Robertson, Elizabeth, 6 Meal vennel 

Robertson, Francis, carpenter, 20 South street 

Robertson, George, cowfeeder, 1 Murray street 

Robertson, George, railway searcher, 24 Glover street 

Robertson, George, 8 Kinnoull street 

Robertson, George, engine-driver, 2 Brown street 

Robertson, George, mason, 3 St. Catherine's road 

Robertson, Gersham, waiter, 6 Cow vennel 

Robertson, Grace, 224 High street 

Robertson, Grace, 7 Kirkgate 

Robertson, Grace, 13 Cutlog vennel 

Robertson, Helen, 8 Thimblerow 

Robertson, Helen, 64 South street 

Robertson, Isabella, 56 Pomarium street 

Robertson, Isabella, 13 Cutlog vennel 

Robertson, James, umbrella maker, 13 Barossa street 

Robertson, James, coachbuilder, 17 Thimblerow 

Robertson, James, engineman, 8 Watergate 

Robertson, James, joiner, 10 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Robertson, James, soldier, 16 Union lane 
J Robertson, James, dyer's finisher, 56 Meal vennel 

Robertson, James, photographer, 8 South street 

Robertson, James, labourer, 47 Meal vennel 


Robertson, James, labourer, 55 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Robertson, James, engineer, 2 North William street 

Robertson, fames, lamplighter, 5 Speygate 

Robertson, James, railway servant, 1 1 Whitefriars street 

Robertson, James, dresser, 282 High street 

Robertson, James, carter, 10 Union street lane, Bridgend 

Robertson, James, joiner, 3 Cherry lane 

Robertson, James, dyer's finisher, 21 Guard vennel 

Robertson, James, plumber, 60 Scott street 

Robertson, James Alexander (of R. & J. Robertson & Dempster), 4 Mans- 
field place, Bridgend 

Robertson, James F., printer, 28 Melville street 

Robertson, Jane, 51 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Robertson, Janet, dyer's finisher, 155 South street 

Robertson, Janet, lodgings, 4 Scott street 

Robertson, Jessie, Struanbank, Kinnoull 

Robertson, John, furnishing ironmonger, &c, 53 North Methven street ; 
h. 46 Athole street 

Robertson, John, labourer, 28 Skinnergate 

Robertson, John, carter, 34 Leonard street 

Robertson, John, carter, 207 High street 

Robertson, John, porter, 106 Reform place, Canal street 

Robertson, John, pointsman, 30 Longcauseway 

Robertson, John, labourer, 10 Cross street 

Robertson, John, salesman, 83 Leonard street 

Robertson, John, carter, 79 Pomarium street 

Robertson, John, commercial traveller, 2 Spens crescent 

Robertson, John, assistant county assessor, 8 Hospital street 

Robertson, John, gardener, Shore 

Robertson, John, engine-driver, 19 Priory place, Craigie 

Robertson, John, blacksmith, 155 South street 

Robertson, John, tinsmith, 12 Union lane 

Robertson, John, gardener, 42 Longcauseway 

Robertson, John, teacher, Northern District School ; h. 25 Balhousie street 

Robertson, John, cabinetmaker, 44 South street 

Robertson, John, clerk, 7 Leonard street 

Robertson, John, gasfitter, 40 James street 

Robertson, John, parcel porter, 38 Newrow 

Robertson, John, coach trimmer, 13 Leonard street 

Robertson, John, gardener, Springland, Bridgend 

Robertson, John, carter, 34 Leonard street 

Robertson, John A., solicitor and police treasurer, 16 Tay street ; h. Bal- 
garvie, Scone 

Robertson, Magdalene, 86 Reform place 

Robertson, Malcolm, labourer, 3 Newrow 

Robertson, Margaret, washer, 15 Main street, Bridgend 

Robertson, Margaret, stationer and newsagent, 4 West Bridge street ; h. 

Broom park, Bridgend 
Robertson, Margaret, grocer, 250 High street ; h. 2 Kinnoull street 
Robertson, Margaret, fish and poultry dealer, 215 South street ; h. 14 
Leonard street 


Robertson, Mary, weaver, 15 Thimblerow 

Robertson, Mary, 61 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Robertson, Mary, 20 Longcauseway 

Robertson, Mary, 13 Barossa place 

Robertson, Mrs, 50 Leonard street 

Robertson, Mrs Adam, 19 Mill street 

Robertson, Mrs Alexander, 95 Pomarium. street 

Robertson, Mrs Alexander, ladies' nurse, 145 High street 

Robertson, Mrs Allan, 9 Market street 

Robertson, Mrs Catherine, 16 High street 

Robertson, Mrs Charles, 3 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Robertson, Mrs D. , cowfeeder, 12 St. Paul's square 

Robertson, Mrs Daniel, 29 Kirkgate 

Robertson, Mrs Dr., 15 Rose terrace 

Robertson, Mrs Edward, 28 West Mill street 

Robertson, Mrs Helen, Main street, Cherrybank 

Robertson, Mrs James, 48 Newrow 

Robertson, Mrs James, 212 South street 

Robertson, Mrs James, 6 Nelson street 

Robertson, Mrs James, 64 South street 

Robertson, Mrs James, Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 

Robertson, Mrs James, 13 Leonard street 

Robertson, Mrs James, 16 Priory place, Craigie 

Robertson, Mrs James, 177 South street 

Robertson, Mrs James, 25 Kinnoull causeway 

Robertson, Mrs James, lodgings, 19 North Methven street 

Robertson, Mrs John, 13 Thimblerow 

Robertson, Mrs John, 87 High street 

Robertson, Mrs John, 48 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Robertson, Mrs Lillias, Main street, Cherrybank 

Robertson, Mrs Margaret, 16 Union street lane 

Robertson, Mrs Robert, factory worker, 246 High street 

Robertson, Mrs Robert, 2 Evelyn terrace, Craigie 

Robertson, Mrs Robert, 40 Longcauseway 

Robertson, Mrs Robert, 34 Pomarium street 

Robertson, Mrs Robert, 22 Victoria street 

Robertson, Mrs Robert, laundress, 97 South street 

Robertson, Mrs Thomas, fish and game dealer, 21 South street : h. 45 

Robertson, Mrs Thomas, Barnhill 

Robertson, Mrs William, 21 Cow vennel 

Robertson, Mrs William, 10 Balhousie villas 

Robertson, Oliphant B., general merchant, 30 Skinnergate ; h. 81 High st. 

Robertson, Peter, vanman, 12 Pligh street 

Robertson, Peter, hostler, 137 High street 

Robertson, Peter, tailor, 207 High street 

Robertson, Peter, fireman, 9 Earl's dykes 

Robertson, Peter, wireworker, 104 South street 

Robertson, Peter, cab-driver, 22 Union lane 

Robertson, R. L., tobacconist and stationer, 3 West Bridge street, Bridgend ; 

//. Struanbank, Kinnoull 
Robertson, Richard, spirit dealer, 81 South street; h. 96 High street 


Robertson, Robert, seaman, 15 St. Ann's lane 

Robertson, Robert, & Co., grocers and wine merchants, 21 George street 

Robertson, Robert (of R. & J. Robertson & Dempster), solicitor, and agent 

for Town and County Bank, Limited ; h. 1 Mansfield place, Bridgend 
Robertson, Robert, weaver, 27 Thimblerow 
Robertson, Robert, railway surfaceman, 45 Scott street 
Robertson, Robert, labourer 22 Skinnergate 
Robertson, Robert, labourer, 146 High street 
Robertson, Robert, 20 Gowrie street, Bridgend 
Robertson, Robert, shepherd, 41 Main street, Bridgend 
Robertson, Robert, Inspector of Poor for Kinnoull, Struanbank, Kinnoull 
Robertson, Robert H., grocer and wine merchant, 22 High street and 21 

George street ; h. Viewbank, Kinnoull 
Robertson, Rose, factory worker, 15 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 
Robertson, Thomas, dyer, 47 High street 
Robertson, Thomas, 20 South street 
Robertson, Thomas, coal salesman, 9 Market street 
Robertson, Walter, slater, 12 South street 
Robertson, William, wholesale potato merchant, 12 St. Paul's square. 

See Advt. 
RobePtSQIl, William, dairyman, hay and straw merchant, 6 and 8 

Barrack street. See Advt. 
Robertson, William, engineer and millwright, 40 Canal street ; h. 24 
Robertson, William, ironturner, 9 Castlegable 
Robertson, William, dyer, 238 High street 
Robertson, William, tobacconist, 19 Meal vennel ; h. 17 
Robertson, William, cashier, 83 Glover street 
Robertson, William, tailor, 5 Lickley street 
Robertson, William, french cleaner, 17 Kinnoull street 
Robertson, William, railway servant, 82 South street 
Robertson, William, coachman, 74 Victoria street 
Robertson, William, engine-driver, 49 Scott street 
Robertson, William, railway servant, 12 Cross street 
Robertson, William, engineman, 96 High street 

Robertson, W r illiam, cab proprietor. 14 North William street ; h. 12 
Robertson, William, tobacco-spinner, 17 Homers' lane 
Robertson, William, dairy, 14 North Methven street 
Robertson, William ( Dr. ), 43 King street 
Robinson, J. A. Grant (Rev.), Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 
Robinson, Mrs John, 6 Cross street 
Robinson, William, natter, 3 Low street 
Robson, Mrs Thomas, ladies' nurse, 5 James street 
Rodger & Barclay, painters, 6 Scott street 

Rodger, David, warehouseman, 12 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road j 
Rodger, Helen, 300 High street 
Rodger, Jessie, 5 Castlegable 
Rodger, John, engine-driver, 20 Newrow 
Rodger, Matthew, porter, 43 Leonard street 
Rodger, Matthew, saddler, 39 Scott street 
Rodger, Mrs John, 205 South street 
Rodger, Mrs John, Burton place, Nelson street 


Rodgie, Alexander, labourer, 336 High street 

Rodgie, Ann, weaver, 17 Cutlog vennel 

Rodgie, Charles, hairdresser, 34 Caledonian road 

Rodgie, James, dyer, 9 South William street 

Rodgie, Mrs Alexander, 6 Canal street 

Roger, George, house painter, 266 High street 

Roger, James, dyer, 7 Scott street 

Roger, John, painter, 4 Scott street 

Rollo, Elizabeth, 32 Whitefriars street 

Rollo, James, blacksmith, 14 Glover street 

Rollo, John, gas manager, Inchview, Craigie 

Rollo, John, Rodney Lodge, Kinnoull 

Rollo. Peter, tenter, 139 South street 

Rollo, Stewart, coppersmith, Craigie place, Craigie 

Rollo, William, gas foreman, 29 Scott street 

Roman Catholic Chapel, 18 Melville street 

Roman Catholic School, 142 High street 

Rome, Joseph, blacksmith, Craigie place, Craigie 

Rorison, Dean (Very Rev.), St. Ninian's Cathedral; The Deanery, n 
Barossa place 

Ross, Adam, fitter, Ivybank, Craigie 

Ross, Alexander, hotelkeeper, North British Hotel, Leonard street 

Ross, Alexander, builder, Alexandra street ; h. Laing's buildings, Alex- 
andra street 

Ross, Alexander, joiner, Maggie's park, Mill street 

Ross, Alexander, timekeeper, 29 Pomarium street 

Ross, Alexander, labourer, 3 Cow vennel 

Ross, Andrew, lapper, 372 High street 

Ross, Andrew, policeman, 34 Scott street 

Ross, Ann, 7 Paul's close 

Ross, Anna, 71 Princes street 

Ross, Anthony, finisher, 19 Union street 

Ross, Charles, joiner, 69 South street 

ROSS, Daniel, coal merchant, 10 Cutlog vennel; h. 198 High street. 
See Advt. 

Ross, Eliza, lodgings, 59 North Methven street 

Ross, Flora & Mary, 6 Athole crescent 

Ross, Henry, surfaceman, 219 High street 

Ross, James, porter, 13 Cow vennel 

Ross, James, railway clerk, 43 Cross street 
I Ross, Jane, Oakbank, Cherry bank 

Ross, Janet, washer, 47 Watergate 

Ross, Jesse, guard, 25 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 

Ross, John, labourer, 28 High street 

Ross, John, watchman, 29 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Ross, John, tailor, 12 St. Catherine's road 

Ross, Mrs, Allanton Villa, Friar street, Craigie 

Ross, Mrs Andrew, washer, 304 High street 

Ross, Mrs David, 58 South Methven street 

Ross, Mrs David, 18 Watergate 

Ross, Mrs John, 14 Watergate 


Ross, Mrs John, I Priory place, Craigie 

Ross, Mrs John, Mount Craigie, Craigie 

Ross, Mrs Margaret, ladies' nurse, 161 High street 

Ross, Mrs Thomas, 44 Newrow 

Ross, Mrs Walter, dressmaker, 10 High street; h. 12 Charlotte street 

Ross, Robina, factory worker, 28 Skinnergate 

Ross, Thomas, jeweller, 48 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Ross, William, baker, 82 South street 

Ross, William, coachman, 15 Market street 

Ross, William, gardener, Bailbrook Lodge, Isla street 

Ross, William, clerk, 17 Market street 

Ross, William, hairdresser, 215 High street ; h. 11 Rose terrace 

Ross, William, railway porter, 17 Whitefriars street 

Ross, William, 2 Comely bank, Bridgend 

Rothnie, William, fireman, 24 Market street 

Rough, James, mason, 43 Newrow 

Rowley, Mrs Thomas, 34 Newrow 

Roy, George C, accountant, 19 Queen street, Craigie 

Roy, Isabella, 8 Murray street 

Roy, James, labourer, 57 Kinnoull causeway 

Roy, James, factory worker, 16 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Roy, John, dyer's labourer, 1 1 Barossa street 

Roy, John, sawyer, 9 Low street 

Roy, John, carter, 12 Back wynd, Bridgend 

Roy, John, cloth inspector, 35 Stormont street 

Roy, Miss, Bella Vista, New Scone road 

Roy, Mrs Betsy, 25 George street 

Roy, Mrs Helen, 13 Balhousie street 

Roy, Mrs James, 6 Meal vennel 

Roy, Mrs James, Spring bank, Bridgend 

Roy, Mrs John, pawnbroker, 137 South street; h. 139 

Roy, Mrs John, 175 High street 

Roy, Thomas, & CO., butchers, 47 South Methven street. See Advt. 

Roy, Thomas, butcher (of T. Roy & Co.), Craigclowan, Edinburgh road 

Roy, William, printer, 14 Watergate 

Roy, William, vanman, Pitheavlis cottages, Glasgow road 

Royal Arch Masonic Lodge, 71 High street 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 80 George street ; West End Branch, 19 

County place ; Melville Jameson and W. D. Forbes, joint-agents 
Royal Perth Golfing Society and County Club, i Athole crescent 
Rugg, George, pensioner, 80 Reform place, Canal crescent 
Rumgay, Andrew, draper, Kilmartin place, Friar street, Craigie 
Rumgay, William, shopman, 56 Glover street 
Runciman, Mrs, 71 Main street, Bridgend 
Runcy, Mrs Robina, 21 Kinnoull street 
Rupe, Alexander L. , market gardener, Sunnybank, Pitheavlis, Glasgow 

Rushforth, Mrs George, 36 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Russell, Andrew, mail driver, 29 Cross street 

Russell, C. & M., fruiterers, 184 High street ; h. Craigie place, Craigie 
Russell, George, road surfaceman, 151 High street 


Russell, Henry, telegraph workman, 8 Caledonian road 

Russell, James, engine-driver, 20 Abbot street, Craigie 

Russell, John, baker and confectioner, 1 Melville street 

Russell, Mrs Donald, 21 Cross street 

Russell, Mrs Helen, dressmaker, 41 St. John street 

Russell, Thomas, blacksmith, 1 Rose lane 

Russell, William, traffic inspector, Craigie place, Craigie 

Rutherford, A. B. , grocer, 1 Glover street ; h. I Abbot street, Craigie 

Rutherford, Ann, 56 Mill street 

Rutherford, Ann, lodgings, 4 Market street 

Rutherford, David, irondresser, 48 Newrow 

Rutherford, James, plumber, 86 High street 

Rutherford, James, commission agent, 18 James street 

Rutherford, John, labourer, 55 High street 

Rutherford, John, labourer, 98 Pomarium street 

Rutherford, Mary, cook, 47 Watergate 

Rutherford, William, greengrocer, 238 South street ; h. 240 

Rutherford, William, joiner, 8 Main street ; h. 28 Pitcullen terrace 

Rutherford, William, plumber, 18 George street 

Ruthven, David, butcher, 62 South street ; h. 64 

Rylance, David, fireman, 58 Pomarium street 

Rylance, John, dyer's finisher, 24 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 

Rylance, Mrs James, 62 Pomarium street 

Sage, David, packer, 163 High street 

Sage, Jessie, 56 Pomarium street 

Sage, Joseph, draper, 7 Cross street ; h. 9 

Sage, William, telegraph lineman, 11 Speygate 

St. Andrew's Established Church, 23 Athole street 

St. John's Episcopal Church, 32 Princes street 

St. John's Established Churches (East, West, and Middle), St. John's 

St. Joseph's Convent, 8 Stormont street 

St. Leonard's Parish Church, 8 King street 

St. Mary's Redemptory, Kinnoull 

St. Ninian's Cathedral, Athole street 

St. Ninian's School, 56 North Methven street ; R. Macdonald, head- 

St. Paul's Established Church, High street port 

St. Paul's Established Church Mission Hall, 32 Carpenter street 

Salmon, George P., major, Willanslee, Barnhill 

Salmond, James, blacksmith, 2 Commercial street, Bridgend ; h. 45 

Salvation Army Meeting- House, 192 South street 

Sampson, Mrs Simpson, 43 Glover street 

Sandeman, Charles Stewart, Springland, Isla road, Bridgend 

Sanderson, Thomas, clerk, 12 Orrock place, Jeanfield 

Sandilands, Catherine, Burton place, Nelson street 

Saunders, James, mason, 13 Skinnergate 

Saunders, James, mason, 190 High street 

Saunders, John, tinsmith, 144 South street and 60 High street ; h. 47 Ki ig 



Saunderson, James, railway servant, 218 South street 

Scarry, Mrs Ann, 27 Castlegable 

Schindler, Josef, watchmaker, 20 North port 

School of Cookery, 58 Princes street 

Scobie, Daniel, carter and contractor, 5 Lickley street 

Scobie, David, fisherman, 13 Barossa street 

Scobie. Mrs Alexander, 53 Kinnoull causeway 

Scobie, Mrs James, 137 High street 

Scobie, Thomas, inkmaker, 232 High street 

Scoon and Perth Masonic Lodge, 12 High street 

Scotland, Alexander, dyer, 32 Caledonian road 

Scotland, David, labourer, 80 Pomarium street 

Scotland, George, tenter, Cherrybank 

Scotland, Jane, 10 King's place 

Scotland, John, warper, 69 I'omarium street 

Scotland, Mrs George, grocer, Cherrybank 

Scotland, Newland, dyer, 10 Market street 

Scotland, Peter, cabinetmaker, 69 Pomarium street 

Scotland, Peter, labourer, 54 Longcauseway 

Scotland, Peter, mason, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 

Scotland, Mrs George, 54 Longcauseway 

Scotland, Mrs William, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 

Scotland, Thomas, labourer, 16 Newrow 

Scotland, Thomas, dyer's finisher, 325 High street 

Scott, Agnes and Margaret, 17 Cutlog vennel 

Scott, Alexander, labourer, 20 Longcauseway 

Scott, Alexander, wool merchant, St. Andrew street ; h. Moncreiffe terrace 

Scott, Alexander, retired joiner, 2 Victoria street 

Scott, Alexander, cooper, 34 Skinnergate 

Scott, Alexander, spirit merchant, 28-30 South Methven street ; h I Paul 

Scott, Alexander, baker, 324 High street 
Scott, Andrew, chemical worker, 27 Watergate 
Scott, Andrew, engine-driver, 8 St. Catherine's road 
Scott, Clementina and Eliza, 4 Albert place 

Scott, Daniel, solicitor, 19 St. John street ; h. 5 Keir street, Bridgend 
Scott, Daniel, calico-glazer, 6 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 
Scott, David, grocer's assistant, 46 Athole street 
Scott, David, reporter, 20 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Scott, David, grocer's assistant, 13 Union lane 
Scott, Donald, timekeeper, 3 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld 
Scott, Elizabeth, 25 South William street S 

Scott, Elizabeth, sick nurse, 58 South Methven street 

Scott, Helen, sick nurse, 35 Mill street j s 

Scott, Ellen, washer, 96 High street i Si 

Scott, J. Beattie, artist, 58 Tay street Si 

Scott, James, 17 Strathmore street, Bridgend \ St 

Scott, James, labourer, 15 Kirkgate I St 

Scott, James, guard, 42 Glover street ! Sc 

Scott, James, starcher, 332 High street • Sc 

Scott, Jane, milliner, 208 High street ; h. 5 Keir street, Bridgend Sc 


Scott, Janet, lodgings, Stewart's place, Caledonian road 

Scott, John, ropemaker, 18 Kirkgate 

Scott, John, sergeant of police, 12 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Scott, John, commission agent, 1 Hospital street 

Scott, John, weigher, 37 Canal street 

Scott, John, gas worker, Craigie place, Craigie 

Scott, M. & S., Moncreiffe bank, Craigie 

Scott, Margaret F., 60 Athole street 

Scott, Marjory, grocer, 58 Main street, Bridgend 

Scott, Mrs Charles, 5 Keir street, Bridgend 

Scott, Mrs David, 6 Charlotte street 

Scott, Mrs Edward, 129 South street 

Scott, Mrs George, 3 Marshall place 

Scott, Mrs James, 30 Newrow 

Scott, Mrs John, 27 Scott street 

Scott, Mrs Peter, 12 North Methven street 

Scott, Mrs Peter, 24 Carpenter street 

Scott, Mrs Robert, 126 High street 

Scott, Mrs Thomas, 23 Carpenter street 

Scott, Mrs Thomas, 9 St. John street 

Scott, Mrs W. D., 12 Charlotte street 

Scott, Peter, baker, 26 Newrow 

Scott, Robert, policeman, 1 Lickley street 

Scott, Robert, agent for Wordie & Co., 10 Mill street ; h. 2 Moncreiffe 

Scott, William, cattleman, 41 Cross street 
Scott, William, parcel clerk, 28 Glover street 

Scott, William, baker (of Wotherspoon & Scott), 16 Main street, Bridgend 
Scott, William, inspector of weights and measures, County Buildings, South 

street ; h. Canal street 
Scott, William, sailmaker, 331 High street 

Seottish Equitable Life Assurance Society. See Advt. far List of 

Scottish Girls' Friendly Society, 72 South Tay street 
Scottish PPOVident Institution. See Advt. for List of Agents. 

Seottish Union and National Insurance Company. See Advt. 

far List of Agents 
Scrimgeour, Ann, 22 Barrack street 
Scrimgeour, David, grocer, 162 High street ; h. 2 Rose crescent, Glasgow 

Scrimgeour, David, dyer, 21 Market street 
Scrimgeour, James, finisher, 122 Canal crescent 
Scrimgeour, John, clerk, I Orrock place, Jeanfield 
Scrimgeour, Margaret, 2 Meal vennel 
Scrimgeour, Mrs W., 1 Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 
Scrimger, Ann, 73 Fomarium street 
Scrimger, James, painter, 61 Pomarium street 

Scrimger, Robert, compositor, 8 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
Scrimger, Robert, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 
. Scrimger, William, weaver, 69 Pomarium street 
Scully, Michael, fireman, 41 Meal vennel 


Scully, Mrs Mary, 40 Meal vennel 

Seaton, Duncan, draper and clothier, 71 High street 

Seaton, John, labourer, 11 Meal vennel 

Seaton. Lillias, 5 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

Selbie, John, railway gatekeeper, 20 Victoria street 

Sellar, James T., w.s. (of R. H. Moncrieff & Co.), The Den, Kinnoull 

Semple, Andrew, river watcher, 33 Stormont street 

Session-Clerk's Office, i High street ; Robert Keay, clerk 

Seth, George, labourer, 4 St. Paul's square 

Shand, James, railway guard, 360 High street 

Shand, Mrs George, embroiderer, 55 High street 

Shand, Robert, teacher (Southern District School), I Charlotte place 

Shanklie, Mrs William, feather-dresser, 4 George street 

Shannon, Hugh, joiner, 30 Caledonian road 

Sharkie, John, labourer, 55 Meal vennel 

Sharp, Andrew, carter, 57 Mill street 

Sharp, David, gardener, 18 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Sharp, David, plumber. 21 Main street, Bridgend 

Sharp, David, gardener, 1 1 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

Sharp, Edward, brassfounder, 21 Cross street 

Sharp, George, labourer, 211 High street 

Sharp, James, gas stoker, 66 Pomarium street 

Sharp, James, clerk, Granville place, Market street 

Sharp, James, porter, 90 Pomarium street 

Sharp, James D., hotel boots, 35 Watergate 

Sharp, John, pointsman, M'Vean's buildings, Cherrybank 

Sharp, John, plasterer, 41 North Methven street 

Sharp, John, night watchman, 85 Canal street 

Sharp, John, gardener, 55 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Sharp, Mrs James, 31 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Sharp, Mrs John, fishmonger, 41 North Methven street 

Sharp, Mrs John, 63 Priory place, Craigie 

Sharp, Mrs Peter, 32 Horse Cross, Castlegable 

Sharp, Peter, railway checker, 15 Abbot street, Craigie 

Sharp, Peter, platelayer, 36 Longcauseway 

Sharp, Thomas, brass finisher, 63 Main street, Bridgend 

Sharp, William, grain merchant ; granary, Charles street ; h. 63 Balhousie 

Sharp, Williamina, 57 King street 
Sharp's Institution, 8 South Methven street 
Shaw, Alexander, 4 Newrow 
Shaw, Andrew, timber merchant (of Henderson & Shaw), Ivybank, 

Victoria street 
Shaw, Caroline, 87 Watergate 
Shaw, David N., architect, builder, and contractor, 9 Rosslyn place, 

Glasgow road 
Shaw, Elizabeth, M'Vean's buildings, Cherrybank 
Shaw, Finlay, labourer, 34 Newrow 
Shaw, George, carriage inspector, 5 Earl's dykes 
Shaw, James, baker, 116 High street 
Shaw, James, Guild ry officer, 4 George street 


Shaw, Malcolm, engineer, 8 Cutlog vennel 

Shaw, Miss, 29 Pomarium street 

Shaw, Mrs Andrew, greengrocer, 9 Market street ; h. Stewart's place, 
Caledonian road 

Shaw, Norman, fireman. 335 High street 

Shaw, Peter, ship carpenter, 37 Pomarium street 

Shaw, Robert, baker and confectioner, 26 St. John street ; h. 24 King 

Shaw, William, slater, 17 Pomarium street 

Shaw, William, vanman, 216 South street 

Shearer, Frank, shoemaker, 357 High street 

Shearer, John, railway inspector, 86 South street 

Shedden, David, coach-fitter, 11 Barossa place 

Shedden, James, confectioner, 65 ISiorth Methven street 

Shedden, Mrs Andrew, Shore 

Sheddon, Jemima, card cutter, 352 High street 

Shepherd, E. A., ladies' school, 24 Kinnoull street 

Shepherd, Edward, basketmaker, 8 North port 

Shepherd, Henry, tailor, 4 Market street 

Shepherd, James, labourer, 55 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Shepherd, John, vanman, 28 Scott street 

Shepherd, John, vanman, 15 Main street, Bridgend 

Shepherd, Joseph, photographer, 23 Guard vennel 

Shepherd, Mary, 43 Leonard street 

Shepherd, Mrs George, 175 High street 

Shepherd, Mrs William, 16 Queen street, Craigie 

Shepherd, Thomas, policeman, 8 St. Catherine's road 

Shepherd, William, tailor, 5 Clayholes 

Sheret, Robert, ironmoulder, 16 West Mill street 

Sheriff Clerk's Office, County buildings ; John Thomas, clerk 

Sherman, Mrs Edmund, 31 Leonard street 

Shields, Henry (of John Shields & Co.), Rose terrace 

Shields, John, & Co., manufacturers, Wallace Works, Balhousie 

Shields, Robert P. (of John Shields & Co.), Riversdale, Bridgend 

Shiels, James, joiner, 85 South street 

Shilland, David, chintz glazer, 20 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Sidey, Alexander, gardener, 3 Bridge lane 

Sidey, David, lathsplitter, 199 South street 

Sidey, Euphemia, 40 Longcauseway 

Sidey, Robert, 315 High street 

Sidey, William, sergeant river police, 8 St. Catherine's road 

Sievwright, David, Inland Revenue officer, 5 Burnbank terrace, Bridgend 

Sievwright, George, joiner, Rose crescent, Glasgow road 

Sievwright, William, late scripture-reader, Kinnaird bank, Craigie 

Silver, John, tailor's cutter, 25 Hospital street 

Sim, David, labourer, 14 Paul's close 

Sim, Georgina, dressmaker, 5 East Bridge street, Bridgend 

Sim, James, gravedigger, 30 Longcauseway 

Sim, John, labourer, 232 High street 
I Sim, Mary, finisher, 32 West Miil street 
I Sim, Mrs Alexander, staymaker, 6 Bridge lane ; h, 3 


Sim, Mrs John, spirit merchant, 33 Cross street ; h. 31 

Simcock, George, platelayer, 33 Glover street 

Sime, Alexander, 39 Priory place, Craigie 

Sime, Archibald, ropespinner, 337 High street 

Sime, Daniel, assurance agent, 46 Pomarium street 

Sime, George, yardsman, 31 Hospital street 

Sime, James, railway inspector, 56 Leonard street 

Sime, James, waiter, 25 High street 

Sime, James, draper, 225-7-9 High street ; h. Edendale, Old Scone road 

Sime. John, dyer, 23 South Methven street 

Sime, John, railway porter, 55 Kinnoull causeway 

Sime, John, cashier, 56 George street 

Sime, Laurence, framer, 308 High street 

Sime, Mrs David, 8 Castlegable 

Sime, Mrs William, 102 High street 

Sime, William N. H., yardsman, 61 Pomarium street 

Simmie, George, labourer, Shore 

Simmie, George, labourer, 13 Barossa street 

Simmie, Mrs David, 238 High street 

Simpson, Alexander, mechanic, 9 Pomarium street 

Simpson, Alexander, dyer, 28 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Simpson, Alexander, M.A., M.D., medical officer of health,^ King's place 

Simpson, Charles, lorryman, 3 South St. John's place 

Simpson, David, mason, 32 Leonard street 

Simpson, David, dyer, 1 Rose lane 

Simpson, Francis, tailor, 183 South street 

Simpson, George, inspector of permanent way, 7 Nelson street 

Simpson, James, White Horse Hotel, 5 North William street 

Simpson, James, machinist, 41 Scott street 

Simpson, James, porter, 8j Leonard street 

Simpson, James, fireman, 28 Longcauseway 

Simpson, James, labourer, 59 Leonard street 

Simpson, James, mill overseer, 13 Kinnoull causeway 

Simpson, James, manure manufacturer, Friarton ; h. Lower Friarton 

Simpson, James, surfaceman, 146 High street 

Simpson, John, waggon inspector, 60 Glover street 

Simpson, John, grain and manure merchant, 18 Victoria street and 9 

Simpson, John, vanman, 13 Barossa street 
Simpson, John, blacksmith, 19 Speygate 
Simpson, Mrs John, 7 Leonard street 
Simpson, Robert, golf club maker, 9 North poit 
Simpson, William, yarn dresser, 49 Stormont street 
Simpson, William, platelayer, Craigie place, Craigie 
Simpson, William, mechanic, Balhousie Lodge, Dunkeld road 
Simpson, William, fitter, 28 Scott street 

Sinclair, Alexander, surfaceman, 39 Newrow " 

Sinclair & Ash, coachbuilders, Victoria Carriage Works, Victoria street j! 

See Advt. 
Sinclair, Christie, 74 South street 
Sinclair & Co., wood merchants, St. Catherine's road 


Sinclair, Daniel, teacher, 5 Charlotte place 

Sinclair, David, coachman, 10 Cow vennel 

Sinclair, David, labourer, 39 Castlegable 

Sinclair, Duncan, wood merchant (of Sinclair & Co.), 2 Myrtle place 

Sinclair, George, cellarman, 1 1 Canal street 

Sinclair, James, police constable, 43 Stormont street 

Sinclair, James, dyer's finisher, 101 High street 

Sinclair, Jane, 206 South street 

Sinclair, John, labourer, 222 South street 

Sinclair, John, coach painter, 312 High street 

Sinclair, John, wood merchant (of Sinclair & Co.), 55 Priory place, Craigie 

Sinclair, Mrs John, 12 Mill street 

Sinclair, Robert, shoemaker, 47 Meal vennel 

Sinclair, Robert M., teacher of dancing, 20 James street. See Advt. 

Sinclair, Thomas, platelayer, Old Toll-House, Dundee road 

Sinclair, William, carriage builder (of Sinclair & Ash), George Inn lane 

Sinclair, William, painter, 222 South street 

Singer Manufacturing Co., 89 High st. ; G. Lamb, agent. See Advt. 

Sirket, Mrs William, washer, 137 High street 

Sissons, William, Salvation Army officer, 9 South William street 

Skeete, Chalmers, & King, solicitors, 42 Tay street 

Skeete, Horace (of Skeete, Chalmers, & King), Bailbrook Lodge, Old 

Scone road 
Skinner, James, ironmonger's assistant, 43 Leonard street 
Skinner, John, & Son, coal merchants, 9 South Methven street, and North 

British Mineral Depot ; h. Halbeath Cottage, New Scone 
Skinner, Mrs Mary, fruiterer, 67 North Methven street 
Skinner, William, labourer, 67 North Methven street 
Smail, David C, veterinary surgeon, 47 Victoria street 
Smail, J. & R., wholesale ironmongers, 34 South Methven street 
Smail, James, ironmonger (of J. & R. Smail), Tayview Bank, Craigie 
Smail, Joseph, watchmaker, 249 High street ; h. Tayview Bank, Craigie 
Smail, Mrs William, Tayview Bank, Craigie 
Small, Alexander, hardware merchant, 230 High street ; h. 254 
Small, Andrew, baker, 18 Paul street 
Small, Elizabeth, ironer, 25 Guard vennel 
Small, James, butcher, 19 Leonard street 
Small, James, city missionary, 1 Charteris street 
Small, James, dyer, 16 Strathmore street, Mridgend 
Small, John, telegraph linesman, Low road, Cherrybank 
Small, John, currier, 50 Athole street 
Small, John, mason, 5 Lickley street 
Small, John, blacksmith, 36 South William street 
Small, Robert, blacksmith, 18 Barrack street 
Small, Samuel, carter, 170 High street 
Small, Thomas, brassfmisher, 23 Kirkgate 

Small & Welsh, tailors and clothiers, 8 Gowrie street, Bridgend 
Small- Pox Hospital, Shore 

Smart, David, architect, 8 High street ; h. Rockbank, Kinnoull 
Smart, James, architect, 36 George street ; h. 28 St. John street 
Smart, James, clerk, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 


Smart, John, shoemaker, 81 High street 

Smart, .Mrs John, 8 Union street lane, Bridgend 

Smeaton, Alexander, boatman, 47 Meal vennel 

Smeaton, Catherine, 47 Meal vennel 

Smeaton, David, labourer, 18 Barrack street 

Smeaton, Helen, 59 Newrow 

Smeaton, John, fireman, 190 High street 

Smeaton, John, joiner, 44 South street 

Smeaton, John, labourer, 72 Watergate 

Smeaton, Mrs R. , 13 Cow vennel 

Smeaton, Peter, accountant, 26 Balhousie street 

Smeaton, Peter, Jeanfield 

Smeaton, William, baker, 63 South street 

Smellie, Mrs Adam, 31 Priory place, Craigie 

Smith, A. Wylie (Rev.), 86 Victoria street 

Smith, Alexander, joiner, 40 Athole street 

Smith, Alexander, grain merchant (of J. c\: J. Smith), 22 Balhousie street 

Smith, Alexander, bar-officer, 3 Watergate 

Smith, Alexander, labourer, ^^ Kinnoull causeway 

Smith, Andrew, gardener, 58 Longcauseway 

Smith, Andrew, teacher, 17 Hospital street 

Smith, Bernard, brushmaker, 73 South street 

Smith, Charles, foreman cleaner, 47 High street 

Smith, Charles, labourer, 14 West Mill street 

Smith, Charles M., wine merchant (of R. B. Smith & Son), 2 Kincarrathie 

Smith, Charles, railway carriage inspector, 8 Nelson street 
Smith, Charles L. , railway guard, Craigie Park Lodge, Craigie 
Smith, D. Crawford, emigration agent, 19 Queen street, Craigie 
Smith, David, clerk, Laing's buildings, Alexandra street 
Smith, David, painter, 55 Pomarium street 
Smith, David, clerk, 17 Earl's dykes 
Smith, David, carter, 17 Pomarium street 
Smith, David, grocer and wine merchant, 23 Hospital street 
Smith, David, tailor, 39 Castlegable 

Smith, David, draper (of J. & D. Smith), 3 Charlotte place 
Smith, Donald, shepherd, 129 High street 
Smith, Georgina, 13 Paul street 
Smith, Gordon, tenter, 1 1 Barossa street 
Smith, Helen, washer, Cherrybank 
Smith, Isabella, factory worker, 20 Thimblerow 
Smith, Isabella C. , dressmaker, Granville place, Market street 
Smith, J. B. , 5 Kinnaird bank, Craigie 

Smith, J. & D., linen drapers, 4, 13, and 24 Charlotte street ; h. Corsiehill 
Smith, J. & J., grain merchants, 36 Caledonian road 
Smith, James, asylum attendant, ^7 George street 
Smith, James, gardener, 21 Main street, Bridgend 
Smith, James, foreman platelayer, 46 Athole street 
Smith, James, shoemaker, 319 High street 
Smith, James, tailor, 65 Leonard street 
Smith, James, baker, 312 High street 




Smith, James, keeper Perth Female Refuge, 13 Watergate 
Smith, James M., railway servant, 49 Leonard street 
Smith, James, clerk, Clunie Villa, Isla street 

James, baker, 6 Union street 

James, evangelist, 351 High street 

James (Rev.), D.D., 16 Melville street 

John, tailor, 57 Kinnoull causeway 

John, night watchman, 9 Main street 

John, clerk, Wellshill terrace 
Smith, John, tailor, 102 Reform place, Canal street 
Smith, John, railway inspector, 64 Glover street 
Smith, John, railway porter, 62 Pomarium street 
Smith, John, dyer's labourer, 297 High street 
Smith, John, skinner, 17 Market street 
Smith, John, 18 Scott street 
Smith, John, lodgings, 108 High street 
Smith, John, lodgings, 6 Oliphant's vennel 
Smith, John, joiner, 5 Paul street 

Smith, John, church-officer, 3 Gowrie street, Bridgend 
Smith, Joseph, grain merchant (of J. & J. Smith), 24 Balhousie street 
Smith, Margaret, weaver, 9 Barossa street 
Smith, Mary, seamstress, 17 Meal vennel 
Smith, Mary, 5 Nelson street 
Smith, Mary Ann, 50 Main street, Bridgend 
Smith, Mrs Alexander, 343 High street 
Smith, Mrs David, 7 Thimblerow 
Smith, Mrs David, 4 Gowrie street, Bridgend 
Smith, Mrs Frederick, 56 Mill street 
Smith, ?vlrs James, 8 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Smith, Mrs James, confectioner, 319 High street 
Smith, Mrs James, Moncreiffe Arms Hotel, 61 Princes street 
Smith, Mrs James, 50 Glover street 
Smith, Mrs Joseph, 4 Rose terrace 

Mrs Peter, 16 Carpenter street 

Mrs Thomas, 23 Castlegable 

Mrs Thomas, 10 Paul street 
Mrs William, grocer, 60 Pomarium street 
Peter, grocer, 203 South street ; h. 46 James street 
Smith, Peter B. , dyer, 3 Newrow 
Smith, Robert, pig dealer, 34 Newrow 
Smith, Robert, tailor, 15 Earl's dykes 
Smith, Robert, reliefman, 17 Market street 

Smith, Robert, fancy goods, 242 High street ; h. 65 Kinnoull causeway 
Smith, Robert, retired farmer, 57 Balhousie street 
Smith, Robert, fruiterer, cycle agent, tobacconist, and stationer, 9 and 23 

Princes street ; h. 3 
Smith, Robert B., & Son, wine merchants, 70 St. John street. See 

Smith, Robert B., wine merchant (of R. B. Smith & Son), The Grove, 

Smith, Thomas, spirit dealer, 257 High street ; h. 12 County place 



Smith, Thomas, engine-driver, Wolseley place, Craigie 

Smith, Thomas, brassfinisher, 312 High street 

Smith, Thomas, hamcurer, 34 South William street 

Smith, Thomas, wood turner, 3 Cherry lane 

Smith, William, coachman, 53 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Smith, William, painter, 63 Kinnoull causeway 

Smith, William R., painter, 22 Cowrie street, Bridgend; h. 20 

Sneddon, Andrew, solicitor (of Pinkerton & Sneddon), 6 Pitcullen crescent 

Solicitors' Library, County buildings, Tay street 

Somers, M. (Rev.), St. Mary's, Kinnoull 

Somerville, David, brassfounder, 87 High street. See Advt. 

Somerville, James, medical missionary, 12 Rose terrace 

Somerville, Mrs James, 55 High street 

Somerville, Thomas, shoemaker, 142 South street 

Sorley, Eliza A. , 2 Blackfriars street 

Sorley, Mrs James, 35 Mill street 

Sorlie, Daniel, labourer, 89 Main street, Bridgend 

Sorlie, David, hide and skin merchant, 5 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Soutar, Alexander, labourer, 148 South street 

Soutar, David, commercial traveller, Viewbank House, Craigie 

Soutar, George, dyer's finisher, 8 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 

Soutar, George, coal and potato merchant, 220 South street; h. 12 West 

Mill street 
Soutar, James, 41 Main street, Bridgend 
Soutar, James, baker, 73 South Methven street ; h. 71 
Soutar, Jane, 32 Pitcullen terrace 
Soutar, John, engine-driver, 61 Glover street 
Soutar, John, 9 South William street 
Soutar, Mrs Andrew, tailoress, 14 Whitefriars street 
Soutar, Mrs George, 40 Longcauseway 
Soutar, Mrs John, 19 Keir street, Bridgend 
Soutar, Peter, dyer, 10 Paul street 

Soutar, Thomas, agent, Commercial Bank, 4 Princes street 
Soutar, William, labourer, 43 Newrow 

Soutar, William, Inland Revenue clerk, Comely Bank House, Bridgend 
Southern District School, 21 South William street 
Spalding. Mrs Robert, Barnhill Cottage, Barnhill 
Spalding, R., & Son, skinners and wool merchants, 2 Murray street 
Sparks, John, railway servant, 32 Queen street, Craigie 
Speedie, Agnes, 13 Paul street 
Speedie, Alexander, fish merchant, 17 St. John street; h. Gowrie House, 

Tay street 

Speedie, Andrew, mason, Low road, Cherrybank 
Speedie, Catherine, lodgings, 43 Stormont street 
Speedie, Charles, ropespinner, 27 Kinnoull causeway 
Speedie, Mrs John, tailoress, 89 South street 
Speirs, James, boiler maker, 4 St. Catherine's road 
SpeiPS, James, chimney-sweeper, 201 South street. See Advt. 
Speirs, John, plasterer, 31 Stormont street 
Speirs, William, chimney-sweeper, 7 St. Paul's square 
Spelman, Philip, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 


Spence, John, insurance agent, 35 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Spence, Mrs Hay, 49 Pomarium street 

Spence, Mrs Peter, dressmaker, 13 North Methven street 

Spence, Mrs Peter, 28 Skinnergate 

Spence, Peter, insurance agent, 13 North Methven street 

Spence, Thomas, tailor's cutter, Braehead Cottage, Jeanfield 

Spence, William, 9 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Spence, William, shoemaker, 16 Watergate 

Spittal, John Brodie, engineer, 8 Bridge lane 

Spittal, William, labourer, Cherrybank 

Spottiswoode, Barbary & Mary, 1 Charlotte street 

Sprunt, John, sawmiller, Wellwood Cottage, Barnhill 

Sprunt, Margaret, dyer's finisher, 9 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Sprunt, Robert, fireman, 142 South street 

Sprunt, Thomas, stationer and tobacconist, 59 Princes street 

Sprunt, Thomas, clerk, 20 North port 

Staig, Andrew, mason, Viewfield Cottage, Oakbank, Glasgow road 

Staig, Mrs John, 238 High street 

Stalker & Boyd, painters and decorators, 27 and 29 South street 

Stalker, Charles, miller, 51 Newrow 

Stalker, D. M'Gregor, painter and decorator, 7 Princes street; h. 13 

Stalker, John, gardener, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Stalker, John, gardener, 15 St. Catherine's road 

Stalker, John, builder, St. Andrew street ; h. 21 Glover street 

Stalker, Mrs John, 55 High street 

Stalker, William, cigar merchant, 11 Princes street ; h. 13 

Stalker, William, labourer, 34 Newrow 

Standard Life Assurance Company. See Advt. for List of Agents 

Starforth, William, coal traveller, 60 Scott street 

Stark, George, labourer, 82 South street 

Stark, William, blacksmith, 5 Earl's dykes 

Station Hotel, Leonard street ; Alfred Tuke, manager 

Steedman, Robert, engineman, 4 St. Catherine's road 

Steel, John, Fairmount, Barnhill 

Steele, Annie D., teacher of music, 1 Rose terrace 

Steele, David, joiner, 47 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Steele, George, groom, 5 Milne street 

Steele, John, labourer, 42 Barossa street 

Steele, iVlisses, ladies' school, 2 Rose terrace; h. 1 

Steele, Peter, dyer, 349 High street 

Stein, Thomas, 4 Melville street 

Stenhouse, Alexander, foreman, 4 Victoria road, Bridgend 

Stenhouse, James, steel plainer, 15 Charteris street 

Stenning, Edward A., gardener, 10 East Bridge street 

Stenton, Mrs Peter, 40 Meal vennel 

Stephen, John, silk finisher, 167 South street 

Stephen, Mrs Alexander, 6 Gladstone terrace, Bridgend 

Stevens, James, engine-driver, 3 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 

Stevens, Mrs Janet, 44 Castlegable 

Stevens, Mrs Rose, 71 High street 

Stevens, Solomon, 48 Glover street 


Stevens, William, grocer's assistant, 62 Athole street 

Stephenson, Andrew }., agent, East Coast railway, 3 Evelyn terrace, 

Stevenson, Edward, book-agent, 33 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Stevenson, John M. , bookseller, 196 South street 
Stevenson, Joseph, accountant, 6 Rosslyn place, Glasgow road 
Stevenson, Mrs William, tailoress, 13 Princes street 
Stevenson, William, brassfounder, 137 High street 

Stevenson, William, assurance agent superintendent, 23 Balhousie street 
Stewart, A. C. (of A. M'Farlane & Co.), 31 James street 
Stewart, Agnes, fish dealer, 57 Princes street 
Stewart, Alexander, labourer, 5 Cow vennel 
Stewart, Alexander, solicitor, 31 George street; h. Lyndoch road, New 

Stewart, Alexander, hairdresser, 2 County place ; h. Lyndoch road, New 

Stewart, Alexander, carter, 1 1 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Stewart, Alexander, glassblower, 6 Orrock place, Jeanfield 
Stewart, Alexander, joiner, Alexandra street ; h. Rose crescent, Glasgow 

Stewart, Alexander, tailor, 4 George street 
Stewart, Alexander, coal salesman, 358 High street 
Stewart, Alexander, fish dealer, 23 Guard vennel 
Stewart, Allan, carter, 4 Rose lane 
Stewart, Andrew, mason, 224 High street 
Stewart, Ann, confectioner, 141 South street 
Stewart, Ann, 85 Canal street 
Stewart, Barbara, 253 High street 
Stewart, Bella, dressmaker, 15 James street 
Stewart, C, 25 Stormont street 
Stewart, Carl, fish dealer, 23 Guard vennel 
Stewart, Catherine, 149 High street 
Stewart, Catherine, 5 Priory place, Craigie 
Stewart, Catherine, 71 Scott street 
Stewart, Charles, auctioneer and valuator (of Stewart & Gow), 45 South 

Methven street 
Stewart, Charles, lathsplitter, West Mill street ; h. 273 High street 
Stewart, Charles H., telegraph clerk, 246 High street 
Stewart, Charlotte, milliner, 148 High street ; h. 57 Princes street 
Stewart, Colin, dyer's labourer, 89 South street 
Stewart, Daniel, dyer's finisher, 83 Pomarium street 
Stewart, Daniel, railway guard, 5 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
Stewart, Daniel, railway clerk, 6 Abbot street, Craigie 
Stewart, Daniel, smith and cartwright, 4 North William street ; h. 34 

James street 
Stewart, David, dyer, 25 High street 
Stewart, David, labourer, 116 High street 
Stewart, David, cellarman, 7 Glover street 
Stewart, David, railway porter, 62 Longcauseway 

Stewart, David, storekeeper, Cherrybank store ; h. Old Toll House, Craigie 
Stewart, David, water inspector, 6 Glover street 


Stewart, David, labourer, 97 South street 

Stewart, Duncan, tailor, 6 County place 

Stewart, Duncan, factory worker, 5 Milne street 

Stewart, Duncan, signalman, 19 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Stewart, Duncan, merchant (of Campbells, M'Lagan, & Co.), Kincarrathie 

crescent, Bridgend 
Stewart, Duncan, labourer, 8 Foundry lane 
Stewart, Elizabeth, 22 Skinnergate 
Stewart, Elizabeth, 17 Priory place 
Stewart, Ellen, 31 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Stewart, Ferguson, gas inspector, 232 High street 

Stewart, Francis, carpet weaver, 2 Mitchell's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
Stewart, George, railway servant, 11 Whitefriars street 
Stewart, George, dyer, 73 Pomarium street 
Stewart & Gow, auctioneers, 49 South Methven street 
Stewart, Helen, 49 Stormont street 
Stewart, Henry, dyer, 44 Glover street 
Stewart, Henry, dyer's labourer, 10 Longcauseway 
Stewart, Hope, slater, 25 George street 
Stewart, J. & J., surgeon dentists, 19 Princes street 
Stewart, James, coachbuilder, 60 High street 
Stewart, James, plasterer, 48 George street 
Stewart, James, plumber, 18 Thimblerow 
Stewart, James, carter, 246 High street 
Stewart, James, tailor, 7 North William street 
Stewart, James, fish-dealer, 12 Mill street 
Stewart, James, engineer, 51 King street 
Stewart, James, joiner, 18 Barrack street 
Stewart, James, slater, 74 South street 
Stewart, James, labourer, 9 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Stewart, James, plasterer, 6 Carpenter street 
Stewart, James, engine-fitter, 18 James street 
Stewart, James, clerk, 14 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Stewart, James, miller, 9 Stormont street 
Stewart, James, butcher, 199 South street 
Stewart, James, gardener, 55 Glover street 
Stewart, James, grocer and wine merchant, 196 High street ; h. Marlee 

Cottage, Scone 
Stewart, James, joiner (of Stewart & M'Farlane), 199 High street 
Stewart, James, letter stamper, 3 Water vennel 
Stewart, James, cabman, 16 North port 
Stewart, James, hammerman, 1 1 Speygate 

Stewart, James, surgeon dentist (of J. & J. Stewart), 19 Princes street 
Stewart, James, waggon inspector, 2 Glover street 
Stewart, Jane, stationer, 349 High street 
Stewart, Jane, 199 South street 
Stewart, Jane, 58 Castlegable 

Stewart, Jessie, restaurant, I Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Stewart, John A., solicitor, 42 Tay street 
Stewart, John, carver and gilder, 37 Stormont street 
Stewart, John, surgeon dentist (of J. & J. Stewart), 19 Princes street 


Stewart, John, carpenter, 2 Paul's close 

Stewart, John, dyer's finisher, 29 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Stewart, John, carter, 347 High street 

Stewart, John, tailor, 216 South street 

Stewart, John, merchant, 31 James street 

Stewart, John, baker, 23 Kirkgate 

Stewart, John, solicitor, 68 St. John street ; h. 13 Marshall place 

Stewart, John, horse-dealer, 30 Canal street ; h. 57 Princes street 

Stewart, John, labourer, 6 Longcauseway 

Stewart, John, mason, 224 High street 

Stewart, John, engine-driver, 36 Glover street 

Stewart, John, shoemaker, 8 Eoundry lane 

Stewart, John, engineer, 13 King street ; h. 51 

Stewart, John, surfaceman, 4 Cross street 

Stewart, John, mason, 6 Union lane 

Stewart, John, fish-dealer, 12 Mill street 

Stewart, fohn, dyer's finisher, 23 Pomarium street 

Stewart, John, tailor, 24 Market street 

Stewart, John, carpenter, 2 Paul's close 

Stewart, John, M.D., R.N., Craigard, Kinnoull 

Stewart, Maggie, 206 South street 

Stewart, Margaret, 5 Priory place, Craigie 

Stewart, Marjory, shopkeeper, 37 Pomarium street 

Stewart, Mary, ironer, 48 South Methven street 

Stewart, Mary, 29 Kirkgate 

Stewart, Mary, housekeeper, 37 Pomarium street 

Stewart & M'Farlane, joiners, 23 Mill street and 145 High street 

Stewart, Miss, 2 Orrock place, Jeanfield 

Stewart, Misses, 16 Rose terrace 

Stewart, Mrs, 34 Newrow 

Stewart, Mrs, Lome Villa, Dunkeld road 

Stewart, Mrs, 3 Edin terrace, Edinburgh road 

Stewart, Mrs Aitken, confectioner, 45 Leonard street 

Stewart, Mrs Alexander, 69 Kinnoull causeway 

Stewart, Mrs Alexander, 33 Castlegable 

Stewart, Mrs Alexander, grocer, 12 Athole street 

Stewart, Mrs Catherine, 18 Carpenter street 

Stewart, Mrs David, 16 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Stewart, Mrs David, 48 Barossa street 

Stewart, Mrs Donald, 14 Watergate 

Stewart, Mrs Farquhar, 69 George street 

Stewart, Mrs Frank, 84 Watergate 

Stewart, Mrs Henry, Stewart's place, Alexandra street 

Stewart, Mrs James, ladies' nurse, 34 Scott street \ 

Stewart, Mrs James, 31 George street 

Stewart, Mrs James, 6 Mill close 

Stewart, Mrs John, 15 Melville street 

Stewart, Mrs John, 37 Leonard street ,. j !( 

Stewart, Mrs John, 42 Pomarium street $t< 

Stewart, Mrs John, 97 South street 

Stewart, Mrs John, 11 Barossa street 


Stewart, Mrs John, 6 Longcauseway 

Stewart, Mrs John, 1 Leonard place 

Stewart, Mrs Malcolm, Athole bank, Glasgow road 

Stewart, Mrs Peter, dressmaker, 102 High street 

Stewart, Mrs Thomas, 64 Longcauseway 

Stewart, Mrs William, 258 High street 

Stewart, Mrs William, milliner, 56 George street 

Stewart, Mrs William, 258 High street 

Stewart, Mrs William, 19 Speygate 

Stewart, Mrs William, millworker, 116 High street 

Stewart, Peter, policeman, 8 Market street 

Stewart, Peter, cattledealer, 15 South Methven street 

Stewart, Peter, surfaceman, 331 High street 

Stewart, Peter, dyer, 80 High street 

Stewart, Peter, hawker, 116 High street 

Stewart, Peter, spirit dealer, Kinnoull Arms Inn, 33 South Methven street 

Stewart, Peter, dairykeeper, 43 Castlegable 

Stewart, Peter P., bootmaker, 37 Skinnergate ; h. 27 Canal street 

Stewart, Robert, labourer, 132 High street 

Stewart, Robert, labourer, 12 Longcauseway 

Stewart, Robert, clerk, 4 George street 

Stewart, Robert, inspector of poor, 16 South street; h. Wellshill 

Stewart, Robert, Elgin and Wellwood Colliery Co., N.B. Mineral Depot, 
Glasgow road ; //. 77 Glover street 

Stewart, Robert, timekeeper, Urlar, 19 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 

Stewart, Robert, sawmiller, 90 South street 

Stewart, Robert, painter, 47 Leonard street 

Stewart, Robert, butcher, 207 High street 

Stewart, Robert, fish-dealer, 12 Mill street 

Stewart, Robert, restaurateur, 25 Princes street 

Stewart, Robert, stationer and artists' colourman, 39 St. John street and 70 

Tay street ; h. 12. York place 
Stewart, Susan, dairykeeper, 17 Cutlog vennel 
Stewart, Thomas, labourer, 129 High street 
Stewart, Thomas, butcher, 17 East Bridge street 
Stewart, Thomas, labourer, 21 St. John's place 
Stewart, Thomas, engine-driver, 105 South street 
Stewart, Thomas B., porter, 21 St. John's place 
Stewart, Thomas, joiner, 4 Union street lane, Bridgend 
Stewart, W. G., grocer, 193 High street ; h. Ramsay Lodge, Kinnoull 
Stewart, William, Craigie steam laundry, Craigie. See Advt. 
Stewart, William, labourer, 5 Kinnoull causeway 

Stewart, William, tobacconist, 42 St. John street ; h. 71 Leonard street 
Stewart, William, butcher, 14 South street 
Stewart, William, labourer, 212 South street 
Stewart, William, porter, 324 High street 
Stewart, William, fireman, 34 Leonard street 
Stewart, William, fireman, 8 Newrow 
Stewart, William, mason, 303 High street 
Stewart, William, warehouseman, 8 Barossa place 
Stibbing, George (Very Rev.), St. Mary's, Kinnoull 


Stibbles, John, labourer, 4 Homers' lane 

Stirling, David H., m.d., 4 Athole place 

Stirling, Elizabeth Frances, matron, General Prison, Edinburgh road 

Stirling, John, signalman, 40 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

Stirling, Robert, M.D., 4 Athole place 

Stirton, Alexander, porter, 50 Glover street 

Stirton, James, saddler, 9 High street 

Stirton, John, fitter, 19 Stormont street 

Stirton, Mrs Alexander, provision merchant, 210 High street ; h. 214 

Stirton, Mrs James, 37 Newrow 

Stirton, Mrs John, saddler and harness maker, 7 High street ; h. 9 

Stirton, Mrs John, 46 Main street, Bridgend 

Stobie, Hugh, joiner, Baker's buildings, 61 Mill street 

Stobie, Hugh, surgeon dentist, 14 St. John street 

Stobie, MPS I., fish, game, and fruit merchant, 27 Kirkgate ; h. 23. 

See Advt. 
Storrar, Laurence, maltster, Craigie Makings, Craigie 
Strachan, Alexander, joiner, Fernlea, Wilson street, Craigie 
Strachan, Andrew, hotel waiter, 119 South street 
Strachan, David, cabinetmaker, 9 King street ; h. 89 Glover street 
Strachan, George, grocer, j6 Canal street ; h. 2 Pomarium street 
Strachan, George, painter, 1 Water vennel 
Strachan, James, labourer, 89 Pomarium street 
Strachan, James, railway inspector, 13 Queen street, Craigie 
Strachan, Martha, picker, 224 High street 
Strachan, Peter, 89 Glover street 
Strachan, William, labourer, 3 Cutlog vennel 
Strachan, William, plasterer, 33 Pomarium street 
Strang, Alexander, joiner (of Strang & M 'Lagan), 42 Tay street 
Strang, Daniel, assistant registrar, 71 High street 
Strang & M 'Lagan, joiners and funeral undertakers, 18 Mill street 
Strang, Mrs James, 191 High street 
Strang, Mrs John, Edina Villa, Friar street, Craigie 
Strang, Peter, chemist and druggist, 166 High street ; h. 34 South William 

Strang, William, chief yardsman, 6 St. Catherine's road 
Strang, William, dyer, 10 St. Catherine's road 
Strathdee, George, labourer, 6 Canal street 
Strathdee, Stewart, clerk, 24 Glover street 
Strathearn, David, labourer, 18 Thimblerow 
Strathearn, James, sawmiller, 216 High street 
Strathearn, Mrs James, winder, 4 Thistle lane 
Strathearn, William, dyer, 23 Carpenter street 
Stratton, Agnes, 5 Meal vennel 
Stratton, Alexander, signalman, 49 Leonard street 
Stratton, Alexander, confectioner, 138 High street 
Stratton, Charles, tailor, 1 Kirkgate 
Stratton, David, joiner, 41 Stormont street 
Stratton, John, cabinetmaker, 3 Keir street, Bridgend 
Mratz, Louis, St. Otillia's Cottage, Jeanfield 
Strong, Mary, 10 Paul's close 



Strong, Mrs Charles, 45 North Methven street 

Stuart, Charles C, & Soil, grocers and wine merchants, 43 South 

Methven street. See Advt. 
Stuart, George K., saddler, 21 Cow vennel 
Stuart, John, gardener, 59 Glover street 
Stuart, Mrs Charles C, 1 Charlotte street 
Stuart, Mrs John, matron, Perth Poor house, Glasgow road 
Stuart, Mrs Thomas A., 12 Gowrie street 

Sturrock, Alexander, lathsplitter, 23 Scott street ; h. 6 County place 
Sturrock, Mrs James, 12 George street 
Succor, John, labourer, 80 Watergate 

Summerfield, Edward F., telegraphist, Brunswick Cottage, Friar street 
Summers, William, commercial traveller, 1 Croft Villa, Craigie 
Sutcliffe, Mrs Frederick, 49 York place 

Sutherland, Archibald (Rev.), m.a., Roseisle, Glasgow road 
Sutherland, David, joiner, 189 South sireel ; h. Craigie place, Craigie 
Sutherland, John, labourer, 2 Thimblerow 
Sutherland, Mrs James, 2 Abbot street, Craigie 
Sutherland, Mrs James, 20 Carpenter street 
Sutherland, Mrs James, Burnside, Craigie 
Suttie, Alexander P., grocer, 43 High street; h. 2 Abbot street, Craigie. 

See Advt. 
Suttie, James, mason, 49 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Suttie, Peter, porter, 56 Longcauseway 
Swan, Andrew, engine turner, Friarton 
Swan, James, hostler, 9 South William street 
Swan, James, baker, 14 Cow vennel 
Swan, James, lorryman, 9 St. Catherine's road 
Swan, Jessie, Rock House, 53 Main street, Bridgend 
Swan, John, & Sons, auctioneers and live stock salesmen, Northern Central 

Mart, Craigie ; office, 26 York place 
Swan, Mrs John, 14 Keir street, Bridgend 
Swan, Robert, tailor, 33 Kinnoull causeway 
Swan, William, joiner, 159 South street 
Swan, William, tailor, 8 South street 
Swan, William, joiner, 8 Foundry lane 
Swanston, Mrs Janet, 42 Tay street 
Swanston, Mrs William, milliner, JJ South street 
Sweeny, Patrick, scavenger, 113 High street 
Sword, David, dyer, 8 Orrock place, Jeanfield 
Sword, James, dyer, 14 South street 
Syme, Andrew B., ironmonger (of Garvie & Syme), Muirton bank, Bal- 

Syme, James, railway porter, 43 Stormont street 
Syme, John, sculptor, 2 Brown street 
Symon, John (Rev.), 27 Barossa place 
Symon, John, lorryman, 28 Horse cross 
Symons, James, gardener, 2 Back wynd, Bridgend 

Taggart, John, dyer's labourer, 5 Pomarium street 

Tainsh, Edward, stationer, 35 High street ; h. 12 Gowrie street, Bridgend 



Tainsh, James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 90 High street ; h. Haw- 
thorn bank, Dunkeld road 

Tainsh, Margaret, scripture reader, 31 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Tainsh, Mary, 38 Athole street 

Tainsh, Mrs Alexander, laundress, 25 Canal street 

Tait, Mary, factory worker, 33 Castlegable 

Tait, Mrs Robert, seamstress, 7 Paul street 

Tait, Robert, market gardener, Tankfield, Barnhill 

Tait, Thomas, fishmonger, 42 South street ; h. 43 Canal street 

Tait, William, coachbuilder, 45 South street 

Talbot, Clementine, dressmaker, 41 Priory place, Craigie 

Talbot, Thomas H., house painter, 14 Watergate 

Tannahill, John, warder, General Prison 

'I aylor, Agnes, factory worker, 216 South street 

Taylor, Alexander, dairykeeper, 9J South street 

Taylor, Alexander, manager, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 

Taylor, Allison, factory worker, 3 Main street, Bridgend 

Taylor, Andrew, brakesman, 9 Pomarium street 

Taylor, Andrew, miller, 18 West Mill street 

Taylor, Christina, 22 Whitefriars street 

Taylor & Co. , printers, 25 High street 

Taylor & Co., contractors, St. Catherine's road 

Taylor & Co. , feather dyers and cleaners, 39 Mill street 

Taylor, Colin, weaver, 30 Longcauseway 

Taylor, Daniel, hatter, 93 High street ; h. 6 Carpenter street 

Taylor, Daniel, store warder, 17 Queen street 

Taylor, David, Rose Cottage, Craigie 

Taylor, David, shoemaker, 81 Pomarium street 

Taylor, David, contractor (of Taylor & Co.), 20 Newrow 

Taylor, David, harbour-master, Shore 

Taylor, David, mason, 29 Thimblerow 

Taylor, David, signalman, 13 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Taylor, David, vandriver, 28 Scott street 

Taylor, David, bootmaker, 145 High street 

Taylor, Donald, railway servant, 16 Longcauseway 

Taylor, Elizabeth, Cherrybank 

Taylor, George, labourer, 55 Meal vennel 

Taylor, George, storekeeper, 51 Glover street, Craigie 

Taylor, George, passenger guard, Kilmartin place, Friar street, Craigie 

Taylor, George, mason, 224 High street 

Taylor, Grace, 9 North Methven street 

Taylor, Helen, 122 Canal crescent 

Taylor, Henry, teacher, 4 South Methven street 

Taylor, Hugh, basket maker (of J. & H. Taylor), 9 South William street 

Taylor, Isabella, 18 Canal street 

Taylor, J. & H., brush and basket makers, 131 High street 

TaylOP, James, ironmonger and blacksmith, 27 and 31 Kinnoull street 
h. 29. See Advt. 

Taylor, James, brush and basket maker (of J. & H. Taylor), 129 Highstree 

Taylor, James, soldier. 190 High street 

Taylor, James, soldier. 18 Barrack street 


Taylor, James, dyer's cleaner, 331 High street 

Taylor, James, carter, 224 High street 

Taylor, Jessie, 13 Cutlog vennel 

Taylor, John, clerk, 44 Glover street 

Taylor, John, dyer, 9 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Taylor, John, sen., painter, 79 South street 

Taylor, John, jun., painter, 79 South street 

Taylor, JcJhn, timekeeper, Kewstoke, Craigie 

Taylor, John, watchmaker and jeweller, JJ Main street, Bridgend 

Taylor, John, fireman, 14 Leonard street 

Taylor, John K., tobacconist, 221 High street, and St. Leonard's Bridge; 

h. 232 High street 
Taylor, Mary, dyeworker, 21 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 
Taylor, Mary Ann, 37 Stormont street 
Taylor, Mrs, 28 West Mill street 
Taylor, Mrs, 9 St. Ann's lane 
Taylor, Mrs Alexander, 84 Pomarium street 
Taylor, Mrs David, 55 Commercial street 
Taylor, Mrs George, 17 Cutlog vennel 
Taylor, Mrs John, 6 Carpenter street 
Taylor, Mrs Richard, grocer, 48 Athole street 
Taylor, Mrs Robert, 10 Paul street 
Taylor, Mrs William, 43 Newrow 
Taylor, Mrs William, 30 Commercial street 
Taylor, Mrs William, 302 High street 
Taylor, Mrs William, 9 Newrow 
Taylor, Mrs William, 4 Union street lane, Bridgend 
Taylor, Peter, tobacconist and news agent, 19 South street 
Taylor, Peter, cashier, 63 Priory place, Craigie 

Taylor, Peter, tobacconist and stationer, 265 High street ; h. 7 Evelyn ter. 
Taylor, Robert, mason, 56 Mill street 
Taylor, Robert, labourer, 163 South street 

Taylor, Robert, contractor, West Mill street ; h. Baker's buildings, Mill st. 
Taylor, Robert D. , draper, 45 High street ; h. 34 Athole street 
Taylor, Robert, sewing machine agent, 63 South street 
Taylor, Thomas, joiner, 7 Kinnaird bank, Craigie 
Taylor, Thomas, butcher, 197 High street ; h. 4 South Methven street 
Taylor, William, postmaster, 2 and 4 High street and 20 Tay street ; h. 6 

Kincarrathie crescent 
Taylor, William, engine-driver, 32 Caledonian road 
Taylor, William, shopman, 38 High street 
Taylor, William, gamekeeper, Moncreiffe terrace, Craigie 
Taylor, William, plumber, 49 Newrow 
Taylor, William, hawker, 72 Watergate 
Taylor, William, sawmiller, 5 James street 
Taylor, William, Gannochy Fold, Bridgend 
Taylor, William, printer, 238 High street 
Taylor, William, & Co., letterpress printers, 25 High street 
Telegraph Stores, Shore ; office, 4 High street 
Telephone Exchange (National Telephone Company, Limited), 60 

High street 


Telford, John, railway yardsman, n Orrock place, Jeanfield 

Templeton, James, Berlin repository, 15 George street; h. Glencairn, 

Thorn, James, sawmiller, 44 Whitefriars street 

Thom, Mrs John, 22 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 

Thomas, Francis, blacksmith, 71 High street 

Thomas, George, engine-fitter, 163 High street 

Thomas, Jessie, dressmaker, 190 High street 

Thomas, John (of Thomas & MacLeish), Sheriff and Commissary Clerk, 
County buildings ; h. 25 Barossa place 

Thomas, John Hill, solicitor, 3 High street ; h. 8 Rosemount place, Bridgend 

Thomas & MacLeish, solicitors, County buildings, South street 

Thomas, Mrs John, 246 High street 

Thomas, Mrs John, 58 South street 

Thompson, Euphemia, dressmaker, 10 Cross street 

Thompson, George, picture frame maker, 42 Mill street; h. 355 High street 

Thompson, George, supervisor, Kincarrathie crescent, Bridgend 

Thompson, John, gardener, 170 High street 

Thomson, Alexander, jun., cooper and packing case maker, 15I Mill 
street ; h. 22 Melville street. See Advt. 

Thomson, Alexander, cooper, 2.\ Mill street ; h. 22 Melville street 

Thomson, Alexander, clerk, 25 Barossa street 

Thomson, Alexander, grocer (of Alexander Thomson & Sons), 8 Stormont 

Thomson, Alexander, shoemaker, 7 Thimblerow 

Thomson, Alexander, & Sons, grocers and wine merchants, 271 High st. ; 
h. Westbank, Jeanfield 

Thomson, Allen, sawmiller, 44 Pomarium street 

Thomson, Andrew (Dr.), teacher, 10 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 

Thomson, Andrew, dairyman, Craigiehaugh, Craigie 

Thomson, Andrew, yardsman, 59 Kinnoull causeway 

Thomson, Ann, 2 Glover street 

Thomson, Ann, 55 Meal vennel 

Thomson, Charles, cycle agent, Stewart's place, Caledonian road 

Thomson, Charles, tinsmith, 47 Mill street 

Thomson, Charles S., 43 King street 

Thomson, Daniel, painter, 71 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Thomson, Daniel, dyer, 61 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Thomson, David, brassfinisher, 41 Skinnergate 

Thomson, David, tailor, 18 Watergate 

Thomson, David, baker, 79 South street 

Thomson, David, cloth finisher, 32 Caledonian road 

Thomson & Deuchars, dressmakers, 58 South Methven street 

Thomson, Elspeth, weaver, 7 Leonard street 

Thomson, George, labourer, 13 Barossa street 

Thomson, James, dyer, 14 Union street lane, Bridgend 

Thomson, James, teacher and registrar of births, &c, for Kinnoull, Well- 
bank, Kinnoull 

Thomson, James, coal yardsman, 5 Whitefriars street 

Thomson, James, dyer, 8 Caledonian buildings 

Thomson, James, tailor, 18 Watergate 


Thomson, James, railway guard, Hillmount, High Craigie 

Thomson, James K. , baker, 36 North Methven street 

Thomson, JaniGS L., architectural and monumental sculptor, Princes 
street works ; h. Rockhouse, Bridgend. See Advt. 

Thomson, John L. , commercial traveller, Elibank Villa, Glasgow road 

Thomson, John, painter, 57 Kinnoull causeway 

Thomson, John, postman, 9 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Thomson, John, keeper of Smallpox Hospital, Shore 

Thomson, John, fireman, 1,6 Carr's croft, Craigie 

Thomson, John, tenter, 23 South Methven street 

Thomson, John, pointsman, Upper Craigie 

Thomson, John, plumber, 59 South street ; h. 7 Craigie crescent, Craigie 

Thomson, John, labourer, 41 Skinnergate 

Thomson, John, dyer's finisher, 1 1 North port 

Thomson, John, clerk of works, 27 Priory place Craigie 

Thomson, Margaret, 7 St. Catherine's road 

Thomson, Martin, shoemaker, 96 South street 

Thomson, Mrs Alexander, Westbank, Jeanfield 

Thomson, Mrs Alexander, grocer, 2 Barrack street 

Thomson, Mrs David, 214 High street 

Thomson, Mrs David, 18 Caledonian road 

Thomson, Mrs Elizabeth, 199 South street 

Thomson, Mrs George, 31 Hospital street 

Thomson, Mrs Henry, 21 Kinnoull street 

Thomson, Mrs James, 3 Newrow 

Thomson, Mrs Joseph, machinist, 10 Paul street 

Thomson, Peter, glassblower, 89 South street 

Thomson, Peter, cabinetmaker, 163 High street 

Thomson, Robert, labourer, I Kirkgate 

Thomson, Sarah, 33 Castlegable 

Thomson, Thomas, butcher, 21 Priory place, Craigie 

Thomson, Thomas, labourer, 23 Carpenter street 

Thomson, Thomas, hospital-master, King James VI. Hospital 

Thomson, William, drover, 22 Meal vennel 

Thomson, William, Rose crescent 

Thomson, William, teacher of the blind, Wellshill 

Thomson, William, labourer, 7 Thimblerow 

Thomson, William, road contractor, 16 Pomarium street 

Thomson, William B. , wine and spirit merchant, and aerated water manu- 
facturer, 60 Canal street ; h. 14 Marshall place 

Thomson, William F. , detective, 39 Princes street 

Thomson, William, & Co., coachbuilders, 46 Canal street; h, 48 Princes 
street. See Advt. 

Thorburn, William, solicitor, Bona Vista, Glasgow road 

Thornhill, William R. (Col.), 4 Rose terrace 

Thornton, David, insurance agent, 4 North port 
! Thornton, James, ship carpenter, 324 High street 
! Thornton, John, hairdresser, 10 Meal vennel ; h. 4 North port 

Thornton, Michael, labourer, 55 High street 

Tilleray, John, brassfounder, 38 Princes street 

Tilley, Mrs James, 8 St. Catherine's road 


Todd, Alexander, engine-driver, 353 High street 

Todd, David, porter, 21 Market street 

Todd, David, fireman, 30 High street 

Todd, David, engine-driver, 324 High street 

Todd, George, railway clerk, 39 George street 

Todd, George, railway policeman, 58 Leonard street 

Todd, John, & Co., ink manufacturers, 5 Charteris street 

Todd, John, & Co., Loretto Glass Works, 219 South street 

Todd, Mrs Catherine, 1 1 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 

Todd, Mrs John, 34 Longcauseway 

Todd, Thomas, timekeeper, 45 Glover street 

Todd, William, parcel clerk, 14 James street 

Todd, William, Beech Villa, Kinnoull 

Todd, William A., commercial traveller, Wilson street, Craigie 

Tolleth, Helen & Elizabeth, dressmakers, 48 South Methven street 

Tolmie, William, warehouseman, 33 County place 

Tomey & Sons, glass manufacturers, Tay Glass Works, Shore 

Tomey, William (of Tomey & Sons), New Scone 

Tonge, John, mason, 238 High street 

Tosh, James, waggon inspector, 15 Whitefriars street 

Tosh, Thomas, 42 Longcauseway 

Tough, William, railway yardsman, 4 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 

Town and County Bank, Limited (Aberdeen), South Methven street; 

Robert and James Robertson, joint-agents 
Townsend, Thomas, machine agent, 9 Bridge lane 
Trail, David, glassblower, 177 South street 
Traill, John, engine-driver, 95 Glover street 
Trotter, Margaret, dressmaker, 246 High street 
Trotter, Robert de Bruce, m.d., Tayview House, 2 Tay street 
Trotter, Thomas, moulder, 66 Pomarium street 
Tuke, Alfred, manager Station Hotel, General Station 
Tulloch, Alexander, engine-driver, 338 High street 
Tulloch, Charles, saddler (of William Tulloch & Son), 7 Marshall place 
Tulloch, David, compositor, 35 Watergate 
Tulloch, John, engine-driver, 15 Market street 
Tulloch, Peter, plasterer, 14 Caledonian road 
TullOCh, William, & Son, saddlers, trunk and portmanteau makers, 

15 and 16 Princes street ; h. 7 Marshall place. See Advt. 
Tunnah, Thomas, labourer, 104 Reform place 
Turnbull, Catherine, millworker, 33 Castlegable 
Turnbull & Co., chemical works, Shore ; Hugh M'Adam, manager 
Turnbull, James, dyer's finisher, 21 Market street 
Turnbull, Janet, 4 South street 
Turnbull, Mary, W r alnut Cottage, Barnhill 
Turnbull, Mary Ann, confectioner, 11 North Methven street; h. 17 Mel 

ville street 
Turnbull, Mrs Ann, 17 Melville street 
Turnbull, Mrs Mary, 17 Fleshers' vennel 
Turnbull, Mrs William S., 8 Athole crescent 
Turnbull, Robert, cleaner, 4 North port 
Turnbull & W 7 ood, wine merchants, 4 George street 


Turner, Andrew, city missionary, 360 High street 

Turner, John (Rev.), 16 Melville street 

Turner, Mrs Robert, 9 South William street 

Turner, William, shoemaker, 224 High street 

Turpie, David, engine driver, 28 Whitefriars street 

Turpie, James, writer, Wellbank, Kinnoull 

Turpie, John, boilermaker, 349 High street 

Turver, John, retired conductor, 10 Market street 

Tyler, Jehu, Perth coffee house, 19 South Methven street ; h. 15 

Tyrie, John, labourer, 34 Barossa street 

Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 24 George street ; A. Butter, cashier ; 

West End Branch, Northern Central Mart (off Glover street) 
United Original Secession Church, 207 South street 
Urquhart, A. R., M.D., Murray House, Bridgend 
Urquhart, James D., clerk, 47 Kinnoull causeway 
Urquhart, John, joiner, 12 Barossa street 
Urquhart, John R., fireman, yj Leonard street 

Valentine, George, cutler and surgical appliance maker, JJ High street ; 
h. The Knowe, Craigie 

Valentine, Mrs George, 12 King street 

Valentine, Thomas, tailor, 43 Stormont street 

Valley, David, slater, 29 Thimblerow 

Veale, John, 12 Gowrie street, Bridgend 

Veitch, George, spirit dealer, Bridgend Bar, 69 Main street ; h. 69 Strath- 
more street, Bridgend 

Veitch, Mrs William, French polisher, 73 Main street, Bridgend 

Victoria Institute, Dovecotland 

W T addel, Bernard, coach maker, 6 Canal street 

Waddel, Eliza, dyeworker, 246 High street 

Waddel, Mrs James, grocer, 292 High street ; h. 290 

Waddel, Mrs Peter, laundress, 16 North port 

Waddel, Mrs William, 15 Whitefriars street 

Waddel, Peter S., shopman, 6 St. Paul's square 

Waddel, Robert, shunter, 2 St. Ann's lane 

Waddell, James, pork butcher, 264 High street 

Waddell, William, dyer, 70 South Methven street 

Walch, Alexander, blacksmith, 28 Caledonian road 

Walch, Barbara, machinist, 129 High street 

Walch, William, blacksmith, 5 Homers' lane ; h. 1 

Waldie, James, joiner, 315 High street 

Walker, Alexander, H.M. Inspector of Schools, Early bank, Craigie 

Walker, Andrew, quartermaster-sergeant, 14 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 

Walker, David, watchman, 8 Caledonian road 

Walker, David, guard, 24 Market street 

Walker, David, dyer, 12 St. Catherine's road 

Walker, Frederick, dyer, 55 Pomarium street 

Walker, George, dyer's finisher, 15 Gowrie street, Bridgend 

Walker, Grace, 34 Balhousie street 


Walker, J. W., solicitor, 3 High street ; h. 4 Kincarrathie crescent 

Walker, James, porter, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Walker, James, railway porter, 1 Victoria court, Canal street 

Walker, John, hotelkeeper. 47 Princes street 

Walker, John, Pitheavlis bank, Glasgow road 

Walker, John, brassfinisher, 116 High street 

Walker, John, signalman, South Tay street 

Walker, Mackenzie, blacksmith, 44 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Walker, Mrs James, 3 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Walker, Mrs John, 238 High street 

Walker, Robert, labourer, 133 Canal crescent 

Walker, Robert, second-hand bookseller, 46 Mill street 

Walker, Robert, musician, 101 High street 

Walker, Thomas, warder, 25 High street 

Walker, Walter, train inspector, 358 High street 

Wallace, Charles (Col.), Bellwood, Barnhill 

Wallace, David, labourer, 8 Paul's close 

Wallace, George, poultry dealer, 326 High street 

Wallace, James, engineer,, 2 Croft bank, Craigie 

Wallace, James, coal merchant, N.B. Mineral Depot, Glasgow road; h. 4 

Spens crescent 
Wallace, John, dyer's overseer, 26 Athole street 
Wallace, John, waiter, Stewart's place, Alexandra street 
Wallace, John, clerk, 14 Glover street 
"Wallace, Mrs James, 116 High street 
Wallace, Mrs Johnstone, 50 Barossa street 
Wallace, Mrs Robert, 53 Scott street 

Wallace, Robert B., tailor, 67 South Methven street; k. 58 
Wallace, Robert B., brewer (of John Wright & Co.), 39 Balhousie street 
Wallace, William, bootmaker, 23 High street 
Wallace, William, draper's manager, 47 Victoria street 
Wallace, William, millwright, 170 High street 

Walters, Isaac, basketmaker, 4 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 
Walton, Mrs John, 14 Back wyncl, Bridgend 
Wanliss, Janet M., Craigie bank, Craigie 1 

Ward, Alexander, ropespinner, 35 Pomarium street 1 

Warren, Annie, 101 High street 
Warren, George, cutler, 21 Whitefriars street 

Water Assessment Office, i High street ; Robert Keay, collector 
Water- Works, Tay street ; John Peattie, superintendent 
Waterson, Bella, stationer, &c, 21 North Methven street; h. 3 Melville 

Waterson, Plelen, 232 High street 
Waterson, John, 27 Shields' place, Dunkeld road 
Waterson, "Mrs James, 9 Speygate 
Waterson, Mrs James, 3 Melville street 
Watson, Alexander, mechanic, 18 North William street 
Watson & Crichton, joiners, 211 High street 

Watson, David, carter and contractor, 41 Main street, Bridgend ; h. 37 
Watson, David, letter-carrier, 1 1 Thimblerow 
Watson, Emily, 70 Longcauseway 


Watson, George, carter, 120 Canal crescent 

Watson, George, printer, 85 Glover street, Craigie 

Watson, George, joiner, 12 St. Catherine's road 

Watson. George, Old Ship Inn, 25 High street ; h. 37 Main street 

Watson, Isabella, 10 Paul street 

Watson, James, dairyman, 16 Caledonian road 

Watson, James, dyer, 10 Canal street 

Watson, James G, restaurateur, 14 Kirkgate 

Watson, James, & Co., tailors, 13 St. John street ; h. Avon Villa, Abbot 

street, Craigie 
Watson, Janet, dressmaker, 29 James street 

Watson, John, cowfeeder and contractor, 6 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Watson, John, slater, 266 High street 

Watson, John, joiner (of Watson & Crichton), 18 Scott street 
Watson, Margaret, 39 Leonard street 
Watson, Mrs David, confectioner, 114 South street 
Watson, Mrs John, tailoress, 47 High street 
Watson, Mrs Thomas, dressmaker, 163 High street 
Watson, Robert, weaver, 56 Pomarium street 
Watson, Thomas, 2 Craigie crescent, Craigie 
Watson, William, dairyman, 2 St. Catherine's road ; h. 4. 
Watson, William, plumber, 36 James street 
Watson, William, pensioner, Stewart's place, Alexandra street 
Watt, C. S.j coachman, Rosebank, Kinnoull 
Watt, David, moulder, 48 Pomarium street 
Watt, David, mason, 6 Victoria street 
Watt, David, grocer, Rosenheim, Glasgow road 
Watt, George, carter, 9 Market street 

Watt, James, engine-driver, 26 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
Watt, James S., commercial traveller, St. John's Villa, Glasgow road 
Watt, John (Rev.), Rockville, Barnhill 
Watt, Mrs James, lodgings, 34 Athole street 
Watt, Mrs John, ladies' nurse, 216 High street 
Watt, Mrs W., 282 High street 
Watt, Robert, fireman," 57 Mill street 
Watt, William, nurseryman and seed merchant, 15 St. John street. 

See Advt. 
Watters, George, grocer and potato merchant, 299 High street ; h. 295 
Watters, John, potato merchant, 374 High street ; h. 28 York place 
Waverley Temperance Hotel, 29 and 31 York place; W. Gordon, 

proprietor. See Advt. 
Webb, Eliza, game dealer, I Gowrie street, Bridgend 
Webb, Mrs Edward M., poulterer and fruiterer, 1 Mill street 
Webster, Alexander, Wolseley place, Friar street, Craigie 
Webster, Andrew, stoker, 266 High street 
Webster, Helen, 30 Longcauseway 
Webster, James, weaver, 32 Pomarium street 
Webster, James, dyer, 12 West Mill street 
Webster, James, tailor, 26 Caledonian road 
Webster, Joan, dyeworker, 31 Glover street 
Webster, Matthew, cowfeeder, n Strathmore street, Bridgend 


Webster, Mrs John, 29 Kirkgate 

Webster, Mrs William, 15 Kirkgate 

Webster, Peter, glazer, 39 Pomarium street 

Webster, William, engine-driver, 16 Glover street 

Weddell, James, dyer, Oakbank terrace, Cherrybank 

Wedderspoon, Thomas, live stock salesman (Macdonald, Fraser, & Co.).. 

9 St. Leonard's bank 
Weir, James, fireman, 63 North Methven street 
Weir, Mrs James, furnishings, 63 North Methven street 
Welch, John, plumber, 37 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Welch, Mrs Elizabeth, lodgings, 10 Tay street 
Wells, Catherine, dressmaker, 25 Leonard street 
Wells, Elder, 9 Queen street, Craigie 
Wells, James, blacksmith, 31 Newrow ; h. 48 South Methven street. 

See Advt. 
Wells, Mrs James, 48 South Methven street 
Wellshill Cemetery, Wellshill 
Wellshill School of Industry (Girls), Wellshill 
Welsh, Alexander, tenter, 38 Newrow 
Welsh, Edward, labourer, 212 South street 
Welsh, John, fish dealer, 140 South street ; h. 142 
Welsh, John, burgh fiscal, 18 Tay street ; h. 16 
Welsh, Martin, 82 South street 
Welsh, Martin, labourer, 297 High street 
Welsh, Mrs, 146 High street 
Welsh, Mrs Michael, grocer, 39 Meal vennel 
Welsh, Mrs Peter, 6 Pomarium street 
Welsh, Mrs Richard, 126 High street 
Welsh, Peter, labourer, 16 Paul's close 
Welsh, Peter, ropespinner, St. Mary's Cottage, Kinnoull 
Welsh, Peter, labourer, 13 Paul street 
Welsh, Robert, draper, 10 Comely bank, Bridgend 
Welsh, W T illiam, van-driver, I Paul street 
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Scott street 
West Church Mission Hall, 106 South street 
West, Uavid Lindsay, sawmiller, Braehead, Jeanfield 
West, James, porter, 137 High street 
West, Joseph, platelayer, 216 South street 

Westcott, Henry, west coast railway agent, 53 Priory place, Craigie 
Western District School, Abbot street 
Westwood, Alexander, bellhanger, &c. (of West wood & Son), 71 Princes 

WeStWOOd, A., & Son, bellhangers, brassfounders, and window blind 

makers, 21 Princes street. See Advt. 
Whannel, Mary, dressmaker, 231 High street 
Wheatley, Shadrock, shipmaster, 35 Canal street 
Whimster, Thomas, manager of gas works, 17 York place 
White, Alexander, joiner, 2 Brown street 
White, Alice E., poultry and rabbit dealer, 64 South Methven street; h. 

Stormont road, New Scone 
White, Benjamin, clerk, 9 High street 


White, David C, clerk, 14 Union street lane 

"White, David, tailor, 7 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 

White, David, engine driver, 24 Whitefriars street 

White, Elizabeth, washer, 16 Paul street 

White, F. Buchanan, m.d., f.l.s. , Annat Lodge, Bridgend 

White, Francis Isaiah, m.d., 2 Athole place 

White, Henry E., 11 Queen street 

White, James, lorryman, 1 Cross street 

White, Jane, mill worker, 116 High street 

White, John, fireman, 15 Whitefriars street 

White, Margaret, 49 Stormont street 

White, Mary, 13 Cutlog vennel 

White, Mrs John, 13 Cutlog vennel 

White, Peter, bootcloser, 20 Hospital street 

White, Thomas, carter, 24 Market street 

White, William, labourer, 135 Canal crescent 

White, William R., Muirhall bank, Bridgend 

Whitehall, George, tailor, 6 High street 

Whitehall, William, glove dyer, 56 Longcauseway 

Whitelaw, Ann, Rosenheim, Glasgow road 

Whittet, Charles S., Balhousie terrace, Hay street 

Whittet, J. & T., tea and coffee dealers and agricultural seedsmen and seed 

growers, 57 High street 
Whittet, James, dyer's finisher, 89 Main street, Bridgend 
Whittet, James P. (of J. & T. Whittet), Craigisla House, Old Scone road 
Whittet, James, gardener, Murray's Royal Asylum, Bridgend 
Whittet, Mrs James, 1 Brown street 
Whittet, Mrs Robert, 8 Skinnergate 

Whittet, Peter, dyer's finisher, 49 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Whittet, Thomas, steward, 38 Newrow 
Whittet, William, dyer's labourer, 101 High street 
Whittet, William, labourer, 21 St. John's place 
Whitton, John, clerk, 22 Glover street 

Whyte, James, packing-box maker, Kinloch Cot : Jeanfield 
Whyte, Jessie, 2 Marshall place 
Whyte, John, tailor, 15 East Bridge street 
Whyte, John, jeweller, 9 Castlegable 

Whyte, Laurence, joiner and undertaker, 68 Watergate ; h. 35 
Whyte, Mrs George, 4 Thistle lane 
Whyte, Mrs William, Cherrybank 
Whyte, Robert, lorryman, 5 Market street 
Whyte, Thomas, engineer, Murray's Asylum Lodge, Bridgend 
Whyte, William, tailor, 29 Kirkgate 
Whytock, Alexander, joiner, High Craigie 
Whytock, Betsy, High Craigie 
Whytock, James, joiner, Cherrybank 
Whytock, Mrs John, 238 High street 
Wight, Alexander, book agent, 47 Canal street 
Wight, James, pastry baker, 150 South street 
Wight, Mrs Thomas, 307 High street 
Wight, Mrs Thomas, 39 Castlegable 


Wightman, Peter, messenger (British Linen Bank), 75 George street 
Wightman, T. S., cabinetmaker and joiner, 17 Bridge lane ; h. 75 George 

Wighton, John, clerk, General Prison, Edinburgh road 
Wilkie, Andrew, plumber, 2 Abbot street, Craigie 
Wilkie, Andrew, plumber, 224 High street 

Wilkie, David, shoemaker, 235 and 329 High street ; h. 22 Caledonian rd. 
Wilkie, David, horsedealer and jobmaster, Caledonian road ; h. York place 
Wilkie, Hannah, 37 Stormont street 
Wilkie, Isabella, weaver, 16 Union lane 
Wilkie, James, engineer, 4 Barossa place 
Wilkie, James, ropespinner, 53 Pomarium street 
Wilkie, Jane, JJ Main street, Bridgend 
Wilkie, John, glassblower, 170 High street 
Wilkie, Joseph, plumber, 18 Kinnoull causeway 
Wilkie, Mrs Andrew, 56 Pomarium street 
Wilkie, Mrs Helen, 37 Main street, Bridgend 
Wilkie, Mrs James, 238 High street 

Wilkie, Mrs James, milliner, 62 High street ; h. 4 Barossa place 
Wilkie, Mrs T., 67 Pomarium street 
Wilkie, Mrs William, Burton place, Nelson street 
Wilkie, Robert, dyer's manager, 71 Princes street 

Wilkie, William, crane inspector, 7 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
Wilkinson, John, labourer, 44 Meal vennel 

Wilkinson, Miles, gardener, Hamilton House Lodge, Glasgow road 
Wilkinson, Mrs Joseph, 9 Queen street, Craigie 
Wilkinson, Robert, postman, 18 Canal street 
William, John, yardsman, 9 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Williamson, Andrew, cleaner, 170 Pligh street 
Williamson, David, tea hawker, 98 Pomarium street 
Williamson, James, 39 Caledonian buildings, Earl's dykes 
Williamson, James, hostler, 358 High street 
Williamson, John, bootmaker, 223 High street ; h. 12 Rosslyn, place, 

Glasgow road 
Williamson, John, railway porter, 42 Leonard street 
Williamson, John, baker (manager, First Wheaten Bread Society), 13 

Union lane 
Williamson, Mrs James, I Clayholes 
Williamson, Mrs William, 48 George street 
Williamson, Robert, engine-driver, 13 Kinnoull causeway 
Williamson, William, clerk, 4 Homers' lane 
Williamson, William, baker, 53J South street 
Willis, Alexander, joiner, 15 Market street 
Wilson, Alexander, fruiterer, 139 High street; h. 156 
Wilson, Alexander, bookbinder, I Water vennel 
Wilson, Alexander, engineer, 17 Union street 
Wilson, Ann B., tailoress, 207 High street 
Wilson, Catherine, 65 Pomarium street 
Wilson, Charles, carriage inspector, 13 Cross street 
Wilson, David, working jeweller, 47 Watergate 
Wilson, George, commercial traveller, 18 Kinnoull causeway 


Wilson, George, tallow, hide, and leather merchant, 120, 203, and 207 

High street, and Shore ; k. 47 York place 
Wilson, George, tobacconist, 4 St. John street ; h. 3 Burnbank terrace, 

Wilson, Helen, 50 Athole street 
Wilson, James, gardener, 38 Victoria street 
Wilson, James, guard, 16 Cross street 
Wilson, James, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 
Wilson, James, church officer, 7 Balhousie street 
Wilson, James, joiner, Craigie Mill Cottage, Craigie* 
Wilson, James, joiner, 6 Carpenter street 

Wilson, James, & Son, manufacturing chemists, St. Catherine's road 
Wilson, James W., seedsman, 15 St. John street; h. Rosenheim, Glasgow 

Wilson, Jeannie, 199 South street 
Wilson, John, railway guard, 20 Newrow 
Wilson, John, joiner, 34 Skinnergate 

Wilson, John, wholesale grocer, 44 Mill street ; h. 14 Caledonian road 
Wilson, John, dyer, 39 Castlegable 

Wilson, John, dyer's finisher, 9 Readdie's buildings, Dunkeld road 
Wilson, John B., hairdresser, 10 Kirkgate 
Wilson, John G., greenkeeper, 6 Charlotte street 
Wilson, John G., clerk, 238 High street 
Wilson, Mary, lodgings, 55 High street 
Wilson, Mrs A. M., Aldersyde, 61 Balhousie street 
Wilson, Mrs David, cork cutter, 24 Meal vennel 
Wilson, Mrs David, 6 Pomarium street 
Wilson, Mrs Duncan, 75 Leonard street 
Wilson, Mrs George, 57 Kinnoull causeway 
Wilson, Mrs Henry, I Lickley street 
Wilson, Mrs James, S7h Kinnoull causeway 
Wilson, Mrs John, 69 North Methven street 

Wilson, Mrs John, Waverley Inn, 40 St. John street and 14 Watergate 
Wilson, Mrs Peter, 5 Scott street 
Wilson, MPS Robert, restaurateur, purveyor, and wine merchant, 38 St. 

John street ; h. 34. See Advt. 
Wilson, Mrs Thomas, 181 High street 
Wilson, Mrs William, 24 Barrack street 
Wilson, Mrs William, 75 Leonard street 
Wilson, R. & A., boot and shoe makers, no High street; h. 47 George 

street. See Advt. 
Wilson, Richard, cashier, 73 Glover street 
Wilson, Robert, plumber, 23 Kinnoull causeway 
Wilson, Robert, mason, 3 St. Paul's square 
Wilson, Robert, dyer, 296 High street 
Wilson, Robert, timekeeper, 8 Barossa place 
Wilson, Samuel, joiner, 296 Pligh street 
Wilson, Thomas, yardsman, 7 St. Catherine's road 
Wilson United Presbyterian Church, 202^ Pligh street 
Wilson, Walter, & Co., drapers, 24 County place 
Wilson, William, carter, 2 Brown street 


Wilson, William, dyer, 6 Mill close 

Wilson, William, warehouseman, 4 Pomarium street 

Wilson, William, dyer, 4 Paul street 

Wiltshire, Sidney, coachman, 71 Strathmore street, Bridgend 

Winter, John, hatter and hosier (of A. Darling & Co.), 5 Comely bank 

Winterbottom, Mrs James, 22 Glover street 

Winton, Charles, railway inspector, I Homers' lane 

Winton, Colin, lapper, 198 High street 

Winton & Co., steam laundry, St. Andrew street; h. 15 Strathmore street, 

Bridgend » 

Winton, James, ropespinner, 190 High street 
Winton, Janet, laundress, 15 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Winton, Peter, contractor, 151 High street 
Winton, Robert, platelayer, 240 South street 

Winton, Robert, butcher, II Leonard street; h. 1 Kinnaird bank, Craigie 
Wishart, Adam, porter, 36 West Mill street 
Wittet, Robert, chief clerk, General Prison 
Wood, Charles, brick and tile manufacturer (of James Wood & Son), I 

Brunswick terrace, Craigie 
Wood, David, bookseller (of D. Wood & Son), 4 Balhousie terrace, Hay 

Wood, David, jun. , bookseller (of D. Wood & Son), 26 Priory place, Craigie 
Wood, Hugh, engine-driver, Craigie Cottage, Craigie 
Wood, James, brick and tile manufacturer (of J. Wood & Son), Friarton 
Wood, James, & Son, brick, tile, and pottery manufacturers, Friarton 
Wood, Jessie, 21 Balhousie street 
Wood, John, baker, 13 High street and 2 George street ; h. Dupplin bank, 

Wood, John, telegraph wireman, 199 South street 

Wood, John, jun., bootmaker, 24 High street ; h. Dupplin bank, Kinnoull 
Wood, John, coachman, Bellwood, Barnhill 
Wood, Mrs Walter, 4 St. Catherine's road 
Wood, Margaret, 163 South street 
Wood & Son, booksellers, stationers, and printers, 50 and 52 High street ; 

works, 27 Skinnergate 
Wood, William, engine-driver, Friarton 

Wordie & Co., carting agents and contractors, 10 Mill street 
Wotherspoon, James, hatter and hosier, 44 High street and 25 St. John 

street ; h. Greenbrae, Bridgend 
Wotherspoon, Lawrence G. , baker (of Wotherspoon & Scott), 38 Victoria 

Wotherspoon & Scott, bakers and confectioners, 46 St. John street 
Wotherspoon, William, innkeeper, I South street and 85 Watergate 
Wotherspoon, William H. , commercial traveller, I King James place 
Wright, Alexander, printer and publisher, 153 and 155 South street; h. 3 

Roselea place, Jeanfield 
Wright, Daniel, butcher, Craigie Park terrace, Edinburgh road 
Wright, E. G., insurance agent, Low road, Cherrybank 
Wright, Hugh, blacksmith, 8 Market street 

Wright, James, collector of Inland Revenue, Murrayville, Kinnoull 
Wright, James, dyer, 345 High street 



Wright, James, & Son, grocers and spirit dealers, 2 South Methven street ; 

h. 9* North Methven street 
Wright, Jane, 348 High street 
Wright, [ohn, labourer, 2 Cow vennel 
Wright, John, & Co., brewers, 18 North Methven street 
Wright, Miss, dyeworker, 30 Barrack street 
Wright, Robert, brassfounder, 4 South Methven street ; h. 9 North Methven 

Wright, Robert, carpet weaver, 348 High street 

Wright, Robert, hairdresser, 274 High street ; h. 9 North Methven street 
Wright, Robert D., dyer, Craignish villa, 30 Balhousie street 
Wright, William R., calenderer, 25 Leonard street 
Wylie, Andrew, lathsplitter, 129 High street 
Wylie, Daniel, music seller (of Paterson, Sons & Co.), 8 to 14 Princes street ; 

h. Muirton bank, Balhousie 
Wylie, David, joiner, Friarton Cottage, Friarton 
Wylie, David, lathsplitter, 211 South street 
Wylie, George, ironmonger, 7 George street ; h. 9 Pligh street 
Wylie, George, moulder, 19 Thimblerow 
Wylie, Grace, feather dresser, 8 Barossa place 
Wylie, James, dyer, 4 Union street lane, Bridgend 
Wylie, Margaret, 27 Marshall place 
Wylie, Mrs William, 17 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Wylie, Thomas, ironmonger, Baker's buildings, Mill street 
Wylie, William, wood turner, 17 Commercial street, Bridgend 
Wynd, Thomas, & Son, coopers, 2>J High street ; h. 60 

Yaccamini, David, plumber, 70 South street 

Yaccamini, Robert, confectioner and cab proprietor, 72 South street ; h. 70 

Yeaman, David, lorryman, 15 Lindsay's buildings, St. Catherine's road 

Yeaman, George, labourer, 13 Paul street 

Yeaman, James, gas stocker, 50 Barossa street 

Yeaman, Thomas S., french cleaner, 10 Market street 

Yeaman, William, dyer's finisher, 17 Watergate 

Yeoman, Alexander, dyer's cleaner, 18 Barrack street 

Yeoman, Mrs James, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 

Yeoman, William, glazier, 61 Pomarium street 

York Place U.P. Church, 23 \ York place 

Young, Alexander, cabman, 8 Bridge lane 

Young, Alexander B. , ironmonger, 98 High street ; h. Balhousie avenue 

Young, Andrew, dyer, Wellwood villa, Friar street, Craigie 

Young, Andrew, miller, 14 Balhousie buildings, Dunkeld road 

Young, Ann, 15 Market street 

Young, Ann, confectioner, 327 High street ; h. 50 Longcauseway 

Young, Ann, 55 Commercial street, Bridgend 

Young Brothers, Tayside Laundry, 20 Speygate. See Advt. 

Young & Campbell, drapers, 38 South Methven street 

Young, David, laundryman (of Young Brothers), 57 Kinnoull causeway 

Young, David, brassfounder, 7 Low street 

Young, David, clerk, 3 South St. John's place 

Young, David, dyer, 343 High street 


Young, David, warper, 2 Oliphant's vennel 

Young, David, warder, General Prison, Edinburgh road 

Young, David C. , clothier, 13 Hospital street and 10 County place ; h. 3 

iVJyrtle place, Dunkeld road 
Young, David S., joiner and builder, Craigie Bank House, Craigie 
Young, Ebenezer, painter, 316 High street; h. 7 Paul street 
Young, Edward, tailor, 29 Leonard street 
Young, Edward, gas stoker, 75 Kinnoull causeway 
Young, Eliza, watchmaker, 228 High street ; h. 8 Kinnoull street 
Young, George, joiner, 8 Kinnaird bank, Craigie 
Young, George, dyer, 356 High street 

Young, George M., printer (of J. Young & Sons), Edina Villa, Friar street 
Young, George P. K. , a.r.i.b.a., architect, 42 Tay street ; h. 4 Strathearn 

Young, J. & G., architects and civil engineers, 42 Tay street 
Young, James, labourer, 27 Cross street 
Young, James, porter (Royal Bank), 2 Charlotte street 
Young, James, wholesale confectioner, 23 King street; h. 21 
Young, James, glazier, 73 Canal street 
Young, James, printer (of J. Young & Sons), 3 Watergate 
Young, James M., printer (of J. Young & Sons), 26 Melville street 
Young, James, & Sons, printers and advertisers, 66 and 70 Watergate 
Young, Jane, lodgings, 69 North Methven street 
Young, Janet, 6^ South street 
Young, Jessie, stocking knitter, 155 South street 
Young, John, janitor, 6 Canal street 

Young, John, painter (of John Young & Sons), 4 Newrow 
Young, John, labourer, Cherrybank 

Young, John, painter, 75 South street ; h. 85 Canal street 
Young, John, blacksmith, High Craigie 
Young, John, architect and civil engineer, 42 Tay street ; h. 24 Marshall 

Young, John, weaver, 50 Longcauseway 
Young, John, bank teller, 2 Charlotte street 
Young, John, baker, 55 High street 
Young, John, baker, 32 Priory place ; h. 35 
Young, John, coachman, 10 West Mill street 
Young, John, glazier, 8 Rockford terrace, Jeanfield 
Young, John, watchmaker, 224 Pligh street 
Young, John, fireman, Braehead, Jeanfield 
Young, John, gardener, Viewlands, Glasgow road 
Young, John, gardener, Garry Cottage Lodge, Barnhill 
Young, John, billposter, 119 South street 
Young, John, & Son, painters, 2 North Methven street 
Young, Margaret, dyeworker, 3 Strathmore street, Bridgend 
Young, Margaret, dyeworker, 31 Leonard street 
Young, Mary, 3 Main street 
Young, Mary, dressmaker, 14 St. John street 
Young, Mary C, 7 Balhousie street 
Young, Mrs Catherine, 3 Main street 
Young, Mrs David, Carrick House, Barnhill 


Young, Mrs David, 2 Victoria street 

Young, Mrs David, 11 Charlotte street 

Young, Mrs Hugh, Gowan Bank, Abbot street, Craigie 

Young, Mrs James, 146 High street 

Young, Mrs James, 232 High street 

Young, Mrs James, 6 North Methven street 

Young, Mrs Janet, lodgings, 28 Caledonian road 

Young, Mrs John, 18 Charlotte street 

Young, Mrs John, 2 Whitefriars street 

Youne, Mrs Thomas, stationer and tobacconist, 43 North Methven stieet ; 

h. 45 
Young, Mrs William, Wellshill terrace 
Young, Mrs William, 8 Longcauseway 
Young, Patrick, compositor, 20 County place 
Young, Peter M'L. , dyer's finisher, 37 Cross street 
Young, Philip, engine-driver, 50 Leonard street 
Young, Robert, 30 Longcauseway 
Young, Thomas, spirit dealer, 10 Tay street 
Young, Thomas, carpenter, Cherrybank 
Young, Thomas, boot maker, 162 South street ; h. 45 North Methven 

Young, Thomas, brassfounder, 73 South street 
Young, Thomas B. , clothier, 8 Murray street 

Young, W. Cochrane, solicitor, 9 St. John street ; h. 14 Rose terrace 
Young, William, carter, Hospital buildings, Hospital street 
Young, William, telegraph clerk, 13 St. Jane's place, Friar street, Craigie 
Young, William, painter (of Tohn Young & Son), 6 North Methven street 
Young, William, solicitor, 18 South street ; h. 74 St. John street 
Young, William, silk cleaner, 73 Main street, Bridgend 
Young, William, grocer's assistant, 4 Market street 
Young, William, commercial traveller, 19 Priory place, Craigie 
Young, William, shoemaker, Tj Pomarium street 
Young, William, dyer, 32 West Mill street 

Young, William, upholsterer (of M'Intosh & Co.), 3 Bridge lane 
Young, William, printer, Carrick House, Barnhilr 
Younger, John, dyer's labourer, 39 Castlegable 
Yule, Mrs James, 23 Pomarium street 





*** Bridgend and Craigie having been formed into separate Districts, 

the streets within those Districts will be found, arranged 

alphabetically, under their respective headings. 

For list of Streets, see pages 11-14. 

Alexandra Street. 

D. Pearson & Co., builders 
Alex. Stewart, joiner & undertkr. 
George Kean & Co. , pipemakers 

Stewart's Place — 
William Dalgleish, porter 
William Watson, pensioner 
Miss Peddie 
James Doig, clerk 
Mrs Henry Stewart 
John Wallace, waiter 
John Powrie, organ builder 

Laing's Buildings - 
Mrs John Livingstone, lodgings 
James Jack, joiner 
Thomas Bourke, photographer 
Mrs Edward Docherty 
James Menzies, timekeeper 
James Carmichael, porter 
Alexander Ross, builder 
David M. Smith, clerk 
Alexander Faterson, barman 
George Nairn, joiner 
Alexander Ross, builder 

Athole Crescent. 

1 County and City Club 

.. The Royal Perth Golfing Society 

2 Mrs David Craigie 

3 Rev. David W. Kennedy 

4 John T. Graham, M.D. 

5 Andrew Buist, M. D. 

6 Flora & Mary Ross 

7 Samuel Cowan, printer 

8 Mrs William S. Turnbull 

Athole Place. 

Misses Burton, Blackfriars House 

1 Mrs David Mackenzie 

2 Francis I. White, m.d. 

3 John M' Donald, wine merchant 

3 James M 'Donald, wine merchant 

4 David Halkett Stirling, M.D. 
... Robert Stirling, m.d. 

5 James Campbell, merchant 

... Archibald Campbell, merchant 

6 James Ritchie, c.E. 

7 John Burns, cabinetmaker 

9 Thomas Bannister, bootmaker 

Athole Street. 

1 James Nicoll, bootmaker 
3 Jas. H. Cranstoun, landscape ptr. 
... Mrs James Kaye 
5 Jas. Duff, fruiterer & confectioner 
7 John Jamieson & Co. , clothiers 

Kinnoull street here 
9 Robert Garvie, butcher 
1 1 Mrs Andrew Miller, clothier 
13 Mrs David Cuthbert 
15 Edward L. Paton, M.A., M.B.c.M. 
17 Stephen Richardson, organist 

North William street here 
19 Mrs Daniel Anderson, grocer 
21 Mrs George Gray, dairy keeper 

North Methven street here 
76 Mrs J. Coulter 
74 Pat. M'Cormack, sergt. -major 
72 Mrs John Black 
68 James Gordon, cutter 
... John M'Gregor, bookbinder 
... John M 'Murray, mechanic 
66 George Martin, blacksmith 
64 Alexander Malcolm, grocer 
62 William Steven, grocer's assist. 
60 Margaret F. Scott 
58 Robert Mackay, architect 
... William Mackay, plasterer 

Melville street here 
56 William Addie, pastry baker 
52 John Small, currier 
50 James R. Geekie, retired warder 



50 Mrs William Gilgour 

Balhousie Avenue. 

... Helen Wilson 

... John Kean, pipemaker 

Mrs Thomas Neave 

... William Deas, joiner 

John C. Brady, auctioneer 

48 Mrs Richard Taylor, grocer 

Robert A. Hay, stationer 

46 Mrs Robert Keay 

James Paterson, clerk 

... David Scott, grocer's assistant 

D. S. Lowson, teacher, The Pines 

... James Smith, foreman platelayer 

I. & H. Graham, The Pines 

... John Robertson, ironmonger 

Mrs John Miller 

42 Andrew M'Kenzie, cropper 

Alexander Young, ironmonger 

40 Alexander Smith, joiner 

38 Mary Moir 

... Donald Mackintosh, clerk 

Balhousie Street. 

7 John Jack, solicitor 

... Robert Mitchell, printer 

... "Alex. Knight, furniture dealer 

... Mrs Gregor M'Gregor 

... John Moir, spirit dealer 

... Mary Tainsh, dyeworker 

... Mary C. Young 

... Wm. L. Hodge, letter-stamper 

... Catherine Bird 

Stormont street here 

... James Wilson, church officer 

36|James Prentice, butcher 

9 John M'Pherson, engineer 

36 David Matheson, clerk 

... Thomas Harley, chemist 

34 Mrs William Morton, lodgings 

n Alexander M 'Cowan, draper 

... Robert D. Taylor, draper 

... Andrew M'Kendrick, joiner 

... Mrs James Watt, lodgings 

13 Mrs Roy 

32 John Cowper, engine fitter 

15 John C. Moyes. clothier 

30 Mrs Helen Marshall 

... Thomas M'Gregor, bookbinder 

28 Margaret Armstrong 

... Elizabeth Doig 

... James Moir, retired teacher 

... Andrew Birrell, draper 

... Alexander Brown 

... Joseph Nicoll 

... James Peddie, m.r.c.v.s. 

17 Robert Matheson, accountant 

26 John Wallace, dyer's overseer 

19 Jane M'Dougall 

24 William Brown Gloag, grocer 

21 Jessie Wood 

22 David Geekie, inspector of works 

... David Adams, traveller 

... Mrs Gavin Longmuir 

23 Wm. Stevenson, assurance supt. 

20 James Martin 

25 John Robertson, teacher 

18 Geo. Muirhead & Sons, painters 

... Alexander Robertson, teacher 

and decorators 

27 James Donaldson, cashier 

16 William Peddie, gas inspector 

29 Mrs Alexander Hay 

... Mrs David Halley, lodgings 

31 Alexander & William King 

... James M. Kirk, solicitor 

33 Wm. Baird Grandison, designer 

14 Margaret Fyfe 

35 Alex. Crichton, retired manager 

Barossa street here 

37 Mrs Thomas Leslie 

12 Mrs Alexander Stewart, grocer 

39 Robert B. Wallace, brewer 

10 James Morrison, cabinetmaker 

41 Thomas Chalmers, solicitor 

... Mrs Oliphant Duncan 

43 Alexander Duncan, bootmaker 

... William Archibald 

45 Wm. Anderson, dyer's finisher 

... Andrew Keay, painter 

47 Mrs James Beattie 

8 James Leutfoot, fishmonger 

49 Elizabeth Paterson, spirit dealer 

6 Peter Hewitt, coachman 

51 John Campbell, draper 

2 Isabella Malcolm 

53 Thomas J. Bennet, I. R. officer 

55 Agnes Ballantine, milliner 

57 Robert Smith 


59 William Lowe, dyer's manager 

6 1 Mrs Alex. M. Wilson 

63 William Sharp, grain merchant 

38 John M'Cormack, traveller 

36 David Johnstone, joiner 

34 Grace Walker 

... Mrs William Milne 

32 Mrs Henry Humble 

30 Robert D. Wright, dyer 

28 Alex. Carrick, insurance agent 

26 Peter Smeaton, accountant 

24 Joseph Smith, grain merchant 

22 Alex. Smith, grain merchant 

20 Rev. George '1'. S. Farquhar 

18 Charles S. Robertson, architect 

16 William M. Doig, draper 

14 Misses Bartlet-Buchanan 

12 Mrs Duncan Forbes 

10 Mrs William Robertson 

8 David Hunter, warper 

6 Geo. Warraner Large, bandmastr 

4 Rowland W. Hill, inland revenue 

2 William Ellison 
Balhousie Terrace— see Hay St. 

Barossa Place. 

I Geo. Kyd, live-stock salesman 

3 Misses Macnaughton 

5 John Low 

7 Mrs James Douglas 

9 Thomas Bannister, bootmaker 

11 Very Rev. Vincent L. Rorison 

13 Misses Robertson 

15 James Y. Nicoll, stationer 

17 Mrs James P. Bramwell 

19 J no. Campbell, aerated water mnf. 
... William M'Gregor 

21 John MTntosh, stockbroker 
... Mrs Alexander Ramsay 

23 Mrs Thomas Barns, grocer 

25 John Thomas, sheriff-clerk, &c. 

27 Rev. John Symon, Free St. Paul's 

29 William Campbell, surveyor 

31 John Jamieson 

24 Arch. J. A. Campbell, M.B.& CM. 

22 Grace MacLeish 
Stonnont street here 

18 Mrs John E. Livingstone 

16 Andrew T. Mackay, clothier 
Barossa street here 

8 Andrew Laing, draper 

8 David Anderson 

... John MTntosh, dyer's finisher 
... Robert Wilson, timekeeper 
... William Stewart, warehouseman 
... Grace Wylie, feather dresser 

4 Charles M'Laggan, retired c.E. 
... James Wilkie, engineer . 

... D. H. Christie, teacher of music 

2 Mary and Elizabeth Halley 
... Agnes Grant 

Barossa Street 

I Isaac Mann, bootmaker 

3 Christina Brough 

5 Mrs James Munro, seamstress 
7 Donald Martin 

. . . James Peddie, veterinary surgeon 
... James May, blacksmith 

9 Margaret Smyth, machinist 
1 1 John Roy, dyer's labourer 
... Mrs John Stewart 

... David Shedden, coach-fitter 

... David Don, cowfeeder 

... Gordon Smith, factory worker 

... John M'Pherson, gardener 

13 George Thomson, labourer 

... John Ewart, mason 

... David Scobie, fisherman 

... Peter Reid, labourer 

... Mrs John Bisset, sack sewer 

... Henry Arthur, dyer 

... John Cobb, baker 

... John Simpson, parcel vanman 

... Robert Duff, labourer 

... George Simmie, labourer 

... Joseph Campbell, labourer 

... James Robertson, umbrella mkr. 

... Peter M'Niven, dyer's labourer 

15 Andrew M'Lean, joiner 

17 Robert Kilgour, dairyman 

23 David Davidson, labourer 

25 James Crerar, clothier's traveller 

... Mrs Henry Fraser 

... Gilbert Miller, baker 

... Alexander Thomson, clerk 

27 John Burns, labourer 

52 Mrs William Hutchison 

50 James Yeaman, gas stocker 

... Mrs Johnstone Wallace 

48 Mrs David Stewart 

46 David Arnott, labourer 



i 40 



James M'Lauchlan, dyer 
William M 'Donald, plasterer 
John Steele, dyer's labourer 
Forrester Gowans, slater 
David Paterson, gardener 
Mrs James Hay 
John Tyrie, labourer 
Mrs Thomas Anderson 
William Paterson. lathsplitter 
Mrs John M'Leod 
David Hallyburton, cooper 
William Morton, dyer's finisher 
Alex. Irvine, dyer's finisher 
David Finlay, dyer's finisher 
Alexander M 'Lagan, dairyman 
John Urquhart, joiner 
John Marshall, labourer 
William M. Bryson 
Mrs William Miller 
Mrs William Lawson 
Alexander M. Lawson, joiner 
Mrs Alexander Fairley 
Helen D. Barclay, dressmaker 

Barrack Street. 

Queen's Barracks 

Mrs Alexander Thomson, grocer 

Mrs John M'Kinnon 

Peter Bisset, dyer 

William Robertson, dairyman 

David Blair, cutter 

William Combe, fitter 

David Johnston, railway servant 

William Dunn, cloth finisher 

James Kininmond, dyer 

Allan Kettles, carter 

George Kettles, sen., contractor 

George Kettles, jun. , carter 

William Gordon, grocer 

Archibald MTntosh, labourer 

George Pirnie, harness mounter 

Mrs George Mill 

Mary Howard 

James Taylor, soldier 

Norah Mill 

Margaret Allan 

David Smeaton, labourer 

James Stewart, joiner 

Robert Small, blacksmith 

Alex. Yeoman, dyer's cleaner 

Mrs George Anderson, laundress 

20J Nickel Crombie, cabinetmaker 

22 Alex. Fotheringham, platelayer 

... Nickel Crombie, cabinetmaker 

... Ann Scrimgeour 

... George Jackson, janitor 

... Barbara Pirnie, servant 

24 Mrs William Wilson, lodgings 

26 James Moncrieff, glassblower 

30 Mrs Peter Marshall 

... M. & M. Kennedy, milliners 

... Mary Kemp 

... Miss Wight, dyeworker 

Blaekfriars Street. 

2 David Robertson, newsagent 
. . . Elizabeth & Ann Sorley 

4 J. & R. Morison, accountants 
... Robert Morison, accountant 

6 Duncan Menzies, weaver 
... Isabella M'Farlane 

8 R. H. Moncrieff & Co., w.s. 

10 J. & J. Miller, w.s. 

Bridge Lane. 

3 Alexander Sidey, gardener 
... Mrs Thomas M'Quhae 

... William Young, upholsterer 
.. Mrs Alexander Sim, staymaker 

7 Henry Reid, hairdresser 

9 Don. M'Gregor, railway porter 
... Thos. Townsend, machine agent 
... Thos. M'Ewen, mason's labourer 
... David Robertson, labourer 

... James Eggo, fireman 

11 Richard Dobbie, slater 

13 Charles Pullar, dairyman 

15 Henry Reid, hairdresser 
... James M'Nicoll, cleaner 
... James Kemp, surfaceman 

... Henry Davidson, engine fitter 

17 T. S. Wightman, cabinetmaker 
21 Alex. M'Gregor, bookbinder 

18 Peter M'Arthur, spirit merchant 

16 George Hall, gamedealer 

14 Jessie M'Lean 

... Andrew Mackay, bootmaker 
... Henry Cuthbert, bootmaker 
... Catherine M'Lean, dyer's finishr 
... James Pitcaithly, slater 

12 Lorenzi Mussi, ice cream shop 
10 Henry Cuthbert, fruiterer 


8 Alexander Young, cabman 
... Mrs James M'Diarmid 
. . . John Brodie Spittal, labourer 
... Robert M'Bain, pavior 

6 Mrs Alexander Sim, staymaker 

4 Mrs James M'Bain, mangier 

2 James Halley, cutter 
... John Barclay, painter 
... Mrs John Coventry 
... William Munro, joiner 
... Charles Heggie, joiner 
... William Craigon, farm grieve 
... James F. Ferguson, clerk 

Brown Street— see Market Street 
Burton Place — see Nelson Street 

Caledonian Road 

8 James M'Gregor, labourer 
... David Walker, watchman 

. . Adam Amos, pointsman 
... Kenneth M'Rae, detective 
.. John Hendry, engineer 
... Henry Russell, telegh. workman 
... James Powrie, stone cutter 
.. David Hallyburton, blacksmith 
14 David M 'Lagan, plumber 
... James Douglas, clothier 
... William Caw, dyer 
... Wm. Campbell, engine-driver 
... Andrew Reid, porter 
... Adam Moffat, shepherd 
... Peter Tulloch, plasterer 
... John Wilson, tea merchant 
16 James Watson, dairyman 
18 Peter M'Kenzie, tailor 
... Alex.. Bennet, plant inspector 
... John Bain, blacksmith 
... Mrs David M'Culloch 
... Alexander Play, slater 
... Mrs David Thomson 
... Mrs Robert Douglas 
20 John Doe, implement agent 
22 Mrs Wm. Deuchars, dressmaker 
... James Douglas, engine-driver 
... David Wilkie, shoemaker 
. . Andrew Hunter, coal agent 
... Robert Mitchell, lapper 
... John Duff, glassblower 
24 William Cattanach, saddler 
Market street here 

26 Thomas Forest, grocer 
28 Alexander Walch, blacksmith 
. . Janet Young, lodgings 
.. 'William Davidson, carter 
. Mrs George Douglas 
.. John M'Lean, cellarman 
.. Alexander Auld, joiner 
.. Mrs Samuel Petrie 
30 Hugh Shannon, joiner 
. Robert Bowie, railway guard 
. George M'Kenzie, dairyman 
. Mrs John Pa ton 
. John Ireland, bootmaker 
. John M'Laren, clerk 
. Mrs Robb 

. Thomas Clark, undertaker 
32 Mrs William Grant 
. James Kennedy, joiner 
. Mrs Thomas Boyd 
. David Thomson, cloth finisher 
. Peter Kaye, beamer 
. George Petrie, signalman 
. William Taylor, engine-driver 
. Alexander Scotland, dyer 
34 Alexander M'Farlane, clerk 
C. M'Laren 

Duncan M'Callum, draper 
David Allan, mason 
David Inglis, pensioner 
John Cameron, plumber 
Mrs Harriet Inglis 
Charles Rodgie, hairdresser 
36 J. &. J. Smith, grain merchants 
42 British Linen Co. Bank (branch) 
Stewart's Place — 
George Christie, sculptor 
Margaret Chalmers, lodgings 
Janet Scott, lodgings 
James Gray 

George M 'Glynn, dyer's finisher 
J. W. Lambert, dressmaker 
Sebastian M'Farlane, dyer's fin. 
Mrs Andrew Shaw, greengrocer 
fames Kilgour, letter carrier 
Charles Thomson, cycle agent 
George Christie, sculptor (yard) 
J. Stalker, builder (yard) 
St. Andrew Street — 
J. Bathgate & Co., preserve mnf. 
Winton & Co. , steam laundry 
Alexander Scott, wool merchant 




John R. Miller, organ builder 
Mrs Robert Kennedy, lodgings 
William Anderson, sculptor 
David Wilkie, horsedealer 
Kinnoiill causeway here 
J. Thomson Keiller, coachbldr. 
York place here 
Perth Auction Market — Mac- 

donald, Fraser, & Co. 
Thomas MTntosh, overseer 
William Harley, cattleman 
Walter Baker, Market Hotel 
Mrs Robb, Register for Servants 

Canal Street. 

Robert Mitchell, mason 

James Pringle, gardener 

Robert J. Marshall, job master 

Alexander M 'Martin, saddler 

Jane Campbell, dressmaker 

Joseph Bertie, clerk 

George Sinclair, cellarman 

Princes street here 

A. S. M 'Arthur, vet. surgeon 

Cow vennel here 

Mrs Alexander Tainsh, laundress 

Alexander Forbes, coach-painter 

Peter P. Stewart, bootmaker 

James Neilson, horsebreaker 

Alexander Bell & Son, slaters 

George Bell, slater 

Shadroch Wheatly, shipmaster 

David Donald, dyer's finisher 

George Alexander, dyer 

John Scott, weigher 

John Fleming, joiner 

Peter M'Laren, goods guard 

James Morton, fireman 

Charles Gold, shunter 

William Hendrie 

Dougald M'Dougald, cab-driver 

John Currie, yardsman 

Mrs David King 

Thomas Tait, fishmonger 

Duncan M'Laren, gardener 

Mrs James Brough 

William Agnes, sawyer 

James Laing, butcher 

William Angus, labourer 

Alexander Wight, book agent 

John M'Craw, storekeeper 

47 Thomas Henderson, painter 
... John Dawson, fitter 
... James Ballantine, joiner 
49 Robert M'Laggan, platelayer 
Victoria Court — 

1 James Walker, railway porter 
. . Murdoch M 'Lean, engine-drvr 
.. Alex. Keir, warehouseman 

2 Mary Ann Belmont 
.. J. Paterson, telegraph lineman 

3 T. M 'Laren, parcel postman 
.. Mrs M'Kenzie 
.. Mrs Gethin 
.. Robert M'Condach, rail. insp. 

4 Walter M'Gregor, warder 
.. James Gardiner, porter 

5 John Bannerman, carter 
.. Murdoch M'Lean, clerk 
.. Anthony Lewis, coachman 
Homers'' lane here 

65 Andrew Grindlay, engine-driver 
... James Ballantine, joiner 
67 J. M. Millar, musicseller 
69 Co-operative Society— dairy 
71 Co-op. tailoring department 
73 Mrs Alexander Hunt 
James Harrower, joiner 
David Easson, joiner 
James Brown, gatekeeper 
Thos. Donaldson, railway guard 
James Fraser, planemaker 
Mrs William Leslie, nurse 
James Young, glazier 
Charles L. Lindsay, clerk 
John M 'Donald, chintz glazer 
David Carstairs, joiner 
William Milne, railway porter 
75 Co-operative Society — millinery 
77 Co-operative Society — drapery 

Scott street here 
85 Mrs John Cameron 
Ann Stewart 

Wm. MTntosh, railway guard 
James M'Laren, blacksmith 
John Grant, shepherd 
William Deuchars, mechanic 
Angus M 'Diarmid, brassfinisher 
John Sharp, night watchman 
David Moncrieff, mason 
John Young, painter 
James M'Rorie, lamplighter 

:2 4 


85 James M'Ewen, clerk 
... James Proudfoot, shepherd 
. . . Jas. Mellis, sewing machine agt. 
109 John G.Cunningham, grain mer. 
Canal Crescent — 

121 Muir & Martin, brewers 

123 Helen M 'Arthur 

125 John Henderson, brewer 
1 27 James Neilson, horsebreaker 

129 Charles Fairweather, carter 
131 Alexander Moir, mason 
133 Robert Walker, labourer 

... Alex. G. Robertson, tinsmith 
... Maggie Clark 

135 William White, labourer 
... Margaret Nicoll 

... Mrs M'Gregor 
... John Oswald, carter 
... Mrs Keay, dressmaker 
137 Helen Johnstone 
139 John Campbell, tailor 
... Alex. Moncrieff, glassblower 
... Robert Fawcett, paper-ruler 
... William Brown, dyer 
141 James S. Moncrieff, glassblower 
143 John Mai loch, hairdresser 
145 A. & E. Paterson, wine mer. 
Canal Street— 

136 James Lamond, french cleaner 

130 Mrs Alex. Anderson, fruiterer 
128 George K. Ford, clerk 

124 William Halley, mason 

122 James Scrimgeour, finisher 

.. Mrs Alex. Anderson, fruiterer 

... David Morrison, porter 

... Helen Peebles 

... Peter Edwards, lorryman 

... Helen Taylor 
120 George Watson, carter 

. . . Alexander Livingstone, labourer 

... Alexander Davidson, carter 

... James Milne, fireman 

... Amelia Donaldson 
118 James M'Call, porter 
112 John M'Dougall, tenter 
108 Miss Farquharson 
Charteris street here 
Reform Place — 
106 John Robertson, gardener 
104 Thomas Tunnah, labourer 
102 John Smith, tailor 

100 James Hogg, dyer's labourer 
... John Fuller, dyer 
98 James Dargie, butler 
96 Henry Campbell, bootmaker 
94 James Mill, baker 
. . . Alexander High, goods guard 
92 Helen M'Farlane 
90 Henry Campbell, shoemaker 
88 Andrew M'Farlane, carter 
... Wm. Alexander, coachwheeler 
... Robert Allan, plasterer 
. . Wm. Mackenzie, railway clerk 
85 Magdalene Robertson 
84 Robert Christie, fireman 
82 David Boyd, plasterer 
... John Galletly, compositor 
80 George Rugg, pensioner 
78 Ann Nicoll, dressmaker 
76 George Strachan, grocer 
Scott street here 
Charles street here 
Canal Street — 
60 W. B. Thomson, spirit merchant 
46 W. Thomson & Co. , coachbldrs. 
40 William Robertson, engineer 
38 to 32 Leslie's Printing & Litho- 
graphic Works 
30 John Stewart, horsedealer 
24 Star Buildings — 

Alexander M'Lean, detective 
Andrew Anderson, lithographer 
Chas. M'Farlane, dyer's finisher 
William Robertson, engineer 
John Grafnt, depute chief con- 
stable of Perthshire 
Francis J. Ogilvie, com. traveller 
Mrs John Murray 
'I homas Barbour, joiner 
Mrs Robert Brown, lodgings 
Mrs James M'Leish, ironer 
Princes street here 
20 George Meikle, spirit merchant 
18 Daniel Gow, retired coal mer. 
... John Cree, coal merchant 
... Mrs John M'Glashan 
. . . Isabella Taylor 
... Robert Wilkinson, postman 
... James Anderson, clerk 
10 James Watson, dyer 
... John M'Lean, retired coachman 
. . . John M 'Lagan, asylum attendant 



10 Mrs Peter M 'Ornish 


Mrs Peter Scott 

... George Menzies, corn agent 

Jessie Johnman, tailoress 

6 Mrs Peter M ' Artnur 


William M'Gregor, iron-fitter 

... David Cuthbert, dyer's finisher 


John Fraser, vanman 

... Charles Gellatly, ex-warder 

2 3 

William Strathearn, dyer 

... William Hutcheson, bo:tler 

George Pearson, mechanic 

... Alexander Richardson, seaman 

Thomas Thomson, labourer 

... Ann Burry 

James Duff, pensioner 

... Mary Ann Henderson 

Mrs Thomas Scott 

... James Henderson, joiner 
... Mrs Alexander Rodgie 


... Bernard Waddel, coachmaker 


Mrs James Glen, shopkeeper 

... Mrs Frederick Miller 


Alexander Doig, traveller 

... John M' Donald, colporteur 

Alexander M'Intyre, cabman 

... Robert MTntyre, engine-fitter 

James Gray, clerk 

... George Goble, coachmaker 

Alfred Reid, dyer's finisher 

... John Young, janitor 

Jessie Rodger 

... Thomasina Hendry, dressmaker 


Ann Davidson, confectioner 

... Rosa Hughes 


John White, jeweller 

... George Strathdee, labourer 

John Peggie, wood turner 

... Catherine Clark 

Mrs John M^Duff 

Spey^ate here 

Mrs John Borthwick 

4 Mrs Alexa Jack 

William Robertson, ironturner 

... Miller & Gall, printers 

Henry Imrie, pointsman 

Carpenter Street. 


Annie Drysdale 
Bruck Place — 

2 George Craigie, lamplighter 

Alfred Hughes, sailor 

4 Mary Galletly, seamstress 

John Ford, joiner 

... James Flanagan, lathsplitter 

Peter Marshall, porter 

6 William Pearson, dyer 

James Murray, church officer 

... James Stewart, plasterer 

Alexander Lornie, dyer 

... Mrs John Taylor 

James Barty, dyer's finisher 

... John Allison, cabinetmaker 

Jessie Rintoull, dairykeeper 

... James Wilson, joiner 

Laurence Rintoull 

8 Richard M'Gregor, coachman 


Peter Bisset, labourer 

10 Edward Collins, dyer 


Hugh M'Kinlay, dyer's finisher 

... Hossack Cowan, shoemaker 

Margaret Burgess 

... Patrick Flynn, labourer 

William Dow, policeman 

... Euphemia M'Naughton 

Mrs Thomas Smith 

... Duncan Robertson, labourer 

Alexander Donnelly, labourer 

12 Duncan M'Gregor, general smith 

John Cowper, salesman 

Union street here 

Mrsjas. Cunningham, innkpr. 

16 Mrs Peter Smith 

Mrs Margaret Gowans 

18 Robert Bruce, labourer 


C. & J. M 'Donald, wine mrchts. 

... Catherine Stewart, seamstress 


Bernard M 'Anally, shoemaker 

... Mrs Alexander M'Glashan 

Thomas Foy, dyer 

... Mrs William Gray 

John Dunsmore, labourer 

20 Mrs James Sutherland 

Georgina Malloch 

... Robert Murray, labourer 

Dennis Love, surfaceman 

24 Catherine M'Leod 

Andrew Carnegie, labourer 

... George M 'Donald, coachsmith 

Jessie M'Kenzie 



27 William Carnegie, labourer 

. William Drummond, labourer 
. Thomas Henichen, coal carter 
. Mrs Patrick Scarry 
. Neil Kennedy, shoemaker 
. David Malcolm, labourer 

29 Mrs S. M'Conochie, seamstress 

31 Margaret Moore, cowfeeder 
... John Moore, tailor 

33 "Mary Tait, factory worker 

Catherine Turnbull 

Mrs John M 'Donald 

Mrs Robert Laing 

Mrs Alexander Stewart 

Sarah Thomson 
35 John Nicoll, shoemaker 
37 Mrs William Fenwick 

39 Thomas Foy, sen., fireman 
. James Clark, painter 

. George Reid, labourer 

. Mrs David Duff 

. David Sinclair, labourer 

. John Wilson, dyer 

. Mrs Janet Rae 

. John Fyfe, dyer 

. Agnes Gardiner 

. David Smith, tailor 

. Alexander Balmain, labourer 

. Mrs Thomas Wight 

. John Younger, dyer's labourer 

. William Malcolm, porter 

. William Ford, gas stoker 

41 Jane Readdie, shopkeeper 

43 Peter Stewart, dairy 

45 Thomas Hall, glassblower 
58 John M'Pherson, painter 

... Jane Stewart, dyer's finisher 
56 Christopher Hutchison, cowfedr. 

46 David Paton, miller 

44 Mrs Janet Stevens 

42 Peter Knight, labourer 

40 Alexander Morton, labourer 
Horse Cross — 

32 Mrs Peter Sharp, laundress 

30 John Duff, labourer 

28 James Duff, gardener 

... David Oliphant, cabman 

... Jane Irvine 

... John Symon, lorryman 

... James H. Jackson, printer, &c. 

10 Tames Lowe, fishdealer 

Thomas Cross, fireman 
Mrs David Syme 
John Campbell, labourer 
David Douglas, painter 
David Hutchison, labourer 
William Kinnoch, labourer 
David Armstrong, labourer 
Mrs James Barbour 

Charles Street. 

Gas Manager's Office 

12 John Lowe, commission agent 
William Sharp, grain merchant 

Charlotte Street. 

1 Barbara & Mary Spottiswoode 

3 David Fleming, surgeon 

5 James Ferguson, m.b. and CM. 

7 M. & J. Crichton 

... Crichton & Son, surgeon dentists 
9 Lydia Mainland, dressmaker 

1 1 James Chalmers 
... Mrs David Young 

... Peter Crichton, joiner 

13 J. & D. Smith, drapers 
Charlotte Place — 

1 Mrs C. C. Stuart 
... Robert Shand, teacher 
3 Milton R. Callender, surgeon 
5 David S. Dow, painter 
... Daniel Sinclair, teacher 
... Mrs James Proudfoot 
24 J. & D. Smith, drapers 
18 James Ritchie, civil engineer 
... Miss Belfrage, lodgings 
. . . Mrs John Young 
. . . Mrs William Lees 

14 Tohn Munro, jeweller, &c. 

12 Mrs W. D. Scott 

... Mrs Walter Ross, milliner 
10 A. & L. Bayne, milliners 

8 King James VI. Golf Club 

6 William Proudfoot, artist 
... Mrs David Scott 

... Mrs James Bayne 

... Jno. G. Wilson, golfgreenkeeper 

4 J. & D. Smith, drapers 

2 James Young, bank porter 
. . . John Young, bank teller 



Charteris Street. 

1 James Small, city missionary 

.. James Heggie, railway servant 
5 John Todd & Co., ink manufact. 
7 Elizabeth Cunningham 
9 Elizabeth Martin 

... J. R. Gourlay, dyer's finisher 

. . . Betsy Bisset 

1 1 Mrs Grieve, nurse 

13 Robert M'Kenzie, bootmaker 

15 Jas. Stenhouse, railway servant 
. . . Mrs Thomas Dewar 

... James Martin, draper 
... Mrs James M 'Donald 

2 William Macgregor, clerk 

... George Marshall, engine-fitter 

Cherry Lane. 

3 Thomas Smith, wood turner 
... Isabella Deuchars 

... Mrs John M'Crosty 

. . . James Robertson, joiner 


1 Mrs Duncan M'Gregor 
. . . James Cairns, weaver 
... Thomas Nairn, blacksmith 
. . . Alexander Banks, painter 
... Mrs James Williamson 

3 John Ramsay, engine-driver 
... Duncan Munro, shepherd 

5 William Shepherd, tailor 

7 James Fraser, carter 

... Alexander Murie, railway porter 
9 James Galloway, sawmiller 

11 George Banks, plumber 

13 William Fraser, painter 
18 Robert Glass, weaver 

16 Peter Boyle, weaver 

14 David Comrie, dyer 

12 Mrs George Banks 

10 George Luke, cabinetmaker 

8 Mrs James Luke 

4 Peter Kirk, skinner 

2 Alex. Lawson, railway servant 
... David Banks, inkmaker 

County Plaee. 

1 Alexander Flett, fish merchant - 

3 Mrs W. H. Ilarley, restaurateur 
7 Andrew Macowan, draper 

Alexander Kennedy, fruiterer 
James Harrier, dairyman 
Miss M'Inroy, confectioner 
Royal Bank of Scotland — West 

End Branch 
D. C. Anderson, clothier 
P. & P. Campbell, dyers 
William Hunter, stationer 
Mrs A. Anderson, fruiterer 
John Bell, watchmaker 
Bella Hope, confectioner 
David Fenwick, timekeeper 
Wm. Tolmie, warehouseman 
Perth Co-operative Society 
John Patterson County place 

Walter Wilson & Co., drapers 
Lochgelly Coal Co. (Limited) 
James Miller, dyer 
John Adam, railway guard 
Georgina Dunbar, lodgings 
James Hay, engine-fitter 
James Crerar, dyer's finisher 
David Pearson, builder 
William Blair, dyer 
James Goodall, clerk 
David Ford, glazier 
M. Galbraith, warehouseman 
Mrs W. Galletly, lodgings 
Patrick Young, compositor 
William Low & Co., grocers 
Thomas Duncanson, baker 
Thomas Smith, spirit dealer 
Miss Paterson 

Robert Oliver, engine-driver 
David Halley, dyer's finisher 
John Allan, blacksmith 
William Cattanach, saddler 
David C. Young, draper 
John M'Kenzie, fishing tackle 

Alexander Sturrock, lathsplitter 
James Fraser, engine-driver 
James Crone, tailor 
Catherine Anderson 
Allan D. Paterson, dyer 
David Bisset, engine-driver 
Duncan Stewart, tailor 
Duncan Carmichael, bootmaker 
John M'Diarmid, grocer 
Alexander Stewart, hairdresser 



Cow Vennel. 

3 James Grant, gatekeeper 
... John Folan, carter 
. . . Alex. Ross, mason's labourer 

9 Betsy Campbell, ironer 

11 Teter Clow, labourer 

- . . William Crawford, labourer 

... Alexander Stewart, labourer 

... George Malloch, labourer 

... George Baumer, watchmaker 

. . Mrs Andrew Herd 

13 Mrs R. Smeaton 
... James Ross, porter 
19 Peter Johnston, joiner 

21 Wm. Drummond engine-driver 
... George K. Stewart, saddler 
. . . John Ford, dyer's labourer 
. . . Donald Grant 

18 George Murray, butcher 

16 Herbert B. M'Laren, carter 
... Mrs Robert Imrie 

14 James Swan, baker 

12 William Fenton, butcher 

10 David Sinclair, coachman 
... John Brown, vanman 

8 Michael Corbie, labourer 

6 Charles Gillie, skin curer 
... Thomas Fisken, tailor 

... Gersham Robertson, waiter 

... Alexander Fernie, coachwheeler 

4 Henry Norwell 

... Mrs George Clark 

. . . Robert Blellock, coach-builder 

... Alexander M'Rorie, labourer 

2 William Fisher, undertaker 
... John Wright, labourer 

Cross Street. 

I James White lorryman 

3 Peter M 'Cowan, upholsterer 

5 Edward M 'Donald, joiner 

... William Carmichael, fireman 

7 Joseph Sage, draper 

9 Grace Hay 

... Thomas Hay, boilermaker 

1 1 Andrew Morrison, dresser 

13 Chas. Wilson, carriage inspector 
... Mrs Thomas Miller 

15 Henry Brand, carter 

1 7 Betsy Matthews, factory worker 

19 Wm. Garvie, telegraph lineman 


Mrs Joseph Ogilvie, mangier 
Mrs Donald Russell 
Edward Sharp, brassfounder 
Peter Cunningham, surfaceman 
David Blackstock, telegraph line- 
George Munro, carter 
James Young, labourer 
Andrew Russell, mail driver 
George Kellock, carter 
Mrs William Lawrence 
John Keay, parcel porter 
Mrs John Sime, spirit dealer 
William Keay, painter 
P. M'L. Young, dyer's finisher 
William Gibson, smith 
John Allan, railway porter 
John Fraser, painter 
Mrs David Halley 
Dune. M'Dougall, dyer's finisher 
Mrs James Robb 
William Scott, shepherd 
William Doig, engine-fitter 
William Parry, mason 
Maggie M'Gregor, confectioner 
William Arthur, signalman 
James W. Ross, railway clerk 
Queen's Hotel 
John Haggart, platelayer 
James Wilson, railway guard 
Peter M'Farlane, labourer 
Mrs William Craik 
Duncan Campbell, hammerman 
James Cunningham, fisher 
Wm. Robertson, railway porter 
Euphemia Thompson, dressmkr. 
John Murray, tailor 
Peter T. Chalmers, mason 
John Robertson, labourer 
John Keay, dyer 
Mrs John Robinson 
James M'Gregor, labourer 
Donald M'Diarmid, wire fencer 
George Lamond, carter 
Mrs Alexander Beveridge 
William M 'Pherson, boilermaker 
George Newlands, fireman 
Mrs John Chalmers 
Robert Deuchars, railway porter 
John Stewart, surfaceman 
William Clark, engine-driver 



Cutlog" Vennel. 

1 Robert Batchelor, loftman 

.. David Edward, assurance agent 

3 John M'Lauchlan, labourer 

.. Peter M'Laren, fireman 

.. Peter M 'Donald, labourer 

.. John Bryon, labourer 

.. Jane M'Farlane 

.. Janet Miller 

.. William Strachen, scavenger 

.. Dan. M'Pherson, cabinetmaker 

3 Mrs David Cochrane 
. . Mrs James Forbes 

.. James MTnroy 

. . Mrs John White 

. . Mrs Mary White 

.. Isabella Robertson 

. Grace Robertson 

.. Grace Reid 

.. Mrs William Isaac 

.. Catherine A. MTntosh 

.. William M'Gillivray, billposter 

.. Mrs Alexander Masterton 

.. John M'Farlane 

.. Jessie Taylor 

.. Mrs Charles Jackson 

5 Perth Barm Company 

7 George Glass, dyer's preparer 
,. Margaret and Agnes Scott 

.. Ann Rodgie 

.. Ann Fraser 

. . Mrs George Taylor 

.. Stewart Gow, carpet weaver 

.. Susan Stewart, dairykeeper 

4 Aberdeen Loan Co. Offices 

Daniel Ross, coal and iron mer. 

8 William Jack, dairykeeper 
,. Malcolm Shaw, engineer 

. Catherine M 'Donald 

Dunkeld Road. 

(North of Barrack Street). 
Balhousie Buildings — 

1 William Menzies, fireman 

2 Gregory M. Garvie, salesman 

3 Donald Scott, timekeeper 

5 David M 'Donald, dyer 

6 Daniel Scott, calico glazer 

7 Stewart Maconochie, brassfndr. 

8 Andrew Burns, warehouseman 

9 John Firth, carpet weaver 

10 William Little, gardener 

11 Mrs Reid, dyeworker 

12 Betsy Adams, dyeworker 

13 Adam Pairman, dyer 

14 Andrew Young, miller 

15 Rosina Robinson, weaver 

16 Thomas Ingram, gardener 

18 Mrs Christina Miller 

19 George Mackay, dyer 

20 William Mitchell, dyer 

21 Mary Taylor, dyeworker 

22 Mrs John Thorn 

23 Alex. Laurie, carpet weaver 

24 John Rylance, dyer's finisher 

Shields' Place — 

1 Jessie Stewart, grocer 

2 Thomas Miller, cropper 

3 Alex. Cameron, dyer's finisher 

4 John Rattray, glove dyer 

5 Edward Murphy, dyer 

6 John Cruickshank, watchman 

7 David W. Low, clerk 

8 George Cruikshank, plumber 

9 John Taylor, dyer 

10 George Archbold, church officer 

1 1 Alexander Keltie, dyer 

12 James Jamieson, cutter 

13 David Taylor, signalman 

14 Andrew Walker, qrtr-mstr-sergt. 

15 James Nicoll, dyer's labourer 

16 Jas. Roy, harness loom mounter 

17 John M'Arthur, tailor 

18 Alexander Innes, platelayer 

19 James Low, shopman 

20 David Scott, reporter 

21 Mrs Thomas Blair 

22 John W. Craig, gunmaker 

23 John Jolly, mason 

24 James Carruthers, clerk 

25 James Finlay, chintz glazer 

26 Wm. Campbell, mechanic's labr. 

27 John Waterson 

28 Alexander Simpson, dyer 

29 John Stewart, dyer's finisher 

30 Edward Chalmers, carpet weaver 

31 Ann Bell 

32 Andrew Brown, shoemaker 

33 Edward Stevenson, book agent 

34 John Farrell, reporter 



35 John Spence, insurance agent 

36 David Buchanan, plumber 

37 Alexander Grant, calenderer 

38 William Davidson, calenderer 

39 Mrs William Chalmers 

40 Alexander Morison, flour miller 

Readdie's Buildings — 

1 David Allan, carter 

2 Andrew Bruce, plumber 

3 Andrew M. Laing, foreman 

4 John Davidson, bath superint'nt 

5 Salvator Croari, dyer 

6 Alexander M'Gregor. printer 

7 James Pirnie, dresser 

8 George Soutar, dyer's finisher 

9 John R. Wilson, dyer's finisher 

10 James Robertson, joiner 

11 Gregor M'Gregor, com. traveller 

12 John Scott, police-sergeant 

13 Mrs Mary Scott Buxton 

14 Thomas Bruce, green keeper 

15 Mrs Archibald M'Lauchlan 

16 Jessie M'Leod 

17 Robert Hamilton, laundryman 

18 Alexander Fraser, joiner 

19 Jacob Nef, dyer's finisher 

20 David Shilland, chintz glazer 

21 Charles Hay, clerk 

22 John Alexander, tailor's cutter 

23 Agnes Donnagan, laundress 

24 William Dobbie, hoistman 
Myrtle Place — 

1 Thomas Ballantine, house agent 

2 Duncan Sinclair, wood merchant 

3 David C. \oung, clothier 

4 Mrs Thomas Miller 
Hawthorn Bank — 

James Tainsh, grocer 
Mrs James Nairne 

Westview Cottage — 
John Munro, foreman dyer 
James Nairn, painter 

Rosebank Villa- 
Andrew Moyes, clothier 
David Peddie, iron merchant 

Elderslie Villa- 
William G. Ramsay, slater 
Mrs John MTntosh 

Albert' Villa —George Nicholson 
J. & A. Duncan 

Lome Villa — Mrs Stewart 

Thomas Dow 
The Perth Steam Laundry 
Perth Public Swimming Baths — 

John Davidson, superintendent 
Wallace Works — 

John Shields & Co. , manufacturers 
The Perth Dye-Works— 

P. & P. Campbell, dyers 

Peter Ockain, foreman engineer 
Balhousie Terrace — 

James M'Ewan, foreman finisher 

George Farquhar, chief clerk, P.O. 

Charlotte Clement 

James Hobson, painter 

David Moir, dyer 

William Mitchell, labourer 
Balhousie Works — 

Coates Brothers & Co. , manufacts. 

William Simpson, mechanic (lodge) 

Earl's Dykes. 

1 Thos. Dalgleish, railway porter 
Peter Penney, dyer's cleaner 
George Shaw, carriage inspector 
William Stark, blacksmith 
George Miller, labourer 
Mrs James Rattray 
Peter Robertson, fireman 
Humphrey Christie, porter 
John Allan, dyer's cleaner 
Elizabeth Borthwick 
Robert Smith, tailor 
David Smith, clerk 
. Joseph W. Aitken, horsedealer 
Caledonian Buildings — 

1 John Murray, clerk 

2 William Donaldson, grocer 

3 David M 'Donald, dyer 

4 William Crow, coachsmith 

5 James Molphy, waiter 

6 John Clunie, joiner 

7 David W T hite, tailor 

8 James Thomson, dyer 

9 John Williamson, yardsman 

10 John M'Donald, glassblower 

1 1 Alex. Stewart, railway porter 

12 Alex. M'Phail, railway guard 

13 James Inglis, detective 

14 James Stewart, clerk 

15 John Anderson, yardsman 





16 Mrs David Stewart 

17 George Cameron, brakesman 

18 John Houston, railway porter 

19 Dun. Stewart, railway signalman 

20 James Peddie, joiner 

21 Wm. Cuthbert, grocer's assistant 

22 John Gorrie, letter stamper 

23 James Henderson, fireman 

24 Andrew B. M'Laren, plumber 

25 Alexander Robertson, fireman 

26 James Webster, tailor 

27 Mrs Cameron, lodgings 

28 Allan Ford, tailor 

29 John Ross, night watchman 

30 John Beattie, carter 

31 "Mrs James Sharp 

32 Andrew Robertson, guard 

33 John Lindsay, signalman 

34 James Forbes, carter 

35 John M'Rostie, dyer 

36 Mrs George Rushforth 

37 John M'Laggan, tenter 

38 Andrew Bayne, railway clerk 

39 James Williamson, signalman 

40 John Stirling, railway signalman 

Edinburgh Road. 

General Prison for Scotland — 
Lt.-Col. John Campbell, governor 
William Clarke, deputy-governor 
Robert Wittet, chief-clerk 
John Wighton, clerk 
Peter R. Kinnoch, steward 
Peter Patillo, chief warder 
James Don, warder 
Donald M 'Donald, warder 
Duncan Irvine, warder 
James Mason, warder 
Alexander Kidd, warder 
David Easter, warder 
John Brown, warder 
Andrew Hood, warder 
John M'Bryde, warder 

i Campbell Lewis, warder 
John Campbell, warder 

, John Tannahill, warder 

' James Anderson, warder 
George Esplin, warder 
Andrew M'Culloch, warder 
James Wilson, warder 
John Moir, warder 

Robert Scrimger, warder 
Philip Spelman, warder 
John Murie, warder 
William Paton, warder 
George M'Clelland, warder 
David Young, warder 
Peter Arnott, warder 
George Cameron, warder 
George Rae, warder 
John M 'Naughton, surgeon, South- 
Elizabeth Francis Stirling, matron 
Mrs Logie, sub-matron 
Breadalbane Terrace — 

1 William G. Barclay, engineer 

2 Samuel H. Cuthbert, clerk 

3 James Bisset, loco, foreman 

4 Peter Morris, engineer 

5 Geo. Paterson, waggon inspector 
Edin Terrace — 

1 David Ferrier, coal agent 

2 Mrs Donald M'Farlane 

3 Mrs A. Stewart 

4 Don. Mackintosh, burgh assessor 
Bellevue House — 

Mrs George Brittain 
Craigie Park Terrace — 

Mrs John M'Leod 

John M'Farlane, carter 

Mrs John Craigie, cook 

Elizabeth Forbes 

David Martin, clerk 

William Harris, finisher 

John Featherstone, railway servant 

David Fernie, railway servant 

Thomas M'Farlane, fitter 

John Doctor, retired farmer 

David Wright, butcher 

Mrs William Scotland 

Mrs William Phillips 

George Grandison, clerk 

John Campbell 

Mrs John M'Farlane, dairy 

M'Cormack & Son, ropemakers 
Elibank Street— see Glasgow Road. 

Fleshers' Vennel. 

1 Isabella Forbes 

3 John Hume, blacksmith 

5 William Hobson, dyer's finisher 
... Christina M 'Donald 



7 Agnes Conacher, factory worker 
9 Mrs Jane Reilly 

II Patrick Flynn, labourer 
... Mrs Maillie 

13 John Rejlly, labourer 

15 Chas. Docherty, chimney sweep 
17 Mrs Mary Turnbull 

... Michael Cussack, drover 

21 George Proudfoot, restaurateur 

... William Allan, vanman 

4 James Hobbin, scavenger 

2 Bernard M'Kernan, labourer 
... Mrs George Elliot 

... Mrs John M'Naughton 

Foundry Lane. 

6 William M 'Donald, shoemaker 
... Peter Brown, dyer's labourer 

8 William Swan, joiner 

... John M'Callum, fireman 

... David Isdale, dyer 

... John Stewart, shoemaker 

... Duncan Stewart, labourer 

10 Mrs Jas. Proven, straw hat mkr. 

... Andrew Downie, timekeeper 

... James Kinloch, dyer's finisher 

... Robert M'Farlane 

... Charles Malcolm, carpenter 

... Mrs Jackson 

14 James Peck, railway porter 
... Alexander Freel. labourer 

16 A. Hedderwick, butcher 
... John Jack, spirit dealer 
... Janet Brought, seamstress 

7 George Chrystal, engineer 

Friarton — see Shore. 

George Street. 

I Wm. Harley, fruiterer and florist 

3 Andrew Brown, hosier 

5 David Bruce, commerl. traveller 
... Robert Meldrum, teacher 

... Ritchie & Bowie, solicitors 
7 George Wylie, ironmonger 

9 John MTntosh, stock broker 
13 Thomas Duncanson, baker 

15 James Templeton, hosier 

• 19 City & County Conservative Club 
21 Robt. Robertson & Co., grocers 
23 R. A. & J. Hay. stationers 
25 Pinkerton & Sneddon, solicitors 

25 Hope Stewart, slater 
. . . Mrs David Roy 
27 Robert Hay & Sons, drapers 
29 Reid & Donald, chemists 
31 Mrs James Stewart 
.. Peter Campbell, bellhanger 
.. Mrs Archibald Campbell 
.. Alexander Stewart, solicitor 
.. Mrs Peter Greenhill 
.. Edward Robertson, slater 
33 Alex. H. Crawford, engraver, &c. 
35 A. Darling & Co., hatters 
37 Mary M 'Kinky 
... Margaret Crow 
... Wm. D. Bell, dyer's cleaner 
... James Smith, asylum attendant 
. . , Robert Brown, insurance agent 
39 J. K. M. Hardie, hairdresser 
41 John Campbell, optician 
43 I )uncan Maclean, milliner 
45 C. S. Dick, confectioner 
47 David Donald, chemist 
... Andrew T. Wilson, bootmaker 
... John Baird, jeweller 
... Duncan M'Gregor, butcher 
George Inn Lane — 
Andrew M'Kenzie, engine-driver 
James Penman, soldier 
James Norwell, church officer 
Robert Duncan, blacksmith 
Thomas Adams, labourer 
James Milne, postboy 
Mrs James Pearson 
Thomas Mitchell, coachsmith 
Mrs Laura Duff 
Thomas Neill, platelayer 
John Gillon, bellhanger 
Peter M'Leod, brassfinisher 
William Sinclair, carriage buildr. 
Reid & Donald's aerated water 
51 Robt. Menzies, Royal George Ht. 
53 David Heron, clothier 
55 Samuel C. Boothman, tobacconist 
57 Mrs Isabella Boothman 
.. Jane Napier 

59 Robert Dow & Son, painters 
61 Peter Cree, engine-fitter 
... Mrs Margaret Porter 
... Margaret Murison, dressmaker 
... Mackenzie & Dickson, solicitors 




6 7 





James M'Laren, solicitor 
Mrs Irons, sick nurse 
Christina Murray 
Robert Lees, gunmaker 
David Plenderson, grocer 
Ballantine & Christie, milliners 
R. H. Miller, M.A., LL.B.,solictr. 
Mrs Farquhar Stewart 
Duncan M'Gregor, butcher 
Donald MTntyre, painter 
Peter Wightman, bank messenger 
Condie & Co., solicitors 
British Linen Company Bank 
The Royal Bank of Scotland 
C. & J. M 'Donald, wine merch. 
George Brown, agent 
Mrs James Munro 
Heiton & Granger, architects 
Andrew M 'Lagan, bootmaker 
Ann Lamond, washer 
Macintosh & Co. , cabinetmakers 
Peter Campbell, bellhanger 
Alexander Forrester, house agt. 
Bridge lane here 
J. Jamieson & Co. , clothiers 
E. A. Leitham, confectioner 
M. Dow, milliner 
R. & J. Marshall, job-masters 
M. & J. Dyer, umbrella makers 

John Jack, solicitor 
Mrs David Henderson 

John Sime, cashier 

John D. M 'Arthur, spirit dealer 
Mrs William Stewart, milliner 
Peter Lewthwaite, dyer 

James H. Allan, confectioner 

M. Lang, hairdresser 

James Ballantine, saddler 

Albert Close — 

James D. Stewart, plasterer 

Robert Douglas, baker 

James Y. Mellis, agent 

Peter Galloway, m. r.c.v.s. 

David Duff, Albert Inn 

Alexander Rennie, steward 

Mrs William Williamson 

Mrs James Gray 

John Bruce, stationer 

David Crockart, gunmaker 

John M 'Kenzie, draper 

Mitchell & Campbell, solicitors 

42 Hugh Campbell, solicitor 
40 David M'Gregor, jeweller 
38 James Hunt, clothier 
36 James Smart, architect 
... Joseph Rattray, dyer's finisher 
... Francis M'Jntyre, carpenter 
... Mrs Catherine M'Leod 
... Lionel Pleignier, organizing sec. 
34 John M 'Kenzie, draper 
32 J. Hepworth & Son, ltd., clothiers 
30 Mrs Geo. Donald, Exchange Ht. 
... Wm. Nicoll Renny, photographer 
... John Murdoch, wool merchant 
... Liberal Club 
... George Hall, gamedealer 
... Peter Lowe, clerk 
26 Dickson & Turnbull, seedsmen 
24 Union Bank of .Scotland (limited) 
22 Alex. Robertson, accountant 
20 William Paterson, tobacconist 
18 Mrs James Hobson 
... William Rutherford, plumber 
... William Patterson, tobacconist 
16 Alloa Coal Co. ; A. Hunter, agt. 
14 William Dow, watchmaker 
12 Mrs Thomas M'Glashan 
... Mrs James Sturrock 
8 John Jamieson & Co. 
6 Thos. M. Duncan, toy merchant 
4 Mrs William Shanklie, furrier 
... Alexander Stewart, tailor 
... Robert Stewart, clerk 
... Jas. Gardiner, wood & coal mer. 
. . . Turnbull & Wood, wine merchts. 
... Thomas Cherry, dyer's labourer 
. . . James Shaw, Guildry officer 

Glasgow Road 

(West of York Place). 

Elibank Street — 

Alex. Campbell & Son, coal-agts. 
James Frame, coal-agent 
Peter Peebles, coal-agent 
Muir, Son, & Patton, coal-agts. 

Auction Mart — 

Alexander Peddie, shepherd 

Rosslyn Place — 

1 Geo. B. Laird, gov. Poorhouse 

2 John W. Reid, timber merchant 

3 George M'Graw, tailor's cutter 




4 Jas. M'Naughton, com. traveller 

5 D. M'Farlane, traveller 

6 Joseph Stevenson, accountant 

7 Mr Readdie, retired farmer 

8 Alexander Davidson, plumber 

9 David N. Shaw, contractor 

io Thos. Hunter, newspaper editor 

11 John Campbell, coal merchant 

12 John Williamson, bootmaker 

13 Alexander Stewart, joiner 

14 Andrew Bell 

Fechney Industrial School — 
James Hutchison, superintendent 
Alex. Alison, gardener, toll house 
Rose Crescent — 

1 John M'Farlane, joiner 

2 David Scrimgeour, grocer 

3 David Powrie, fishing tacksman 

5 Charles Robertson 

6 James Hay, joiner 

7 Peter M'Lean, fruiterer 

8 Daniel Reid, spirit merchant 
Jas. Low Christie, com. traveller 
George Sievwright, joiner 

Mrs Nairn 
John M'Kay, clerk 
Mrs Duncan M'Lean 
Mrs Galloway 
James Harper, solicitor 
William Thomson 
Mrs James Fraser 
Alexander Stewart, joiner 
Laburnum Villa — 
Joseph S. Nicoll, bookseller . . 
John Henderson, tobacconist 
Alex. Lindsay, commission agent 
James Isaac, draper 
Hamilton House and Lodge — 
Rev. Archibald Fleming 
Miles Wilkinson, gardener 
William M 'Donald, coachman 
Viewlands House and Lodge — 
Rev. Robert Milne, d.d. 
John Young, gardener 
Atholebank House and Lodge — 
Mrs Malcolm Stewart 
Mrs David Brown 
Viewfield Cottage — 

Andrew Staig, mason 
Viewfield — Robt. Munro, coachman 
John Parker, tenter 

Waverley Villa — 
Joseph Dawson, com. traveller 

Bon-Accord — 
Alexander Glass, druggist 
Rev. W. G. H. Carmichael 

Beechwood — William Crawford 

Roseisle — Rev. A. Sutherland, M.A. 

Joppa — Mrs Catherine Readdie 

Union Mount — 
Thos. D.Jackson, live stock salesmn 

St. John's Villa- 
James S. Watt, com. traveller 

Craigroyston — D. L. Gregor 

Sunnybank — 

James H. Cameron, clergyman 
Alexander L. Rupe, builder 

Thistle Bank— 
George Mackay, sanitary inspector 
Walter S. Pur die, commis. agent 

Orchardbank, Pitheavlis — 
Mrs Thomas Pullar 
Mrs Angus M 'Donald 
William Cairns, com. traveller 

Pitheavlis Cottages — 
William Roy, vanman 
Mrs Andrew Hill 
Peter Cowan, groom 
Peter Paterson, labourer 
David Pritchard, fireman 

Pitheavlis Castle — 
Thomas Duff, market gardener 

Bona Vista — -William Haxton, artist 
George Martin, com. traveller 
John Cranstoun, com. traveller 
William Thorburn, solicitor 

Rosenheim —David Watt, grocer 
James W. Wilson, seedsman 

Elibank Villa— 
P. R. Kinnoch, steward, Gen. Prison 
Thomas Kinnoch, moulder 
John J. Thomson, com. traveller 

Rowan Yilla — 
Alexander M'Laren, goods clerk 
Robert Gow., clerk of works 

Pitheavlis Bank — John Walker 
James Y. Fairweather, accountant 

Pickletullum Farm — Don.M'Donalc 

Greybank — 
Chas. Lambert, live stock salesmar 

Strathearn Terrace — 
7 John B. M'Cash, solicitor 



6 William B. Deas, manufacturer 
5 Mrs Conacher 

4 G. P. K. Young, architect 
2 John Annal, com. traveller 

Lothvair Villa — W. Johnman, drpr. 
Springbank — John M'Cash 
Sydenham Villa — 
Walter Gillies, M.A., teacher 
James Macduff, farmer 
Belhelvie Terrace — 
11 Thomas Brown, clerk 
10 James A. Dean, coal merchant 
9 Peter Mason, saddler 
8 William Mason, saddler 
Peter P. Dow, grocer 
Alex. Gordon, railway conductor 
Robert Dower, builder 
James Dunn, grocer 
Mrs A. Harris, stationer 
John Blair, railway conductor 
Tullylumb — Thomas Jackson 
Poorhouse — Geo. B. Laird, governor 
Mrs John Stewart, matron 
James Cook, gardener 
Alexander M 'Queen, porter 
N.B. Mineral Depot — 
Goods Offices — Wm. Arnott, agent 
James Brown, carting agent 
Alloa Coal Co. — Andrew Hunter 
Elgin and Well wood Coal Co. — 

Robert Stewart, agent 
John Skinner & Son, coal merchts. 
Lochgelly Coal Co.— D. N. Milln 
Charles Law & Sons, coal agents 
James Wallace, coal agent 
Perth Co-operative Coal Society 
Cowdenbeath Coal Co. 

Guard Vennel. 

5 Thomas Cross, dyer's finisher 
115 Mrs Peter O'Neil, lodgings 
:I7 James Cameron, quarryman 

Thomas Wynd & Son, coopers 
19 Wm. Bisset, basket mkr. (wrks.) 
21 James M'Gregor, joiner 

James Robertson, dyer's finisher 
Alexander Stewart, fish dealer 
Joseph Shepherd, photographer 
John Dewar, blacksmith 
Carl Stewart, fish dealer 
Helen Marshall, charwoman 

25 Elizabeth Small 

. . . James King, mason's labourer 

. . . Mrs Andrew Low 

... James Stewart, fish dealer 

... Margaret Campbell 

Hay Street. 

Balhousie Bank — 

1 Rev. Patrick Greig . . 

2 Robert M'Nab 

3 Andrew B. Archer 

4 John Moncrieff, ink manufacturer 
Balhousie Castle — 

James Ramsay, merchant 

David M'Kenzie, gardener 
Muirton Bank — 

Andrew B. Syme, ironmonger 

Daniel Wyllie, music seller 

Peter W. Campbell, dyer 

Mrs Thomas Alexander 
Balhousie Mills— 

R. & D. Halley, millers 

Mrs D. Mackenzie 
Balhousie House — 

John M'Neill, plumber 
Millden — John Paton, grocer 

William M'Laren, architect 
Balhousie Cottage — Rev. J. Rainnie 
Woodside House — 

Mrs Ann M 'Donald , . 

Balhousie Terrace — 

Robert M'Crae Chambers, M.A. 

William Garvie, ironmonger 

James Moir, accountant . . 

Charles S. Whittet 

Rev. David G. Manuel, M.A., e.d. 

David Wood, bookseller 

Wm. H. Balderston, county assessor 

Mrs Alex. Henderson, lodgings 

John Jarvie, warehouseman 
Victoria Villa — 

Mrs John Crawford, flesher 

Robt. Halley, miller & grain mer. 

High Street. 

I Registrar's Office 
... City Chamberlain's Office 

3 City Clerk's Office 
... James C. Dow, solicitor 
. . . Geo. Fell & Jas. Allan, officers' 
3 J Inspector of Works' Office 



High Street (contd.) 
3 \ Gas Treasurer's Office 

5 National Bank of Scotland (Ld.) 
5 \ Peter M'Gregor, asst. bank agent 

7 Mrs John Stirton, saddler 

9 James Stirton, saddler 
... Lauchlan Grant, solicitor 
... A. G. Chalmers, architect 
... Mrs John Stirton, saddler 
... Benjamin White, clerk 
... James S. Donald, watchmaker 
... John Ogilvie, draper 
... Mrs Dun. M 'Donald, charwoman 
... George Wylie, ironmonger 
1 1 James Nairn, house painter 
\\\ William Harley, fruiterer 

George street here 
13 John Wood, baker 
15 David Farquharson, tea mercht. 
17 Mrs William Hossack 
... Margaret Clement 
... Mrs Alexander Gellatly 
19 J. & D. Gowans, grocers 
21 Thomas Harley, druggist 
23 William Wallace, bootmaker 
25 William Taylor & Co., printers 
... George W?tson, Old Ship Inn 
... Robt. M. M'Pherson, coachpntr. 
... James Irvine, tailor 
... Daniel Robertson, baker 
... William Fraser, brakesman 
... Thomas Walker, warder 
... David Stewart, dyer 
... Mrs Catherine Halley 
... James Philips, coachman 
... Mary Nelson 
... James Sime, waiter 
27 Arthur C. Brown, jeweller 
29 Chas. G. Kennaway, confectioner 
31 Thomas Paterson, watchmaker 
33 Robert Allan, hosier 
35 Edward Tainsh, stationer 
37 James Robb, tobacconist 

Skinnergate here 
39 David Norwell, shoemaker 
43 Alexander P. Suttie, grocer 
45 Robert D. Taylor, draper 
47 John Mitchell, dyer's labourer 
... Thomas Robertson, dyer 
... Mrs George Morrison 
... Mary Luke, lodgings 

High Street (contd.) 
47 Charles Smith, foreman cleaner 
... R. M. Clark, assist, insur. supt. 
... Mrs John Watson, tailoress 
49 Frazer & Sons, clothiers 
53 Alex. MTntyre, draper & hosier 
55 Thistle Tavern Close — 
John Rutherford, labourer 
John Malone, labourer 
Michael Thornton, labourer 
David Martin, labourer 
Thomas Angus, shoemaker 
John Davidson, labourer 
Archibald Knight, labourer 
Joseph Livingstone, porter 
John Young, baker 
James Christie, porter 
Dugald M'Laren, hostler 
Mrs M. A. Shand, embroiderer 
Peter Ash, carriage builder 
Mrs Peter Ash, furrier 
David Duncan, labourer 
Mary Wilson, lodgings 
David Dunn, picture frame mkr. 
Mrs John M'Lean 
Thomas Murphy, cattleman 
Matthew Calderwood, shoemaker 
Christina Stalker 
James O'Dey, labourer 
Peter Blair, shoemaker 
Henry Arthur, labourer 
Mrs James Somerville 
Ebenezer Davidson, labourer 
57 J. & T. Whittet, tea & seed mer. 
59 James Preston, servants' register 
61 John Miller, hatter 
63 James Calderwood, shoemaker 
65 William Bisset, basket maker 
69 William Brown, fruiterer 
71 Parliament Close — 
Duncan Seaton, clothier 
Francis Thomas, smith 
John G. Galloway, brassfinisher 
John MTntosh, painter 
David Meldrum, Parliament Inn 
Alexander Grant, clerk 
George M. Ayre, chemist 
Daniel Strang, assistant registrar 
Mrs James Menzies, lodgings 
James M'Laren, seaman 
Mrs Rose Stevens 



High Street (conld.) 
73 M. & M. Kennedy, milliners 
7$ Dandie & Co., chemists 
77 George Valentine, cutler 
79 Garvie & Syme, ironmongers 
81 John Smart, shoemaker 
... Christina M 'Gibbon 
... Christina Ferguson, dressmaker 
... Oliphant B. Robertson, merchant 
... Peter Peebles, coal merchant 
83 Andrew Moyes, tailor & clothier 
85 Catherine Donald, confectioner 
87 Mrs John Robertson 

Robert S. Fittis, journalist 
James Duncanson, tailor 
William Aimer, photographer 
Thomas Wynd & Son, coopers 
John Livingstone, labourer 
James M'Donald, china mercht. 
David Somerville, brassfounder 
Mrs Alexander Bruce 
The Singer Manufacturing Co. 
91 Charles Gruber, pork butcher 
93 Daniel Taylor, hatter 
95 David Halley, moulder 
Mrs Robert Dawson 
Peter M'Cormach, joiner 
97 Joseph B. Campbell, painter 
99 Mrs W. M'Donald, confectioner 
101 James Sinclair, dyer's finisher 
John Hepburn, painter 
Annie Warren 
John Buchan, slater 
Robert Walker, musician 
Janet Low, weaver 
Mrs John M'Ewen 
Wm. Whittet, dyer's labourer 
105 James Brow, spirit dealer 

Guard vennel here 
107 Campbells, M 'Lagan, & Co., 

general merchants 
[ 1 1 John Dewar & Son, distillers 
[13 Mrs John Easson 

James Duncanson, tailor 
Patrick Sweeney, scavenger 
Jane & Jessie Baird, dressmkrs. 
Henry Cameron, rail, shunter 
Andrew Robertson, fireman 
Mrs Patrick M'Elroy 
Mrs Alexander Finlayson 
Mrs Tames Love 





High Street (contd.) 
David Gall, porter 
George Bayne, working jeweller 
William MTntosh, clothier 
Mrs Alexander Menzies 
Mrs Anthony Matthie, lodgings 
Peter Garloch, labourer 
William Brydson, draper 
Alexander Robertson, tenter 
Peter M'Owan, Red Lion Inn 
Andrew Melville, barman 
Mrs William Allan 
David Burns, tobacconist 
M. C. & J. Carrick, milliners 
Burt's Close — 
Mrs Thomas Forsyth 
James Taylor, brushmaker 
Mrs Dan. M'Leish, dressmaker 
Mary Murphy 
David Buchan, labourer 
Lauchlan MTntyre, blacksmith 
Mary Johnstone 
Donald Smith, shepherd 
James Pearson, dyer 
William Welsh, blacksmith 
Thomas Stewart, labourer 
Mrs James Davidson 
J. M'Gregor & Co., bookbndrs. 
Mrs David Craigie 
Andrew Wylie, lathsplitter 
Mrs Archibald Anderson 
Mrs Dun. M 'Cowan, laundress 
Barbara Walch, machinist 
James M'Laren, blacksmith 
Strang & M 'Lagan, joiners 
M 'Lauchlan & Co. , rag merchts. 
Donald Dewar, slater 
Daniel M'Lean, joiner 
J. & H. Taylor, brushmakers 
James Kerr, confectioner 
James A. Christison, draper 
David Kidd, clerk 
Robert Henderson, tailor 
William Carr, dyer's finisher 
Mrs James Scobie 
James West, porter 
Mrs William Sirket, washer 
Mrs Hugh Lawson 
John Jackson, skinner 
Peter Robertson, hostler 
Wm. Stevenson, brassfinisher 











High Street (contd.) 
Alexander Wilson, fruiterer 
J. Banks & Sons, ropespinners 
Mary Miller, milliner 
Mrs William Fulton 
David Taylor, bootmaker 
Mrs Alex. Robertson, nurse 
Patrick Mulqueenie, labourer 
Mrs Jane Gunn, weaver 
James Bonar, labourer 
Stewart & M'Farlane, joiners 
J. Calderwood, milliner 
Charles Robbie, shoemaker 
David Hynd, sawyer 
William Lennie, finisher 
Catherine Stewart, washer 
Peter Winton, fence contractor 
Mrs Daniel Killin, sick nurse 
Grace Forbes, outworker 
Bella M 'Donald 
Catherine King 
Murdoch Forbes, pipe maker 
George Russell, roadman 
Mrs Robert Ower 
Lauchlan MTntyre, blacksmith 
Robert Gorrie, cabinetmaker 
Mrs W T m. Gorrie, embroiderer 
Thomas Gorrie, clerk 
John Gray & Co. , shoemakers 
John Duncan, draper 
Mrs M. Ross, ladies' nurse 
Robert Lamb, shoemaker 
Mrs Patrick Cusack 
Mrs Robert Cusiter 
Peter Thomson, cabinetmaker 
John Masterson, hiring estab. 
Mrs Thos. Watson, dressmaker 
John Kirkwood, moulder 
James Fisher, grocer 
James M'Laren, lorryman 
Peter Hobban, labourer 
William Angus, tailor 
Jane Craigie, dressmaker 
David Sage, packer 
George Thomas, engine-fitter 
J. & T. Currie, wine merchants 
Daniel Reid, spirit dealer 
John Black, umbrella maker 
Mrs George Shepherd 
Geo. Hempstead, warehouseman 
Wm. M'Gillivray, hall-keeper 










High Street (contd.) 
Mrs John Roy 

Alex. M'Kenzie, railway porter 
Wm. M 'Vicar & Son, painters 
Wm. M. Percy & Co., bootmkrs. 
John Gaffney, carpet weaver 
Mrs Thomas Wilson 
Mrs Gregory Palmer 
Cutlog vennel here 
Andrew Grainger, draper 
William Bisset, basket maker 
Mrs Peter M'Glashan 
Mrs James Strang 
William G. Stewart, grocer 
Donald M'Leish, porter 
David Munro, brassfounder 
Thos. Johnstone, brassmoulder 
Alexander Taylor, flesher 
James Stewart, joiner 
David Buchan, restaurateur 
Alex. Miller, nosier and hatter 
Geo. Wilson, leather merchant 
J. & M. Henderson, confectnrs. 
"Margaret Kethel, ironer 
Robert Stewart, butcher 
Peter J. Robertson, tailor 
John Robertson, carter 
David Adams, labourer 
George Marshall, letter carrier 
David Galbraith, inspector of 
weights and measures (burgh) 
Annie Wilson, ironer 
Mrs John Grimmond 
William Henderson, hosier 
Watson & Crichton, joiners 
George Sharp, labourer 
William Laing, labourer 
John, M'Nair, engineman 
Margaret Hodge, dressmaker 
P. D. Malloch, fishing tkl-mkr. 
William Ross, hairdresser 
Margt. M'Gregor, confectioner 
Mrs John Conlin, nurse 
Alexander Hay, labourer 
Robert Riddoch, painter 
Thomas Heraughty, dyer 
Edward M 'Donald, porter 
Charles Anderson, cycle agent 
Mrs John Bonar 
John Fyfe, slater 
Donald M'Pae, dyer 

















High Street (contd.) 
Henry Ross, surfaceman 
John K. Taylor, tobacconist 
John Williamson, shoemaker 
John B. Syme, draper 
Laur. Hepburn, church officer 
Mrs James Paton 
Mrs William Fleming 
Mary Whannel, dressmaker 
Mrs Jane Imrie 
Margaret Cairns, outworker 
Thos. Hardie, draper & hosier 
David Wilkie & Co., shoemkrs. 
Mrs. Walter M 'Donald, confect. 
Catherine Ferguson 
Mrs John Gallocher 
Mrs William Maloney 
David Purvis, janitor 
Mrs Peter M'Dougall 
James Docherty, tobacco spinr. 
Mrs George M'Kay 
Samuel M'Lean, pipe maker 
James Ritchie, labourer 
David Garvie, carter 
John Oliphant, cabinetmaker 
Gilbert Donaldson, hatter 
John M'Gregor, janitor 
David Brown, platelayer 
Helen Kennedy, machinist 
Mrs Isabella Collins, milliner 
John M. Moore, clothier 
Joseph Smail, watchmaker 
Alexander M 'Cowan, draper 
Jessie Menzies, straw hat maker 
Mrs Barbara M'Ewan, washer 
Barbara Stewart 
John Higgins, labourer 
John Adams, compositor 
Alexander G. Barry, salesman 
Mrs David Arnott 
Robert M'Donald. mason 
Alexander Hogarth, fancy goods 

Thomas Smith, spirit dealer 
James M'Farlane, tobacconist 
Wm. Mulholland, confectioner 
James Barlass, bookseller 
Globe & Foreign Parcel Express 
Peter Taylor, tobacconist 
South Methven street here 
Eliza Cree, housekeeper 








High Street (contd.) 
Mill Wynd— 

4 Leonard Oliphant, labourer 
6 Robert Reid, mason 
... John Rattray, blacksmith 
8 Geo. Galloway, brassfounder 
Alex. Thomson & Sons, grocers 
Alexander M'Cullie, carter 
Charles Stewart, lathsplitter 
James Hay, dyer's finisher 
Peter Fachie, mason 
Alexander Gray, fishmonger 
Mill Close— 

1 George M'Gregor, carter 
4 Joseph M'Donald, traveller 
6 David Allan, machinist 
Amelia Jones, factory wrkr. 
Andw. Allan, dyer's finisher 
Mrs James Pullar 
Michael Hoban, dyer 
John Gellatly, carter 
Mrs James Stewart 
William Wilson, dyer 
William Blair, compositor 
David Edwards, dyer's finisher 
John Bisset, dyer 
Perth Co-operative Coal Society 
M'Lagan & Garvie, bootmakers 
James Keay, bootmaker 
Mrs John M'Pherson, refresh. 
Andrew M'Mannes, labourer 
James Montgomery, baker 
Robert Buchan, slater 
Mary Imrie 

John M'Pherson, rail, servant 
George Watters, dairyman 
Matthew Dickson, printer 
Peter Gray, weaver 
John Dow, labourer 
Martin Welsh, labourer 
John Smith, dyer's labourer 
Wm. Duncan, dyer's labourer 
John Mailer, cabinetmaker 
George W^atters, greengrocer 
Mrs John Hall 
William Stewart, mason 
Thomas Galloway, engineman 
Jane M'Glashan, factory wrkr. 
Janet Hardgrave 
Mrs Catherine Geekie 
Mrs Thomas Wight 










High Street (contd.) 

Paid street here 

John D. M 'Arthur, spirit dealer 

William Keith, railway servant 

David M'Farlane, dresser 

John Peddie, mason 

John Duncan, shopman 

Perth Co-op. Society (butchery) 

Perth Co-op. Society (grocery) 

James Hay & Son, joiners 

James Waldie, joiner 

David Cowans, weaver 

Robert Sidey 

John M'Millan, labourer 

John Don, carter 

Mrs John Dewar 

Mrs John Campbell 

Mrs John Milne 

Andrew Milne, labourer 

John Garland, joiner 

William Miller, joiner 

Robert Middleton, glazier 

Peter Fenwick, grocer 

James Smith, shoemaker 

Mrs James Smith, confectioner 

Thimblerow here 

Elizabeth M'Gregor, grocer 

Thomas Scotland, currier 

Peter Ballantyne, coal mercht. 

Mrs William Bisset 

William Bisset, dyer's finisher 

Ann Young, confectioner 

David Wilkie & Co., bootmakers 

Peter Stewart, surfaceman 

James Taylor, dyer's cleaner 

lames Kennedy, tailor 

John M'Gregor, brassfinisher 

John Clark, warehouseman 

William Scott, labourer 

John Murray, hairdresser 

Mrs Andw. Shaw, greengrocer 

James Angus, cattleman 

Angus M'Farlane, yardsman 

Andrew M'Leish, surfaceman 

Jane Brown 

William Cameron, lapper 

William Harris, mason 

David Brown, tailor 

Thomas Ramsay, fireman 

Andrew Hood, signal fitter 

Archibald Sime, ropemaker 


34 1 







High Street (contd.) 
William Prentice, butcher 
Mary Ann Fenwick, draper 
Mrs Alexander Smith 
David Young, dyer 
Mrs Thomas Ritchie 
William Clement, dyer 
James M'Farlane, labourer 
James Wright, dyer 
John Stewart, carter 
Jane Stewart, stationer 
St. Catherine' s road here 
James. Moir, builder 
John Turpie, boilermaker 
James Fraser, tobacconist 
Peter Steele, dyer 
Thomas M 'Lagan, baker 
Robert Bruce, tailor 
James Smith, evangelist 
George Clark, chintz glazer 
David M'Farlane, brakesman 
Henry Kerr, lapper 
Thos. M'Gregor, compositor 
Mrs Aeneas Henderson 
William Bruce, porter 
Robert M. Duncan, clerk 
Alexander Todd, engine-driver 
Peter M'Intosh, blacksmith. 
David Morison, joiner 
Robert Murray, dyer 
John Marshall, mason 
James Mitchell, dyer 
John Brown, joiner 
Isaac Ash, bootmaker 
Geo. Thompson, frame maker 
George Lamb, tailor 
Finlay Morrison, engineman 
Frank Shearar, shoemaker 
John Davidson, clerk 
David Campbell, grocer 
Alexander Campbell, tailor 
Campbell Greenhill, mason 
James Cook, gardener 
James Maltman, joiner 
Perth North — 
Caledonian and Highland Rail- 
way Co.'s goods office 
Wm. Loney, goods superintdt. 
Wm. Bauchop, coal & tile mer. 
Robert Anderson, rail, foreman 
Malcolm M'Gregor, straw mer. 



High Street (contd.) 
384 Wm. Heggie, railway policeman 

Clayholes here 
382 William Kirk, skinner 
380 Mrs Isabella De Pellete 
378 George Anderson, labourer 
376 Peter M'Ainsh, carter 
374 John Watters, potato merchant 
372 Mrs Helen M'Gregor 
... Andrew Ross, cloth lapper 
... Robert Miller, labourer 
... David M'Cash, dyer 
370 John M'Farlane, fireman 
368 Elizabeth H alley 
... John Fair, carter 
364 Mrs Alexander Fraser 
... Mrs Charles Lonie 
. . . Mrs j ames Paton 
362 Mrs Donald Fraser 
... John Gellatly, labourer 
... Thomas Hope, shepherd 
... William Halley, cabinetmaker 
360 James Shand, railway guard 
Peter Dalgairns, clothier 
Mrs William M'Leod 
Andrew Turner, city missionary 
David R. Buik, com. traveller 
Wm. Henderson, railway guard ! 
358 Alex. Stewart, coal salesman 
James Williamson, hostler 
Thomas Marshall, draper 
Walter Walker, train inspector , 
John B. Bowie, engine-driver 
Mrs Alexander M'Farlane 
356 George Young, dyer 

William Prentice, butcher 
354 Peter Robb, grocer 
Branch Post Office 
Caledonian road here 
352 Mrs Andrew Glass 
. James Glass, printer 
. Jemima Shedden, card cutter 
350 Peter Ballantine, coal merchant 
348 Jane Wright 
344 Peter Fenwick, porter 
342 James Moir, builder 
40 William Prentice, coachsmith 
... Thos. M'Callum, dyer's finisher 
538^ Mrs Reid 

38 Alex. Tulloch, engine-driver 
1336 Robert M'Gregor, carter 










High Street (contd.) 
Alexander Rodgie, labourer 
Mrs John Cameron 
Jane Peddie, millworker 
Robert M'Leish, surfaceman 
James Scott, starcher 
John M 'Arthur, vanman 
John M'Laren, labourer 
William B. Richardson, baker 
George Wallace, poultry dealer 
James Garvie, engine-fitter 
David Todd, engine-driver 
James Thornton, ship carpenter 
Alexander Scott, baker 
Alexander Marr, dyer 
William Stewart, porter 
Wm. Ferrier & Sons, fruiterers 
Thomas M' Lagan, baker 
George Laing, miller 
Ebenezer Young, painter 
Mrs Robert Kethel, nurse 
Mrs Cornelius M'Cormack 
Thomas Smith, plumber 
Alexander Robertson, painter 
Thomas Martin, dyer 
James Smith, baker 
John Sinclair, coach-painter 
William Angus, labourer 
Laurence Syme, silk finisher 
Colin Folins, labourer 
Janet Rae 

William Graham, warper 
James Gannon, dyer's labourer 
Jane Greenhill 
David Littlejohn, baker 
Margaret Dougall 
Mrs George Anderson 
Mrs George M'Whannel 
William Munro, currier 
Mrs Robert More 
Mrs Andrew Ross, mangier 
Mrs George M'Leish 
Margaret Elder 
Mrs William Taylor 
William Keltie, tenter 
James Galloway, tailor 
David C. Henderson, joiner 
Joseph M'Pherson, cellarman 
Helen Rodger 
James Irons, slater 
David M 'Donald, rail, servant 











High Street (contd.) 
Newrow he7'e 
William Johnman, draper 
William Don, butcher 
James Davis, carpet weaver 
John Calderwood, dyer's lab. 
Robert Wilson, dyer 
William Morton, pipelayer 
Samuel Wilson, joiner 
John Bisset, dyer 
Mrs Jas. Waddell, greengrocer 
Mrs Hugh Gunn, factory worker 
Peter M'Naughton, cleaner 
Joseph Murray, joiner 
William Allan, labourer 
John M'Kerracher, slater 
James Bell, finisher 
Mrs Jas. M'Dougall, chim.-swp. 
James Gow, dyer 
Mrs James Littlejohn 
James Kennedy, tailor 
Thomas Hay, dyer 
William Rattray, carter 
Mrs Thomas Rae 
Charles Patullo, labourer 
Mrs Anderson 
Edward M'Ewan, labourer 
Mrs George Lowe 
Flora M 'Donald 
James Robertson, dresser 
Wm. M'Dougall, slater & sweep 
Mrs David Peddie 
Mrs William Watt 
Thomas Reeves, shop porter 
James M 'Donald, dairykeeper 
Peter M'Neil, grocer 
Peter C. MTntyre, baker 
John M' Lagan, lapper 
iVlrs John Gardiner 
William Crerar, blacksmith 
William Dewar, slater 
Robert Wright, hairdresser 
South Methven street here 
James M'Farlane, tobacconist 
A. & W. Moffat, carriers 
Andrew Moncrieff, accountant 
Thomas Reid, house agent 
Robt. M'Pherson, coach painter 
Robt. Henderson, game dealer 
George Rodger, painter 
Jessie Ann Ewan 






High Street (contd.) 
Andrew Webster, fireman 
James Clark, shoemaker 
Ann Blair, dressmaker 
Lambert Horsefall 
James Waddell, pork butcher 
Mary Ann M 'Donald, refresh. 
James Johnstone, confectioner 
Edward M'Luskie, packer 
Mrs Edward M'Luskie 
Mrs William Stewart 
Thomas Guthrie, dyer 
Isabella Hendry 
Mrs Alexander Cameron 
William Anderson, fireman 
David Downie, labourer 
John M'Gregor, shoemaker 
James M'Farlane, labourer 
Mrs Duncan Lamont 
Mrs Thomas Barns, grocer 
Alexander Small, toy merchant 
Helen Norwell, machinist 
Eliza Craig, dressmaker 
Emma Forshaw, embroiderer 
Margaret Robertson, grocer 
James Hopkirk, baker 
Mrs John Thomas 
Win. M'Farlane, cabinetmaker 
Eliza Waddell, dyeworker 
Mrs Thomas Harris 
Catherine M'Ainsh, dressmaker 
Jeannie Boyle 
James Hutchison, tailor 
Agnes Garvie 
Alice Carmichael 
Tames Stewart, carter 
Mrs Elizabeth M 'Donald 
William W. Anderson, glazier 
James Fenwick, printer 
"Mrs Rebecca M'Kay, mangier 
Donald Cairns, cloth finisher 
Mrs Helen Hunter, nurse 
Margaret Trotter 
Thomas M 'Lagan, baker 
Charles Stewart, clerk 
Mrs Joseph Cameron 
Mary Duncan 

Andrew Haxton, dyer's finisher 
John M'Kinlay,fish. tacklemkr. 
Mrs Ann Robertson, fctry. wkr. 
Arthur Craigie, slater 







High Street (contd.) 
James Fyfe, dyer's finish er 
Chas. Robertson, warehouseman 
Mrs Margaret M 'Donald 
Charles Ferguson, storekeeper 
Martin Kelly, labourer 
Charles Davidson, polisher 
John Grieve, Glencoe Bar 
Robert Smith, jeweller 
John Paton, grocer 
Mrs James Wilkie 
Alexander Dewar, goods porter 
Mrs Jessie Cameron, dressmkr. 
John Tonge, mason 
Mrs John Whytock 
Mrs David Maxwell, fctry. wkr. 
Mrs David Simmie 
David Reid, labourer 
Mrs John Walker 
William Taylor, printer 
John G. Wilson, clerk 
Mrs John Kirkpatrick 
Mrs John Staig 
Jessie M'Niven, mangier 
John M'Rae, dyer's finisher 
Betsy Menzies, seamstress 
Catherine Campbell, ironer 
Mrs George Home, lodgings 
Wm. Robertson, dyer's labourer 
George Alexander, draper 
James Anderson, butcher 
James Butter, engine-driver 
William B. Rae, painter 
Mrs Laing 
Janet Johnstone 
John Sim, scavenger 
John Lyden, labourer 
Donald Farquharson, walking 

stick maker 
Andrew Porter, plasterer 
David Dixon, fishing rod maker 
W. & J. Dow, joiners 
John Lamb, sawmiller 
Thomas Scobie, inkmaker 
Mrs William Fenwick, ironer 
Laurence M'Pherson, sawyer 
Mrs William Carr 
Mrs James Young 
John K. Taylor, stationer 
Thomas Egan, labourer 
Helen Waterston, dyeworker 





High Street (contd.) 
Andrew Peat, labourer 
Isabella Paton 
Archibald Black 
Edward Rattray, labourer- 
Mrs James M'Neill, dyeworker 
Isabella Adams, washer 
Ferguson Stewart, gas inspector 
Alexander Small, toy merchant 
Eliza Young, watchmaker 
Annie Calderwood, wool store 
David Buchan, tailor's cutter 
George Taylor, mason 
Mrs John Harrison 
Andrew Stewart, mason 
John Stewart, mason 
Wm. Fraser, sen., blacksmith 
Wm. Fraser, jun., blacksmith 
James Donaldson, pensioner 
Mrs John Alexander 
Alexander Kirk, labourer 
Simon Connelly, labourer 
Mrs Frederick Nicholson 
Catherine Logie 
John M 'Donald, scavenger 
Grace Robertson 
Alexander Lamond, labourer 
Isabella Davidson, dyeworker 
William Turner, shoemaker 
Andrew Bell, scavenger 
Mrs Mary M'Ewan 
Martha Strachan, millworker 
Robert Gray, dyer 
John Young, watchmaker 
Andrew Wilkie, plumber 
John Crow, cloth finisher 
James Taylor, labourer 
Margaret Chalmers, dyeworker 
Wm. Hill, fish and game dealer 
Jemima Carr, milliner 
Johanna Munro, sewer 
Mrs J. M'Rae 
James Strathearn, sawyer 
Alexander Lindsay, labourer 
Mrs John Watt, ladies' nurse 
Peter Petrie, dyer 
William Nicoll, dyer 
Mrs Alexander Stirton, grocer 
Mrs David Thomson 
William Baker, labourer 
Mrs Gorman Carr 









High Street (contd.) 
Mrs Alex. Stirton, provisions 
Jane Scott, milliner 
Jno. Henderson, tobacco manuf. 
David Buchan, restaurateur 
H. Mitchell & Sons, ropemakers 
Leitham & Davidson, iron mer. 
Telephone Call Office 
Alex. Hutchison, sand mercht. 
Donald Ross, coal merchant 
David Paterson, tobacco spinner 
James Herdman, starcher 
Colin Winton, lapper 
John Livingstone, cab driver 
James Stewart, grocer 
Clarks, undertakers 
James Peggie, pastry baker 
Jessie Thomas, dressmaker 
John Porter, labourer 
Daniel M'Lean, glassblower 
Mrs Alexander Duff 
James Winton, ropespinner 
James Harris, coachman 
James Taylor, soldier 
Alex. Cameron, coachmaker 
James Saunders, mason 
Henry Bell, labourer 
Francis Laing, labourer 
Elizabeth Robertson, nurse 
James Aitken, labourer 
William Hutchison, labourer 
Ale cinder Beaton, labourer 
William Porter, shepherd 
Anthony Campbell, baker 
John Smeaton, fireman 
Misses Clark, baby linen shop 
James Fisher, grocer 
C. & M. Russell, fruiterers 
Thomas Kennedy, accountant 
William Clark, cabinetmaker 
A. D. Johnman, fancy drapery 
Peter Owler & Co., leather mer. 
Mrs Alex. M'Kenzie, fishdealer 
John Crerar, clothier 
Mrs John M 'Donald 
James M 'Donald, fireman 
Isabella M 'Donald, sewer 
Peter Miller, engine-driver 
William Wallace, millwright 
[ohn Wilkie, glassblower 
James Conning, carter 

High Street (contd.) 
70 John Thomson, gardener 
. Mrs James M'Kinlay 
. Mrs David Brown 
. Robert Leitham, labourer 
. Mrs Robert M'Lellan 
. Peter Lafferty, postman 
. Andw. Williamson, dyer's clnr. 
. Robert Burns, porter 
. Patrick Devaney, labourer 
. Duncan M'Gregor, baker 
. Andrew Herd, fisherman 
. Thomas Page, dyer's labourer 
. Benjamin Matthews, baker 
. James Duncan, carter 
. John Cameron, mason 
. Laurence Kemp, labourer 
. Andrew M'Menamy, labourer 
. Mrs David Grieve 
. John Cunningham, pavior 
. David Crichton, ropemaker 
. Samuel Small, carter 
168 Mrs Peter Miller, dairy 
166 Peter Strang, druggist 

Meal veitnel here 
162 David Scrimgeour, grocer 
158 John Beattie, tobacco manufr. 
156 George Galloway, tailor 
Alexander Wilson, porter 
Alexander Gvimmond, porter 
Isabella Chalmers 
John Henderson, carver& gilder 
John Lamond, joiner 
154 Mrs Charles Cochrane 
152 David Clark, baker 
150 W. S. Knox, Bookseller 
148 Charlotte Stewart, milliner 
146 Blue Bell Close — 

Robert Robertson, labourer 

John Campbell, labourer 

Mrs Helen Gavin, factory wkr. 

Mrs Mary Welsh 

Robert Robertson, labourer 

John Campbell, labourer 

James Murray, baker 

John Coleman, labourer 

Charles Gardiner, surfaceman 

James Simpson, surfaceman 

Allan Robertson, coachman 

David Brae, dyer 

Robert M 'Donald, labourer 



High St., Blue Bell Close (contd.) 
Mrs William Berwick 
Maggie M'Intosh, outworker 
Alexander Forbes, tailor 
Henry Pye, compositor 
Thomas M'Intyre, salmon fisher 
Ronald M 'Donald, tailor 
Mrs George M'Pherson 
Mrs Peter M'Guire, fish dealer 
Mrs James Brough 
Mrs James Young 
David Martin, labourer 
John Allan, hawker 
Patrick Moran, labourer 
144 Andrew Mackay, shoemaker 
140 Arch. Anderson, dyer's finisher 

... Hugh M'Intosh, gardener 
138 Alex. Stratton, confectioner 
134 London & Newcastle Tea Co. 
132 Mrs Chas. Cochrane, fish dealer 
. William Peddie, baker 
. Alexander M 'Pherson, plasterer 
. Mrs John Christison, dressmkr. 
. Joseph Henderson, carpet wvr. 
. John Hutchison, ploughman 
. Robert Stewart, labourer 
. Mrs Jas. M 'Andrew, dressmkr. 
. James Connan, pensioner 
30 John Dewar & Son, distillers 
28 George Greive, jeweller 
26 Mrs Richard W 7 elsh 

Robert Murray, railway servant 
John M 'Gibbon, letter carrier 
John M'Kay, dyer 
John Kerr, confectioner 
Mrs Charles Drye 
Peter Armstrong, labourer 
Mrs Hugh Duffy 
David Greenhill, railway servant 
Mrs P. Mackie 
Mrs James Anderson 
David Murray, porter 
Mrs Robt. Murray, ladies' nurse 
Mrs Robert Donaldson 
John Cochrane, hawker 
Thomas Bourke, joiner 
Mrs Robert Scott 
Mrs Michael Gavin 
Mrs Thomas M'Ewan 
124 James King, grocer 
122 James Honey, wholesale grocer 

High Street (contd. ) 
120 John M'Dougall, lathsplitter 
... George Wilson, candle works 
... Mrs James Forbes, stationer 
... Rich. M 'Arthur, bobbin maker 
... John M 'Arthur, bobbin maker 
118 A. & J. Birrell, drapers 
116 John Walker, brassfinisher 
... David Stewart, labourer 
... Peter Stewart, hawker 
... Mrs Wm. Stewart, millworker 
... Jane White, millworker 
... Fergus Finlay, shoemaker 
... James M'Cann, labourer 
... Thomas Hutchison, baker 
... Robert Dodds, labourer 
... Mrs James Wallace 
... Martin Coyne, labourer 
... William Ilargrave, stableman 
... W 7 illiam Brown, clerk 
... Mrs Robert Brown 
... John Murray, labourer 
... Alexander Bruce, labourer 
... John Menzies, shoemaker 
... Elizabeth Melville, washer 
... Michael Feeny, labourer 
... Patrick Hennachan 
... Andrew Martin 
... James Shaw, baker 
.. James Malloch, labourer 
112 Thos. I. Lipton, provision mer. 
1 10 R. & A. Wilson, bootmakers 
108 John Smith, lodgings 
104 Mrs John Crawford, butcher 
102 Mrs David Bruce 
... Mrs William Sime 
. . . Andrew Angus, mechanic 
... Mrs Peter Stewart, dressmaker 
.. Mrs John Cuthbert 
... Mrs John Edward 
... Mrs Isabella Goodman 
... Mrs Charles Bryce 
... Mrs William Irons 
... William MTnroy, dyer 
100 Charles Alexander, glazier 
98 Alex. B. Young, ironmonger 
96 Robert Johnstone, miller 
... William Robertson, engineman 
... Rich. C. Robertson, spirit dlr. 
96 Joseph B. Campbell, painter 
... John Bryce, coach trimmer - 





High Street (contd.) 
Agnes Paterson 
Mrs William Ramsay 
William Nicol, spirit dealer 
Helen Scott, washer 
David Robertson, newsagent 
Mrs Joseph Heron 
George Meldrum, iron turner 
Jas. M'Pherson, dyer's cleaner 
James Tainsh, grocer 
William Byars, clothier 
William Eadie, porter 
Mrs Jane Bisset, lodgings 
James Rutherford, plumber 
David Mackie, railway servant 
Jessie Miller 

Jessie Cameron, tobacconist 
Donald Farquharson, watchmkr. 
Kirk Close— 
George Lindsay, postman 
Peter Mullhearn, mason 
William Powrie, french polisher 
Perth Loan Co.'s office 
Grace Peterkin, dressmaker 
Peter Stewart, dyer 
David Cuthbert, dyer's finisher 
George Philips, postboy 
Dundee Courier & Argus office 
Brady & Sons, auctioneers 
William Cameron, cabinetmaker 
Chas. H. Bryson, watchmaker 
Mrs Ann Dewar 
Misses M'Leish 
Ann Henderson, lodgings 
Mrs Charles Porter 
Mrs William Hall 
Archibald Lindsay 
Robert M'Farlane, slater 
R. & J. Dick, boot manufacturers 
John A. Dunn, boot manufacturer 
Mrs James Wilkie, milliner 
Thomas Wynd, cooper 
Mrs James Murphy, lodgings 
Robert Lawrence, Albion Hotel 
James Stewart, coachbuilder 
National Telephone Co. (Ld.) 
N. M'Lauchlan, telephone insp. 
John Saunders, tinsmith 
Dunsmore & Son, drapers 
Alexander Denham, clerk 
Mrs Eliza Ferguson, dressmaker 

High Street (contd. ) 
Wood & Son, booksellers and 

J. & D. Barlass, ironmongers 
James Wotherspoon, hatter 
Garvie & Syme, ironmongers 
Kirkgate here 
John Fraser, grocer 
William Galloway, saddler 
William Taylor, shopman 
J. & W. Howat, grocers 
John Dewar, draper 
William Honey, draper 
St. John street he7'e 
M'Intyre & Stewart, bakers 
John M'Intyre, Red Lion Inn 
David Todd, fireman 
John B. M'Cash, solicitor 
J. M'Cash & Son, corn merchts. 
Robert Hunter, solicitor 
Alex. Cairncross, watchmaker 
Peter Ross, labourer 
Mrs Alex. Allan, dressmaker 
Alexander M'Intyre, draper 
James Allan, tobacconist 
John Wood, bootmaker 
Robert Hay Robertson, grocer 
Watergate here 
James H. Jackson, stationer 
J. C. Campbell, athletic outfitter 
Mrs David Bruce 
Mrs Catherine Robertson 
James Moir, accountant 
Robert Lang, hairdresser 
\ James Y. Nicol, stationer 
Jane Matthewson 
Peter Robertson, vanman 
Mrs Peter Dowie 
Robert M'Millan, mason 
Dundee Advertiser office 
Mrs Ross, milliner 
Robert Lawson, coachsmith . 
Arch. Meiklem, dyer's finisher 
Catherine Macmaster, grocer. 
David Smart, architect 
Andrew A. Hutton, messenger 

at -arms 
Jas. Hutton, messenger-at-arms 
Mrs William Imrie 
George Whitehall, tailor 
General Post Office 



Homers' Lane. 

I Chas. Winton, railway inspector 

5 William Walsh, blacksmith 
17 John Prentice, saddler 

... Wm. Robertson, tobacco spinner 

14 Andrew Muckersie, cooper 

12 David T. Allan, aerated wat. mnf. 

8 Dougall M'Callum, stableman 
... John M'Namara, glassblower 
... Thomas Justice, labourer 

... Williamson Chalmers, cleaner 

6 James Cuthbert, aerated water 

I 4 John Stibbles, labourer 
.. Wm. Williamson, barman 
.. Peter Menzies, labourer 
.. Mrs William Lyons, tobacconist 

Hospital Street. 

I Isabella Mitchell, dressmaker 
.. John Scott, commission agent 
.. Robert M. Hope, music teacher 
.. Thomas Ballantine, house factor 
3 John M'Diarmid, grocer 
5 Duncan Carmichael, bootmaker 

7 Mrs John Gregor, dairy 

9 D. C. Young, clothier 
17 Mrs Peter M'Farlane 

Andrew Smith, teacher 
Mrs Daniel Graham 
Ann Chalmers, lodgings 

19 Chas. Alexander, egg merchant 

21 John Paterson, County pi. Hotel 
Newrow here 

23 David Smith, grocer 

25 John Silver, tailor's cutter 

James Glen, plumber 

Mrs John Christie 
27 Charles Mailer, restaurateur 
.29 Annnie Gray, dairy keeper 
31 William Clark, cloth lapper 

Mrs George Thomson 

George Sime, yardsman 
133 Peter Nairn, tinsmith 

22 Mrs David Crawford, fruiterer 

20 John Gow, labourer 
James Hutchison, cleaner 
Mrs John Lamond 
Jane Kemp, dressmaker 
Peter White, bootcloser 

James VI. Place — 

18 Mrs Jas. Lamond, restaurateur 

16 Alexander Green, draper 

... Wm. Carruthers, vet. surgeon 

14 Luigi Azzali, ice cream shop 
12 William F. Eggo, gamedealer 

10 John Henderson, photographer 

8 William Paton, clerk 

... Mrs James A. Moir, grocer 

... Jno. Robertson, assistant assessor 

... John Henderson, photographer 

6 Jane Gall, milliner & dressmaker 
King James VI. Hospital — 

Thos. Thomson, hospital master 
Mrs James Yeoman 
George Littlejohn, tenter 
William Murray, slater 
Andrew Kellock, labourer 
William Young, carter 
Alexander Duncan, porter 
John Duff, engine-driver 
Mrs Dickie 
Mrs William Bryden 

James Street. 

1 Mrs William Heggie 
5 William Taylor, sawmiller 
... Sarah Hay, dyeworker 
... James Dingwall, railway guard 
... Mrs Thomas Robson, nurse 

7 James Paterson, watchmaker 

9 William Cochrane, ironturner 

1 1 Mrs Alexander Duncan 
... Thomas Cochrane, clerk 

15 Miss Bella Stewart, dressmaker 

17 John M'Farlane, gardener 

19 J. & J. Cunningham, oilcake and 

manure stores 
Victoria street here 
23 Rev. Robert Morton 
25 Frederick Midgley, organist 
27 Mrs Andrew Ogilvie, lodgings 
... D. C. Anderson, tailor 
... James G. Cruickshank, clothier 
29 Janet Watson, dressmaker 
31 John Stewart, merchant 
... A. C. Stewart, ironfounder 
46 Mrs William Macnab 
44 John Lawson, engine-driver 
42 Duncan Macnab, solicitor 
40 John Robertson, gasfitter 



38 Andrew Abbey, dyer's finisher 

... Alexander Robertson, clerk 

36 William Watson, plumber 

34 Daniel Stewart, cartwright 

32 Mrs James Clyne 

30 James Farquhar, druggist 

28 William Brown, railway weigher 

Victoria street here 
26 Victoria Barracks 
24 Evan Mackenzie, colour-sergt. 
22 William Dolan, soldier 
... Isabella Graham 
... Helen Dow 
.... Robert Chapman, soldier 
... James M'Lauchlan, sergeant 
20 R. M. Sinclair, teach, of dancing 
18 James Stewart, engine-fitter 
... James Rutherford, com. agent 
16 David Miller, painter 
14 William Todd, parcel clerk 
12 Mary Cramb, dyeworker 
10 George Nelson, clerk 
... Robert Mailer 

8 David Galloway, potato mercht. 

6 John Kennedy, mason 

4 Thomas Angus, labourer 
... David M'Ewan, coachbuilder 
... George Lindsay, conductor 
... Thomas M 'Queen, pointsman 

2 Andrew Miller, tailor 


Rockford Terrace — 

1 Mrs W. Scrimgeour 

2 William Hood, glassblower 

3 James Irvine, joiner 

4 Gilbert Donaldson, joiner 

5 George Normand, teacher 

6 James Robb, tobacconist 

7 Hugh Munro, traffic inspector 

8 John Young, glazier 

Orrock Place — 

1 John Scrimgeour, clerk 

2 Miss Stewart 

3 Thos. Jagger, locomotive supt. 

4 John Clark, col. of Poor Rates 

5 William Macdonald, storekeeper 

6 Alexander Stewart, bottleblower 

7 John C. Moncrieff, glass manufr. 

8 David Sword, dyer 

9 Mrs Thomas Coutts 

10 Archibald Halley, dyer 

11 John Telford, railway yardsman 

12 Thomas Sanderson, clerk 
Mrs Tohn Baxter 

Mrs John Galletly 
Peter M'Laren, dyer 
Andw. Moncrieff, retired warder 
Robert Ewan, blacksmith 
David Innes, railway porter 
Thomas Brand, railway porter 
William Crawford, labourer 
John Pearson, weaver 

Roselea Place — 
4 David Manson, upholsterer 
3 Alexander Wright, printer 
2 David Anderson, tailor 
I Jas. White, packing-box maker 

Jeanfield Cottage — 
James Allan, loftsman 

St. Ottilia's Villa- 
Louis Stratz, watchmaker 
Peter Smeaton, retired shipmaster 
John Dow, clerk 

Westbank — Mrs Alex. Thomson 

Braehead — 
John M'Intosh, railway guard 
David Balfour, shunter 
David Robertson, carter 
W r illiam Muir 

William M'Kenzie, woodcutter 
James Middleton, pointsman 
Peter Morris, brakesman 
James Moyes, engine-driver 
David Balfour, joiner 
John Young, fireman 
David L. West, sawmiller 
Alexander MTntosh, yardsman 

Braehead Cottage — 
David Donaldson, clerk 
Thomas Spence, tailors' cutter 
[See echo Wettshill.] 

Kins James PI.— see Marshall Place 

King Street. 

13 John Stewart, engineer 

17 Thomas Bourke, photographer 
21 James Young, confectioner 
... Margaret Livingstone 



21 Margaret Anderson 
John Dow, joiner 
Mrs Robert Brown 
James Duncan, plumber 

23 James Young, wholesale confect. 
25 Margaret Fraser, dairykeeper 

27 Mary Coupar, grocer 
Charteris street here 

Graham's Place — 

1 Leigh Hunt, M.B., CM. 

2 Helen Martin 

3 Grace Ann Butter 

4 James Forbes, butcher 

31 Mrs \V. H. Harley, restaurateur 
35 James Buchan, slater 

37 Misses Doonan, com. lodgings 

Victoria street here 
39 Mrs Catherine Chalmers 
41 Patrick Martin, solicitor 
43 Charles S. Thomson, hosier 

Dr. William Robertson 
45 Andrew Macowan, draper 
47 John Saunders, ironmonger 
49 Miss Grant 

51 John Flenderson, tobacconist 
53 William Loney, super. Cal. rail. 
57 John F. Peattie, engineer 

Williamina Sharp 

Andw. King, commission agent 

32 Charles G. Kennaway, confectr. 
30 Mrs Dr. James Miller 

28 Andrew Muir, brewer 

24 Robert Shaw, baker 

22 Alex. Cran, prof, of languages 
Paradise place here 

20 David Allan, telegraph clerk 

18 William W. Fyfe, pawnbroker 

16 Mrs William Martin 

14 Peter Anderson, med. missionary 

12 Mrs Jane Valentine 

10 Mrs Plelen Marshall 

Charles Logan, insurance agent 
! 8 Mrs Frew 

Albert Place — 

1 John Henderson, photogrphr. 

2 P. D. Mallach, fish-tkl-mkr. 

3 Duncan Carmichael, shoemkr. 
3^ John M'Kenzie,q'rmaster serg. 

4 Eliza and Clementina Scott 

King's Place- see Marshall Place 

Kinnoull Causeway. 

3 Mrs Archibald Dunn 
... David Caw, lathsplitter 
... George Clark, clerk 
... James Milne, railway servant 

5 Archibald Kirkpatrick, traveller 
... William Stewart, labourer 
... Thomas Pullar, weaver 
... David Jackson, seedsman 
II James Adam, labourer 
13 James Simpson, mill foreman 
... Robt. Williamson, engine-driver 

15 John Leheny, clerk 

16 John Mackay, clerk 

17 Mrs John Chaplin, dairy 

18 George Wilson, com. traveller 
... Joseph Wilkie, plumber 

19 William B. Anderson, shunter 
... Mrs James Fraser 

... James Flight, fireman 
23 Cath. M'Glashan, dressmaker 
... John M'Lean, glassblower 
... Mrs James Robertson 
... Robert Wilson, plumber 
... John Forbes, railway weigher 
25 Mrs John Chaplin, dairykeeper 
27 Christina Munro 
... Mrs Thomas Lawson 
... Charles Speedie, ropespinner 
... John Dowie, carter 
29 James Conacher, railway porter 
31 David Croy, tailor 
33 Alexander Fraser, labourer 
... Robert Maxton, railway porter 
Hammerman's Buildings — 

1 Alexander M'Gregor, carter 

2 James M'Gregor, blacksmith 

3 John Grant, policeman 

4 Alexander Smith, labourer 

5 James M'Gregor, draper 

6 John Brown, factory worker 

7 Alexander Freel, porter 

8 Robert Nicoll, labourer 

9 Robert Swan, tailor 

10 Wm. M'Millan, engine-driver 

1 1 Donald Campbell, labourer 

12 Robt. M'Leish, engine-driver 

13 Thomas Ritchie, salesman 

14 David Robertson, waggon in- 





15 Robert Dow, railway porter 

16 Mrs George Baird, dressmaker 
Caledonian road here 

39 James Gorrie, tenter 
41 William Craigie, brassfinisher 
43 Mrs James Reid 
45 John M 'Keith, painter 
... Peter Dorward, railway porter 
47 James D. Urquhart, clerk 
David Malcolm, carter 
John M'Gregor, dyer 
John M'Pherson, blacksmith 
Robert Ritchie, railway guard 
James Keay, manufacturer 
53 Mrs James Baxter 
. . . Mrs Alexander Scobie 
55 John Sime, goods porter 
57 Andrew Thomson, shunter 
. James Pringle, carter 
. George Keay, joiner 
. John Thomson, painter 
. John Halley, retired warder 
. John Smith, tailor 
. David Young, laundryman 
. John Hallyburton, blacksmith 
. John Meldrum, mechanic 
. James Roy, labourer 
. John Hall, signalman 
. Mrs George Wilson 
57^ Mrs James Wilson 
59 James Davidson, carter 
01 Allan Davidson, carter 
63 William Smith, painter 
65 Robert Smith, toy merchant 
67 Mrs Alexander Campbell, nurse 
69 Mrs Alexander Stewart 
71 George M'Intyre, saddler 
73 John Douglas, builder 
75 Edward Young, gas stoker 
77 Mrs David Henderson 
79 William Bell, porter 
81 Mrs J. M 'Donald 
... William Archibald, coachsmith 
... James Forbes, brakesman 
... Robt. Logan, railway signalman 
... Mrs Peter M. Duff 
83 John M 'Arthur, goods guard 

Kinnoull Street. 

J. Pullar & Sons, dyers 
Union street here 

17 James Lockhart, wood turner 
... Jessie M'Callum 
... David Nelson, dyer 
... John Marshall, weaver 
... John Marshall, dyer's cleaner 
... Alex. Haxton, dyer's finisher 
... Wm, Robertson, french cleaner 
... Alexander Proudfoot, miller 

21 William Hay, dyer's finisher 
... William Murdoch, labourer 
... Mrs David Dunn 

... John Young, engine-fitter 

... Mrs Robina Runcy 

... Mary Cowans 

... William Reid, letter carrier 

... Mrs Henry Thomson 

... David Hobson, painter 

23 Mrs John Crow, grocer 
25 James Taylor, ironmonger 

Carpenter street here 
33 John Burns, cabinetmaker 
37 John Jamieson & Co., clothiers 

24 E. A. Shepherd, ladies' school 

22 Mrs C. Hempel, music teacher 
Union lane here 

16 Pullars' mechanics' workshop 

Foundry lane here 
12 Brown & Duncan, builders 
10 Mrs Ellen Baxter, laundress 

8 Mrs George Barclay 
... Catherine Young 

... Donald Cameron, cutter 
... Mrs Thomas Hunt 
... George Robertson 
... M rs J ames M ' Pher son 
. . . Eliza Young, watchmaker 
.. Mrs Duncan Menzies 

6 Geo. Muirhead & Sons, painters 
2 Margaret Robertson, grocer 


I David Kemp, grocer's assistant 

... Robert Thomson, labourer 

... Charles Stratton, tailor 

... Mrs Thomas Fisken 

7 Grace Robertson 
... Mrs James Reid 
... John Bolt, carpet weaver 
... Thomas Lunn, bootmaker 

7 George Johnstone, plateman 

9 John Simpson, grain merchant 

1, El 



9 James Martin, lime merchant 
1 1 James Reid, Black Bull Inn 
13 Wm. S. Ferguson, manure agent 
15 John M'Cormack, ropemaker 
Catherine Eadie 
Wm. Donald, policeman 
James Scott, dyer's finisher 
Mrs William Webster 
Mrs Archibald M'Intosh 
Mrs William Burns 
17 C. M'Cormack & Sons, ropespnrs. 

19 Luigi Azzali, confectioner 

21 Girolonio Cura, confectioner 
23 John Stewart, pastry baker 

Thomas Small, brassfinisher 
27 Mrs George Stobie, fruiterer 
29 William Whyte, tailor 

Mrs John Meiklejohn 

James Ferguson, plumber 

Paul Higgins, signalfitter 

John M'Lauchlan 

David Milton, planemaker 

James Kemp, draper 

John Brown, finisher 

Mrs Daniel Robertson 

Mrs John Webster 

Mary Stewart 

22 Wm. W. M'Kay, spirit merchant 

20 John Fraser, grocer 
William Livingston, weigher 
Mrs James Greig 
John Scott, ropespinner 
Arthur C. Brown, jeweller 

[6 Mrs Robert Kennedy, grocer 
[4 James C. Watson, restaurateur 
[2 R. C. Murie, dairykeeper 
to John B. Wilson, hairdresser 

Mrs John Reoch, washer 

James Micoll, labourer 

Leonard Street. 

Mrs James A. Moir, grocer 

3 James Bayne, grocer 

5 Mrs David M'Donald, confectnr. 
Mrs John Simpson 
William Morrison, warper 
Elspeth Thomson, weaver 
Ann Cameron, servant 
Mrs John Hepburn, weaver 
Mrs John Blair 
John Robertson, com. traveller 


John Duncan, dyer 

Mrs John Paxton, mangier 

Robert Winton, flesher 

John Robertson, coachtrimmer 

Mrs Thomas Foote 

Mrs Blair 

Margaret M'Laren 

Mrs Margaret Hay 

Jessie Menzies, dressmaker 

Mrs James Robertson 

Mrs Wm. Lyons, tobacconist 

T. Boyle, domestic machin'ry agt. 

John Bain, railway guard 

James Small, butcher 

James Brough, contractor 

Annie Dewar 

Mrs William Brow 

John M'Ewan, turner 

Robert Miller, butcher 

James Forbes, dyer 

Mrs Alexander Gumming 

James M. Rae, dyer 

Catherine Wells, dressmaker 

Catherine Forbes, winder 

William R. Wright, calenderer 

Robert A. S. Hood, mason 

Edward Young, tailor 

Mrs William P. Gordon 

Alexander Davie, dyer 

Mrs Edmund Sherman 

Mrs David Hood 

Mary Malloch 

Margaret Young, silk finisher 

David Pearson, shoemaker 

Ann Ricketts 

Alexander Anderson, joiner 

Bella Robertson, ironer 

Mrs John Stewart 

Elizabeth Gollan, tailoress 

Margaret Watson 

Patrick Flynn, hawker 

Mary Shepherd 

James Skinner, ironmonger 

John Miller, railway guard 

Matthew Rodger, porter 

Archibald Flynn, waiter 

Mrs James Beveridge, mangier 

Mrs John Fair 

Mrs Daniel Menzies, lodgings 

Mrs Aitken Stewart, confectioner 

Margaret Crombie, confectioner 



49 William Davie, weaver 

... Robert Stewart, painter 

... James M. Smith, parcel porter 

... David Hynd, cleaner 

... William Hay, fireman 

... Alexander Stratton, signalman 

... David Pratt, vanman 

... Joseph Hall, labourer 

49i James Bowie, fireman 

51 William Hopkirk, baker 

53 David Craik, surfaceman 

55 John Fenwick, railway porter 

57 Mrs Donald Anderson, refrshmts. 

59 Helen Reid 

... James Simpson, labourer 

... Thomas Lumsden, rail, porter 

59 1 Mrs Kirk, midwife 

6 1 Peter Gray, labourer 

63 William Adams, porter 

... Ann Milne, factory worker 

... Margt, Ferguson, dairykeeper 

... Elizabeth Buist, networker 

65 James Smith, tailor 

67 Alexander Cross, dyer's finisher 

69 Mrs David Halley 

... Robert Moir, fireman 

... Robert Nairn, brassfinisher 

... Joan Christie, dyeworker 

71 George Mason, labourer 

... William Stewart, tobacconist 

73 Mrs William Guild, confectioner 

J3Jz Mrs John Hamilton 

75 Mrs Duncan Wilson 

. . . Mrs William Wilson 

. . . Mrs James Campbell 

... James Gray, weaver 

... John Harris, labourer 

... Mrs James O'Rourke 

... George M 'In tosh 

77 Mrs Andrew Moir 

... James Gunn, railway fireman 

... John R. Urquhart, fireman 

... Mrs John Buchan, shoemaker 

... Margaret Black, tailoress 

79 Alexander Murray, confectioner 

81 Peter Davidson, engine-driver 

83 William Lowe, labourer 

... John Robertson, salesman 

85 David Clark, warehouseman 

87 Bell & Keay, manufacturers 

... Mrs James Low 

87 James Simpson, porter 

. . . Cecilia Donnelly 

... George Blyth, miller 

89 James Gorrie, surfaceman 

95 Robert Grindlay, Queen's Hotel 
Cross street here 

97 Alex. Ross, Royal British Hotel 
Station Hotel, A. Tuke, mngr. 

58 George Todd, railway policeman 

56 James Sime, railway inspector 

54 Mrs Duncan Crerar, laundress 

52 William J. Mather, draper 

50 Alex. Lindsay, engine-driver 

... Philip Young, engine-driver 

... Mrs Peter M'Niven 

... Mrs Robertson 

... John Kerr, clerk 

48 Mary Dawson, tobacconist 

46 Samuel Hynd, engine-driver 

... Mrs James Patullo 
St. Andrew street here 

42 John Williamson, railway porter 

38 Brodie Crawford, railway porter 

36 Mathew Ewart, mason 

34 John Robertson, carter 

... William Henderson, goods porter 

... William Stewart, fireman 

32 Daniel M'Leod 

... David Simpson, mason 

... Wm. M'Gregor, dyer's labourer 

30 St. Leonard's Hotel 
Alexandra street here 

26 Alex. Martin, Temperance Hotel 

24 Andrew Laing, builder 

22 James H. Buchanan, musicseller 

20 Hugh Paul, painter 

18^ Alex. Brown, carriage inspector 

... Magnus Herd, bottler 

... Mrs J. H. Buchanan 

... Lindsay Greig, draper's assistant 

... Cornelius Dick, coachman 

18 Mrs W. Laidlaw, temperance hot. 

16 Matthew Johnstone, grocer 

14 John Taylor, fireman 

... Margaret Robertson, cook 

12 Mrs J. Kilpatrick, remnant shop 

10 John Crerar, clothier 
8 Thomas Moncrieff, grocer 
6 William Halley, bootmaker 

Leonard Place — 
2 Mrs J. Chalmers, grocer 



1 Mrs John Stewart 

.. William Crow, dyer 

.. Mrs Dan. M'Farlane, upholstress 

.. Janet Crow 

.. Mrs Robert Bannerman 

. . John Cross, painter 

.. Janet Milroy, dressmaker 

.. Frank Early, insurance super. 

.. James Fisher, labourer 

.. Thomas L. Ower, joiner 

. John Bradley, joiner 

Liekley Street. 

1 Mrs Henry Wilson 

.. Daniel M'Gonnell, finisher 

.. James M' Donald, dairyman 

.. James Christie, painter 

.. James Hill, carter 

.. Robert Scott, policeman 

.. Matthew M'Kay, painter 

.. Elizabeth Chalmers 

.. James Begg, shepherd 

. . James Dick, engine-driver 

3 Mrs Alexander Davidson 
.. Robert Munro, plasterer 

... Alexander M'Ainsh, cartwright 

.. Emily Bauchop 
... James Kennedy, insurance agent 

. . Daniel Kennedy, insurance agent 
... Richard Jacks, shepherd 

5 Alexander M'Leish, plumber 
... John Small, mason 
... Dan. Scobie, carter & contractor 
... James Couttie & Sons, biscuit 

... James Robertson, tailor 
... Magdalene Richardson 
... James Forbes, joiner 


4 John MTntosh, pointsman 

... Thomas MTntosh, blacksmith 
... Robert Cobban, porter 
... Christina Hutchison 
I 6 John Stewart, labourer 
J 8 Mrs William Young 
'... James Dougall, joiner 
IO Henry Stewart, dyer's labourer 
12 Robert Stewart, labourer 
14 John Murray, hairdresser 
... Donald Graham, engine-driver 



Donald Taylor, railway servant 
Andrew Ferguson, carter 
Alexander Scott, labourer 
Mary Robertson, weaver 
David Lorimer, mason 
Robert M' Donald, mason 
Rose lane here 
Mrs William Keay 
James Simpson, railway fireman 
James Sim, gravedigger 
Helen Webster 
Colin Taylor, weaver 
John Robertson, signalman 
Robert Young, weaver 
Charles Gardiner, dyer's labourer 
Duncan Kennedy, dyer 
Charles Keay, farm grieve 
David Munro, glassblower 
William Mitchell, dyer 
Robert Munro, dyer's finisher 
Mrs John Todd 
Thomas M'Ewan, grocer 
Peter Sharp, platelayer 
Margaret Ewing, confectioner 
Alex. Dingwall, railway servant 
Mrs Robert Robertson 
William M'Glashan 
Euphemia Sidey 
Mrs George Soutar 
James Brown, carter 
John Robertson, gardener 
Mrs David Ness, nurse 
Thomas Tosh 
Thomas M'Ewan, grocer 
William Powrie, night watchman 
Mrs Alexander M'Diarmid 
David Murie, blacksmith 
William Henderson, tenter 
William Johnston, mason 
John Gray, dyer 
John Young, weaver 
James Prentice, fireman 
Richard Ness, platelayer 
Alex. W. MTntosh, stationer 
James Garrow, supt. of police 
Peter Scotland, labourer 
William MTlwham, dyer 
Mrs George Scotland 
Peter Suttie, porter 
Arch. M'Farlane, shoemaker 
William Whitehall, glove dyer 



56 Mary Morrison 

... James M'Laren, joiner 

... John Aitken, lorryman 

58 Mrs Peter Doig 

... Mary Milne, nurse 

... William Reid, dyer 

... Andrew Smith, gardener 

... George Adam, signalman 

60 John Christie, mason 

62 David Stewart, railway porter 

... Mrs Thomas Stewart 

... Alexander Hughes, hammerman 

... William Duffin 

. . . Mrs William Munro 

... James Ewing, warehouseman 

... Andrew Drysdale, labourer 

... David Birrell, engine-driver 

64 Mrs Alexander Murray, mangier 

66 Mrs John M'Pherson 

68 Thomas Miller, labourer 

Thistle lane here 
70 David Murie, labourer 
... Emily Watson 
72 John A. Langlands, joiner 
74 David Cramb, mason 

Low Street. 

1 James M 'Donald, joiner 
3 William Robinson, hatter 
5 William Oliphant Baird, dyer 
7 Mrs Alexander Harris 
. . . David Young, brassfounder 
... James Mackie, school officer 
. . . John Davie, warehouseman 
... Mrs Isabella Hunter, seamstress 
9 Mrs Peter M'Leod 
... John Roy, sawmiller 
... Robert Doig, shunter 
1 1 Edgar Robertson, mason 
... James Buchan, silk printer 

Market Street. 

3 Mary Douglas, grocer 

5 James Murray, blacksmith 

... Mrs John Grace 

... Robert White, lorryman 

... Andrew Murie, plumber 

... James Fairley, tenter 

... Wm. Ramsay, telegraph lineman 

... John C. Petrie, railway porter 

7 Henry Christie, coachbuilder 

9 Mrs Allan Robertson 
... George Watt, carter 
... Hugh Mathewson, brassmoulder 
... Thos. Robertson, coal salesman 
... Andrew G. Lockhart, joiner 
... John Nairn, warehouseman 
... Norman Shaw, fireman 
... Charles Peddie, clerk 
1 1 Walter Methven, carter 
13 Alexander Dow, grocer 

Lick ley street here 
15 William Hope, joiner 
... Donald Boysick, hostler 
... Alexander Willis, joiner 
... Daniel S. Clark, salesman 
... William Munro, brakesman 
... Henry Logan, clerk 
... John Jamieson, salesman 
. . . Ann Young 
... John Dryden, lorryman 
... William Ross, coachman 
. . . Lawrence M'Laren, police sergt. 
... John Tulloch, engine-driver 
... John Cameron, clerk 
. . . Joseph Duff, glass tube finisher 
... Peter Panton, carter 
17 Jas. Henderson, railway porter 
... William Ross, clerk 
... Mrs Agnes M'Rostie, lodgings 
.. William Kerr, lorryman 
... John Smith, warehouseman 
... Stewart S. Doig, plumber 
... David Davidson 
. . Robert Smith, reliefman 
19 Hugh Paul, painter 
... Wiliiam Duncan, packer 
. . . William Keillor, night watchman 
... Daniel Crichton, dyer 
... James Duncan, cleaner 
... John S. M 'Donald, plumber 
... Samuel Hood, warehouseman 
. . . Mrs James Lowden 
21 Alexander Nairn, joiner 
... James C. Gray, signalman 
... John Butter, bottler 
... John Husband 
... Robert Law, night watchman 
. . . Lizzie Anderson 
... Alex. Ormond, dyer's finisher 
... John Milne, printer 
... Mrs James Hart 



21 David Scrimgeour, dyer 
. . . James Turnbull, dyer 
. . . John Anderson, blacksmith 
. . . David Todd, warehouseman 
... James Paterson, compositor 
. . . Mungo Gow, policeman 
... William Clark, engine-driver 
Granville Place- 
Dow & M'Farlane, joiners 
James Sharp, clerk 
James Mahoney, engine-driver 
James O'Neil, coach painter 
Mrs Alexander Dewar 
Andrew Herd, blacksmith 
Robert Gloag, mason 
David Grieve, lorryman 
James Johnstone, shoemaker 
David Greig, goods porter 
David M'Laren, brassfinisher 
Isa C. Smith, dressmaker 
Mrs John Lowe 
Helen Nicoll, dressmaker 
Duncan G. M'Cormack, dyer 
Peter M'Farlane, joiner 
James Dow, joiner 
30 George Barker, engineer 
28 Henry Christie, coachbuilder 

Milite street here 
24 Mrs William Carson 
.., James Ramsay, joiner 
. . . James Caw, painter 
... Alexander S. Duncan, shepherd 
... William Rothnie, fireman 
... James Callum, fireman 
... William Dickie, mason 
... Dinah Ash ton 
... Robert Ormond, yardsman 
... John Stewart, tailor 
... Alexander Lamond, baker 
... William Grassie, yardsman 
... William Chalmers, timekeeper 
... David Walker, guard 
22 William Lawrie, boilermaker 
... James Pullar, dyer 
... William Anderson, policeman 
... David Myles, joiner 
... Mrs Alexander Geddes 
... Walter Borthwick, bellhanger 
... John Hattle, engine-driver 
... John Clark, sculptor 
20 Mrs George Carmichael 

20 Robertson M'Gregor, labourer 
... Peter Dick, cabinetmaker 
... George Forfar, slater 
... Alexander Husband, carter 
... James Reid, railway guard 
... Mrs George Martin 
. . . David Husband, joiner 
18 Duncan M'Lauchlan, coachman 
16 David Husband, house factor 
14 Mrs James Munn, confectioner 
Brown Street — 

2 Daniel M 'Nicoll, shepherd 
. . James Davie, brakesman 
,. Alexander White, joiner 
,. William Wilson, carter 

John Sime, sculptor 
.. John Barclay, dyer 

... John Reid, postman 

. . . Geo. Robertson, engine-driver 
.. Michael Duigan, rail, porter 
. . James Duff, blacksmith 

3 John Lowe, blacksmith 

... Alexander M'Ainsh, joiner 
I Mrs James Whittet 
12 George M'Kenzie, dairy 
10 Mrs James Campbell 
... John Henderson, porter 
... John Murray, dyer 
... John Pirrie, baker 
... Thomas Yeaman, french cleaner 
... Newlands Scotland, dyer 
. . . John Turver, retired rail, guard 

8 Peter Stewart, policeman 
... David Moncrieff, glassblower 
... John Aitken, railway servant 
... William Clark, yardsman 
... Mrs Richard H. Crook 
... Tames D. Fraser, vanman 
... Hugh Wright, blacksmith 

6 Helen Munro, refreshments 

4 David Crichton, joiner 
... James Muir, butcher 
... Mrs Isabella Comrie 
... Henry Shepherd, tailor 
... George Baptie, sheep dealer 
... William Johnstone, carpenter 
... Wm. Young, grocer's assistant 
... Ann Rutherford, lodgings 
... James M'Neil, carter 

2 ;6 


Marshall Place. 

1 John Frazer, clothier 

2 Jessie Whyte 

3 Mrs George Scott 

4 Mrs John Monteath 

5 Mrs Robert Lowe 

6 Helen Greig 

6 Mrs Jane Fisher 

7 Mrs John M'Naughton 

. . . Charles Tulloch, saddler 

8 Thomas Butter, clerk 

9 James Johnstone, cattle dealer 
io Robert M. Kippen, solicitor 
... Misses Kippen 

1 1 D. Leslie, stationer, &c. 

12 James S. Cruickshank, clothier 

13 John Stewart, solicitor 

14 Wm. B. Thomson, spirit dealer 
Nelson street here 

15 Mrs Neil Reid 

16 William M'Kendrick, butcher 

17 J. Holmes Morrison, M.D. 

18 Archibald M 'Donald 

19 William Brydson, draper 

20 James M'Ewen, draper 

21 G. R. Douglas, painter 

22 T. D. Chaloner, In. Rev. Officer 

23 George Meikle, spirit dealer 

24 John Young, architect and C.E. 

25 James Cuthbert, merchant 

26 Fox Maule Boyd, painter 

27 Margaret Wylie 

28 Andrew Reid, merchant 
King James' Place— 

1 Mary Annan 

... W. H. Wotherspoon, com. travlr. 

2 Forrest Frew, plumber 

3 Samuel Chapman 
King's Place — 

1 Rev. D. D. Bannerman, D.D. 

2 Margaret M'Farlane 

3 William Garvie, manufacturer 
King street here 

4 Alexander Simpson, M.A., M.D. 

5 Mrs Robert M' Lagan 

6 Jessie M. Grierson 
... Jane Moncrieff 

7 Ann Buist 

8 James M'Ewen 

... John L. Bowie, solicitor 

9 Mrs Garland 

10 Jane Scotland, lodgings 

11 Daniel M'Kenzie, merchant 

12 John Beattie, tobacco manufr. 

Meal Vennel. 

Alexander Knight, broker 

Luigi Cardinal, ice cream shop 

Michael Kelly, labourer 

Mary Cur a 

Daniel Clink, labourer 

Agnes Stratton 

Thomas Hennigan 

Roberto Cura, ice cream shop 

Susan Flynn, dairykeeper 

Helen M'Pherson 

John Seaton, labourer 

Mary Coyne 

Mary Jamieson 

Edward Flood, labourer 

Mrs John Connoboy 

John Holachan, grocer 

David Murphy, broker 

Mary Smith, seamstress 

Patrick Dorris, labourer 

Mrs Peter Lynch 

William Robertson, tobacconist 

John Heraughty, broker 

Bernard M'Mahon, labourer 

David Murphy, pedlar 

Bridget Jennings, factory worker 

Mrs D. Murphy, broker 

Mrs Geo. M'Lauchlan, china mer. 

John Kilpatrick, auctioneer 

Mrs Michael Welsh, grocer 

John Melloy, contractor 

Michael Reilly, labourer 

Michael Scully, labourer 

Patrick Devaney, labourer 

Rodger Lyden, labourer 

Philip Gross, picture frame mkr. 

John Melloy, grocer 

Alfred Le Quest, broker 

Robert Sinclair, shoemaker 

Catherine Smeaton 

Alex. Smeaton, sand boatman 

William R. Gray, slater 

Mary Kirk 

Michael Higgins, labourer 

James Robertson, labourer 

Peter Holachan, labourer 




John Bridges, labourer 
Ann Brown 

James Ritchie, labourer 
Mary Gavin, outworker 
Ann Queen, outworker 
Andrew M'Kendrick, joiner 
John Mailer, cabinetmaker 
Susan Dopnan, broker 
John Cossgrove, labourer 
Mark Mullen, labourer 
Michael M'Neil, labourer 
John Sharkie, labourer 
George Taylor, labourer 
Mary Holland, outworker 
Ann Thomson 
John Muckersie, labourer 
Azzali 1 -uigi, ice cream shop 
VI rs Walter Barret, grocer 
Bridget Gallocher 
William M'Inally, labourer 
Margaret M 'Donald, lodgings 
Duncan Robertson, carter 
Thomas Collins, hawker 
Minnie Berwick 
John M'Millan, labourer 
John Davidson, drover 
John Dickson, labourer 
Jane Muir 
\Iary Bruce 

Mrs R. Kennedy, general dealer 
Mrs Robert Kennedy, broker 
Bridget M'Lauchlan, outworker 
Mrs Walter Barret, grocer 
James Robertson, dyer's finisher 
Mrs Matthew Lynch, grocer 
Sarah M'Mahon, hosier 
Michael M'Mahon, contractor 
William Murray, shoemaker 
Alexander M'Caull, labourer 
Mary Knox, housekeeper 
Hugh Hrown, pensioner 
Mrs Mary Flynn 
John Menzies, labourer 
Mrs Jane Milligan 
Hugh Campbell, stonebreaker 
Thomas Moore, labourer 
Michael M'Mahon, broker 
William Hallyburton, cooper 
John Wilkinson, labourer 
Maggie Martin 
Michael Kilgour 

42 Alexander Knight, broker 

40 Sarah Maillie, outworker 

... Mrs Patrick Maillie 

... Philip M'Mahon, labourer 

... John M'Gough, labourer 

... Martin Joyce, labourer 

... Francis Devanagh, labourer 

... Mrs Mary Scully, outworker 

... Patrick Kerrigan, labourer 

... Annie Kerrigan 

... Patrick Costello, labourer 

... Ann M'Diarmid, outworker 

... Mary Canavan, outworker 

... Margaret Gavin, outworker 

... Mrs Peter Stenton 

... Hugh M'Laughlan, painter 

... James Melloy, labourer 

... John Flynn, labourer 

... Margaret Derrick, outworker 

38 John Kilpatrick, auctioneer 

36 John Queen, broker 

34 Michael Kerrigan, mason 

... Mrs Robert M'Kay 

... John Queen, lodgings 

... Martin Coyne, pavior 

30 Alex. Knight, general dealer 

28 John Heraughty, broker 

26 J as H. M 'Donald, china merch. 

24 Mrs David Wilson, cork cutter 

22 David Balfour, cooper 

... Maggie Queen 

... William Thomson, drover 

20 John Gannon, potato merchant 

18 John Boyd, labourer 

16 Michael Derrick, lodgings 

14 David Dick, fish dealer 

12 Bernard Dorris, labourer 

Mary Flynn, factory worker 

James Marmion, labourer 

Bridget Marmion 

Mary Kane 

Margaret Gow 

Mrs Catherine M'Mahon 
10 John Thornton, hairdresser 
8 Robert Lamb, shoemaker 
6 Mrs James Roy 

Elizabeth Robertson 

James Henderson, porter 

Mrs John Ford 

William Hay, carpenter 

James Brough, painter 

2 5 8 


4 Mrs Elizabeth Moir, restaurateur 

2 Alexander Forsyth, book-keeper 
... Margaret Scrimgeour 

Melville Street. 

1 John Russell, baker 

3 John Kilpatrick, auctioneer 
... John Fisher 

... Mrs Duncan Ferguson 

... Donald Robertson, cleaner 

... Mrs James Waterston 

5 R. Nicholls, feather dresser 
... R. Holland, feather dresser 

7 James Graham 

11 David Arthur Leslie, m.d. 

13 Henry Cowper, dyer 

15 Robert Halley, foreman winder 
. . . Mrs John Stewart 

17 Mrs Ann Turnbull 

19 Charles Grant, cabinetmaker 

21 Michael Keegan, general mercht. 

23 Terence Brady, auctioneer 

25 Alexander Ramsay, glass and 

china merchant 
Barossa place here 
32 William Caw, labourer 
30 Charles Heron, baker 
... Mrs Charles Findlay, lodgings 
... Lauchlan Grant, solicitor 
28 James F. Robertson, printer 

26 James M 'Donald, joiner 
. . Mrs James Macgregor 

... James M. Young, printer 

. . . James Nicol, railway inspector 

... Alex. Barclay, pattern maker 

24 James Proudfoot, manufacturer 

22 Alexander Thomson, cooper 
... David Lumsden, shunter 

... George Leaver, labourer 
... Robert Hood, carter 
... Alexander Duff, joiner 

16 Rev. James A. Smith, d.d. 
... Rev. John Turner 

... Rev. Eugene Macarthy 

14 Elizabeth Luby, tailoress 

12 Wm. Abernethy, dyer's finisher 
... James Gow Boyd, marble cutter 
... James Pullar 

10 John M'Farlane, lapper 

4 Thomas Stein 

2 William Adie, pastry baker 

Methven Street (North). 

I William Paton, restaurateur 
3 C. & J. Kidd, dressmakers 

... Eliza. M'Gregor, scripture reader 

... Geo. Campbell, traveller 

... Mrs W. Cowans 
5 K. Menzies, dairykeeper 
7 Robert Brown, insurance agent 
9 James Wright, grocer 

... Robert Wright, brassfounder 

... Mrs Robert Clark 

... Grace Taylor 

... Maggie Geddes 

... Mrs Robert Coupar 

... Mrs Anderson, housekeeper 

9 \ Mrs Wm. Henderson, fruiterer 

... William Henderson, bootmaker 

1 1 Mary Ann Turnbull, confectioner 

13 Ann M' Lauchlan 

... Mrs Peter Spence, dressmaker 

... Peter Spence, insurance agent 

... Margaret Hill 

15 James Forbes, butcher 

19 Mrs James Robertson 

... John S. Dow, clerk 

... James Cairns, clerk 

... John Meldrum, clothier's agent 

21 Bella Waterston, stationer 

23 Thomas Baxter, joiner 

... Misses Baxter, dressmakers 

... Mrs Richard Laidlaw, lodgings 

. . . Mary Peddie 

... Joseph Bell, slater 
Foundry lane here 

33 John Jack, spirit-dealer 

37 Nellie Easson, milliner 

39 Alexander Miller, hatter 

... John Bowie, joiner 

41 Mrs John Sharp, fishmonger 

... John Sharp, plasterer 

43 Mrs Thomas Young, stationer 

45 Annie Logie 

... Thomas Young, bootmaker 

... Mrs Charles Strong 

... Mrs James Anderson 

47 Andrew Hill, butcher 

49 Perth First Wheaten Bread Soc. 

53 John Robertson, ironmonger 
Union lane here 

55 Charles Grant, cabinetmaker 




James P. Pirrie, coachbuilder 

J. Edward Pirrie, organist 

Eliza Ross, lodgings 

John Green 

James Bisset, fruiterer 

Mrs Jas. Weir, baby linen ware- 

James Weir, fireman 

James Sneddon, confectioner 

Mary Skinner, fruiterer 

William Skinner, labourer 

Mrs James Clark 

Jane Young, lodgings 

Mrs John Wilson 

Mrs Alexander Murray 

City of Perth Co-operative Soc. 

Cathedral Nursery 

W. M. Farquharson, nurseryman 

James Hinshelwood, dairyman 

Alexander Plinshelwood, salmon 

James B. Bouick, reporter 

John Cruickshank, detective serg. 

Catherine M 'Donald 

Perth Baking Company, Limited 

Peter Lawson, provision mercht. 

Mrs William Harper 

Jane Morrison, dressmaker 

Matthew Caw, railway porter 

Wm. M'Laren, joiner 

Andrew Mitchell, plumber 

James K. Thomson, baker 

William Campbell, surveyor 

Thomas I. Miller, cashier 

Miss M'Kenzie 

William Campbell, grocer 

John Wright & Co., brewers 

William Robertson, dairy 

Mrs Peter Scott 

Mrs George Marr 

Thomas Douglas, clerk 

David Leitch, miller 

Plugh M'Pherson, dyer 

John J. Cormack, tailor's cutter 

Maggie Melville 

Andrew B rough 

Peter Malone, shoemaker 

Mrs James Young 

David Gorrie, coppersmith 

William Young, printer 

John Young & Son, painters 

Methven Street (South). 

I Lizzie Clark, dairymaid 
3 John Miller, hairdresser 
5 R. G. Nicholson, cycle agent 
9 D. M. Barker, engineer (office) 
... Jno. Skinner & Son, coal merchts 
II C. E. & M. Allan, dressmakers 
13 James Ballantine, grocer 
15 Thomas Burnett, dyer 
... Peter Stewart, cattle dealer 
... Mrs Emily Munro 
17 William Paterson, bootmaker 
19 Perth Coffee-House — Jehu Tyler 
23 John Sime, dyer 

William Dobbie, vanman 
David Hunter, labourer 
Mrs Annie Perkins, ironer 
Mrs Janet Campbell 
Daniel Harper, gas stocker 
James Marshall, dyer 
Peter Haggart, platelayer 
John Thomson, tenter 
Alexander Reid, french cleaner 
Jno. Campbell, aerated water mnf. 
John Deas, platelayer 
Charles MTntosh, cabinetmaker 
25 D. Gorrie & Sons, coppersmiths 
27 W. & D. Peddie, iron merchants 
29 Town and County Bank 
... R. & J. Robertson & Dempster, 

... James Brown, joiner & caretaker 

High street here 
33 Peter Stewart, Kinnoull Arms 
35 Bank of Scotland (branch) ; 

Andrew Martin, agent 
37 Andrew Brown, hosier 
... Edward Jackson, solicitor 
... James C. M 'Donald, solicitor 
... Emma Forshaw, embroiderer 
... Grace Cant 
39 Alexander Glass, druggist 
41 J. & J. Nicoll, stationers 
43 Charles C. Stuart & Son, grocers 
45 Mrs S. Menzies, com. lodgings 
... Charles Stewart, auctioneer 
... William Mailer, gamedealer 
... David Burnfield, watchmaker 
47 Thomas Roy & Co., butchers 
49 Stewart & Gow, auctioneers 




William Glover, bootmaker 
Helen Birrell 
Mrs Robert Leslie 
James M 'Donald, cabinetmaker 
David Burnfield, watchmaker 
James Isaac, draper 
Alexander Green, draper 
Alexander Hedderwick, butcher 
Garvie & Deas, manufacturers 
Perthshire Rubber Co. 
Robert B. Wallace, draper 
Alexander Duncan, bootmaker 
Peter M'Lean, fruiterer 
Isabella R. Laing, com. lodgings 
George Muego, hairdresser 
James Soutar, baker 
John M'Vean, gamedealer 
William Keith, engine-driver 
Charles Fenwick, barman 
Joseph Hutton, joiner 
William Waddell, dyer 
Mrs David MTnroy, seamstress 
Mrs Ann Harris, stationer 
Jane Miller, milliner 
Alice E. White, gamedealer 
William M. Duff, watchmaker 
Catherine Gibson, seamstress 
R. B. Wallace, clothier 
Misses Thomson & Deuchars, 

Thomas Cross, dyer 
James Moir, greenkeeper 
Elizabeth Scott, sick nurse 
Mrs David Ross 
Jane and Isabella M'Conochie 
Mrs George Bruce 
S. T. & E. Ellison, umbrella mkrs 
James M 'Donald, grain merchant 
Peter M' Lagan, gunmaker 
H. & E. Tolleth, dressmakers 
Mrs James Wells 
Mrs John M'Gregor 
Mary Stewart, ironer 
Margaret Menzies 
Wm. Glover & Son, bootmakers 
Rose P. Blair, druggist 
James Crichton, draper 
Mrs Janet Munro, lodgings 
William Gow, auctioneer 
Catherine S. Cameron 
Young & Campbell, drapers 

36 National Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 
34 J. & R. Smail, ironmongers 
32 Wm Mailer, fish and game dlr. 
30 Alexander Scott, restaurateur 
26 James Easdon, spirit dealer 
24 India, China, & Ceylon Tea Co. 
22 James Keay, bootmaker 

High street here 
24 John Young, glazier 
14 T- E. & C. Ireland, photographers 
16 Robert Garvie, butcher 
18 Mrs James Miller, innkeeper 
... Wm. Martin, com. traveller 
20 R. F. Macaulay, jeweller, &c. 

4 Mrs Daniel M'Farlane 
... Thomas M'Farlane, mechanic 
... Ellen D. Barclay, dressmaker 
... Henry Tailor, teacher 
... Robert Wright, brassfounder 

2 James Wright & Son, grocers 
... R. & D. Ilalley, grain merchant 

Mill Street. 

Perth Public Baths and Wash- 
house ; James Edwards, supt. 
Mrs E. M. Webb, poulterer 
Peter M 'Queen, broker 
Alexander Thomson, cooper 
Mrs Samuel Black, meal dealer 
James Peddie, veterinary surgeon 
Thos. Hennachan, coal merchant 
David Melville, tailor 
Mrs William Glen, dairykeeper 
Wm. Frew & Sons, plumbers 
John M'Farlane, blacksmith 
Mrs Samuel Black, meal dealer 
Alexander Comrie, labourer 
John Mitchell, fisher 
Wordie & Co., railway carriers 
Mrs James M 'Arthur, spirit mer. 
Mrs John Sinclair 
John King, clerk 
Robert Stewart, fishdealer 
James Stewart, fishdealer 
John Stewart, fishdealer 
William Davidson, spirit dealer 
Guard vennel here 
James M'Leish, plumber 
Alexander Dempster, dairyman 
Peter M'Laggan, gunsmith 
Strang & M 'Lagan, undertakers 






William F. Harris, brassfinisher 
Mrs Adam Robertson 
Catherine Robertson, clressmkr. 
William Cunningham, tailor 
Alexander Reid, mason 
Janet Moncrieff 
James M'Gregor. dyer's cleaner 
John M'Gregor & Co., bookbdrs. 
John M'Kay & Son, plasterers 
Stewart & M'Farlane, joiners 
George Finlayson, ironmonger 
John Maconochie, restaurateur 
John Masterson, coach proprietor 
James Brown, cabinetmaker 
Peter M'Lauchlan, mechanic 
John Donaldson, plumber 
Thomas Nelson, dyer 
David Donaldson, cabinetmaker 
Mrs John M'Laren, grocer 
Aberdeen Loan Co. , Ltd. , brkrs. 
Mrs William M'Ara, seamstress 
Mrs James Sorley 
Alex. Maitland, pawnbroker 
Donald Henderson, dyer 
James Hay, planemaker 
Helen Scott, sick nurse 
Margaret Flynn, laundress 
James Paul, storekeeper 
Cut log vennel here 
Robert W 7 alker, bookseller 
Taylor & Co., ostrich fethr. dyers 
Ann Fraser, lint & yarn mercht. 
Margt. Moncrieff, confectioner 
Geo. Thompson, pict. frame mkr. 
Marjory Bower 

John Wilson, wholesale grocer 
Robert Walker, old book shop 
Charles Thomson, tinsmith 
Andrew Laing, draper 
Robert Taylor, mason 
Mary Aitken 
Ann Rutherford 
Mrs Frederick Smith 
Mrs James Campbell 
Robert Cornfute, dyer 
William Harris, blacksmith 
Jessie Morris 
David Eadie, painter 
Mrs John M'Dougall 
William Fyfe, carter 
William Murray, barman 

57 Robert Ewing, carter 
Mrs Daniel Fraser 
Robert Watt, fireman 
James Kettles, carter 
Mrs David Mustard 
Andrew Sharp, carter 

59 Duncan M 'Cowan, carter 

60 Alexander M'Gregor, heckler 

61 James Ballantine, grocer 
Baker's Buildings — 

Wm. M 'Cowan, seed merchant 

James M 'Donald 

Hugh Stobie, joiner 

James Hill, salesman 

Robert Taylor, contractor 

Thomas Wylie, ironmonger 

James Howe, bottler . 

James Millam, vanman 

John Harris, mason 

Alexander Ross, joiner 

James Hill 

John Raffm, casemaker 

City Mills— Jas.M 'Donald, miller 


Mill Street (West). 

John Young, coachman 
Peter Crow, carpet weaver 
Mrs Alexander Milne 
James Webster, dyer 
Mrs John Knight 
George Soutar, coal merchant 
Charles Smith, labourer 
Robert Sherret, moulder 
James Christie, joiner 
Andrew Taylor, miller 
Charles Bramham, tenter 
James Croll, painter 
Mrs Thomas Hay 
Alexander M'Farlane, barman 
Mrs John Bell 
John Bell, painter 
Robert Garland, labourer 
Alexander Murie, labourer 
Agnes Nicol, dyer's finisher 
Mrs Taylor 

Mrs Laurence M' Donald 
Mrs Edward Robertson 
Mary Sim, finisher 
William Young, dyer 
Joseph M'Condach, porter 
John M'Kay, shoemaker . 



34 William M 'Andrew, labourer 
36 Adam Wishart, street porter 
... William Harris, mechanic 
. . . Ann Bonnar, nursery worker 
... Charles M'Pherson, dyer 
... Alexander M 'Donald, dyer 
... John M'Pheat, carter 
... Joseph Doig, plumber 
... Robert Fenton, confectioner 
... James Gray, brassfinisher 
... John Hall, labourer 
... Mrs Robert Haxton 
38 John Dow, tailor 

Milne Street. 

1 Mrs Margaret Anderson, grocer 

2 Charles Gibson, joiner 

3 Robert Kinmond, vanman 

4 Andrew Milne, railway porter 
... Jas. G. Menzies, dyer's finisher 
... John Campbell, lorryman 

... Mrs Andrew Low 

... James Forbes, coachsmith 

... John Keir, porter 

. . . James Y. Porter, painter 

... David M'Pherson, carter 

... David Morrison, joiner 

5 David M'Farlane, dyer 
... George Steele, labourer 
... James M'Lean, carter 
... James Guild, labourer 
... Daniel D. Grant, joiner 

.. Alexander Crichton, mason 
... David Oliphant 
... John S. Elder, surfaceman 
... Duncan Stewart, factory worker 
... James Cook, dyer 
... Charles M 'Lagan, baker 
... William Coutts, porter 
Peter Reid, slater 
Henry Christie, coachbuilder 

Murray Street. 

1 George Robertson, cowfeeder 

2 Robert Spalding & Son, skinners 

4 Mrs David Lamb 

5 John Garvie, fitter 

... James Fenton, dyer's labourer 

6 Robert Irvine, skinner 

8 Thomas B. Young, clothier 
... Isabella Roy 

9 William Keay, labourer 

Nelson Street. 

1 Mrs F. P. Carnegie 

.. Alexander Fyfe 

2 John Armstrong 

.. Margaret Beveridge, dressmaker 

3 T. B. Gellatly, factory manager 

5 Mary Smith 

6 Mrs James Robertson 

7 Geo. Simpson, railway inspector 

8 Charles Smith, railway carriage 


9 Mrs Margaret Gallie 
Sozit/z William street here 

Burton Place — 
Mrs David M' Lagan 
Dundee Proudfoot, gilder 
James Fraser, engine-driver 
Mrs William Wilkie 
James Jackson, clerk 
Mrs John Rodger, lodgings 
Mrs Alexander Clark 
Catherine Sandilands 


Paul's Close — 

2 John Stewart, carpenter 

4 Peter Boyle, vanman 

6 Alexander Elder, weaver 

8 Alexander M'Intosh, labourer 
... John Ritchie, dyer 

... William May, feather dyer 
... David Wallace, labourer 

10 Mary Strong 

12 John Mitchell, gardener 

... Mrs George Innes 

... Mrs Michael King 

... Sutherland Bremmer, drover 

... Robert Dow, labourer 

. . . Mrs James Laing 

14 William Kirk, labourer 

... David Sime, labourer 

... John Hay 

... Andrew Cameron, carter 

16 Peter Welsh, labourer 

... James Livingstone, carter 

11 Mrs John Donohue 

9 Ann Ross 

5 Donald M'Inroy, gardener 

3 Charles M' Lagan, scavenger 
1 John Lorimer, bird stuffer 





Mrs James Thomson 
Malcolm Robertson, loftman 
... Mrs Thomas M'Conochie 
... Peter B. Smith, dyer 

7 Alexander Davidson, plumber 

9 Mrs William Taylor 
15 Alexander Beveridge, builder 
21 Geo. Barker, mechanical enginr. 
29 James Wells, blacksmith 
33 Mrs John Murie 
35 James Henry, weaver 
. . . "Mrs Alexander Reid 

37 Mrs James Stirton 

39 Alexander Sinclair, surfaceman 
41 James Henderson, labourer 

43 James Rough, mason 
... William Soutar, carter 

... Mrs William Taylor, washer 
45 Robert M'Vean, porter 

47 Charles Boyd, surfaceman 
49 William Taylor, plumber 
51 Charles Stalker, miller 

... James Richardson, vanman 
... Robert S. Murray, porter 
... James Baxter, fireman 
53 Catherine M' Donald 
... David Irvine, tinsmith 

York place here 
59 James Martin, cabinetmaker 
... Jessie Campbell 
... Helen Croll 
... Helen Smeaton, servant 
... Peter Martin, joiner 
61 James Hay & Son, undertakers 
63 Mrs John Buchan, shoemaker 

48 David Rutherford, irondresser 
. . . Elizabeth Anderson 

... David Paterson, labourer 
... Mrs James Robertson 
County place here 

44 Charlotte Hislop 

... Mrs David Anderson 

. . . Garvie & Deas, manufacturers 

... Vere M'Gregor 

. . . Stewart Lindsay, night watchman 

... Mrs Thomas Ross 

... Mrs Mungo Barclay 

38 Alexander Welsh, tenter 
... Jeannie Fairbrother 

.. Mrs David Nicoll 




William Bauchop, platelayer 

John Birnie, fireman 

John Robertson, parcel porter 

Thomas Whittet, steward 

Robert Drysdale, labourer 

John M'Gregor, butcher 

Mrs Robert Cramb, washer 

Robert Smith, pig dealer 

Mrs Thomas Rowley 

Mrs John Mitchell 

William Mitchell, dyer 

Robert Mitchell, labourer 

Robert Hall, glassblower 

George Hall, fisherman 

Thomas Donaldson, plasterer 

Mrs Stewart 

Lizzie Dickson 

John Folan, labourer 

William Bisset, saddler 

James M'Leish, carter 

William Stalker, labourer 

John Garvie, skinner 

David Garvie, plasterer 

William Dunbar, salesman 

Mrs Petrie 

Finlay Shaw, labourer 

Peter Fraser, surfaceman 

Mrs Lewis Crow 

Mrs Joseph Graham 

Mrs Peter MTntosh 

Ann Munro 

Mrs James Scott 

James Elder, shoemaker 

Lewis Crow, laundryman 

Mrs William Mitchell 

Mrs John Easton 

Malcolm Irvine, fireman 

Maggie Bothwell 

Mrs Adams 

Peter Scott, baker 

Mrs Martin Flynn 

John Rodger, engine-driver 

Peter Chalmers, joiner 

Alex. Robertson, foundry mngr. 

John Gregor, labourer 

David Taylor, contractor 

John Wilson, railway guard 

Thomas Bell, bottleblower 

Mrs James Stewart 

Thomas Scotland, surfaceman 

William M'Nab, tinsmith 




James Hendry, dyer 
William Stewart, fireman 
Daniel M'Laren, labourer 
Alexander M'Farlane, carter 
William Duncan, dyer 
James Halley, dyer's labourer 
John Haggart, joiner 
Lawrence Greenhill, mason 
John Davidson, pensioner 
Alexander Shaw 
John Allan, joiner 
Alexander M'Farlane, mechanic 
Robert Nelson, dyer's finisher 
David Boyle, clerk 
George Gardiner, dyer 
Alex. K. Robertson, ironturner 
John Young, painter 

North Port. 

James Coltart, coachman 
David Farquharson, builder 
George Muirhead, painter 
Robert Simpson, golf-club mkr. 
Mrs George Muirhead 
James M'Laren, police sergeant 
Alexander Reid, clerk 
James Gardiner, labourer 
John Thomson, dyer's finisher 
Mrs David Fowler 
John W. Rattray, dyer's finisher 
William Munro, grocer 
Finlay M'Coll, cabinetmaker 
John Finlayson, dyer 
Josef Schindler, watchmaker 
Grace M 'Donald 
Thomas Sprunt, clerk 
Cctstlegable here 
Thomas Hall, glassblower 
John Cruickshank, mechanic 
Mrs Peter Waddell, laundress 
William Cochrane, blacksmith 
James M'Leod, brassfounder 
Archibald Campbell, labourer 
William Donnelly, dyer 
James Stewart, cabman 
Mrs Dune. M'Dougall, laundress 
Robt. Duncan, carpet cloth insp. 
Edward Shepherd, basketmaker 
John Lawson, engine fitter 
John Guthrie, waiter 
John Rae, joiner 

6 Robert Andrews, dairykeeper 

4 James Miller, joiner 

... Robert Gunn, planemaker 
... Peter Ferguson, labourer 
... David Thornton, insur. agent 
... Robert Turnbull, cleaner 

2 Daniel Marshall, railway porter 

Oliphant's vennel— see Watergate. 
Paradise place - see Victoria Street. 

Paul Street 

1 William Welsh, vanman 
James Gibson, baker 
William Allan, dyer 
Alex. Scott, spirit merchant 
John Buist, machineman 
David Baxter, weaver 
Alexander Clark, painter 
Jessie M'Laren, millworker 

3 Francis Johnstone, cattleman 

5 John Smith, joiner 

7 Mrs John MTntosh 
Mrs David Miller, staymaker 
Ebenezer Young, painter 
Christina M'Ara 
James Morton, glassblower 
Mary Tait, millworker 

9 John M'Lennan, plasterer 
11 Robert M'Leish, yardsman 
13 George Yeaman, labourer 

Jno. Meiklem, silk velvet finisher 

Thomas MTntosh, dyer 

James Blair, dyer 

Margaret Justice, millworker 

Margaret Milne 

Elizabeth Keegan 

Ann M'Donald 

Agnes Speedie 

Georgina Smith 

Peter Welsh, labourer 

Margaret Farquharson 

15 Mrs John Anderson, confectioner 
18 A. Macfarlane & Co., foundry 

16 Mrs Dune. M'Donald, sick-nurse 
David Ferguson, tea dealer 
Elizabeth Whyte, washer 
Janet Martin, millworker 
David Campbell, labourer 
Stewart Fisken, labourer 
James Byars, labourer 




John Neilson, labourer 

Peter Brown, ironturner 

Mrs John Brown 

Jessie Halkerston 

Mrs Isabella M 'Lagan 

Mrs Susan Miller 

Mrs Robert Taylor 

Peter Soutar, dyer 

James Clement, wire worker 

John Cameron, dyer's labourer 

Mrs John Cochrane 

Robert Gabriel, dyer 

Henry Gray, forester 

Isabella Watson 

Mrs Joseph Thomson 

James Christie, cabinetmaker 

James Harris, mason 

Mrs Daniel Cameron 

Mrs John Kelly, dressmaker 

Charles Clark, carter 

Peter Duncan, ropemaker 

William Wilson, dyer 

Catherine Campbell, millworker 

Thomas Gorrie, moulder 

Pomarium Street. 

Mrs John Lamont, grocer 

John Taggart, dyer's labourer 

Alexander Adams, gardener 

Mrs James Halley 

Mrs John Gow 

Thomas Mullion, baker 

John Keillor, joiner 

Jemima M'Kay 
' Alex. Simpson, mechanic 

Andrew Taylor, brakesman 

Peter Kemp, coal merchant 

Mrs Andrew Hall 
1 Alexander Fraser, bottler 
; W T illiam Drummond, tailor 
' Joseph Rankin, painter 
. John Murray, coachman 
. William Young, bootmaker 
. William Shaw, slater 
. James Finlayson, dyer's labourer 
. David Smith, carter 
. John M'Naughton, carter 

John Hood, night watchman 
) Mrs Peter Paterson 
[ Mrs James Roberts 
; John Stewart, dyer's finisher 

23 Thomas Abbot, painter 

. .. Mrs James Yule 

... Mrs Andrew Mitchell 

25 Mrs David Crichton 

27 Charles Dewar, warper 

29 Mrs John Reid 

... Alexander Ross, timekeeper 

... Andrew Michie, mechanic 

... Miss Shaw 

... Alex. M'Gregor, hammerman 

31 James Gellatly, glazier 

33 William S. Ford, bookbinder 

... Mrs William Anderson 

... William Strachan, plasterer 

... Mrs J ames Anderson 

35 Alexander Ward, ropespinner 

37 Peter Shaw, ship carpenter 

... Mary Stewart, housekeeper 

... Alexander Alexander, slater 

39 Peter Webster, glazer 

41 Henry Blades, engine-driver 

43 David Pirrie, coachbody maker 

... Alex. Anderson, compositor 
45 W T illiam Brooks, labourer 
47 David Melville, labourer 
49 James M'Kay, painter 

... Mrs Hay Spence 

51 Stewart Martin, dyer 

53 James Wilkie, ropespinner 

55 Fred Walker, dyer 

... David Smith, painter 

... Agnes Ashton 

59 William M 'Donald, labourer 

61 John M'Gregor, railway servant 

... James Scrimger, painter 

... William Yeoman, glazier 

... Alexander Robertson 

... Alfred Cooper, dyer 

... William N. H. Sime, yardsman 

63 Andrew Peters, coachsmith 

65 James B. Cameron, dyer 

... Mrs William Abbot 

... Thomas M'Duff, dyer 

... Catherine Wilson 

... Jessie Martin 

67 Mrs T. Wilkie 

69 William Scrimger, weaver 

... John Scotland, warper 

... Mrs Jane Halley 

... Peter Scotland, cabinetmaker 

71 Mrs Duncan A. Lauder 



73 Ann Scrimger 

... Edward M 'Sherry, labourer 

... Jane Baxter 

.... Mrs Alexander Elder 

... Joseph M'Neil, dyer 

... George Stewart, dyer 

77 Alexander Neilson, coachsmith 

... Robert Fairley, tenter 

... Alexander Reid 

79 John S. Robertson, carter 

... Mrs Andrew Pitcaithly 

... Robert M 'Kay, sawmiller 

8l Mrs James Johnstone 

83 William Guthrie, carter 

... James Duff, machineman 

... Jane Richardson, lodgings 

... Daniel Stewart, dyer's finisher 

... Jane Reid, dyeworker 

... Alex. Lumsden, telegraphist 

85 David Taylor, shoemaker 

... Alex. Fenton, dyer's labourer 

Mrs Robert Gray 
... William Cree, dyer 
... Mrs D. Gellatly, nurse 
... Alex. B. Miller, railway porter 

87 Mrs John Punier 

89 James Strachan, labourer 

91 Andrew Jackson, surfaceman 

93 Mrs John Matthewson 

95 Mrs Alexander Robertson 

. . . John Anderson, coal salesman 

. . . William Laing, railway porter 

... James Beattie, joiner 

... Mrs James Lonie 

100 Mrs M'Leod 

98 David Williamson, hawker 

... John Rutherford, labourer 

... Mrs Alexander Cowie 

... William M 'Donald 

94 Adam Farquhar, signalman 
Cross street here 

92 James Dunn, grocer 

90 James Sharp, porter 

88 William Melville, brassfinisher 

86 Catherine Cairnie 

... Mrs George Melville 
... Mrs John Coutts 
... Mrs William Coutts 
... Bridget Mailey 
... James M'Farlane, labourer 
.. Stewart M'Conachie, platelayer 

86 James Duff, labourer 
84 Mrs Alexander Taylor 
82 James Cuthbert, fireman 
80 David Scotland, weaver 
. Mrs Alexander Reid 
. Mrs Robert Farquharson 
. Mrs James Muir 
. Geo. M'Pherson, dyer's labourer 
. Mrs James M 'Ritchie 
78 Mrs Robert Crerar 
76 John Maule, carter 
... John Cameron, shoemaker 
... Thomas M'Neil, tailor 
... William Christie, fisherman 
74 Alexander Elder, labourer 
72 George Hunter, labourer 
70 Mrs Mungo Band 
... James Brown, baker 
... Robert Oliphant, engine-fitter 
68 John M'Kendrick, joiner 
... George M'Gregor, tailor 
66 David Hutton, bottler 
... Thomas Trotter, moulder 
... Thomas Coutts, labourer 
... William M'Kay, sawmiller 
... James .^harp, fireman 
... David Dow, dyer's finisher 
... John Dewar, shop porter 
64 John M'Lean, glassblower 
62 Mrs James Rylance 

Michael Flynn, labourer 
John Smith, railway porter 
William Phillips, fireman 
Edward Knapp, tele, labourer 
Mrs M'Intosh 
Edward Forbes, dyer 
John VI 'Kendrick, tailor 
60 Mrs William Smith, grocer 
58 David Rylance, labourer 
56 Mrs Andrew Wilkie 
Mrs James Baxter 
James Mooney, labourer 
Robert Watson, weaver 
Jessie Sage, factory worker 
Mrs Peddie 
Isabella Robertson 
Michael M'Namara, dyer 
James Kennedy, glazier 
Mrs John M'Millan 
54 Alex. Robertson, ship carpenter 
52 Mrs James Drummond, nurse 





Joseph MTntyre, dyer's labourer 

Alex. Robertson, boilermaker 

David Watt, iron moulder 

Daniel Sime, insurance agent 

Allan Thomson, sawmiller 

Mrs John Stewart 

Michael Mann, dairykeeper 

William M'Pherson, labourer 

Frank Miller, tailor 

Mrs Robert Robertson 

Thomas Duncan, baker 

James Nicoll, railway servant 

Mrs Charles Nicoll 

Barclay Craigie, brassmoulder 

James Webster, weaver 

Mrs Grubb 

James Kirk, coal salesman 

Geo. M'Conochie, brassfinisher 

Grace A. Hood, stocking finisher 

Mrs Peter Ewing 

Catherine Keay, cowfeeder 

Archibald Fyfe, cabinetmaker 

Mrs John M'Intyre 

Robert Galloway, brassfinisher 

William Thomson, contractor 

Alexander Croy, barman 

Mrs George Anderson 

Ann Bell 

John Curr, slater 

Robert Pitcaithly, labourer 

Matthew M'Lean, glassblower 

Mrs John M' Donald 

Charles Harris, blacksmith 

Robert Dalgetty, flaxdresser 

Mrs George Menzies 

Mrs P. Welsh 

Mrs George Reid 

John Bennet, cattleman 

Mrs David Wilson 

John Guthrie, shepherd 

William Mitchelson, lapper 

William Wilson, warehouseman 

George Strachan, pointsman 

Princes Street. 

1 Alexander D. Clyne, grocer 
3 Hugh Liebow, hairdresser 

.. Donald M'Lean, clothier 
5 Jane Muckersie, cooper 

;| Mrs Robert Pringle 

.. Margaret Crichton 



Duncan M'G. Stalker, painter 
Mrs Robert Smith, fruiterer 
William Stalker, cigar merchant 
Duncan M'G. Stalker, painter 
Mrs Wm. Stevenson, tailoress 
Catherine Miller, dressmaker 
Wm. Tulloch & Son, saddlers 
Andw. King, commission agent 
J. & J. Stewart, surgeon dentists 
A. Westwood & Son, bellhangers 
Robert Smith, newsagent 
Alexander S. M'Arthur, v.s. 
Canal street here 
Robert Stewart, restaurateur 
David M'Gillivray, painter 
James H. Marshall, tailor 
George Dunbar, horse dealer 
William Robertson, engineer 
Mrs Andrew Powrie 
Jas. M 'Queen & Co., posthirers 
Peter Duigan, ticket collector 
James Jack, engine-driver 
George Macaulay, labourer 
William A. Kennedy, bottler 
James Reid Pirrie, coachbuildcr 
Mrs Matthew Caw 
Annie Fenton 
Walter Hutcheson, clerk 
Henry Johnston, labourer 
William F. Thomson, policeman 
Mrs James Paton, butcher 
John Walker, Victoria Hotel 
Victoria street here 
Alexander Clark, pastry baker 
Mrs John Bruce, fruiterer 
Francis Dunbar, horse-dealer 
Agnes Stewart, fish-dealer 
John Stewart, horse-dealer 
John Irving, signalman 
Thos. Sprunt, tobac. & newsagL 
Mrs J. Smith, Moncreiffe Arms 
South William street here 
John Gorrie, hay & straw mercht 
George Dunbar, horse-dealer 
Robert Wilkie, dyer's manager 
Robert Fraser, coachbuilder 
A. J. Westwood, bellhanger 
John M. Mathieson, com. travlr. 
Anna Ross 

Chas. Law & Son, coal mer. , &c. 
Fleming & Barry, wood merchts. 



66 Biggart Bros., painters & glaziers 
64 Robert L. Thomson, sculptor 
62 Magnus Jackson, photographer 
60 D. & J. Galloway, seed merchts. 
58 John Gorrie, fruiterer, &c. 
56 Daniel M'Kenzie, baker 
52 G. R. Douglas & Son, painters 
50 Peter Reid, coachbuilder 
38 Mrs M'Kenzie, spirit merchant 
... John Till eray, brassfinisher 
... James Hendrie, joiner 
... Miss Leitch 
... George Kellock, barman 
36 Mrs Mark M'Kenzie, Star Bar 
Greyfriars' Street — 
15 James Menzies, dyer 
17 John Menzies, railway porter 
... Mary M'Laren, confectioner 
19 John Kennedy, engineer 
... James Goodwin, dyer 
30 Jas. M 'Queen, job & post master 
28 David M'Gillivray, grocer 
26 Mrs William Machan 
. . John Henderson, letter carrier 
.. John Milne, master mariner 
.. Sarah Morison, nurse 
.. Peter Johnstone, joiner 
.. William Christie, town's crier 
24 George Meikle, spirit merchant 

Canal street here 
22 R. & J. Marshall, postmasters 
20 John Marshall, cab proprietor 
16 Wm. Tulloch & Son, saddlers 
IO Paterson, Sons, & Co., piano- 
forte and musicsellers 
4 Thomas Soutar, bank agent 
Reform Place— see Canal Street 

Rose Lane. 

1 Thomas Russell, blacksmith 
... Maggie Duff 

... David Simpson, dyer 
.. John M 'Martin, labourer 

3 Alexander King, coachman 

4 Allan Stewart, carter 

2 Elizabeth M 'Donald 

Rose Terrace. 

1 The Misses Steele 

... Miss C. D. Steele, music teacher 

2 Mrs Robert Mitchell 

3 Miss Omond 

4 Jas. W. Bryson, teacher of music 
. . . Mrs Joseph Smith 

... Henry Shields, manufacturer 
... Colonel Thornhill 

5 Frank S. Graves, organist 
Academy — J. M'Arthur, janitor 

8 Rev. Robert Lyon 

9 Duncan Gow, house proprietor 
... William Miller 

10 Mrs James Jack 

11 William Ross, hairdresser 
... James C. Dow, solicitor 

12 Jas. Somerville, med. missionary 

13 D. A. Carruthers, m.b., cm. 

14 Mrs William Douglas, lodgings 
... W. Cochrane Young, solicitor 
... A. C. Kinloch, traffic agent 

15 Mary Hepburn 

... Mrs Dr. Robertson 

16 Mrs Dr. John Lyell 
... Mrs Dr. David Lyell 

... Misses I., C. , & E. Stewart 

17 James H. Jackson, stationer 
Rosslyn Place— see Glasgow Road. 
St. Andrew St. —see Caledonian Ed. 

St. Ann's Lane. 

2 Robert Waddell, shunter 
. . . Ann Jackson 

4 Mrs David Lamond 

8 Colin M 'Cowan, milliner, &c. 
... George Martin, labourer 

... John Duff, storekeeper 
... Robert Bell, dyer's cleaner 
... Robert M'Cash, seaman 

10 Mrs Alexander Mitchell, lodgings 
... Mrs Christina Oswald, fruiterer 
... Robert Lees, gunmaker 

... Mrs William Cook 

... Helen Campbell, lodgings 

13 Mrs Robert Menzies 

... Robert Robertson, firemen 

... James Pearson, compositor 

11 Thomas Justice, cooper 

9 James Chisholm, wood merchant 
... Robert Myles, engine-driver 

... George Barnett, wireworker 

... George Halley, planemaker 

5 Chas. Robertson, commission mer 
1 Perthshire Constitutional Offices 



St. Catherine's Road. 

2 William Watson, dairykeeper 

4 Mrs James Dewar 

... Robert Steedman, engineman 

... lames Spiers, boilermaker 

... William Watson, dairyman 

... Mrs James Munro, lodgings 

... Mrs Walter Wood 

6 James Reid, dyer 

... James Matthews, postal clerk 

... William Strang, chief yardsman 

... John Mitchell, fireman 

... John F. Rae, clerk 

... Daniel Campbell, dyer 

8 Mrs James Tilley 

... Margaret Bruce 

... Thomas Shepherd, policeman 

... W. G.Johnstone, turner 

... William Sidey, sergt. river police 

-■■ Andrew Scott, engine-driver 

10 John M'Lean, dyer's finisher 

... William Strang, dyer 

12 John Ross, tailor 

• •• John Fenwick, mason 

... John M'Diarmid, gardener 
.. Alexander M'Leod, tailor 
... James Menzies, dyer 

• • • David Walker, dyer's assistant 
... William M'Duff, tenter 

... John Blair, dyer 

... Hugh Blair, dyer 

... George Watson, joiner 

14 David Morrison, joiner (wrkshp.) 
23 Mrs Alexander Reekie, mangier 
... Mary Irvine, weaver 

• •• Margaret Fisher 
... John Pitcaithly 
21 Mrs Joseph Gully 

19 Janet Harris, chemical worker 

... William Reoch, labourer 

17 John Cunningham, stonebreaker 

15 A. Moncrieff, harness mounter 
... Mrs Thomas Gardiner 

... Mrs Robert M'Aulay 
... John Stalker, gardener 
... Alexander Kennedy, coalman 
... John M'Callum, labourer 
13 Peter M'Intosh, labourer 
1 1 James Johnstone, labourer 
9 Harriet Chalmers 

9 Margaret Fisher, nurse 
... James Swan, lorryman 
... Ann Crerar, laundress 

7 Margaret Thomson 
... Arthur Murray, reliefman 
... Thomas Wilson, yardsman 

3 George Robertson, mason 
... Mrs Robert Lumsden 

1 Mrs Peter M 'Lagan 

Booking Office for Live-Stock, 

Caledonian Railway 
Mitchell & Son, rope works 
Mitchell's Buildings — 
5 Alexander Officer, railway guard 

4 Mrs John Hampton 

3 David Rattray, agent 

2 Francis Stewart, weaver 

I James Anderson, butcher 
Lindsay's Buildings — 

1 William Kay, carpet weaver 

2 Robert Miller, tailor 

3 William M' Lagan, bootmaker 

4 Isaac Walters, basket maker 

5 Duncan M'Ewan, yardsman 

6 Alexander Farquharson, overseer 

7 Thomas Gorrie, dyer 

8 Duncan MTntyre, joiner 

9 William Jenkins, dyer 

10 James Clark, dyer's labourer 

11 Peter M 'Cowan, tailor 

12 David Rodger, cloth lapper 

13 William Mitchelson, printer 

14 David Donaldson, slater 

15 David Yeaman, carter 

16 Henry M'Dougall, vanman 

17 Andrew Peebles, engine-driver 
St. Catherine's Place — 

J. Wilson & Son, blacking mnfs. 
Taylor & Co., contractors 
John Moncrieff, glass manufactr. 
Jas. Banks & Sons, ropespinners 
Mrs James Banks, Albert Cottage 
Alexander Lindsay, preserve mnf. 
Tohnstone & Morris, cartwrights 

St. John's Place. 

3 William W. Kay, spirit merchant 
Kirkgate here 

4 James G. Cruickshank, draper 
6 J. & M. Forbes, St. John's Inn 
9 Margaret Menzies, spirit mercht. 



10 John Brough, bellhanger 

... Andrew Mitchell, police sergt. 
... William Milne, postboy 

12 Thos. Love & Sons, auctioneers 
21 John Brown, blacksmith 

... Mrs Duncan M'Rae 

... Alexander Fenton, butcher 

... John Campbell 

... Thomas Stewart, labourer 

... Charles M 'Donald, labourer 

... Samuel Meston, shepherd 

... Mrs Mary Ann M'Caw 

... Thomas B. Stewart, porter 

... John M 'Donald, ropespinner 

. . . George Jackson, dyer 

... William Whittet, labourer 

... Jane Brown 


1 6 Alexander Fenton, flesher 

io MrsJaneM'Glashan, greengrocer 

8 Robert Shaw, baker 
St. John's Place (South) 

Wm. Nicoll, City Hall Tavern 
J. & P. Murray, plumbers 
Perthshire Constitutional Office 
St. Ann's lane here 
7 Arthur Bell, wine merchant 
5 Mrs John M'Quhae 
... Ann M'Lean, restaurateur 
... David Young, clerk 
. . Charles Simpson, lorryman 
... Sany. Inspector's Office (Burgh) 
I Colin M 'Cowan, milliner 

St John Street. 

I Dewar & Honey, drapers 

3 Clydesdale Bank 

5 Robt. Kinloch, w.s., bank agent 

7 Neil Paton, jeweller 

9 Mary H. Nicol, dressmaker 

... David Galloway, grain merchant 
... W. Cochrane Young, solicitor 
... Mrs Thomas Scott 

11 J. F. Menzies, sewing mach. agt. 

13 James Watson & Co., clothiers 
15 William Watt, seed merchant 

17 Alexander Speedie, fishmonger 
19 Daniel Scott, solicitor 

... David Baird, waiter 

.. Hugh Mitchell 

21 Andrew W. M'Intosh, jeweller 

Morton & Mitchells, drapers 

St. John's place here 

James Wotherspoon, hatter 

A. Fenwick & Son, confectioners 

Math. S. Anderson, china mrcht. 

Charles M 'Master, Temp. Hotel 

Jane Forbes, ladies' outfitter 

Bell, Rannie, & Co. , wine mrchts. 

A. Crichton, Berlin Wool shop 

Robt. Stewart, picture frame mkr 

Mrs Helen Russell, dressmaker 

David Murray, carver and gilder 

William M'Kendrick, butcher 

James R. Murdoch, bookseller 

James Farquhar, druggist 

Ann Galletly 

William Young, solicitor 

John Black, unbrella manufactr. 

Andrew Laing, grocer 

Robt. B. Smith & Son, wine mer. 

James M 'Nicoll, bootmaker 

James C. Neil, commer. traveller 

Charles S. Robertson, architect 

Alexander Garvie, stationer 

John Stewart, solicitor 

James S. Cruickshank, clothier 

George Bruce, tailor and clothier 

Jas. M'Ewan & Co., silk mercrs. 

James Anderson, china merchant 

Baxter's vennel here 

James Caddie, bank messenger 

Bank of Scotland 

James Paterson, bank agent 

Wotherspoon & Scott, bakers 

Oliphanfs vennel here 

Alexander Flett, fish curer 

John Murie, plumber 

Thomas Allan, insurance agent 

William Stewart, tobacconist 

Mrs John Wilson, Waverley Inn 

Mrs Robert Wilson, restaurateur 

Alexander Dingwall, merchant 

Mrs Edward Buick, dressmaker 

John Christie, stationer 

Andrew W. Brown, clothier 

Christian M'Farlane 

Andrew P. Kelt, surgeon dentist 

James Smart, architect 

Robert Shaw, baker 

Robert Ewing & Co., drapers 

James M. Kirk, solicitor 



Margaret M'Leod, dressmaker 
Annie M'Ara, dressmaker 
Alexander Johnstone, v.s. 
Peter Kinnoch, cabinetmaker 
W. S. Davidson, solicitor 
John Butter, clerk 
20 Leslie's Stationery Warehouse 
18 Low & Peebles, drapers 
16 James Brown, fruit merchant 
14 Mary Young, dressmaker 

Joseph Stobie, surgeon dentist 
12 D. S. Matheson, butcher 
10 James M'Nicoll, bootmaker 
6 A. & G. Cairncross, watchmakers 
4 George Wilson, tobacconist 

St. Leonard's Bank. 

1 William Gillespie, railway supt. 

2 Mrs J. B. Deas 

... John B. Deas, manufacturer 

3 Ebenezer Readdie 

4 Alexander M'Ewen 

5 Mrs John Dewar 

6 James Gowans 

7 Elizabeth Bruce 

8 Rev. Andrew J. B. Baxter, M.A. 

9 Thos. Wedderspoon, live-stock 

10 John Butter Malcolm 

Thomas Duncan, coal merchant 

St. Paul's Square. 

1 Jessie M 'Donald, fish & egg mer. 

3 John Jackson 

... Robert Wilson, mason 

... George Alexander, machinist 

... Mrs James M'Farlane 

. . . Mrs David Kirkcaldy 

4 George Seth, labourer 

5 John M'Cormack, labourer 

6 Peter Waddel, shopman 
... Robert Duff, lorryman 

... Andrew Robertson, mason 

... Daniel M'Leod, baker 

... Isabella M'Neill, dyeworker 

7 Wm. Speirs, slater & chim. swp. 
9 Thomas Ford, gamedealer 

10 James Cramb, vanman 

11 Robert M 'Lagan, joiner 

12 Mrs Daniel Robertson, dairy 

... Wm. Robertson, potato mercht. 

Scott Street. 

Wesley Place— 
I James M 'Donald, cabinetmaker 
3 James Allan, silk finisher 
. Mrs John Logie 
. Mrs Alexander M'Nee 
. Donald G. Cameron, draper 
. Andrew Glass, insurance agent 
5 John Moncrieff, joiner 
. James Christie, meal merchant 
. Peter M'Farlane, police inspectr. 
. John Davidson, engineman 
. James Brow, publican 
. William Peddie, joiner 
. William Brown, vanman 
. William Nairn, fireman 
. Thomas Moyes, boot salesman 
. Mrs Alexander Lobban 
. Ann Hutton, tailoress 
. Daniel Munro, plumber 
. James Bramham 
. Mrs William Jarvie 
. Thomas Rae, coachbuilder 
. Mrs Ann Laird 
. Peter Wilson 

. William Duff, golf club maker 
. Peter Pitcaithly, joiner 
. James Christie, candlemaker 
7 Robert Lang, hairdresser 

James Rodgie, dyer 
9 John Clark, gas stoker 
William Brooks, postman 
Canal street here 

13 Alexander Clark, pastry baker 

... Mrs William Douglas 

... Mrs John Davidson 

15 Mary Christie 

17 William M'Kenzie, labourer 

19 Thomas Angus, gas stoker 

... Lauchlan M'Gregor, baker 

21 Mrs James Irvine 

23 Alexander Sturrock, lathsplitter 

25 James Barlass, ironmonger 

27 Mrs John Scott 

... Mrs William Barlass 

29 William Rollo 

31 Thomas Forgan, joiner 
Victoria street here 

33 Catherine Ann Paul 

35 John Duncan, dyer 



3J Elizabeth Duncan, dressmaker 
39 Matthew Rodger, saddler 
41 James Simpson, machinist 
43 David M'Kay, millwright 
45 George M'Conachie, glazier 
, Peter Don, carriage fitter 
, Robert Robertson, surfaceman 
. Mungo Buchan, policeman 
. James Harrower, dyer 
. Thomas Motion, labourer 
. Peter Baxter, compositor 
. Mrs Robert Christie 
. Alexander M' Donald, signalman 
. James Johnstone, engine-driver 
. Thomas Crichton, mason 
47 David Craig, carter 
49 Wm. Robertson, engine-driver 
51 James Findlay, church officer 
53 Mrs Robert V\ allace 
... James M 'Vicar, painter 
... Ninian H. Coltart, timekeeper 
55 Mrs Alexander Kennedy 
57 George Brown, missionary 

59 William S. Knox, stationer 
61 Mrs Catherine Hutton 

63 Peter Marshall, baker 

65 David Foote 

67 George Buist, bank accountant 

71 Catherine Stewart 

... David Guthrie, fireman 

60 Mrs Thomas Pullar 
... Mrs James MTntosh 

... David Beveridge, sculptor 

... William Starforth, com. traveller 

... James Robertson, plumber 

42 John M'Leish, cutter 

... John Galloway, railway servant 

40 William Johnstone, builder 

36 Co-operative Society (grocery) 

34 Co-operative Reading Rooms 

... John Laird, tailor 

... Mrs James Stewart, ladies' nurse 

... John Guthrie, railway guard 

... Wm. Chisholm, printers' reader 

... George Mason, vanman 

. . . Andrew Ross, policeman 

... George Moir, builder 

... James Mitchell, engine-driver 

... John Menzies, tailor 

. . . James Gollens, baker 

... William Henderson, blacksmith 


Alex. M'Gregor, dyer's finisher 
Co-operative Society (butchery) 
Co-operative Society (boot dept. ) 
David Glass, Co-op. manager 
John Shepherd, vanman 
William Simpson, engine-fitter 
William Anderson, dyer 
David Taylor, van-driver 
Elizabeth Morris 
Co-operative Society (hardware) 
Co-operative Society's offices 
Co-operative Society (millinery) 
Mrs Agnes Lindsay 
John Smith 

Christina Henderson, upholstress 
Don. M'Dnnald, clothier's mngr. 
John Watson, joiner 
James Halley, plasterer 
Peter Keiller, joiner 
... Charles Love, warehouseman 
. . . Henry Johnstone, joiner 
... George Alexander, clothier 
12 Alexander Banks, painter 
10 David Fenwick, dairyman 
8 James Allan, labourer 
... Robert Kettle, storekeeper 
... David Fenwick 
.. James Bridges, registrar 
6 Rodger & Barclay, painters 
4 Thomas Duncan, coal merchant 
... Mrs Thomas Gorrie 
. . . Mrs Janet Robertson, lodgings 
... John Rodger, painter 


Slaughter House — A. M'Laren, supt. 
John Reekie, labourer 
David Morrison, gas stoker 
John C. Nicoll, spirit dealer 
David Campbell, boat builder 
John Craigon, carter 
Ramsay Dewar, gas stoker 
John Robertson, gardener 
George Christie, labourer 
Mrs Andrew Sheddon 
Tomey & Sons, glass manufacturers 
Cameron Bros., timber merchants 
Robert Coventry, sawmiller 
Hugh M'Adam, chemical works 
Campbells, M'Lagan, & Co., cake 
and manure stores 



Alexander Dutch, boatbuilder 
William M'Nab, dealer 
John Thomson, smallpox hospital 
Turnbull & Co.'s chemical works 
Harbour Commissioners' Office ; 

David Taylor, harbour master 
George Simmie, labourer 
John Bruce, sawmiller 
Alexander Robertson, platelayer 
Langdale's Chemical Manure Co. 


James Dalling, night foreman 
James Wood & Son, brickmakers 
William Ferguson, joiner 
Campbell & Co., Limited, dyers 
Joseph Middleton, railway servant 
Charles Ogilvie, sheetmaker 
James Panton, signalman 
Margaret Chalmers, dressmaker 
Mrs John Chalmers 
W. S. Ferguson, chem. manure mnf. 
James Simpson, chem. manure mnf. 
John Hepburn, sen., foreman 
John Hepburn, jun., plumber 
James Simpson, Nether Friarton 
William Kilgour, ploughman 
David Bremner, vanman 
Andrew Swan, engine turner 
David Gorrie, fireman 
William Wood, engine-driver 
Robert Ford, labourer 
Thomas Allan, boilermaker 
James Gibson, coalman 
Mrs Adam Bennet 
David Wylie, joiner 
John Pitblado, fireman 
David Galbraith, inspec. of weights 


5 B. & M. Murdoch, bootmakers 
7 William M'Inlosh, confectioner 
1 1 Elizabeth Lamond 
... Joseph R. Baker, brushmaker 
... James Saunders, mason 
... George Murdoch, tailor 
17 James M'Leod, shoemaker 
19 John Cadzow, dairyman 
21 John Hood, bank messenger 
25 Mrs George Donald, spirit mer. 
31 Wood & Son, printers 

33 Robert Campbell, mason 

35 Pat. Kavanagh, general dealer 
37 Peter I'. Stewart 

39 Francis Kelly, fish dealer 

41 Thomas Moyes, pointsman 
... James Moyes, engine-driver 
... David Thomson, brassfinisher 
... Charles Ault, labourer 

... William Kettles, lorryman 
... James Gourdie, lorryman 
... John Thomson, labourer 

42 Mrs Thomas Japp, lodgings 
... Lindsay Proudfoot, gardener 
... James B. Hay, planemaker 
... Mrs John Taylor, grocer 

40 Pat. Kavanagh, general dealer 

36 Rebecca Campbell, dairykeeper 

34 Alexander Scott, cooper 
... John Wilson, joiner 

32 Oliphant B. Robertson, gen. mer. 

30 Hugh M'Quade, broker 

28 Jane Peebles 

... John Robertson, labourer 

... Robina Ross, factory worker 

... Susan Marshall 

... John Gorrie, labourer 

... Mrs Peter Spence 

... Elizabeth Hall 

... Kate Murray 

26 John Fraser, leather merchant 

24 Ann Miller 

... Perth Model Lodging House — 

Duncan Christie, supt. 
22 Robert Robertson, labourer 
... Elizabeth Stewart 
10 Jas. M'Donald, city mills (office) 
8 Mrs William M'Laren 
. . . Mrs Robert Whittet 
... Robert Leitham, fireman 
... David Balmain, weaver 

South Street. 

County Buildings — 

Clerk of Supply & Lieutenancy 

Office— William MacLeish 
Thomas & MacLeish, solicitors 
Procurators-fiscaPs Office 
Jameson & Mackay, solicitors 
Mrs Bridges, housekeeper 
Hugh Campbell, constable 
County Constabulary Office 



South Street (contd.) 
Inspector of Weights & Measrs. 
William Scott, inspector 
Watergate here 
I Win. Wotherspoon, spirit mer. 
3 Perth Co-operative Socy. Branch 
5 James R. Bell, house painter 
... Patrick J. Fairley, vocalist 
... Peter Chalmers, lamplighter 
... Thomas Clark, labourer 
... Alexander M'Neill, dyer 
7 Allan M 'Donald, spirit dealer 
9 James Forsyth 
... John Ness, tailor 
... Finlay Collison, dyer 
9i Alexander Taylor, dairy 
II Daniel M'Laren, flesher 

St. John street here 
15 William M'Kendrick, butcher 
19 Peter Taylor, tobacconist 
21 Mrs Thos. Robertson, game dlr. 
23 Thos. S. Richardson, tobacconist 
25 Helen Galletly, dressmaker 
... William A. Kittles, clerk 
... James Caw, shipwright 
27 Stalker & Boyd, painters 
31 Alexander Graham, grocer 

St. Ami's lane he>e 
35 Alexander Garvie, tobacconist 
y] David M'Gregor, naturalist 
39 John M 'Donald, grain merchant 
41 Margaret A. Lindsay 
... John Pitkeathly, clerk 
43 David M. M'Pherson, Stormont 

Arms Hotel 
45 William Tait, coachbuilder 
... Mrs Thomas Robertson 
47 Mrs Anne J. Murphy, salerooms j 
49 Chas. G. Kennaway, confectr. 

Fleshers' vennel here 
51 George Proudfoot, cooking depot 
53 Mrs Walter Duff, Fifeshire Inn 
53^James Craigie, tinsmith 
. Alexander Fraser, labourer 
. William Gourdie, shepherd 
. Duncan Malloch, greengrocer 
. William Harris, dyer's finisher 
. William Williamson, baker 
. John Cook, gas stoker 
. John Hume, blacksmith 
55 Luigi Azzalie, ice cream shop 


South Street (contd.) 
Andrew Edwards, porter 
Agnes M'Mahon, lodgings 
Mrs George Robb 
John Thomson, plumber 
Isabella Malcolm, meal merchant 
Owen Agnew, labourer 
John Menzies, labourer 
Janet Young, washer 
Isabella Malcolm, meal merchant 
Robt. Taylor, sewing mach. agt. 
William Smeaton, baker 
Thomas Mitchell, baker 
Mrs Daniel Morrison 
John Munro, joiner 
Agnes M'Mahon, greengrocer 
Colin M 'Donald, coal merchant 
Flesh Market Close — 
David Mitchell, blacksmith 
Charles J. Livingstone, drover 
Anthony Nolan, labourer 
John Gavin, labourer 
Thomas Kirk, labourer 
Charles Ross, joiner 
Andrew Murphy, labourer 
John Bartie, labourer 
Robert Malloch, labourer 
Peter Ferguson, confectioner 
Bernard Smith, brushmaker 
Martin Lally, gardener 
Owen Quin, labourer 
Thomas Young, brassfinisher 
Mrs Catherine Kilcoyne 
John Young, painter 
Mrs William Swanston, milliner 
James Allan, plasterer 
John Gray, joiner 
John Gibbons, coal merchant 
Mrs David M 'Queen 
William Black, coachman 
John Taylor, jun., painter 
John Taylor, sen., painter 
Alexander Cameron, labourer 
Mary Galloway 
Richard M'Kay, joiner 
Maggie Duff 

Archibald M'Leod, turner 
David Thomson, baker- 
Mary Paterson 
John Graham, plasterer 
Jas. Morrison, stocking weaver 



South Street (contd.) 
79 Janet M'Connell 
. . . Charles Drysdale, slater 
... James Egan, scavenger 
81 Richard C. Robertson, Tay Bar 
83 George W. Gellatly, blacksmith 
85 John M'Killop, labourer 
... Mrs John Buchanan 
... James Shiels, joiner 
... Alexander Alexander, tinsmith 
... James Mailer, mason 
... Ann Baxter 

87 Mrs Christina Buchanan, grocer 
89 David M. Hobson, tailor 
... John M'Pherson, tailor 
... Mrs John Anderson, tailoress 
. . . Mrs John Speedie, tailoress 
... James Mason, tailor 
... Mrs Andrew Fenwick 
... David Robertson, french cleaner 
... John Garvie, painter 
... Peter M'Donald, cabinetmaker 
... Thomas Brown, labourer 
... James Keir, clerk 
... George Lamont, labourer 
... Helen Stewart 
... George Fleming, labourer 
... George W. Gellatly, blacksmith 
... John M'Inroy, dyer 
... Thomas Blair, dyer 
... William Craig, dyer's cleaner 
. . . Colin Stewart, dyer's labourer 
... Martin Laird, potter 
... Peter Thomson, glassblower 
91 Mrs D. Ferguson, grocer 
95 James Cassidy, general dealer 
97 William Baxter, seaman 
. . John Dott, turner 
. . . Mrs John Stewart 
. . . David A. Stewart, labourer 
... Mrs Robert Robertson 
... Jno. F. G. Elder, french cleaner 
... Mrs Thomas Braid 
... William Ewan, butcher 
... William M'Farlane, painter 
... Dorothea Menzies 
99 Margt. Galletly, refresh, rooms 
101 Robt. Duff, baker & confectioner 
103 Mrs John O'Neil, lodgings 
105 Andrew Anderson, wheeler 
... Alexander Baxter, tailor 

South Street (contd.) 
105 John M'Donald, baker 

... Mrs Ann Marshall, nurse 

... Mrs William M' Lagan 

... Thomas Stewart, engine-driver 

... Jane M' Lagan 

... John Main, gardener 

... Mrs Alexander King 

. . . Mrs Ann Menzies 
James Muir, butcher 
Philip Conway, laundryman 
David Bisset, vanman 
Joseph Nolan, telegraph lineman 
Murdoch Munro, railway clerk 
Wm. E. M'Ewan, gas inspector 
William Ewan, butcher 
John Garven, shopkeeper 
James Beattie, bird dealer 
Mrs Robt. Graham, spirit mer. 
Arthur Horseman, clogmaker 
Andrew Strachan, hotel waiter 
David Campbell, labourer 
John Young, billposter 
Mrs Robt. Graham, spirit mer. 
Andrew Gray, fish dealer 
Robert Murray, dyer 
Robert Burnett, baker 
James M'Millan, dyer 
James Lornie, glassblower 
Peter Clark, carter 
Reid & Robertson, tobacconists 
Charles Rennet, dyer's labourer 

... John M'Guire, labourer 

... Bridget M'Guire 

... James Kennedy, hawker 

... Catherine Brown 

... Martin M'Donald, labourer 

... Mary Dewar 

... Charles Cameron, upholsterer 

... Mrs John Reilly, lodgings 

... Mrs Edward Scott 
131 Jas. Munro, provision merchant 

Meal vennel here 
135 Helen Keay, dairy 
137 Mrs John Roy, pawnbroker 
139 Bernard M'Cabe, labourer 

... Peter Rollo, tenter 

... Mary Jennings 

... Joseph Jennings, labourer 

... Mrs John Roy, pawnbroker 

... Mrs James Anderson 

11 1 















South Street (contd.) 
Ann Stewart, confectioner 
Perthshire Courier office 
James H. Powrie, printer 
John Robertson, blacksmith 
Janet Robertson, dyer's finisher 
David Easson, gasman 
Jessie Young, stocking knitter 
William M 'Keith, labourer 
Daniel M'Kenzie, grocer 
John King, skinner 
John Laughlin, drover 
George Quirk, drover 
William >wan, joiner 
William Melville, labourer 
Alexander Bain, labourer 
Peter Mulhearn, labourer 
Peter Guthrie, labourer 
Mrs Margaret Duncan 
Robert Caw, labourer 
Mrs Dun. M'Andrew, dairykpr. 
Duncan M'Andrew, blacksmith 
William Fraser, labourer 
James Aitken, insurance agent 
Beattie Hannah 
Margaret Wood 
William Fyfe, tailor 
Richard Feeny, labourer 
John Easson, baker 
Helen M'Pherson 
Robert Taylor, labourer 
James Christie, grain merchant 
Mrs John MTntosh 
Francis M'Gillivray, tailor 
John Stephen, silk finisher 
Michael Keegan, china merch. 
John M'Lauchlan, sawmiller 
William Birrell, labourer 
Mrs John M'Aulay 
David Trail, bottleblower 
Mrs James Robertson 
Mrs Adam Duncan 
James Marshall, joiner 
Mrs Mary J.Graham, pawnbrkr. 
Mrs James Allan, grocer 
Francis Simpson, tailor 
Alexander Croll, labourer 
Hugh Clark, bottleblower 
Joseph Everitt, labourer 
James Easson, china merchant 
Thomas Hobban, scavenger 









South Street (contd.) 
Frederick Herman, labourer 
David Sutherland, joiner 
Wm. Kinmond, corn merchant 
William Marnoch, bird dealer 
Archibald Reid, labourer 
David Donaldson, blacksmith 
Samuel Cummings, labourer 
Peter M'Glashan, labourer 
Peter Gorrie, labourer 
David Sidey, lathsplitter 
John Campbell, tailor 
Mrs Elizabeth Thomson 
James Connelly 
William Adams, shunter 
James Ower, quarryman 
Jane Stewart 

Peter King, dyer's finisher 
Jessie Ramsay 
Jane Wilson 
Mary Quin, rag picker 
Johnston Ancell, fireman 
Mrs John M'Neill 
Mary Kennedy, french polisher 
James Richardson, quarryman 
James Stewart, butcher 
Philip Coyne, dyer's labourer 
John Wood, telegraph lineman 
Mrs John Cussick, lodgings 
James Speirs, chimney sweep 
Peter Smith, grocer 
Thomas Angus, shoemaker 
Isabella Jackson, machinist 
Mrs John Rodgie 
Edward Maconochie, glazier 
James M'Intyre, labourer 
David Wylie, lathsplitter 
John Donaldson, irondresser 
Jessie Kennedy, charwoman 
Jane Kinnison, outworker 
James Ferguson, confectioner 
Margaret Robertson, fishdealer 
William Richardson, joiner 
Loretto Court — 
P. D. Malloch, fishing tackle 

maker (workshop) 
Thomas Brown, gardener 
John Todd & Co., glass works 
Thos. Henderson, glassblower 
J. M' Donald, grain mer. (stores) 
Mackenzie & Co. , cycle manuf. 














South Street (contd.) 

W. & P. Mason, saddlers 

Mrs Alex. M 'Vicar, lodgings 

John Moir, spirit merchant 

James Fraser, tobacconist 

Ann Reid 

Robert Winton, platelayer 

Andrew Bullions, scavenger 

Jane Miller 

David Chalmers, labourer 

Wm. Rutherford, greengrocer 

Elizabeth Moore, refreshments 

Andrew Blyth & Son, butchers 

George Christie, blacksmith 

John M'Vean, grain dealer 

Charles Evans 

Mrs James Forbes, stationer 

Janet Marshall 

George Goodall, baker 

Betsy Deighton 

Ann Cousin 

William Halley, confectioner 

Isabella Duff, fruiterer, &c. 

Mrs John Haggerty 

William Kean, pipe maker 

Mary Ann Farmer, tailoress 

William Sinclair, coach painter 

John Sinclair, labourer 

George Soutar, potato merchant 

James Saunderson, rail, servant 

Isabella Allan, washer 

John Litster, tailor 

Robt. Henderson, parcel porter 

John Stewart, tailor 

Joseph West, railway servant 

William Shaw, carter 

James Cameron, blacksmith 

Agnes Taylor, factory worker 

Mrs Alexander Hay, mangier 

John Kane, labourer 

Edward Welsh, labourer 

William Stewart, labourer 

Ann Robertson 

Mrs James Robertson 

Mary Cameron 

James Johnstone, shoemaker 

James Easson, china merchant 

Thomas Miller, weaver 

Laura M'Millan 

Jane Sinclair 

James Crawford, bricklayer 

South Street (contd.) 
206 Mrs James Garvie 

... Maggie Stewart 
204 Thomas Linn, carter 
... Mary Marshall, factory worker 
... Christina Campbell 
... Wm. Alexander, hammerman 
... Jane Drummond 
200 James Burgoyne, labourer 
198 John Lennox, mason 
... Lilias Lennox 
... James Anderson, waiter 
196 John M. Stevenson, stationer 
194 Mrs James Allan, grocer 
192 Charles M 'Donald, tailor 
... Thomas M'Kernie, porter 
190 Perth Soup Kitchen 
186 James M 'Donald, cabinetmaker 

Scott street here 
170 Charles Davidson, butcher 
164 James W. Callaghan, sawmaker 
162 Thomas Young, bootmaker 
160 James Munro, miller 
... Robert Forbes, brewer 
... Wm. Kennedy, hammerman 
... George Milne, pattern maker 
158 A. & D. Bruce, plumbers 
156 Philip Reilly, labourer 
154 William Alexander, labourer 
... Martin O'Donnell, labourer 
... Mary M'Mahon, factory workr. 
... Mrs Patrick Folan 
... Elizabeth Ogilvie 
152 Thomas J. Mullen, hairdresser 
150 James Wight, pastry baker 
148 John Gillespie, grocer 
William Drew, porter 
Mrs David Donaldson, hawker 
Alexander Soutar, labourer 
James Garvie, dyer's cleaner 
Francis M'Lauchlan, labourer 
146 John Gillespie, grocer 
144 John Saunders, tinsmith 
142 Mrs Robert Anderson 
... Andrew Duff, saddler 
... Richard Knight, labourer 
... Robert Sprunt, fireman 
... Alexander Robbie, bottleblower 
... Jane Blair, dyer's finisher 
... Thomas Somerville, shoemaker 
... Michael Ford, labourer 




I3 2 




South Street (could.) 
John Welsh, fishdealer 
Mrs Isabella Haggerty, lodgs. 
Charles Low, fireman 
William Burns, labourer 
William Cameron, labourer 
Thomas M'Intosh, labourer 
Alex. Ramsay, china merchant 
Michael Glynn, labourer 
James Irvine, tinsmith 
Homers' lane here 
James Cuthbert, grocer 
David Malcolm, tobacconist 
Thomas Philips, blacksmith 
Mrs David Watson, confectnr. 
Isabella M'Pherson 
Henry Dryer, tailor 
Jane Clark, factory worker 
Thomas M'Kenzie 
Thomas M'Nair, dyer's labourer 
James Murie, plumber 
Annie Adam, dairykeeper 
Mrs Peter Haggart 
Peter Robertson, wireworker 
Mrs Andrew Gow, grocer 
Isaac Miller, planemaker 
Walter Duncan, plumber 
John M'Intyre, church officer 
David Muirhead, labourer 
Michael Milroy, labourer 
Martin Thomson, bootmaker 
Anthony Conway, confectioner 
Robert Stewart, sawmiller 
Thomas Mill, vanman 
Andrew Croll, painter 
William Grant, gardener 
David M'Ewan,retired detective 
Peter Low, night watchman 
Margaret M'Kinlay 
John Shearer, railway servant 
Thomas Dalton, grocer 
Alexander Cumming, porter 
John M'Caul, baker 
Joseph Cameron, sawmiller 
William Ross, baker 
Mary Cairnie 

Wm. Robertson, railway servt. 
David Robertson, cabinetmaker 
Ann Bell 

John Flynn, labourer 
Ann Cox 


South Street (contd.) 
Mrs Alexander, washer 
Mary Jennings 
John Kerrigan, labourer 
Edward Reilly, labourer 
James Hall, labourer 
Peter Downie, labourer 
Peter Low, carter 
Peter Cassidy, labourer 
Edward Murray, labourer 
John Menzies, labourer 
Martin Welsh, labourer 
David M'Kwen, gasfitter 
George Stark, labourer 
William M' Keith, millwright 
Marie Cura, ice cream & confec. 1 
David Nicoll, shoemaker 
Mrs Henry Higgins, cowfeeder 
John Mailley, labourer 
Christina Sinclair 
Alice Henderson 
John Lennox, labourer 
James Stewart, slater 
Joseph Neilson, labourer 
Thomas Maillie, labourer 
Robert Yacamini, confectioner 
David Yacamini, plumber 
Robert Yacamini, cab proprieto 
Benjamin Pippet, waiter 
Mrs Peter Hogg 
Mrs Peter Pye, seamstress 
Daniel M'Niven, cabdriver 
Mrs D. M'Niven, refreshments 
David Nicoll, bootmaker 
David Ruthven, butcher 
Mrs Alexander Elder 
Alexander M'Ewan, cabdriver 
William Ritchie, joiner 
Mrs James Robertson 
Francis M'Kinlay, coachsmith 
James Bell, waggon wright 
David Ruthven, butcher 
Duncan Malloch, boat hirer 
Mrs David Gellately 
Robert Gow, labourer 
Andrew Duncan, dyer 
James Ewart, blacksmith 
Mrs John Thomas 
Margaret Galloway 
John Finlayson, butcher 
Donald M'Lean, tailor 




South Street (contd.) 
Cow vennel here. 
R. & J. Marshall, undertakers 
Dav. Malloch & Son, planemkrs. 
Thomas Crerar, dairykeeper 
The Perthshire Boot Company 
John Halley, mason 
John Robertson, cabinetmaker 
John Smeaton, joiner 
Thomas Pearson, mason 
Joseph Dow, fishmonger 
Hugh Liebow, hairdresser 
Alexander D. Clyne, grocer 
Princes street here 
Commercial Bank of Scotland 
Wm. Cargill, Salutation Hotel 
David B. Murray, carver & gilder 
George Hutton, joiner 
Elizabeth M' Donald 
Mrs William M 'Donald 
Allan M 'Donald, spirit dealer 
Francis Robertson, carpenter 
Thomas Robertson 
John Gullen, compositor 
William Young, solicitor 
Parochial Board Office 
Collector of Poor Rates Office 
William Pryde, ploughman 
Ann Menzies 
William Menzies 
Ann M'Pherson 
Mary M'Farlane 
William Armstrong, fisherman 
William Stewart, butcher 
James Sword, dyer 
James M'Intyre, painter 
Alexander Gardiner, cabman 
Thos. S. Richardson, tobacconist 
Thomas Herd, boilermaker 
Walter Robertson, slater 
David Chalmers, waggon wright 
William Swan, tailor 
Robert M'Culloch, engineman 
James Lawrence, railway servant 
James Robertson, photographer 
James Deuchars, baker 
Isabella Reid, stationer & tobac. 
Mrs Thomas M'Intyre 
Jessie Black 
John Munro, joiner 
Jessie Gibson 

South Street (contd.) 

4 Catherine Melville 
... James Ford, labourer 
... Jessie Cameron, tobacconist 
... Janet Turnbull 
... Agnes Clark, sick nurse 

2 Daniel Guthrie, tailor 

Spens Crescent. 

1 Alexander Knight 

2 John Robertson, com. traveller 

3 Duncan M'Lellan 

4 Alexander Menzies, clerk 

... James Wallace, coal mercht. 

5 Hugh M'Kay, railway porter 

6 William Chisholm, blacksmith 

7 Alexander Dempster, dairyman 

8 Robert M. Hope, insurance agnt. 


I Robert Anderson, carter 

5 James Robertson, lamplighter 

7 David Burnfield, labourer 

9 Mrs Alexander Carmichael 
. . . Mrs Alexander Galbraith 
... Mrs James W'aterson 

1 1 William Sage, telegraph lineman 
... James Stewart, hammerman 
... James Cameron, carter 
... James Deuchars, baker 
13 James M'Kenzie, labourer 
15 Mrs David Deas 

19 David Reekie, mason 
... Mrs William Stewart 
... James Campsie, joiner 

... Ann Campsie, dressmaker 
... John Simpson, blacksmith 
... James M'Keith, millwright 
... Mrs Alexander M'Ewan 
21 Henry C?meron, mason 

20 Young Brothers, laundrymen 

... Richd. Cruickshanks, com. agnt. 
... John M 'Donald, meal mercht. 

Stormont Street. 

1 Mrs George M 'Donald 
3 D. J. Cunningham, bank clerk 
5 Alexander Knox, baker 
7 Mrs James Buchanan 
9 Robert Bruce, plumber 
... James M'Keith, dyer 



II Mrs Laurence Anderson 


Helen Stewart 

13 Mrs Elizabeth Miller, seamstress 

Margaret White 

... Mrs Thomas Combe 

Mary Barclay 

... Janet MTntosh 

William Simpson, yarn dresser 

15 Margaret Gorrie, seamstress 

John Miller, dyer 

17 Mrs James Keay 


John Guthrie, pensioner 

19 John Stirton, engine fitter 


St. Joseph's Convent 

... Mrs J. Johnston 


Alex. Thomson, spirit merchant 

... James M 'Andrew, gardener 


Perth Sick Poor Nursing Society 

... Mrs James M'Leish 


James Niven, cutter 

.. Grace M'Farlane 

Margaret Dow, dressmaker 

... Wm. Anderson, coachtrimmer 


Andrew Rae, joiner 

... John Clark, gardener 

2 1 David M 'Millan, police constable 

Tay Street. 

23 John Bruce, plumber 


rayview House- 

25 Miss C. Stewart 

Robert de Bruce Trotter, M.D. 

... William Court, vanman 

George inn lane here 

... Alexander Guild, labourer 

8 New Club House — Mrs Munro, 

... Peter Gall, sen., P.O. pensioner 


27 Peter Gall, jun., postal clerk 


Thomas Young, Turf Tavern 

29 David Crichton 

Thomas M'Gregor, bookbinder 

31 Annie Robertson, dyeworker 

Mrs Elizabeth Welsh, lodgings 

... Robert Mailer, dyer's finisher 

Mrs David Reekie 

... William Reid, dyer's finisher 

Joseph Ford, mason 

.. Mrs Jas. Henderson, dyeworker 

Timothy Gannon, lamplighter 

... Andrew Gardiner, carpenter 


Fire Brigade Station 

... John Speirs, plasterer 


Police Treasurer's Office — John 

33 Andrew Semple, river watcher 

A. Robertson, solicitor 

35 John Roy, cloth inspector 

Burgh Assessor's Office — Donald 

^j William Reid, baker 


... Hannah Wilkie, weaver 

John Welsh, burgh fiscal 

... Robert Galloway, dyer's finisher 


Police Office 

... John Stewart, carver and gilder 

High street here 

... Mary Ann Taylor- 


General Post Office 

... James M'Laren, cabman 


W. A. Barclay, actuary & cashier 

... Elizabeth Blacklaw, dyeworker 


Savings Bank of the County and 

39 Mrs William Gorham 

City of Perth 

41 David Stratton, joiner 


Thomas M'Pherson, solicitor 

43 James Kay, glove dyer 


Cowan & Co. (limited) 

... John Burns, tinsmith 

R. M. Kippen, solicitor 

... John Dougall, labourer 

R. Martin & Son, solicitors 

... James Bell, dyer 

Perth School Board Office— Pat. 

... James Syme, railway porter 

Martin, solicitor, clerk 

... James Pont, soldier 

Robert Belmain, draper 

... Catherine Speedie 

Miss Jane Forbes, ladies' outfitter 

.. James Sinclair, policeman 


Inland Revenue Offices 

... Thomas Valentine, tailor 

H. M. Customs 

45 John Peddie, joiner 

Henry Christie, officer of customs 

47 Mrs Helen Chalmers, tailoress 

County Assessor's Office ; Wm. 

49 Andrew Porter, dyer 

H. Balderston 

... William Garvie, dyer 

William Duncan, housekeeper 



42 Skeete, Chalmers, & King, soli- 
... J. & G. Young, architects & c.E. 
... George P. K. Young, architect 
... John A. Stewart, solicitor 
... Margaret Menzies 
... Mrs Janet Swanston 
... Alexander Strang, joiner 
44 General Accident Assurance Cor. 
48 Alexander Speedie, fishmonger 
52 John Grieve, spirit dealer 
... Miss Ann Phillips 
..: Mrs Margaret Allan 

Water vennel here 
54 Mrs Bridges, County Buildings 

South street here 
County Buildings — 

Sheriff & Commis. Clerk's Office 

Canal street here 
58 J. Beattie Scott, artist 
62 Working Boys' & Girls' Religious 

Society — Donald Chisholm 
66 Perthshire Society of Natural 
Science — museum & lect. -rms. 
68 John Petrie, railway agent 
... E. M. Petrie, dressmaker 
70 Robert Stewart, fine art dealer 
72 Scottish Girls' Friendly Society 
74 Wm. Christie, assist, burgh surv. 
76 George Halley, railway porter 
... Alexander Marr, railway porter 
... Mrs Peter Craigon 
... John Walker, signalman 

Waterworks; John Peattie,supt. 


1 David Martin, weaver 

... David Archibald, labourer 

... Thomas Paton, slater 

3 Robert Clark, carter 

... Peter Malcolm, carter 

7 Robert Henderson, blacksmith 

... Mrs David Smith 

... Alexander Thomson, shoemaker 

... William Thomson, labourer 

9 Patrick Morran, labourer 

II Ann Morran 

... David Watson, postman 

... Mrs William Clark 

13 John Holland, labourer 

... Alexander Mailer, blacksmith 


Mrs John Robertson, weaver 

Thomas Anderson, surfaceman 

Mary Robertson 

James Robertson, coachbuilder 

George Wylie, moulder 

John Malcolm, customs collector 

Charles Heron, weaver 

John Kinmonth, labourer 

Robert Robertson, weaver 

Isabella M' William 

Alexander Clow, glassblower 

Andrew Morgan, lorryman 

David Valley, slater 

David Taylor, mason 

Walter Kendall, beamer 

Peter Bailie, salesman 

Ann Kerr 

Robert Bell, dyer 

Andrew Kinnes, dyer 

Robert Mailer, dyer 

George Elliot, carter 

Mrs William Hutcheson 

Mrs William Henderson 

George Angus, printer 

Isabella Smith, factory worker 

James Angus, blacksmith 

Mrs Robert Allan 

David Strathearn, porter 

Mrs M'Farlane 

Henry Brannon, labourer 

John Lindsay, shoemaker 

Alexander Robertson, labourer 

James Stewart, plumber 

Charles Graham, shepherd 

James Hannighan, labourer 

Christina Armstrong 

Alex. Kinmonth, warehouseman 

Mrs James M 'Donald 

Plelen Robertson 

Joseph Boyle, plasterer 

Alexander M'Pherson, labourer 

Thomas Trotler, iron moulder 

John M'Gregor, dyer 

Alexander Clark, labourer 

Robert Harris, engine driver 

John Sutherland, labourer 

Thistle Lane. 

David Duff, blacksmith 
Mrs James Langlands 
Alexander Pearson, weaver 





Langland Brothers, joiners 
4 Jessie Munro 
... William Boag, mason 

Mrs Tames Strathearn, winder 
. . . Mrs "George Whyte 
... James Fenwick, labourer 
2 Mungo Reid, railway servant 

Union Lane. 

9 Colin Brown, cab proprietor 
John Williamson, baker 
William Duff, vanman 
Finlay Cree, mason 
John Martin, hairdresser 
David Scott, grocer's assistant 
Mrs David Mackie 
William Hall, gatekeeper 
Mrs Charles Peddie 
John Hardie, weaver 
Mrs David Gourlay 
Peter Robertson, cabdriver 
Robert Brough, porter 
Andrew M'Pherson, fireman 
Peter Anderson, planemaker 
James Keillor, dyer's labourer 
fames Robertson, soldier 
Isabella Wilkie 
Mrs Alexander Ballantine 
Matthew Mason, seaman 
John Robertson, tinsmith 
North William street here 
John Stewart, mason 

Union Street. 

Tohn Burns, cabinetmaker 
Wm. Miller, dairyman & cowfdr. 
John Ramsay, dyer 
Alexander Wilson, engineer 
George Payne, sergt. instructor 
Thomas Peddie, tailor 
James Malloch, cabinetmaker 
Matthew Pitcaithly, mason 
Anthony Ross, finisher 
Mrs James Beatson 
Mrs Robert Mackay 
James Menzies, janitor 
James Gowans, mason 
George Heggie, surfaceman 
Mrs Peter Livingstone 
James Smith, baker 
Mrs Robert Main, tailoress 
Henry M'Naughton, carter 

Victoria Street. 

2 Mrs William Leitham 
... Mrs David Young 
... Mrs John Leslie 
... James Fisher, ironmonger 
... Magnus Jackson, photographer 
.. Alexander Scott 
4 John M'Intosh, dairy 
6 Mrs Peter Laing, lodgings 
... David Watt, mason 
... John Gibson, engine-fitter 
... Mrs William M'Farlane 
... John Dunbar, horse dealer 
6\ D. Robertson, watchmaker 
12 Mrs Wm. Anderson, laundress 
14 Donald & Co., sheep dip agents 
16 Geo. Black, agri. implement mer 
18 John Simpson, cake merchant 
20 John Selbie, railway gatekeeper 
22 Thomas Iienderson, timber mer. 
... John Hume, blacksmith 
... Mrs Robert Robertson 
24 John Watters, potato merchant 

Nelson street here 
38 L. G. Wotherspoon, baker 
... John Matthewson, engine-driver 
. . . James Wilson, gardener 
40 Alex. M'Kenzie, warehouseman 
46 David Cameron, builder 
50 Mrs John Miller 
52 David Allison, mason 
54 Pullar & Falconer, joiners 
... James Edward, gas inspector 
... Henry Christie, H.M. Customs 
56 John Inglis, plumber 
58 James Chalmers, seed merchant 

Scott street here 
70 Thomas M'Gilliwie, tailor 
74 John Miller, mason 
... William Robertson, coachsmith 
... Charles Miller, mason 
... Alexander D. Clyne, merchant 
78 Mrs Flora Anderson, dressmaker 

James street here 
86 Mrs John Cowperthwaite 
. . . Rev. A. Wylie Smith, B. D. 

Paradise Place — 
90 Murdoch M 'Donald, mason 
... John Geddie, joiner 
92 James Kenna, retired warder 



92 James Murray, joiner 

94 Thomas Love, auctioneer 

... David Gorrie, coppersmith 

... Mrs Oswald Fletcher 

87 Wm. Hill, retired excise-officer 

85 Mrs John Blaikie 

77 Robert Christie, surgeon 

75 T no - Craik, mineral works mngr. 

72, James Stewart Menzies, major 

71 Janet Hay 

Victoria Street — 
51 Henderson & Shaw, wood mer. 
49 Victoria Carriage Works ; Sinc- 
lair & Ash, proprietors 
47 Wm. Wallace, draper's manager 
... J. W. Mossman, booking clerk 
... Andrew Shaw, timber merchant 
... David C. Smail, veterinary surg. 
Vict. Auction Hall ; Hay & Kyd 
John Walker, Victoria Hotel 


3 Alexander Smith, bar officer 
. . . James Young, printer 
9 John Dorward, brassfinisher 
... John Aitken 
... Christina Ballantine 
... John Duguid, cabman 
... Andrew Milne, mason 
13 Female Refuge — Jas. Smith, kpr. 
15 Mrs W. G. Oliver, grocer 
17 William Laidlaw, dyer 
... James Martin, pastry baker 
... Mrs Isabella Bell 
... William Yeaman, dyer's finisher 
... Laurence Brown, tailor 
... John Hunter, tailor 
19 Charles Pullar, dairyman 
23 John Rannie, mechanic 
27 James Hazil, labourer 
. . . David Gray, plasterer 
... William Donaldson, plasterer 
... Andrew Scott, chemical worker 
29 Mrs James Ramsay 
31 Eliza Clark, mangier 
35 John Lennox, joiner 

Lawrence W 7 hite, joiner 

James Sharpe, waiter 

Mrs Jessie Murie 

Andrew Robertson, compositor 

Alexander Haggart, carter 

35 David Tulloch, compositor 
... John Harris, coach painter 
... George Clayton, cleaner 
... William Hogg, moulder 
39 Robert Bisset, printer 
... Jane M'Leod 

41 Mrs John Wilson, Waverley Inn 
Oliph ant's Vennel— 

2 David Young, warper 

... William Fraser, labourer 
6 Sarah Lankham 

... John Smith, hawker 
47 James Harris, tailor 
... David Wilson, jeweller 
... Mrs John Cassidy 
... Janet Ross, washer 
... Mary Rutherford, cook 

Baxter's vennel here 
69 Marjory Stewart 

71 Thos. Caddell, sanitary assistant 
.. John M'Guire, packer 

.. Alexander Dewar, butcher 
.. John Cochrane, waiter 
.. David Lawson, labourer 
.. John M'Conochie, labourer 
72, Mrs Peter Graham 
... Alex. Henderson, photographer 
77 David Campbell, grocer 

79 Alexander Christie, dyer 
... William A. Kittles, clerk 

81 Giov. Castadasi, ice cream dealer 

83 Mrs Robert Mathewson 
... Mrs John Edwards, nurse 

85 Wm. Wotherspoon, spirit mer. 
87 Mrs Charles Mitchell 
.. Caroline Shaw 

Water Vennel — 
I Alexander Wilson, bookbinder 

... Dan. S.M'Laren, dyer's finshr. 

... George Strachan, painter 

3 James Stewart, letter stamper 
... Joseph Halley, sailmaker 

84 William Forbes, Gowrie Inn 

82 Mrs Frank Stewart 

80 James Kinnoch, labourer 
... William Baker, labourer 
... John Succor, labourer 

... Alexander Cook, cabman 
74 Mrs Crawford, washer 

72 Anthony Campbell, shoemaker 
... Matthew M'Cabe, compositor 



72 John Smeaton, labourer 

... Andrew Marshall, brassfinisher 

. . . William Taylor, hawker 

68 Laurence White, joiner 

... John Keir, coachman 

66 J. Young & Sons, printers 

60 Strathmore Printing Works 

58 Daniel M'Lauchlan, slater 

... William Davidson, tailor 

... John Duff, mason 

... Charles Herd, fireman 

56 James Cameron, coal agent 

54 George Rennie, dyer's finisher 

... Mrs Margaret Fraser 

... Duncan Menzies, porter 

... Mrs Alexander Leitch 

52 John Fraser, plumber 

31 James Cunningham, clerk 

28 Mrs Alexander Guthrie 

... Mrs Thomas Greig 

24 Greig & Co. , drapers, &c. 

18 Jane Hogg, dyer's finisher 

Richard Hardie, pavior 

Mrs David Ross 

David Thomson, tailor 

James Thomson, tailor 

Jane Lawson 

Alexander Blyth, fireman 

Forbes Gow, soldier 
16 William Spence, shoemaker 
14 William Roy, printer 
.. Mrs James M'Nair, seamstress 
... David Campbell, shoemaker 

Mrs Donald Stewart 
... Thomas H. Talbot, painter 
... Mrs Christina Laing 
... Mrs John Ross, lodgings 
... Mrs Samuel M'Raw 
lo James Hewat, restaurateur 
8 James Robertson, engineman 
6 Hunter H. Greig, wine merchant 


Alexander M 'Donald, hammerman 

Margaret Dalrymple 

John Smyth, clerk 

William Henderson, hosier 

James W. Bayne, supt. of cemeteries 

(Wellshill Cottage) 
Mrs William W. Young 
Robert Stewart, inspector of poor 

William Thomson, teacher of blind 
William H. Rider, cloth finisher 
Wellshill School of Industry (girls) 
Feus Road — 

John M'Cash & Son, grain mers. 

Robt. Reid & Sons, timber mers. 

Feus Lodge — Alex. Duff, labourer 

[See also Jeanfield.] 

Whitefriars Street. 

I John Maxwell, night watchman 
3 Robert Carcarry, labourer 
5 James 1 homson, coal yardsman 
7 John Grant, labourer 
... Ann Campbell 
... Alexander Barlass, coppersmith 
... John Fenwick, plasterer 
9 David Marshall, labourer 
II George Stewart, railway servant 
... Jas. Robertson, railway servant 
13 James Hall, railway servant 
15 James Tosh, railway servant 
... John White, fireman 
... Mrs William Waddell 
17 William Ross, porier 
19 David High, lorryman 
... Alexander Elder, labourer 
... John M 'Donald, labourer 
21 George Warren, cutler 
44 James Thom, sawmiller 
42 Donald M'Intosh, engine-driver 
... Catherine Rintoul 
... William M'Farlane, rail, porter 
.. George Keiller, labourer 
40 David Dunbar, mason 
38 James Maconochie, joiner 
36 Edward Bonnar, dyer 
34 Alexander Duff, labourer 
32 Robert Gellatly, dyer's finisher 
... Elizabeth Rollo 
... Mrs James M'Gregor 
30 George M'Lauchlan, examiner 
28 Alexander Abbot, brassfounder 
... Henry Kirkby, pointsman 
... I Javid Turpie, engine-driver 
... Andrew Cumming, engine-fitter 
26 William Bauchop, coal-merchant 
... Robert M'Kenzie, blacksmith 
... Andrew Balfour, joiner 
24. Robert Menzies, railway servant 
... David Whyte, engine-driver 



24 Mrs Peter Menzies 
... William Balfour, joiner 
22 Ann Pullar 
... Alfred Payne, labourer 
... Catherine Ferguson 
... William Mitchell, labourer 
... Christina Taylor, weaver 
18 James P. Rattray, warehouseman 
16 James Galloway, carter 
14 Mrs Andrew Soutar 
12 Peter Monteith, blacksmith 
10 David M'Gregor, dyer 
... Mrs William Mands 
8 Alexander Elder, shepherd 

6 James M'Dougall, brassfinisher 
... David M'Farlane, blacksmith 

4 Robert M'Clure, coal salesman 
... James Petrie, carter 

2 Betsy MTntyre 
... Mrs John Young 
... Mrs Alexander Forsyth 

William Street (North). 

5 James Simpson, hotel-keeper 

7 Jno. N. M'Leod, teach, of dancing 
... James Stewart, tailor 

18 Jane Bell 

A. H. Lumsden, sup. of fisheries 

Alexander Watson, engineer 

Mrs George Gray 

Mrs Daniel Anderson, grocer 

Mrs John Marshall 
12 Wm. Robertson, cab proprietor 
10 David Black, dyer's finisher 

Union lane here 

8 Colin Brown, cab proprietor 

6 David Craig, cabman 

... Thomas Brown, yardsman 
4 Dan. Stewart, smith & cartwright 

2 Eleanor Caw, seamstress 
... James Robertson, engineer 

William Street (South). 

3 James Kinmonth, labourer 
... William Ritchie, carpenter 
... Peter M'Laren, butcher 

7 David Pearson, dyer 

9 James Rodger, dyer 

... Thomas Johnstone, tailor 

... John Soutar, retired policeman 

... Wm. Sissons, salv. army officer 

Wm. Richardson, engine-driver 
James Swan, hostler 
Henry Baird, carriage inspector 
Charles Brooks, lorryman 
Hugh Taylor, basket maker 
John A. Brough, dyer 
Thomas Davie, joiner 
Andrew Bisset, coachtrimmer 
Mrs Robert Turner 
William Barnet, labourer 
11 Samuel Kennedy, shepherd 

Nelson street here 
25 Elizabeth Scott 
... Helen Paterson 
58 Robert Brand & Sons, builders 
56 Mrs John M'Lagan, lodgings 
... William Moffat, ticket inspector 
54 Mrs Richard Bone 
... John Halkerston, joiner 
38 Fraser & Morton, builders 

36 John Small, blacksmith 

34 Thomas Smith, ham curer 
... Peter Strang, druggist 

... Robert M. Duncan, draper 
32 Andrew Purvis, brakesman 

30 Isabella Cameron 
Nelson street here 

22 Jas. Phillips, permanent way sup. 

York Place. 

I David Irvine, tinsmith 

3 William Hay, railway guard 
... Mrs James M'Currach 

5 James Hay & Son, joiners 

9 Mrs William Brough 
II Jas. Hay, joiner and contractor 
13 D. Sinclair Kennedy, M.B., CM. 
15 David Martin, brewer 
17 Thomas Whimster, gas manager 
19 Mrs John Bruce 
21 James Macqueen, horse-hirer 

23 David M 'Donald, grain mercht. 
25 Thomas Forrest, grocer 

27 John Bannerman, com. traveller 

3 1 Waverley Temperance Hotel ; 

Wm. Gordon, proprietor 
Caledonian Road here 

35 Rev. William Ewing, M.A. 

37 Andrew Blyth, butcher 

41 Robt. S. Malloch, wine mercht. 
43 Mrs James Anderson 



43 James Anderson, china merchant 

45 Joseph S. Christie, com. traveller 

47 George Wilson, leather merchant 

49 Mrs Robert Duff 

... Mrs Frederick Sutcliffe 

51 William II. Gregor, clerk 

53 Donald M. Mackay, solicitor 

55 W'illiam Hill, provision mercht. 

32 Walter Keir, restaurateur 

30 James Clachar, teacher 

28 John Watters, potato merchant 

26 J. Swan & Sons, cattle salesmen 

24 John Peebles, plasterer 

22 Robert Stewart, stationer 

20 Rev. John Rainnie 

18 Peter Palmer, merchant 

16 William B. Gourley, commercial 

14 Catherine Chaplain 
12 yEneas Henderson, M.B., CM. 
10 J. Thomson Keiller, coachbuilder 
Caledonian road here 
8 The County and City Infirmary 
6 Donald M'Farlane, gatekeeper 
4 David Beveridge, sculptor 
[See also Glasgow Road.\ 


Back Wynd. 

5 Matthew Lowe, pensioner 
... James Gilchrist, gardener 
... Mary Allan, dyeworker 

9 J., A., & D. Cameron, cabinet- 
makers (workshops) 
16 John Cuthbert, labourer 
14 Henry Cowes, vanman 
... lohn M 'Donald, carter 
... "Mrs John Walton 
12 John Roy, carter 

8 Thomas Nicoll, porter 

6 Alexander Grant, scavenger 
4 James Mitchell, shoemaker 
2 James Symons, gardener 


Garry Cottage — 
Duncan M'Laren, coachman 
John Young, gardener 

Laurelbank- — R. Brown, C.E. , R.N. 

Hillside Home for Incurables 

Willowbank— Trios. M. Barr, C.E. 

Thomas Adams, signalman 

Steading — 
Arthur Hutchison, pointsman 
Joseph Milne, surfaceman 
Alexander Ramsay, signalman 
Peter M'Duff, surfaceman 

Barnhill House— Mrs Geo. Gordon 

-John Marshall, porter 

Laurence Herd, market gardener 

Alexander Duguid, coachman 
William Ferrier, market gardener 
James Cameron, market gardener 
Old Toll House — Thomas Sinclair, 

John Hutchison, market gardener 
Craigbank — 

John Murray, market gardener 
John Anderson, contractor 
Mrs William Nicoll 
James Clark 

Mrs Elizabeth Bisset, laundress 
Orchardbank — 

R. W. Anderson, market gardener 

James A. Gardner, clerk 
Smithfield — James Duthie, gardener 
Cozieden— John Houston, mkt. gdr. 
Tayview— William Dawson, farmer 

Andrew Dunn, market gardener 

Miss Christina M 'Gregor 
Strawberrybank — Wm. Cowieson, 

market gardener 
Tankfield — Robert Tait, mkt. gdnr. 
Greenknowe— William Pittendreich 

market gardener 
Woodlands — James Hart, mkt. gdr. 
Westview — David Dawson, farmer 
Milestone Cottage — Alex. Anderson, 

Elmbank— Mrs Logie 

Elizabeth Boag 

Mrs John M'Killop, market gdnr. 
Northbank — Allan Hart, dyer's cln. 



Kerr's Land — Mrs John Kerr 
Andrew Easton, gardener 
Alma Christie, tobacco spinner 
John Ower, mechanic 

James Cameron, joiner 

Mrs Thomas Robertson 

Carrick House — George M 'Donald 
Mrs David Young- 
Mrs William D. Charnley 
William Young, printer 
Mrs David Peddie 
Mary Ann Garvie, Post Office 

Gowrie Cottage — Mrs Win. Gorrie 
Robert Clark, parcel postman 
Robert M. Clark, insurance supt. 

Gowrie Bank — fohn Balmain 

Woodend Cottage — Robt. M'Killop 

Rockville — Rev. John Watt 

Fairmount Villas— 
4 Robert Dandie, L.R.C.s. (Edin.) 
3 John M'Leod, nurseryman 
2 Mrs Mather 
I Misses Fleming 

Willanslee — Major Geo. P. Salmon 

Fairmount — John Steel 

Craigmount — David Marshall, law 
Charles Burnett, accountant 

Barnhill Cottage — R. Spalding, 
wool merchant 

Walnut Cottage — Mary Turnbull 

Wellwood — Peter Mitchell, gardnr. 
John Sprunt, sawmiller 

Bowerswell Road. 

Gowrie Cottage — Christina Just 
Bankhead — Elizabeth Donald 
Bowerswell Cottage — Thomas B. 
Nicol, music teacher 

Edward Nicol, organist 
Rosebank — James F. Pullar, dyer 

Albert Gaedake, gardener 

Charles S. Watt, coachman 
Bowerswell — Mrs George Gray 

Donald M'Gregor, gardener 
Mount Tabor — Andw. Martin, bnkr 

Captain Alexander Geddes 
Kinnoull Hill Lodge — Alex. Howe, 

St. Mary's Cottage— Peter Welsh, 

St. Mary's Monastery— 
The Very Rev. M. Somers 
The Very Rev. George Stibbing 

Hatton Farm — Win. Brown, fruiterer 
Alexander Pennycook, gardener 
Benjamin Drummond, grieve 

Dupplin Bank — John Wood, baker 

Bridge Street. 

1 Thomas M'Kenzie, customs 

2 James M 'Donald, shoemaker 

3 R. L. Robertson, tobacconist 

4 Margaret Robertson, newsagent 

Bridge Street (East). 

I Mrs James Duigans, greengrocer 

5 William Forsyth, painter 
... Mrs Alexander M Tntyre 
... Lilias Seaton 

... Jessie Allan, hosier 

... John Pe'arce, storekeeper 

... Georgina Sim, dressmaker 

... Peter M'Lean, baker 

... Magdalen Duncan 

II David Sharp, gardener 

... Mrs Agnes Massey 

... Ann M' In tosh 

... Alexander M'Kenzie, clerk 

13 John Reilly, labourer 
... John M'Farlane, mason 
... William M'Millan, mason 

... Mrs Mary Harper, dressmaker 

... William Kettles, painter 

... Catherine Clark 

15 John White, tailor 

17 Neil Gormley, bootmaker 

. . . William Carnegie, dyer's cleaner 

... Peter Lennox, gardener 

... James Cameron, joiner 

... Thomas Stewart, butcher 

19 John Christie, bootmaker 

14 Thomas Drysdale, clerk of works 
10 Edward A. Stenning, gardener 

8 Gilbert Ferguson, steward 
... Mrs James Hutton 
... Catherine Clark, seamstress 

6 James Hutchison, painter 

4 Wm. Robertson, cab proprietor 
Potterhill— R. H. Moncrieff, W.S. 

Rev. PI. Armstrong Hall, B.D. 



Mayfield— John M. Miller, solicitor 

Gannochy Fold — 
William Taylor, printer 
William Duncan, farm servant 
James Whittet, gardener 
Mrs James Morton 

Pitcullen House — Andrew Coates 
James Coates, manufacturer 
Henry Coates, manufacturer 
John Leslie, gardener (lodge) 

Greenbank — John Dickson, w.s. 

Annat Lodge — Francis Buchanan 
White, F.L.s., M.D. 

Annat Lodge Cottage — 
James Buist, sergeant city police 

Broompark — Dav. Robertson, farrnr 

James Murray's Royal Asylum — 
Thomas Whyte, engineer (lodge) 

Murray House-A. R. Urquhart, M.D. 

Mount Tabor — 
Thomas Munro, merchant 
D. S. Mathewson, butcher 

Brompton Terrace. 

Beech Villa— William Todd 

William Innes, I. R. cashier 
Sunnybower — 

William M' Lagan, merchant 

David Norwell, shoemaker 
Viewbank — 

Robert Hay Robertson, grocer 
Maxwellton — James Balmain 
Rockbank — David Smart, architect 
Ochil— Rufus D. Pullar, dyer 
Glendoick Villa — 

Alexander Dingwall, merchant 
Greenhill — James Marshall 
Glencairn Villa — 

Georgina and Mary Ann Dandie 

James Templeton, hosier 
Hasland— Robt. Morison, accountant 
Ashton — Mrs Pettigrew 
St. Skea — Mrs James Law 
Springfield — Elizabeth Morrison 
Vinehill— Catherine Miller 

William Harley, fruiterer 
Springbrae— Robert Dow, painter 

James G. Greig, writing master 
The Beild— 

James Honey, merchant 

Peter Keill 

Burnbank Terrace. 

1 George Fairweather, accountant 

2 Thos. MTntosh, telegraph supt. 

3 George Wilson, fireman 

4 Mrs Alexander M'Kendrick 

5 David Sievwright, exciseman 

6 William Paul, night watchman 

Comely Bank. 

Comely Bank Cottage — 
Wm. Farquharson, nurseryman 
David Keir, dyer's manager 

2 William Ross 

3 Frederick George Neill 

4 Francis N. Miller, insur. manager 

5 John Winter, hatter and hosier 

6 Robert Dunsmore, draper 

7 Robert Peddie 

8 Rev. John Addie, m.a. 

9 Catherine Clunie, Salisbury Villa 
to Robert Welsh, draper 
Bellevista— Miss Roy 

Mrs Nason 

Strathview — Mrs Thos. Donaldson 
Mrs Elizabeth Cameron 
Andrew M. Mechie, accountant 
Francis M. Black, drawing master 
Mrs Eliza Crighton 

Pitcullen Bank — 
Daniel M'Gregor, farmer 
Mrs James Campbell, grocer 

Kincarrathie Lodge — 
Robert Brough, gardener 
Robert Low, coachman 

Commercial Street. 

I John Brown, Cross Keys Hotel 

5 David Sorlie, hide and skin mer. 

7 Stewart Cook, librarian 

9 Margaret M'Voy 
... Wm. Ballantine, coach wheeler 
... Margaret Sprunt 
... James Stewart, labourer 
... Margaret M'Gill 
13 William Fenwick, shoemaker 
15 Mrs Thomas Miller 
... Mrs James M'Ewan 
... Mrs William Douglas 
... Charlotte M 'Donald 
... George Clayton, dyer 



17 Mrs William Wylie 
... William Wylie, wood turner 
19 George Cameron, butcher 
21 Mrs Margaret Douglas, grocer 
23 Charles Heron 
... Stewart M'Pheat, porter 
. . . Mrs James Douglas 
... David Biggart, janitor 
25 David Donaldson, fireman 
2*] Margaret Gourlay, washer 
31 Jane Robertson 
' ... Wm. Donald, insurance agent 
. . . Margaret Tainsh, scripture reader 
... Ellen Stewart 
... James Mitchell 
... James Anderson, joiner 
... David Foote, porter 
... David Cameron, cabinetmaker 
... John Christie, bootmaker 
... Mary Ann Alexander 
... Harry Dewhirst, carpet weaver 
... James Richardson, labourer 
23 David Paton, cabinetmaker 
... Barbara Jane Henderson 
... Alexander Reid, joiner 
... James Cochrane, vandriver 
... Alexander Cameron, upholsterer 
... William Martin, tailor 
7 Colin M'Callum, baker 
... Robert Bell, joiner 
. . . Mrs James Harris 
. . . John Stalker, gardener 
... Robert Carstairs, policeman 
... James Walker, porter 
... James Donald, rail, signalman 
... Alexander Mitchell, porter 
... Farquhar S. Donald, policeman 
... James Christie, policeman 
... William Pitcaithly, dyer 
... George Bryce, ironturner . 
... John M. Rae, compositor 
... John Welch, plumber 
... James Morton, dyer 
43 Mrs Alexander Rae, grocer 
45 James II. Salmond, blacksmith 
... Joseph D. Reekie, dyer 
. . . John Baird, dyer's finisher 
49 Elizabeth Banks, embroiderer 
... Mackie M'Kay, gardener 
. . . Mrs Ann Brown 
... John Ferguson, clerk 

49 Mrs Mary Ford 
... Margaret Hood 
. . . Margaret Buchan, factory worker 
51 Mrs James M'Ewan 
... Mrs David Lindsay 
... Mary Ballantine 
53 James Hynd, gardener 
... William Smith, coachman 
... John Fraser, gardener 
55 Ellen Peebles 
... James Noble, baker 
... Ann Young 
... Mrs David Taylor 
57 Mrs Sarah G. Fenwick, confect. 
48 David Elliot, joiner 
... Catherine Robertson 
... John MTntyre, coachman 
.. Thomas Ross, jeweller 
... Mrs John Robertson 
46 Alexander Kettles, joiner 
... Frank W. Hahn 
... Charles Robertson, coachman 
... David Munro, dyer 
... Patrick Donnelly, river pilot 
... Duncan Lamb, seedsman 
... William Don, brassfinisher 
44 M'Kenzie, Walker, blacksmith 
42 David Anton, gardener 
40 Sergeant Patrick Burns 
34 A. Fenwick & Son, bakery 

Union street lane here 
30 Mrs William Taylor 
28 James Ballantine, saddler 
... Mrs David M'Kenzie 
... William Neish, gardener 
24 William Guthrie, smith 
16 Henry Burrell, finisher 
12 Mary Cree, washer 
... Felix Hoolachan, surfaceman 
... John M'Kay, dyer's finisher 
10 James Dougall 
8 David M'Ewen, rail, servant 
... Mrs James Smith 
... Mrs James Brown 
6 Mrs Hugh Munro 
2 James H. Salmond, blacksmith 
Dundee Road— see Kinnoull. 

Dupplin Terrace. 

Claremount Villa — Henry Jameson, 



Ramsay Lodge — Wm. G. Stewart, 

Vinebank — David Galloway, grain 

Balbraith — Chas. Law, coal mercht. 
Craigard — John Stewart, m.d. , r.n. 
St. Mirn's — James C. Pinkerton, 

Upland — Robert Brand, builder 
Fernhill — Melville Jameson, solicitor 

Gladstone Terrace. 

Thomas Nicol, labourer 
James Reid, beamer 
Andrew S. Fenwick, carter 
Christina Blair, ironer 
Mrs Alexander Stephen 
George M 'Donald, policeman 

8 Thomas Graham, joiner 

9 Peter Husband, calenderer 
io John Jack, foreman lorryman 

1 1 David Johnstone, saddler 

12 John M'Gregor, labourer 

13 Joseph Cameron, baker 

14 William Morrison, builder 

15 Alexander Johnstone, cartwright 

16 Frederick Leaky, gardener 

17 Charles Anderson, cycle agent 

18 John Forbes, clerk 

19 John Brown, plasterer 

20 John Gerrard, gardener 

Gowrie Street. 

1 Eliza Webb, gamedealer 
3 John Smith, church officer 
5 Alex. MTntosh, pastry baker 
... Isabella Guthrie, presser 
... Ann Cameron 
... Peter G. Marshall, clerk 
... Isabella Anderson, dyeworker 
7 Jonathan Leslie, bootmaker 
11 William Morrison, builder 
13 Mrs M'Ewan, grocer 
15 Charles Robertson, porter 
... George Walker, dyer's finisher 
19 John MTntosh, cabinetmaker 

21 Alexander M'Glashan 
23 James Allan, tobacconist 
26 Alexander Miller, plumber 

Back wynd here 

22 W. R. Smith, painter 

20 Mrs Cath. Robbin, missionary 

.. Robert Bonner, dyer 
... Andrew Kaye, engineer 
... Robert Robertson 
18 Elizabeth Banks, newsagent 
14 Andw. Cochrane, meal merchant 
12 John Veale 
. . . Mrs Thomas A. Stewart 
... Edward Tainsh, stationer 
10 James Ewan, butcher 

8 Small & Welsh, tailors 

6 James Mechie, bootmaker 

4 Mrs David Smith 
... Thomas Bisset, dyer's finisher 
... Mrs Margaret Dunn 

2 J., A., & D. Cameron, cabinet- 
makers and upholsterers 

Isla Street. 

Tayside — Robert Pullar, dyer 

Alexander M 'Donald, gardener 
Mansfield Place — 

1 Robert Robertson, solicitor 

2 Hunter H. Greig, wine mercht„ 

3 Helen Riach 

4 James Robertson, solicitor 
Tay Fletts— A. H. Ballingall, w.s. 
The Durn- -Albert D. Pullar, dyer 
Gowanbank — Mrs Robert Hay 
Bailbrook Lodge — Horace Skeete ? 


Edendale — James Sime, draper 

Taypark — Wm. D. Forbes, banker 

Summerbank — 
Alexander Gibson Morgan, mercht. 
James Reid, gardener 

Boatland — Albert Butter, bank agt. 
Alexander S. Mitchell, coachman 

Montreal House — Rev. T. Crawford 

Springland — Charles S. Sandeman 
John Robertson, gardener (lodge) 

Quarrymill — 
William Duff, commission agent 
James Gray, retired farmer 
George Ogg, gamekeeper 
Charles Jackson, market gardener 
Thomas M. Duncan, toy mercht. 

Kincarrathie Lodge — John Hutton, 

Toll House — Wm. Ross, gardener 

Craigisla — Ex-Lord Provost Whittet 



Ashleigh — Robert Keay, city cham. 

Kincarrathie crescent here 
Clunie Villa — Misses Crawford 

fames Smith, clerk 
19 David Beat, mason 
... Mrs. Alexander Reid 
17 William Crow, porter 

Keir street here 
Rose Cottage — James Dewar 
5 Thomas Hamilton, coachman 
3 Mrs James B. Robertson, Isla 
John Forbes, Isla Distillery 

Keir Street. 

Croft House — John Forbes, distiller 

3 John Stratton, cabinetmaker 

5 Thomas Ramsay, quarryman 

... Mrs Charles Scott 

... David Forsyth, dyer 

7 David Chisholm, shoemaker 
... David Lamond, coachman 

9 Alexander Kippen, painter 
... Mrs 1 John Gow 

11 Mrs Thomas Henderson 

13 David Barclay, painter 
... Mary Ower 

... Mrs Agnes Glennie 

15 David Innes, grocer's assistant 

17 Mrs M'Laren 

19 Robert Reid, joiner 

18 John Ramsay, coachman 

16 David Keay, solicitor 

14 Mrs John Swan 

12 David Brough, gardener 
10 Henry R. Lees 

... James Barclay, assurance supt. 

8 Mrs William Birrell 

... James M'Kenzie, gardener 
Crossmount — Eben. Mitchell, drpr. 
C roft Cottage — Mrs M 'Naughton 

Kincarrathie Crescent. 

1 Charles Alexander, glazier 

2 Charles M. Smith, wine mercht. 

3 Wm. W. Kay, wine & spirit mer. 

4 Mrs. Charles George Playfair 
... J. W. Walker, solicitor 

5 W. G. Jack, staff surgeon 

6 James A. Peebles, draper 

7 William Taylor, postmaster 

8 George Thompson, supervisor 

9 Duncan Stewart, merchant 

11 Richard J. H. Mahon, surveyor 
Angus Cameron, timber mercht. 
Craigraven — James Macdonald 


Greenbrae— Jas.Wotherspoon, hatter 
Knowehead— Geo. A. Miller, w.s. 
Jock's Lodge — Wm. B. Gloag, mer. 
Kinnoull Cottage — E. & C. Easson 
Rodney Lodge — John Rollo 
Wellbank — J anies Thomson, teacher 

James Turpie, writer 
Dickson & Turnbull's Nurseries 
Bellwood — Charles Wallace, colonel 

John Wood, coachman 

David Geddes, gardener 

Alfred Brown, seedsman 
Bellwood Lodge — Jas. Laurie, mngr„ 

Peter C. Anderson, signalman 
Kinnoull Manse — 

Rev. John Anderson, D.D. 
St. Alban's — Archibald Anderson 
Ivy Bank— Mrs Kiell 

Mrs M. A. Forbes 
Struan Bank — Jessie Robertson 

Robt. Robertson, inspector of poor 
Rio — Mrs Robert Ramsay 

George A. Mackenzie, solicitor 
[See also Bamhill.] 

Kinnoull Terrace. 

The Den— James T. Sellar, w.s. 
Murrayville — James Wright, I. R. 

Gaskhill— J. A. Imrie 
Free West Church Manse— Rev. P. 

A. Gordon Clark 
Melrose House— John A. Dewar, 

Darnick — Andrew Heiton, architect 
Somset Villa— William MacLeish, 

city clerk, &c. 


1 Robert Ferens, clerk 

2 John T. Miles, silk finisher 

3 David M'Gregor, jeweller 

4 Jas. Chalmers, wholesale grocer 



Main Street. 

I Mrs James Campbell, grocer 

3 Mrs Thomas Young 

... David M. Drummond, joiner 

. . . Mary Young 

... Allison Young 

5 John Morgan, grocer 

7 George Cameron, butcher 

9 John Smith, night watchman 

... Mary A. Mackay, dressmaker 

1 1 City of Perth Co-operative Soc. 

13 George Kiddie, coachman 

15 George Peddie, plumber 

... John Shepherd, vanman 

... Margaret Robertson, washer 

... Margaret Balrnain, dressmaker 

17 John Knox, dairyman 

21 Donald Gow, pensioner 

... James Smith, gardener 

... Peter Nelson, baker 

... David Sharp, plumber 

23 George Laing, fish dealer 

25 Mrs William Moir, provisions 

27 James Martin 

... Mrs Andrew Kettles 

29 J. & M. Ford, dressmakers 

33 James Murie, dyer's finisher 

2,7 Mrs Helen Wilkie 

... David Watson, contractor 

... E. C. & J. Anderson, teachers 

39 William Henderson, fireman 

41 Robert Robertson, shepherd 

.. Betsy Miller, outworker 

... Flora M 'Donald, washer 

... James Soutar 

... Ann Kinloch, outworker 

... Mrs Robert Dow, washer 

51 John Menzies, Strathmore Hotel 

53 Robert Angus 

... James L. Thomson, sculptor 

... Jessie Swan, dressmaker 

... Marjory Allan 

55 Mrs William Miller 

57 Duncan M'Brayne, plasterer 
63 Thomas Sharp, brassfinisher 
65 William M 'Quibban, joiner 
69 George Veitch, spirit dealer 

71 Mrs Runciman 
73 William Young, silk cleaner 

... Andrew Bell, plumber 

73 David Morton, labourer 

Mrs Joseph Irvine 

Grace Ramsay, laundress 

John Gibson, baker 

Mrs Jane Veitch, french polisher J 

Robert Miller, paper ruler 

Robert Reoch, labourer 
75 Andw. Cochrane, meal mercht. 
Tj John Taylor, watchmaker 
... Jane Wilkie 
79 John Callum, greenkeeper 
81 Mrs Emslie 
83 Andrew Jackson, labourer 
... Andw. Henderson, goods porter 
... Isabella Garvie 
85 David Clark, gardener 
87 William Pennycook, labourer 
89 James Whittet, dyer's finisher 
... Daniel Sorley, labourer 
... James Ewan, dyer 
... Mrs Thomas M'Gregor 
91 Robert Gow, grocer 

Robert P. Shields, manufacturer, 

Archibald Burns Macdonald, dis- 
tributor of Stamps, Earnoch 

Mrs James Roy, Springbank 

John Howitt, Springbank (lodge) 
62 Robert Mitchell, baker 
58 Marjory Scott, grocer 
56 John Ferguson, dyer's manager 
54 Euphemia Murray 
50 Mary Ann Smith, dyeworker 
... Jane Geekie, millworker 
... Mrs Martin 
... John F. Nor well, dyer 
46 Mrs Donald Geekie, laundress 
... Mrs John Stirton, laundress 
44 Mrs Jessie Ower 
... Margaret M'Quhae, dressmaker 
42 Rev. P. W. Grant 
40 Alexander Douglas, painter- 
38 John Fraser, bootmaker 

Mrs J. Newlands, Tayside Vil 
26 Miss Cameron 
... John Angus, engineer 
Inchbank — 

Mrs Thomas Miller 

R. H. Miller, m.a.,ll.b.,so) 

Annie Pottie 

James Duff, draper 




Thomas Law, gardener 
Bridgend House — 
George Chrystal, engineer 
Peter Chrystal, engineer 
18 Mrs John Brae, dressmaker 
16 James M'Quhae, dyer 
.. David MTntosh, clerk 
.. William Scott, baker 
[4 John W. T. M'Callum, grocer 
to Hugh Mackay, painter 
8 William Rutherford, joiner 
6 Miss Blair 

.. Andrew W. Brown, hosier 
..-. David Crockart, gunsmith 
2 Robert Mitchell, baker 

Muirhall Bank. 

William R. White 
John Robb, commercial traveller 
Margaret G. Carmichael 
John Campbell, merchant 

Muirhall Terrace. 

2 Christina Kirkwood 
4 A. W.Campbell, inland rev. officer 
6 Jas. Robertson Hay, qr. -master 
8 William L. Beaton, I. R. officer 
10 James Alexander, com. traveller 
12 Walter Firth, mill manager 
14 Geo. Lamb, agt., Garlogie bank 
16 Wm. S. Leitch, sheriff-clerk dep. 
18 Mrs James Hunt 
20 Helen Reed 

Mrs Wm. M 'Vicar, Ellenslie 
Wm. Dow, joiner, Craigowan 
Geo. Miller, printer, Elwick bank 
Robt. C. Ferguson, dyer's mangr. 

Piteullen Creseent. 

1 Wm. A. Boyes, depute pro. -fiscal 

2 Geo T. Cairncross, watchmaker 

3 J.ohn Aitchison, accountant 

4 Jessie Bower 

5 Miss Burns 

6 Andrew M. Sneddon, solicitor 

7 William Hunter, clerk 

8 Frederick W. Bedford, banker 

9 Robert Nimmo, brewer 

10 Janet Beattie 

11 Jane and Bella Richardson 

12 Robt. Brown, gen. warehouseman 

13 Rev. R. Finlay 

14 Henry Boase Ireland, jute mer. 

17 Andrew Rae, joiner 

18 James Calderwood, boot and 

shoe maker 

Piteullen Terrace. 

10 Andrew Thomson,, teacher 

12 John Gorrie, coal merchant 

14 Misses Barker 

16 Rev. J. S. M'Naughton 

18 E. G. Moon, c.E. 

20 Janet Drysdale 

22 James M'Glashan, Braeside 

24 Mrs James Pullar 

J. R. Baillie, cashier 

Peter Dow, joiner 

Robert Patton, tailor's cutter 

26 John Ellis, clerk 

28 William Rutherford, joiner 

30 David Mylie, gatekeeper 

32 Jane Soutar 

35 David Brown, plumber 

33 James Lindsay 

31 A. E. Restall, book-keeper 
. . . Maggie Jackson 

29 Mary & Catherine M 'Donald 

27 Robt. Allan, hosier, Myra Cottage 

25 Fred H. Fenwick, baker 

23 James Mechie, bootmaker 

21 Mrs A. M. Ferguson 

19 Robert Stewart, timekeeper 

17 Robert Bone, bank teller 

15 Mrs Magor 

13 Mrs W. Duff, spirit dealer 

11 Mrs Catherine Todd 

9 Mrs Douglas Blair, draper 

7 James M. Doggart 

5 Jno. Macpherson, chief-constable 

for Perthshire, Craigdhu 

3 Rev. W. D. Knowles. b.a. 

1 Miss M'Gilliwie 

Rosemount Place. 

2 Andrew Barker, dyer's cleaner 

4 William M'Cririe, bank teller 

6 Frances and Louisa Crombie 

8 John Hill Thomas, solicitor 
... Thomas Dempster, solicitor 
13 H. B. Mitchell 



Strathmore Street. 

I Mrs George Armour, cowfeeder 

3 Mrs Charles Robertson 
... John Douglas, gardener 
... Margaret H. Young, dyeworker 
. . . Mrs James Walker 

5 Robert Dingwall, carter 

7 Mrs M'Naughton 

9 John Thomson, postman 
... Wm. Spence, retired engineer 
... George Galletly, baker 
1 1 Matthew Webster, cowfeeder 
13 Mrs James M'Vean, mangier 
15 Peter Jackson, carter 
... Janet Winton, laundress 
... Alexander Jack, porter 
... William Lornie, dyer 
17 James Scott, gatekeeper 
19 Mrs Thomas Rattray 
21 Mrs William Law 
23 William Davidson, cab-driver 
Rosemount — 

John M. Fraser, auctioneer 
James Lindsay, gardener 
John Hall, coachman 
47 Mary Palmer 
... Jessie Gray 
... David Steele, joiner 
49 Peter Whittet, dyer's finisher 
... Mrs William M'Lennan 
... Elizabeth Peters, weaver 
... James Suttie, mason 
51 Isabella Murray 
53 James Baxter, warper 
55 John Baxter, dyer 
... John Sharp, gardener 
... Jas. Shepherd, road surfaceman 
... James Robertson, labourer 
... James Marshall, weaver 
57 William Kidd, shoemaker 
59 Peter Milne, grocer 
61 John Nightingale, basketmaker 
... Peter Grant, basketmaker 
... Peter M'Whannel, calico glazier 
. . . James Anderson, clerk 
... Mary Robertson 
... James Dempster, coachman 
... Arthur Louden, brewer 
... Daniel Thomson, dyer 
63 George Redpath, policeman 

65 William Duncan, fireman 
6y James Ferguson, letter carrier 
Peter Brown, gardener 
William Dow, joiner 
Alexander Crow, carpet weaver 
James Morrison, labourer 
James Henderson, labourer 
69 Alexander Myles, glove dyer 
71 Alexander Robertson, coachman 
James Brown, fruiterer 
Sidney Wiltshire, coachman 
George Veitch, spirit dealer 
Daniel Thomson, painter 
James Menzies. dyer's finisher 
yj John Duncan, draper 
Victoria road here 
Comely Bank House — 
David Alexander, clerk 
William Soutar, clerk 
John Bruce, stationer 
David Dewar, gas collector 
24 Andw. W. MTntosh, watchmkr. 
22 William Isaac, telegraph clerk 
20 Henry Murray, plumber 
18 John Matthews, gardener 
Robert Campbell, gardener 
Mrs James Baxter 
John Bisset, plumber 
David Sharp, gardener 
John E. Kidd, traveller 
William Harris, gardener 
16 Alexander Gardiner, millwright 
Daniel Campbell, plasterer 
James Small, dyer 
Keir street here 
14 George Gibb, presser 
12 Mrs James A. Harris 

Mrs J. Malloch, Stormont Cot. 
6 J. Watson, contractor & dairyman 

Union Street Lane. 

3 Duncan M'Dougall, platelayer 

5 Mrs Robert Don 
16 Mrs Margaret Robertson 
... Mary Jane Graham 
14 James Thompson, dyer's finisher 
... David Whyte, clerk 
12 James Robertson, carter 
... James Cumming, dyer's finisher 
10 Jane Brady, dyeworker 

8 Mrs John Smart 



6 James Wylie, dyer 

4 John Lindie, quarryman 

. . . Mrs William Taylor 

... Thomas R. Stewart, joiner 

... Robert Campbell, tailor 

2 William Guthrie, smith 

Victoria Road. 

1 David M 'Donald 

2 James Bruce, factory manager 

3 Alexander Gall, printer 

4 Alex. Stenhouse, foreman finisher 


Abbot Street. 

St. Leonard's Bridge — 

William Arnot, N. B. R. supt. 
Margaret M'Farlane, tobacconist 
Joseph Hall, butcher 
Fraser & Morton, builders (office) 
John Mitchell, butcher 
Mrs John Clunie 
John K. Taylor, tobacconist 
William F. Eggo, game-dealer 
1 Mrs John Harris 
... William Bayne, engine-driver 
.. Peter Henderson, clerk 
.. A. B. Rutherford, grocer 
3 Andrew Dunn, coachbuilder 
Craigview— Jas. Moffat, rail, agent 
Hamilton Bank — 
James Frame, coal merchant 
Mrs Daniel Ferguson, grocer 
Go wan Bank — Mrs Hugh Young 
West Craig — 

David Kinnear, contractor 
Avon Villa- 
William M'Naughton, farmer 
John Alexander, M.A., teacher 
Alexander Morrison, clerk 
James Watson, clothier 
20 James Russell, engine-driver 
19 Alex. Harris, railway porter 
18 David Goodfellow, guard 
w Crichton L. Johnstone, reliefman 
[6 Francis C. Henderson, clertt 
15 Peter Sharp, rail, goods checker 
14 Helen MTntosh 
13 James Dick, engine-fitter 
12 Mrs Grant 

11 George Airth, railway guard 
10 John Angus, dairyman 
9 William Kelloch, signalman 

Friar street here 
Ann Farquhar, dressmaker 
Mrs Alex. Bruce, dressmaker 
Daniel Stewart, railway clerk 
James Miller, railway clerk 
Alexander Henderson, clerk 
David M 'Donald, upholsterer 
Joseph Reid, dyer 
Alexander Cruickshank, guard 
John Lawson, grocer 

4 Angus Munro, passenger guard 

2 Mrs James Sutherland 

Peter M'Naughton, cattle salesmn 

Mrs George Hamilton 

A. P. Suttie, grocer 

Ann Dewar 

Andrew Wilkie, plumber 

Carr's Croft. 

48 James Duncan, carpenter 
46 Mrs James Bisset 
44 Henry Croy, labourer 
42 John Myles, baker 
40 David Petrie, mason 
38 James Barclay, carter 
36 John Thomson, fireman 
32 James Honeyman, mason 
30 John Murray, mason 


Burnside— Thos. Reid, house factor 

Mrs James Sutherland 
Craigiehaugh — 

Andrew Thomson, dairyman 
Craigie Mill— John Panton, maltster 

Laurence Storrar, maltster 

Maggie Matthew 

Robert Petrie, parcel porter 

Mrs Elizabeth Lennox 

William Stewart, laundryman 



Craigie Mill Cottage — 
James Wilson, joiner 

Craigie House of Refuge for Girls — 
Helen Kelman, matron 

Wellbank Cottage — 
James Coulter, dyer's finisher 

Old Toll House- 
David Stewart, storekeeper 

Craigie Wood Cottage — 
Gregor M'Gregor, timekeeper 

The Knowe — Geo. Valentine, cutler 

Craigie Place — 
William Harris, mechanic 
William Haig, dairykeeper 
Joseph Rome, blacksmith 
John Scott, gas worker 
William Simpson, platelayer 
Andrew Plain, boilermaker 
Stewart Rollo, coppersmith 
William Russell, traffic inspector 
Mrs John Plain 

Robert Paton, working jeweller 
George Graham, labourer 
David Fenton, fireman 
John Drury, shoemaker 
James Reekie, gasworker 
William Buist, maltman 
Alexander Davidson, plumber 
David Sutherland, joiner 

Northbank — J. A. Chisholm 
George Maitland, gardener 

Early Bank House — 
Alexander Walker, h.m.I.S. 

Craigie Bank — Jessie Wanliss 

Craigie (Upper). 

Craigie Nursery — James, David, & 
Robert Halley, nurserymen 

Craigie Park House — 
Robert C. Forbes, auctioneer 

Craigie Park Lodge — 
Henry W. Murdoch, tailor's cutter 
Charles L. Smith, railway guard 

Craigie Park Cottages — 
William M'Gillivray, gardener 

Ivy Bank — Adam Ross, engine-fitter 
Rev. Wm. Munsie 

Magdalen Bank — 
Mrs John Chalmers 
A. G. Chalmers, architect 
John M'Gregor, late postmaster 

Evelyn Terrace — 

1 James R. Murdoch, bookseller 

2 Mrs Robert Robertson 

3 Andw. J. Stephenson, rail, agent 

4 Mrs George Black 
... John Black, printer 

5 James Paton, com. traveller 

6 Wm. Elliot, commercial traveller 

7 Peter Taylor, tobacconist 

8 George Kean, pipemaker 
Craigie Crescent — 

1 Mrs Robert Menzies 

2 Thomas Watson 

3 Mrs William G. J. Hunter 

4 James Banks, locomotive insptr. 

5 Mrs John Allan 

... William Blyth, butcher 

6 John Dunn, bookbinder 

7 John Thomson, plumber 

8 William A. Grant, clerk 
Tayview Bank — Mrs Wm. Smail 

James Smail, ironmonger 
Joseph Smail, watchmaker 
Hugh Dick, commercial traveller 
Gilbert L. Doull, com. traveller 

Brunswick Terrace — 
4 Robert Bell, com. traveller 
3 David Nicoll, cattle dealer 
2 Rev. William Reynolds 
I John Denham 

... Charles Wood, brick manufactr. 

David Taylor, Rose Cottage 

Hugh Wood, engine-driver, Craigie 

John Young, blacksmith 

William Crowe, cattle dealer 

Andrew Hill, butcher 

Mrs Henry Brown 

Petsy Whytock 

Alexander Whytock, joiner 

James Brown, mason, Viewfield 

John Hall, engine-driver, Rockcliffi 

Alexander Robertson, engine-drive 

William Fleming, pointsman 

Robert Duncan, joiner 

James Nicholson, fireman 

John Ewart, salesman 

John Thomson, signalman 

Andrew Duff, mason 

James Duncan, ironturner 

Andrew Morris, fireman 



Mrs James M'Kay 
Jas. Duncan, builder, Rock Cottage 
James Thomson, guard, Hillmount 
John Rollo, gas manager, Inchview 
William Donaldson, guard, Inchview 
Edward Gray, joiner 
John Maxton, joiner 
Mrs Hugh M'Laggan 
Thos. Moncrieff, grocer, Sunnybank 
John Murray, clerk, Craigie Cottage 
Mrs John Rosr, Mount Lraigie 
Mrs A. P. C. Munro.Viewbank House 
David Soutar, com. trav. do. 
Ann E. Mackintosh, Kewstoke 
John Taylor, timekeeper, Kewstoke 
Craigie Bank House — 
David S. Young, joiner 
John M'Farlane, plumber 
David Irvine, pointsman 
Moredun Terrace — 

3 Wm. M. Fulton, assist, ironmngr 

4 Matthew S. Anderson, china mer 

5 Isabella Downie 

6 David H. Coull, R O. clerk 

7 James K. Leitch 

8 Mrs Howie 

9 Mrs Thomas Clark 

10 Thomas Dawson, clerk 

11 Andrew Penny, commis. agent 

12 James Kirkwood, com. traveller 
Moncreiffe Bank — 

Misses Scott 

Mrs Charlotte M. Anderson 
Moncreiffe Terrace — ■ 

Robert B. Smith, wine merchant 
Alexander Scott, wool merchant 
Rev. J. A. Grant Robinson, m.a. 
John Ritchie, commercial travlr. 
John Ritchie,, solicitor 
William Taylor, gamekeeper 
George Conochie, corn traveller 
George Grieve, hardware mercht. 
Mrs James Robertson 
John Brown, engine-driver 
James Crichton, draper 
John Black, P. O. clerk 
Hector A. Petrie, brassfounder 
Alexander Brown, engine-driver 

5 David Lumsden, railway porter 

4 Alexander Rankin, traveller 

3 Mrs James Patrick 

2 Robert Scott, carting agent 
I Francis D. Henderson, clerk 

Croft Bank. 

1 David Garden, parcel clerk 

2 James Wallace, engineer 

3 Thomas Clement, engine-driver 

4 John Hutchison, inkmaker 

5 Janet Duncan, dressmaker 

6 Mrs James Brand 

7 Mrs Wm. Halley, bootmaker 

8 Mrs John Kent 

Croft Park. 

Croft Villa— 

1 Wm. Summers, com. traveller 

2 Andrew Laing, grocer 
Croft House — 

Mrs Elizabeth Paterson 
William A. Paterson, c.E. 

C. H. Gordon 

Mrs David Malloch 

W r illiam Malloch, planemaker 

Samuel Leighton, stationmaster 

Friar Street. 

St. Jane's Place — 

1 Perth Co-operative Society 

2 John Airth, pointsman 

3 James Stephen, engine-driver 

4 Wm. Tough, railway yardsman 

5 Daniel Stewart, railway guard 

6 John M'Combie, railway guard 

7 William Wilkie, crane inspector 

8 Robert Scrimger, printer 

9 David Fraser, railway guard 

11 David Maule, engine-driver 

12 Alex. M'Laren, engine-fitter 

13 William Young, telegraph clerk 

14 George Paxton, engine-driver 

15 William Kerr, engine-driver 

10 Wm. Adams, railway policeman 

17 Peter M'Gregor, engine-driver 

18 James M'Laren, engine-driver 

19 James King, brakesman 

20 Mrs Gilbert Gordon, lodgings 

21 John Hutton, engine-driver 

22 James MTntosh, reliefman 

23 Helen M'Vean 

24 Alexander Allison, engine-driver 

25 Jesse Ross, guard 




26 James Watt, engine-driver 

27 John Cameron, dyer 

28 Thomas Burnett, railway clerk 
\Yolseley Place — 

James M'Pherson, signalman 
Thomas Smith, engine-driver 
Frederick C. Gorin, bandmaster 
Thomas Latto, carting agent 
Joseph Cameron, dyer 
James Smart, cashier 
George D. Jack, P.O. clerk 
John Jardine, cloth lapper 
Alexander Hutcheon, ironturner 
Mrs David Moncur 
Catherine Miller 
Alexander Webster 

Kilmartin Place— 
Gregor Calder, railway porter 
George Taylor, railway servant 
Thomas Calderwood, engine-fitter 
Mrs George Prophet 
Andrew Rumgay, draper 
James M. Milne, clerk 

Edina Villa — Mrs John Strang 
George M. Young, printer 
John M. Matheson, clerk 
Mrs Elizabeth Macfarlane 
Mrs John Strang 

Allanton Villa — John Davison, C.E. 
Mrs Ross 

David Y. Proudfoot, P.O. clerk 
James Dewar, piano turier 

Clematis Villa — 
Gavin Morton, builder 
Joseph Hall, butcher 

Craigielea Villa — 
William Barclay, teacher 
Samuel Emslie, corn traveller 

St. Catherine's Villa — 
Thomas Halley, auctioneer 
Robert J. Campbell, I.R. officer 

Well wood Villa- 
Andrew Young, dyer 
Thomas Hardie, draper 
John W. Moncur, C.E. 
David Clark, district agent, N.B. 

Java Villa— Mrs Andrew Miller 
George Muego, hairdresser 

Brunswick Cottages— 
E; F. Summerfield, P.O. lineman 
William Dick, commercial traveller 

Philip James, railway inspector 
Andrew Grainger, draper 

Glover treet 

1 A. B. Rutherford, grocer 
3 David Guild, storekeeper 
7 David Stewart, cellarman 
9 Mrs John Bruce, dressmaker 
11 John Davie, clerk 
13 Patrick M 'Gregor, railway guard 
15 Thomas Angus, fireman 
17 W T illiam Martin, carrier 
19 David Christie, surfaceman 
21 John Stalker, builder 
23 Peter Brown, grocer 
25 John MTntyre, clerk 
27 Thomas Cation, joiner 
29 John Lindsay, railway inspector 
31 John Cameron 
... Joan Webster, dyeworker 
33 George Simcock, platelayer 
35 John Downie, railway conductor 
37 Peter Henry, railway porter 
39 George Todd, railway clerk 
41 John Fraser, railway guard 
... David Duncan, engine-driver 
. . . Alexander Easson, railway guard 
... John Dickson, fireman 
43 Mrs Simpson Sampson 
... William Paton, weaver 
45 Thomas Todd, timekeeper 
47 James Henderson, head porter 
49 Wm. Davidson, carriage insptr. 
51 John Pritchard, teacher 
... George Taylor, storekeeper 
... Andrew Duncan, blacksmith 
53 Archibald Cook, railway guard 
55 James Stewart, gardener 
57 Angus Carr, dyer's framer 
59 John M'Laren, engine-driver 
... John Stewart, jobbing gardener 
61 John Soutar, engine-driver 
63 William Duff, pastry baker 
65 Andrew Duncan, blacksmith 
... Duncan Prentice, baker 
67 Mrs John Pitcaithly 
69 Robert Ferguson, compositor 
71 James Gray, fireman 
73 Richard Wilson, cashier 
75 Charles Keay, dyer 
yj Robert Stewart, coal merchant 



77 Williamina Glass 
... Charles Mearns, clerk 
79 Murdoch Cameron, railway guard 
81 John Cameron, telegraph insptr. 
83 William M'Alpin, railway guard 
... William Robertson, cashier 
... J. Galletly 

85 George Ewen, bootmaker 
. . . George Watson, printer 
... David M'Rae, signalman 
89 Peter Strachan, retired guard 
91 Mrs James Cooper, dairykeeper 
95 John Trail, engine-driver 
gj John Campbell, confectioner 
Isla Bank Cottage — 

Alexander Leuchars, engineer 

Mrs Thomas Paterson 

John Campbell, joiner 
Northern Central Mart — 

John Swan & Sons, salesmen 

William M'Caul, manager 
Needless— Mrs John Peat 
66 John Phillips, railway guard 
64 John Smith, railway inspector 
62 William Fisher, signalman 
60 John Simpson, waggon inspector 
58 William Bryson, dyer's finisher 
... Andrew Carscadden, rail, porter 
56 Wm. Rumgay, grocer's assistant 
54 John Blackadder, porter 
52 John Boyd, railway porter 
... David Boyd, railway guard 
50 Thomas Imrie, labourer 
... David Angus, pointsman 
... Alexander Stirton, porter 
. . . Mrs James Smith 
48 Soloman Stevens 
46 George Binnie, railway guard 
44 Henry Stewart, dyer 
... Wm. M'Gregor, ticket collector 
42 John Taylor, ironmonger's assist. 
... James Scott, guard 
... James M'Gregor, dyer 
40 John Dow, railway weigher 
38 Catherine Kelly 
... Andrew Batchelor, cloth insptr. 
36 John Stewart, engine-driver 
34 Andrew Mason, brakesman 
32 David Mitchell, parcel porter 
30 William Gillespie, engine-fitter 
28 William Scott, parcel clerk 

26 David Proudfoot, engine-driver 

24 George Robertson, rail, searcher 

... Stewart Strathdee, clerk 

22 John Whitton, railway clerk 

. . . Mrs James Winterbottom 

20 John Peebles, engine-driver 

... James Mitchell, porter 

18 Mrs Mary Gorrie 

... James Hutchison, plasterer 

16 Mrs William Hood 

... Wm. Webster, engine-driver 

14 James Rolk, blacksmith 
... John Wallace, clerk 

12 Mrs Robert Cameron 

10 James Moncrieff, inkmaker 

8 James Gall, joiner 

6 David Stewart, water inspector 

4 Wm. F. Eggo, fish & game dlr. 

2 George Paterson, engine-driver 
. . . John O. Edward, clerk 
... Ann Thomson 
... Mrs Wm. M'Farlane, lodgings 
... James Stewart, waggon inspector 

Kinnaird Bank. 

1 R. Winton, butcher 

2 William Sievwright 

3 John Deas, baker 

4 William Kennedy, cloth finisher 

5 J. B. Smith 

6 James Edgar, stationmaster 

7 Thomas Taylor, joiner 

8 George Young, joiner 

9 John Machray, teacher 

10 Alexander S. Hill, P.O. clerk 

Priory Place. 

1 Mrs John Ross 
3 Mrs Robert Kettles 
5 Catherine & Margaret Stewart 
... George Burns, ship captain 

13 David Bruce, plumber 

15 Mrs Thomas Butter 

17 William Matthew, boilermaker 
... Duncan Campbell 
... Elizabeth Stewart 
19 Wm. Young, commercial travelr. 
... John Robertson, engine-driver 
21 John Adams, engine-driver 
. . . Thomas Thomson, butcher 
23 James Dunbar 



25 James Gow 

27 John Thomson, clerk of works 
... Mrs Davidson 

29 Wm. Martin, tobacco spinner 

31 Mrs Adam Smellie 

33 John Rait, engine-driver 
35 John Young, baker 

37 Mrs John Martin 

39. Alexander Sime 

41 William Anderson, sculptor 

... Clementina E. Talbot, dressmkr. 

43 Duncan Cumming, inspector of 

45 Mrs James Louden 
47 Mrs Alexander Graham 
49 James Muir, clerk 
51 Mrs William Crichton 
53 Henry Westcott, West Coast 

railway agent 
55 John Sinclair, wood merchant 
... DavidS. Grubb, drawing-master 
57 William Falcon, dyer's finisher 
59 Peter M'Kinlay 
63 Christina M'Kinlay 
... Alex. M. Fletcher, rail, insptr. 
... Peter Taylor, cashier 
... Mrs John Sharp 
... Peter Dow, joiner 
65 John Lawson, grocer 

34 Thomas Forgan, joiner 

32 John Young, baker 

30 J. S. Irons 

28 Andrew J. Hodge, manager 

26 David Wood, bookseller 
24 Daniel Douglas, teacher 
22 Mrs John Carron 

20 Robert Butter 

18 Mrs Charles Conacher 

16 Mrs James Robertson 

... John M. Doig, feather dyer 

14 Andrew M'Ewan, clerk of works 

12 Mrs Robert Kerr 

... John Fulton, clerk 

10 Wm. M 'Arthur, rail, inspector 

8 Lizzie Barclay 

6 William Dawson, labourer 
... Robert Macdonald, schoolmaster 

4 Robert M'Leod, clerk 
... Mrs Charles Milln 
... David Nairn Milln, commission 

Queen Street. 

1 George Barkhill 

3 James M'Cash, grain merchant 

5 Sarah Harvey 
7 John Duff 

9 Mrs Joseph Wilkinson 
... Elder Wells 

11 Henry E. White 

13 Jas. Strachan, railway inspector 
... William M'Gillivray 

... John Frame, grocer 
... Mrs Alexander Bain 

15 Robert Dingwall, mason 
Friar street here 

17 Daniel Taylor, warder 

19 James M'Crow, booking clerk 
... Alexander Gorrie, postal clerk 
... D. C. Smith, emigration agent 
... George C. Roy, accountant 
21 Mrs A. M 'William 

23 John Littlejohn, ship captain 

25 "Hugh Leslie, stationer 

27 William M. Law, clerk 

29 Jeanie Mill 

31 Elizabeth Peddie 

33 John M 'Glashan, ship captain 

Wilson street here 

35 Isabella Duff, provision merchant 
-yj Murdoch M 'Donald 

39 Robert Proudfoot 

42 Rob. Carmichael, plant inspector 

40 James H. Marshall, tailor 

38 William Guild, engine-driver 
... James Nicholson, engine-driver 

36 Mrs James Brown 

34 Andrew Chalmers, engine-driver 
... George Pratt, joiner 

32 John Sparks, railway servant 

30 James Macaulay, engineer 

28 William Byars, tailor and clothier] 

26 Alexander Benvie, retired black 


24 Amelia Paton 

18 Mrs Peter M'Ewan 

16 Mrs William Shepherd 

14 Robert Pinkerton, law clerk 

12 Rev. William Main, m.a. 

6 Charles Palmer 

4 Roseanna & Janet M'Queen 
Burnbrae — Robert Ewing, draper 



Wilson Street. 

J. K. M. Hardie, hairdrsr., Femlea 
Alexander Strachan, joiner 
William Hamilton, conductor 

Charles J. Mechie, traveller 
Wm. A. Todd, ink manufacturer 
Alexander Fraser, builder 
John R. Miller, organ builder 
John Campbell, law agent 


Cherrybank School — 

John Henderson, schoolmaster 
Sunny Brae — 

Thomas Grieve, retired farmer 

John Ireland 
M'Vean's Buildings — 

John Sharp, pointsman 

James Henderson, shopman 

Elizabeth Shaw 

George Kidd, landscape gardener 

Thomas Heggie, labourer 

James Moir, mason 

George Combe, labourer 

John Pritchard, warehouseman 
Robert M 'Cowan, clerk 
Robert Brown, gardener 
Allanbank House — 

James M'Leish, plumber 
Bonnieview — 

John Gibson, inspector 

Alexander Beveridge, builder 
E. G. Wright, insurance agent 
Elizabeth Taylor 
John Anderson 
Mrs Thomas Meldrum 
Viewfield Cottage — 

Mrs William Whyte 

William Hodge, mason 
Salisbury Terrace — 

John Miller, com. traveller 

Patrick Matthew, com. traveller 

Robert Hunter, solicitor 

Pedro Irvine, builder 
Oakbank Cottage — 

Malcolm M'Gregor, hay merchant 
Oakbank Terrace — 

Mrs Colin Gillie 

James Low, railway guard 

James Weddell, dyer 

Peter Scotland, mason 

Alexander Taylor, manager 

Peter M'Corquodale, rail, porter 

John Borthwick, guard 

George T. Little, telegraph clerk 
Oakbank — Jane Ross 

John Lawrence, gardener (lodge) 
David Miller, publican 
Mrs George Scotland, grocer 
George Scotland, tenter 
James Mitchell, labourer 
James Whytock, joiner 
Mrs Helen Robertson 
John Comrie, road surfaceman 
George Newrie, blacksmith 
David Proudfoot, warper 
Mrs George Ferrier 
William M'Pherson, sawmiller 
Andrew Bain, labourer 
David Brown, railway guard 
John Paton, bricklayer 
John Young, labourer 
Robert Bremner, engine-driver 
Mrs Lillias Robertson 
John Menzies, blacksmith 
Robert Beveridge, coal salesman 
Cherrybank Co-operative Society 
Peter Kennedy, moulder 
James Millar, blacksmith 
William Spittal, labourer 
Thomas Young, carpenter 
Mrs Thomas M'Lea 
Helen Smith, washer 
David Reid, mason 
Andrew Speedie, mason 
John Barclay, stoker 
John Small, telegraph lineman 
Archibald Menzies 
George M'Gregor, carter 
Picketullum Cottages — 

Mrs David Pritchard 
Wm. M'Naughton, carpet weaver 
Peter Paterson, cabinetmaker 





Moir, James, 16 High street 
Moncrieff, Andrew, 270 High street 
Morison, J. & R., 4 Blackfriars st. 

Advertising Agents. 

Wood & Son, 50 High street 
Young & Sons, 66 Watergate 

iErated Water Manufacturers 

Allan, David T., 12 Homers' lane 
Campbell, John, 23 S. Methven st. 
Cuthhert, James, 6 Homers' lane 
Dandie & Co., 75 High street 
M'Kay, Hugh, Market street 
Reid & Donald, 29 George street 
Thomson, W. B. , 60 Canal street 
Wright, John, & Co., 14 North 
Methven street 


* Insurance Agents are marked thus. 
t Commission Agents ,, ,, 

*tAllan, Thos., 44 St. John street 
*Ballantine, Thomas, I Hospital st. 
^Barclay, James, 10 Keir street 
Barlas, Jas.,263 High st. (shipping) 
Black, C, 8 Victoria st. (agricultrl.) 
Boyle, Thos., 17 Leonard st. (mach.) 
*Brown, Robt., 7 N. Methven street 
*Carrick, A., 28 Balhousie street 
tChalmers, James, 58 Victoria street 
*Clark, Robert M., 47 High street 
Doe, John, 20 Caledonian rd. (impl. ) 
Donald & Co., 14 Victoria street 

(sheep dip) 
♦Donald, W. D., 31 Commercial st. 
*Earley, Erank, 1 St. Leonard's pi. 
*Edward, David, 1 Cutlog vennel 
♦Forbes, William D., Royal Bank 
*Forrester, Alexander, 70 George st. 
♦Glass, Andrew, 3 Scott street 
*Hope, Robt. M. , Spens crescent 
tKing, Andrew, 17 Princes street 

tLamb, George, 14 Muirhall terrace 

*Law, Charles, & Son, 70 Princes 

street (shipping) 
♦Logan, Charles, 10 King street 
Lowe, John, 12 Charles st. (general) 
*Martin, Wm., 18 S. Methven street 
Mellis, James, 85 Canal st. (sewing 

Mellis, James Y., 48 George street 
Menzies, James F., 11 St. John st. 

(sewing machines) 
*Miller, F. Norrie, 44 Tay street 

(insurance manager) 
♦Milln, David N., 22 County place 

♦Moncrieff, Andw., 270 High street 
*MTntosh, John, 9 George street 
tReid, Thomas, 270 High street 
tRobertson, Charles, St. Ann's lane 
^Rutherford, James, 18 James street 
tSmith, D. Crawford, 19 Queen st. 

*Spence, John, 35 Shields' place 
*Spence, Peter, 13 North Methven 

Stevenson, Edward, 33 Shield's pi., 

Dunkeld road (book) 
♦Stevenson, Wm., 23 Balhousie st. 
♦Thornton, David, 4 North port 
Wight, Alex., 47 Canal st. (book) 


Barker, David M., 9 S. Methven st. 
Campbell, Wm., 32 N. Methven St. 

Chalmers, A. G., 9 High street 
Heiton & Granger, F.R.I.B.A., 72 

George street 
M'Laren, Wm., 75 George street 
Robertson, Charles S., 68 St. John 

street (surveyor) 
Smart, David, 8 High' street 
Smart, James, 36 George street 
Young, J. & G., C.E., 42 Tay street 



Artists, Portrait Painters, and 

[Aimer, William, 87 High street 
Bourke, Thomas, 17 King street 
Cranston, James H., 3 Athole street 

Henderson, John, 10 James VI. pi. 
Ireland, J. E. & C, 14 S. Meth. st. 
Jackson, Magnus, 62 Princes street 
Proudfoot, Wm., 6 Charlotte street 
Renny, Wm. Nicoll, 30 George st. 
Stewart, Robert, 39 St. John street 

Auctioneers and Valuators. 

Brady, Terence, & Sons, 74 High st. 
Hay & Kyd, Victoria street 
Kilpatrick, John, 37 Meal vennel 
Love, Thomas, & Son, St. John's pi. 
Macdonald, Fraser, & Co., Cale- 
donian road 
Stewart & Gow, 49 S. Methven st. 
Swan, John, & Sons, 26 York place 


Adie, William, 2 Melville street 
Clark, D., 152 High street 
Co-operative Society, Scott street 
Couttie, Jas. , & Son, Lickley street 
Deuchars, James, 6 South street 
Duff, Robert, 101 South street 
Duncanson, Thos. , 13 George street 

and 14 County place 
Fenwick, A. , & Son, 27 St. John st. 
First Wheaten Bread Society, 49 

North Methven street 
Hewat, James, 10 Watergate (pie) 
Hopkirk, James, 248 High street 
Hopkirk, William, 51 Leonard st. 
Kennaway, Charles G., 49 South st. 

and 29 High street (pastry) 
Kerr, James, 133 High st. (pastry) 
Knox, Alexander, 5 Stormont street 
Mailer, Chas. , 27 Hospital st. (pie) 
Mitchell, Robert, 2 Main street 
MTntyre & Stewart, 32 High street j 
M'Kenzie, D. , 56 Princes street 
M'Laggan, Thomas, 320 High st. 
Paton, Wm., 1 North Methven street 
Perth Baking Co., Ltd., 44 North I 
Methven street ' 

Russell, John, I Melville street 
Shaw, Robert, 26 St. John street 
Soutar, James, 73 S. Methven street 
Stratton, Alexander, 138 High street 

Watson, J. C, 14 Kirkgate (pastry) 
Wight, James, 150 South st. (pastry) 
Wood, John, 13 High street 
Wotherspoon & Scott, 46 St. John 

Young, John, 32 Priory place 


Ballingall & Bedford, British Linen 

Company's Bank. 77 George st. ; 

branch, 42 Caledonian road 
Barclay, W. A. , actuary and cashier, 

Savings Bank, Tay street 
Butter, Albert, Union Bank of Scot- 
land (limited), 24 George street ; 

branch, Northern Central Mart 
Jameson & Forbes, Royal Bank of 

Scotland, 80 George st. ; branch, 

19 County place 
Kinloch, Robert, w.s., Clydesdale 

Bank (limited), 3 St. John street 
Martin, Andrew, Bank of Scotland 

(ltd.); branch, 35 S. Methven st. 
Paterson, James, Bank of Scotland, 

50 St. John street 
Robertson, R. & J., Town & County 

Bank (ltd.), South Methven street 
Soutar, Thomas, Commercial Bank 

of Scotland (ltd.), 26 South street 
Thomas & M'Leish, National Bank 

of Scotland (ltd.), 5 High street; 

Peter M'Gregor (assistant agent); 

branch, 36 South* Methven street 


Bisset, William, 65 High street 
Taylor, J. & H., 131 High street 


Campbell, Peter, 68 George street 
Westwood, A., & Son, 21 Princes 

Bird Dealers. 

Beattie, James, 117 South street 
Marnoch, William, 197 South street 



Birdstuffers, &c. 

Malloch, P. D., 209 High street 
M'Gregor, David, 37 South street 
M'Kinlay, John, 8 County place 


Finlayson, George, 24 Mill street 
Guthrie, Wm., 24 Commercial st. 
Hume, John, 534 South street 
Lowe, John, Brown street 
M'Gregor, Duncan, 12 Carpenter st. 
MTntyre, Lachlan, 129 High st. 
Newrie, George, Cherrybank 
Salmond, Jas. H., 2 Commercial st. 
Stewart, Daniel, 4 N. William st. 
Taylor, James, 27 & 31 Kinnoull st. 
Walsh, William, Homers' lane 
Wells, George, 33 Newrow 


Campbell, David, Shore 
Donnelly, Patrick, Commercial st. 
Dutch, Alexander, Shore 


Donnelly, Patrick, North Inch 
Dutch, Alexander, North Inch 
Malloch, Duncan, North Inch 


Jackson, James H., Horse Cross 
M'Gregor, Alex., 21 Bridge lane 
M'Gregor, John, & Co., 20 Mill st. 
Nicoll, James Y., 12^ Mill street 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Barlas, James, 263 High street 
Bruce, John, 46 George street 
Christie, John, 32 St. John street 
Hay, R. A. & J., 23 George street 
Hunter, William, 25 County place 
Jackson, James H., 20 High street 
Knox, William S., 150 High street 
Leslie, Duncan, 20 St. John street 
Lyons, Mrs William, 15 Leonard st. 
Murdoch, James R., 78 St. John st. 
Nicoll, James Y., 12^ High street 
Nicoll, J. & J., 41 S." Methven st. 
Robertson, David, 94 High street 

Robertson, Maggie, 4 West Bridge st. 
Scottish News Agency, 78 High st. 
Stevenson, John M., 196 South st. 
Stewart, Robert, 39 St. John street 
Tainsh, Edward, 35 High street _ 
Taylor, John K. , post office, Craigie 
Walker, Robert, 46 Mill street 
Wood, David, & Son, 52 High st. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Bannister, Thomas, 9 Athole place 
Buchan, Mrs John, 63 Newrow 
Calderwood, James, 63 High street 
Campbell, Henry, 96 Reform place 
Carmichael, Duncan, 6 County pi. 
Christie, John, 19 East Bridge st. 
Co-operative Society, 30 Scott st. 
Dick, R. & J., 66 High street 
Duncan, Alex., 67 S. Methven st. 
Dunn, John A., 64 High street 
Glover & Son, 46 S. Methven street 
Gray, John, & Co., 155 High street 
Greig & Co., 24 and 26 Watergate 
Halley, Mrs William, 6 Leonard st. 
Johnstone, James, 210 South street 
"Henderson, Wm. , Q^ N. Methven st. 
Keay, James, 22 S. Methven street 
Lamb, Robert, 8 Meal vennel 
Leslie, Jonathan, 7 Gowrie street 
Mackay, Andrew, 144 High street 
Malone, Peter, 10 N. Methven st. 
Mann, Isaac, 1 Barossa street 
Mechie, James, 6 Gowrie street 
Murdoch, B. & M., 5 Skinnergate 
M 'Donald, James, 2 West Bridge st. 
M 'Lagan & Garvie, 285 High street 
M 'Nicoll, James, 8 & 10 St. John st. 
Nicoll, David, 66 South street 
Nicoll, James, I Athole street 
Norwell, David, 39 High street 
Owler, Peter, & Co., 178 High st. 
Percy, Wm. M., & Co., 179 High st. 
Perthshire Boot Co., 46 South street 
Smith, James, 319 High street 
Spence, William, 16 Watergate 
Stewart, Peter P., 37 Skinnergate 
Wallace, William, 23 High street 
Wilkie, David, 235 and 329 High st. 
Williamson, J. , 223 High street 
Wilson, R. & A., no High street 



Wood, John, jun., 24 Hign street 
Young, Thomas, 162 South street 

Brassfounders— see Plumbers, &c. 

Brewers and Distillers. 

Dewar, John, & Son, Glasgow road 
1 and 11 r High street (distillers) 
Forbes, John, Bridgend (distiller) 
Muir & Martin, 119 & 121 Canal st. 
Panton, John, Craigie Mill (maltster) 
Perth Barm Co., Cutlog vennel 
Wright, J., & Co., 18 N. Methven st. 

Brokers and Dealers. 

Cassidy, James, 95 South street 
Doonan, Susan, 53 Meal vennel 
Graham, Mrs Charles, 181 South st. 
Heraughty, John, 21 Meal vennel 
Keegan, Mich., 169 to 173 South st. 
Kennedy, Mrs Rob., 57 & 58 Meal vl. 
Kilpatrick, John, 2>7 Meal vennel 
Knight, A., I, 32, 42, & 44 Meal vl. 
Le Quest, Mrs Alfred, 45 Meal vl. 
Murphy, Ann Jane, 47 South street 
Murphy, David, 7 Meal vennel 
Murphy, Mrs David, 25 Meal vennel 
M'Mahon, Michael, 48 Meal vennel 
M 'Queen, Peter, 2 Mill street 
Queen, John, 36 Meal vennel 
Roy, Mrs John, 137 South street 


Baker, Joseph B., 13 Skinnergate 
Bisset, William, 65 High street 
Smith, Bernard, 73 South street 
Taylor, J. & H., 131 High street 


Beveridge, Alexander, 15 Newrow 
Brand, Robert, & Son, 58 South 

William street 
Brown & Duncan, 12 Kinnoull st. 
Cameron, David, 46 Victoria street 
Douglas, John, St. Catherine's road 
Irvine, Pedro, Salisbury terrace, 

Fraser & Morton, 38 South William 

street and Priory place 
Johnstone, William, 40 Scott street 

Moir, James, 342 High street 
Moir, John, 7 Balhousie street 
Morrison, William, 1 1 Gowrie street 
Pearson, David, & Co., Alexandra 

Ross, Alexander, Alexandra street 
Stalker, John, St. Andrew street 
Young, David S., Upper Craigie 


Anderson, James, 234 High street 
Blyth, Andrew, & Son, 234 South st. 
Cameron, George, 7 Main street 
Co-operative Society, 311 High 

street and 32 Scott street 
Crawford, Mrs John, 104 High st. 
Davidson, Charles, 2 Scott street 
I )on, William, 298 High street 
Ewan, James, 10 Gowrie street 
Ewan, William, 113 South street 
Fenton, Alexander, 15 Kirkside 
Forbes, James, 15 N. Methven st. 
Garvie, Robert, 16 S. Methven st. 
Gruber, Charles, 91 High st. (pork) 
Hedderwick, A., 61 S. Methven st. 
Hill, Andrew, 47 N. Methven street 
Matthewson, D. S., 12 St. John st. 
Miller, Robert, 21 Leonard street 
Mitchell, John, St. Leonard's Bridge 
Muir, James. T07 South street 
M'Gregor, Duncan, 71 George st. 
M'Kendrick, William, 43 St. John 

street and 15 South street 
Paton, Mrs James, 43 Princes street 
Prentice, James, 36^ Athole street 
Prentice, William, 339 High street 
Roy, Thos., & Co.~ 47 S. Methven 

Ruthven, David, 62 South street 
Taylor, Thomas, 197 High street 
Waddell, James, 264 High st. (pork) 
Winton, Robert, 11 Leonard street 

Cabinetmakers, "Wrights, 
and Joiners. 

Ballantine, James, 47 Canal street 
Burns, John, 33 Kinnoull street and 

7 Athole place 
Cameron, J., A., & D., Gowrie st. 
Clarks, 192 High street 



Crombie, N., 20 \ Barrack street 
Dow & M'Farlane, Market street 
Dow, William, 232 High street 
Drummond, David, 12 Gowrie st. 
Duncan, Robert, Upper Craigie 
Forgan, Thomas, 31 Scott street 
Gall, James, 8 Glover street 
Grant, Charles, 55 N. Methven st. 
Hay, James, & Son, 5 York place 
Johnstone & Morris, St. Catherine's 

road (cart) 
Johnstone, Peter, 19 Cow vennel 
Langlands Bros., Thistle lane 
Love, Thomas, & Sons, St. John's 

Mailer, John, 49 Meal vennel 
Morrison, David, 355 High street 
Munro, John, 63 South street 
M'Ainsh, Alex., 3 Brown st. (cart) 
M'Coll, Finlay, 15 North port 
M' Donald, James, Low street 
M 'Donald, Jas., 186 & 189 South st. 
MTntosh, J., & Co., 70 George st. 
M'Kendrick, And., 47 Meal vennel 
M'Quibban, William, 67 Main street 
Pullar & Falconer, 54 Victoria street 
Rae, Andrew, 2 Stormont street 
Rutherford, William, 8 Main street 
Stewart, Alexander, Alexandra st. 
Stewart, Daniel, 4 N. William st. 

Stewart & M'Farlane, 23 Mill street 
Strang & M 'Lagan, 18 Mill street 
Strachan, David, 9 King street 
Watson & Crichton, 211 High street 
Whyte, Laurence, 68 Watergate 
Wighton, Thos. S., 17 Bridge lane 


Brown, James, N.B. Mineral Depot, 

Glasgow road 
Moffat, A. & W., 272 High street 
Pitt & Scott, 263 High st. (foreign) 
Sutton & Co., 78 St. Tohn street 
W T ordie & Co., 10 Mill street 

Carters and. Contractors. 

Davidson, Allan, 61 Kinnoull caus. 
Methven, Walter, 11 Market street 
M'Farlane, A. & A., Caledonian rd. 

Scobbie, Daniel, 5 Lickley street 
Taylor, R. & D,, St. Catherine's rd. 
Watson, David, 41 Main street 
Watson, John, 6 Strathmore street 

CAKTWRIGHTS- see Cabinetmakers. &c. 
Chemists and Druggists. 

Blair, Rose P., 44 S. Methven st. 
Dandie & Co., 75 High street 
Farquhar, James, 76 St. John st. 
Glass, Alex., 39 S. Methven street 
Harley, Thomas, 21 High street 
I Reid & Donald, 29 George street 
Strang, Peter, 166 High street 

Chimney Sweepers. 

I Dobbie, Richard, 11 Bridge lane 
' M'Dougall, Mrs Jas., 288 High st. 
M'Dougall, P. & W., 282 High st. 
M'Lauchlan, Daniel, 58 Watergate 
Speirs, James, 201 South street 
Speirs, Wm., 7 St. Paul's square 

China, Crystal, and Stoneware 

Anderson, James, 54 St. John street 

j Anderson, Matthew S. , 29 St. John 


Easson, James, 187 South street 

Keegan, Michael, 171 South street I 

! M 'Donald, James H., 26 Meal vnlJ 

M'Gillivray, Mrs David, 28 Prince <j 

M'Lauchlan, Mrs George, 33 Mea| 
I Ramsay, Alex., 138 South street 

Church Officers 

Allan, James, 3 Scott st. (Wesleyanj 
Archbold, George, 10 Shields' placfl 

(St. Ninian's Episcopal) 
Baird, David, 19 St. John street' 

(St. Paul's) 
Brown, William, 28 James stre^j 

(Free St. Stephen's) 
Campbell, John, 21 St. John's place, 

Christie, James, 8 Paul street (East 




Cowan, Ho'sack, 10 Carpenter street 

(St. John's Episcopal) 
Findlay, James, 51 Scott street (St. 

Fraser, John, 34 Watergate (Free 

Halley, Joseph, 3 Water vennel 

(Knox's Free) 
Hay, John, 14 Paul's close (York 
' Place U.P.) 
Hepburn, Laurence, 231 High street 
; (North U.P.) 

Knight, John, North Tay street at 
1 Church (Free Middle) 
M'Intyre, John, 98 South st. (West) 
M'Kenzie, Robert, 13 Charteris st. 
! (St. Leonard's) 
Murray, Jas., Bruce pi., Castlegable 

Norwell, James, George Inn lane 


Paterson, David, 198 High street 
(Wilson U.P.) 

Rodgie, Alexander, 336 High street 
(Original Seceder) 

Smith, John, 3 Gowrie st. (Kinnoull) 

Sword, David, 8 Orrock place, Jean- 
field (Baptist) 

Wilson, Jas., 7 Balhousie st. (E.U.) 

Civil Engineers and Land 

Barr, Thomas M., Barnhill 
Campbell, Wm. , 32 N. Methven st* 
Davidson, John, Friar street 
Hay & Kyd, Victoria street 
Vlacdonald, Fraser, & Co., Cale- 
donian road 
M'Killop, Robert, 3^ High street 
Paterson, William, Croft House 
Ritchie, James, 18 Charlotte street 
Young, J. & G., 42 Tay street 



Anderson, John, D.D., Kinnoull 

Carmichael, W. G. H., b.a., Bon-Accord, Glasgow road 

Fleming, Archibald, B.A., Hamilton House, Glasgow rd. 

Milne, Robert, m.a., D.D., Viewlands, Glasgow road 

Main, William, M.A. , 12 Queen street 

Macnaughton, J. S., Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend 

Manuel, D. G., M.A., B.D. , Balhousie terrace 

Kinnoull Parish, 


St. Paul's, 


Middle, ... 

St. Leonard's, 

St. Andrew's, 

St. Leonard's 
West, ... 
Middle, ... 
Knox's, ... 
St. Stephen's 
St. Paul's, 


Bannerman, D. D., d.d. , 1 King's place 
Clark, P. A. Gordon, Kinnoull 
Kennedy, D. W., 3 Athole crescent 
Rainnie, John, M.A., Balhousie Cottage 
Ewing, William, M.A. , 35 York place 
Symon, John, 27 Barossa place 


South (Wilson), Addie, John, m.a., Comely Bank 

East, Crawford, Thomas, B.D., Montreal House 

North, Lyon, Robert, 8 Rose terrace 

York Place, . . . Sutherland, Archibald, M. A. , Roseisle, Glasgow road 

3 o8 


St. Ninian's 

St. John's, 
St. Andrew's 

St. Mary's, 
St. John's 


Rorison, V. L. (Dean), The Deanery 
Farquhar, G. F. S. 

Barossa place 
m.a (Canon), 20 Balhousie street 

y Hall, H. Armstrong, B. D. , Tayhill, Bridgend 


The Very Rev. George Stibbing, St. Mary's, Kinnoull 
/ The Very Rev. J as. A. Smith, b. D. (Bishop), 16 Melville st 
\ Turner, John (Dean), 16 Melville street 


Baptist, ... ... Robinson, J. A. Grant, Achnafairn, Moncrieffe ler. 

Evangelical Union, Finlay, Robert, 13 Pitcullen crescent, New Scone roai 

Wesley an Methodist, Reynolds, William, 2 Brunswick terrace, Craigie 

Congregational, ... (Vacant) 

Original Seceders, Morton, Robert, 23 James street 

Church of Christ, Mr John M'Cartney, 45 Mill street (Evangelist) 

Glasite, ... ... (Various) 


Buchan, Mrs |ohn, 63 Newrow 
Wilkie, David, 235 & 329 High st. 

Clothiers— see Tailors and Clothiers. 

Coach and Cab Proprietors. 

Brown, Colin, 8 North William st. 
Macqueen, Jas. , 30 & t>7 Princes st. 
Marshall, R. & J. , 58 George street 

and 20 Princes street 
Masterson, John, 28 Mill street 
Robertson, Wm., 12 N. William st. 
Yaccamini, Robert, 72 South street 


Christie, Henry, 7 Market street 
Keiller, J. Thomson, Caledonian rd. 
Reid, Peter, 48 Princes street 
Sinclair & Ash. 47 Victoria street 
Thomson, Wm., & Co., 46 Canal st. 

Coal Agents and Dealers. 

Alloa Coal Co., N.B. mineral depot; 

office, 16 George street, Andrew 

Hunter, agent 
Ballantine, Peter, 350 High street 

Bauchop, William, 26 Whitefriar: 

Cameron, James, 58 Watergate 
Campbell, A., & Son, Eli bank stree 
Co-operative Coal Society, N.B, 

mineral depot, & 283 High street 
Cowdenbeath Coal Co. (Ltd.), N.B 

mineral depot, Glasgow road 
Duncan, Thos., St. Leonard's bank 

Frame, James, Glasgow road depot 
Gardiner, James, 4 George street 
Gorrie, John, Princes street 
Hennachan, Thomas, 4^ Mill street! 
Law, Charles, & Son, 70 Princes 

Milln, David N., 22 County place J 
Muir, Son, & Patton, Glasgow roadj 

depot, David Ferrier, agent 
M' Donald, Colin, 67 South street I 
Peebles, Peter, Elibank street 
Reid, Robert, & Sons, Feus road I 
Ross, Daniel, 10 Cutlog vennel 
Skinner, John, & Son, N.B. mineral 

depot ; office, 9 S. Methven street 
Soutar, George, 220 South street \ 
Stewart, Robt., N.B. mineral depot 

Glasgow road 




Adie, William, 2 Melville street 
Allan, James H, 54 George street 
Anderson, Mrs John, 15 Paul street 
park, Alexander, 51 Princes street 
Gouttie, James, & Sons, Lickley st. 

Crawford, Mrs David, 22 Hospital st. 
Crombie, Margaret, 47 Leonard st. 
Cura, Girolomi, 21 Kirkgate 
(£ura, Marie, 80 South street 
ick, C. S., 45 George street 
onald, Catherine, 85 High street 
)uff, James. 5 Athole street 
uff, Robert, 101 South street 
enwick, A., & Son, 27 St. John st. 
erguson, James, 213 South street 
luild, Mrs Wm. , J^ Leonard street 
Harley, Mrs Wm. H., 3 County pi. 
Henderson, J. & M., 205 High st. 
Hope, Bella, 21 County place 
Johnstone, James, 260 High street 
Kennaway, Charles G., 49 South st. 

and 29 High street 
Kerr, James, 133 High street 
King, James, 124 High street 
Leitham, E. A., 62 George street 
Mailer, Charles, 27 Hospital street 
M ulholland, Wm., 261 High street 
Munn, Mrs James, 14 Market street 
Murray, Alexander, 79 Leonard st. 
M 'Donald, Mrs Walter, 99 and 237 

High street 
M'Gregor, Margaret, 217 Highst. 
MTnroy, Miss, 17 County place 
MTntosh, William, 7 Skinnergate 
M'Kenzie, Daniel, 56 Princes street 
M'Lean, P., 69 South Methven st. 
Shaw, Robert, 26 St. John street 
Shedden, James, 65 N. Methven st. 
Smith, Mrs James, 319 High street 
Stratton, Alexander, 138 High street 
Turnbull, Mary Ann, 1 1 N. Methven 

Watson, Mrs David, 114 South st. 
Wilson, George, 4 St. John street 
Wilson, Mrs Robert, 38 St. John st. 
Yaccamini, R., 72 South street 
Young, Ann, 327 Pligh street 
Young, Jas. , 23 King st. (wholesale) 

Cooks and Restaurateurs. 

Buchan, David, 204 High street 
Gordon, William, Waverley Hotel, 

31 York place 
Harley, Mrs W. H., 3 County place 
Hewat, James, 10 Watergate 
Laidlaw, Mrs Wm., 18 Leonard st. 
Lamond. J., & Co., 18 Hospital st. 
Mailer, Charles, 27 Hospital street 
Moore, Mrs, 236 South street and 4 

Meal vennel 
Munro, Helen, 6 Market street 
M'Conochie, John, 25 Mill street 
M 'Donald, Mary Ann, 262 High st. 
M'Lean, Ann, 3 St. John's place 
M'Neill, Peter, 188 South street 
M'Niven, Mrs D., 68 South street 
Paton, William, 1 N. Methven street 
Perth Coffee House, 19 S. Methven 

Stewart, Jessie, 1 Shield's place 
Stewart, Robert, 25 Princes street 
Watson, James C., 14 Kirkgate 
Wilson, Mrs Robt., 38 St. John st. 


Halliburton, Wm., 46 Meal vennel 
Justice, Thomas, 13 St. Ann's lane 
Muckersie, Jane, 5 Princes street 
Thomson, Alexander, z\ Mill street 
Thomson, Alex., jun., 151 Mill st. 
Wynd, Thos., & Son, 87 High st. 

Copper and Tinsmiths. 

Barlass, D. & J., 48 High street 
Gorrie, David, & Son, 25 South 

Methven street 
Irvine, David, I York place 
Irvine, lames, 124 South street 
Nairn, Peter, 33 Hospital street 
Robertson, John, 53 North Methven 

Saunders, John, 144 South street 
Wylie, George, 7 George street 


Barker, George, 21 Newrow 
Callaghan, James W., 164 South st. 
Valentine, George, 7 7 High street 



Cycle Dealers. 

Anderson, Charles, 219 High street 
Boyle, Thomas, 17 Leonard street 
Christie, Henry, Market street 
Mackenzie & Co., 219 South street 

Menzies, James F., 11 St. John st. 
M'Farlane, James, 272 High street 
Nicholson, R. G., 7 S. Methven st. 
Robertson, John, 53 N. Methven st. 
Smith, Robert, 23 Princes street 


Adams, Annie, 108 South street 
Andrews, Robert, 6 North port 
Angus, John, 10 Abbot street 
Armour, Mrs Geo., I Strathmore st. 
Bennet, Mrs Adam, Friarton 
Cadzow, John, 19 Skinnergate 
Campbell, Rebecca, 36 Skinnergate 
Chaplin, Mrs, 17 Kinnoull causeway 
Clark, Lizzie, I S. Methven street 
Cooper, Mrs James, 93 Glover street 
Co-operative Dairy, 69 Canal street 
Craigon, John, Shore 
Crerar, Thomas, 48 South street 
Dempster, Alexander, 16 Mill street 
Don, David, II Barossa street 
Fenwick, David, 10 Scott street 
Ferguson, Margaret, 63 Leonard st. 
Flynn, Susan, 9 Meal vennel 
Forbes, Isabella, I Kirkside 
Glen, Mrs William, 4^ Mill street 
Gray, Annie, 29 Hospital street 
Gray, Mrs George, 21 Athole street 
Haig, William, Craigiehaugh 
Harrier, James, 15 County place 
Hinshelwood, J as., 50 N. Methven st. 
Hutchison, C, 58 Castlegable 
Imrie, Robina, 12 Kirkgate 
Jack, William, 8 Cutlog vennel 
Keay, Helen, 135 South street 
Keay, Mrs, 26 Pomarium street 
Kilgour, Robert, 17 Barossa street 
Knox, John, 17 Main street 
Mann, Mich., 40 Pomarium street 
Menzies, K., 5 N. Methven street 
Miller, Mrs Peter, 168 High street 
Miller, William, 5 Union street 
Moore, Margaret, 31 Castlegable 

M 'Andrew, Mrs D., 161 South st. 
M 'Donald, James, 280 High street 
M'Farlane, Mrs Jas., Edinburgh rd. 
M'Gregor, Mrs John, 7 Hospital st. 
MTntosh, John, 4 Victoria street 
M'Kenzie, George, 12 Market street 
M'Laggan, Alex., 16 Barossa streel 
Pullar, C.j 13 Bridge lane and if 

Rintoull, Jessie, 15 Castlegable 
Robertson, George, I Murray street! 
Robertson, Mrs Dan., 12 St. Paul'I 

Robertson, William, 6 Barrack st. 
Robertson, Wm., 14 N. Methven sti 
Stewart, Mrs Aitken, 45 Leonard st. 
Stewart, Peter, 43 Castlegable 
Taylor, Alexander, g\ South street 
Thomson, Andrew, Craigie place 
Watson, David, 41 Main street 
Watson, James, 16 Caledonian road 
Watson, John, 6 Strathmore street 
Watson, Wm., 2 St. Catherine's rd 
Watters, George, 299 High street 
Webster, Matthew, 1 1 Strathmore st 


Crichton, John U., & Son, 7 Char 

lotte street 
Kelt, Andrew P., 28 St. John stree 
Stewart, J. & J., 19 Princes street 
Stobie, Joseph, 14 St. John street 

Drapers and Silk Mercers. 

Alexander, George, 236 High street; 
Birrell, A. & J., 118 High street 
Brydson, William, 117 Fligh street 
Christison, James A., 135 High st. 
Co-operative Society, jy Canal st. 
Crerar, John, 172 High street 
Crichton, James, 42 S. Methven stJ 
Cruickshanks, Jas. G., St. John's pl.j 
Dewar & Honey, I St. John street 
Duncan, John, 159 High street 
Dunsmore & Son, 56 High street , 
Ewing, Robt. , & Co., 24 St. John st. 
Fenwick, M. A., 341 High street 
Grainger, Andrew, 189 High street 
Green, Alex., 57 S. Methven street 
Greig & Co. , 24 Watergate 



Hardie, Thomas, 233 High street 
Hay, Robert, & Son, 27 George st. 
Isaac, James, 55 S. Methven street 
Johnman, A. D., 180 High street 
Johnman, William, 300 High street 
Laing, Andrew, 53 Mill street 
Low & Peebles, 18 St. John street 
Macowan, Andrew, 7 County place 
Morton & Mitchells, 23 St. John st. 
M 'Cowan, Alexander, 251 High st. 
M'Ewen, Jas., & Co., 56 St. John st. 
MTntyre, Alexander, 53 High st. 
M'Kenzie, John, 34 George street 
Robb, Mrs Peter, Caledonian road 
Seaton, Duncan, 71 High street 
Sime, John B., 225 High street 
Smith, J. & D., 13 Charlotte street 
Taylor, R. D. , 45 High street 
Templeton, James, 15 George street 
Wilson, Walter, & Co., 24 County pi. 
Young & Campbell, 38 S. Meth. st. 
Young, D. C. , 10 County place 

Dressmakers and Milliners. 

Allan, C. E. & M., 1 1 S. Methven st. 
Allan, Mrs Alex., 28 High street 
Baird, Jane & Jessie, 113 High st. 
Baird, Mrs Geo., 16 Hammerman's 

buildings, Kinnoull causeway 
Ballantine & Christie, 67 George st. 
Balmain, Margaret, 15 Main street 
Barclay, Helen D., 2 Barossa street 
Bayne, A. & L., 10 Charlotte street 
Beveridge, Margaret, 2 Nelson st. 
Blair, Ann, 266 High street 
Brae, Mrs John, 18 Main street 
Brand, J., 6 Croft bank, Craigie 
Bruce, Mrs John, 9 Glover street 
Buik, Mrs Edward, 34 St. John st. 
Calderwood, J., 147 High street 
Cameron, Mrs Jessie, 238 High st. 
Campbell, Jane, 1 1 Canal street 
Campsie, Ann, 19 Speygate 
Carr, Jemima, 218 High street 
Carrick, M., C, & J.,' 127 High st. 
Christison, Mrs John, 132 High st. 
Collins, Mrs Isabella, 245 High st. 
Co-operative Society, 20 Scott street 
Craig, Eliza, 254 High street 
Craigie, Jane, 163 High street 

Dow, Maggie, 60 George street 
Dow, Margaret, 4 Stormont street 
Duncan, Janet, Croft bank 
Easson, Nellie, ^ N. Methven st. 
Farquhar, Ann, 8 Abbot street 
Ferguson, Mrs Eliza, 81 High street 
Ford, J. & M., 29 Main street 
Gall, Jane, 6 James VI. place 
Hodge, Margaret, 211 High street 
Imrie, Mrs Jane, 231 High street 
Kennedy, M. & M., 73 High street 
Kidd, C. & J., 3 North Methven st. 
Macowan, Andrew, 7 County place 
Mainland, Lydia, 9 Charlotte street 
Menzies, Jessie, 13 Leonard street 
Miller, Jane, 66 South Methven st. 
Miller, Mary, 143 High street 
Mitchell, Isabella, 1 Hospital street 
Morrison, Jane, 40 N. Methven st. 
Morton & Mitchells, 23 St. John st. 
Murison, Margaret, 61 George st. 
M'Ainsh, Catherine, 246 High st. 
M'Andrew, Mrs James, 132 High st. 
M'Ara, Annie, 22 St. John street 
j M 'Cowan, Mrs, 1 S. St. John's pi. 
M'Kay, Mary A., 9 Main street 
M'Lean, Duncan, 43 George street 
M'Leod, Margaret, 22 St. John st. 
Nicol, Helen, Granville place 
Nicol, Mary H., 9 St. John street 
Norwell, Ellen, 254 High street 
Peterkin, Grace, 80 High street 
Petrie, E. M., 68 Tay street 
Pullar, Mrs F. , 60 Scott street 
Robertson, C, 19 Mill street 
Ross, Mrs Walter, 10 High street 
Russell, Mrs Helen, 41 St John st. 
Scott, Jane, 208 High street 
Sime, John B., 225 High street 
Smith, Isabella C. , Granville place 
Spence, Mrs Peter, 13 N. Meth. st. 
Stewart, Bella, 15 James street 
Stewart, Charlotte, 148 High street 
Stewart, Mrs Peter, 102 High street 
Swan, Jessie, 53 Main street 
Swanston, Mrs Wm. , Jj South st. 
Talbot, Clementina C, 41 Priory pi. 
Templeton, James, 15 George street 
Thomas, Jessie, 190 High street 
Thomson & Deuchars, 58 S. Meth. 

3 I2 


Tolleth, Helen & Elizabeth, 48 South 

Methven street 
Watson, Janet, 29 James street 
Watson, Mrs Thomas, 163 High st. 
W r ells, Catherine, 25 Leonard street 
Wilkie, Mrs James, 62 High street 
Williamson, Mrs, 48 George street 
Young, Mary, 14 St. John street 

Dyers and Renovators. 

Campbell & Co. , Ltd. , Friarton 
Campbell, P. & P., 23 County place 
Pullar, J., & Sons, Kinnoull street 
Taylor & Co., 39 Mill st. (feather) 


Forshaw, Emma, 252 High street 
Gorrie, Mrs, 153 High street 
Shand, Mrs Geo., 55 High street 

Emigration and Shipping 

Barlas, James, 263 High street 
King, Andrew, 17 Princes street 
Law, Chas. , & Son, 70 Princes st. 
Reid, Thomas, 270 High street 
Smith, D. Crawford, 19 Queen st. 

Engineers, Ironfounders, and 

Parker, Geo., Market st. & Newrow 
Chrystal, George, Foundry lane 
Gorrie, David, & Son, 25 South 

Methven street 
Macfarlane & Co., Paul street 
Robertson, William, 40 Canal street 
Stewart, John, 13 King street 


Anderson, Andrew, 24 'Canal street 
Crawford, A. Hay, 33 George street 
Hay, R. A. & J., 33 George street 
M'Gregor, David, 40 George street 

i#^ *. • 


Graham, Mrs Peter, 75 Watergate 
Lowe, John, Brown street 
M 'Arthur, Alex. S., 23 Princes st. 
Peddie, James, 4! Mill street 

Pish Merchants. 

Cochrane, Mrs Chas., 154 High st 
Dick, David, 14 Meal vennel 
Dow, Joseph, 40 South street 
Eggo, W. F. , 12 Hospital street 
Gray, Alexander, 275 High street 
Gray, Andrew, 123 South street 
Flett, Alexander, 1 County place 
Hill, William, 220 High street 
Kelly, Francis, 39 Skinnergate 
Laing, Geoige, 23 Main street 
Leutfoot, James, 8 Athole street 
Lowe, James, 10 Castlegable 
Mailer, William, 32 S. Methven st. 
M' Donald, Jessie, 1 St. Paul's sq. 
M'Kenzie, Mrs Alex., 174 High st. 
Robertson, Mrs Thos. , 21 South st. 
Sharp, Mrs John, 41 N. Methven st. 
Speedie, Alex., 17 St. John street 
Stewart, Agnes, 57 Princes street 
Stewart, Alexander, 23 Guard vennel 
Stewart, James, 12 Mill street 
Stewart, John, 12 Mill street 
Stewart, Robert, 12 Mill street 
Stobie, Mrs George, 27 Kirkgate 
Welsh, John, 140 South street 

Pishing-Tackle Makers. 

Crockart , David, & Co. , 44 G eorge st. 
Lees, Robert, 63 George street 
Malloch, P. D., 213 High street 
M'Gregor, David, 37 South street 
M'Kinlay, John, 8 County place 
M 'Lagan, Peter, 50 S. Methven st. 

Fleshbrs— see Butchers. 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 

Andersons, 130 Canal street and 27 

County place (wholesale) 
Brown, James, 16 St. John street 
Brown, William, 69 High street 
Bisset, James, 61 North Methven st. 
Bruce, Mrs John, 53 Princes street 
Crawford, Mrs David, 22 Hospital st. 
Duff, James, 5 Athole street 
Duigans, Mrs Jas., 1 East Bridge st. 
Ferrier, Wm., & Son, 322 High st. 
Gannon, John, 20 Meal vennel 
Gorrie, John, jun., 54 Princes street 



liarley, Wm., & Sons, 1 George st. 
Henderson, Mrs William, 9J North 

Methven street 
Henderson, Robert, 268 High street 
Keay, Mrs Wm. , 26 Longcauseway 
Kennedy, Alex. , 9 County place 
Lamont, Mrs John, 3 Pomarium st. 
Moir, Mrs William, 25 Main street 
M'Glashan, Jane, ic Kirkside 
Russell, C. & M., 184 High street 
Shaw, Mrs Elizabeth, 335 High st. 
Skinner, Mary, 67 N. Methven st. 
Smith, Robert, 9 Princes street 
Stobie, Mrs George, 27 Kirkgate 
Waddell, Mrs James, 292 High st. 
Webb, Eliza, 1 Gowrie street 
Webb, Mrs E. M., 1 Mill street 
Wilson, Alexander, 139 Pligh street 

Funeral Undertakers. 

Clark, R., 192 High street 
Crombie, Nickel, 20^ Barrack street 
Dow & MacFarlane, Granville pi., 

Market street 
Dow, William, 232 High street 
Drummond, David, 12 Gowrie street 
Grant, Charles, 55 N. Methven st. 
Hay, James, & Son, 61 Newrow 
Marshall, R. & J., 52 South street 
Morrison, David, 357 High street 
M'Kendrick, Andw., 47 Meal vnl. 
Rutherford, William, 8 Main street 
Stewart, Alexander, Alexandra st. 
Strang & M' Lagan, 18 Mill street 
Whyte, Laurence, 68 Watergate 

Furnishing Merchants. 

Clark, Misses, 188 High street 
Fenwick, Mary Ann, 337 High st. 
Gorrie, Mrs, 153 High street 
Kilpatrick, Mrs John, 12 Leonard st. 
M'Mahon, Sarah, 52 Meal vennel 
Robb, Mrs, Caledonian road 
Sim, Mrs Margaret, 6 Bridge lane 
Weir, Mrs Jas., 63 N. Methven st. 

Furriers & Feather Dressers. 

Ash, Mrs Peter, 55 High street 
Miller, Jane, 66 South Methven st. 
Shanklie, Mrs Wm., 4 George street 
Taylor & Co., 39 Mill street 

Gamedealers and Poulterers. 

Eggo, W. F., 12 Hospital street 
Ford, Thomas, 9 St. Paul's square 
Gorrie, John, jun., 54 Princes street 
Hall, George, 16 Bridge lane 
Henderson, Robert, 268 High street 
Hill, William, 222 High street 
Leutfoot, James, 8 Athole street 
Mailer, William, 32 S. Methven st. 
M 'Donald, Jessie, 1 St. Paul's sq. 
M'Vean, John, 72 S. Methven st. 
Robertson, Mrs Thos., 21 South st. 
Sharp, Mrs John, 41 N. Methven st. 
Speedie, Alex., 17 St. John street 
Stobie, Mrs George, 27 Kirkgate 
Wallace, George, 326 High street 
Webb, Eliza, 1 Gowrie street 
Webb, Mrs Edward M., 1 Mill st. 
White, Alice E., 64 S. Methven st. 

Gardeners (Landscape). 

Duthie, James, Smithfield, Barnhill 
Farquharson, W. M., Cathedral and 

Comely Bank Nurseries 
Halley, James and Robert, Early 

bank, Craigie 
Mitchell, John, 12 Paul's close 
Paterson, David, 38 Barossa street 
Stewart, James, 55 Glover street 
Symons, James, 2 Back wynd 

Gardeners (Market). 

Anderson, R. W., Orchard bank, 

Brown, William, Hatton farm 
Cameron, Jas., East Cottage, Barnhill 
Cowieson, Wm., Strawberry bank, 

Duff, Thomas, Pitheavlis 
Dunn, Andrew, Tayview, Barnhill 
Ferrier, William, Hawthorn Cottage, 

Hart, James, Woodlands, Barnhill 
Herd, Laurence, Barnhill Cottage 
Houston, John, Cozie Den, Barnhill 
Hutcheson, John, Hillend, Barnhill 
Jackson, Charles, Upper Springland 
Murray, John, Craigbank, Barnhill 
M'Killop, Mrs, Barnhill 



Pittendreich, William, Greenknowe, 

Robertson, D., Broompark, Muir- 

hall road, Bridgend 
Tait, Robert, Tankfield, Barnhill 

Gasfitters— see Plumbers, &c. 

Glass Manufacturers. 

Moncrieff, John, St. Catherine's rd. 
Todd, John, & Co., Charteris street 
Tomey, E., & Sons, Shore 


Alexander, Charles, ioo High street 
Douglas, G. R., & Son, 62 Princes 

M'Conochie, Edward, 209 South st. 
M 'Vicar, W., & Son, 177 High st. 
Stalker & Boyd, 27 South street 
Stalker, D. M'Gregor, 7 Princes st. 

Grain Merchants. 

Cunningham Brothers, 1 Kirkgate 
Cunningham, John G. , 109 Canal st. 
Galloway, D. & J., 9 St. John street 

and 60 Princes street 
Halley, R. & D., Bath buildings, 

North Methven street 
Hutchison, Robt., & Co., Charles st. 
Kinmond, William, 191 South st. 
Martin, James, 9 Kirkgate 
M'Cash, John, & Son, 28 High st. 
M 'Donald, Jas., 52 S. Methven st. 
M 'Donald, John, 39 South street 
Sharp, William, Charles street 
Simpson, John, 9 Kirkgate 
Smith, J. & J., 36 Caledonian road 

Grocers and Provision 

Those marked thus t are Wholesale. 

Allan, Mrs, 194 South street 
Anderson, Mrs Daniel, 19 Athole st. 
Anderson, Mrs Margaret, 1 Milne st. 
Ballantine, Jas., 13 S. Methven st. 
Barns, Mrs Thomas, 256 Pligh st. 
Barret, Mrs Walter, 59 Meal vennel 
Bayne, Mrs James, 3 Leonard street 
Buchanan, Mrs C, 87 South street 

Campbell, David, 7J Watergate 
tCampbells, M'Lagan, & Co., 107 

High street 
tChalmers, James, 48 Victoria st. 
Cochrane, Andrew, 14 Gowrie st. 
Co-operative Society, Cherrybank 
Co-operative Society Branches — -36 
Scott St., 73 N. Methven st., 28 
County pi., 3 South St., 313 High 
St., 11 Main St., Friar St., and 
Perth road (Scone) 
Coupar, Mary, 27 King street 
Crow, Mrs John, 23 Kinnoull street 
Dalton, Thomas, 84 South street 
Douglas, xMary, 3 Market street 
Douglas, Mrs Jas., 21 Commercial st. 
Duff, Isabella, 224 South street 
Fenwick, Peter, 317 High street 
Fisher, James, 186 High street 
Gellatly, Mrs George W., 83 South 

Gillespie, John, 146 South street 
Glen, Mrs James, 3 Castlegable 
Gow, Mary, 102 South stteet 
Gow, Robert, 91 Main street 
Graham, A., 31 South street 
Holachan, John, 13 Meal vennel 
+Honey, James, 122 High street 
Kavanagh, Patrick, 35 Skinnergate 
Keay, Mrs. Wm., 26 Longcauseway 
Kennedy, Mrs Robert, 16 Kirkgate 
King, James, 124 High street 
Lawson, John, 65 Priory place 
tLeitham & Davidson, 2CO High st. 
Lipton, Thomas I., 112 High street 
Low, Wm., & Co., 16 County place 
Malcolm, Mrs Alex. , 64 Athole st. \ 
Melloy, Mrs John, 43 Meal vennel 
Menzies, K, 5 North Methven st. 
Milne, Peter, 59 Strathmore street 
Moir, Mrs William, 25 Main street 
Moncrieff, Thomas, 8 Leonard st. 
Munro, James, 131 South street 
Munro, William, 13 North port 
M'Ewan, Mrs, 13 Gowrie street 
M'Gillivray, Mrs D., 28 Princes st. 
M'Gregor, Elizabeth, 323 High st. 
M'Laren, Mrs John, 31 Mill street 
M 'Master, Catherine, 8^ High st. 
M'Neil, Mrs Peter, 278 "High street 
M'Pherson, Mrs John, 189 High st. 



Oliver, Mrs W. G., 15 Watergate 
Rae, Mrs Alex., 43 Commercial st. 
Robb, Peter, 354 High street 
Robertson, Margaret, 250 High st. 
Readdie, Jane, 41 Castlegable 
Rutherford, A. II, 1 Glover street 
Scotland, Mrs George, Cherrybank 
Scott, Marjory, 58 Main street 
Scrimgeour, David, 162 High street 
Shaw, Mrs Elizabeth, 335 High st. 
Smith, Mrs Wm. , 60 Pomarium st. 
I Smith, Peter, 203 South street 
, Stewart, Jessie. Shields' place 

Stewart, Mrs A., 12 Athole street 
j[ Stewart, W. G., 193 High street 

Stirton, Mrs Alex., 210 High street 
I Strachan, George, 76 Canal street 
[ Taylor, Mrs Richard, 48 Athole st. 
Thomson, Mrs Alex., 2 Barrack st. 
Waddel, Mrs James, 292 High st. 
Watters, George, 299 High street 
Welsh, Mrs., 39 Meal vennel 
tWilson, John, 44 Mill street 

Grocers and "Wine and Spirit 

Campbell, Mrs James, 1 Main street 
Campbell, Wm., 28 N. Methven st. 
Chalmers, Mrs J. , 2 Leonard place 
Clyne, Alexander D., 28 South st. 
Cuthbert, James, 120 South street 
Dingwall, x\lex., 36 St. John street 
Ferguson, Mrs, 91 South street 
Forrest, Thos., 26 Caledonian road 
Fraser, John, 40 High street 
Gloag, William B., 24 Athole street 
Gowans, J. & D., 19 High street 
Henderson, David, 65 George street 
Howat, G. & W., 36 High street 
Laing, Andrew, 72 St. John street 
Lynch, Mrs Matthew, 54 Meal vnl. 
Moir, Mrs James, 1 Leonard street 
Morgan, John, 5 Main street 
M'Callum, J. W. T., 12-14 Main st. 
M'Diarmid, John, 4 County place 
M'Ewan, Thos., 44 Longcauseway 
M'Kenzie, Daniel, 157 South street 
Paton, John, 240 High street 
Robertson, Robt., & Co., 21 George 

Robertson, Robert H. , 22 High st. 
Stewart, James, 196 High street 
Stuart, Charles C, & Son, 43 South 

Methven street 
Suttie, Alexander, 43 High street 
Tainsh, James, 90 High street 
Thomson, Alexander, & Sons, 271 

High street 
Wright, J., & Son, 2 S. Methven st. 

Gunmakers and Gunsmiths. 

Crockart, David, & Co., 44 George 

Lees, Robert, 63 George street 
M' Lagan, Peter, 50 S. Methven st. 

Hairdressers and Perfumers. 

Hardie, J. K. M., 39 George street 
Lang, M. , 52 George street 
Lang, Robert, 14 High street 
Liebow, Hugh, 30 South street 
Malloch, John, 143 Canal street 
Miller, John, 3 South Methven st. 
Muego, George, 71 S. Methven st. 
Mullen, Thomas J., 152 South st. 
Murray, John, 333 High street 
Reid, Henry, 7 Bridge lane 
Ross, William, 215 High street 
Stewart, Alexander, 2 County place 
Thornton, John, 10 Meal vennel 
Wilson, John B., 10 Kirkgate 
Wright, Robert, 274 High street 

Ham Ourer. 

Chalmers, James, 58 Victoria street 


Darling, A., & Co., 35 George street 
Donaldson, Gilbert, 241-243 Highst. 
Miller, Alexander, 201 High street 
Miller, John, 61 High street 
Taylor, Daniel, 93 High street 
Wotherspoon, Jas., 44 High street 
and 25 St. John street 

Hay and Straw Merchants. 

Gorrie, John, 63 Princes street 
Halley, R.. & D., Bath Buildings, 

Methven street 



Kinmond, William, 191 South street 
Macgregor, Malcolm, Perth North 
Robertson, Wm,, 6 & 8 Barrack st. 


Aitken, Joseph W., 17 Earl's dykes 
Dunbar, Francis, 55 Princes street 
Dunbar, George, 33 Princes street 
Stewart, John, 30 Canal street 
Wilkie, David, Caledonian road 
Horseshoers— see Farriers 


Allan, Robert, 33 High street 
Brown, A. W., 30 St. John street 
Brown, Andrew, 3 George street 
Calderwood, A., 226 High street 
Crichton, A., 37 St. John street 
Henderson, William, 209 High st. 
Miller, Alexander, 201 High street 
Miller, John, 61 High street 
Miller, J., 66 South Methven street 
M 'Mahon, Sarah, 52 Meal vennel 
MTntyre, Alexander, 53 High street 
Templeton, Jas., 15 George street 
"W other spoon. James, 44 High st. 
and 25 St. John street 


Baker, Walter, Caledonian road 

Cargill, William, 24 South street 

Donald, Mrs George, 30 George st. 

Forbes, J. & M., St. John's place 

(St. John's) 
Gordon, William, 31 York place 

(Waverley Temperance) 
Grindly, Robert, Leonard street 

Laidlaw, Mrs W., 18 Leonard st. 

Lawrence, Robt. , 60 High st. (Albion) 
Martin, A., Leonard street (Tem- 
Menzies, Robert, 51 George street 

(Royal George) 
M'Master, Charles, 31 St. John st. 
Pf (Temperance) 

M'Pherson, David M., 43 South st. 

Patterson, John, 26 County place 

(County Place Hotel) 
Ross, Alexander, Leonard street 

(Royal British.) 
Simpson, James, 5 N. William st.j 

(White Horse) 
Smith, Mrs James. Princes street! 

(Moncreiffe Arms) 
Tuke, Alfred (Station) 
Walker, John, 47 Princes street' 


House Factors. 

Ballantine, Thomas, I Hospital st. 
Forrester, Alex. , 70 George street 
Husband, David, 20 Market street 
Pirrie, James P., 59 N. Methven st. 
Reid, Thomas, 270 High street 

lee Cream Vendors. 

Azzali, Luigi, 19 Kirkgate and 55. 

South street 
Cardinal, Luigi, 3 Meal vennel 
Costadasi, Giovani, 81 Watergate 
Cura, Roberta, 7 Meal vennel 
Mussi, Lorenzo, 12 Bridge iane 

Ink Manufacturers. 

Moncrieff, J., St. Catherine's road 
Todd, John, & Co. , Charteris street 

Iron Merchants. 

Campbells, M 'Lagan, & Co., 107 

High street 
Leitham & Davidson, 200 High st. 
Peddie, W. & D., 27 S. Methven st.j 


Barlass, J. & D., 48 High street 
Co-operative Society, 26 Scott st. 
Finlayson, George, 24 Mill street 
Garvie & Syme, 42 and 79 High st. 
Irvine, David, I York place 
Irvine, James, 124 South street 
Miller, Alexander, 26 Gowrie street 
Robertson, John, 53 N. Methven st. 
Saunders, John, 144 South street 



Smail, J. & R., 34 S. Methven st. 
Taylor, James, 27 St 31 Kinnoull st. 
Wylie, George, 7 George street 
Young, Alexander B. , 98 High st. 

Jewellers, Silversmiths, and 

(See also Watchmakers & Jewellers). 
Baird, John, 47 George st. (working) 
Bayne, Geo., 113 High st. (working) 
Bell, John, 29 County place 
Brown, Arthur C, 27 High street 
Burnfield, David, 53 S. Methven st. 
Cairncross, A. & G., 6 St. John st. 
Crawford, Alex. H. , 33 George st. 
Farquharson, Donald, 82 High st. 
Grieve, George, 128 High street 
Macaulay, R. F. , 20 S. Methven st. 
Macgregor, David, 40 George street 
Munro, John, 14 Charlotte street 
MTntosh, Andw. W., 21 St. John st. 
Paterson, Thomas, 31 High street 
Paton, Neil, 7 St. John street 
Paton, R. , Craigie place, Craigie 

Smail, Joseph, 249 High street 
Smith, Robert, 242 High street 
Wilson, David, 47 Watergate (wkng) 

Joiners— see Cabinetmakers, &c. 
Land Surveyors— see Civil Engineers. 


Stewart, Charles, Maggie's park, 

Mill street 
Sturrock, Alexander, 23 Scott street 

Laundresses and Laundrymen. 

Anderson, Mrs Ann, 12 Victoria st. 
Anderson, Mrs Geo., 20 Barrack st. 
Baxter, Mrs Helen, 10 Kinnoull st. 
Bisset, Mrs Elizabeth, Barnhill 
Conway, Philip, 109 South street 
Crerar, Mrs Duncan, 54 Leonard st. 
Flynn, Mrs Margaret, 35 Mill street 
Geekie, Mrs Donald, 46 Main street 
Hamilton, Robert, Dunkeld road 
M'Dougall, Mrs Dun., 10 North port 
M'Owan, Mrs Duncan, 129 High st. 
Sharp, Mrs Peter, 32 Castlegable 

Stewart, William, Craigie 
Stirton, Mrs John, 46 Main street 
Tainsh, Mrs Alex., 25 Canal street 
W 7 inton & Co., St. Andrew street 
Young Brothers, 20 Speygate 

Leather Merchants, Curriers, 
and Tanners. 

Fraser, John, 26 Skinnergate 
Owler, Peter, & Co., 176 High st. 
Spalding, R., & Son, 2 Murray st. 
Wilson, George, 203 High street 

Lithographic Printers. 

Anderson, iVndrew, 24 Canal street 
Leslie, Duncan, 20 St. John street 

Lodging-House Keepers. 

Anderson, Mrs Flora, 78 Victoria st. 
Belfrage, Mrs, 18 Charlotte street 
Bisset, Mrs Jane, 86 High street 
Brown, Mrs Robert, 24 Canal street 
Cameron, Mrs, 27 Caledonian build- 
ings, Earl's dykes 
Campbell, Helen, 10 St. Ann's lane 
Chalmers, Ann, 17 Hospital street 
Chalmers, Margaret, Stewart's place, 

Caledonian road 
Cook, Mrs Wm., 10 St. Ann's lane 
Cowperthwaite, Mrs J., 86 Victoria 

Cussick, Mrs John, 199 South street 
Derrick, Michael, 16 Meal vennel 
Dewar, Mrs Ann, 68 High street 
Doonan, Misses, 37 King street 
Douglas, Mrs William, 14 Rose ter. 
Findlay, Mrs Chas. , 30 Melville st. 
Gellatly, Mrs, 20 County place 
Gordon, Mrs G., 20 St. Jane's place 
Graham, Mrs Daniel, 17 Hospital st. 
Grant, Agnes, 2 Barossa place 
Haggarty, Mrs, 136 South street 
Halley, Mrs David, 16 Athole street 
Henderson, Miss, 68 High street 
Henderson, Mrs Alex., Balhousie 

terrace, Hay street 
Japp, Mrs Thomas, 42 Skinnergate 
Kavanagh, Patrick, 40 Skinnergate 
Kemp, Mary, 30 Barrack street 
Kennedy, Mrs Robt., 2 St. Andrew st. 



Kerr, Mrs, Barnhill 

Laidlaw, Mrs Richard, 23 North 

Methven street 
Laing, Isabella, 71 S. Methven st. 
Laing, Mrs Peter, 6 Victoria street 
Livingstone, Mrs John, Alexandra st. 
Logie, Mrs John, 1 Scott street 
Luke, Mary, 47 High street 
Mailer, Charles, 25 Hospital street 
Marr, Mrs Geo., 12 N. Methven st. 
Matthie, Mrs A., 113 High street 
Menzies, Mrs James, 71 High street 
Menzies, Mrs Sarah, 45 S. Methven 

Model Lodging-house, i6Skinnergate 
Morton, Mrs William, 34 Athole st. 
Munro,Mrs Emily, 15 S. Methven st. 
Munro, Mrs Janet, 40 S. Methven st. 
Murphy, Mrs James, 60 High street 
Murray, Mrs Alexander, 69 North 

Methven street 
M'Donald, Margt., 61 Meal vennel 
M'Farlane, Mrs, 2 Glover street 
M'Glashan, Mrs, 191 High street 
M'Leod, Mrs Cath.', 36 George st. 
M'Mahon, Agnes,' 57 South street 
M 'Vicar, Mrs Alex., 223 South st. 
Nolan, Anthony, 69 South street 
Ogilvie, Mrs Andrew, 27 James st. 
O'Neil, Mrs. 103 South street 
O'Neil, Mrs Peter, 15 Guard vennel 
Paton, Mrs James, 231 High street 
Queen, John, 34 Meal vennel 
Reilly, Mrs John, 129 South street 
Ross, Eliza, 59 North Methven st. 
Scotland, Jane, 10 King's place 
Scott, Janet, Stewart's place, Cale- 
donian road 
Scott, Margaret F., 60 Athole street 
Smith, John, 10S Pligh street 
Smith, John, 6 Oliphant's vennel 
Watt, Mrs James, 34 Athole street 
Welsh, Mrs*. 10 Tay street 
Wilson, Mrs William, 24 Barrack st. 
Young, Jane, 69 North Methven st. 
Young, Janet, 28 Caledonian road 


Baxter, Mrs Helen, 10 Kinnoull st. 
Clark, Eliza, 31 Watergate 

Hay, Mrs Alex., 214 South street 
Lowe, Mrs, 35 Pomarium street 
Murray, Mrs Alex., 64 Longcauseway 
M'Bayne, Mrs James, 4 Bridge lane 
M'Kay, Mrs John, 246 High street 
M'Lean, Mrs John, 55 High street 
M'Niven, Jessie, 238 High street 
M'Vean, Mrs J., 13. Strathmore st. 
Paxton, Mrs, 9 Leonard street 
Reekie, Mrs B., 23 St. Catherine's rd.i 
Tainsh, Mrs Alex., 25 Canal street 


Bell & Keay, 87 Leonard street 
Coates Brothers & Co. , Balhousie 
Garvie & Deas. 65 S. Methven st. 
Shields, J., & Co., Wallace Works 

Manure Merchants. 

Black, George, 16 Victoria street 
Campbells, M 'Lagan, & Co., 107 

High street 
Cunningham, J. & J., 19 James st. 
Cunningham, John G. , 109 Canal 

Ferguson, William S. , Friarton ; 

office, 13 Kirkgate 
Galloway, D. & J. , 60 Princes street 
1 angdale Chemical Manure Co., 

Lowe, John, 12 Charlotte street 
M'Gregor, Malcolm, North Station. 

High street 
Simpson, John, 9 Kirkgate 

Masons— see Builders. 

Medical Practitioners. 

Buist, Andrew, M.D., f.r.c.s.e., 5 

Athole crescent 
Callender, Milton R., surgeon, 2 

Charlotte place 
Campbell, Archibald J. A., M.B., 24 

Barossa place 
Carruthers, D. A., m-.b., cm., 13 

Rose terrace 
Christie, Robert, 77 Victoria street 
Ferguson, James, M.B. and CM., 

5 Charlotte street 
Fleming, David, 3 Charlotte street 



Graham, John T., M.D., M.R.C.S., 

4 Athole crescent 
Henderson, .Eneas, M.B., CM., 12 

York place 

E"unt, Leigh, M.B. and CM., 1 
Graham'? place 
ennedy, Duncan Sinclair, M.B., 
cm., 13 York place 
orrison, J. H., M.D., F.R.C.S., 
L.R.O.P.E., 17 Marshall place 
M'Naughton, John, M.D. , South- 
view, Edinburgh road 
I'aton, Edward L., M.B., cm., 15 
[ Athole street 
Simpson, Alexander, M.D., M.A., 

4 King's place 
Stirling, David H., M.D., 4 Athole 


Stirling, Robert, M.D., 4 Athole pi. 

Trotter, Robert de Bruce, M.D., 

l.r.cp.e., l.f.p.s.g., Tayview, 

Tay street 

Urquhart, A. R., M.D., Murray's 

Royal Asylum, Murray House 
White, Francis I., M.D., 2 Athole 

White, Francis Buchanan, F.L.S., 
m.d., Annat Lodge 

Midwives and. Sick-nurses. 

Campbell, Mrs Alex., 67 Kinnoull 

Conlin, Mrs John, 219 High street 
Coulter, Mrs J. , 76 Athole street 
)ouglas, Mrs W, 13 Scott street 
Iruramond, Mrs Jas., 52 Pomarium 

Duff, Mrs Laura, George Inn lane 
Edwards, Mrs, 83 Watergate 
jellatly, Mrs David, 85 Pomarium 

Hunter, Mrs Helen, 246 High street 
Irons, Mrs, 61 George street 
Kethel, Mrs Robert, 314 High st. 
Killin, Mrs David, 151 High street 
Kirk, Mrs Alex., 59^ Leonard street 
Leslie, Mrs Wm., 73 Canal street 
Macaulay, Margaret, 39 Princes st. 
Marshall, Mrs Ann, 105 South st. 
Milne, Mary, 58 Longcauseway 

Morrison, Sarah, 26 Princes street 
Murray, Mrs Robert, 126 High st. 
M 'Donald, Catherine, 16 Paul street 
Ness, Mrs David, 42 Longcauseway 
Robertson, Mrs Alex., 145 High st. 
Robson, Mrs Thos., 5 James street 
Ross, Mrs M., 161 Plight street 
Scott, Helen, 35 Mill street 
Smith, Mrs, 20 Gowrie street 
Stewart, Mrs James, 34 Scott street 
Watt, Mrs John. 216 High street 

Milliners — see Dressmakers, &c. 

Millers and. Flour Merchants. 

(See also Grain Merchants.) 
Those marked * are Millers. 

Black, Mrs Samuel, 4 Mill street 
Christie, James, 165 South street 
Cochrane, Andw., 14 Gowrie street 
*Halley, R. & D., I N. Methven st. 
Kinmond, Wm., 191 South street 
Malcolm, Misses, 61 South street 
M'Cash & Son, Dovecotland 
*M 'Donald, James, 52 S. Methven 

M 'Donald, John, 39 South street 

Millwrights— See Engineers. 

Music and Musical Instrument 

Buchanan, |. H., 22 Leonard street 
Duff, William M., 62 S. Methven st. 
Miller, J. M., 67 Canal street 
Paterson, Sons, & Co., 10 Princes st. 

Musicians & Music Teachers. 

Bryson, James W., 4 Rose terrace 
Bryson, William, 12 Barossa street 
Buchanan, J. H., 22 Leonard street 
Christie, D. H., 4 Barossa place 
Graves, F. S., 5 Rose terrace 
Hempel, Mrs, 22 'Kinnoull street 
Hope, R. M., I Hospital street 
Large, George, 5 Balhousie street 
Midgley, Frederick, 25 James street 
Nicol, Edward, Bowerswell Cottage 
Nicol, Thos., Bowerswell Cottage 
Pirrie. J- Edward. 59 N. Methven st. 
Richardson, Stephen, 17 Athole st. 



Scott, Miss, 4 Albert place 
Steele, A. D., I Rose terrace 

Nurserymen and Florists. 

(See also Seed Merchants.) 

Brown, James, 16 St. John street 
Brown, William, 69 High street 
Dickson & Turnbull, 26 George st. 
Farquharson, William, Cathedral 

and Comely bank nurseries 
Galloway, D. & J., 60 Princes street 
Halley, James, David, & Robert, 

Earlybank, Craigie 
Harley, William, 3 George street 
Watt, William, 15 St. John street 


Brown, Arthur C, 27 High street 
Campbell, John, 41 George street 
Macaulay, R. F., 20 S. Methven st. 


Graves, F. S., 5 Rose terrace 
Hempel, Mrs, 22 Kinnoull street 
Midgley, Frederick, 25 James street 
Nicol, Edward, Bowerswell Cottage 
Pirrie, J. Edward, 59 N. Methven st. 
Richardson, Stephen, 17 Athole st. 

Painters and Paperhangers 

Banks, Alexander, 12 Scott street 
Biggart Brothers, 66 Princes street 
Campbell, Joseph B., 97 High st. 
Douglas, G. R. , & Son, 52 Princes 

Dow, Robert, & Son, 59 George st. 
Muirhead, Geo., & Sons, 18 Athole 

MTntyre, Donald, 73 George street 
M'Kay, Hugh, 10 Main street 
M 'Vicar, W., & Son, 177 High st. 
Nairn, James, 1 1 High street 
Paul, Hugh, 20 Leonard street 
Rodger & Barclay, 6 Scott street 
Smith, Wm. R., 22 Gowrie street 
Stalker & Boyd, 27 South street 
Stalker, Duncan M'Gregor, 7 Princes 

Young, Ebenezer, 316 High street 

Young, John, & Son, 2 N. Methven 

Young, John, 75 South street 

Paper Rulers. 

Jackson, James H., Horse Cross 
Macgregor, Alex., 21 Bridge lane 
M'Gregor, John, & Co., 20 Mill st. 


Aberdeen Loan r o., 34 Mill street 
Graham, Mrs Charles, 181 South st. 
Hera ugh ty, John, 28 Meal vennel 
Perth Loan Co., 80 High street 
Photographees— see Artists. 

Picture-Frame Makers. 

Dunn, David, 55 High street 
Murray, David, 22 South street 
Stewart, Robert, 39 St. John street 

and 70 Tay street 
Thompson, George, 42 Mill street 


Law, Charles, & Son, jc Princes st. 
Mackay, John, & Son, 22 Mill street 
Peebles, John, 32 York place 

Plumbers, Brassfounders, and 

(Brassfounders are marked thus*) 
Bruce, A. & D., 158 South street 

*Chrystal, George, St. John's Foun- 
dry, Foundry lane 
Davidson, Alexander, 7 Newrow 
Eraser, John, 30 & 52 Watergate 

*Frew, William, & Sons, 6 Mill st. 

*Gorrie, D. , & Son, 25 S. Methven st 
Irvine, James, 124 South street 
Miller, Alexander, 26 Gowrie st. 
Murray, J. & P., S. St. John's pi. 
M'Farlane, A. , & Co. , Perth Foun- \ 
dry, Paul street 

*M'Leish, James, 15 Mill street 
Robertson", Jno., 53 N. Methven st. 

*Somerville, David, 87 High street 
Thomson, John, 59 South street 

*Wright, Robert, 4 S. Methven st. 

*Wylie, George, 7 George street 


Potato Merchants. 

Andersons, 130 Canal crescent 
Brown, James, 16 St. John street 
Brown, William, 69 High street 
Gannon, John, 20 Meal vennel 
Gorrie, John, 63 Princes street 
Henderson, Robert, 268 High st. 
Tackson, Charles, Upper Springland 
Robertson, Wm. , 12 St. Paul's sq. 
Robertson, Wm. , 8 Barrack street 
Soutar, George, 220 South street 
Stobie, Mrs George, 27 Kirkgate 
Watters, George, 299 High street 
Watters, John, 374 High street 
Poulterers -see Game Dealers. 

Preserve Manufacturers. 

Bathgate, Jas., & Co., St. Andrew 

Lindsay, Alex., St. Catherine's road 


(See also Engravers and Lithographers). 
Cowan & Co. (Advertiser office), 

38 Tay street 
Hunter, Thomas ( Constitutional 

office), South St. John's place 
Jackson, James H., Horse Cross 
Leslie, Duncan, 20 St. John street 

and 32 to 38 Canal street 
Miller & Gall, 2 Canal street 
Taylor, Wm., & Co., 25 High street 
Wood, D., & Son, 33 Skinnergate 
Wright, Alexander {Courier office), 

155 South street 
Young, J., & Sons, 66 Watergate 

Rag and Waste Paper 

Keegan, Michael, 171 South street 
M 'Donald, Jas. H., 26 Meal vennel 
M'Lauchlan, Mrs George, 35 Meal 

M'Lauchlan & Co., 19 Mill street 
Ramsay, Alexander, 132 South st. 

Registrars of Births, &c. 

Bridges, James, I High street 
Thomson, Jas., Wellbank, Kinnoull 

Rope and Twine Makers. 

Banks, Jas., & Sons, 141 High st. 
Mitchell, H., & Son, 202 High st. 
M'Cormack, C, & Sons, 17 Kirkgate 

Saddlers and Sporran Makers. 

(Sporran makers marked thus *) 

Ballantine, jas., 50 George street 

*Cattanach, Wm., 24 Caledonian rd. 

Mason, W. & P., 221 South street 

*Stirton, Mrs John, 7 High street 

Tulloch, Wm, & Son, 15 and 16 

Princes street 

Sand and Gravel Merchants. 

Donnelly, Pat. , 46 Commercial st. 
Dutch, Alexander, shore 
Hutchison, Alexander, 198 High st. 

Sawmillers— see Timber Merchants. 

Seed Merchants. 

Barns, Mrs Thomas, 256 High st. 
Brown, William, 69 High street 
Campbells, M'Lagan, & Co., 107 

High street 
Chalmers, James, 58 Victoria street 
Dickson & Turnbull, 26 George st. 
Fraser, John, 40 High street 
Galloway, D. & J. , 60 Princes street 
Harley, Wm. , & Sons, 2 George st. 
Honey, James, 122 High street 
Kinmond, William, 191 South st. 
M'Cash, J., & Son, Dovecotland 
Simpson, John, 9 Kirkgate 
Smith, |. & J., 36 Caledonian road 
Watt, William. 15 St. John street 
Whittet, J. & T., 57 High street 

Servants' Register Offices. 

Cruickshank, James G., St. John's 

House, Kirkside 
M'Bain, Mrs James, 4 Bridge lane 
M' Cowan, Mrs, 1 South St. John's 

M'Gillivray, Mrs D., 28 Princes st. 
Preston, James, 59 High street 
Robb, Mrs, Caledonian road 
Stewart, Mrs J., 349 High street 



Sewing-Machine Agents. 

Boyle, Thomas B., 17 Leonard st. 
Menzies, James F., 11 St. John st. 
Singer Manufact. Co., 89 High st. 


Allan, Thomas, 44 St. John street 
Morison, Robert, 4 Blackfriars st. 
MTntosh, John, 9 George street 

Slaters and. Slate Merchants. 

Bell, Alex., & Son, 31 Canal street 
Bell, Joseph, 23 N. Methven street 
Buchan, James, 35 King street 
Dobbie, Richard, 1 1 Bridge lane 
M'Dougall, P. & W., 282 High st. 
M'Lauchlan, Daniel, 58 Watergate 
Ramsay, W. G., West Mill street 
Reid, Peter, Milne street 
Spiers, James, 201 South street 
Spiers, William, St. Paul's square 

Solicitors & Notaries Public. 

(Those marked * are Notaries Public). 
*Ballingall, A. H., 75 George street 
*Condie & Co., 75 George street 
Davidson, Wm. S., 22 St. John st. 
Dow, James C, 3 High street 
Grant, Lauchlan, 9 High street 
Jack, John, 56 George street 
Jackson, Edward, 37 S. Methven st. 
*Jameson & Mackay, County build- 
ings, South street 
Keay, David, 16 Keir street 
*Kippen, Robert M., 38 Tay street 
♦Kirk, James M., 22 St. John street 
♦Mackenzie & Dickson, 61 George 

*Martin, R., & Son, 38 Tay street 
M'Pherson, Thomas, 36 Tay street 
*Miller, J. & J., w.s., 10 Blackfriars 

*Miller, R. H., 69 George street 
''Mitchell & Campbell, 42 George st. 
Moncrieff, Robert H., & Co., w.s., 

8 Blackfriars street 
*M'Cash & Hunter, 28 High street 
Macdonald, J as. C, 37 S. Meth. st. \ 
M'Pherson, Thomas, 36 Tay street 
*Pinkerton & Sneddon, 25 George st 

Robertson, John A., 16 Tay street 
♦Robertson, R. & J., & Dempster, 
Town and County Bank buildings, 
South Methven street 
Scott, Daniel, 19 St. John street 
*Skeete, Chalmers, & King, 42 Tay 

Stewart, Alexander, 31 George st. 
Stewart, John, 68 St. John street 
♦Stewart, John A., 42 Tay street 
Thomas, John Hill, 3 High street 
♦Thomas & Macleish, County build- 
ings, South street 
Walker, J. W., 3 High street 
Young, William, 18 >outh street 
Young, W. Cochrane, 9 St. John st. 

Spirit Dealers- see Wine and Spirit 


Forbes, Jane, ^ St. John street 
Johnman, Andrew D., 180 High st. 
Miller, Mrs David, 7 Paul street 
Sim, Mrs, 6 Bridge lane 

Stonecarvers & Monumental 

Anderson, William, Caledonian rd„ 
Beveridge, David, 2 York place 
Christie, George, Caledonian road 
Thomson, James L., Princes street 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Alexander, George, 236 High street 
Anderson, D. C, 21 County place 
Brown, Andrew W., 30 St. John st. 
Bruce, George, 58 St. John street 
Brydson, William, 117 High street 
Byars, William, 88 High street 
Co-operative Society, Scott street 
Crerar, John, 172 High street ' 
Crichton, James, 42 S. Methven st. 
Cruickshank, Jas. S., 64 St. John st. 
Dewar & Honey, I St. John street 
Duncanson, James, 113 High street 
Ewing, Robt.,& Co., 24 St. John st. 
Frazer & Sons, 49 High street 
Greig, T., & Co., 24 Watergate 
Hepworth, J., & Sons, 32 George st. 



Heron, David, 53 George street 
Hunt, James, 38 George street 
Jamieson, John, & Co., 8 and 64 

George street 
Laing, Andrew, 53 Mill street 
Low & Peebles, 18 St. John street 
Marshall, James H., 29 Princes st. 
Moore, John M., 247 High street 
Morton & Mitchells, 23 St. John st. 
Moyes, Andrew, 8^ High street 
M 'Cowan, Alex., 251 High street 
M'Lean, Donald, 54 South street 
Ness, James, 9 South street 
Seaton, Duncan, 71 High street 
Small & Welsh, 8 Gowrie street 
Stewart, James, 7 N. William street 
Wallace, Robt. B., 67 S. Methven st. 
Watson, Jas., & Co., 13 St. John st. 
Young & Campbell, 38 S. Methven 

Young, D. G, 10 County place 

Tanners — see Leather Merchants, &c. 

Tea and Coffee Merchants. 

Farquharson, David, 15 High street 
India, China, & Ceylon Tea Co., 

24 South Methven street 
Lipton, Thomas I., 112 High street 
London & Newcastle Tea Co., 134 

High street 
Whittet, J. & T., 57 High street 


(See also page 37.) 

Anderson, Misses, 37 Main street 
Burton, Misses, Blackfriars House 
Crawford, Misses, Clunie Lodge, 

Isla road 
Shepherd, E. A., 24 Kinnoull street 
Steele, Misses, 2 Rose terrace 

Timber Merchants. 

Cameron Brothers, Shore 
Fleming & Barry, 72 Princes street 
Gardiner, James, & Son, 4 George st. 
Henderson & Shaw, 45 Victoria st. 
Reid, Robert, & Sons, Feus road 
Sinclair & Co., St. Catherine's road 

Tinsmiths— see Copper and Tinsmiths. 

Tobacco Pipe Manufacturers. 

Kean & Co., Alexandra street 
M'Lean, Samuel, St. Catherine's pi. 


(Those marked thus * are Manufacturers.) 

Allan, James, 26 High street 
*Beattie, John, 158 High street 
B.oothman, Samuel C, 55 George st. 
Burns, David, 125 High street 
Cameron, Jessie, 84 High street 
Dawson, Mary, 48 Leonard street 
Duff, William M., 60 S. Methven st. 
Forbes, Mrs James, 230 South street 
Fraser, James, 242 South street 
Garvie, Alex., 35 South street 
Harris, Mrs Ann, 68 S. Methven st. 
*IIenderson, John, 206 High street 
Lyons, Mrs William, 15 Leonard st. 
Malcolm, David, 118 South street 
M'Farlane, James, 272 High street 
M'Farlane, Margaret, St. Leonard's 

Patterson, Wm. , 20 George street 
Reid & Robertson, 127 South street 
Richardson, Thos. S., 23 South st. 
Robb, James, 37 High street 
Robertson, Robt. , 3 Bridge street 
Robertson, Wm., 19 Meal vennel 
Smith, Robert, 23 Princes street 
Sprunt, Thomas, 59 Princes street 
Stalker, William, 11 Princes street 
Stewart, Mrs, 349 High street 
Stewart, Wm., 42 St. John street 
Stevenson, John M., 196 South st. 
Taylor, John K. , 221 High street 
Taylor, Peter, 19 South street 
Taylor, Peter, 265 High street 
Waterston, Bella, 21 N. Methven st. 
Wilson, George, 4 St. John street 
Young, Mrs Thos., 43 N. Methven 


Toy and Fancy Goods 

Duncan, Thomas M., 6 George st. 
Grieve, George, 128 High street 
Harris, Mrs Ann, 68 S. Methven st. 
Hogarth, Alexander, 255 High st. 

3 2 4 


MTntosh, A. W., 21 St. John street 
Small, Alexander, 230 High street 
Smith, Robert, 242 High street 
Waterston, Bella, 21 N. Methven st. 

Turners (Wood). 

Fechney Institution, Glasgow road 
M 'Arthur, John, 120 High street 

Umbrella Makers. 

Black, John, 173 High street 
Dyer, M. & J., 56 George street 
Ellison, S. T. & E., 56 S. Methven 


(See also Cabinetmakers.) 

Burns, John, 7 Athole street and 33 

Kinnoull street 
Cameron, J., A., & D., Gowrie st. 
Clarks, 192 High street 
Crombie, Nickel, 20^ Barrack street 
Grant, Charles, 55 N. Methven st. 
Hay, James, 5 County place 
Love, Thos., & Sons, 12 St. John's 

M'Donald, James, 186 South street 
MTntosh & Co., 70 George street 

Venetian Blind Makers. 

Campbell, Peter, 68 George street 
Westwood & Son, 21 Princes street 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Carruthers, William, m.r.c.v.s., In- 
spector for Perth District for the 
County, 16 Hospital street 
Galloway, Peter, 48 George street 
Johnstone, Alex. , 22 St. John street 
M 'Arthur, Alex. S., 23 Princes st. 
Peddie, James, 28 Athole street 
Smail, David C. , 47 Victoria street 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

(See also Jewellers.) 

Bell, John, 29 County place 
Brown, Arthur C, 27 High street 
Burnfield, David, 53 S. Methven st. 

Cairncross, A. & (}., 6 St. John st. 
Crawford, A. H., 33 George street 
Dow, William, 14 George street 
Farquharson, Donald, 82 High st. 
Grieve. George, 128 High street 
Macaulay, R. F. , 20 S. Methven st. 
Vi Tntosh, Andw. W., 21 St. John st. 
Paterson, Thomas, 31 High street | 
Paton, Neil, 7 St. John street 
Robertson, Daniel, d\ Victoria st. 
Smail, Joseph, 249 High street 
Taylor, John, 77 Main street 
Young, Eliza, 228 High street 

Wine and Spirit Merchants. 

Brow, James, 105 High street (Fair 

Brown, John, 3 Commercial street 

(Cross Keys) 
Cunningham, Mrs James, 23 Castle- 
gable (Balmoral) 
Davidson, William, 14 Mill street 

Duff, D., 48 George st. (Albert) 
Duff, Mrs, 53 South st. (Fifeshire) 
Easdon, James, 26 S. Methven st. 

(Hal o' the Wynd) 
Forbes, Jane & Margaret, 6 St. 

John's place (St. John's) 
Forbes, William, 84 Watergate 

Graham, Mrs Robert, 121 South st. 
Grieve, J., 224 High st. (Glencoe) 
Harley, Mrs, 3 County place 
Hewat, James, 10 Watergate 
Jack, John, 33 North Methven st. 
Kay, Wm. W.. 3 St. John's place 
Lawrence, Robert, 60 High street 

Meikle, George, 24 Princes street 
Meldrum, D., 71 High street (Par- 
Menzies, Margaret, 9 St. John's pi. 
Menzies, Mrs John, 50 Main street 

Miller, David, Cherrybank 
Miller, Mrs James, 18 S. Methven 

street (County) 
Moir, John, 225 South street 
M 'Arthur, John D., 307 High street 



M 'Arthur, Mrs James, n Mill st. 
M 'Arthur, MrsWm. F.. 30 Leonard 

street (St. Leonard's) 
M 'Arthur, Peter, 18 Bridge lane 
M 'Cowan, Peter, 123 High street 

(Red Lion) 
M 'Donald, Allan, 7 South street 
M 'Intyre, John, 30 High street (Red 

Lion Bar) 
M'Kenzie, Mrs Mark, 36 Princes 

street (Star Bar) 
Nicoll, John C, Shore 
Nieoll, Wm., 8 Kirkside (City Hall) 
Paterson, A. & E., 145 Canal street 
Paterson, John, 26 County place 
Reid, Daniel, 171 High street 
Reid, James, 1 1 Kirkgate (Black 

Robertson, Richard C, 81 South st. 

(Tay Bar) 
Scott, Alexander, 30 S. Methven st. 
Sim, Mrs John, 33 Cross street 
Simpson, James, 5 N. William st. 

(White Horse) 
Smith, Thomas, 257 High street 

(Thistle Tavern) 
Stewart, Peter, 33 S. Methven street 

(Kinnoull Arms) 
Veitch, Geo., 69 Main street (Bridg- 
end Bar 
Watson, George, 25 High street 

(Old Ship) 

Wilson, Mrs John, 40 St. John st. & 
41 Watergate (Waverley) 

Wilson, Mrs Robert, 38 St. John st. 

Wotherspoon, Wm., 1 South street 

Young, r \ nomas, 10 Tay st. (Turf) 

Wine and Spirit Merchants. 

Bell, Arthur, 7 South St. John's pi. 
Bell, Rannie, & Co., 35 St. John st. 
Currie, J. & T., 165 High street 
Dewar, John, & Son, in High st. 
Gloag, William B., 24 Athole street 
Kay, Wm. W., 3 St. John's place 
M 'Donald, C. cSi J., 74 George st. 
Perthshire Wine & Spirit Company, 

6 Watergate ; H. H. Greig 
Smith, R. B., & Son, 70 St. John st. 
Thomson, Wm. B., 60 Canal street 
Turnbull & Wood, 4 George street 

Wood Merchants— see Timber Mer. 

Wool Merchants & Skinners. 

Kirk, Peter, 4 Clayholes 
Scott, Alexander, St. Andrew street 
Sorlie, David, 5 Commercial street 
Spalding, Robert, & Son, 2 Murray 

Wilson, George, 203 High street 


Athletic Outfitter J. C. Campbell, 18 High street 

Brickmakers James Wood & Son, Friar ton 

Candlemaker George Wilson, 1 20 High street 

Carpet Manufachirers Coates Brothers & Co. , Dunkeld road 

Carver and Gilder David B. Murray, 14 & 22 South street 

Chemical Works Turnbull & Co. , Shore 

Cork Manufacturer Mrs David Wilson, 24 Meal vennel 

Farina Mamtfacturer. William S. Ferguson, Friarton 

Fence Contractor Peter Winton, 151 High street 

Fishing Reel Maker Robert Wright, 4 South Methven street 

Foreign Vice-Constil ( German). John Lowe, 12 Charles street 


Golf-Club Maker Robert Simpson, 9 North port 

Gymnastic Instructor John Masterson, 28 Mill street 

Ice Merchants Alex. Speedie & Son, 17 St. John street 

Inspectors of Weights and Mea- f William Scott, County buildings (County) 

sures \ David Galbraith, 207 High street (City) 

India- Rtibber Manufacturers.... Perthshire Rubber Co., 65 S. Methven st. 

Linen Drapers J. & D. Smith, 13 and 24 Charlotte street 

Linen and Yam Ann Eraser, 40 Mill street 

Lime Merchant. .. James Martin, 9 Kirkgate 

Manufacturing Chemists J. Wilson & Son, St. Catherine's place 

Naturalist David M'Gregor, 37 South street 

Organ Builder Tohn R. Miller, St. Andrew street 

Packing Case Maker Alexander Thomson, jun. , 15 Mill street 

Planemaker David M alloch & Son, 50 South street 

Sawmaker James W. Callaghan, 164 South street 

Sheriff Officers^ Mess, at Arms.. Andrew and James Hutton, 6 High street 

Surgical Bandage Maker George Valentine, 77 High street 

Telephone Co. ( The National ').. .60 High street 

Town Crier William Christie, 26 Princes street 

Wire Worker George Barnett, 9 St. Ann's lane 




The examination of the census returns for the County of Perth for 1 891 
shows that the population of the County was then 93,869, as compared with 
97,094 in 18S1 — a decrease of 3225. The following are the details : — 



1 District. 


























Ardoch, ... 


1 Kinloch and Lochendy, 




Kinloch Rannoch, 




! Kinnaird, 












Lecropt, ... 


Blair Athole, 
























Collace, ... 




Comrie, ... 


Money die, 




Monzie, ... 


Dowally, ... 






Moulin, 1 

Straloch, / 

















Dunkeld (Little), 


Port of Menteith, 


Dunning, ... 


















St. Madoes, 




St. Martins, 






Fowlis Easter, ... 


Stanley, ... 

I ,3°4 

Fowlis Wester, ... 

- . 853 







Glenshee, ... 


Trinity Cask, 














Reduced from the Ordnance Survey and Revised 
to the Present Date by 


C71T HE important changes which have recently taken place in Perthshire 
vl* — the re-arrangement of the Parishes, and the adoption of county- j 
council government, together with the general progress of the County in 
railways, roads, &c. — have suggested the desirability of bringing out at this] 
time a new and complete Map incorporating these changes to the present 

This Map is an accurate reduction of the Ordnance Survey to the scale of 
two miles to an inch. It contains every detail of any importance that is 
shown on the Survey, and has the special advantage of being throughly 
corrected to date. 

By special permission of the Boundary Commissioners the new parish 
boundaries are here published for the first time The Map measures 32 x 
35J inches. All roads are shown, and are distinguished as main roads, 
ordinary roads, and footpaths. Hamlets, mansion houses, farm houses,, 
woods, antiquities, &c. , are also clearly indicated. Instead of hill shading, 
contour lines are given at every five hundred feet, which, with the numerous 
heights given on roads and lochs over the County, enable anyone to form a 
correct estimate of the physical features of any district. 

The value and interest of such a Map to the nobility, county gentlemen, 
ministers, lawyers, agriculturists, factors, parochial authorities, school- 
masters, and all interested in the County, is so evident that it is hoped its 
publication at a moderate price will be fully appreciated. 


Folded and in Cloth Case, 5s. 

Mounted on Cloth and in Case, - - 7s. 6d. 
Mounted on Rollers and Varnished, - 10s. 6d. 

Estimates may also be had for mounting the Map in spring roller case, 
stretched on frame and varnished, or any other special form. 

The Map is coloured to show the New Parishes as settled by the Scottish 
Boundary Commissioners. 

fublishxb bs g. $**lie, 20 §t John §>txtzt, gjxth, 




CAPITAL, £100,000. 


Assistant Manager, - JOHN MACKINNON 

General Manager and Secretary, - - F. NOME MILLER 

PERTH— Victoria Buildings, Tay Street l Birmingham— 13 Old Square 
London— 4 Abchurch Yard, E.C. Belfast— Queen 's Arcade, Donegal PL 
Glasgow— 157 West George Street | Aberdeen— 177 Union Street 
Manchester— 29 Brown Street Dundee— 1 Commercial Street 
Liverpool— 20 Castle Street Dublin— 58 Middle Abbey Street 
Edinburgh— 23 Albany Street i 

ASSURANCE against ACGIDENTS of all kinds. 

death and disablement— full benefits. 

Accident Assurance has of late years so vastly developed that arguments to prove 
its utility are quite unnecessary. It is a well-known fact that by far the greater 
number of Accidents are due to the common casualties of every day life, and are not 
confined to those following the more hazardous occupations. All should therefore 
be Assured. 

Special Bonus Policy to Non-Claimants. 

Holders of Policies of £750 or £1000, with full Benefits, will be allowed the 
following Annual Reduction, providing No Claim is made :— 

5 per cent, off Second Year's Premium. 
7| per cent, off Third Year's Premium. 
10 per cent, off Fourth Year's Premium. 
15 per cent, off Fifth Year's Premium. 
20 per cent, off Sixth Year's Premium. 
The Reduction of 20 per cent, continuing each year so long as no claim is made. 

In the event of a Claim arising the following year's renewal will be granted with 
a reduction of only 10 per cent., with still further reductions each year, as above 
described, until 20 per cent, is again reached. 

For example, an Assurance under Class I. of 

£1000 in case of Death, 
£1000 for Permanent Total Disablement, 
£500 for Permanent Partial Disablement, 
£6 per -week for Temporary Total Disablement, 
And £1 10s per -week for Temporary Partial Disablement, 
Can be obtained by a payment of £4, reduced each year until £3 4s is reached. 


Are granted, providing Security for the Fidelity of Persons holding 
positions of Trust and Responsibility. 

The Bonds of this Corporation are accepted by H.M. Local 
Government Board, for Clerks to Guardians, Collectors of 
Rates, Relieving Officers, &c. By H.M. Inland Revenue Board, 
for Collectors of Taxes, Distributors of Stamps, &c. 

Bonds are also granted on behalf of Corporation Officials, and 
all Commercial Appointments. 


Employers of Labour of every description are liable uuder the Em- 
ployers' Liability Act, 1880, to make compensation to their workmen 
for personal injuries sustained by them while in their service, to the extent 
of Three Years' Earnings. 

ABSOLUTE INDEMNITY from all loss under this Act, IN- 
CLUDING ALL LEGAL EXPENSES, is given by this Association's 
Policy, at rates varying from Is. per £100 of wages and upwards. 

tracting out of the Act. The Corporation also issues Policies to cover All 
Accidents During Occupation, whether the Employer is liable or not, at 
rates varying from 6s. per £100 of wages and upwards. The following 
are the usual benefits, but they may be modified to meet the wishes of the 
Employers and of the Workmen. 

I. Where the Employer is liable — 

Full compensation as provided by the E. L. Act. 

II. Where the Employer is not liable — 

1. In case of death — One Year's Wages (Limited to £50). 

2. During Total Disablement— One-third of Weekly Wages 

(not exceeding 26 weeks). 

The Premiums for these Policies are paid in full by the Employer, who, 
by arrangement, deducts from the workmen's weekly wages their contri- 
butions. These, for the above benefits, vary from ^d to 2d per week, 
according to occupation. 

SPECIAL POLICIES ape issued to Farmers Assuring the 
Payment of Wages for all Accidents to their Servants at 
a Premium of 10s per cent, on the total Wages paid. 

jsg- Prospectuses of all information can be had 
on application to the Secretary, or any of the 
Company's Branch Offices. 






POST OFFICE, Aberffldy, Jane Cowper, Postmistress.— Letters 
arrive from London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the South at 7, 9.15, and 
II a.m. ; from Inverness and the North at 3.5 p.m. ; and from Fortingall 
and Kenmore at 4.15 p.m., and are despatched to London, Edinburgh, 
Glasgow, the South and all parts at 7 a.m., 1.30, 4.30, and 8 p.m. ; and to 
Fortingall and Kenmore at 9.5 a.m. On Sundays to all parts at 7.0 a.m., 
and delivered to callers at 1.15 p.m. — Money Order and Telegraph Office 
and Savings Bank. 

Post Office, Tullypowrie, James Stewart, Postmaster. — Letters 
arrive from all parts at 9.15 and 10.30 a.m., and are despatched at 1.50, 
$5.5, and 4.35 p.m.— Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank. 
*** Names without an address are in Aberfeldy. 

Cameron, John (emigration and 

Cameron, John (commission), Square 
Campbell, Alexander (manure) 
M'Kerchar, P., & Co. (for Laws' 

manure and Pullar & Sons, dyers) 
M'Kerchar, John (for Campbell & 

Co., dyers) 
,1'Naughton, P., & Sons (for P. & 

P. Campbell, dyers), Grandtully 
M'Pherson, P. & R. (for P. & P. 
; Campbell, dyers) 
Munro, Charles (for Allan line of 

steamers, and clerk to police com. ) 
Ritchie, Duncan, & Sons (house, & 

sewing machine) 
Scott, George (sewing machines and 

for Campbell & Co., dyers) 
Scrimgeour, A. & J. (for Pullar & 

Sons, dyers) 

Cameron, John 
kl'Laren, Robt. (& cattle salesman) 

M'Kerchar, P., & Co. 
M'Leish, Duncan 
Menzies, Alexander 
Robertson, W. & A. 


Bank of Scotland, Jas. M'Kerchar, 
agent ; Donald Macdiarmid, sub- 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, Jas. 
Gray, agent 

Union Bank of Scotland, Charles 
Munro, agent 


Cameron, Duncan (and agricultural 
implement maker, &c. ) 

Oewar, Donald, Keltneyburn 

Forbes, Mungo, Camserney 

M'Leish, James, Weem 

Murray, Peter, Balnasuim, Tully- 

Robertson, Duncan 

Stewart, William, Grandtully 



Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Cameron, Duncan, & Son 
M'Laren, John 
Cowper, William 

Boot and Shoemakers. 
Anderson, Robert 
M' Donald, Donald 
M 'Donald, John 
M'Gregor, John 
M'Kerchar, P., & Co. 
M'Laren, John D. 
Scrimgeour, A. & J. 

Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. 
Carmichael, John 
M'Gregor, Duncan 
M'Kerchar, James 
Menzies, John & William 
Ritchie, Duncan, & Co. 
Ritchie, Dun., & Sons (& valuators) 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Haggart, John 
M'Naughton, Henry B. 

Coach Builder. 
Gorrie, George, Railway Station 

Coal, &C., Merchants. 
Conacher, Thomas (and hay and 

potato), Grandtully 
Cameron, John 

Ferguson. Duncan, Grandtully 
Menzies, James (and potato, meal, 

and manure) 
Smith, John 

(Milliners are marked thus*) 
Anderson, Jessie 
Carmichael, Mrs. 
M 'Donald, Ann 

M'Gregor, Jessie, Castle Menzies 
M'Kenzie, Martha 
*M'Kerchar, John 
* M'Kerchar, P., & Co. 
M'Naughton, Margaret 
Reid, Ann 
Robertson, Misses 
*Scrimgeour, A. & J. 

Engineers and Millwrights. 

Cameron, Duncan (machinist) 
Gibson, Peter 


Gray, James (and J. P. clerk). Com- 
mercial Bank 
Haynes, G. J. , Camserney Cottage 
Macdiarmid, Don., Bank of Scotland 
M'Kerchar, Jas., Bank of Scotland 
Munro, Charles, Union Bank 
M'Kenzie, Neil 

Fancy Goods and Toy Dealers. 

Anderson, David 
Cowper, William 
Harrower, John 
M'Laren, John 
M'Leish, Isabella 
Ritchie, Duncan, & Co. 

Fishing Rod and Tackle Makers. 

Anderson, David 
Cowper, William 
Fernie, John 
Harrower, John 
Irvine, Thomas G. 


M 'Donald, William 
M'Gregor, Peter 
M'Gregor, Duncan 
M'Gregor, John 
Stewart, James, Tullypowrie 
Walker & M'Gregor 

Game Dealers. 

Cameron, Mrs James 
Gow, William (& fish) 
Ortcheson, Mary (and fish) 

Glass and China Merchants. 

Donelly, John 
M'Kerchar, James 
M'Tavish, Francis 
Queen, James 
Ritchie, Duncan, & Co. 
Ritchie, Duncan, & Sons 
Smith, Joseph 



Grocers and General Dealers. 
(Wine Merchants marked thus*). 

Burns, Jacob, Weem 

Cameron. J. & A. 
*Campbell, Alexander 

Campbell, Donald, & Son 
*Fisher, James 
*Gow, Daniel F. 

Irvine, Thomas G. 
*M'Kerchar, P., & Co. 

N' N'aughton, P.,&Sons,Grandtully 

M'Pherson, P. & R. 

Menzies, Grace 

Munro, Charles 
♦Robertson, W. & A. , The Square 

Scrimgeour, Ann 

Stewart, James, Tullypowrie 

Thomson, Donald 



Breadalbane Arms, Alexander Nicol 
Grandtully Hotel, Duncan Thomson, 

Macdonald's Station Hotel, James 

Temperance, Miss Cameron 
Waverley(Temperance), Thos. Reid, 

Weem Hotel, Robt. Menzies, Weem 

Campbell, Alexander 
Campbell, Donald, & Sons 
Fisher, James 
Irvine, Thomas G. (and implements 

and fishing tackle) 
M'Naughton, P. , & Sons, Grandtully 
Robertson, W. & A., The Square 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 
Campbell, Alexander 
Campbell, John 
Haggart, P. & J. 
M'Kerchar, John 
M'Kerchar, P., & Co. 
M 'Naughton, P. , & Sons, Grandtully 
M'Pheison, P. & R. 
Scott, George 
Scrimgeour, A. & J. 
Thomson, Donald 

Man ufacturers. 

Fraser, Robert, Camserney 
Haggart, P. & J., Breadalbane Mill 
Sinclair, Duncan, Keltneyburn 


Anderson, James, Grandtully 
Cameron, Donald, Milton of Cluny, 

Dewar, Donald, Keltney Mill 
Forbes, John, & Son 
Forbes, Peter, Camserney 
M'Gregor, Duncan, Derculich, 



Archibald, Alexander R. 
Simpson, John 


Campbell, Alexander 

Scott, John 

Stewart, Thomas, & Sons 

Fernie, John 
M'Laren, Robert 

Saw Mill Owners. 

Anderson, James, Grandtully 
MTntosh, Alexander, Camserney 
M'Kenzie, Neil 

Board Schools. 

Aberfeldy — Alexander Grieve, m. a. , 

master ; Miss Clark, mistress 
Amulree — A. G. Cameron, master 
Dull — Alex. M'Naughton, master 
Dull (Foss)— R. Grierson, master 
Logierait Parish, Grandtully— John 

Wallace, master 
Logierait (Tullypowrie)— Miss 

Ferguson, mistress 
Weem — Adam Taylor Ross, master 
Collegiate and Civil Service — Robt. 

Robertson, f.e. i.s. , master 
M'Lean, Peter, Grandtully (private) 
Scott, Jessie, Lucknow Villa (privt). 



Campbell, Alexander 
Campbell, Donald, & Son 
Fisher, James 
Irvine, Thomas G. 
M'Kerchar, P., & Co. 
Robertson, W. & A. 

Sheep Dip Manufacturers. 
Robertson, W. & A. 

Mitchelhill, William 

Dewar, John 

Fraser, Alexander, Crachan 
Gow, Marshall 
Gow, William, Weem 
Kennedy, James, Killiechassie 
M'Donald"& Blaikie 
M'Naughton, John 

Haggart, John, m.a., M.B., cm. 
Mackay, John, M.D., Dall-Avon 
Munro, Donald, M.D., l.r.c.s., 6 

Breadalbane Villas 
Thomson, John, l.r.c.s., Tay 

Bridge road 

Crerar, James 
M'Kerchar, P., & Co. 
M'Pherson, P. & R. 
Sinclair, D. 
Scott, George 
Scrimgeour, A. & J. 
Walker, William 

M'Callum, Peter, Amulree, Dunkeld 
Bain, James 

Menzies, Alexander, Dull 
Menzies, Wm. & John, Coshieville 
Scrimgeour, James, Black Watch Inn 
Thomson, Duncan, Grandtully 

Watch aiid Clock Makers. 
Anderson, David 
Forbes, Alexander 
Harrower, John (and jeweller) 


Cameron, John 

Cameron, John, Auldcharmaig 

Douglas, John, Weem 

M 'Arthur, Donald 

M'Laren, Robert 

Reid, Donald 

Reid, Peter 

Thomson, John, Grandtully 


Baird, Charles, bellman & billposter 
Bell, Wm., civil engineer, architect 

and road surveyor 
Black, Thomas, guide to Falls of 

Moness and Birks 
Cameron, John, session clerk, Weem 
Campbell, W., police sergeant 
Cruickshank, Lewis, greengrocer 
Harley & Sons, fruiterers 
llewat, Alex., commission agent 
Macdougall, Charles W., accountant 
Macdougall, Duncan, bagpipe maker 
M'Allister, William, bellhanger 
M 'Donald, Peter, gardener 
M'Gregor, William, hide merchant 
M'Naughton, A., session clerk, Dull 
M'Pherson, John, bellman & billpstr 
Menzies, James, posthirer 
Menzies, John, plumber 
Menzies, Robert, land measurer 
Menzies, William, confectioner 
Moyes, Harry, hairdresser 
Munro, Chas., secy. 5th Vol. Bat. 
Royal Highlanders, Union Bank 
Ortcheson, Mary, greengrocer 
Reid, Robert, inland revenue officer 
Robertson, Alexander, slater 
Robertson, And., bank accountant 
Stewart, Alex., commission agent 
Thomson & Son, distillers, Grand- 
tully, Ballinluig 


Places of Worship and their 

Established Churches — ■ 
Aberfeldy- Rev. Wm.B. Campbell, 



Amulree — Rev. Alexander Dewar 
Dull— Rev. Evan M. Masson, M.A. 
Foss — Rev. A. M. Sneddon 
Grandtully — Rev. John M'Lean 
Weem— Rev. Robt. G. Dunbar 

Congregational Chapel, Aberfeldy — 

Episcopalian Church (St. David's), 
Weem — Rev. W. Tillbrook 

Free Churches — 
Aberfeldy — Rev. John Macrae, M.A. 
Foss — Rev. Murdoch Corbet 

Catholic Chapels, Aberfeldy and 

Resident Justices of the Peace. 

Marquis of Breadalbane 
Sir Robert Menzies. Bart 
Sir Donald Currie, M.P. 
J. Stewart Robertson, Edradynate 
John Stewart of Ballechin 
W. G. B. Stewart-Menzies, Chest- 
Charles Munro, banker 
Wm. Dunn, Kenmore 
John Mackay, m.d. 
James M'Kerchar, banker 

Burgh of Aberfeldy. 


Provost — James M'Kerchar, J. P., 

ist Bailie — John Cameron 
2nd Bailie — John M'Gregor 
Commissioners — Don. Reid, Mar- 
shall Gow, Robert Reid, James 
Fisher, John Harrower, and Dr. 
Medical Officer — John Mackay, M. D. 
Town Clerk— Chas. Munro, banker 
Treas. and Col. — Don. Macdiarmid, 

Sanitary Officer — Charles Cameron 
Auditor — Chas. W. MacDougall, 

Sheriff'? Small Debt Court. 

Held in the Town Hall, Aberfeldy, 
on the last Saturdays of Nov., 
March, and July 

Sheriff Substitute — John Grahame 
Sheriff Clerk Depute — Chas. Munro, 

J. p. 
Sheriff Officer -Jas. Skinner, Pit- 
Aberfeldy Auction Market. 

Sales for Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, &c, 
held every Thursday — Robert 
M'Laren, Auctioneer ; Andrew 
Robertson, Union Bank, Cashier 

School Board of Dull. 
Chairman, Sir Rob. Menzies, Bart. 
Clerk and treas., Don. Macdiarmid 

Inspectors of Poor and Collectors of 


Dull— Robt. M'Laren, Aberfeldy 
Weem — John Cameron, Aberfeldy 

Registrars for the Parishes of 
Dull and Weem. 
Aberfeldy District— Don. Thomson 
Dull— Alex. M'Naughton 
Foss — Donald M'Kerchar, Foss. 
Weem — James Stewart, Weem 

Angling Club — D. Anderson, sec. 
and treasurer 

Black Watch Memorial Grounds 
open to visitors daily — J. Stewart, 

Bowling Club — James Wilson, sec, 
and Chas. W. MacDougall, treas. 

Breadalbane Highland Gathering — 
Donald Macdiarmid, banker, sec. 

Choral Union— Charles W. Mac- 
Dougall, secretary and treasurer 

Curling Club — Andrew Robertson, 
accountant, secretary 

Curling Club (Weem)— G. J. Haynes, 

Farmers' Club — Don. Macdiarmid, 
secretary and treasurer 

Fifth Vol. Batt. R. Highlanders— 
A Coy., Major Munro, command- 
ing ; lieutenants, G. J. Haynes 
and D. Dempster; drill instructor, 
Sergeant Peter Cameron 



Football Club — Win. Munro, sec. 
Freemason's Lodge, "Breadalbane, 

No. 657," meets on Wednesdays, 

in Town Hall, during season — 

Bailie John M'Gregor, r.w.m. ; 

James Wilson, secretary ; James 

Stewart, treasurer 
Gas Works — Charles Munro, sec. 

and treasurer 
Home for the Sick — Mrs. Douglas of 

Killiechassie & Jas. M'Kerchar, 

J.P., managers; Miss M'Leod, 

Horticultural Society— Robert Reid, 

Horticultural Society (Weem) — P. 

Stevens, secretary 
Income Tax Commissioners for 

Weem — Chas. Munro, clerk 
Justice of Peace Court (Weem Dis. ) — 

James Gray, clerk 
Literary Society — J. A. M'Gregor, 

New Cemetery at Burnfoot — Charles 

Munro, secretary ; John Stewart, 

Reading and Recreation Room and 

Library in Town Hall Buildings — 

pres., Provost M'Kerchar, J. P. ; 

secretary, Chas. W. MacDougall; 

treas., Wm. Mitchelhill; librarian, 

A. Grieve, M. A. ; caretaker, Chas. 

Stamp & Tax Office — Miss Cowper, 

Post Office 
The Birks o' Aberfeldy and Falls of 

Moness, open daily to visitors at a 

small charge — Sergeant Black, 

Birks Cottage, guide 
Y. M. C. Association — A. Cameron, 



Highland Railway. 

Aberfeldy — Thomas Fyfe, station - 

W. Grant, stationmaster 



To Fortingall, from Post Office daily 
To Kenmore, from Breadalbane 
Arms daily 


To Perth, Fortingall, & Glenlyon, 

Alex. Proudfoot — no fixed days 
To the Railway Co., Wordie & Co. 



POST OFFICE, Abernethy, Andrew Peddie, Postmaster. — Letters 
arrive from Perth and all parts at 7.25 a.m. ; from Ladybank, Newburgh, 
and all parts at 8.30 a.m. and 5.57 p.m. ; and are despatched to Ladybank, 
Newburgh, North and South, and all parts at 7.5 a.m. ; to Edinburgh and 
the South at 1. 15 p.m. ; to Ladybank and the North at 4.5 p.m. ; to Fife, 
Stirling, London and the South, &c, at 4. 5 p.m. ; to Perth and all parts 
at 9.15 p.m. — Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank. 

Post Office, Aberargie, Mrs. Jane Gray, Postmistress.— Letters from 
all parts arrive (from Abernethy) at 10 a.m. and at 7.30 p.m., and are de- 
spatched at 12.5 and 8.15 p.m. — Nearest Money Order Office, Abernethy. 

Abernethy Co-Operative Society- 
Thomas Haggart, secretary 
Munro, Alexander 

Commercial Bank of Scotland — 
Peter Anderson, agent ; open on 
Thursdays from 12 to 2 p.m. 




Brough, John, Elmbank 

Gray, James 

Scott, Robert, Dron 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Christie, Peter, Aberargie 
Henderson, John 
Miller, David 

Cattle Dealers. 

Speedie, David, senr. and juni 

Speedie, Robert 

Coal Merchants. 

Bett, William 
Brown, James 

Drapers and Wincey 

Clow, Robert 
Easson, Alexander 
Peddie & Scott 

Dressmakers and Milliners. 

Peddie, Annie 
Wishart, A. & f. 
Plenderson, Catherine 
Syme, Margaret 
Bennett, Agnes 

Fishing Tacksmen. 

Brown, James 

Crichton, James 

Haggart, Andrew, Backdykes 

Miller, David 

M'Naughton, John, sen. 

Powrie, Andrew 

Ramsay, Alexander & Thomas 

Robertson, David 

Shepherd, A. M. M. 

Scotland & Sons, Ferryfield 

Walker, William 

Grocers and General Dealers. 

Clow, Robert 
Easson, Alexander 
Edmistone, Mrs. Jane 
Gray, Mrs. Jane, Aberargie 

Haggart, David 

Kemp, Mitchell & Henry 

Peddie & Scott (and seedsmen) 

Scott, Janet 

Smith, Mrs. Grace (and spirit dealer) 

Joiners and Cabinet Makers. 
Bain, James (and cooper and wright) 
Eraser, Peter, Willow Bk. , Aberargie 
Garrick, William 
Haggart, Andrew 
Mackie, Thomas, Burnside, Dron 
Manufacturers . 

Ireland & Wishart, Strathearn Power 
Loom Factory 


Dow, David, Dron 

Strathie, John, Aberargie Mill 

Board Schools. 

Abernethy — Alex. Davidson, master 

James Grant, assistant 

Catherine R. Robertson, mistress 
Dron — James Munro, master 

Slaters and Plasterers. 

Beatson, James 
Bunch, George 

Spirit Dealers. 

Brown, James (hotel) 

Cree, Thomas 

Davidson, David 

Stewart, Alexander, Bein Inn (and 

Webster, Robert, Baiglie Inn (and 



Fair, David 
Mitchell, John 
Morrison, William 
Scott, Andrew 


Ballingall, A. H., Perth, Heritors' 
clerk, and collector of Heritors' 

Beatson, Alexander, builder 



Bennett, James, inspector of poor, 
clerk and treasurer to School 
Board, collector of rates for parish 
of Abernethy, &c. 

Davidson & Ramsay, traction engine 

Easson, James, sanitary inspector & 
billet master 

Munro, James, inspector of poor, col. 
of rates, and session clerk for 
parish of Dron 

Peddie, Andrew, druggist, iron- 
monger, and seed merchant 

Shepherd, A. M. M., session clerk 

Speedie, David & Helen, fleshers 

Thomson, Thos., agri. implement i 
agent, traction engine owner, and 
manure agent 

Watson, David, sexton & billposter 


Places of Worship and their 


Established Church, Abernethy — 

Rev. Dugald Butler, m.a. 
Established Church, Dron— Rev. 

Charles Goodall 
Free Church, Abernethy, Rev. Rob. 

U.P. Church, Abernethy— Rev. W. 

M. Paton, B.D. 

Burgh Officials. 

Bailies — David Robertson & Thomas 

Councillors —Fifteen 

Burgh Treasurer — Chas. Donaldson 
Town Clerk — Geo. Sandilands, sen. 
Procurator Fiscal — James Easson 
Town Officer — David Watson 

Parochial Board, Abernethy. 
Chairman — Sir R. D. Moncreiffe, Bt. 
Inspector of Poor — James Bennett 
Med. Officer, Thos. Niven. m,b., cm. 

Police Commission (9 Members). 
Chairman — James Brown, j.P. 
Sany. Insp. & Clerk— J as. Easson 
Col. & Treas. — Charles Donaldson. 
County Councillors — 

For Police Burgh — James Brown 

For Aberargie District — Major- 
General Kirkland, Fordel 
Gas Works — John Pearson, mangr. ; 

George Sandilands, sen. , secretary 
Police Station — Chas. Nicholson 
Registrars — 
• Abernethy Parish — James Bennett 

Dron Parish — lames Munro 
Williamsonian Hall and Institute — 

G. Scott, secretary 
Library open on Wednesday and 

Saturday evenings from 7 to 8 

p.m. — G. Sandilands, librarian 


North British Railway. 

Abernethy — James Welsh, station- 

To Perth, Win. Bett, Friday 



POST OFFICE, Airlie street, William Robertson, Postmaster.— Letters 
from Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the South arrive at 3 and 8.20 a.m., and 
are despatched at 11.50 a.m. and 5.45 p.m. Letters from Aberdeen and 
the North arrive at 5.30 p.m., and are despatched at 10 p.m. — Money 
Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank. 

Sub-Office Folda, Miss M'Gregor, Postmistress. — Letters arrive from 
Alyth at 4 p.m., and are despatched at 6 a.m. 



Sub Post Office, Glenisla, John Jack, Postmaster. — Letters arrive 
from Alyth at 3 p.m., and are despatched thereto at 7 p.m. 

Sub-Office Kilry, Mrs. Lawson, Postmistress. — Arrivals from Alyth. 

*** Letters from Glenisla, Woodend, and Folda should be addressed 
f by Alyth." The town post for Ruthven is Meigle. 


Fleming, Wm. (for P. & P. Camp- 
bell, dyers), Airlie street 

Lowe, Peter M. (for P. & P. Camp- 
bell, dyers), Toutie street 

Lowson, Alex, (for J. Pullar & Sons, 
dyers), Toutie street 

Lunan, Alex, (emigration & sewing 
machine), Commercial street 

Robertson, Wm. (for Campbell & 
Co., Ltd., dyers), Airlie street 

Smith, John, & Sons (for Stevenson 
Brothers, dyers), Airlie street 

Thom, James, & Co. (for Campbell 
& Co.. dyers), Airlie street 

Edward, James, Commercial street 

and Airlie street 
Findlay, John, Hill st. & Toutie st. 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, Airlie street 
Thorns, W. A. (& confectioner), 

Airlie street 

Aberdeen Town and County Bank — 

George Duncan and John Reid, 

solicitor, agents 
Royal Bank of Scotland, Airlie st. — 

William Japp and John Yeaman, 

solictors, agents 
Savings Bank (in connection with 

Perth City and County Savings 

Bank) — George Duncan, cashier ; 

open on Wednesday and Saturday 

evenings, 7 to 8 

Bee?' Retailers. 
Ayre, Margaret, Airlie street 
Edward, Mary Ann, New Alyth 

Dewar, John, Bardmony 
Falconer, Thomas, Glenisla 
Galloway, J. (& millwright), Cumno 
Glennie, Thomas, & Son, Bamff st. 

Gow, James, Dykehead, Glenisla 
Gow, Jno. , Brewlands brg. , Glenisla 
Gow, William, Blackburn road 
MacEwan, Smithyhill 
Mollison, James (and implement 

maker), Ruthven 
Simpson, James, Commercial street 
Soutar, Thomas, Shangzie 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Lunan, Alexander, Commercial st. 
M'Glashan, James, Airlie street 
M' Murray, Thomas, Market square 
Robertson, Willian, Airlie street 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Anderson, Ann, Airlie street 
Carr, John, Glenisla 
Hendry, John, New Alyth 
M 'Kiddie, James, Airlie street 
Munro, Robert, Toutie street 
Robertson, Wm. , & Sons, Toutie st. 
Slidders, Alexander, Airlie street 
Stewart, John, Airlie street 
Todd, James, High street 

Coal Merchants. 
Glennie, Thomas, railway station 
Grieve, William, & Co. (& manure, 

brick, &c. ), railway station 
Hazel, David, railway station 
Muir, Son, & Patton 
Shaw, John, Chapel street 
Thompson, Solomon (manure, lime, 

Valentine, James, Airlie street 

Abercrombie, Martha, Blackburn rd. 
Dick, Mary, Meethill 
Lowe, P. M., Toutie st. 
M'Gregor, Jessie, Commercial st. 
Ramsay, Margaret, Commercial st. 
Spalding, Elizabeth, Rowan Bank 
Thom, James, & Co., Airlie street 




Alexander, Wm., Commercial st. 
Ferguson, Alexander, Airlie street 
Robertson, David, Airlie street 
Shaw, Peter, Commercial street 

Grocers and General Dealers. 

Brown, James S., Airlie street 

Coupar, James, Ruthven 

Edward, James, Commercial street 

and Airlie street 
Findlay, Alexander, Airlie street 
Findlay, John, Hill st. & Toutie st. 
Fyffe, Isabella, Airlie street 
Glennie, Thomas, Bamffroad 
Cordon, George, Market square 
Irvine, Joseph, Airlie st. & Hill st. 
Jack, John, Woodend, Glenisla 
Lawson, Alex., Parkfoot, Glenisla 
Mitchell, Wm. L. , Toutie street 
M'Leish, Robert, Airlie street 
Percy, Charles L. (& spirit dealer), 

High street 
Robertson, Margaret, Airlie street 
Sinclair, Arch., & Son, Toutie st. 
Sinclair, James, Glenisla 
Smith, William B. , High street and 

Airlie street 
Taylor, Jane, Hill street 


Airlie Arms Hotel, Airlie street — 
Mrs. R. Patullo, proprietor 

Commercial Hotel, Commercial st. 
— William Harris, proprietor 

Kirkton Hotel — Jno. Grant, Glenisla 

[mikeepers and Vintners. 

Barron, Jane, Toutie street 
Leighton, David, Commercial street 
Low, John, High street 
M'Gregor, James, Toutie street 

Ironmongers and Seedsmen. 

Gordon, George, Market square 
Mitchell, William L. , Toutie street 
Sinclair, Arch., & Son, Toutie st. 

Joiners and Cartwrights. 

Ferguson, James, Bank street 
Lamb, John, Loanhead, Glenisla 
Lindsay, John, Losset 
M'Bain, Alex., Cairnleith street &>! 

M 'Donald, Alex., Cairnleith street 
Mitchell, John, Dykehead, Glenisla 
Mitchell, Thomas, Losset 
Ostler, Alexander, Cairnleith street 
Robertson, Wm., Claypots, Glenisla 
Shaw, Peter, Railway station 
Smart, John, Fernbank, Bamff id. 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 

Fleming, William, Airlie street 
Lowe, Peter M., Toutie street 
Lowson, George, Toutie street 
Lowson, John, Commercial street 
M'Kenzie, Kenneth, Airlie street 
Reid, David, Commercial street 
Smith, John, & Sons, Airlie street 
Thorn, James, & Co., Airlie street 

Linen Manufacturers. 

Black, Alex., Airlie Linen works 
Smith, David, & Son (flax and jute 
spinners, dyers, &c. ) 


Craig, John, Millhaugh 
Henderson, Chas. , W. Mill, Glenisla 
M'Diarmid, John, E. Mill, Glenisla 
Robertson, William, Ruthven 
Saddler, Joseph, Quiech 
Sinclair, Jas., Mill of Craig, Glenisla 
Whitton," Mary, Balhary 

Music Sellers. 

Lunan, Alex., Commercial street 
M' Murray, Thomas, Market square 
Robertson, William, Airlie street 


" Alyth Guardian" (Friday), Market 
sq. — Thos. M 'Murray, publisher 


Ferrier, John, Airlie street 
Stewart, Peter, Toutie street 



Physicians and Surgeons. 

Bremner, Alexander M., L.R.C.P.S., 

Willow House 
Kidd, Wm. S., l.r.c.p., &c, Airlie 



Ferguson, Thomas, Airlie street 
Irvine, William, Cross 
Laird, David, Airlie Place 

Potato Merchant. 
Thompson, Solomon, railway statn. 


Lunan, Alexander, Commercial st. 
M 'Murray, Thomas, Market square 


Adam, David, Market square 
Howe, Jane, Commercial street 


Episcopal School, Alyth — Margaret 
Ann MacCallum, mistress 


Alyth, St. Andrew street — Jas. F. 
Ross, master ; J ohn Yule, Mary 
Todd, Jane Sinclair, assistants ; 
Hannah Gold, infant mistress 

Airlie street — Mary Nicoll, mistress ; 
Nora Whitton and Barbara Smith, 

Gauldswell — Eliz. Fraser, mistress 

Glenisla (Kilry) — John C. Beaton, 

Glenisla (Kirkton)— Robt. Thomp- 
son, master 

Glenisla (Folda) — James M'Gregor, 

Ruthven — Henry Patterson, master 


Crichton, George, Cambridge street 
Walker, D. , Mill street 
Walker, John, Cambridge street 

Japp, William (baron bailie, notary 

public, &c), Market square 
Japp, James F. 

Kidd, D. Sinclair, Airlie street 
Reid, John (and clerk to the Police 

Com., coll. of burgh rates, clerk 

to School Board, notary public), 

Commercial street 
Yeaman, John, of Messrs. Japp & 


Stonemasons and Builders. 

Clark, Stewart, Bank street 
Gellatly, William, Glenisla 
Howie, John (quarry owner), Alyth 
Howie, John, jun., Alyth 
Lunan, John, Cambridge street 
M 'Donald, Lewis, Meethill 
Torbat, Jas., Auchenleis'h, Glenisla 
Torbat, John, Auchenleish, Glenisla 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Anderson, John, Airlie street 
Clark, David, Airlie street 
Fleming, William, Airlie street 
Geddes, J. Y., Airlie street 
Lowe, Peter M., Toutie street 
Lowson, Alex., Toutie street 
Lowson, John, Commercial street 
Silver, James, Bank street 

M'Glashan, James, Airlie street 
M 'Murray, Thomas, Market square 
Robertson, Willian, Airlie street 
Stewart, Alexander, Airlie street 
Whyte, Joseph, Airlie street 

Toy Dealers and Fancy Repositories. 

Adam, Mary, Cross 
Lunan, Alex., Commercial street 
M'Glashan, Jas. (& basket), Airlie st, 
M 'Murray, Thomas, Market square 
Robertson, William, Airlie street 
Samson, Charles, Commercial street 

Watch and Clock Makers. 

Doig, David, Toutie street 
M'Glashan, James, Airlie street 
Robertson, John, Commercial street 




Coffee Tavern, Commercial street 
Colville, J. F., china dealer, Airlie st. 
Convery, Jas. , china dealer, Cross 
Croal, Catherine, teacher of music, 

Strathmore terrace 
Dick, David, carrier, Wool Market 
Fleming, Rodger, dairyman, Losset 

Galloway, David, clerk, Hill street 
Gellatly, William, heritors' clerk, 

Howie, Wm. G. , clerk. Mill street 
Illingworth & Co., woollen manu- 
facturers, Mill street 
Irvine, Joseph, game dealer, Airlie st. 
Irvine, Wm. , tinsmith, Cross 
Jack, John, carrier, Woodend, Glen- 
Jack, William, grain dealer, Kirkton, 

Johnstone, David S., clerk, Ash 

Bank, Bamff road 
Lammond, James, auctioneer, Mart 
Lawson, Alex., carrier, Parkfoot, 

Lornie, Murray, vet. surg. , Com. st. 
Low, John, farmer, Losset 
M'Bain, Alex., coachbuilder, Cairn- 

leith street and Ruthven 
Macbride, Rev. Neil, session clerk, 

Glenisla Manse 
M'Glashan, Jas., druggist, Airlie st. 
M'Farlane, William, millwright, 

M'Leish, Miss, teacher of music, 

Albert street 
M' Murray, Thomas, servants' re- 
gistry, Market square 
M'Nicoll, Jas., carter, Bank street 
Milne, David, photogphr., Airlie st. 
Mitchell, Alex., plasterer, St. Andrew 

Mitchell, William, Airlie street 
Reid, John, coll. of rates, Commercial 

Robertson, David M., heritors' and 

session clerk, Toutie street 
Ross, James, schoolmaster, School- 
house, Strathmore terrace 

Sidey, Wm., plasterer, E. David st. 
Smart, James, sanitary inspector, 

burgh surveyor, and registrar, 

Bank street 
Smart, Sarah, teacher of music! 

Soutar, Jane, restaurateur, Airlie st. 
Stewart, Alex. , gamedealer, Airlie st. 
Thompson, Solomon, railway carter. .J 

Airlie street 
White, Joseph, barber, Airlie street 


Places of Worship and their 


Alyth — Rev. JohnM'Laren 
Glenisla — Rev. Neil Macbride 
Kilry, Glenisla— Rev. John W. Foyer 


Ruthven— Rev. JohnG. Macpherson 

PH.D., F.R.S.E. 


Alyth — Rev. Archibald Ferguson 
Clenisla — Rev. Andw. Goldie, M.A. 

U.P. Church, Alyth— J. A. Hutton, 


Episcopal Church — The Yen. Arch- 
deacon Aglen 
Roman Catholic Chapel, High st. 
Mission Room, Mill street 

Alyth Brass Band — Alex. M'Kenzie, 

Angling Club— John Edward, secy. 

Bowling Club— John Reid, solicitor, 

Burn's Club — John Edward, secy. 

Cemetery — James Smart, clerk ; 
Alexander Lowe, keeper 

Constabulary Station, Bamff road- 
Sergeant James Murray 

Cricket Club— St. Ninian's, Chas. 
D. Mitchell, secretary 

Curling Club— John Ferrier, secy. 

Curling Club, Glenisla— Alexander 
Robertson, secretary 



Football Club (National)— William 

Ayre, secretary 
Gas Works — Andrew Robertson, 

( iymnastic Club— John Crowe, secy. 
Horticultural Society — -A. Robertson 

Inspectors of Poor and Registrars — 

lames Smart, Bank st., for Alyth; 

Henry Patterson, for Ruthven ; 

and Rev. Neil Macbride, registrar, 

and Alex. Robertson, inspector of 

poor for Glenisla 
Library — The Ven. Archdeacon 

Aglen, librarian 
Police Com. — John Reid, clerk 
School Boards — Alyth — John Reid, 

clerk and treas. ; Glenisla — Wm. 

Gellatly, clerk ; Ruthven— Rev. 

Dr. John G. Macpherson, clerk 

and treasurer 
Tennis Club — Alfred Smith, jn., sec. 
Town Hall— John Edward, secy. 
Volunteer Corps, Alyth— William 

Japp, J. P., hon major; David M. 

Robertson, major ; David Smith, 
1st lieutenant ; David S. John- 
ston, 2nd lieutenant ; James 
Kinloch, drill instructor 


Caledonian Railway. 

Alyth — J as. A. Norris, stationmaster 

Jordanstone — Wm. Mitchell, station- 


To Glenisla Railway Station daily 
during the summer months — 
Grant & Stewart, proprietors 

To Dundee, David Dick, Tuesday 
and Friday 

To Glenisla, John Jack, Tuesday, 
Thursday, and Saturday 

To Kilry, W. Begg, Monday and 

Mill of Craig, Jas. Sinclair, Tuesday 
and Friday 



POST OFFICE, Auchterarder, Mary C. Stewart, Postmistress. — 
Letters arrive from all parts at 7 a.m., 3.30 and 6.20 p.m.; and are 
despatched to all parts at 6 a.m., to Perth and the North at 1.45 and 6.35 
p.m., to the South at 3.35 and 4.50 p.m., and to the North and South at 
7.20 p.m. Letters from the rural districts arrive (by messenger) in time for 
the general despatches at night, and are despatched thereto at 7.30 a.m. — 
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank. 

Post Office, Aberuthven, John Barnett, Postmaster. — Letters from 
all parts arrive (from Auchterarder) at 8.15 a.m., and are despatched at 4.15 
p.m. — The nearest Money Order Office is at Auchterarder. 

Post Office, Blackford, John Gilmour, Postmaster. — Letters from 
all parts arrive at 7.20 a.m. and 5.30 p.m., and are despatched at 4.10 and 
7.10 p.m. — Money Order Office and Savings Bank. Telegraph Office at 
Railway Station. 

Post Office, Findo Gask, Henry Robertson, Postmaster. — Letters 
from all parts arrive (from Auchterarder) at 9.50 a.m., and are despatched 
at 2.30 p.m. — The nearest Money Order Office is at Auchterarder. 

* + * Abbreviations. — "Auch." stands for Auchterarder; "Bl." for 



Christie, Andrew (brewers'), Auch. 
Craig, John (for J. Pullar & Sons, 

dyers), Audi. 
Dunn, John (Insur. ) Auch. 
Gilmour, John (manure), Bl. 
Lawson, James, Aberuthven 
Richards, Katrine Mary (for A. 

Campbell, dyers), Auch. 
Sharp, And. (manure), Burnside, Bl. 
Stewart, Mary C. (emigration), Auch. 

Auchterarder Co-Operative Baking 

Society, Limited, Auch. 
Dawson, Catherine, Bl. 
Drummond, James, Auch. 
Eadie, George, Auch. 
Eadie, Robert, Auch. 
Gilmour, Robert, Bl. 
Halley, David, Bl. 
Miller, John, Auch. 
Young, Duncan, A., Castleton, Auch. 

Bank of Scotland (Auch.), J. S. 

Leslie, agent 
Bank of Scotland (BL), David and 

John Lawson, agents 
Union Bank of Scotland (Auch.), 

W. L. Young, agent 
Dean, John, Loaninghead, Bl. 
Elder, William, Trinity Gask 
Gibson, Alexander, Auch. 
Hally, David & Son, Auch. 
Hally, John, Bl. 
Monteath, John, Crosshill, Bl. 
Monteath, "Robert, Findo Gask 
Murray, William, Kinkell, Bl. 
M'Millan, Walter, Bl. 
Sharp, Andrew, Harehill, Bl. 
Smith, Alexander, Tullibardine, Bl. 
Stalker, Peter, Aberuthven. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 
Eason, Robert R. (& printer), Auch. 
Lawson, David, Bl. 
Richards, Katrine Mary, Auch. 
Tovani & Co. (printers), Auch. 
Young, Alexander S., Auch. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Anderson, John, Auch. 
Davidson, Charles, Aberuthven 
Dow, John, Auch. 
Eadie, Robert, & Sons (manufac- 
turers), Bl. 
Edwards, John, Auch. 
Fisher, James, Auch. 
Gilmour, James, Bl. 
Hutcheson, Andrew, Auch. 
M'Ewen, Peter, Bl. 
M'Nab, William, Bl. 
Mallis, Jas. (& skin merchant), Auch. 
Mallis, J., Auch. 
Mallis, W. (manufacturer), Auch. 
Scobie, William, Bl. 
Taylor, Tames, Bl. 
Walker,* Gilbert, Findo Gask 


Carmichael, John, Auch. 
Eadie, Robert, & Sons, Bl. 
Sharp, R. &. D., Blackford Brewery 
— John Stewart, general manager 


Mailer, William, Audi. 
Martin, James, Auch. 
Miller, John, Auch. 
Miller, Robert, Auch. 

China, Glass, dfc, Dealers. 

Craig, George, Auch. 
Loam, John, Auch. 
Porteous, James, Bl. 
Robertson, Charles, Bl. 
Sharp, John, Bl. 

Coal Dealers. 

Fleming, Peter, Auch. 
Gilmour, John (and lime), BL 
Henderson, John, Aberuthven 
Jackson, Andrew, Aberuthven 
Scobie, William (and lime), Bl. 
Scrimgeour, William, Auch. 
Smith, Alexander, Tullibardine, Bl. 
Spiers, William, Aberuthven. 

Stewart, James, Auch. 




Anderson, Christina, Auch. 
Blacklock, Margaret, Bl. 
C?irns, Margaret & Jessie, Bl. 
Drummond, Catherine, Auch. 
Gilmour, Jane, BL 
Gray, Misses, Auch. 
Honey, Robert, Auch. 
Hopson, Ann 
Mailer, L. B., BL 
Martin, Maggie, BL 
M' Robbie, Isabella, Auch. 
Richards, Helen, Auch. 
Steel, William, Auch. 
Sword, Peter, BL 
Wilson, Margaret, Auch. 


Medical Hall, Dougall, W. B., Auch. 


Caw, James, Millton, Auch. 
Duff, Peter, Fosewell, Auch. 


Eagle, John, Auch. 
Ferguson, T- & G., Auch. and Bl. 
Finlay, P. & R., Auch. 
M'Gregor, James A., Auch. 
M'Intyre, James E., Auch. 
Scobie, David, Auch. and Bl. 


Arnott, Peter, Auch. 
Moodie, J. & E., Auch. 
Treasurer, Donald, Auch. 
Wilson, Alexander, Auch. 

Game Dealers. 

Drummond, John, Auch. 
Eadie, James, BL 

Grocers and General Dealers. 

(Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.) 

Aberuthven Co-operative Society, 
Limited, Aberuthven, Auch. 

Auchterarder Co-Operative Provi- 
dent Society, Auch. 

Auchterarder Feus Co-Operative 
Society, Auch. 

Blackford Co-Operative Society, Bl. 
*Caw, Thomas, Auch. 
*Dow, James, Auch. 
Dowie, Stuart, Findo Gask 
Drummond. John, Auch. 
Duncan, John, Aberuthven 
Faichney, Peter, Auch. 
Fenton, E., Auch. 
Henderson. James, Auch. 
Hepburn, Misses, Auch. 
*Lawson, David, Bl. 
M'Farlane, James, Auch. 
M'Naughton, Agnes, Findo Gask 
Miller, Jane, Bl. 
Penny, Margaret, Aberuthven. 
Robertson, Charles, BL 
*Robertson, John, Auch. 
*Ross, Gustavus, Auch. 
Rutherford, Mrs., Auch. 
Sharp, John, BL 
Stevenson, Elizabeth, Auch. 
Sutherland, Daniel, Auch. 
Taylor, James, Auch. 
Wilson, Alexander, Auch. 

Blackford Hotel, Thos. Stewart, BL 
Crown Hotel, Mrs Christ. Stewart, 

Girnal, William Davidson, Auch. 
Moray Arms HtL, John Walker, BL 
Queen's, John Calley, Auch. 
Star, James Ferguson, Auch. 

Innkeepers and Vintners. 
Fenwick, Alex. (Railway Inn), Auch. 
Graham, W. D., Auch. 
M 'Donald, John, Auch. 
Mailer, Catherine, Auch. 
Menzies, James, Bl. 
Miller, \ eter, Aberuthven. 
Taylor, Peter, Bl. 

Auchterarder Co-Operative Provi- 
dent Society, Auch. 
Deuchars, Andrew 
Lawson, David. BL 
Robertson, Charles, BL 
Sinclair, Jessie, Auch. 
Treasurer, Donald, Auch. 
Young, Alexander S. , Auch. 



Joiners and Wrights. 

Downie, William, Findo G'ask 
M'Ewen, Peter, Aberuthven 
Mailer, William, Auch. 
Martin, James, Auch. 
Miller John, Auch. 
Miller, Robert, Auch. 
Taylor & M'Gregor, Bl. 
Young", Robert, Auch. 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 

Auchterarder Co- Operative Provi- 
dent Society, Auch. 
Cloag, William, Bl. 
Dougall, Robert, Auch. 
Faichney, Peter, Auch. 
Fisher, Thomas, Auch. 
Gilmour, James, Auch. 
Honey, Robert, Auch. 
Mailer, John, Bl. 
Mailer, L. B., Bl. 
Richards, Catherine, Auch. 
Steel, William, Auch. 
Sword, Peter, Bl. 


Carmichael, John, Auch. 
Eadie, Robert, & Son, Bl. 
Sharp, R. & D., Limited, Bl. 
Brewery— J no. Stewart, gen. mgr. 


Hally & Co. (union and woollen 

shirtings), Auch. 
Mailer, Andrew (shawls and scarfs), 

White & Co. (tweeds, &c.) Glen- 

ruthven Factory, Auch. 
Young, Peter, & >ons (woollen and 

union shirtings), Auch. 

Masons and Builders. 

Anderson, Peter, Auch. 

M 'Ornish, Peter (contractor), Trinity 

Ritchie, Archibald, Auch. 
Ritchie, James, Bl. 
Taylor, Peter, & Co., Bl. 

Millers and Com and Grain 

(Marked thus * are Grain Dealers only). 

Duncan, John L. , Bl. 

Fleming, Peter, Auch. 

Gardiner, James, Auch. 

Hunter, John, Mills of Gask, Trinity 

*Martin, Alexander, Auch. 

Matthew, Andrew, West Mill, Auch. 

Whyte, William, Drumtogle, Abe- 

Painters and Glaziers. 

Edwards, Peter, Auch. 
Kerr, George, & Son, Bl. 
Smith, John, Auch. 
Taylor, William, Auch. 

Rope and Twine Manufacturers. 
Harley, Edward, Bl. 
Kerr, George, & Son, Bl. 

Saw Mill Ozvners. 

M 'Donald, William, Aberuthven 
Taylor, Fosswell Saw Mill, Auch. 



Auchterarder (New) — Robert Gray 

and David Arkley, masters 
Aberuthven — Daniel Douglas, mstr. 
Blackford — Wm. M'Farlane, master 
Blackford (Gleneagles) — John Scott, 

Findo Gask — Henry Robertson, 

Trinity Gask — Alexander Murray, 

Tullibardine, Bl. — Luigi Tovani. 

Free Church School, Bl. — William 

Kerr, master 
Hislop, Misses, Auch. 
Robertson, Miss, Forester's Croft, BL 

Graham, W. D., Auch. 
Lawson, David, Bl. 
Treasurer, Donald, Auch. 


Slaters and Plasterers. 

Dewar, Andrew, Auch. 
Eadie, James, Auch. 
Eadie, Peter, Auch. 
Hopson, Robert, Auch. 
M'Laren, William, Auch. 
Mailer, George, & Sons, Auch. 

Solicitors and Notaries. 

Teffrey, W. M., Auch. 
M'Beth, — 

Reid, Alexander G., Auch. 
Young, W. L., Auch. 


Forrest, Robert S. , m. b. , c. M. Auch. 
M ; Arthur, Archibald, L. R. c. P. s. , Bl. 
M'Fee, Jas., Colonsay House, Auch. 
M'Naughton, — 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Arnot, Peter, Auch. 
Campbell, Peter, Auch. 
Cloag, William, Bl. 
Dougall, Robert, Auch. 
Haxton, John, Auch. 
M'Ewen & M'Culloch, Auch. 
Malloch, James, Auch. 
Miller, John, Auch. 
Steel, William, Auch. 
Sword, Peter, Bl. 


Eadie, Robert, & Sons, Bl. 


Arnot, Peter, Auch. 
Dougall, W. B., Auch. 
Miller, John, Auch. 

Watch and Clock Makers. 

M'Culloch, James, Auch. 
Nicoll, C. C, Auch. 
Smitton, J., Auch. 


Anderson, Peter, quarry owner, 

Christie, And., session clerk, Auch. 
Cochrane, Chas. , fishmonger, Auch. 


Deuchars, Andrew, tinsmith, Auch. 
Donaldson, William, vet. surgeon, 

Fleming, Peter, potato dlr., Auch. 
Graham, Wm. D., cattle dlr., Auch. 
Henderson, John, sexton, Bl. 
Hurry, John, saddler, Auch. 
Jamieson, David, plumber, Auch. 
Johnston, Wm. , brick & tile maker, 

Trinity Gask 
M'Laren, John, billposter, Auch. 
M'Leary, W. G., plumber, Bl. 
M'Millan, Walter, vet. surgeon, Bl. 
Malcolm, Peter, potato mer. , Auch. 
Reid, Alex. G., sub-dis. of stamps, 

Richard, Katrine Mary, fancy goods, 

Smitton, Peter, town's crier, Auch. 
Spiers, William, cattle dealer, 

Taylor, Robt., boot repairer. Auch. 
Treasurer, Donald, sexton, Auch. 
Turner, John S., excise officer, Bl. 


Places of Worship and their 


Auch. — Rev. William Gibson, and 

Rev. Archibald Jamieson, M.A. 
Bl. — Rev. James M 'Gibbon, b.d. 
Findo Gask — Rev. James Martin 
Trinity Gask — Rev. Geo. W. Kemp 


Auch. — Vacant 
Bl. — Vacant 
Aberuthven — Vacant 


Auch. (North)— Rev. Wm. S. Muil 
Auch. (South) — Rev. H. Hamilton, 


Trinity Gask — Rev. Geo. Duthie 

Roman Catholic Chapel, Auch. 

Justices of Peace for the District. 
Macduff, Dun. H., Damside, Abe- 





Forbes, Arthur Drummond, Mil- 

earne, Trinity Gask 
Hally, William, Linden Park, Auch. 
Johnstone, James, Kincardine, 

Lawson, David, El. 
Mackintosh, Alex., Colearn, Auch. 
Reid, Alexander G. , Auch. 
Robertson, James S., Auch. 
Strathallan, The Right Vis., Mach- 

any House, Bl. 
Young, William L., Auch. 

Upper Strathern Combination 
Poor House. 


Governor — Peter Anderson 
Matron — Mrs. M'Gregor 
Secretary and Treasurer — Wm. L. 

Chaplain— Rev. William S. Muil 
Medical Officer — James Macfee 

Parochial Boards. 


Clerk — Alexander G. Reid. 
Inspector of Poor and Sanitary In- 
spector—Donald Treasurer 
Collector— W. M. Jeffrey 
Medical Officer — James Macfee 


Chairman — J. E. Ross, Abercairney, 

Inspector of Poor and Collector of 

Rates — John Stewart 
Sanitary Inspector — John Gilmour 
Medical Officer— Arch. M 'Arthur, 

L. R. C. P .S. 


Inspector of Poor and Collector of 
Rates — Henry Robertson 

Medical Officer- Nich. H. F. Fitz- 


Inspector of Poor and Collector of 

Rates— Alexander Murray 
San. Inspector— Donald Treasurer 
Medical Officer— James Macfee 

School Boards. 


Chairman — T. Burgh Smeaton 
Clerk — Alexander G. Reid 
Treasurer — William L. Young 
Officer — David Iiardie 


Chairman —J. E. Ross, Abercairney 
Clerk— Alexander G. Reid 
Treasurer— John Lawson 
Officer — David Cheape 


Clerk and Treas. — Henry Robertson 


Clerk and Treas. — Rev. George W. 

Aberuthven Co-Operative Society — 

Jas. Sinclair, sec; Peter M'Ewen, 

treas. ; Robert Dewar, manager 
Auch. and Smeaton Libraries (open 

Wednesday and Saturday, 7 to 9 

p.m.) — David Arkley, librarian 
Auch. Co-Operative Provident Soc. 

— Andrew Hepburn, sec. ; John 

Wilson, treasurer. 
Auch. Feus Co-Operative Society. — 

David Stewart, secretary ; David 

Hardie, treas.; John Deuchars, 

Auch. Gas Light Co. — A. G. Reid, 

sec. ; Alex. Cross Young, manager 
Aytoun Public Hall, Auch. — John 

M'Nab, keeper 
Bl. Co-Operative Socy. — Jas. Crerar, 

treas. ; David Connell, secretary 

and manager 
Bl. Gas Light Co. — John Lawson, 

sec. and treas. ; Wm. Ladingham, 

Bl. Water Association. — John Law- 
son, secretary and treasurer 
Clerk of the Peace— A. G. Reid, 

Freemasons' (St. John's) Ldge, Auch. 
Moray Institute, Bl. — John Lawson, 

Muir Commissioners — James Reid, 

chairman ; W. L. Young, treas. ; 

A. G. Reid, Clerk 



Police Station, Auch. — Sergeant 

Police Station, BL— David Donald- 
son, constable -in- charge 

Registrars — for Auch., Joseph Hill ; 
for BL, John Gilmour ; for Findo 
Gask, Henry Robertson ; for 
Trinity Gask, Alex. Aiurray 

Rifle Volunteers, Auch. (4th V. B. 
R. H. — F. Company) — George 
Mailer, captain and hon. major ; 
Andrew Reid, lieutenant ; T. W. 
Clarke, drill instructor 

Stamp and Tax Office, Auch. — Alex. 
G. Reid, sub-distributor of stamps 

Weighing Machine (Public), Auch. 
— William Davidson, weigher 

Young Men's Christian Associations : 
Auch.— Win. Brown, secretary. 
Bl. — John M'Beth, secretary 


Caledonian Railway. 

Auch. — John Birse, stationmaster 
Bl. — Wm, Blacklock, stationmaster 
Crieff Jun. — Dibbs, stationmaster. 
Tullibardine — Wm. Ross, station- 


To Alva, James Eadie, from Bl. , 

Tuesday ; and Jas. Porteous, from 

Bl., Friday 
To Bridge of Allan, James Porteous, 

from BL, Friday 
To Perth, John Winton, from Auch. , 

Friday ; and James Fowlis, from 

Aberuthven, Friday 
To Stirling, James Eadie, from BL, 




POST OFFICE, Blair Athole, James Stewart, Postmaster— Letters 
arrive from Edinburgh, Perth, and the South at 8.35 a.m. ; from Inverness, 
Kingussie, and the North at 2.15 p.m. ; and from Calvine at 4.50 p.m. ; 
and are despatched to Inverness, Kingussie, and the North at 7.45 a.m. ; 
to Edinburgh, Perth, Dunkeld, Pitlochry, and the South at 1.40 p.m. ; to 
Perth and the South at 5.40 p.m. — Money Order and Telegraph Office and 
Savings Bank. 

On Sunday there is one delivery to callers from 10.15 to JI -45 a.m., one 
despatch to the North at 9.40 a.m., and one to the South at 1.40 p.m. 

Post Office, Auckleeks, Donald Menzies, Postmaster. — Letters 
arrive (from Calvine) at 1 1.5 a.m., and are despatched thereto at 2 p.m. 

Post Office, Bruar, Grace M'Callum, Postmistress. — Letters arrive 
(from Blair Athole) at 9.45 a.m., and are despatched thereto at 9.50 a.m. 

Post Office, Calvine, Katherine Stewart Robertson, Postmistress. 
— Letters from the South and all parts arrive at 8.55 a.m., and from the 
North at 2 p.m., and are despatched to the South and all parts at 1.30 
and 4 p.m., and to the North at 7.45 a.m. Telegraph Office and Money 
Order Office. 

Post Office, Fender Bridge, Vere Stewart, Postmistress. — Letters 
arrive (from Blair Athole) at 9.39 a.m., and are despatched thereto at 
10.30 a.m. 

*** Names without an address are in Blair Athole. 



Cameron, Angus 
Smith, J. , & Sons 

Union Bank of Scotland — James 
Stewart, agent 

Panton, John 
Robertson, Alexander, Aldclune 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Ferguson, Alexander, Ballintoul 
Forbes, Donald, Calbruar 
Seaton, Robert (and saddler) 

M'Lachlan, M. A., Garryside 
M'Naughton, Jessie, Ballintoul 
Reid, Helen, Bridge of Tilt 
Ritchie, Margaret, Garryside 
Robertson, Ann, Old Blair 

Robertson, John, j.p. , for the Duke 
of Athole, Old Blair 

Grocers and General Dealers. 
Cameron, Angus (and draper) 
Gow, Margaret, Struan 
M'Call, Mrs. <J., Bruar 
Robertson, D. & C. (and fleshers), 

Bridge of Tilt 
Robertson, Geo. (& diaper), Calvine 
Stewart, Jane, Baluan 

Athole Arms — 1>. Macdonald & 

Sons, proprietors 
The Tilt — Christina Stewart, Bridge 
of Tilt 

Meal Miller. 
Campbell, John, Blair Mill 

Saw Millers and Wood Merchants. 
Marshall, Robert, & Sons, Blair 
Athole and at Pitlochry 

Public Schools. 
Blair Athole — And. Kellock, mast. ; 

Jessie M'Laren, mistress 
Glenerichty — -Janet M 'Arthur, mist. 
Glengarry — Grace Robertson, mist. 

Pittagowan — Ann Reid, mistress 
Struan — D. O. Robertson, master 

Veterinary Surgeon. 
Panton, John 

Cameron, Hugh, Baluan 
M'Laren, Alexander, Bridge of Tilt 
Robertson, William, Aldclune 

Duthie, A. C. , clerk of works 
Forbes. Jas. , Blair- Athole Gas Wrks 
Kellock, Andrew, registrar of births, 
deaths, and marriages, and session 
clerk, Schoolhouse, Blair Athole 
Robertson, Peter, clothr., Garryside 
Rose, /Eneas, ground officer 
Seaton, Robert, saddler 
Stewart, James, inspector of poor & 

collector of rates, &c. 
Strong, Duncan, policeman 

Places of Worship and their 
Established Churches — 
Blair Athole— Rev. James Fraser 
Struan — Rev. David Silver 
Trinafour, Calvine (Mission) — Rev. 
James Fraser 
Free Church, Blair Athole — Rev. 

Alexander Matheson 
Episcopal Church, Blair Athole— 

various Ministers 
Quoad Sacra Church, Tenandry — 
Rev. J. A. Robertson 


Highland Railway. 

Blair Athole— D. M'Lellan, station- 

Dalnaspidal - Fraser, stationmaster 

Struan — David Patterson, station- 


To Rannoch, from Struan Railway 
Station at 9. 30 a. m. in winter and 
1 1. 30 in summer, leaving Rannoch 
at 6 a.m., arriving at Struan Kail- 
way Station at 7.45 a.m.— George 
Gow. proprietor 





POST OFFICE, High street, Blairgowrie, Jane M'Hardy, Post- 
mistress. — Letters from London and the South arrive and are delivered at 
6.50 and 9 a.m., and are despatched at 12 noon, 2.20, 5.20, and 10 p.m. ; 
letters from Aberdeen and the North arrive at 6 p.m., and are despatched 
at 5.20 and 10 p.m. ; letters from Bridge of Cally, Kirkmichael, and Glen- 
shee arrive at 5.5 p.m., and are despatched at 5.20 p.m. — Money Order and 
Telegraph Office and Savings Bank. 

Sub-Offices at Ballintuim, Bridge of Cally, Forneth, Glenshee, Kirk- 
michael, New Rattray, Rattray, Westfield, and Craigie. 

Duncan, George S. 


Bennett, A. W. (insurance) 

Bisset, Susan (for J. Pullar & Sons, 
dyers, and the Anchor Line of 
Steamers), 52 High street 

Brown, George (for A. Cross & Sons' 
Chem. manures, Glasgow), Com- 
mercial street 

Crockhart, Jas., & Son (for Spratt's 
dog cakes), Allan street 

Duncan, G. S. (manure), 28 Brown st. 

Low, Thomas (sewing machines), 
21 Allan street 

Macdonald, Misses (for Stevenson 
Brothers, dyers), Allan street 

Panton, John (manure), Allan street 

Reid, Robt. (house& estate) Leslie st. 

Strain, John (for the Anchor Line), 
New Rattray 

Webster, Geo. (N.B. Railway Co.), 
Commercial street 

Wordie & Co. (railway goods), Rail- 
way station 

Agricultural Implement Makers. 

Bisset, J., & Sons 

Fraser, James S. , & Son, Rattray 

M'Kinnon, John, Wellmeadow 
Reid, Robert (and appraiser), Leslie 

Scott, James, Westfield, Rattray 


Bell, John, New Rattray 
Blairgowrie Co-Operative Society, 

High street 
Clyde, James, New Rattray 
Gordon, James, 21 Wellmeadow 
Hall, Joseph, 5 Leslie street 
Halson, George, Wellmeadow 
Reid, Alexander, 13 Allan street 
Reid, J. & A., 18-20 Leslie street 
Richardson, James, High street 
Robertson, Peter, Perth street 
Robertson, William, 62 High street 
Russell, James, 44 Leslie street 


Bank of Scotland, High st.— Robt. 
Robertson, agent 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, Vic- 
toria buildings, Wellmeadow — 
A. W. Bennett, agent 

North of Scotland Bank, Leslie 
street — J. B. Miller, agent 

Penny Savings Bank, Mission House, 
Reform st — (open on Saturdays 
from 7 till 8 evening— David 
Mitchell, manager 

Royal Bank of Scotland, Allan st. — 
John Panton, agent ; John Rob- 
ertson, accountant 

Savings Bank, Allan street — John 
Panton, cashier 

Union Bank of Scotland, Well- 
meadow — James D. Sharp, agent 



Barty, David, Meikleour 

Bisset, John, & Sons, Greenbank 

Fraser, Jas. S., & Son (& engineers), 

Gordon, Edward, Westfield, Rattray 
Hutchison, Eliz. , Upper Allan st. 
Jones, William, Clunie 
Rattray, John, Lochend, Kinloch 
Robertson, John, Croft lane 
Slater, James, High street 
Smail, John, 65 A Perth street 
Thomson, William, Bendochy 
Williamson, John, Wellmeadow 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Dryerre, Henry, 10 High street 
M'Hardie, Jane, High street 
Smith, David, Wellmeadow 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Adamson, Alexander, 15 Leslie st. 
Anderson, James, Reform street 
Burgess, Margaret, 46 High street 
Cameron, John, 66 High street 
Culross, James, 4 Allan street 
Farquharson, James, 14 High street 
Kennedy, James, New Rattray 
Lamb, Wm. G., & Son, 19 Leslie st. 
Melville, P. & Son, New Rattray 
Mitchell, Alexander, Rattray 
M'Farlane, G., 99 High street 
Nicoll, Thos. M. (dealer), 36 High st. 
Stewart, James, Rattray 


Ogilvy, Jas., Blairgowrie Brewery, 
Allan street 


Brown, Allan, 1 1 High street 
Duff, Mrs. William, 15 Croft lane 
Fell, John D., 7 Wellmeadow 
Fell, John D. , jun., New Rattray 
M'Dougall, John, Perth street 

Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. 

Clow, Henry, 20 Allan street 
Murray, Wm. A. M.. George street 
M 'Ritchie, David, Mitchell square 

Carpet and Matting Manufacturers. 

Kinmond, Luke, & Co. (and horse 
clothing), Ericht Linen Works 

Cart Owners and Contractors. 

Bell, George, Jessie street 
Brown, George, Commercial street 
Dick, James, Tannage street 
Gow, John, Muirton 
Jamieson, Peter, Terminus 
MTntosh, John, 40 Jessie street 
Neilson, Alexander, Commercial st. 
Robertson, Andrew, Perth street 
Robertson, John, Mitchell square 
Stewart & Bisset, railway station 
Webster, George, Commercial street 
Wordie & Co., Railway station 
Young, William, Cherry row 

Cartwrights (see also Joiners). 

Abercromby, Jessie street 
Anderson, James, Lethendy 
Bisset, John & Sons, Greenbank 
Morris, James, Ericht lane 
Ross, William, Tannage street 
Scott, John& Son, Westfield, Rattray 
Smail, John, 65A Perth street 

Cattle Dealers. 

Brown, Allan, 11 High street 
Duff, Mrs. William, Croft lane 
Fell, John D. , 7 Wellmeadow 
Panton & Co., Allan street 
Peebles, Robert, Meikleour 
Richardson, David, Union street 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Crerar, Edward, 7 High street 
Grant, William, 42 High street 

China, Glass, &*c, Dealers. 

Herrighty, Patrick (& rag), Rattray 
Quin, Henry, 16 Reform street 

Coach Proprietors £r Posting Houses. 

Allison, Alex. , Royal Hotel, Allan st. 
Dewar, James, Perth street 
Dow, William, Royal Hotel, Rattray 
Grant, A., Victoria Hctel, Well- 



M 'Donald, George, Queen's Hotel, 
High street 

Mitchell, David, Rail. Hotel, Well- 

Coal Merchants. 

Brown, George, Commercial street 

Dick, James, Tannage street 

Neilson, Alex, (and hay and straw), 
Commercial street 

Stewart & Bisset (and lime, potato, 
&c. ), railway station 

Webster, George (and hay and straw), 
Commercial street 

Whitton, James (dealer) 56 Perth st. 

Young, Wm. (dealer), Cherryrow 

Bell, John, New Rattray 
Gordon, James, 21 Wellmeadow 
Halson, George, Wellmeadow 
Reid, Alexander, 13 Allan street 
Richardson, James, High street 
Robertson, William, 62 High street 

Com Merchants. 
Brown, George, Commercial street 
Campsie, James, Perth street 
Fullarton, Wm. & James, Ryehill 
Panton, John, Royal Bank Buildings 
Panton, William, Blairgowrie 
Strain, John, New Rattray 
Webster, George, Commercial street 

Stewart, John (Tuesday, 10 a.m.), 44 
High street 


Marked thus * are also Milliners, and 

thus t are Milliners only. 

* Anderson, James W. , 12 Allan st. 

fDuncan, Margaret, 15 Perth road 

Geddes, Mary, Leslie street 
tPanton, Margaret, 22 Allan street 

Smith, Jessie, Reform street 
tStewart, David, New Rattray 

Stewart, Jane, Poplar Cot., John st. 
tStewart, Jemima, 26 Leslie street 
tThomson, T. & J. , 5 Wellmeadow 

Whitehead, Robert, 41 High street 
*Wright & Ewing, 15 Allan street 
fYoung, Margaret, Wellmeadow 

Abercromby (and millwright), Jessie 

Bisset, J., & Sons (agricultural) 
Fraser, James S., & Son, Rattray 
Laird, David (sanitary), Emma street 

Anderson. Isaac H., Commercial 

Bank, Brown street 
Panton, John, Royal Bank Buildings, 

Allan street 
Sharp, James D., Union Bank of 

Scotland, Wellmeadow 

Farina Manufacturer. 

Ogilvy, James, Carsie and Murthly; 

office, 9 Allan St., Blairgowrie 

Ford, John L., Brown street and 

High street 
Fyfe, Alexander, 28 Allan street 
M 'Donald, Alexander, 14 Leslie St. 
Stewart, William, 31 Leslie street 

Flax, Tow, and Jute Spinners. 
Blairgowrie Spinning Co., Westfield, 

and Bramble Bank Mills, New 

Grimond, David, Lornty, Brooklyn, 

Oakbank, and Ashbank Mills 
Kinmond, Luke, & Co. , Ericht Linen 

Low, David, Keith Bank Mill, 

M'Intyre & Co., Erichtside Works 
Proctor, D. & A., Ashgrove W'orks 
Templeman, David, W. Mill, Rattray 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 
Baxter, John, Rattray 
Farquhar, Robert, 66 High street 
Ford, John L. , High street 
Grant, William, Bank Buildings 
Lauder, Jane, High street 
Stewart, William, 31 Leslie street 

Furniture Brokers. 
Channon, John, Wellmeadow 
Cumming, Mrs., Leslie street 
Dall, Mrs. Wm., 30 Reform street 
Quin, Henry, 16 Reform street 



Game Dealers. 

Baxter, John, New Rattray 
Ford, J. L., High street 
Fyfe, Alexander, 28 Allan street 
Keith, James, 32 High street 
Mitchell, James, 36 Leslie street 

Grocers and General Dealers. 

Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers 
(See also Vintners). 

Allan, Jane, 39 Perth street 

*Allison, Charles K., 65 High street 
Bisset, Susan, 52 High street 
Blairgowrie Co-operative Society,28 
High st. — A. B. Michie, mangr. 
Cowper, James, New Rattray 
Douglas, John, 3 Perth street 
Elder, Ann, New Rattray 
Fleming, D. & Co., Leslie street 

and Reform street 
Fleming, John, 25 Reform street 
Ford, J. L. (and fish and poultry 
store), 23 High street 

*Grant, John F., High street, New 
Grant, William, Bank Buildings 
Hall, Joseph, 5 Leslie street 

*Isles, Mrs Robert, 3 High street 
Kyd & Banks, 14 Perth street 
M 'Donald, James M., 28 Allan st. 
M'Laren, Ann, 38 Perth street 
Mitchell, James, 36 Leslie street 
Mitchell, Wm., Westfield, Rattray 
Reid, T- & A., 18-20 Leslie street 
Reid, M. , Allan street 
Rettie William, 35 Allan street 
Robertson, Alexander, Rattray 
Robertson, Peter, 50 Perth street 

*Robertson, Peter, 51 High street 

*Stewart, John, 25 Allan street 
Stewart, John, Wellmeadow 

*Stevvart, William, 33 Leslie street 
Strain, John, New Rattray 

* Webster, John L., 4 Leslie street 
Whittet, Thomas, 9 Perth street 


Henderson, James, Allan street 

M 'Kenzie, Thos. L. , 23 Wellmeadow 

Steven, David, Bridgend 


Blairgowrie Hotel, Wellmeadow — 
Hector W. M'Callum, proprietor 
Commercial — John Wilson, Well- 
Douglas — John Douglas, Gas Brae 
Queen's — Geo. M'Donald, High st. 
Railway — David Mitchell, Well- 
Royal — Alex. Allison, High street 
Royal — Wm. Dow, New Rattray 
Station — Mrs. Anderson, proprietor 
Victoria — J. Grant, Wellmeadow 

Iron and Brass Founders. 

Bisset, J., & Sons, Blairgowrie 
Templeman, Robert R. , Perth st. 


Adamson, David, 1 High street 
Grant, John F., High st., Rattray 
Kirkwood, William, The Cross 
Moncur, William, 7 Allan street 
Morrison, Mrs J., Bridgend 
Strain, John, New Rattray 
Templeman, Wm., Perth street 


(See also Cabinetmakers, and likewise 

Bisset, Alexander, Rattray 
Brough Thomas, George street 
Crammond, Wm. , Coupar Grange 
Doig, Thomas, Balmoral road, New 

Howie, James, New Rattray 
Keay, James, Strone of Cally 
M'Glashan, John, Forneth 
Morris, James, Croft House 
Robertson, James, Clunie 
Robertson, J no. , Castle St., Perth st. 
Ross, William, Tannage street 
Scott, John, & Son, Rattray 
Sime, Alexander, New Rattray 
Somerville, John, Croft lane 
Steven, Thomas, Keay street 

Lime, Brick, and Tile Merchants. 

Brown, George, Commercial street 
Duncan, George, Tannage street 



Neilson, Alex., Commercial street 
Stewart & Bisset (& coal & manure), 

railway station 
Webster, George, Commercial st. 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 

Anderson, D., 26 Wellmeadow 
Anderson, James W., 12 Allan st. 
Carmichael, Thomas, 15 Perth st. 
Jamieson, James, 1 Allan street 
Molison, Thomas Y., 19 Allan st. 
Sim, Alexander, Rattray 
Stewart, David, New Rattray 
Thomas, T. & J., 5 Wellmeadow 
Whitehead, Robert, 41 High street 
Wright & Ewing, 15 Allan street 

Ogilvy, James, Allan street 
Panton, John, Royal Bank buildings 
Panton, Wm., Blairgowrie & Caputh 

Manure Aleirhants and Agents 
Brown, George, Commercial street 
Duncan, George S., Tannage street 
Neilson, Alex., Commercial street 
Panton, John, Allan street 
Stewart & Bisset, railway station 
Webster, George, Commercial st; 

Masons and Builders. 
Duncan, Thos., Balmoral road, New 

Millar, William, Rattray 
Morrison, Andrew, Rattray 
Smith, Jas., Viewfield, New Rattray 
Steven, George, Perth street 

Baxter, Peter, Mill of Millhole 
Campsie, James, Forneth & Clunie 
Fullarton, Wm. & James, Coupar 

M'Leod, Thomas, Marlee Mill 
Panton, Jno. , Royal Bank buildings 

Mineral Water Manufacturers. 
Ogilvy, James (and brewer), Blair- 
gowrie Brewery, Allan street 
Stewart, James, Perth road 
Stewart, William, Leslie street 

Music and Musical Instrument 
Dall, Mrs William, Reform street 
Dryerre, Henry, 20 High street 

Blairgowrie Advertiser (Saturday) — 
Alex. Allan, publisher, Reform st. 

Nurserymen and Seedsmen. 
(See also Seedsmen). 
Banks, Thomas, Westfield, Rattray 
Grant, James, Newton st. Nursery 
M'Pherson, Donald, Ericht Bank 
Painters and Paperhangers. 
Bridie, John, 1 Leslie street 
Donald, Peter K., 17 High street 
Smith, John, 24 High street 


Geddes, Ewan, 40 Perth street 
Milne, David, & Son, 13 High st. 

Kidd, Robert, High street 
Laird, David, Emma street 
Templeman, William, Perth street 

Potato Merchants. 
Brown, George, Commercial street 
Stewart & Bisset, railway station 
Webster, George, railway station 

Bain, Alexander, Meadow place 
Henderson, Alex., 16 Wellmeadow 
M'Lauchlan, Elizabeth, 5 Allan st. 

Saw Mill Proprietors. 

Anton, James, Kinloch 
Falconer, William, Rosemount 
Panton, John, Royal Bank buildings- 
Rattray, James, Blairgowrie Saw 

Blairgowrie Science & Art Schools, 
James street — Daniel S. Calder- 
wood, M.A., headmaster; John 
Brown and John Barbour, science 



James st. — Daniel S. Calderwood, 
M.A., headmaster ; John Barbour, 
second master ; John Brown, assis- 
tant master ; Miss Bremner, mis- 
tress; Isabella Pennycook, l.l.a. , 
assistant mistress ; Janet Cowan, 
sewing mistress 
Bendochy — William T. Anderson, 

Clunie — John Young, master 
Kinloch — John Arnott, master 
Persie — Wm. M'C. Smith, master 
Rattray — Charles Scott, master; 
Henrietta C. Allan, mistress ; 
David Lawson, Catherine Mit- 
chell & Marjory Crichton, assists. 
Rattray (Craigmill)— Margt. Flem- 
ing, mistress 
Roman Catholic School, John St. — 
Jessie M'Conachie, mistress 

(See also Nurserymen and Seedsmen). 
Adamson, David, I High street 
Ford, John L. , High street 
Grant, John F. , High street, New 

Grant & Rodger, Allan street 
Kirk wood, William, The Cross 
Moncur, William, 7 Allan street 
Strain, John, New Rattray 

Craigie, William, 21 George street 
Duncan, Daniel, Rattray 
Leith, Hugh, & Sons, 47 Reform st. 
M'Quattie, James, 47 William st. 

Marked thus * are also Notaries. 

Anderson, Chapman, & Co., Brown 

*Anderson, Isaac Henry, s.s.C. 
(Anderson, Chapman, & Co. — 
clerk to the Commissioners of In- 
come and Property Tax ; clerk of 
lieutenancy, depute clerk of the 
peace, and clerk, treasurer, and 
collector for the eastern district 
County Council, clerk to Rattray 
Heritors and Parochial Board), 
Brown street 

Kennoway, J. P., Royal Bank 
Lochhead, James, Leslie street 
Miller, John B. (and clerk to the 
Police Commissioners of Rattray, 
clerk to the Parochial Board and 
clerk and treasurer to the School 
Boards of Rattray, Persie, and 
Bendochy, Burgh Fiscal, & Sheriff 
Clerk Depute), Leslie street 
M'Laren, James, 28 Brown street 
Nelson & M 'Donald, Wellmeadow 
*Panton, John, Royal Bank of 

Scotland, Allan street 
*Robertson, Robert (and town clerk, 
stamp distributer, collector of 
taxes for the district of Blair- 
gowrie, and clerk and treasurer 
to the Blairgowrie School Board), 
Bank of Scotland, High street 

Stock and Share Broker. 

Panton, John, Royal Bank buildings 


Duncan, William, m.b., cm., 63 

High street 
Hood, Thomas A. F., m.b. , cm., 

Ivy Bank, New Rattray 
Lunan, Chas. S., m.d., cm., High st. 
Lunan, Robert, l.r.c.s., High st. 

Marked thus * are also Clothiers. 
*Clark, Mungo, 21 Leslie street 
*Craik, Walter, & Son, New Rattray 
Hutcheson, A. C, Cross 
Jamieson, James, I Allan street 
Keith, James 
*Low, Thomas, 9 Wellmeadow 
*Molison, Thomas Y., 19 Allan st. 
Robertson, Robert, 58 High street 
*Scott, Charles, & Son, 32 Allan st. 
*Stewart, David, New Rattray 
Stewart, John, New Rattray 
Whyte, Joseph, 48 High street 

Teachers of Music. 

Carmichael, Mrs. 
Chalmers, Miss, Elmbank 
Duff, Mrs., Croft Lane 



Dryerre, Henry, 10 High street 
Howells, Geo. F., A. CO., Elm Bank 
Miller, Miss, Springbank 
M'Intosh, Miss, Newton street 
Morrison, Miss, Rattray 
Ogilvy, James, Gowan Brae 
Robertson, Misses, James street 
Webster, Miss, Brown street 

Timber Merchants. 

Falconer, William, Rosemount 
Panton, John, Royal Bank 

Tinplate Workers. 

Kidd, Robert, High street 
Kirkwood, William, The Cross 
Moncur, William, Allan street 
Templeman, William, Perth street 


Beveridge, Jemima, 7 Leslie street 
Dryerre, Henry, 10 High street 
Grant, — 
Smith, David, Wellmeadow 

Toy Dealers. 

Anderson & Lamb, Misses, 2 Leslie 

Kiddie, Peter, 43 Perth street 
Nicoll, Thomas M., 36 High street 
Saunders, Isabella, 24 High street 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

M'Nair, Robert, M.R.c.v.s., Ericht 

Bank Cottage, Rattray 
Spalding, James, M.R.c.v.s., 21 

Brown street 


(See also Hotels and Grocers.) 

Alexander, James (Marlee Hotel), 

Ambrose, Alexander (Stormont Inn), 

101 Perth street 
Bell, Alex. (Crown), Wellmeadow 
Cooper, John, 26 Perth street 
Douglas, John (Douglas), Reform st. 
Ferguson, Mrs. Jane, 8 Leslie street 
Forbes, John, Persie 
George, Mrs. Georgina (Rattray Inn), 


Mitchell, David (Railway), Well- 

Reid, John (Ogilvy Arms), Well- 

Wilson, J. (Commercial), Well- 

Watch and Clock Makers. 

Anderson, David (and lapidary), 23 

Allan street 
Gourlay, John, Tannage street 
Miller, James, 43 Allan street 
Strachan, James, Allan street 


Adam, John, police inspector, 

William street 
Adam, Robert, mill manager, West- 
mill, Rattray 
Allan, Alex., printer, Reform street 
Anderson, Andw. , dyer, 80 High st. 
Blairgowrie & Rattray Temperance 

Hotel & Coffee House Co., Ltd., 

Meadow place — Matthew Todd, 

manager ; P. J. Butchart, secy. 

and treasurer 
Cadenhead, William, stationmaster, 

Station House 
Campsie, James, meal merchant, 

Perth street 
Channon, Jno., cooper, Wellmeadow 
Conacher, Charles, coachbuilder, 

Jessie street 
Crockart, James, & Son, gun and 

fishing tackle makers, Allan street 
Falconer, Lake, burgh surveyor, 

George street 
Falconer, Lake & James, architects 

and C.E. , 7 George street 
Hodge, William, road contractor, 

New Rattray 
Kennoway, J. P., solicitor, secretary 

Strathmore Economic Building 

Kerr, John, mill manager, Keith 

bank, New Rattray 
M 'Donald, Misses, hosiers, Allan st. 
Mailer, Jno., sheriff officer, Union st. 
Marshall, Robert, firewood dealer, 

37 Leslie street 



Morrison, Donald, cowkeeper, 
George street 

Neish, William S., mill manager, 
Bramble Bank, New Rattray 

O'Neill, Edward, riddle maker and 
clothes dealer, Gas brae 

Shepherd, Robert, & Co., lath ren- 
ders, New Rattray 

Sim, Alexander, smallvvare dealer, 
New Rattray 

Thom, James R., collector of poor 
and water rates, North of Scot- 
land Bank, Leslie street 

Thom, James R. , bank accountant, 

Thomson, Thomas, mill manager, 
Westfield, New Rattray 

Young, Mrs Margaret, baby linen 
dealer, Wellmeadow 

Places of Worship &* their Ministers. 


Blairgowrie — Rev. Rob. Kemp, M.A. 
Blairgowrie, Reform st. (St. Mary's) 

— Rev. Robert Stewart 
Bendochy — Rev. George Brown 
Clunie — Rev. Alex. Aytoun Young 
Kinloch — Thomas Miln, B.D. 
Rattray — Rev. Andrew W. Herd- 

man, M.A. 
Chapel, Persie— Rev. Thos. Smith 


James street (first) — Rev. John Bax- 
ter, D.D. 
Reform street (south) — Rev. Mal- 
colm White, M.A. 
Clunie — Rev. Charles Keith 
Lethendy — Rev. Alexander Gordon 
Rattray— Rev. Adam Ross 

Episcopal Church (St. Catherine's) 
— Rev. Frederick William Davis 

Independent Chapel, William st. — 
Rev. Ebenezer Marshall Tennant 

Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel, Blair- 

United Presbyterian Church, Ratt- 
ray — Rev. Robert Russell 

Roman Catholic Chapel, Bank street 

— Rev. J. Malcolm, priest 
Mission House, Reform street 
Mission Room (Wesleyan Metho- 
dist), Balmoral road, i\ew Rattray 

Police Commissioners and 


Chief Magistrate — John Bridie 
Junior VI agistrates— Wni. G. Lamb 

and James Stewart 
Commissioners — William Stewart, 

Mungo Clark, James Chalmers, 

J. Smith, Thomas Low, Alexander 

Reid, W. A. Murray, J. Ogilvy, 

and George Brown 
Clerk — Robert Robertson, Bank of 

Scotland, High street 
Treasurer and Collector — J. Sidey 

Nelson, Bank Buildings 


Chief Magistrate— John Strain 
Junior Magistrates — Thomas Doig 

and J. Smith 
Commissioners — Alex. Robertson, 

Daniel Duncan, James Scott, 

f. Hovelsroncl. W. Wood, and 

J. Milne 
Clerk— Tohn B. Miller 
Treasurer— Patrick J. Butchart 

Blairgowrie and Rattray Choral 

President — Dr. R. Lunan 
Secretary— Henry Dryerre 
Conductor — Geo. F. Howells, A. CO. 

Mechanics' Institute. 


President — A. D. Grimmond 
Vice-Presidents — John Bridie and 

Thomas Stevens 
Secretary — James Stewart 
Treasurer — Daniel Calderwood 
Keeper — Lake Falconer 

Session Clerks. 
Blairgowrie Parish— Jas. D. Sharp, 
Union Bank Buildings 



St. Mary's Parish, Blairgowrie — 

George S. Duncan, George street 

Rattray Parish — Chas. Scott, Rattray 

Bendochy Parish — W. T. Anderson, 

Clunie — John Young 
Kinloch Parish — J. Arnot, Kinloch 
Persie Parish — A. Croal, Bridge of 

Registrars and Inspectors of Poor. 

Bendochy District — William T. 

Blairgowrie District — Vacant 
Clunie District — John Young; Wm. 

Robertson, inspector of poor 
Kinloch — John Arnott 
Lethendy — John Arnott 
Persie District —John M'Pherson, 

Bridge of Cally, registrar 
Rattray — Patrick J. Butchart 

Fifth Volunteer Battallion Royal 

Major — John Baxter 
Lieutenant — James Ogilvy, jun. 
Drill Instructor — James Whyte 

Angling Club (Working Men's) — 

James M'Intosh, secretary 
Bicycle Club— Robt. Keid, jun., sec. 
Blairgowrie Gas I ight Company — 

J. P. Butchart, secretary 
Bowling Club, Blairgowrie — Wm. 

Crockart, secretary 
Cricket Club, Blairgowrie -J. D. 

Robertson, secy, ; D. Butchart, 

secretary 2nd eleven 
Curling Club, Ardblair— Rev. F. 

W. Davis, secretary 
Curling Club, Blairgowrie — J. I). 

Sharp, secretary 
Curling Club, Rattray - J. Mailer, 

Curling Club, Strathardle— J. C. 

Constable of Cally, secretary 
Eastern District Road Trustees— I. 

Henry Anderson, clerk, treasurer, 

and collector 
Fire Engine Station, John street — 

John Smail, captain 

Football Club, Blairgowrie — J.Clark, 
match secretary; Robt. Reid, jun., 
financial secretary 

Gaol, Brown st. — John Adam,inspt. 

Inland Rev. Office, Bank street — 
Robert Robertson 

Lieutenancy Office, Brown street — 
Isaac Henry Anderson, clerk 

Masonic Lodge (Blairgowrie Royal 
Arch. Chapter 178), Royal Hotel 
—Rev. F. W. Davis, Z. ; Robert 
Reid, H. ; James Lochhead, J. ; 
George S. Duncan, S.E. 

Mechanics' Institute and Working 
Men's Club, High street — James 
Stewart, secretary 

Procurator Fiscal's Office, North of 
Scotland Bank— J. B. Miller, fiscal 

Public Hall, Brown street — Lake 
Falconer, hall keeper 

Sheriff Clerk's Office, North of Scot- 
land Bank— J. B. Miller, clerk 

St. John's Lodge of Freemasons 
(No. 137), Town Hall— J. Car- 
stairs, R.W.M.; J. Smith, secretary 

Stamp and Tax office, High street — 
Robert Robertson, sub-distributor 

Town and Police Clerk's Office, 
High street 

Town Hall — Brown street 

Working Girls' Club — Ericht lane 

Young Men's Christian Association, 
High street— T. Hewat and D. 
Raitt, joint-secretaries 


Caledonian Railway. 
Blairgowrie— Wm. M. Cadenhead, 

Coaches from Blairgowrie. 
To Braemar (35 miles— via Spittal 

of Glenshee), daily in summer 
To Bridge of Cally and Kirkmichael 

(mail car), at 10.45 a - m - 
To Coupar- Angus (mail car), at 

11.45 a - m - 

Blairgowrie to Spittal of Glenshee— 

J. M'Intosh, Wellmeadow, Tues. 





POST OFFICE, Bridge of Earn, Robert G. Anderson, Postmaster. 
— Letters arrive from all parts at 7.15 a.m.; from Edinburgh, Glasgow, 
the South and North at 8.40 a.m. ; from Perth and the North at 4. 14 p.m. ; 
from Edinburgh and all parts at 6.6 p.m.; deliveries, 9 a.m. and 6.30 
p.m.; and are despatched to Glasgow, Dundee, Perth and the North at; 
8.30 a.m.; to Edinburgh, Glasgow, the South and East at 1.10 p.m.; 
to Perth and the North at 3 p.m. ; to Edinburgh, Dundee, the South and 
East at 4 p.m. ; to Dundee, Glasgow, Perth, the South, East, and West at 
5.45 p.m. ; to Dundee, Glasgow, the North, South, East, and West at 9.30 
p.m. Sundays, 4. 10 p.m. — Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings 

Post Office, Rhynd, William Hay, Postmaster. — Letters from all 
parts arrive (from Perth) at 9 a.m., and are despatched at 12 noon. — The 
nearest Money Order Office is at Bridge of Earn. 

Letters for Rhynd should be addressed " near Perth." 

*3|t* Names without an address are in Bridge of Earn. 


Black, J. M. 


Brough, James 

Christie Brothers, Rhynd 

MTntyre, Lachlan, Ballendrick 

Coal Agents. 

Mitchell, Robert 
Fordyce, John 
Cation, William 

Grocers and General Dealers. 

Deas & Co. (and spirit dealers) 
Morrison, Misses 
Sinclair, Alexander 


Heron, Mrs. Mary(M oner eiffe Arms) 
Lawson, Peter 


M'llvride, Lewis 

Joiners and Cabinet Makers. 

Hay, William, Rhynd 
Whittet, William 

Laing, J. Begbie, M.B. and CM. 

School Boards. 
Bridge of Earn — John Ellis, master ; 

Miss Barbara Dewar, mistress 
Rhynd — John M'Leish, master 

Anderson, R. G., saddler 
Barlas, James, builder, Pitkeathly 5f 
Bissett, William S., steward to Sir 

R. Moncreiffe, bart., Moncreiffe 
Brown, William W. , insurance agent, 

inspector of poor, session clerk, 

collector of rates, and clerk to 

Clement, Miss Helen, draper 
Deas, Jas., jun., clerk to Dunbarney 

School Board. 
Denovan, David, newsagent 
Kittles, James 
Geddes, Andrew, slater 
M'Leish, John, inspector of poor & 

collector of rates, Rhynd 
M'Pherson, James, bootmaker 
Mitchell, Miss Jessie, dressmaker 
Pitcaithly, George, lessee of salmon 

fisheries, Elcho Cottage, Rhynd 
Stewart, William, butcher 




Places of Worship and their 

Established Churches — 
Dunbarney — Rev. Thomas D. 

Kirkwood ; Rev. John Clark, 

colleague and successor 
Rhynd — James Ballingall, b.d. 
Free Church, Bridge of Earn — Rev. 

John H. Wells 

Bowling Club — Joseph Paul, sec. 
Gas Light Co., Limited — Tames 

Deas, jun., sec. and treas. 
Horticultural Soc. — John Ellis, sec; 

Joseph MacFarlane, treasurer, 


Kilgraston and Moncreiffe Curling 
Club— Sir Robert D. Moncreiffe, 
bart., pres. ; Wm. S. Bisset, sec. 

Mineral Wells, Pitkeathly— Reid & 
Donald, lessees 

Police Station — James E. Pirrie y 

Registrars — for Dunbarney Parish , 
Win. W. Brown, Bridge of Earn ; 
for Rhynd Parish, John M'Leish, 

Water Co., Ltd.— Robt. G. Ander- 
son, secretary and treasurer 


North British Railway. 

Bridge of Earn — James J. Morrison, 





POST OFFICE, Callander, Daniel Macewen, Postmaster. — Letters 
arrive from all parts at 11.45 P- m -> fr° m England, Edinburgh, Glasgow, 
and Stirling at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., and are despatched to Edinburgh, Glas- 
gow, and Stirling at 7.25 a.m., to Edinburgh and Glasgow at 10.45 a - m - 
during June, July, August, and September, and at 11.45 a ' m - thereafter, 
and to all parts at 3.25 and 6.55 p.m. — Money Order and Telegraph Office 
and Savings Bank. 

Post Office, Aberfoyle, John Ferguson, Postmaster. — Letters arrive 
from Stirling at 8.5 a.m. and 12.30 p.m., and are despatched thereto at 7.45 
a.m., and 3.45 and 6.45 p.m.— Money Order Office and Savings Bank. 

Post Office, Balquhidder, Margaret M'Kay, Postmistress. — Letters 
arrive from all parts at 8.20 a.m., and are despatched at 11 a.m. — The 
nearest Money Order Office is at Lochearnhead. 

Post Office, Bridge of turk, J. C. Hunter, Postmaster. — Letters. 
arrive from all parts at 8.20 a.m. during the summer, and 11.50 a.m. 
during winter, and are despatched at 3 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph 
Office and Savings Bank. 

Post Office, Gartmore, Daniel Murray, Postmaster. — Letters arrive 
from all parts at 7.30 a.m. and 1.0 p.m., and are despatched at 7.20 a.m. 
and 2.30 p.m. — The nearest Money Order Office is at Aberfoyle. 

Post Office, Kinlochard, John M'Beth, Postmaster. — Letters arrive 
from all parts at 7.30 a.m., and are despatched at 1.0 p.m. — The nearest 
Money Order Office is at Aberfoyle. 



Post Office, Lochearnhead, Henry Thornton, Postmaster. — Letters 
arrive from all parts at 7 and 10.30 a.m., and are despatched at 7 a.m. and] 
10 p.m. — Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank. 

Post Office, Railway Station, Lochearnhead, John K. James, Post- 
master. — Letters arrive from all parts during July, August, and September 
at 8 a.m., and remaining months at 9.40 a.m., and are despatched at 8.50 
a.m. and 3.27 p.m. — The nearest Money Order Office is at the village. 

Post Office, Port of Menteith, Isabella Wood, Postmistress. — 
Letters arrive from all parts at 2 a.m. and 1 p.m., and are despatched at 7 
a.m., and 5.15 p.m. — The nearest Money Order Office is at Aberfoyle. 

Post Office, Strath yre, Duncan Fisher, Postmaster. — Letters arrive, 
from all parts at 9.37 a.m., and are despatched at 3.27 p.m. — The nearest 
Money Order Office is at Lochearnhead. 

(See also House Agents.) 

Linklater, William (for J. Pullar & 
Sons, dyers), next door to Bank 
of Scotland, Main street 

M'Ewen, D. & J., & Co. (chemical 
manure), Callander, and at Stir- 
ling, Bridge of Allan, Crieff, and 

Ritchie, Jas. (commission), Main st. 


Campbell, Donald, Main street 
■Christie, Duncan 
Ferguson, John J., Main street 
Watson, Joseph G. , Gartmore and 


Bank of Scotland — Win. Thomson, 

■Commercial Bank of Scotland — 

Wm. M' Michael, agent ; John 

Robertson, accountant 
Penny Bank — Monday, from 7 till 8 

Berlin Wool and Fancy Repositories. 

M'Farlane, Mary, Main street 
Turner, Elizabeth, Main street 


Forbes, Thomas, Aberfoyle 
M'Gregor, Hugh, Bridge of Turk 
M'Kay, Alexander, Lochearnhead 
.M 'Naughton, Alex., Auchleshkine 

M'Nee, Peter, Ruskie, Port of Men- 
Stewart, Alexander, Callander 
Stewart, Daniel, Dykehead 
Strang, William, Cross street 

Booksellers, Stationer. 


Linklater, William, Main street 

M'Farlane, Mary S. (and fancy re- 
pository), Main street 

Murray, 1 nomas, & Son, railway 

Ritchie, James, Main street 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Campbell, John, Gartmore 
Deans, Adam, Main street 
Duncan, Mrs, Main street 
Dymock, John, Gartmore 
Ferguson, Donald, Strathyre 
Forbes, Daniel J., Main street 
M'Diarmid, Peter, Balquidder 
M'Farlane & Campbell (and mer- 
chants), Aberfoyle 
M'Farlane, Peter, Gartmore 
M'Gregor, Alex., Lochearnhead 
M'Tavish, Duncan, Main street 
Page & Don, Main street 
Patrick, James, Aberfoyle and Gart- 

Cattle Dealers. 

Fisher, Peter, Lennieston, Port of 



J Hill, Henry, Kingshouse, Balqu- 

M'Farlane, Charles, Brackland, 

M'Pherson, John, Lotts, Callander 
McLaren, Robert, Main street 
Mitchell, William, Gartur, Port of 


Chemist and Druggist. 

Scott, Alexander, Main street 

Coal Merchants. 

Haggart, John, Balquhidder 
Hall, James, Main street 
M'Lean, John, Bridgend 
M'Naughton, Peter, railway station, 

Melrose, Daniel (and lime), Main st. 
Ritchie, James (agent), Main street 
Stewart, James, Lagrannoch 


Buchanan, Elizabeth (dairy and re- 
freshment rooms), Main street 
M'Farlane, John, Main street 
Sinclair, James, Main street 


Buchanan, B., Main street 
Duncan, M. , Main street 
Fisher, J. & J., Main street 
Gunn, Catherine, Strathyre 
Macdonald, T. & J., Main street 
M'Millan, E., Main street 
Strang, H. & L, Cross street 

Fish and Game Dealers. 

M'Gregor, Christina, Main street 
Thomson, William B., West End 


Haggart, Peter, The Square 
M'Dougall, Donald, Main street 
M'Gregor, Colin, Main street 
M'Laren, Robert, Main street 


Fletcher, William, Main street 
Ritchie, Thomas, Trean Market 

Grocers and General Dealers. 

Buchanan, Elizabeth, Main street 
Cowbrough & Mercer, Main street 

and Aberfoyle 
Fisher, Duncan, Strathyre 
Forrest, William, Aberfoyle 
Haldane, John, Gartmore 
Hill, Richard (and spirit dealer) 
M 'Alpine, Elizabeth, Gartmore 
M'Beth, Margaret, Main street 
M'Coll, S. & A., Balquhidder 
M'Ewen, D. & J., cSc Co. (and wine 

M'Farlane, John, Main street 
M'Farlane, Walter, Gartmore 
M'Niven, D., Main street 
Mair, J. & A., Aberfoyle 
Mitchell, Thomas, Main street 
Stewart, Janet, Lochearnhead 
Thornton, Henry, Lochearnhead 
Watson, Joseph G., Gartmore 
Watt, W., Aberfoyle 

(See also Vintners.) 

Bailie Nicol Jarvie, Aberfoyle — 

James Blair, proprietor 
Caledonian Temperance Hotel — W. 

A. Biggs, Main street 
Crown — Mrs Menzies, Main street 
Dreadnought Hotel Co.— F. Kleffel, 

Duncan, Janet (temperance), Main 

Gow, Catherine (temperance), The 

Lake of Menteith Hotel, Port of 

Menteith — D. Stewart, proprietor 
Lochearnhead Hotel — J. E. Maisey, 

Head of Lochearn, Lochearnhead 
MacGregor Hotel, Main street — 

Hugh Wilson, proprietor 
Railway Inn — Mrs M'Laren, 

Strathyre Temperance Hotel — Wm. 

Stuart, Chas. (temperance), Main st. 
Trossachs — Robert Blair, Loch 





House Agents. 

Cowbrough & Mercer, Main street 

Fisher, Duncan (for Strathyre dis- 
trict, Strathyre 

M'Ewen, D. & J.,& Co., Callander, 
Stirling, Bridge of Allan, and 

Mitchell, Thomas, Main street 

Hydropath ic Establishment. 
Callander and Trossochs Hydro- 
pathic Co. 

M'Niven, D., Main street 
Melrose, Daniel, Main street 

Joiners and Cartwrights. 

Blair, Duncan, Gartmore 
Brown, John, & Son, Callander 
Clelland, David, Aberfoyle 
Dewar, Hugh, Auchraw, Lochearn- 

Drysdale, Roderick, Bridgend 
Duncanson, John, Cross street 
Lambert, Anderson, Aberfoyle 
M 'Alpine, Duncan, Balquhidder 
M 'Alpine, William, Gartmore 
M 'Call, Gilbert, The Loan 
M'Naughton, John, Strathyre 
M'Niven, D., & Son (and builders) 
Munro, Duncan, Gartmore 
Murray, Daniel, Gartmore 
Napier, Alexander, Dykehead, Port 

of Menteith 
Rodgers, John, & Son, Kilmahog 
Smith, John, Callander 
Spy, Isaac, Lochearnhead 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 

Duncan, Mrs, Main street 
Fisher, Duncan, Strathyre 
M'Donald, T. & J., Main street 
MacFarlane & Campbell, Aberfoyle 
M'Farlane, Margt. (linen), Main st. 
Stewart, Jane, Lochearnhead 
Thornton, Henry, Lochearnhead 

Masons and Builders. 

Collier, Gideon, East End 
Drysdale, Alexander, Callander 

Ferguson, John, & Sons, East End 
M'Alpine, Tohn, Port of Menteith 
M'Farlane,' David, Brig o' Turk 
Stewart, Alex., Bridgend, Gartmore 
Watt, John, Aberfoyle 

Millers (Com). 

Ferguson, Duncan, Milton, Aber- 
Hamilton, Duncan, Kilmahog 

Painters and Paperhangers. 

Liles, William, Main street 
Lister, Richard, Main street 

Plumbers and Gas fitters. 

Henderson, John (reg. ), Main street 
Russell, Peter (reg.), Main street 

Quarry Owners. 

Aberfoyle Slate Quarries Co. — reg. 
office, Aberfoyle, Perthshire — J. 
Russell Lindsay, c.E., secretary 
and manager 

Refreshment Rooms. 

Railway Station, Callander — James 
Smith, lessee 

Saddler and Harness Maker. 

Fisher, Daniel 


Eastmains House— W. B. Gray, 


The M'Laren High School— John 
Anderson, m.a., rector; Miss 
Taylor, l.l.a. , assistant 

Callander Public School — Robert 
Fulton, headmaster; Janet M' Ar- 
thur and M. G. Mills, mistresses 

Aberfoyle — John MTntyre, master 

Balquhidder — • W. R. Landles, 

Dyke Head — Sam. Laudner, master 

Gartmore — Jas. A. Menzies, master 


Lochearnhead — Donald Robertson, 



Port of Menteith — John Hunter, 

Ruskie — James Kennedy, master 
Trossachs — Jas. C. Hunter, master 

Subscription School, Lochearnhead 
— Joan Duff, mistress 


M'Laren, Hugh, M.R., cm., Ann- 
field House 

M'Gregor, Thomas, M.B., CM., 

Smith, John, m.d. , Drummond 

Todd, James, Tulipan Lodge 

Campbell, Alex., Lochearnhead 
Duncan, Mrs, Main street 
Glen, William, Main street 
Law, Henry, Callander 
M'Farlane & Campbell, Aberfoyle 
M 'Donald, T. & J., Callander 
M'Kenzie, Donald, Gartmore 
M'Laren, John, Main street 

Teachers of Music. 
M'Niven, Annie, Main street 
Todd, Grace, Tulipan Lodge 
Walters, J. 

j Fisher, Janet (Star), Strathyre 
1 Hill, Henry (King's House), Bal- 
Kerr, Jas. (Black Bull), Gartmore 
M'Adam, Alex. (Vulcan), Gartmore 
M'Laren, Mrs (Railway), Strathyre 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 
Gumming, William, Kilmahog 
Stewart, D. & J., Main street 

Wine Merchants, 
Cowbrough & Mercer 
Hill, Richard, Main street 
M'Ewen, D. & J., & Co. 
Mitchell, Thomas, Main street 

Wool and Sheep Dip Merchants. 
M'Ewen, D. & J., & Co. 

Writers and Notaries. 

M 'Michael, William (and clerk to 
Burgh Commissioners, and clerk 
and treasurer to Callander, Tross- 
achs, and Port of Menteith School 
Boards), Comml. Bank of Scotland 

Thomson, William (and depute 
clerk of the peace, and clerk and 
treasurer to School Board of Dun- 
blane, Ardoch, and Balquhidder 
parishes), Bank of Scotland, Cal- 


Anderson, Andrew, tweed manu- 
facturer, Kilmahog Mills 

Bayne, Robert, wire fencing and 
carting contractor, East End 

Blair, Robert, coach proprietor, Cal- 
lander and Trossachs coaches, 
Trossachs Hotel 

Burlinson, Chas., upholsterer, Main 

Dickson, Jas., land steward, Stron- 
var, Balquhidder 

Finlay, Ferguson, plasterer, Main st. 

Bisset, J., missionary, Bridgend 

Imrie, William, fishing tackle maker 
and gunsmith, Station road 

M 'Alpine, Henry, carrier 

M 'Alpine, Walter, slater, Church st. 

M'Gregor, Hugh, ground officer, 
Auchtoo, Balquhidder 

M'Pherson, Robert,, hair dresser, 
Main street 

M'Tavish, Dun., tobacconist, Main 

Thomson, William B., fruiterer, 
china, glass, &c. , dealer, Main st. 

Watson, Alexander C. , gas manager, 
Cross street 

Waugh, Andrew, wire fencer, Main 


Places of Worship and their 
Established Churches — 
. Aberfoyle— Rev. Wm.. M. Taylor 



Balquhidder — Rev. David Cam- 
eron, B. D. 
Callander — Rev . Geo. Walker, B. D. 
Gartmore — Rev. Andrew Irving 
Port of Menteith— Rev. John John- 
Trossachs — Rev. William Wilson 
Episcopal Church, Lochearnhead 
Episcopal Church (St. Andrew's), 
Callander — Rev. Thomas W. 
Hunter, m.a. 
Free Churches — 
Callander — Rev. Andrew Bogle ; 
colleague and successor, Rev. 
Harry A. A. Kennedy, M.A. 
Gartmore — Rev. Malcolm M'Lean 
Lochearnhead — Rev. D. M. Mac- 
Rae, M.A. 
Mission Hall, Callander 

Balquhidder Parish Library — W. K. 

Landles, librarian 
Cemetery — John Turner, keeper 
Coffee and Reading Room, Loch- 
earnhead — Mrs Arnott, keeper 
Curling Club — J. G. Cater, secy. 
Cycling Club — William Thomson, 
solicitor, president; Dun. Stewart, 
Gartmore Free Library — John 

M'Callum, librarian 
Gas Co. — Alex. C. Watson, manager 
Golf Club— J. B. B. Hamilton, 
pres. ; Wm. Thomson, solicitor, 
Inspectors of Poor — For Callander, 
James M 'Donald, West Main st. ; 
for Balquhidder Parish, Peter 
Ferguson ; for Port of Menteith, 
Alexander Cross, Buchlyvie ; for 
Aberfoyle, John MTntyre, school- 
National Bible Society of Scotland — 

William Thomson, treasurer 
Police Office— Petrie, sergeant 
Police Office, Port of Menteith 
Public Hall — A. Buchanan, lessee 
Registrars — For Balquhidder Parish, 
W. K. Landles ; for Callander, 
Robert Fulton; for Aberfoyle, 

John MTntyre ; for Port of Men- 
teith, John Hunter 

Stamp Office — Duncan Stewart, sub- 

Y. M. C. Association — Alex. Scott, 
president ; John Anderson, secy. 


Caledonian Railway. 

Callander — Andrew A. Johnstone, 
stationmaster ; J. A. Thomson, 
goods agent 

Lochearnhead — John K. James, 

Strathyre - — John R. Sunderland, 

Also a stopping station at Kings- 
house for Balquhidder 

North British Railway, 

Aberfoyle — David Smith, station- 

Port of Menteith — William Dow, 

Gartmore — Thos. Ferguson, station- 


On Loch Katrine from the Trossachs 
to Stronachlachar, in connection 
with Coaches to Inversnaid, and 
Trains to Glasgow, &c, several 
times daily during summer — Jas. 
Munro, capt. ; Wm. M 'Michael, 


To Callander from Loch Katrine 
and the Trossachs Hotel, several 
times daily during summer 

To Loch Katrine from Callander 
and the Trossachs Hotel, several 
times daily during summer 

To the Trossachs from Blair's Coach 
Offices and Station, several times 
daily during summer — Samuel 
Milliken, manager 

To the Trossachs and Loch Katrine 
daily during the season, from the 
Bailie Nicol Jarvie Hotel, Aber 




POST OFFICE, Bridge street, Comrie, James Miller, Postmaster.— 
Letters from all parts arrive (from Crieff) at 6.35 and 11.45 a.m., and are 
despatched to all parts at 8.30 and 1 1. 30 a.m., and 4.30 p.m. In winter 
first arrival 7.5 a.m. — Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings 

Post Office, St. Fillans, Margaret Ferguson, Postmistress. — Letters 
from all parts arrive (from Crieff) at 7. 15 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. in summer, 
and 3.10 p.m. in winter; and are despatched thereto at 8.15 a.m. and 
3.55 p.m. — Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank. 


Brough & Macpherson (for J. Pullar 
& Sons, dyers), Dunira street 

Comrie, John (for Cross & Sons, 
manure), Dunira street 

MTntyre Don. (for P. & P. Camp- 
bell, dyers), Drummond street 


Gray, Archibald, Drummond street 
M 'Cowan, Duncan, Dalginross 
M'Culloch, John, Burrell street 
Turnbull, William, Drummond street 


Commercial Bank of Scotland — 
Henry Campbell, agent ; W. Miller 

Crerar, John, Dunira street 
Dewar, John, St. Fillans 
Gow, David, Lochlane, Monzievaird 
M'Gregor, John, Monzievaird 
MacNab, James, Drummond street 
M'Nab, J., Tullybannocher 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Comrie, Duncan, Melville square 
Drummond, William, Drummond St. 
Miller, David, Bridge street 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Brough & Macpherson, Dunira street 
Drummond, William, Dundas street 
Gorrie, James, Drummond street 
jM'Intyre, Donald (dealer), Drum- 
mond street 

Millar, David, Dundas street 
Paton, Joseph, Dalginross 

China, Glass, £fc, Dealers. 

Bradley, Sarah, Drummond street 
M'Tavish, Francis, Drummond St. 

Coal Merchants. 

Gilfillan, Thomas, Dalginross 
M'Dougall, James 


Brough & Macpherson, Dunira street 
Comrie, C. & M. , Melville square 
Eadie, Maria, Dalginross 
MTntyre, Donald, Drummond street 
M'Laren, Ann, Dundas street 
Swinton, Mary 


Davidson, Peter 
Drummond, William 
M'Culloch, John 

Grocers and General Dealers. 

Brough & Macpherson (and iron- 
mongers and seed merchants), 
Dunira street 

Comrie, John (and spirit merchant), 
Dunira street • 

Crerar, James (and spirit merchant), 
Dunira street 

Drummond, A. & Co., Melville sq. 

M'Ewen, Margaret, St. Fillans 

M'Farlane, George, St. Fillans 

Robertson, Charles (& ironmonger), 
Dunira street 



(Those marked thus * are posting). 
*Bridge End Hotel ; Margaret Fer- 
guson, Dalginross 
*Commercial Hotel ; John M 'Niel, 

Drummond street 
*Drummond Arms ; Andrew Davie, 
St. Fillans 
M'Ewen, Grace (vintner), Bridge st. 
*Royal Hotel ; David Hamilton, 
Melville square 
Stewart, John, Innkeeper 
Temperance Hotel ; Jane Drum- 
mond, Dundas street 


Carmichael, Samuel, Dundas street 
Comrie, Peter, & Sons, Drummond 

Dinnie, James (and cabinetmaker), 

Drummond street 
Drummond, William, Melville square 
Menzies, Dun., Dundurn, St. Fillans 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 

Brough & Macpherson, Dunira street 
Drummond, Jessie, Dundas street 
M'Intyre, Donald, Drummond street 

Donaldson, Daniel, Drummond st. 
Mills, Peter, Bridge street 

Phimbers and Gasfitters. 

Don, George, Drummond street 
Sinclair, Thomas, Dunira street 

Public Schools. 
Comrie — William Gibson, master ; 

Robert Duff", m.a., assist.; Minnie 

M'Niel, mistress 
Glenartney — Polly Cumming, mistrs 
Glenlednock — Miss Urquhart, mistrs 
Monzievaird — Alex." Hill, master ; 

Mary Morris, mistress 
St. Fillans— Maggie Neilson, mistrs. 

Carmichael, James, Dundas street 
Neilson, Daniel, Glassdale 
Sharp, Peter, Dalginross 


Mitchell, John P., b.l. 


Temple, Charles, m.b., cm., Rosen- 
heim, Dundas street 


Brough & Macpherson, Dunira street 
M'Intyre, Donald, Drummond street 
M' Martin, John, Dalginross 
Robertson, John, Dundas street 

Watcht?iaker and Jeweller. 

M'Kinstry (dealer), Dundas street 


Brough, Peter, heritors' clerk, Dunira 

Comrie, Duncan, carriage and horse 

hirer, Conine 
Davidson, Peter, fishmonger and 

coach proprietor, Dunira street 
Gardiner, Wm., fruiterer and seeds- 
man, Dalginross 
Gibson, Wm., session clerk, Dundas 

Gow, Alex., saddler, Drummond st. 
Stobie, James, chemist, Drummond 

street and at Crieff 
Hill, Alex., session and heritors' 

clerk, Monzievaird 
M'Laren, Alexander, slater, &c, 

M'Laren, Colin, plasterer & slater, 

Dundas street 
Miller, W. , bank accountant, Comrie 
Morgan, George, John, and Hugh, 

wood merchants, Monzievaird 
Murray, David, land steward, Abe- 

ru chill and Dunira 


Places of Worship and their 

Established Churches — 
Dunira st. — Rev. John M'Pherson 
Monzievaird — Rev. John R. Camp- 



St. Fillans— Rev. Thos. Armstrong 
Epis. Church (St. Fillans), Comrie — 

Rev. Dr. Cosens 
Free Churches — 

Comrie— Rev. Arthur C. Watt, M.A. 

St. Fillans— Rev. Arthur C. Watt, 


U.P. Church, Dundas street — Rev. 
William Hall 

Comrie School Brd. — Peter Brough, 

Curling Clubs — 
Lawers, Comrie — William Drum- 

mond, secretary 
St. Fillans— Joseph Simpson, sec. 
Strowan and Monzievaird — Robert 
M'Naughton, secretary 
Gas Works, Drummond st. — Geo. 
M 'George, mangr. ; Henry Camp- 
bell, secretary and treasurer 
Golf Club — Harry Keith Murray, 
capt. ; M. Campbell, bank agent, 
secretary and treasurer 
Inspectors of Poor — Comrie, Peter 
Brough ; Monzievaird, Alex. Hill 

Masons' Lodge (St. Kessac's), Com- 
rie — Major Dundas, r.w.m. ; 
Peter Brough, secretary 

Monzievaird School Board — Alex. 
Hill, clerk and treasurer 

Parochial Library, Comrie — P. 
Brough, clerk and treasurer 

Police Station, Comrie — Thomas 
Duff, police constable 

Public Hall, Burrell street— Peter 
Brough, sec. ; H. Campbell, treas. 

Registrar — for Comrie, Peter Brough, 
Dunira street (John Mitchell, 
assistant) ; for Monzievaird, Alex- 
ander Hill 

Subscription News Room, Dunira 
street — John Graham, secretary 


Crieff and Comrie Railway. 
Comrie — James M'Gill Donaldson, 

To Crieff— William Roy and John 
Crerar, daily 



POST OFFICE, George street, David Culross, Postmaster.— Letters 
arrive from the South at 7 and 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m., and are despatched 
at 6 a.m., 12.20, 2.45, and 5.50 p.m. Letters from the North arrive at 
6.30 a.m. and 3.10 p.m., and are despatched at 6.40 a.m. and 10 p.m. — 
Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank. 

Post Office, Burrelton, James Brodie, Postmaster. — Letters arrive 
from all parts (from Coupar- Angus) at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., and are des- 
patched thereto at 6 a.m. and 4.40 p.m. — Money Order Office and 
Savings Bank. 

Letters for Burrelton and Woodside should be addressed " by Coupar- 
Angus"; for Cargill, "by Perth"; and for Washington, "byMeigle." 

Farquharson, Francis (BurrelPs 

' Agents. 
Anderson, Chas. E. (Lawe's chemical 

manure), railway station 
Brodie, John & Daniel (carting), 

Queen street 

chemical manures), rail, station 
Lowson, Mrs., George street (for 

Campbell & Co., Perth) 
Wordie & Co. (carting), rail, station 

3 68 


M'Lean, Jane (for Pullar & Sons, 

dyers), Causewayend 
Paterson, John T. (for Stevenson 

Brothers, dyers), High street 
Wilson, Jas. (for P. & P. Campbell, 

dyers), Commercial street 


Barnett, A. & W., George street. 

Burnett, John, Athole street 
Ramsay, James B., Commercial st. 


Bank of Scotland, Union street — 
Alexander Macnaughton, Agent 

National Bank of Scotland, Union 
street— Charles Boyd, sen., and 
Charles Boyd, jun., joint agents 

Union Bank of Scotland, Calton st. 
— Thomas Saunders, agent 

Perthshire Savings Bank, ueorge st. 
— W. Culross & Son, cashiers 


Bannerman, G. & W., Causewayend 
Donaldson, Alexander, George st. 
Gardiner, Robert, Wolf Hill 
Kidd, Robert (& implement maker), 

Trades lane 
Murray, William, Burrelton 
Richardson, James, Precinct street 
White, William, Cargill 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Culross, William, & Son (and binders 

and printers), George street 
Wilson, James, Commercial street 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Adamson, Alexander, Athole street 

Campbell, William, Burrelton 

Dron, David, George street 

Fender, James, Burrelton 

Leys, Mrs, Queen street 

Morris, Peter, Burrelton 

M 'Arthur, Colin, Hay street 

M 'Arthur, James, Burrelton 

Shepherd, Peter, Causewayend 

Slidders, James, Commercial street 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Gow, James, George street 
M'Gregor, D., High street 

Coal Merchants. 

Anderson, Charles E. (and lime and 

fire-clay), railway station 
Anderson, James B. (and lime and 

manure), Woodside station 
Brodie, John & Daniel (and. lime), 

Queen street 
Hopkirk, Alex, (lime and manure), 

Woodside station 
Osier, James B. (and lime), railway 



MTntosh, Catherine, High street 
M'Kenzie, Grace, Union street 
Ramsay, James B., Commercial st. 
Tasker, Catherine, George street 

Drapers and Dressmakers. 
Marked thus * are also Milliners. 
Anderson, D., Athole street 
*Brodie, James, High street 
Chalmers, James, High street 
*Lackie, Jane (and mantle), George 

*Lawson, Mary (& mantle), George 

*Lowson, Margaret, George street 
M 'Arthur, Christina, Commercial st. 
M'Lean, Jane, Causewayend 
"* Paterson, John T. , High street 
*Wilkie, J. R., Queen street 

Fish Dealers. 

Middleton, George S., High street 
M'Dougall, Jas. R., Commercial st. 
Murray, George, George street 
Robertson, Thomas, Calton street 


Hardie & Carlow, Queen street 
Welsh, David, & Co., Union street 
West, James B., Athole street 

Grain Merchants. 

Anderson, Charles E. (and manure), 
railway station 



Fullerton, Wm., Ryehill Granaries, 
I Osier, James B., railway station 
Panton, William, Malt Burns 

Grocers and General Dealers. 

(Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.) 

Barnett, Allan & William, Woodside 
Baxter, John, George street 
Dow, George, Union street 
*Dron, James, George street 
*Farquharson, Francis, George st. 
Fleming, James, Burrelton 
Flight, Jane, Burrelton 
Gray, James, George street 
Hood, Duncan, Burrelton 
Linley, James, Precinct street 
M 'Arthur, James, Burrelton 
M'Intosh, William, Washington 
M'Kenzie, Grace, Union street 
M'Leod, Alexander, Causewayend 
*Moncur, John M. , Causewayend 
*Ramsay, Jane, High street 
Ross, Alexander, Washington 
Saunders, Janet, George square 
Soutar, And. , & Co. , Commercial st. 
Stewart, Donald, Woodside 
Stewart, James, Woodside 
*Strathmore Supply Stores, Com- 
mercial st. — Jas. M'Neill, manager 

Innkeepers and Public Houses. 

Brough, Grace (Victoria), Gray st. 
Dewar, Frank (Cargill Inn), Cargill 
Logan, James, Burrelton 
M'Farlane, Alex. (Athole Arms), 

Athole street 
Menzies, Alex. (Railway), railway 

Miller, George, Burrelton 
Robertson, George (Royal Hotel), 

High street and George street 
Spence, Thomas (Strathmore Hotel), 

Queen street 


Farquharson, Francis, George street 
Muir, John M., High street 


Adam, John, Hay street 
Cromb, John, Cargill 
Duncan, James, Burrelton 
Forrester, Jas. (and furniture dealer), 

Commercial street 
Gilzean, Geo. (and furniture dealer), 

Commercial street 
M'Donald, Geo., & Son, Trades lane 
M'Intosh, William, Washington 
Ross & Wallace (and saw millers), 

Queen street 
Scott, William, Burrelton 

Linen and Woollen Merchants. 

Anderson, D., Athole street 
Brodie, James, High street 
Chalmers, James, High street 
Lackie, Jane, George street 
Lawson, Mary, George street 
Lowson, Mrs, George street 
M'Lean, Jane, Causewayend 
Paterson, John T., High street 
Wilkie, J. R., Queen street 

Linen Manufacturers. 

M'Farlane, David & George, Strath- 
more Linen Works 

Wiggleworth, Alfred, Coupar-Angus 
Jute Works 

Livery Stable Keepers. 

Robertson, George, George street 
Robertson, John, Queen street 

Market Gardeners. 

Campbell, William, Burrelton 
Fraser, Alexander, Burrelton 
Geekie, John, Causewayend 
Hopkirk, Alexander, Woodside 
Russell, John, Union place 
Spalding, Margaret, Woodside 
Wilson, James, Burrelton 

Masons and Builders. 

Bruce, James, Causewayend 
Reid, David, Ley of Hallyburton 
Ritchie, Alexander, Burrelton 
Scott, James, Burrelton 
Smith, Thomas, Precinct street 




Fullerton, William, Ryehill 
Myles, James, Peattie 


Hunter, William, George street 
Whitton, Geo. (and gilder), High st. 

Plumbers and Gasfitters. 

Doig, John, Commercial street 
Laing, James M. , Gray street 

Potato Merchants. 

Anderson, Chas. E., railway station 
Anderson, Jas. B. , Woodside station 
Hopkirk, Alex., Woodside station 


Ewing, John. Queen street 
Paterson, C. B., High street 

Saw Millers. 

Brodie, J. & D., Queen street 
Ross & Wallace, Queen street 

Absolom, Mrs., Abbeymount 


Coupar-Angus — John Loutet, mas- 
ter ; Jemima Gentle, infants' mis- 

Cargill (Burrelton) — George Robert- 
sen, master 

Cargill (Newbigging) — Mr. Lyon 

Washington (under the Meigle Board) 
— Annie Ferrier, mistress 


Barnett, Allan & William, Woodside 
Brodie, John & Daniel, Queen street 
Farquharson, Francis, George street 
Muir, John M., High street 
Russell, John, Union place 


Buttar, Andrew, Campbell street 
Mann, George S., Railway station 

Boyd, C. & C, Union street 
Boyd, Charles, jun. (and banker) 
Watson, Robert (clerk to the Com- 
missioners of Police) Gray street 

Lowe, John, M.B., cm., Queen street 
Lowe, Robert, M.D., Inglewood, 

Forfar road 
Tiplady, Wm., l.r.c.p., L.R.C.S., 

(Ed. ), Union street 

Marked thus * are also Clothiers. 
*Barclay, John (& hatter), George st. 
*Brodie, James, High street 
*Brodie, James, Burrelton 
*Chalmers, James, High street 
Duncan, John, George square 
*Paterson, John T., High street 
Thomson, Thomas, Woodside 

Tanner and Currier. 

Honeyman, George (and leather 
merchant), Strathmore Tannery 

Traction Engine Owners. 
Crichton, W., J., & J., Burrelton 
Playfair, James, Islabank 

Marshall, David, George street 
Taylor, William, Union street 


Anderson, C. E., farina manufctr., 

Boyd & Co., heritors' clerks, 

National Bank Buildings 
Bryson, John, billposter, Causeway- 
Burnett, Jane, china dealer and rag 

merchant, George square 
Carr & Sons, wood turners, Brunty 
Clark, James, F.R.C.v.s., vet. sur., 

Abbey Hill 
Cownie, John, manager, Farina 

Works, Couttie 
Crichton, James, smallware dealer, 

Athole street 



Crichton, Mary Ann, baby linen 

dealer, Burrelton 
Donaldson, Alexander, George St., 

fishing rod maker and bird stuffer 
Donaldson, Peter, plasterer, Gray st. 
Farquharson, Francis, basket dealer, 

George square 
Farquharson, John, toy dealer, 

George street 
Galloway, John, rustic basket and 

flower stand mkr., Smithy Plaugh 
Linley, Jane, laundry keeper and 

dyer, Precinct street 
M 'Arthur, Christina, baby linen 

dealer, &c, Commercial street 
M'Pherson, James, preserve manu- 
facturer, George street 
Meldrum, Wm., slater, Wolf Hill 
Mitchell, David, game dealer and 

poulterer, Commercial street 
Robertson, John, umbrella maker, 

Recreation Rooms — Alex. Scotland, 

Scott, James, stone mer., Burrelton 
Shepherd, David, contractor, Princes 

Wallace, Andrew, session clerk, 

Blairgowrie road 
Wylie, James, greengrocer, Cause- 


Places of Worship and their 
Established Churches — 
Ardler— - Vacant 
Coupar-Angus — Rev. F. R. Mac- 

Cargill— Bev. W. A. Campbell 
Free Churches — 
Union Street — Rev. James Masson 
Woodside— Rev. David W. M'Kay 
Wolf Hill- Rev. Geo. C. Baxter 
Original Secession Church — Vacant 
U.P. Church — Rev. Thos. Granger 
St. Ann's Epis. Church, Forfar road 

— Rev. Edward Sugden 
Evangelical Union Church — Rev. 
David Z. Haig Forson 

Com m is sio tiers of Police. 

Chief Magistrate — David M'Farlane 
Commissioners — David M 'Farlane, 
George Honeyman, Chas. E. An- 
derson, John Adam, Alex. Reid, 
James B. West, James Dron, 
and Alexander M'Naughton 
Town Clerk — Robert Watson 
Sanitary Inspector, Treasurer to 
Local Authority, and Collector of 
Police Rates — T. B. Farquharson 
Surveyor — Robert Grant 
Treasurer — Thomas Saunders 

Bowling Club (Strathmoie) — Geo. 
Robertson, secretary ; A. F. 
M'Gregor, treasurer 

Constabulary Station, Hay street — 
William Hutton, constable 

Curling Club — Geo. Robertson, sec. 

Gas Works — Robert Watson, sec. 
and treasurer 

Gymnastic Club — W. D. G. Menzies, 
of Hallyburton, Hon. President ; 
James Hallyburton, secretary 

Horticultural Society — Alex. Thom- 
son, secretary 

Masonic Hall, Gray street — John 
Cownie, r.w.m. ; William Low, 
secretary and treasurer 

Registrars, Inspectors of Poor, and 
Col. of Rates — for Coupar-Angus 
district, Thomas B. Farquharson, 
Parochial Chambers ; for Cargill 
district, Alex. Ferguson, New- 
bigging, Cargill 

Rifle Vol. (D. Company, 5th 
V.B.R.H.), Thomas A. Buttar, 
of Corston, captain ; Corston 
Crombie, lieutenant ; Adam Dow, 

School Board — Thomas Saunders, 
clerk and treasurer 

Stamp Office — C. Boyd, jun., sub- 

Y.W.C.A. Rooms, Public Buildings 
— Mrs Granger, sec. and treas. 




Caledonian Railway. 

Coupar - Angus — John Grierson, 

Cargill — Geo. Carlyle, stationmaster 
Woodside — Andrew Donald, station- 


To Dundee, Duncan Hood and Jas. 
Fleming from Burrelton, and 
Donald Stewart from Woodside, 
on Friday 

Wordie & Co. , railway contractors 


POST OFFICE, Comrie street, Crieff, J. R. Learmont, Postmaster. 
— Letters arrive froin all parts at 1.35 a.m. ; from London (Night Mail) at 
8.30 a.m. ; from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, and Perth, 3.30 p.m. ; and 
from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, and the South, 6.35 p.m. 
Letters are despatched to Comrie and St. Fillans, 5.30 a.m. ; to Edinburgh, 
Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, Dundee, Muthill, and Machany, 7 a.m. ; to Edin- 
burgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Stirling, 10 a.m. ; to London and South, 
Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, and Fife, 2.25 p.m. ; to all Foreign and 
South at 4.35 p.m. ; to Perth and Dundee at 5.30 p.m. ; to all parts at 6.30 
p.m. ; North and South, 9 p.m. — Money Order and Telegraph Office and 
Savings Bank. 

Post Office, Buchanty, Alexander Christie, Postmaster. — Letters 
arrive from all parts (from Perth) at 1 1 a.m., and are despatched at 1 p.m. 

Post Office, Fowlis Wester, Miss M'Diarmid, Postmistress. — 
Letters from all parts arrive (from Crieff) at 9.30 a.m., and are despatched 
at 3.30 p.m. 

Post Office, Gilmerton, Duncan M'Ara, Postmaster.— Letters from 
all parts arrive (from Crieff) at 7 and 10.30 a.m., and are despatched 
4.50 p.m. 

Post Office, Madderty, William Forbes, Postmaster. — Letters from 
all parts arrive (from Crieff) at 8.40 and 11.5 a.m., and are despatched at 
3.15 p.m. 

Cameron, Mrs Robert, 26 High street 
Campbell, Hugh, 2 King street 
Clark, James, 17 Comrie street 
Crieff Co-Operative Society, East 

High street 
Ferguson, David, 53 King street 
Robertson, John, St. David's, Mad- 
M 'Cowan, Charles, Comrie street 
Taylor, Robert, 50 High street 

Bank of Scotland, Galvelmore st. — 
Andrew W. Logan, agent 

British Linen Co. Bank, West High 
street — James MacRosty, agent 

Clydesdale Bank, Limited, I James 
sq. — Wm. R. MacGregor, agent 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, James 
square — William France, agent 

North of Scotland Bank, James sq. 
— Robert Clement, agent 

Union Bank of Scotland, West High 
st. — John & Arch. Gibson, agents 

Savings Bank, West High street — 
open on Thursday morning from 
nine till ten, and on Monday 
evening from seven till eight — 
Archibald Gibson, cashier 



Berlin Wool and Fancy Repositories. 

Brown, A., C, & G., High street 
M'Laren, Miss, 16 High street 

Barclay, Tames, Innerpeffray 
Birrell,. Thomas, Dubb Head, Mad- 

Galloway, Robt. , New Fowlis Wester 
M'Gregor, A., Commissioner street 
M'Nab, Peter, Cornton place 
Marshall, James, Tomacknock 
Morris, Andrew, Gorthy, Fowlis 

Murray, William, Logiealmond 
Pringle, James, Hill wynd 
Rorie, James, Harrietfield 
Stewart, John, East High street 
Stirton, John, Cultoquhey, Fowlis 

Watt, William, Commissioner street 
Young, James, St. Davids, Madderty 

Booksellers, Stationers, Printers, 
Binders, and Newsagents. 
Comrie, Peter, 23 West High street 
Mackinnon, D. D., King street 
M'Culloch, George, II James square 
M 'Donald, Alexander, & Son, 40 

High street 
Miller, George, James square 
Norrie, David, 6 High street 
Philips, David, 20 Comrie street 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Allan, Wm., 51 Commissioner street 
Campbell, John, West High street 
Connan & Taylor, Hill wynd 
Cowan, J., Gilmerton 
Crieff Co-Op. Society, High street 
Dundee Equitable Boot Stores, 37 

High street 
M'Ewen, Duncan, 22 High street 
Moore, Robert, 45 High street 
Smeaton, M., West High street 
Whyte, Jas., St. David's, Madderty 

Cameron, John (and turner), Tom- 
Caw, John, 50 High street 

Drummond, William, Burrel street 
Halley, James, 6 King street 
Kerr, Alexander, 34 High street 
M 'Rorie, Daniel, Commissioner st. 
Menzies, John, East High street 
Stothard & Sons, Duchlage road 

Cart and Plough Wrights. 

Comrie, James, New Fowlis Wester 
Duff, James, Buchanty 
M'Kerchar, John, Fowlis Wester 
M'Owan, John, St. David's, Mad- 
M'Robie, John, Tomacknock 
M'Rostie, Daniel, Fowlis Wester 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Harley, James, James square 
M'Kenzie, William, James square 
Speedie, Robert, 7 Comrie street 
Thomson, W., & Co. 12 James sq. 

China, Glass, dfc, Dealers. 

Currie, P. & P. , 1 West High street 
Foster, John, 9 and 11 High street 

Coach Builders. 

M'Intosh, J. W., Commissioner St. 
Millar, David, Commissioner street 

Coach Hirers. 

Donaldson & Duff, Academy road 
Duncan, James, Royal Hotel, James 

— , Victoria Hotel, King street 
Scott, W. C. S., James square 
Smith, Henry, 7 Galvelmore street 
Stewart, Alex., Stewart's Hotel,. 

King street 
Virtue, John, Burrell street 

Coal Merchants. 
(All located at Railway Station.) 
Heron, Alexander (and lime) 
M'Owan, John 
Menzies, John (and lime) 
Muir, Thomas, Son, and Patton — 

Wm. Barlass, agent 
Waldie, J. F...& Co.— John Scrim- 
geour, agent 



Fishing Tackle Makers. 

Hardie, John, Comrie street 
Jack, Peter, 36 High street 
M 'Donald, Alex., & Son (dealers), 
40 High street 


Comrie, John, King street 
Dyer, David, East High street 
M'Culloch, John, 25 West High st. 
Roy, Alexander, 12 High street 

Game Dealers and Fishmongers. 

Angus, J. , West High street 
Heron, Alexander (game dealer), 

railway station 
Low, John, James square 
M'Glashan, J. D., King street 
Menzies, John (game dealer), rail- 
way station 
Tainsh, Peter, Hill wynd 

Greengrocers and Fruiterers. 

Cameron, John, 70 King street 
Mackay, W. , East High street 
M'Omish, Donald, 8 West High st. 
Taylor, W. , 25 Comrie street 

Grocers and General Dealers. 
(Marked thus * are also Spirit Dealers.) 
*A.insworth, William, 91 King street 
Anderson, Alexander, 50 King street 
Anderson, Donald, St. David's, 

*Cameron, Duncan, James square 
Clunie, T. , North Bridgend 
Clark, James, 17 Comrie street 
*Cochrane, James, 15 & 17 High st. 
Crerar, Isabella, North Bridgend 
Crieff Co-Op. Society,, E. High st. 
Cuthbert, Thos., 2 East High street 
Dakers, Peter, Fowlis Wester 
Hardie, Daniel, 7 Comrie street 
Hepburn, Andrew, High street 
Low, Wm., & Co., W T . High street 
*M'Ainsh, Daniel, 58 High street 
M'Ara, Misses, Gilmerton 
M 'Donald & Fraser, 5 High street 
*M'Ewan, D. & J. , & Co. , James sq. 
M'Ewan, Thos., & Co., S. Bridgend 

M'Gregor, Ann, 22 King street 
M'Rostie, Elizabeth, 8 King street 
Menzies, Thomas, High street 
*Miller, J. & A., West High street 
Robertson, John, St. David's, Mad 

Rose, James, Gallowhill 
Roy, Mrs E., 56 King street 
Stalker, Duncan, 74 King street 
Stevenson, William, Miller street 
^Sutherland, Hugh, 44 High street 


Brydon, W. J., King street 
Hardie, J. D., Comrie street 
Jack, Peter, High street 


(See also Innkeepers and Vintners.) 
Drummond Arms Hotel — W. C. S. 

Scott, James square 
Royal Hotel, James square— James 

Stewart's Hotel, King street — Alex. 

Stewart, proprietor 

Hydropathic Establishment. 

Strathearn Hydropathic Establish- 
ment — Thomas H. Meikle, M.D., 

Innkeepers and Vintners. 
(See also Hotels.) 
Bell, John, 26 East High street 
Brown, Alexander (Crown Inn), 23 

East High street 
Christie, Alexander, Buchanty 
Ferguson, Margaret (Railway Inn), 

King street 
M 'Galium, Janet, Foulford 
M'Donald, Jane (Star Inn), 35 East 

High street 
Maxtone, John, Fowlis Wester 
Miller, John, Harrietfield 
Sinclair, Helen, The Cross 

Ironmongers and Hardwaremen. 

Aitken, Mark, & Sons, High street 
Muir, Walter (and oil merchant), 

High street 
Thomson, Archibald, 1 ^ King st. 



Joiners and Carpenters. 

Caw, John, High street 
Drummond, William, Burrell street 
Menzies, Daniel, Gilmerton 
Menzies, John, East High street 
Monteath Brothers, Comrie road 
Robertson, Duncan, Harrietfield 
Stothard & Sons, Duchlage road 
Wilson, David, North Bridge street 


Laing, William, Ramsay street 
Miller, Mrs George, East High st. 
M'Gregor, Mrs, East High street 
Smith, Miss, Milnab street 

Comrie, Peter, West High street 
Free Library, Taylor's Trust, West 

High street 
M'Culloch, G., James square 
Public Library, Innerpeffray 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 
Adie, Archibald, 18 High street 
Anderson, Donald, St. David's, 

Ferguson, Alexander, High street 
M'Kenzie, Robert, 22 Comrie st. 
M'Lean, Alexander, 2 High street 
Proudfoot, B., Glasgow Drapery 

Warehouse, West High street 
Rentoul, James S., 20 High street 
Rodger, Andrew, James square 
Rodger, David, 24 West High st. 
Scrimgeour, A. & I. , Comrie street 
Smith, W. & J., High street 


Dewar, Wm. (blankets and tweeds), 

Dallerie Mill 
Hay, R. & H. (wool spinners), Earn 

Vale Mills, Crieff" 


Anderson, Peter, Mill of Cultoquhey 
Comrie, Alexander, Buchanty 
Fraser, John, Dubheads, Madderty 
Halley, And., Millhole, Logiealmond 
Halley, R. & D., Dornock 

Taylor, Robt. , Dalvreck & Bridgend 

White, Peter, Milnab Mill 

Milliners 6° Straw Bonnet Makers. 
Galloway & M'Diarmid, E. High st. 
Gow, Miss C. , Galvelmore street 
M'Cowan, Margt. (baby linen, &c), 

8 Comrie street 
M'Lauchlan, Miss, Comrie street 
Rodger, David, 24 W. High street 
Scrimgeour, A. & J., Comrie street 
Stevenson, Janet, Gilmerton 
Stewart, C. & A., 58 King street 
Train, Margaret, High street 

Morgan Brothers, Turret bank 


Crieff Journal (Friday), George 
M'Culloch, James square 

Strathearn Herald (Saturday), David 
Philips, Comrie street 

Drummond, David, 23 High street 
Edwards, Thomas, Comrie street 
Fraser, George, & Co., Cross 


M'Farlane, T. F., Ferntower road 
Trotter, John, 10 King street 

Christie, Alexander, Burrell street 
Forbes, William, Ramsay street 
Tainsh, James, Millar street 

Plumbers and Gasfitters, 
Anderson, Charles, Marshall place 
M'Lauchlan & Co., King street 
Thomson, Archibald, 15 King street 


Cook, William, High street 
Montgomery, John, West High street 
Sinclair, John, 19 James square 



Saw Mill Owners. 

Morgan, George, Connie street 
Morgan, Hugh, Broich terrace 
Morgan, John, Milnab terrace 
Stoddart & Sons, Duchlage road 
Wilson, J. & TV, Duchlage road 


Buchanty School — Ann M'Raw, 

Dalvreck Private Boarding School 

for young gentlemen — W. E. 

Frost, head master 
Innerpeffray School 
Morrison's Academy (endowed), 



Geo. Strathairn, m.a., head master; 
J. E. M'Lauchlan, m.a., mathe- 
matical master ; Alex. Wright, 
M.A., foreign language master ; 
F. C. Diack, m.a., English 
master; S. M. Brown, cm., 
writing master ; E. S. Flodgson, 
drawing master ; Mark Dobbin- 
son, singing master ; E. B. Thorn, 
piano teacher ; John Davidson, 
gymnastic instructor ; P. Stewart, 
carpentry instructor ; Jas. Stewart, 


Miss Paterson, l.l.a., head mistress; 
Miss Lambert, Miss Liddell, Miss 
Miller, Miss M 'Cowan, and Miss 
Thorn, assistants ; Mr. E. S. 
Hodgson, drawing master; Miss 
Stewart, janitress 


Crieff (Commissioner street) — Don. 

M 'Martin, master; 
Episcopal School — Mrs Menzies, 

head mistress 
Fowlis Wester — Alexander Crerar, 

Logiealmond — John Stalker, master 
Madderty — William Forbes, master 
Monzie- -Joseph R. Martin, master 
Taylor's Institution, Crieff— George 

Pollock, master 


Aitken, Mark, & Sons, High street 

M'Ewan, D. & J., & Co., James sq. 

M 'Ornish, Donald, West High st. 

and Perth road 

Don, John, & Son, Burrell square 
Drysdale, William, 14 Comrie street^ 
Philips, T. & J., Commissioner st. 

Marked thus * are Notaries Public. 

Clement, David T. (R. & D. T. 
Clement), James square 

Clement, R. & D. T. , James square 

*Clement, Robert (R. & D. T. 
Clement), treasurer to the Crieff 
Town Council, James square 

Colville, Charles E. (France, Col- 
ville, & Drysdale), town clerk, 
West High street 

Connon, A. A. (and procurator 
fiscal for the burgh, depute sheriff 
clerk, and depute J. p. clerk), High 

*Finlayson, Malcolm (Graham & 
Finlayson), clerk to the commis- 
sioners of income tax, the School 
Boards of Crieff, Fowlis Wester, 
and Madderty, &c. , Comrie st. 

France, Colville, & Drysdale, West 
High street 

*France, William, j. p. (France, Col- 
ville, & Drysdale), town clerk, 
West High street 

Graham & Finlayson, Comrie street 

*M'Rosty, James, J.P. (treasurer & 
clerk to Crieff Caslight Co., clerk 
and treasurer to the heritors of 
Crieff), West High street 

Stonemasons and Builders. 

Buchan, David, Cornton place 
Crerar, Alexander, North Bridge st. 
Comrie & Graham, Commissioner st. 
Ellis, William, Commissioner street 
Graham, John, Cemetery road 
Keay, Peter, Harrietfield 




Gairdner, James, M.D., Coldwells 
Marshall, John, M.D., West High st. 
Thorn, Alexander, m.a.,m.d.,c.m., 

Thorn, J. M., George street 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Adie, Archibald, High street 
Allan, Robert, 10 High street 
Anderson, Donald, St. David's, 

Buchanan, K., 47 High street 
Dow, David, King street 
Faichney, James, 23 James square 
Ferguson, Alexander, High street 
Fordyce, James, St. David's, Mad- 
Gorrie, James, Harrietfield 
Miller, Alexander, King street 
M'Intyre, James, Comrie street 
M'Lean, Alexander, High street 
Rodger, Andrew, James square 
Scrimgeour, A. & J. , Comrie street 

Tanners and Skinners. 

Crieff Tanning Co., Milnab street 
M 'Gibbon, James, Commissioner st. 

Teachers of Music. 

Blackith, H. de la Haye, Crieff 
Dobinson, M. , Ferntower road 
M'Laren, Misses, Cameron Cottage 
Sneath, Harriet, Victoria terrace 
Thomson, Misses, Myrtle Cottage 
Wright, Jessie, Millar street 

Temperance Hotels. 

Grant, Matilda, 13 James square 
Headrick, Mary, Comrie street 
Stothard, John (Victoria), King st. 
Miller, Miss, James square 
Mitchell, Joseph, Hill wynd 

Timber Merchants. 

Miller, Lewis, 17 West High street 
Morgan, George, Comrie street 
Morgan, Hugh, Broich terrace 
Morgan, John. Milnab terrace 
Wilson, J. & T., Duchlage road 


Aitken, Mark, & Sons, High street 
Thomson, Archibald, 15 King street 


Hardie, John, Comrie street 
Jack, Peter, 36 High street 
Taylor, Jessie, 2 James square 

Veterinary Surgeons. 
Burnfield, Alexander, High street 
M'Gregor, Andrew, Commissioner st 
Robertson, John, Madderty 
Watt, William, Commissioner street 

Watch and Clock Makers. 

Gordon, John, 17 West High street 
Kippen, John, 8 King street 
M'Owan, John, West High street 


Bain, James, cooper and fancy goods 

dealer, High street 
Burke, Mrs, broker, Church street 
Cameron, John, corn and meal 

dealer, 25 High street 
Campbell, J., road inspector, Com- 
missioner street 
Craig, Robert, W., cattle dealer, 

Crerar, A. , session elk. , Fowlis Wstr. 
Crieff Aerated Water Co. (Ltd.), 

A. A. Connon, solicitor, secy. 
Ewing, Geo. T. , architect, Concraig 
Forbes, Dun. , auctioneer, Hill wynd 
Hally, James, contractor, Galvelmore 

Heron, Alexander, potato dealer & 

manure manufac. , railway station 
Laing, W. , & Co. , dyers, Ramsay st. 
M 'Gibbon, James, mat maker, 41 

Commissioner street 
M'Innes, Alexander, inspector of 

nuisances, Burrell street 
M'Kay, John, broker, Commissioner 

M'Kay, John, general dealer, 64 

King street 
N'Nee, James, & Son, preserve 

makers, Crieff 




Miller, George, laundry, E. High st. 

Miller, Geo., session clerk, Bellycloan 

Mitchell, Joseph, hatter, 27 West 
High street 

Mitchell Bros. & Co., Ltd., dis- 
tillers, Glenturret Distillery 

Robertson, John, grain, hay, straw, 
& potato merchant, 27 E. High st. 

Singers' Sewing Machine agency, 56 
High street 

Veitch, George, chemical manufac- 
turer, Newbiggins 

Wilson, David, bird stuffier, North 
Bridge street 


Places of Worship and their 

Established Churches — 
Crieff (St. Michael's)— Rev. W. P. 

Comrie road— Rev. John Hunter 
Fowlis Wester — Rev. Thomas 

Logiealmond — Rev. Pat. M'Gregor 
Madderty — Rev. James Brown 
Monzie — Rev. Jas. Taylor, M.A. 

Episcopal Church (St. Columba's), 
Perth road— Rev. Dr. Cosens 

Free Churches — 
Crieff— Rev. Arch. Henderson, D.D. 
Gilmerton — Rev. Geo. Henderson 
Harrietfield— Rev. David M. Tod 
Madderty — Rev. Laurence M. 

United Presbyterian Churches — 
Crieff— Rev. J. C. Ingles 
Harrietfield— Rev. D. M. Forester 

Baptist Chapel — Rev.W. R. Simpson 

Congreg.Ch.— Rev. Jas. F. M' Hardy 

Roman Catholic Chapel, Crieff 

Ancient Order of Foresters, Com- 
missioner st. — W. Pickard, secy. 

Burgh Court, Town Hall — Arch. 
Adie, senior magistrate ; James 
Cochrane and Malcolm Finlayson, 
junior magistrates ; A. A. Connon, 
clerk and procurator fiscal 

Cemetery Trust — Henry Curr, chair- 
man ; Jas. M'Rosty, clerk 

Conservative Club, High st. — J. C. 
Taylor, secretary 

Crieff Bowling Club — A. Wingate, 
president ; Robert Clement, secy. 

Crieff Boys' and Girls' Religious 
Society, Commissioner street 

Crieff Curling Club— Chas. E. Col- 
ville, secretary 

Crieff Lawn Tennis Club— A. W. 
Logan, secretary 

Crieff School Board — M. Finlayson, 
clerk and treasurer 

Fowlis Wester School Board — Mal- 
colm Finlayson, clerk 

Freemasons' Hall, Comrie st. — R. 
Clement, secretary ; D. Kippen, 

Gas Works, Crieff — Jas. Macrosty, 
secy. ; Andrew Napier, manager 

Good Templars, Commissioner st. 

Inspector of Poor — For Crieff parish, 
D. Kippen, Burrell square ; for 
Fowlis Wester, A. Crerar ; for 
Madderty, William Forbes 

Logiealmond School Board — John 
Stalker, clerk and treasurer 

Madderty School Board — Malcolm 
Finlayson, clerk; William Forbes, 

Nuisance Inspector's Office, Burrell 
street— Alex. M'Innes, inspector- 
Parochial Board, Burrell square — 
Henry Curr, chairma